We are a full-service marketing agency founded by two superstar influencers Amra and Elma Beganovich with over 2 million followers across their social media channels. Yahoo News has praised A&E with building a “digital marketing empire” while Forbes has called them “Epi-center of Influence.” A&E specializes in media buying, influencer marketing, social media management, PR, content production, SEO, branding and more. Our clients include some of the most renowned brands and  Fortune 500 companies.

A&E’s roots are in digital marketing, and we pride ourselves in leading the way through “proof of concept.” Our own social media success (2 MILLION followers), SEO performance (we rank no 1 across Google for some of the most highly competitive keywords), PR coverage (we have been featured and interviewed by Forbes alone 10X times), as well as content development (our own content has gone viral multiple times and been viewed by more than 20 MILLION Instagram users) has enabled us to “walk the talk.”

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George Mason University economist working on World Bank projects turned influencer agency co-founder and CEO at Amra & Elma LLC. Amra specializes in having brands explode organically on social media and creating viral content; she is the co-founder and CEO of Influencer Magic by A&E. Amra leads our engineering team to develop and implement backend technology as needed in the ever-changing social media landscape..



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Elma Beganovich is Georgetown Law attorney turned founder and digital marketer with her sister and partner, Amra Beganovich. She is the creator behind Amra & Elma, an influencer marketing agency based in Manhattan, as well as Influencer Magic by A&E, a proprietary software that matches brands with influencers according to their target demographic. She leads business development efforts with Fortune 500 companies, agencies and digital networks, and oversees A&E’s press relations..

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