Age of Wonders



PROBLEM: Age of Wonders, a turn based strategy video game developed by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, reached out to us to promote the new Planetfall, i.e. the fifth installment in the Age of Wonders series featuring some of the never before seen sci-fi settings. They wanted to have mid to macro sized influencers create videos that feature the game and then showcase the content on their Youtube channels. Age of wonders was specifically interested in influencers who focused on TBS (strategy games) as well as influencers who have previously highlighted other TBS games, including BattleTech, Wargroove, and The Battle for Wesnoth, etc.

SOLUTION: For the campaign, we compiled a list of influencers specializing in TBS and had the brand pick 8 that were most exceptional when it comes to strategy reviews. The influencer subscriber and following count ranged from 54K to 1.3M, and they had to create video review of the game and showcase the new features of Age of Wonders: Planetfall, specifically Exploration Sites and New Colonizer Mode.

STATS: 3.2M targeted eyeballs reached, 16 posts in total, 17.3% average engagement rate both social channels




PROBLEM: Fortnite, one of the largest online video games developed by Epic Games, reached out to us to work with three influencers on giveaway to boost game branding,  increase fan base, and highlight Ninja’s epic “32 Kill Solo Squads” Fortnite video. The giveaway required the audience to follow Fortnite accounts both on Youtube and Instagram, follow all three influencer accounts, as well as to follow Ninja’s personal Youtube and Instagram account for the announcement. The prize included the ability to play Fortnite with one influencer of their choice as well as to get exclusive tips from Ninja sent directly to the winner.


SOLUTION: For the campaign, we chose influencers who included Fortnite as a part of their previous content. Influencers were required to post a sponsored video on their Youtube and Instagram accounts announcing the giveaway and instructing their audience to follow the steps in order to win the prize.


STATS: 3.7M targeted eyeballs reached, 3 posts in total, 16.1% engagement rate across all accounts, 61K followers participated

Illustrated Christmas Decorations Instagram Post

Final Fantasy XV



PROBLEM: Final Fantasy XV, action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix, reached out to us to work with 8 mid-sized gaming influencers and host an event with Alexis Ren to promote the New TV and Digital Spots For Empire-building Mobile Game. They wanted to invite the influencers to play offline, test out to test out the new updated look, and meet with the new face Final Fantasy XV, Alexis Ren. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was launched with the same concept and gameplay of the prior two popular games and added the  Square Enix’s IP to the mix.
SOLUTION: For the campaign, we choose 8 influencers with the following and subscriber base between 89K to 679K. Each influencer had to attend the event as well as to share their offline experience with their audience on Youtube and Instagram.
STATS: 2.3M targeted eyeballs reached, 16 posts in total, 14.3% average engagement rate both social channels

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout



PROBLEM: Fall Guys, a platform battle royale video game that was published by Devolver and developed by Mediatonic reached out to us to promote the Ultimate Knockout. i.e. a game that was inspired by the like of Takeshi’s Castle and playground game like British bulldog. They wanted to have macro and micro influencers who specialized in reviewing PlayStation games stream the live session with their audience on YouTube. Influencers were supposed to highlight special features, including 60 player capacity, and play against each other as well as some of their audience.

SOLUTION: For the campaign, we choose 10 influencers of different sizes and had them announce their live streaming session on their channels in order to encourage their audience to view, try the game out, as well as for the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones to play for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout alongside one of their favorite influencers. The announcement was done in a form of a giveaway, and the audience had to tag their friends on the post to have a chance to participate and be chosen for the opportunity to play live with their favorite influencer/s.

STATS: 5.4M targeted eyeballs reached, 21 posts in total, 22.3% average engagement rate both social channels