With millions of monthly organic impressions and our own 2 million plus followers, we know a thing or two about marketing.
We are an integrated marketing agency that uses strategies known
to superstar digital marketeers to make brands explode digitally.


Amra Beganovich

Co-Founder and CEO


Ms. Beganovich leads Amra & Elma’s work on helping brands identify epicenters of influence, develop memorable (original) campaigns, and bring the brand storytelling into the future. Her areas of expertise include identifying and building unique influencer data models that depict the intricate relationships between industry leaders to ensure campaign longevity. Ms. Beganovich holds a degree in B.A. in Economics and an MBA, and is also one of the top fashion, travel, and lifestyle influencers with over 1 million followers across her social channels. She has been named as a top digital marketing expert by Forbes, Business Insider, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, WSJ, ELLE Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and many more. She develops and manages advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including Johnson & Johnson, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Uber, Nestle, HTC, and Huawei.


Elma Beganovich

Founder and COO


Ms. Beganovich leads Amra & Elma’s efforts in building the list of world renowned partners and clients. Her area of expertise includes identifying roles that Amra & Elma can play for a variety of brands in different industries, as well as developing terms and scope of those partnerships. Ms. Beganovich holds a B.A. in Government and French from Georgetown University (2007) and a J.D. from University of Miami Law School (2011).  She attended Georgetown University School of Law for the LLM program in Securities and Financial Regulations (2012) and is a New York barred attorney. Ms. Beganovich is one of the top New York City’s lifestyle influencers with over 1 million followers across her social channels. She has been named as a leading influencer marketing expert by Forbes, Business Insider, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, WSJ, ELLE Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and many more. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies like Johnson & Johnson, LVMH, Procter & Gamble, Uber, Nestle, HTC,  Huawei and more.


Paula Page

Senior Public Relations Specialist 


For the past 15 years, Ms. Page has helped select innovators gain exposure for their brands by expanding upon the traditional definition of PR. She doesn’t just rely on blasting pitches and press releases; instead, she understands her client’s needs and carefully orchestrates the campaigns accordingly. Her work involves publishing intriguing stories in top media, including Time Magazine, Forbes, Bloomberg, The New York Times, People Magazine, CNN, Women’s Health, Self, and more.


Christopher Heien

Server and Security Specialist


Mr. Heien holds a PhD in Information Science and specializes in software architecture and engineering, system security, data quality management and flow optimization. He has served as a professor in Information Science teaching software development at the University of Arkansas. He was also a vice president and senior data quality specialist in Citigroup, and worked as a director and a lead data quality specialist for Information Quality International and General Electric respectively. In Amra & Elma he focuses on designing and developing software, data structures for e-commerce brands, as well as implementing e-commerce security best practices.

Ben Freda

Ben Freda

Senior Front-End Developer


Mr. Freda holds a BS from Stanford University and a JD from Columbia Law School. He specializes in web development, specifically front-end and web hosting, and has managed teams of developers first as a project manager and then as a director of operations in PICnet. He also founded two web development and services firms, including Ben Freda Consulting and BFC Support. In Amra & Elma, Mr. Freda focuses on front-end development and server maintenance; his specialty includes WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Web Support, Websites, Web Design, Web Development, CMS, and SEO.

Karina Diaz

Karina Diaz

Senior Graphic Designer 


Ms. Diaz is an art director, a designer, and an illustrator with over 15 years of experience. She specializes in concept development, branding (identity), brand architecture, packaging, web design and illustration. Ms. Diaz holds a graphic design degree from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, a marketing degree from Universidad EAFIT, and an Illustration degree from Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London. She has worked with some of the top creative and advertising agencies, including J. Walter Thompson, Quintessa Art, and Manzoni. In Amra & Elma, ms. Diaz focuses on brand DNA development, artistic direction, conceptualization and presentation of variety of brand marketing material, and illustrations.


Cebiso Mhlanga



Mr. Mhlanga is a videographer, short film producer, VFX artist and an illustrator. His experience includes developing 3D and 2D animated videos, graphic illustration, and writing and directing short film scripts. He also has experience in creative direction working as a brand coordinator, visual effects supervisor, and motion and video designer.


Chris Han

Chris Han

Creative Director and Story Teller


With over 1.1 million followers, Ms. Han is one of the most well-known U.S. beauty and fashion influencers. She specializes in creative direction, content production, branding and storytelling. Ms. Han holds an MBA from University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and was the founder of a consulting agency located in China. Ms. Han has worked with some of the most well known brands, including Macy’s, Sephora, Bobbi Brown, Warner Brothers, the Peninsula Hotels, NYFW, Zadig & Voltaire, and L’Oréal. In Amra & Elma, Ms. Han focuses on creative direction and shooting, editing, and copywriting beauty and fashion products. Her most notable work for Amra & Elma includes Transition Lenses (Essilor – Luxottica), the largest lens and eyewear brand, as well a luxury skincare – Swiss Getal.

Mahhek Final

Mahhek Tahir

Senior Back-End Specialist


Ms. Tahir holds a Masters of Science (MS) in Computer Engineering with a GOLD medal and a GPA of 3.97 out of a scale of 4. She specializes in web application development, backend and front end development development, and quality assurance and deployments. Ms. Tahir served as a software developer in Daedalus Software, Inc. She is a highly skilled in ROR, JQuery, Javascript, and Databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL. In Amra & Elma, she focuses on designing and developing software for e-commerce brands, as well as implementing e-commerce quality best practices.

Aurie copy

Aurie Singletary

Lead Graphic Designer 


Ms. Singletary is a graphic designer and a photographer. She is fluent in English and conversational in Japanese. She has been fortunate to have worked for ad agencies and studios as a designer both in the U.S. and in Tokyo, Japan. Ms. Singletary been a visual storyteller and graphic designer for 7+ years and has designed for brands such as Adidas Tokyo, Microsoft Tokyo, UNIQLO, Home Depot, COX Communications, the NBA, and the Golden State Warriors. She holds an Advertising Design B.F.A. from SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design) in Atlanta.


Carrington Shaw

Copywriter and Proofreader


Ms. Shaw is a copywriter and proofreader.  She holds a B.A. in English from the University of North Florida and has five years of experience in the field.  Most recently she worked as a member of the sales and marketing team at Pilot Corporation of America.  At Amra & Elma, Ms. Shaw is responsible for the research and presentation of data focusing on the latest in digital, social media, and influencer marketing news.  A lifelong writer and grammarian with a passion for learning, Ms. Shaw is thrilled to contribute her skills to the team.


Xiao da Cunha

Account Manager


Ms. da Cunha is an experienced copywriter and account manager, specializing in multi-lingual marketing in Chinese and English. Ms. da Cunha holds a BA in English from University of Missouri-Kansas City and a BA in Chinese Teaching from Shanghai International Studies University. As a writer and an artist, Ms. da Cunha strikes to connect with her client and audience on a deep level. Driven by creativity and dedication, she takes pride in providing the best copies and client experience possible. Her goals include narrowing the gap created by language and cultural differences, and making communication more efficient with her copywriting skills.


Dimeon Van Rooyen

Content Specialist


Mr. Van Rooyen has almost two decades’ experience in writing and proofreading copy in various capacities. He holds a BA Communications degree, a Postgraduate Higher Education Diploma, and an Honors degree in Afrikaans. His Honors degree in English is currently 80% complete. He began his career in South Africa, before relocating with his family to France. Before joining the team at Amra & Elma, Mr. Van Rooyen’s love for writing and wide range of interests have seen him occupy various positions that include Sports Journalist, Media Liaison, Corporate Communications, Online Content Manager, and PR Writer. At Amra & Elma, Mr. Van Rooyen creates written content for our clients.

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Lauren Naylor

Art Director


Lauren Naylor is an Art Director, Photographer and Cinematographer based in Los Angeles and works out of New York with 11+ years of experience. She holds a B.F.A. in Photography, Graphic Design and Mixed Media, and a Minor in Art History from Florida State University. Her unique photographic foundation is rooted with creative approaches to editorial and brand projects. She has worked with the likes of Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg, Youth To The People, Sebastian, Dazed, COOLA, to name a few. She is a visual creator with a strong base on human emotion and expressive storytelling.

Bethany Mckinzie

Bethany Mckinzie

Marketing Assistant  


Ms. Mckinzkie holds a Bachelor’s  Degree in Management and an MBA, both of which she earned at Ottawa University.  Her background resides in the Human Resource and Administrative side of the business.  Strategy and Process Improvements have always held a fascination for her and realizing that she could never learn enough about improvement and innovation furthered her learning through a variety of methods.  After years of serving in administrative roles, she took the knowledge she had learned and ventured into executive and marketing assistant role.  She has spent the last four years in Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, and Analytics.  Additionally, she has assisted in work studies and has used her broad range of skills to assist many businesses and non-profits with best practices and business acumen.


Lovely De Guzman

Copywriting Specialist


Ms. De Guzman is a content writer with over extensive experience in writing content about digital marketing trends and lifestyle. She earned her BA Social Sciences and a JD.  Ms. De Guzman specializes in captivating the readers through her storytelling skills. Although she loves to write about anything that piques her interest, writing about other people’s lives, their struggles and successes, is what she finds most exciting. After joining Amra and Elma, Ms. De Guzman primary focus of writing is on all things influencers and influencer marketing.


Itunuoluwa Adegbayi

Copywriter and Editor


Ms. Adegbayi is a content writer, copywriter, proofreader and editor. She holds a B.A in English and has over 5 years of experience crafting content for various brands across different industries. As a writer, Ms. Adegbayi is passionate and attentive to details. She recognizes when it’s time to callon the experience of previous generations of writers. And when to trust her instincts and establish a completely new path. As a result, everything she says, or writes has a reason, and every word matters. By joining the Alma & Elma team, Ms. Adegbayi hopes to tell incredible stories. And chisel paths for readers to “feel all the feels” with her words.


Rivaldo Tumbelaka

Graphic Designer and Social Media Specialist


Mr. Tumbelaka is a graphic designer and a social media marketer, with extensive experience in creative direction, branding, content development, and social media management. He received his B.A. in architecture from Jakarta, and embarked upon the journey in marketing shortly after his graduation. Today, he works with brands in helping communicate their values via branding, including graphics, photography, and logo designs. He also serves as a social media manager where her helps with  creative direction and social media strategy. His expertise includes developing clear and recognizible messaging for brands to assist with content consistency, memorability, originality and virality.

Amory Team Photo copy

Amory Thome

Account Manager


Ms. Thome comes to the team with an advertising agency background where she has worked for the past 5 years in industries like technology, luxury, automotive, sports & entertainment and healthcare. Hailing from a background in design and years of strategic development, Ms. Thome is a creative hybrid. Working in both design and copywriting, Ms. Thome brings a fresh marketing perspective to the Amra & Elma team—from presentation design, to email copy, website development, strategy and more. Ms. Thome holds a degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Carolina. She moved to NYC directly after graduating college, no job in sight but she knew that New York was the place where “it” was happening, and she had to be there.

Bakir Djulich

Bakir Djulich

Marketing Manager and Outreach Specialist 


Mr. Djulich is a marketing manager with over a decade of experience in the variety of industries. Before receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, Mr. Djulich’s passion for information technology resulted in him starting his career as an IT clerk. After graduating from college, he embarked upon the journey in the digital marketing world, combining his passion for writing and his extensive knowledge in the IT industry. Prior to joining the team at Amra & Elma, Mr. Djulich’s wide range of interests have resulted in him taking on various positions such as Social Media Specialist, Content Specialist, Account Manager and Copywriter. His mantra is ““Everything is learnable” and he works hard to stay up-to-date on the latest, constantly changing digital trends. When he isn’t working, you will find Mr. Djulich spending quality time with friends and family, reading a book, or exploring the Metaverse and the newest NFT collectibles.

Matthew Prince photo 1

Matthew Prince

Senior Content Specialist


Mr. Prince is a senior copywriter, content writer, and editor with experience in sales and marketing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in education and health sciences. Over the years, he has combined his background knowledge of human psychology and data analysis to create success for organizations in the B2B industry. He has experience writing for various industries such as marketing, health and wellness, and entrepreneurship. His work has been published in top media like Mpart magazine and The Startup.

Aida Durakovich

Aida Durakovich

Content Manager


Ms. Durakovich holds a B.A. in Social Pedagogy from Educational-Rehabilitation University and has over 5 years of experience as a content developer for a variety of brands in various niche industries. She is a professional writer, blogger, book author, and SEO strategist who has been helping businesses rank higher and achieve more success for years by delivering unique, original, and exciting content. Her areas of competence include content management, strategy, and creation. Ms. Durakovich has worked for several marketing firms and is presently employed at Amra & Elma as a content manager and strategist.


Kristina Velyanovska

Content Marketing Intern


Ms. Velyanovska is a recent graduate from the Saint Petersburg University of Film and Television and is passionate about social media management and content marketing. Driven by her creativity and love for creating content that could positively impact people’s lives, she developed her thriving Instagram page and community. Using her expertise in content management strategies, social media, and digital marketing algorithms, she worked as a social media manager for numerous brands and is currently employed at Amra & Elma as a content author and creator. Her professional background includes developing and producing engaging content for top brands, as well as promoting that content through relevant media channels.