100 top fitness influencers


If you are looking for the 100 top fitness influencers to follow in 2024, don’t go far; we have got you covered! We have assembled a rundown of top 100 fitness influencers to follow in 2024. An astonishing number of these models have helped many brands launch über successful marketing campaigns!

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Leading 100 Top Fitness Influencers in 2024

What is a fitness influencer?

A fitness influencer is an individual who has established a significant presence and following on social media platforms by creating and sharing content related to fitness, exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being. These influencers typically have a passion for health and fitness and leverage their knowledge, experience, and lifestyle to inspire and motivate their audience to lead healthier lives.

Fitness influencers create various types of content aimed at promoting physical activity, healthy eating habits, and positive lifestyle choices. This may include workout routines, exercise tutorials, healthy recipes, meal prep ideas, wellness tips, motivational quotes, progress updates, and personal anecdotes about their fitness journey.

Through their content, fitness influencers aim to educate, motivate, and empower their followers to prioritize their health and fitness goals. They often share their own experiences, challenges, and successes to connect with their audience on a personal level and inspire them to make positive changes in their own lives.

Fitness influencers may also collaborate with fitness brands, wellness companies, gyms, nutritionists, and other health-related businesses to promote products, services, events, or campaigns to their audience. These partnerships may involve sponsored content, product reviews, giveaways, or special promotions designed to engage with their followers and drive brand awareness and sales.

Overall, fitness influencers play a significant role in promoting health and wellness on social media platforms, providing valuable information, support, and inspiration to their audience to help them achieve their fitness goals and lead healthier, happier lives.

What is the difference between a fitness influencer and other types of influencers?

The difference between a fitness influencer and other types of influencers lies primarily in their content focus, expertise, and audience demographics. Here are some key distinctions:

1. Content Focus: Fitness influencers specialize in creating content related to fitness, exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being. Their content often includes workout routines, exercise tutorials, healthy recipes, wellness tips, and motivational messages aimed at promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. In contrast, other types of influencers may cover a wide range of topics such as fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, technology, or entertainment.

2. Expertise and Knowledge: Fitness influencers typically have a background or expertise in areas such as personal training, nutrition, sports science, or physical therapy. They often share evidence-based information, personal experiences, and practical advice to help their audience achieve their fitness goals. Other types of influencers may have expertise in different fields depending on their niche or interests.

3. Audience Demographics: The audience of fitness influencers tends to be primarily composed of individuals interested in health, fitness, and wellness. Their followers may include fitness enthusiasts, athletes, gym-goers, health-conscious individuals, and people seeking guidance or inspiration to improve their fitness levels. In contrast, other types of influencers may have a more diverse audience depending on their niche and content focus.

4. Engagement and Community: Fitness influencers often foster a strong sense of community and engagement among their followers who share a common interest in fitness and wellness. They may interact with their audience through comments, Q&A sessions, live workouts, fitness challenges, and meet-and-greet events, fostering a supportive and motivating environment. Other types of influencers may engage with their audience in different ways depending on their content and platform preferences.

Overall, while fitness influencers specialize in promoting health and fitness-related content to inspire and motivate their audience, other types of influencers focus on different topics and cater to diverse audience interests and preferences. Each type of influencer brings its unique expertise, perspective, and value proposition to engage with their audience and build a dedicated following within their respective niche.

List of 100 Top Fitness Influencers in 2024

The majority of these influencers have amazing inspirational stories, diet tips, workout videos, and other content. For instance, fitness influencers have helped their followers adopt a healthy lifestyle characterized by the right workouts and diet.

According to Business Insider, each social media attracts in influencers somewhat; however Instagram is the most favorite for the models. Almost four out of five (79%) brands overwhelmingly tap Instagram for influencer crusades, compared with Facebook (46%), YouTube (36%), Twitter (24%), and LinkedIn (12%), per Influencer Marketing Hub. Brands should develop a strong network with top-quality influencers to enhance their sales revenues and profitability.

Over the past few years, top fitness influencers on Instagram have become increasingly popular. These influential individuals use their social media platforms to share their workout routines, healthy eating tips, and motivational messages with their followers. By doing so, they are not only encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyles, but they are also inspiring new generations of individuals to become more active and committed to staying fit. In fact, their positive influence can be seen throughout society, as we continue to see an increase in physical activity among both adults and children alike. So, while top fitness influencers on Instagram may seem like just regular celebrities at first glance, their true importance is that they are helping to create huge positive changes in our world.


Fitness influencers are not only inspiriting people to keep fit but also leading the new fashion trends in the fitness industry. According to Forbes, sportswear sales have gone up by 36% in 2020 when compared to the previous year. The rise in sales can partially be attributed to lifestyle changes but also to the rise in popularity of influencers and fitness models that market and share sports apparel daily.

The fitness industry has grown in popularity dramatically in recent years. Fitness influencers, in particular, have become an important part of this movement, and their popularity is expected to skyrocket in 2024. These fitness geniuses have significant social media and online followings, and they use these platforms to inspire and engage individuals from all walks of life in their fitness journeys. Fitness influencers provide their fans with a wealth of useful information, whether it’s food guidance, training recommendations, or motivational approaches. Fitness influencers are the ideal resource for helping individuals create achievable goals and become their best possible selves since there are so many different incentives for being fit and healthy.

The success of many influencer marketing campaigns is also driving brands to keep investing in influencer partnerships.

Whether you are a brand looking to engage fitness influencers for your next campaign or you are simply browsing around to discover new fitness influencers to follow, here at our top fitness marketing agency, we have compiled a list of 100 top fitness influencers in 2024 that will allow you to discover some remarkable fitness experts that are widely known for their exceptional content and high social media following.


Simeon Panda, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram,  is a Los Angeles based top fitness influencer, and he is rated as the world’s top ten influencers for fitness. Over the years, Simeon Panda has helped thousands of men and women enhance their levels of fitness.

Top Fitness Influencer - Simeon Panda


Born in Washington, Jeff Seid is a committed top fitness influencer who has dedicated most of his time building a beautiful physique to promote healthy aesthetics.  At 19, Jeff, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, was crowned the youngest IFBB pro champion.

Top Fitness Influencer - Jeff Seid


Michelle, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a South Florida based fitness influencer who is highly rated in the fitness industry. Since 2012, she has excelled in fitness, and her fabulous figure has been used in more than 30 magazine covers.

Top Fitness Influencer - Michelle Lewin


Yanet Garcia is an actress who is known for her success in various movies, such as Sharknado 5 Global warming (2017), Bellezonismo (2019), and Access Hollywood (1996). Yanet has a modeling school where she trains young girls for the modeling industry. She is also one of the top fitness influencers with over 13 million dedicated followers on Instagram.

Top Fitness Influencer - Yanet Garcia


Jen is a New York-based celebrity and fitness model who has a massive following on various social media. At her young age, she attracted significant media attention for sharing photos on Instagram. She is currently rated as one of the world’s top fitness influencers and top fitness influencers on Instagram with over 12 million followers.

Top Fitness Influencer - JEN SELTER


Born in Adelaide, Kayla is an Australian based personal trainer who has helped millions of women to improve their fitness. She has also created many fitness ebooks, such as tilted Bikini Body Guides and a meal planning and workout app. She is considered one of the world’s top fitness influencers with over 12 million followers.

Top Fitness Influencer - Kayla


Born and raised in Columbia, Anllela, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, developed a passion for fitness and started working out at 18. In her first fitness competition, she finished in third place. Currently, she is one of the top-rated Columbian fitness influencers and models who offer workout plans to clients.

Top Fitness Influencer - Anllela Sagra


Born in New York City, he developed a passion for fitness right at high school. His hard work enabled him to achieve the world’s most excellent physique, which made him win many bodybuilding competitions as well as become one of the leading top fitness influencers.

Top Fitness Influencer - Ulisses


Kai Greene is a New York-based bodybuilder, personal trainer, artist, and an actor. During the Olympia competitions, he became the second-best participant in 2012, 2013, and 2014 competitions.

Top Fitness Influencer - Kai Green


Born in Bulgaria, Lazar, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, joined the army from basketball, and due to his interest in fitness, he left it for bodybuilding. Despite the challenges, he has worked hard to enhance his fitness.

Top Fitness Influencer - Lazar


Born in Curitiba, State of Paraná, Eva Andressa has helped many people make the right health choices through her social media influence. Due to her fitness campaigns on social media, she was among the best nominees for the Shorty Award for Social Fitness.

Top Fitness Influencer - Eva Andressa


Sergi Constance, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a Spanish born professional who rose from humble beginnings to the top of his fitness career. He holds a degree in physical education and sports, and he also owns clothing and training apparel.

Top Fitness Influencer - Sergi Constance


Kerl Ruiz holds a Bachelor of Arts in dance, music, and modeling. At the age of 20, she participated in Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2006 and became the second finalist. She studied English in Los Angeles and became the image of Lakers, a basketball team.

Top Fitness Influencer - Kerl Ruiz


Born in Florida, Lauren, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a WBFF Bikini Pro, Adventure Racer, and a Fitness Model. She is the author of the bestselling book, Banished, which she composed following her church banishment.

Top Fitness Influencer - Lauren


Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Sascha is a successful pageant titleholder who won Miss International Venezuela 2010 and Miss Earth Venezuela 2009. Sascha has authored two bestselling books, and she also owns a supplement selling company.

Top Fitness Influencer - Sascha


Andrei Deiu, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a British bodybuilder who began participating in fitness competitions at age 17. As a fitness model and personal trainer, Andrei is famous for his success in first-place finishes in a competition like the 2011 Miami Pro.

Top Fitness Influencer - Andrei Deiu


Phil Heath is a Seattle based IFBB professional bodybuilder. Between 2011 and 2017, he was crowned with the Mr. Olympia title for seven consecutive years. He studied at the University of Denver on an athletic scholarship, where he majored in Business Administration.

Top Fitness Influencer - Phil Heath


Born in Bosnia, Sadik, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, became a bodybuilder and fitness model despite the challenges of growing in a war-torn country. At 28, he successfully won many high-profile completions due to his commitment and hard work.

Top Fitness Influencer - Sadik


Tavi Castro is a Mexican born bodybuilder and former soccer player. Due to fitness passion, he successfully won many Musclemania international titles. Currently, he is a personal trainer and fitness model.

Top Fitness Influencer - Tavi Castro


Kelsey Well, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is an American based fitness trainer. Since her childhood, she has developed a lot of interest in keeping fit and proper nutrition. As she grew up, Kelsey earned a lot of attention from Instagram fans when she posted content in her account.

Top Fitness Influencer - Kelsey Well


Born in the Dominican Republic, Massy Arias is a certified personal trainer who has changed lives and inspired many people. She is a manifestation of how a healthy and active lifestyle can transform an individual’s life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Top Fitness Influencer - Massy Arias


Martyn Ford is a Miniworth based bodybuilder who has inspired many people because of his fitness progress. Prior to joining bodybuilding, Martyn excelled as a cricket player. Currently, he is a successful fitness model and an actor and one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram.

Top Fitness Influencer - Martyn Ford


Born in Idaho, Steve is a professional bodybuilder and a two-time Olympia champion. As a model, he regularly appears on the covers of various fitness magazines, such as Muscle and Fitness.

Top Fitness Influencer - Steve Cook


Ana Cozar is one of the top-rated fitness influencers based in Columbia. Ana started working out in the gym at the age of 16.  Her fabulous figure has made her model for prominent clothing brands, such as Ryder wear.

Top Fitness Influencer - Ana Cozar


Born and raised in Australia, Emily Skey, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, has progressed in her fitness career through training and living a healthy life. Currently, Emily is a successful personal trainer who is inspiring many people across the world.

Top Fitness Influencer - Emily Skey


Ramy is an Egyptian IFBB bodybuilder based in Dubai. Three years after he started his training career, he won the overall title at the 2012 Olympia in Kuwait. In 2013, he again won the New York IFBB Pro.

Top Fitness Influencer - Ramy


Born in Texas, Shonda is a fitness influencer who rose from being overweight to a fitness model. Due to her fitness story, she has been featured in several media, such as the People, and many others. She is considered to be one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram of her generation. 

Top Fitness Influencer - Shonda


Joey Swoll grew up in Chicago, where he developed an interest in weightlifting while being a college footballer. As a bodybuilder, he co-founded the Shredz supplement company, and he is the author of “Train Harder than Me,” a book on fitness.

Top Fitness Influencer - Joey Swoll


Yarishna Ayala, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, started her fitness career when she started to worry about what she would do in her life. At the age of 25, she had developed an awesome physique, which made her win many competitions.

Top Fitness Influencer - Yarishna Ayala


Cassandra Martin is known for her interest in a heavy weight lifting approach and bodybuilder physique. She has inspired many followers to build a perfect physique on their own.

Top Fitness Influencer - Cassandra Martin


Born in San Diego, Demi Bagby is an American CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder. Her fitness career was halted due to the freak accident she was involved in.  Due to that, she used social media to inspire many people with a message of hope.

Top Fitness Influencer - Demi Bagby


Rachel Brathen is a Swedish teacher of Yoga and an author of the book Yoga Girl, which was the New York Times Best-Seller. She is also the founder of Yoga studio called Island Yoga Aruba.

Top Fitness Influencer - Rachel Brathen


Lisa, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a British fitness instructor who helps people change their lives through fitness and dieting. She is the founder of the Strongandsxy, an app that intelligently creates a personalized workout.

Top Fitness Influencer - Lisa Lanceford


Treinadora is a Portuguese based fitness trainer and one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, who has helped many people change their lifestyles through healthy food and exercises.

Top Fitness Influencer -


Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness trainer and blogger who started her wellness career in 2013. Her commitment to fitness led him to create the Build fitness program, and she is referred to a celebrity personal trainer.

Top Fitness Influencer - Stephanie Sanzo


Born in Kingstone, Shawn Rhoden is a professional bodybuilder and former Mr. Olympia. In 2018, he defeated the seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath to win the contest.

Top Fitness Influencer - Shawn Rhoden


Flex Lewis is a Welsh bodybuilder who has won seven titles in Mr. Olympia contest. His discipline in training and healthy eating has created a powerful physique, inspiring many people.

Top Fitness Influencer - Flex Lewis


Nikki Blackketter, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a fitness model based in Los Angeles, California. In her school life, she discovered the essence of keeping fit and eating healthily. Due to her passion for fitness, she became Cellucor’s brand representative.

Top Fitness Influencer - Nikki Blackketter


Born in Sweden, Hanna is a biathlete who won many awards. In 2017, she won the IBU Female Rookie of the Year Award. After that, she was awarded the Syvenska Dagbladet Gold Medal and Jerring Award in 2018 and 2019.

Top Fitness Influencer - Hanna Oberg


Lucy Mecklenburg is a model, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, and a businesswoman based in the United Kingdom. She was also an English TV personality in the ITV2 reality series (The Only Way is Essex) from 2010 to 2013.

Top Fitness Influencer - Lucy Mecklenburg


Born in Washington, Mike O’Hearn is an American personal trainer, actor, and model. In 2011, he played a bodybuilder in an episode dubbed “Muscle I’d Like to Flex.”

Top Fitness Influencer - Mike O’hearn


Chul Soon is a Korean based personal trainer and fitness model.  He is famous for his powerful physique and eight packs abs. Since his first competition in 2009, Chul, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, has won many bodybuilding contests and appeared in numerous TV shows.

Top Fitness Influencer - Chul Soon


Brittne Babe is a fitness expert and public health educator. With more than ten years of industry experience, Brittne is adept at effective workouts.

Top Fitness Influencer - Brittne Babe


Lyzabeth Lopez. one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a personal trainer and a nutritionist who is committed to helping build lean sex curves through a holistic lifestyle. At the age of 14, she qualified to teach aerobics and gymnastics, and since then, she has been advocating for fitness.

Top Fitness Influencer - Lyzabeth Lopez


Born and raised in Venezuela, Stephany is famous for having won several beauty pageants and modeling contests, such as Miss Tourism Global Pageant in 2011.

Top Fitness Influencer - Stephany Gonzalez


Born in Bulgaria, Yanita, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, developed an interest in swimming, soccer, and tennis during her childhood. Currently, she is a social media and fitness star. She became famous after participating in a TV show. After that, she used her fame to inspire many people to eat healthily.

Top Fitness Influencer - Yanita Yancheva


Alexa is an expert in fitness and fashion who cares about working out and keeping fit. She created her fitness app, Bode by Lex, to help women enhance their fitness and confidence.

Top Fitness Influencer - Alexa Jean Hunt


Karina Elle is an American fitness model, personal trainer, and former cross-country runner. At the age of 16, she started her modeling career after a photographer in a shopping mall spotted her.

Top Fitness Influencer - Karina Elle


Born in the United Kingdom, Ryan, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is an international men’s physique competitor who has obtained many awards, such as the UK National Champion (2013) and Arnold Classic Pro Champion (2016).

Top Fitness Influencer - Ryan Terry


Senada was born in Albania and she is a Navy Yard based fitness influencer. She also provides fitness programs through her business.

Top Fitness Influencer - Senada Greca


Born in Florida, Dexter Jackson has won numerous bodybuilding titles. He is one of the best American IFBB professional bodybuilders and 2008 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champion.

Top Fitness Influencer - Dexter Jackson


Ross Dickerson, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a UK based fitness model and bodybuilder. Ross won the WBFF 2013 men’s fitness model 1st place and WBFF European Championships 2014 men’s fitness model 2nd place.

Top Fitness Influencer - Ross Dickerson


David Laid is a New York-based bodybuilder, fitness model, and social media personality. He is known for his fitness transformation videos on You Tube. He believes in keeping fit through proper workouts and dieting.

Top Fitness Influencer - David Laid


Born and raised in California, Brooke Eence, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is an elite CrossFit athlete who won the 2015 Calfornia Regional competition 1st place. She is a nominee for a Shorty Award, and she owns an apparel brand, ENCEwears.

Top Fitness Influencer - Brook Eence


Tia-Clair, one of the top Instagram fitness influencers, is an Australian based weightlifter and a CrossFit Games athlete. In 2018, she was participated in the Commonwealth Games and won gold.

Top Fitness Influencer - Tia-Clair Toomey


Fraser Wilson is an online fitness coach who provides people with fitness and nutrition plans. He is also a personal trainer and fitness model, and one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram.

Top Fitness Influencer - Fraser Wilson


Lauren Fisher is a US-based fitness influencer and CrossFit Games Veteran. In 2014, Fisher won the USA Weightlifting Junior National Championship in the 63-kg class.

Top Fitness Influencer - Lauren Fisher


Michie Peachie, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is an American based fitness model who has been interested in keeping fit since her childhood. Her aesthetic physique and charisma have made many people value fitness.

Top Fitness Influencer - Michie Peachie


Born and raised in India, Sangram Chougule is a dedicated bodybuilder, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers, who became Mr. Universe at the WBPF Championship in 2012. He is the founder and proprietor of the Physc gym.

Top Fitness Influencer - Sangram Chougule


Richard Duchon is a fitness model and social media influencer based in the Netherlands. His popularity grew when he started sharing his gym and weightlifting content on his Instagram handle.

Top Fitness Influencer - Richard Duchon


Katie Crewe, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a Canadian based fitness coach and model. Through her internet profiles, Katie has transformed many people’s ways of life through her inspirational story and fitness tips.

Top Fitness Influencer - Katie Crewe


Steve Kris is an Austria based bodybuilder and personal trainer. In 2013, he took part in the IFBB Men’s Physique in Austria, taking 4th position. He is an athlete and a role model for many people.

Top Fitness Influencer - Steve Kris


Born in Washington, Jeremy is an IFBB men’s physique competitor in bodybuilding. Before he joined the fitness career, he served as one of the US armies in Iraq. In 2016, he participated in Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia, where he scooped the 3rd position.

Top Fitness Influencer - Jeremy Potvin


Chontel Duncan is a social media fitness influencer, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, personal trainer, and the fierce workout program founder. Her workout programs have helped many people improve their wellbeing.

Top Fitness Influencer - Chontel Duncan


Natacha Oceane, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a fitness influencer and social media personality based in London. Through her Youtube channel, she has helped many people with diet plans and fitness-related tutorials.

Top Fitness Influencer - Natacha Oceane


Brit Manuela, one of the top Instagram fitness influencers, is an American Model and a social media influencer. Due to her aesthetic physique, she has severally been highlighted in different magazines and papers.

Top Fitness Influencer - Brit Manuel


Jessica Olie, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a London based yogi influencer who has inspired many people through her social media posts. She is also known for her new app for meditation and yoga.

Top Fitness Influencer - Jessica Olie


Born in England, Obi Vincent is a professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers. At the age of 20, Obi started working out at the gym and made a lot of progress. In 2013, he participated in the Miami Pro and clinched the 4th position.

Top Fitness Influencer - Obi Vincent

69. KATHRYN @KK_FIT_ (867K)

Kathryn, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a California based fitness model and social media influencer. With her inseparable twin, Kendra, they have inspired many people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Top Fitness Influencer - Kathryn


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Frantzcesca is a fitness model and a gym instructor. She has built a beautiful physique, and she is committed to enhancing her fitness career.

Top Fitness Influencer - Frantzcesca Casimir


Uzoma Obilor is an American physique athlete, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, and a fitness sensation. His commitment to being the best has enabled him reach the top of the IFBB Pro Circuit.

Top Fitness Influencer - Uzoma Obilor


Chanel Delisser, one of the top Instagram fitness influencers, is popularly known for her fabulous physique and herculean pull-up routines. She works as a licensed occupational therapist who is committed to inspiring many people to keep fit.

Top Fitness Influencer - Chanel Delisser


Born and raised in Ghana, William Bonac, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is an IFBB professional bodybuilder who has built an excellent physique through consistent workouts and dieting.

Top Fitness Influencer - William Bonac


Brandon is a professional bodybuilder, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers who has been making progress in the IFBB competition since he won his Pro Card in 2013. In 2016, he became the champion in the Arnold Classic.

Top Fitness Influencer - Brandon D Hendrickson


Nicolas Long, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a bodybuilder, model, and sponsored athlete. At the age of 14, he developed a lot of passion in the gym, where he started practicing martial arts. Later on, he switched to bodybuilding, and in 2017, he won Men’s Physique Europe Champ.

Top Fitness Influencer - Nicolas Long Lee


Alice Liveing is an English personal trainer, a social media influencer, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers. Through her healthy recipes and workout routines, she has inspired many people to keep fit through exercises and healthy eating.

Top Fitness Influencer - Alice Living


Alex Alice, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a fitness model and social media influencer. She also offers personal fitness training. Her posts on Instagram on how to lose weight have helped many people improve their ways of life.

Top Fitness Influencer - Alex Rice


Andre Ferguson is a professional model and fitness competitor based in the US. In 2013, he participated in the NPC Eastern USA competition, where he emerged as the winner.

Top Fitness Influencer - Andre Ferguson


Born in England, Sophie, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a bodybuilder and a fitness model. Her fitness journey is amazing. Her change of physical change from being overweight to a bikini model has inspired thousands of people.

Top Fitness Influencer - Sophie


Born and raised in New York, Britanny Hertz, one of the top Instagram fitness influencers, grew up being passionate about dancing and cheerleading. Due to her fitness, she has earned a lot of fame, and she is currently a fitness coach and social media influence.

Top Fitness Influencer - Britanny Hertz


Onome Egger, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a social media influencer and bodybuilder based in Australia. He started working out in the gym when he was playing American football. He is now a famous athlete, a fitness model, and an inspiration to many.

Top Fitness Influencer - Onomer Egger


Born in England, Channel is a professional model, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers who is famous because of her aesthetic physique. His major source of income is modeling.

Top Fitness Influencer - Channel Cocobrown


Elliot Burton is a British bodybuilder, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, and a fitness trainer. Through his exercise training and coaching classes, Elliot’s popularity has grown far and wide.

Top Fitness Influencer - Elliot Burton


Born and raised in California, Natty is a professional bodybuilder, a social media influencer, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers. While at high school, he started weight lifting because he wanted to look more handsome. His Youtube videos are an inspiration to many people.

Top Fitness Influencer - Natty Prince


Sharah Ulisses, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a fitness and lifestyle professional. Her social media posts on gym workouts and dieting have inspired and made people live healthily.

Top Fitness Influencer - Sharah Ulisses


Born and raised in India, he started his fitness career while playing for the under-15 team in 2008. In March 2017, he won Mr. India, and in 2018, he was the champion in Mr. Asia title. Sunit is currently considered as one of the top Instagram fitness influencers of his generation. 

Top Fitness Influencer - Sunit Jadhav


Quianna, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a professional fitness model and gym trainer who has inspired many people in different ways. Born in New Jersey, her fitness journey started when she became a social media influencer.

Top Fitness Influencer - Quianna Camper


Nay, one of the top Instagram fitness influencers, is a nutrition and fitness specialist whose social media influence has inspired thousands of followers.

Top Fitness Influencer - Nay


Born and raised in Australia, Lita Lewis is a fitness model, a personal trainer, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers of her generation. At the age of 5, she started her fitness journey through athletics and football. She is a role model for women who are struggling to keep fit.

Top Fitness Influencer - Lita Lewis


Hannah Eden, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a CrossFit athlete and online fitness influencer based in the USA. She advocates combined ways of training using CrossFit and bodyweight exercises.

Top Fitness Influencer - Hannah Eden


Lex is a British bodybuilder, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, and a personal trainer who started his fitness career from his early age. He built an athletic physique through sports like rugby and martial arts.  

Top Fitness Influencer - Lex Griffin


Devin Bernando, one of the top Instagram fitness influencers, is a famous weightlifter known for having emerged the winner in the Mr. Canada bodybuilding contests. His workout videos and fitness related content have helped many people keep fit.

Top Fitness Influencer - Devin Bernardo


Peter Kraus, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a model and a reality star who rose into fame after appearing in the “Bachelorette.” In 2010, he graduated with a degree in dietetics from Madison Area Technical College.

Top Fitness Influencer - Peter J Kraus


Kelsey Heenan is a fitness model, a personal trainer, and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers who has inspired different people to live healthily. She co-founded the brand Hiit Burn and The Daily Kelsey.

Top Fitness Influencer - Kelsey Heenan


Stefanie, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a fitness model, personal trainer, social media influencer, and vegan based in Scotland. She has inspired many of her followers by sharing her gym workouts and vegan recipes.

Top Fitness Influencer - Stefanie Moir


Valeriu Gutu is a fitness model, bodybuilder, a social media influencer, and one of the best Instagram fitness influencers of his generation. He is known for having won Mr. World 2014 extreme challenge. He has participated in many modeling activities and inspired many people.

Top Fitness Influencer - Valeriu Gutu


Born and raised in America, Scott, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a fitness model and personal trainer. His training focus is on weights, calisthenics, and free running. Scott has helped his followers with workout videos, diet tips, and fitness inspiration.

Top Fitness Influencer - Scott Mathison


Devon is a personal trainer, a fitness coach and one of the top Instagram fitness influencers based in New York City. He always posts workout videos and fitness programs on Instagram to help people keep fit.

Top Fitness Influencer - Devon Levesque


Jennifer, one of the top fitness influencers on Instagram, is a personal trainer and an athlete based in Minneapolis. She is known for her fitness enthusiasm and inspiring social media posts.

Top Fitness Influencer - Jen Tavernier


Nicci Robinson is a popular model, social media influencer and one of the best Instagram fitness influencers based in New Zealand. Her social media posts on dieting and workout programs have inspired and encouraged many people to develop an interest in healthy living.

Top Fitness Influencer - Nicci Robinson



Who are social media fitness influencers?

In today’s influencer age, social media fitness influencers are growing more and more well-liked. They are individuals with sizable online fan bases who utilize social media sites like Instagram and YouTube to share their exercise regimens, eating plans, and lifestyle advice with their audiences. The capacity of social media fitness influencers to relate to their fans more personally sets them apart from other health and fitness professionals. Their followers find it simple to adopt the same healthy habits and live their best lives since they frequently share similar experiences and offer useful advice.

Social media fitness influencers are crucial for a variety of reasons. First of all, they serve as an inspiration to millions of individuals who are attempting to better their physical, mental, or total well-being. Their meal plans are nutritious, delectable, and worth trying, and their exercises and daily wellness routines are frequently inventive and enjoyable. Additionally, social media fitness influencers offer their followers encouragement and support. They encourage people to advance, push themselves outside of their comfort zones, and improve their character through physical activity and persona enhancement. Additionally, they frequently reply to the messages and comments left by their fans and they provide words of support when it is most needed.

Last but not least, social media fitness influencers are crucial because of their ability to affect the lives and attitudes of others. The likelihood that a follower will make a purchase or give something a try increases when an influencer recommends a good or service or offers a fresh fitness or diet plan. This is because consumers trust influencers’ opinions more than they do those of conventional celebrities. Because of this, social media fitness influencers may be extremely effective marketers, which is incredibly advantageous for the global fitness sector and fitness marketing.

Following social media fitness influencers is a terrific place to start if you want to get fit, healthy, and the best version of yourself. Their exercises and eating suggestions will motivate you, but you’ll also get support and inspiration from their selfless actions. Who knows, you could even be persuaded to use or purchase a service or product that an influencer is pushing!

How to choose the best social media fitness influencers?

Here are some pointers for choosing some of the most ideal social media fitness influencers:

  • Find someone whose lifestyle aligns with your own

It’s important to find social media fitness influencers whose lifestyles align with your own. If you’re not vegan, for example, following a vegan influencer probably isn’t going to do you much good. Look for someone whose values and goals are similar to yours, and to who you can easily relate.

  • Check out their social media platforms

Before you follow any of the social media fitness influencers, be sure to check out their social media platforms. Do they post healthy recipes? Are they always active on Instagram? Do they have a lot of helpful blog posts? This will give you an idea of what they’re all about and whether or not they’re a good fit for you.

  • Read their bio carefully

All social media fitness influencers have their own bio on their social media platforms, so take the time to read it carefully. This will give you an idea of what they’re all about, what they stand for, and what kind of advice they might offer.

  • Follow them

Once you’ve found social media fitness influencers that you like, start following them! This will allow you to see all of their latest posts in your feed so you can stay up-to-date on their latest content.

What is the effect of fitness influencers on marketing in 2022?

Various brands are using influencer marketing to remain profitable and competitive business. As indicated by Business Insider, brands are preparing to spend up to $15 billion on influencer promoting by 2022. Moreover, the study has established that for each $1 spent on influencer marketing, organizations are probably going to generate $6.50 in income.

As online business and social media converge, influencers will turn out to be vital intermediaries, assisting with interfacing brands with customers via web-based media in profoundly full, real ways that can deliver prompt returns. Brands should establish long-term contracts with various fitness influencers to achieve excellent performance.

In marketing, outstanding performance is crucial. Whether a brand is advertising a new product or spreading the word about its mission, it’s critical to demonstrate credibility, capability, and effectiveness to potential clients and consumers. Using top fitness influencers successfully is one method to achieve this. These highly talented individuals are generally fitness, health, and overall well-being specialists that have significant and active social media followings that trust their newest fitness guidance. Brands may demonstrate their knowledge in the sector while directly interacting with customers who are interested in fitness products or services by working with fitness influencers and leveraging their significant impact. Marketing initiatives may attain better degrees of success and, eventually, accomplish the intended objectives with the support of top fitness influencers.

Global fitness influencers play a significant role in the growth of digital marketing in the contemporary market because of their ability to have a positive impact on both the lives of their followers and the future of international sports businesses. Instagram fitness influencers are rapidly growing in popularity because they frequently display an aspirational lifestyle and share exercise photographs and advice to encourage others to make positive changes in their lives.

Instagram fitness influencers also have a high degree of engagement with their followers, which produces fantastic prospects for marketers to advertise their goods and services on this well-liked platform. A variety of sports and fitness brands may connect with a larger audience, boost their income, and gain the confidence of their communities thanks to the vast reach of Instagram fitness influencers.

By being a growing presence on the social media platform, Instagram fitness influencers often encourage others to live better and more meaningful lives by sharing their workout routines, food advice, and progress pictures. However, some Instagram fitness influencers have come under fire for pushing unrealistic body standards and providing false health advice.

While it’s necessary to be wary of the online information you consume, it’s also crucial to keep in mind that Instagram fitness influencers are regular individuals who provide advice that may be quite beneficial for those trying to improve their lives. Additionally, for people trying to increase their levels of health and fitness, these top fitness influencers may be a great source of encouragement and inspiration. 

Who are workout influencers?

Workout influencers are people who have a large following on social media and use their platform to promote physical fitness and healthy living habits. Workout influencers often post about their workouts, as well as recipes and tips for healthy eating. Many of the workout influencers also offer online workouts or challenge programs that followers can participate in.

Some of the most popular workout influencers include Kayla Itsines, Joe Wicks, and Tone It Up. All three have millions of followers on Instagram, and these workout influencers use their influence to promote healthy living and inspire others to get active.

Workout influencers are important because they provide people with the motivation to get fit and stay healthy. These influencers are often celebrities or other public figures who have a large following on social media. Workout influencers use their platforms to share photos and videos of themselves working out, as well as recipes and tips for staying fit. Their posts serve as inspiration for people who are looking to get in shape, and many of their followers end up adopting the same healthy habits.

Workout influencers also have a positive impact on the fitness industry. By sharing their workouts and tips, workout influencers help to educate people about the benefits of getting fit and staying active. This, in turn, encourages more people to invest in health and fitness products and services.

Overall, workout influencers play an important role in promoting healthy lifestyles and helping the fitness industry to grow. Workout influencers provide motivation and education that can inspire people to make positive changes in their lives, which is why they are so important.

How to reach out to workout influencers?

The best way to reach out to workout influencers is to use a contact management system, such as Cision, to identify and research the right people to target. You can also use social media platforms, like Twitter, to find and follow relevant workout influencers.

Once you’ve identified potential contacts, it’s important to personalize your outreach messages to some of the best workout influencers. Start by introducing yourself and your brand, then explain why you’re interested in working with those particular workout influencers. Make sure to highlight how their followers can benefit from their fitness partnership with you.

Also, to make the most of your relationship with workout influencers, make sure to provide them with regular updates on how their followers are responding to your campaign. Thank workout influencers for their help once the promotion is over, and be sure to stay in touch so that you can work together again in the future.

Why should brands collaborate with workout influencers?

There are many reasons that sports brands should collaborate with workout influencers. First, workout influencers have a large and engaged following. They are experts in their field and have credibility with their followers. Workout influencers also can reach a large audience quickly and easily. Collaborating with workout influencers can help a sports brand reach a new audience and build trust with potential customers.

Second, workout influencers can help promote the brand’s products and services. They can do this through social media posts, videos, or blog posts. Workout influencers can also promote the brand by wearing its products while working out or by talking about the products in interviews. This type of promotion can help increase awareness of the brand and its products, which can lead to more sales.

Third, workout influencers can provide valuable feedback about the brand’s products. Workout influencers can test the products and provide feedback about their performance. This feedback can help the sports or fitness brand improve its products and make them more appealing to its customers.

Who are Latina fitness influencers?

Latina fitness influencers are a growing force in the health and wellness sector that has seen exponential growth in recent years. Latina fitness influencers are a niche subset of content creators who focus specifically on motivating and inspiring Latinas to reach their goals of physical health, strength, and overall well-being.

Latina fitness influencers achieve this through many different mediums such as social media channels, webpages/blogs, and magazine articles. Latina fitness influencers often share personal stories about how they achieved their goals to inspire others to do the same. Latina fitness influencers also provide advice on dieting, exercise routines, stretching techniques, recovery tips, safety precautions for working out at home or outdoors, etc.

In addition to guiding physical well-being, Latina fitness influencers also strive to build an online community within their platforms that are centered around mental and emotional well-being. By sharing stories from diverse backgrounds and experiences within Latina culture, Latina fitness influencers help individuals foster a sense of belonging whether it be through support groups or simply followers commenting with words of encouragement.

Latina fitness influencers also work hard to make sure they represent different body types and levels of physical activity so that all individuals can find motivation regardless of where they are on their journey to better health. Through their platforms, Latina fitness influencers often host giveaways or contests that encourage people who otherwise may not have the means or access to get involved with physical activities like yoga classes or gym subscriptions which can lead to healthier lifestyle choices in general for participants.

Why do brands love working with Latina fitness influencers?

Latina fitness influencers are quickly becoming a powerful force within the influencer marketing space, with brands increasingly turning to this trend-setting demographic for their content creation and promotional campaigns. There are several reasons why brands love working with Latina fitness influencers, including the potential for greater engagement and visibility, the opportunity to tap into their target audience’s interests, and the potential for access to a larger customer base.

One of the primary reasons why brands love working with Latina fitness influencers is their potential for greater engagement and visibility. By partnering with Latina fitness influencers, brands gain access to a pre-existing network of followers who already have an interest in health and wellness topics – meaning they can easily reach more users than if they were relying solely on traditional marketing tactics. Moreover, Latina fitness influencers often have more personal connections with their followers than other forms of digital advertising – such as sponsored ads – increasing the likelihood of positive user engagement on posts related to a brand’s product or service.

In addition, working with Latina fitness influencers allows brands to effectively tap into their target audience’s interests. As many Latina fitness influencers lead active lifestyles – whether through hobby sports or regular gym visits – there is likely to be plenty of overlap between their interests and those of a brand’s target audience. This means that any content produced by Latina fitness influencers will naturally appeal to the intended audience without requiring additional work from the brand itself.

Is it hard to become a fitness influencer?

Becoming a fitness influencer is not as straightforward as it may seem. It takes hard work, dedication, and a deep commitment to the subject matter to gain traction and a successful presence in the industry as a famous fitness influencer. Although there are individuals who become fitness influencers without having formal training or a degree in exercise science, a successful fitness influencer must have strong background knowledge of nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and other relevant subjects related to physical fitness. Additionally, fitness influencers must possess the impressive athletic ability and be effective communicators with their followers to build influence and maintain their success.

To effectively become a fitness influencer, one must first understand that it is much more than simply obtaining likes and followers on social media platforms. A successful fitness influencer realizes that content creation is only the starting point for building a solid following. A fitness influencer needs to consistently provide valuable content related to physical health and wellness such as workout routines, dietary advice, lifestyle tips, etc., all while remaining authentic and relatable enough for viewers/followers to trust them as credible sources of information.

Furthermore, a person wishing to enter this field and become a fitness influencer should be aware that staying on top requires continuous effort even after gaining traction initially; this means researching new trends and topics related to physical health/wellness while developing creative ideas for engaging followers with fresh content regularly rather than regurgitating outdated information or copying another individual’s style without giving proper credit.

Overall, becoming a successful fitness influencer is not an easy endeavor; however, with enough dedication and determination, anyone can make it happen given the right amount of effort!

How much does a fitness influencer usually make?

A successful fitness influencer makes money in a variety of ways, ranging from sponsored posts and advertisements to merchandise sales and affiliate programs. The exact amount a fitness influencer makes can vary greatly depending on the size of their following and engagement rate. Generally speaking, however, a fitness influencer with anywhere from 10,000 to 500,000 followers tends to make anywhere from $75-$500 per post depending on their level of engagement. A fitness influencer with more than 500,000 followers may command up to $1,500 or more for a single post.

In addition to sponsored posts and advertisements, fitness influencer also often makes money through affiliate programs where they promote products or services in exchange for a commission. A fitness influencer may also monetize their following through the sale of branded merchandise such as apparel or supplements. Many fitness influencers have been able to leverage their online presence into book deals and speaking engagements as well.

Finally, successful fitness influencer is paid for their time by appearing at events such as conventions or seminars where they share advice and tips based on their experience with exercise and nutrition. The amount a fitness influencer makes here can range widely depending on factors such as the location, size of the audience, and duration of the event.

Overall, while exact figures can vary widely from one individual to another, most fitness influencers tend to make anywhere from several hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars per month based largely on how much time they dedicate to promoting products or services related to health and fitness.

How to become one of the most popular fitness influencers?

Becoming one of the most popular fitness influencers in today’s world takes dedication and hard work, as well as a comprehensive strategy. To become one of the most popular fitness influencers, one must build an audience, starting small and gradually growing it over time. This could involve using social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube to share informative content, engaging with followers through comments and messages, and building relationships with other fitness influencers in the same space.

Additionally, to become one of the most popular fitness influencers, becoming an expert in the field of health and fitness is also essential for success. Understanding current trends in the industry, staying up-to-date with research on nutrition and physical activity, and having certifications from relevant organizations such as ACE or NASM — all of these are elements that will help to establish credibility.

Another factor in becoming a successful influencer is optimizing your content strategies. Creating compelling images or videos that are visually appealing to viewers and writing engaging captions can draw attention from potential followers.

Utilizing analytics tools to track engagement can help identify what kind of content resonates best with your audience, and could help you a lot with becoming one of the most popular fitness influencers. Networking with other influencers or brands to collaborate on projects or promotions can also increase visibility and help to grow your following and become one of the most popular fitness influencers.

Overall, succeeding as a fitness influencer and becoming one of the most popular fitness influencers on social media requires knowledge of nutrition, exercise science, and current trends; having great content; networking; and consistency — all components needed for a successful journey toward becoming one of the most popular influencers out there!

What impact do the most popular fitness influencers have on influencer marketing?

In 2024, the influence of the most popular fitness influencers on influencer marketing is expected to be even greater than it is today. This trend will be driven by several factors, including increasing demand for health and wellness content, the rapid growth of social media platforms, and new technologies that will make it easier for the most popular fitness influencers to reach their followers.

First, there is an increasingly large demand for health and wellness content, and this is something where the most popular fitness influencers excel. This can be seen in the rising popularity of diets such as keto and paleo, as well as a focus on physical activities such as strength training and yoga. This increased interest in health has led to a significant increase in the number of the most popular fitness influencers who are devoted to creating content related to health and wellness. As a result, the most popular fitness influencers have become popular sources of information for those seeking advice about their health or that of their families.

Second, social media platforms have grown rapidly over the past few years, providing vast opportunities for the most popular fitness influencers to reach new audiences with their messages. Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok have become powerful tools for connecting with potential customers as they allow users to easily find relevant content from trusted sources. Furthermore, these platforms provide a variety of ways for the most popular fitness influencers to engage with viewers – including live broadcasts and interactive stories – which enable users to build strong relationships with their followers.

Finally, technology advancements are making it easier for the most popular fitness influencers to effectively reach their audiences through data-driven campaigns and personalized recommendations. For example, platforms such as Google Ads offer sophisticated targeting capabilities that allow influencers to send targeted ads based on user demographics or interests.