PROBLEM: Postmates, the leader in delivering anything you want on-demand, wanted to work with influencers and showcase the influencer order history. The influencers would receive credit to order from their favorite restaurants and then share their orders via social channels. Each time the influencers used up their credit, they would be able to receive the refill once the orders had been posted on their socials.


SOLUTION: Amra & Elma worked with food, lifestyle, and health influencers to help spread the word about Postmates. The influencers used their credit to order food and beverages, and then shared their orders via hashtag #postmania.


STATS: 26 influencers, 754K impressions, 138 stories, 500+ #postmania tags

Postmates Influencer Campaign copy

Age of Wonders



PROBLEM: Age of Wonders, a turn based strategy video game developed by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, reached out to us to promote the new Planetfall, i.e. the fifth installment in the Age of Wonders series featuring some of the never before seen sci-fi settings. They wanted to have mid to macro sized influencers create videos that feature the game and then showcase the content on their Youtube channels. Age of wonders was specifically interested in influencers who focused on TBS (strategy games) as well as influencers who have previously highlighted other TBS games, including BattleTech, Wargroove, and The Battle for Wesnoth, etc.


SOLUTION: For the campaign, we compiled a list of influencers specializing in TBS and had the brand pick 8 that were most exceptional when it comes to strategy reviews. The influencer subscriber and following count ranged from 54K to 1.3M, and they had to create video review of the game and showcase the new features of Age of Wonders: Planetfall, specifically Exploration Sites and New Colonizer Mode.


STATS: 3.2M targeted eyeballs reached, 16 posts in total, 17.3% average engagement rate both social channels





PROBLEM: For New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Uber wanted to partner up with with various brands to raise awareness amongst the fashion crowd about the ride hailing app. To help attract VIP influencers, their goal was to work with Lyst, an online fashion platform, and Bobbi Brown, one of the most prestigious makeup brands in the world. They wanted to showcase their service in a more interactive way so that the influencers could share the Uber and fashion week experience in a more personal way with their audience.

SOLUTION: We engaged VIP fashion influencers to bring awareness amongst the fashion community and showcase the ride hailing application and its Uber Black services. The influencers were showed with gifts and even makeup artists greeted them in the car in case they needed help with makeup before the fashion shows. The campaign was published across influencers’ platforms with a focus on Gen Y and Instagram.

STATS: 15 influencer posts, 1.2 million estimated impressions, 129k estimated engagements

Influencer Campaign Uber
Influencer Campaign HTC





PROBLEM: HTC wanted to showcase their smart phone 11 through influencers. They were looking to engage micro and macro influencers to discuss the versatility of the new phones especially their ability to take great photos and videos. The idea was for the influencers to document their lives with HTC phones while traveling or on the go in the city.

SOLUTION: We identified and engaged macro and micro influencers that would take a variety of images throughout the city while using HTC 11 smart phone. We also had some influencers make travel content using the HTC 11 smart phone and publish it on their YouTube while changing the angle between their regular camera and the HTC 11 smart phone one. The result was a variety of creative content using the HTC new phone that was also re-purposed on the brand’s social channels.

STATS: 4.1M Cumulative Followers, 9 Influencers/ Accounts, 421K+ Total Engagements, 53K Profile Visits, 18.1K+ New Followers





PROBLEM: After the successful debut in San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Uber was launching its food delivery application, UberEats, in New York. UberEats had at the time signed up a selective group of restaurants catered to foodies and young professionals. All of the listed restaurants were in the greater New York City area, including Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

SOLUTION: The goal was to activate foodie and fashion, men and women, influencers in order to raise awareness of the product launch in New York. We partnered with Uber and UberEats to activate this campaign in order to facilitate the launch. Some of the influencers opted to go directly to the restaurants to get the full menu experience.

STATS: 3M+ targeted followers, 58 pieces of influencer content, videos and photography, 655k total estimated impressions on influencer posts, $0.10 average influencer CPE

Uber Eats Influencer Campaign
net a porter 1

NET-A-PORTER x Netflix




PROBLEM: NET-A-PORTER and Netflix wanted to announce the winner of their Next-in-Fashion show during NYFW and invite fashion influencers to attend. They wanted to name the winner while showcasing their designs in an intimate setting in NYC’s West Willage and having influencers attend for the reveal. The event would include show’s celebrity hosts, Tan France and Alexa Chung, who would meet with influencers and share their Next-in-Fashion show experience as well as pose for photo opportunities.

SOLUTION: Amra & Elma contracted influencers to attend the event and publicize the winning designs on their Instagram and stories. They had the influencers photograph the models wearing the winning designs, and photograph themselves with the hosts of the Next-in-Fashion – Tan France and Alexa Chung. The posts went live right after the winner was announced to further help spread the word about the new show.

STATS: 1.5M targeted followers, 50K+ posts engagement, 50+ Instastories.





PROBLEM: Johnson & Johnson’s wanted to build brand awareness around its new blister cushions by Compeed. The brand’s objective was to introduce the public to Compeed, which prevents and treats blisters, by engaging macro influencers and celebrities to showcase how they use Compeed in their everyday lives and communicating to the public that the product was available in Walgreens.

SOLUTION: Our campaign focused around the “Stiletto Squad,” an array of VIP fashion influencers and tastemakers with a mega following and over 10% engagement on Instagram, showcasing the product in an everyday and relatable yet still an inspirational and a memorable setting. We organized photo shoots around Manhattan to present a day in a life of a strong, empowering and a busy woman. The campaign was published across macro influencers’ blog posts and social media channels.

STATS: 25 influencer posts, 2.3 million estimated impressions, 186.8k estimated engagements

Influencer Campaign Johnson and Johnson
Transition Lenses Influencer Campaign Four





PROBLEM: After merging with Luxottica, Essilor became the largest market shareholder of eyewear in the world. Essilor wanted to fortify the brand’s social footprint and penetrate into the millennial market by engaging influencers nationwide to expose the brand’s product launch of Transitions’ Style Colors and Mirror Colors lenses to millions of highly targeted consumers.

SOLUTION:  We targeted influencers who wear glasses, live in the U.S., and have a following between 50k -300k. The goal of the influencer campaign was to make Transitions relevant in the digital space by engaging influencers who reach the millennial target demographic. Our target was to activate micro and midi sized influencers to post about Transition’s new lenses. We also supported the New York launch event by bringing our network of influencers to cover the event in real time through posts and Insta Stories. This campaign was targeted towards both Millennial consumers and the Transitions distributors, prescription eyewear retailers, i.e., b2b marketing efforts.

STATS: 3M targeted followers, 675k impressions on influencer posts, 80 pieces of content, photos and videos, 45 total social posts, 995 #lightundercontrol hashtags, 2,100 #Stylecolors hashtags over, 76k total engagements on influencer posts




PROBLEM: Fortnite, one of the largest online video games developed by Epic Games, reached out to us to work with three influencers on giveaway to boost game branding,  increase fan base, and highlight Ninja’s epic “32 Kill Solo Squads” Fortnite video. The giveaway required the audience to follow Fortnite accounts both on Youtube and Instagram, follow all three influencer accounts, as well as to follow Ninja’s personal Youtube and Instagram account for the announcement. The prize included the ability to play Fortnite with one influencer of their choice as well as to get exclusive tips from Ninja sent directly to the winner.


SOLUTION: For the campaign, we chose influencers who included Fortnite as a part of their previous content. Influencers were required to post a sponsored video on their Youtube and Instagram accounts announcing the giveaway and instructing their audience to follow the steps in order to win the prize.


STATS: 3.7M targeted eyeballs reached, 3 posts in total, 16.1% engagement rate across all accounts, 61K followers participated






PROBLEM: Huawei partnered up with RainforestCX to bring awareness to the deforestation happening around the world and to encourage people to build non-traditional Christmas trees instead of purchasing/cutting down real ones. They wanted to encourage the audience to donate US$1 to the @RainforestCx program and make world greener. By doing so, Huawei would allow the audience to also qualify for a prize, including Huawei P30 Pro Phone and Huawei FreeBuds.

SOLUTION: We contracted out influencers who are environmentally conscious to share the message about Huawei partnership with RainforestCX. Each influencer was supposed to build a non-traditional Christmas tree using ingredients available to them at their home. They would also hold a $1 bill to signify their donation and to encourage their audience to do the same. We also organized a giveaway that would encourage the audience to follow Huawei’s Instagram and share the RainforestCX initiative.

STATS: 2.5M followers targeted, 750K+ impressions in total, 40 pieces of content (including photos and videos), 100+ posts in total used #christmastree4earth, 100K+ total engagement on influencers posts

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout



PROBLEM: Fall Guys, a platform battle royale video game that was published by Devolver and developed by Mediatonic reached out to us to promote the Ultimate Knockout. i.e. a game that was inspired by the like of Takeshi’s Castle and playground game like British bulldog. They wanted to have macro and micro influencers who specialized in reviewing PlayStation games stream the live session with their audience on YouTube. Influencers were supposed to highlight special features, including 60 player capacity, and play against each other as well as some of their audience.

SOLUTION: For the campaign, we choose 10 influencers of different sizes and had them announce their live streaming session on their channels in order to encourage their audience to view, try the game out, as well as for the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones to play for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout alongside one of their favorite influencers. The announcement was done in a form of a giveaway, and the audience had to tag their friends on the post to have a chance to participate and be chosen for the opportunity to play live with their favorite influencer/s.

STATS: 5.4M targeted eyeballs reached, 21 posts in total, 22.3% average engagement rate both social channels

Illustrated Christmas Decorations Instagram Post

Final Fantasy XV



PROBLEM: Final Fantasy XV, action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix, reached out to us to work with 8 mid-sized gaming influencers and host an event with Alexis Ren to promote the New TV and Digital Spots For Empire-building Mobile Game. They wanted to invite the influencers to play offline, test out to test out the new updated look, and meet with the new face Final Fantasy XV, Alexis Ren. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was launched with the same concept and gameplay of the prior two popular games and added the  Square Enix’s IP to the mix.
SOLUTION: For the campaign, we choose 8 influencers with the following and subscriber base between 89K to 679K. Each influencer had to attend the event as well as to share their offline experience with their audience on Youtube and Instagram.
STATS: 2.3M targeted eyeballs reached, 16 posts in total, 14.3% average engagement rate both social channels





Promoting Mercedes Benz via Niche Car Enthusiasts


PROBLEM: Mercedes Benz was looking to target car enthusiasts via niche micro and macro auto influencers who specialize in reviewing cars and highlighting the superior technical features of the new Mercedes models. They were looking for influencers to test, film, and share vehicles in a way that is engaging, fun, and technical. The idea was to organically introduce new Mercedes models and make the content feel like an every day part of the influencer story.
SOLUTION: Amra & Elma contracted influencers to take a trip and test and film Mercedes vehicles on the road in Los Angeles, Miami, and NY. Influencers got to test and film vehicles both from the inside and while driving it using drone footage from above. The results were visually superior videos that engage an audience by showcasing the Mercedes models in a form of video posts while highlighting the new superior features of the models via voiceover and captions.
STATS: 15 influencers, 3.8M in targeted followers, 225K+ estimated engagement.
Mercedes Tech





PROBLEM: Enterprise expanded its exotic car collection line in select locations throughout the United States and wanted to work with influencers to spread the word about their new luxury rentals. They wanted to target not only car enthusiasts but also those who are looking for one of a kind experience for the weekend travel from urban areas such as New York City. With the Exotic Car Collection influencers would receive “white-glove treatment,” including the delivery and collection of vehicles and a expedited reservation process available exclusively for these rentals.

SOLUTION: Amra & Elma contracted influencers to take a weekend trip with Enterprise exotic cars during the spring months to the Hamptons. The influencers would document their experience of driving one of a kind luxury vehicles from New York City to the Hamptons and share the car experience with their audience.

STATS: 4 influencers, 1.7M in targeted followers, 80K+ estimated engagement