We are a digital NYC PR agency that does things differently!


1. We are a top-rated public relations agency in NYC with “proof of concept”:

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk! Our top NYC PR agency founders are superstar influencers with a network of journalists from top publications. They have been featured in major media, including Nasdaq, Bloomberg, WSJ, Forbes (9+ times), Financial Times, Marie Claire, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, HuffPost, Time Magazine, USA Today, CNBC, Business Insider, Yahoo News, FOX news, and more. Our team of senior publicists that makeup our digital PR agency NYC develops viral stories on social media that journalists want to feature! With our strong thought leadership through our digital PR efforts (Forbes has even called our founders “The Epicenter of Influence“), we have a track record of working with some of the most prestigious clients.

2. We are a full-service creative digital PR agency NYC:

Our full services creative digital PR agency providing a one-stop solution for all your brand’s digital marketing and PR challenges. From social media to lead generation, analytics, and everything in-between, our NYC PR agency has the tools, team, and skills to accelerate your brand growth and take it to the next level.

3. We build memorable and bold PR campaigns:

At our creative digital PR agency NYC, we build innovative and bold PR campaigns that are creative, fearless, and memorable; over 100 of our social posts have gone viral, i.e. generated millions of views and clicks without additional cost. Our competent and experienced public relations team members develop strategically creative campaigns that others want to share and click on.


After analyzing your brand and its needs, here at our leading NYC PR agency, we integrate cutting edge public relations techniques (influencer gifting and reviews, viral content development, consumer influencer Amazon reviews, and more) into a customized public relations strategy that meets your precise requirements. We guarantee matchless services and returns that are accountable and measurable; our team even includes developers who design landing pages and track conversions via Google analytics.


Irrespective of your industry, we give your brand a voice, make it relevant, and build a distinguished reputation that is key to your sustained growth. Our metrics tracking systems include third party software such as Ahrefs for backlinks and website ranking, Google analytics for audience tracking, and SEOsurfer for SEO copywritten content. Our digital PR agency NYC works hard to turn your vision into a reality through our incisive digital public relations strategy built to inspire, engage, and win your target audience.


Social media agency NYC


We are a digital PR agency NYC that specializes on in-depth competitor research in order to focus on publications that matter – we provide a full report of your competitors coverage and backlinks using software tools such as Ahrefs and MOZ. We also avoid those that don’t move the needle; we analyze each media traffic and authority in order to avoid those publications that don’t move the needle.


Our team conducts the industry and competitor’s research prior to starting any PR campaigns, and they collect relevant metrics to construct a robust PR strategy. Some of the data we collect include competitor publications and backlinks, competitor website traffic and keywords rank, and competitor social media follower plus engagement metrics. Our professional and experienced senior publicists, data analysts, researchers, and performance-focused marketers work together to ensure positive ROI!


For our every PR digital marketing campaign, here at our top NYC PR agency, we develop an effective custom-tailored plan which integrates our research and data skills to drive awareness of your brand and boost your business growth (think increased credibility, authority, SEO performance, and followers on social media).


    • Pinpoint top media that is most suitable for the brand. Conduct research using software to identify all publications where competitors have been featured and then exceed those results.


    • Devise a list for brands to approve that includes top media within their field. Run the list of the media publications by the brand to receive approval on the features.


    • Develop a suitable story for publications that highlights brand strengths and unique product features. Work with the brand on the most “share-worthy” content to publish.


    • Publish the brand in the top media and ensure appropriate linking to the company’s website. Track conversion of the publications via landing pages and Google Analytics.


Below is a more detailed information about services we offer:

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Influencer Marketing Agency


At Amra & Elma, a leading NYC PR agency, we work with influencers to devise an effective PR campaign that allows brands to build credibility, enhance their popularity on social media channels, and improve their conversions.

Our top NYC PR agency specializes in influencer gifting to consumer, micro, macro and celebrity influencers. Our gifting program allows brands to establish a partnership with top influencers and receive coverage in a form of exchange (products provided in exchange for reviews). Influencers are able to share the items with their audience and offer insight into the product benefits.


Below, we highlight some of our influencer gifting steps:


  • Devising a list of niche influencers in different industries and locations (includes 800,000+ different size influencers)
  • Reaching out to influencers and presenting the product
  • Negotiating the terms of the collaborations, including the type of reviews expected, etc.
  • Providing packaging suggestions for shipped items, including best marketing materials to send in order to boost coverage
  • Coordinating shipment, including providing shipment links to influencers, following up to see if they have received the items, and inquiring about their reviews


We are a leading PR agency NYC that focuses on building brands through top ranking authority via backlinks – after all, PR was the original SEO!

We are a leading digital PR agency NYC who works with top media to secure publications for brands to build exceptional links. Our network of journalists includes senior editors in most authoritative magazines and newspapers, including Forbes, WSJ, Marie Claire, Bloomberg, InStyle, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, CNBC, FOX News, USA Today, INC., Huff Post, and more.


We also work with influencers or celebrities who blog about brands to further secure mentions and links from a wide variety of blogs/domains.


We are a digital PR agency NYC with a deep familiarity of SEO practices – our own marketing agency boasts no 1 ranking position for some of the highly competitive keywords, including “beauty influencers”, “travel influencers”, “top fashion influencers”, “nyc influencers”, and more.


With over 700+ daily visitors to our own Amra & Elma agency pages, we are able to advise on best linking opportunities, Google guidelines for ensuring white-hat linking strategy, and most effective ways to engage in the off-site link building in order to achieve highest return on brand’s ROI.

Public Relations Agency NYC – We help brands obtain links from some of the highest authrity sites!


Below are examples of average changes in the domain rating, domain authority, monthly traffic growth, and conversions (via contact or checkout landing page):



At our digital PR agency NYC, we offer a comprehensive range of PR services designed to give you a competitive edge. From the first day of our interaction, we understand your business and objectives and act as an invaluable extension of your existing team. No matter what marketing challenge you face, we use our social, PR, and digital marketing expertise to unlock the opportunities for your brand.


1. Public Relations

With our strong background in receiving influential and impactful coverage, we enjoy an A+ reputation as a digital PR agency NYC. We do not just pitch your story blindly and begin counting impressions of the press releases as a metric of your success. Our expert team deeply digs into your competitors backlinks, past features, influencer partnerships, and then utilizes this information to go after those features that move the needle and avoids those that don’t.


2. Experiential Marketing

Through our strategic digital, experiential marketing, here at our leading NYC PR agency, we develop real-life and memorable experiences that tie your consumers and brand together. Some of our experimental marketing services include augmented reality ads created by our graphic designers and software developers. We also offer celebrity appearances to trade shows, from biz building to intimate VIP events, conferences, guerrilla marketing, sponsorships, and more. We are a digital PR agency NYC who has the leadership, experience, and connections to infuse life into an idea.


3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful and balanced combination of technology, creativity, psychology, and common sense. It is a journey that your potential customers decide to embark on either with your brand or without it. By building a proper digital marketing strategy that resonates with your brand, we are a digital PR agency NYC that puts architecture in place to guide and capture the steps of your audience throughout their journey. From social media to SEO and PPC, we specialize in integrated digital marketing that allows branding and consistency across all marketing channels.


4. Business Development

As a leading NYC PR agency, our creative team comes up with innovative ideas to create real-life and memorable digital experiences, bringing consumers and relevant partners to the brand. Through our skills and experience, we are a digital PR agency NYC that accomplishes brand building and awareness to drive sales – from influencer marketing to Google analytics metric tracking, our business development covers all steps from planning to execution. Some of our additional business development services include trade shows, local in-store activations, VIP events, and more.


5. Corporate Communication

Corporate communications play a critical role in how your employees, the general public, and potential investors perceive your brand or company. Using our robust corporate communications strategy, we are a digital PR agency NYC that supports you in developing powerful media features, in-house corporate communications, and other brand building techniques that contribute to your firm’s growth and success.


6. Social Media Marketing

Without a robust social media presence, you cannot expect to grow your brand and build a strong, long-term relationships with your target audience. We are a digital PR agency that uses popular and relevant social media platforms to promote your content and spread your message in the most compelling way to engage your target audience.



Our digital PR agency NYC works as your dedicated marketing partner that helps your business attract potential customers, generate high-quality leads, conversions, and sales.


1. Customized Services

While other digital PR companies may use a one-size-fits-all approach, our top NYC PR agency focuses on providing customized solutions that meet your precise requirements.


2. Highly Responsive

As a top NYC PR agency, our team responds to your calls, emails, and messages in the quickest possible time. You hear back from our customer service within minutes.


3. Creativity and Technical Expertise

Our leading NYC PR agency offers a perfect combo of creativity and technical expertise, critical for highly effective PR campaigns.


4. Focus on Strong Networking and Relationship Building

One of the main focuses of our digital PR strategy is building a strong network and relationships with the influencers and potential customers in your relevant niche. And as a top NYC PR agency, we can go the extra mile to accomplish it.


5. Research and Data-Driven Approach

As a top NYC PR agency, we do not blindly shoot arrows in the dark. Our team of data experts, researchers, and analysts perform in-depth market research before developing your digital PR strategy to give you outstanding outcomes.

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What does a digital PR agency NYC do?

A digital PR agency NYC is a company that specializes in helping brands and businesses to build their online presence through the use of various digital channels, such as social media, email marketing, and content marketing. A digital PR agency NYC can help to create and distribute content that will engage and attract customers, as well as help to build relationships with key influencers to amplify a brand’s reach. A digital PR agency NYC can also help to measure the success of a brand’s digital marketing campaigns and make adjustments accordingly.


The main responsibilities of a digital PR agency NYC include:


  • Developing and executing public relations strategies that use digital media to build relationships with key audiences.
  • Creating content that will attract attention and generate shares online.
  • Managing social media accounts for their clients.
  • Monitoring online conversations about their clients and tracking the sentiment around their brand.
  • Providing strategic counsel and advice on how to best use digital media to achieve PR objectives.
How to reach out to a digital PR agency NYC?

Reaching out to a digital PR agency NYC can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that your request is received and considered by a digital PR agency NYC.


The best way to reach out to a digital PR agency NYC is by email. Start by finding the website of a digital PR agency NYC and looking for their contact information. Once you have found the right email address, compose a brief but formal introduction to a digital PR agency NYC.


Be sure to include the following information in your introduction to the digital PR agency NYC:


  • Your name and contact information
  • The name of your company or organization
  • The purpose of your request to a digital PR agency NYC
  • Any additional information that you feel is relevant to the digital PR agency NYC


Once you have composed your introduction, send the email to the digital PR agency NYC and wait for a response. Be patient, as every digital PR agency NYC is busy and may not be able to respond immediately. If you don’t receive a response from a digital PR agency NYC after a few days, try reaching out again.

Why is a digital PR agency NYC important for brands?

A digital PR agency NYC is important for brands because it is a critical piece of the marketing puzzle. A digital PR agency NYC can help brands to get their story out there, connect with their target audience, and to build relationships with key media outlets.


A digital PR agency NYC can help to create and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes both online and offline components. A digital PR agency NYC can help to identify the most effective channels for reaching your target audience and can help to develop and execute campaigns that will engage and connect with your customers.


A digital PR agency NYC also has strong relationships with key media outlets, which can help to get your story heard by a larger audience. A digital PR agency NYC can help to secure press coverage for your brand, which can help to increase brand awareness and credibility.


Overall, a digital PR agency NYC is an important part of any marketing plan and can help to achieve better results for your brand.

What does an online PR agency do?

An online PR agency is a professional service specializing in the development, design, and implementation of effective public relations strategies for clients that operate solely online. An online PR agency utilizes a broad range of tactics to create and sustain an ongoing, positive brand image and presence for its clients. This can include activities like creating compelling content, managing social media accounts, conducting outreach campaigns, handling media inquiries, and developing relationships with influencers.

An online PR agency helps its clients engage with both existing and potential customers by creating awareness around their products or services through various channels such as blogs, websites, social media platforms, and other forms of digital marketing. An online PR agency also researches to understand target audiences better so they can create more tailored campaigns that will effectively reach them. Additionally, an online PR agency helps its clients stay updated on industry trends and news so they can adjust their strategies accordingly. 

The ultimate goal of an online PR agency is to positively influence public perceptions about its client’s brand. This can be achieved by an online PR agency promoting the client’s messages in a variety of ways such as press releases, events coverage, and press interviews. To do this successfully, an online PR agency usually provides a team that will work closely with the client’s internal team to ensure everyone is on board with each step of the process from conception to delivery. 

An online PR agency with a good working team will possess essential skills such as excellent writing abilities coupled with an understanding of SEO strategies which are required for successful content creation, including: 

  • Knowledge of web analytics tools so an online PR agency can track performance
  • The expertise of an online PR agency on trending topics within the chosen industry
  • The strong interpersonal skills since much of their job involves
  • Communicating directly with people
  • The strategic thinking of an online PR agency to come up with creative ideas
  • Data analysis capabilities of a competent online PR agency are needed when evaluating campaign results. 
How to reach out to an online PR agency?

Reaching out to an online PR agency is not as daunting a task as it may seem. In fact, with the right preparation and contact information, the process of collaborating with an online PR agency can be relatively straightforward.

Before starting the process of reaching out to an online PR agency, there are a few important considerations to be taken into account. You should assess your goals and objectives for engaging an online PR agency.

When researching which online PR agency is best suited for your business, take time to review their portfolio of past work and success stories. It’s also important to do some research on the team members of an online PR agency; look for their qualifications and experience in the public relations field, as well as any awards or industry recognition they have received. Ensure that the team of an online PR agency is equipped with skills tailored specifically to your needs.

Once you have identified a potential partner, it’s time to reach out. First of all, make sure that you craft a professional email for the online PR agency introducing yourself and outlining what services you require from them. Be sure to include links or attachments that provide further information about who you are and what you are looking for help with (i.e., press releases, social media campaigns, etc.). Additionally, explain why the online PR agency stands out from its competitors in terms of the quality of services and outcomes delivered.

What do public relations agencies do?

Public relations agencies are organizations that specialize in creating and maintaining relationships with specific target audiences, primarily through communication management and marketing. Public relations agencies focus on providing clients with a strong, positive reputation among the public. Public relations agencies provide clients with strategies to reach their goals while improving the public’s perception of the brand or entity they represent.

The primary goal of public relations agencies is to develop communication strategies that will shape public opinion. This part of public relations agencies and their work includes researching to identify what audiences need and want from a given organization, as well as how they would prefer to receive communications. After gathering this information, public relations agencies create campaigns tailored toward specific audiences that help build relationships between people and brands or organizations.

Public relations agencies also focus on media relations which includes reaching out to journalists, bloggers, and other influencers to generate coverage for clients. This could include interviews, press releases, opinion pieces, and other forms of content developed by public relations agencies, meant to build trust and credibility within target markets.

In addition to these traditional areas of responsibility, some public relations agencies offer additional services such as social media management and digital marketing solutions like SEO optimization, content creation/curation, and website design/management – all of which help further strengthen relationships with target audiences online.

Finally, many public relations agencies also assist clients in strategic planning by providing consultation services surrounding internal organizational dynamics like messaging platforms (branding) and KPIs (measurement). These services provided by public relations agencies can help organizations better understand their current standing within their respective industries while giving them direction on how to move forward strategically to meet their long-term goals.

How to find the best public relations agencies?

Finding the best public relations agencies can be a difficult task, especially with the vast number of options available. It is important to take into consideration various factors to identify which public relations agencies will work best for your specific needs and requirements. This guide will provide an in-depth overview of how to go about finding the most suitable public relations agencies for you.

The first step is to create a list of objectives that you wish to achieve with the help of the public relations agencies you decide on. This could include increasing brand awareness, enhancing your reputation, improving customer relationships, or gaining more media coverage. These goals should be concrete and measurable so that they can easily be tracked and evaluated by public relations agencies down the line.

It is also important to consider the budget allocated for this project and public relations agencies, before beginning your search. Having a clear budget in mind helps narrow down your list of potential public relations agencies further, as it eliminates those falling outside of your price range. Additionally, when communicating with prospective public relations agencies, make sure that any terms regarding pricing are clearly outlined and understood by both parties before signing any contracts or agreements.

Reviews from previous clients play an essential role when choosing public relations agencies as they provide valuable insight into their level of expertise and capabilities when it comes to delivering satisfactory service. Therefore, adequate research must be done for potential public relations agencies by looking at reviews from past customers before making any decisions or commitments.