All our events have one thing in common – they make the brand memorable! Whether it includes flying in influencers and celebrities, or organizing a small-intimate-local activity, we never fail to make an impression on our attendees:


  • Having a great guest list: our event planning focuses on an immaculate guest list. From top publications, to influencer and celebrities, all the way to brand partners, industry leaders and consumers, our focus is always on connecting the brand with their target audience.
  • Locating the perfect venue: We work with a variety of vendors to ensure the most suitable setting for the event. Our amazing team of event organizers includes top caterers, florists, designers, and DJs.
  • Ensuring great presence: Our team of marketers devotes extensive care in assisting guests with all aspect of attendance. We ensure memorable experience, fun atmosphere, amazing goodie bags, and other unique features that make event experience an immersive occasion.
  • Tracking social media success: we use different types of software to measure the buzz created by the event. We also track impressions, number of attendees, volume of posts, and other data to provide an insightful reporting about the success of the brand coverage.