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The Power of Mom Influencers


Mom influencers have exploded – new and existing parents are continuously searching for ways to make parenting easier! According to a recent government study, women find social media a convenient place for parental advice. Considering that women make the bulk of Instagram’s U.S user base, mom Instagram influencers have become a primary source for reliable guidance for mothers of all ages.

The top mom influencers on Instagram exemplify that it is possible to win at parenting, and enjoy a large audience that includes millions of parents worldwide. Media agencies and influencer marketing agencies are known to call upon mom influencers when attempting to help their clients expand their brand reach and connect with parent target demographic. This is due to the fact that millennial parents are known to highly regard the parenting tips they receive on social media. As most mommy bloggers and influencers are millennials themselves, they often resonate with a large parent audience.


A survey by Marketing Charts revealed that not only do millennials spend more time on social media than T.V., but also that 53% of them believe the words of influencers can impact their buying decision. With those figures set to increase year by year, brands are shifting their focus from traditional advertising to influencer marketing.

So without further ado, here are the 100 top mom influencers in the world today (plus what they do and how many followers they have accumulated):


The 100 Top Mom Influencers


1.  Tammy Hembrow @tammyhembrow | 11.9 million

Tammy came into the spotlight after she posted pictures of her amazing post-childbirth body transformation. Her grit and determination inspired millions of mothers worldwide, including Khloe Kardashian. Before her immense success as one of the top mom influencers, she was a model and fitness instructor. Her transformation serves as proof that women can achieve the body they desire even after becoming moms.


Top Mom Influencers - Tammy Hembrow


2.  Savannah Labrant @sav.labrant | 6.6 million

After trying her hand at modeling, Savannah became popular online for her amazing photography skills. Soon after, she became a renowned name in the fashion blogging and photography industry. Aside from her massive fan base on Instagram, she is equally famous on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.


Top Mom Influencers - Savannah LaBrant


3. Katie Stauffer @kcstauffer | 3.6 million

This Instagram superstar gained a massive fan following for her creative family photos and hilarious videos. This mother of six doesn’t only feature humorous skits and adorable photos of her kids, but also discusses maternal issues and challenges, daily routine, and photos and videos of her travels.


Top Mom Influencers - TKC Stauffer


4.  Shawn Johnson East @shawnjohnson | 2.8 million

The former gymnast turned TV star enjoyed roles in different TV competitions and reality shows during her showbiz career. Now, she has set her sights on raising her family. Her IG is dedicated to showcasing her lovely family life. As an Instagram influencer, she has worked with various well-reputed brands like Nestle and Longines.


Top Mom Influencers - Shawn Johnson


5.  Louise Pentland @louisepentland | 2.5 million

Louise is arguably the top blogger and vlogger in the UK. A strong advocate of body positivity and body-image acceptance, this top mom influencer is a favorite for brands trying to reach a wide audience. On her IG, she posts about her family lifestyle and tips on parenting and beauty. Brands that have partnered with her include household names like Braun, Next, Olay, etc.


Top Mom Influencers - Louise Pentland


6.  Aspyn Ovard Ferris @aspynovard | 2.2 million

Aspen gained mainstream fame with her channel Haute Brilliance on YouTube. Her specialties are fashion and beauty, DIY, clothing guides, and traveling. Her Instagram chronicles her family life, her journey through parenthood, and different household and beauty products she uses.


Top Mom Influencers - Aspyn Ovard Ferris


7.  Giovanna Fletcher @mrsgifletcher | 2 million

Giovanna is an author, actress, blogger, vlogger, presenter, and to top it all off, a mother of three sons. The way she manages to juggle all that together is no mystery, as she regularly documents her daily life on her Instagram. She gives lifestyle and parenting tips to millions with her goofy and loveable sense of humor.


Top Mom Influencers - Giovanna Fletcher


9.  Ildiko Ferenczi @spicylilpepper | 1.6 million

Ildiko is a model, actor, businesswoman, and fitness freak. You’d be surprised to know that she still managed to raise a family while doing all that. Now, she is a beloved Instagram influencer focused on helping other mothers keep a healthy work-life balance. Ildiko likes reviewing and recommending her favorite brands to her 1.6 million Instagram followers.


Top Mom Influencers - Ildiko Ferenczi


8.  Anna Saccone-Joly @annasaccone | 1.3 million

Anna is a YouTube star who is just as big on Instagram. Her way of documenting important milestones in her family life has gained her a massive Instagram following. Anna posts her daily routines, the story of her eating disorder, managing her 4 children, and her overall family life frequently.


Top Mom Influencers - Anna Saccone


10.  Julia Berolzheimer @juliaberolzheimer | 1.3 million

Julia’s Instagram is decorated with posts about arts and crafts and pictures of her family. She also runs a fashion blog Gam meets Glam which made her a respectable name in the industry. Her wonderful Instagram photos are courtesy of her husband, who is a professional photographer.


Top Mom Influencers - Julia Berolzheimer


11.  Amber Fillerup Clark @amberfillerup | 1.3 million

Amber started her Instagram life by sharing photos of different hairstyles. Now, the Instagram star is one of top mom influencers with two children and shares her life stories for her 1.3 million followers. Amber likes posting about home organizing tips, DIYs, hair styling guides, clothing tips, workout plans, gift ideas, etc., plus lots of pictures and stories of her family.


image 93


12.  Jennifer Anderson | 1.2 million

Jennifer is an expert child nutritionist. Her Instagram account is dedicated to helping parents give their children healthy and balanced food. With the aid of colorful illustrations and neat drawings, Jennifer provides easy recipes and tips to prepare nutritional meals and snacks. She also does reviews of household products.


image 96


13.  Sazan Hendrix @sazan | 1.1 million

Sazan’s love for her family shows from the way she posts their life on her Instagram. Before her IG fame, she tried her hand at modeling, getting a chance to model for Tommy Hilfiger one time. After becoming a beauty and lifestyle blogger, her Instagram fandom flourished to over a million. Sazan has also been featured in fashion magazines like Access Hollywood and Lucky Magazine.


image 97


14.  Yasmin Maya @beautyybird | 1.1 million

Yasmin is one of top mom influencers, TikToker, YouTuber, fitness guru, and CEO of her makeup brand. She posts unique makeup and beauty tips regularly on her IG. Yasmin documented her amazing body transformation after giving birth to serve as motivation to other mothers. On her Insta, her posts include her favorite supplements, baby products, toys, accessories, and other things she loves buying.


image 98


15.  Rach Parcell @rachparcell | 1.1 million

Rach loves documenting her daily life and travels with her family. For over a million followers, she posts about beauty, fashion, makeup products, and fun family activities. Rach is the owner of Pink Peonies, her clothing brand.


image 99


16.  Christine Andrew @christineandrew | 1.1 million

Christine is the founder of the fashion brand Hello Fashion. She started blogging as a way to share her fashion tips, purchases, and discoveries. On her IG, she shares her daily family escapades with her husband, son, and stepchildren. Her stories and posts feature recipes, vacations, and links to different hair care and beauty products


image 100


17.  Dede Raad @dressupbuttercup | 1.1 million

One of top mom influencers with one child and another baby on the way, Dede loves fashion, family, and traveling. It shows on her Instagram in the form of stories and pictures of her daily family life, mommy adventures, product reviews, recipes, and travel chronicles. While working as a wedding planner, she discovered her penchant for fashion and design. This was instrumental in her launching Dress up Buttercup, an online store for clothing and accessories.


image 101


18.  Leandra Cohen @leandramcohen | 1 million

Leandra started her online career with her fashion website Man Repeller. Within days, her website became a roaring success and was included among the top emerging fashion websites. Soon after, she was hailed as an influential fashion advisor. Her Insta features her quirky dressing, shoes, and lots of fun mommy moments.


image 102


19.  Alexa Jean Brown @alexajeanbrown | 1 million

Fitness guru turned one of top mom influencers, Alexa combined her love for fashion and fitness to start her blog Alexa Jean Fitness. On her IG, she posts adorable and wholesome family photos, as well as recipes, clothing, shopping deals, and workout videos.


image 103


20.  Katy Roach @livingmybeststyle | 953 thousand

Kate is a self-proclaimed creative weirdo who got immense success from her interior décor and DIY videos. Besides her Instagram follows reaching a million, she has a plethora of fans on YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. Her Insta focuses on her personal side; with lots of pictures of her family and home. She also posts about baby tips, home design, arts and crafts, and DIYs.


image 92


21.  Kate Albrecht @mrkate | 922 thousand

Katy won people’s hearts with her chic clothing style she flaunted on her Instagram. Now, she enjoys a hefty online presence on the platform with 959 thousand followers. After getting married and starting a family, she evolved into a trendy top mom influencer who often posts photos of herself in her signature casual dressing.


image 104


22.  Rosie Ramsey @rosemarinoramsey | 753 thousand

Podcast host and author, Rosie Ramsey loves sharing her everyday mommy experiences on her Instagram. Her photos and stories are what every mother can relate to. She has recently welcomed a new baby boy to her family and has shared her experiences with the world.


image 91


23.  Melissa Wood – Tepperberg @melissawoodhealth | 751 thousand

For moms with a bit of fitness bug – or for those looking to get in shape – the best place to start is by following Melissa Wood on Instagram. Her IG is chock-full of workout videos, fitness motivations, cardio routines, and pictures of her lovely family. She also gives beauty and nutrition tips in her stories.


image 89


24.  Sarah Litvinchuk @sarah_lit | 740 thousand

This top mom influencer has shared her expanding family and adventures on Instagram. Today, the mother of six adorable children frequently posts amusing family photos, makeup tips, and links to useful products. Her stories feature a tour of her home, skincare tips, favorite things to buy, gift ideas, fashion tips, and lots of discount codes for different household products.


image 88


25.  Esthalla @esthalla | 710 thousand

YouTuber, TikToker, and overall online sensation, Esthalla chronicles her family life on her Instagram. With millions of followers across all platforms, Esthalla gives an inside look at her day-to-day life for her IG followers. Photographs in various gorgeous outfits are a frequent sight on her account.


image 90


26.  Madison @madisonmealy | 597 thousand

This top mom influencer is also a health and fitness freak. Her workout videos and healthy recipes form the bulk of her Instagram stories. Her most recent pictures see her flaunting her baby bump in full glory.


image 87


27.  Tara Clark @modernmomprobs | 580 thousand

Tara uses posts, jokes, and memes to illustrate relatable mommy problems on her Instagram. Her stories often feature her podcast where various guests share their wealth of parenting knowledge. She’s the author of Modern Mother Probs:  A Survival Guide for 21st Century Mothers.


image 86


28.  Ellie Mecham @elliemecham | 542 thousand

Ellie may have taken a hiatus from YouTube, but her Instagram is alive and well. On her IG, Ellie regularly partners with different brands to give helpful tips to her fellow moms. Other than that, she posts about a variety of topics like cooking, outdoor activities, makeup, clothing, and housekeeping.


image 85


29.  Kim | 530 thousand

Kimberly, known to her followers as simply Kim, furnishes her Instagram with the lazy and the chaotic days of her family. The mother of four lives in Germany and often visits England. Her posts include her life events, family occasions, travels, and brand endorsements.


image 84


30.  Jordan @jordanpage | 522 thousand

This super mom influencer somehow manages to maintain an active online presence on top of raising a large family. On her IG, her subscribers can get a glimpse of what it’s like being a mommy of eight and still manage a healthy work-life balance. Jordan posts makeup tips, recommendations, recipes, and fun activities for kids. She also posts blogs helping moms with budgeting.


image 83


31.  Keren Nguyen @kerenswan | 522 thousand

Mom influencer and fitness enthusiast, Keren celebrates her life, family, and kids through her Instagram. She enjoys posting about makeup, fitness, home décor, and organizing. She has also posted her journey through pregnancy, and her postpartum body transformation serves as an inspiration to many.


image 82


32.  Kyra Sivertson @okbabyyt | 510 thousand

Kyra is a popular vlogger who has shared a big part of her life for her viewers. Some of her most important life events are available online for all her followers to see. This includes her childbirth during the troubling pandemic period.


image 81


33.  Irene Khan @irenesarah | 501 thousand

Irene is a beauty influencer who turned into one of leading mom influencers after her first child. With another baby on the way, Irene keeps her followers updated on her pregnancy. Irene has often collaborated with tour operators and hoteling services, as well as junior clothing brands, car makers, and cosmetics.


image 80


34.  Ilana Wiles @averageparentproblems | 479 thousand

When Ilana was jobless, she started – a website that spawned a book series as well as three populated Instagram accounts. Across her Instagram, she has a total fan following of 756 million. Ilana’s goal is to help mothers not just raise children, but raise good human beings. She also posts gift guides, holiday tips, books, and resources to help parents.


image 79


35.  Burcin Kaya @byburcinkaya | 454 thousand

This influencer from Turkey is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. On her IG, she routinely posts pictures of her travels and family trips, as well as herself adorning stylish dresses. The main language of her content is Turkish.


image 78


36.  Ruby Franke @8passengers | 445 thousand

Ruby is the mother in the famous YouTube family 8 Passengers. Her IG highlights the everyday adventures of her family, captured in beautifully shot photos. She loves gardening and offers her viewers various tips on home improvement.


image 77


37.  Naomi Davis @taza | 444 thousand

Naomi Davis gained quite a fan following after she documented her move to New York on her blog. Now she is an author, a parent of five, and one of the top mom influencers with 444 thousand followers on Instagram. She likes posting about products that match her quirky taste. She also posts about her family life.


image 76


38.  Sarah Turner @theunmumsymum | 417 thousand

The next top mom influencer on our list is a mother of three as well as a bestselling author, currently working on her fourth book. After finding online parenting guides unrelatable, Sarah began recording her own journey. She regularly posts realities of being a parent, her favorite products, and health and fitness tips.


image 75


39.  Andrea Allen @deliciouslyfitnhealthy | 403 thousand

Andrea is a nutritionist and fitness guru. She coaches moms on how to stay fit and healthy before, during, and after pregnancy. She posts workouts that require no extra equipment or gym access. She also posts about products she likes using; like workout accessories, supplements, exercise gear, etc.


image 74


40.  Jessica Shyba @mommasgonecity | 392 thousand

Jessica is a supermom raising six children. On top of that, she is a blogger, mom influencer, and author of two children’s books. On her two IG accounts – with over 400 thousand followers – she posts about her daily family life with lots of pictures of her kids. Her posts and stories cover topics like women’s health, experiences as a mother, abortion, health, environment, etc.


image 71


41.  Janine @janiniditahiti | 390 thousand

This top mom influencer lives in Switzerland with her husband and two kids. Her followers get a glimpse of her everyday family life on her Instagram. She posts frequently about family, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle.


image 72


42.  Lauren Webb @lolo_webb | 381 thousand

Lauren started her Instagram account hoping to show what it’s really like being a mother. Aside from her two children – with a third on the way – Lauren and her husband also raise lots of farm animals, including 27 adopted dogs. Lauren lives a simple life and runs a fashion, lifestyle, and photography blog.


image 73


43.  Cassie Garcia | 357 thousand

Cassie loves food, home décor, kids’ fashion, and of course, dressing up. Her Insta features life-hacks, DIYs, food recipes, and lots of brand endorsements. She has worked with toy brands, cleaning products, cosmetics, makeup accessories, pet foods, and skincare products for promotion.


image 70


44.  Tiffany Ish @tiffanyish | 348 thousand

Mother to the beautiful Ish girls, tiffany is an expert fashionista, blogger, entrepreneur, and one of top mom influencers. Her Instagram feature the girls and her dressing up in matching outfits, going out, playing together, and cooking. She often promotes must-have products for mommies and women in general.


image 69


45.  Casey Leigh @caseyleighwiegand  | 325 thousand

Creative artist and mom influencer, Casey’s road to success was treacherous. She details her life’s struggles in the form of stories on her Instagram. Casey is a designer who runs a successful lifestyle blog. On her IG, she shares her family moments and home decorations.


image 68


46.  Megan Rose Lane @megan_rose_lane | 313 thousand

The mommy influencer from London is famous for her beauty and lifestyle posts on Instagram. Her stories and posts spread motivation and encouragement to mothers. Megan also has exquisite makeup skills that she loves teaching her followers. She also posts links to beauty and baby care products, as well as general retail items.


image 67


47.  Rochelle Johnson @iambeauticurve | 309 thousand

For plus-sized women everywhere, Rochelle aims to instill confidence and pride with her Beauticurve brand. This mom influencer features clothing and fashion tips on her Instagram, plus lots of photos where she flaunts her body curves proudly.


image 66


48.  Ralphie @simplyonpurpose | 300 thousand

This mom influencer is a public speaker and parenting expert. Her IG and website feature courses where she teaches the basics of being good parents. Many of which are completely free. Ralphie helps parents understand their children. She believes parents should never lose temper in front of kids.


image 65


49.  Anna Whitehouse @mother_pukka | 296 thousand

Anna is a blogger and journalist who regularly shares a wealth of parenting tips with her followers. On her Instagram, her journalist and parent sides are both on full display. She often posts about socio-political issues and worker rights, as well as tips regarding cooking and motherhood. For mothers of differently-abled children, her Instagram provides valuable guidance.


image 64


50.  Amanda Ivanelli @aivanelli | 292 thousand

Amanda loves sharing her life with her Instagram audience. She also shares useful health and fitness tips, mommy moments, and links and reviews of her favorite brands. Amanda is often seen donning various luxury brands in her Instagram photos.


image 63


51.  Lauren Beeston @lobeeston | 266 thousand

Lauren found the perfect place to showcase her photography skills on Instagram. Her exquisitely-shot photographs attract a large following. She frequently posts her family life on the mesmerizing beaches of Hawaii, her home.


image 61


52.  Britnee Kent @britwkent | 263 thousand

Britnee saw her Instagram fame grew in no time after she started posting pictures of her family life. A total fitness freak, Britnee has maintained a chiseled physique even after having a kid. Her postpartum road to rock-hard abs proves that motherhood is not a hinderence to fitness.


image 62


53.  Manou @officialmanou | 256 thousand

This model and Instagram mommy documents her regular family life raw and unfiltered. She’s a fashion blogger and loves posting pictures of herself adorned in stylish clothing. Manou was also featured on Businessinsider for her success as a mom influencer.


image 60


54.  Milena Ciciotti @milenaciciotti | 256 thousand

Milena is a devout Christian who is very open about her views. Milena abstains from alcohol, and practiced abstinence until she married her husband. On Instagram, she documents the important moments of her family life for the world to see. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts funny videos of her family.


image 59


55.  Maddie Castellano @maddiecastellano | 251 thousand

TikTok star and mom influencer, Maddie gained a huge following on Instagram in no time. She has used Instagram to chronicle her family life. Her frequent beach trips, her journeys through pregnancies, and her workout routines keep her followers growing day by day.


image 57


56.  Angela J. Kim @mommydiary | 250 thousand

Angela is an expert podcast host and blogger in the field of motherhood. On her Insta, she details her daily routines and happenings as a mother. She also posts video guides and reviews for mom-essential products. Brands she has collaborated with include Disney, Vicks, Pampers, and HomeGoods.


image 58


57.  Yuena @yuenabei | 244 thousand

This model, director, producer, YouTuber, and Instagram mom influencer has made quite a name for herself on Instagram. Aside from promoting feminine health, beauty, skincare, and baby products, she has also partnered with Dr Pepper and Sephora for promotional posts.


image 55


58.  Ginger Parrish @gparrish | 243 thousand

Ginger loves flaunting stylish hats, shoes, coats, and other articles of clothing in her IG photos. She also shares recipes, gift ideas, and fitness routines in her stories. She frequently partners with different brands for giveaways and affiliate links. She is also a blogger and runs a family-life blog called The Parrish Place.


image 56


59.  Jordan White @hautehouseflower | 242 thousand

Longtime lifestyle blogger and Instagram influencer Jordan White has been a long time promoter of fashion, beauty, and self-care products for women. After recently being blessed with a baby, Jordan documented her journey from pregnancy to childbirth, to postpartum recovery for her Instagram followers.


image 54


60.  Lizzie Harrow @myfamilywanders | 229 thousand

Lizzie and her family love to travel, and her Instagram is chock full of mementos of their various trips. Lizzie also frequently partners with clothing brands like H&M and The Children’s Place, as well as other popular brands.


image 53


61.  Revie Jane @reviejane | 218 thousand

This Aussie mom influencer is a fitness model and instructor. She owns a gym and uses social media to reach out to her clientele. With her motivational workouts and speeches, Revie aims to help her followers and clients attain their dream bodies.


image 52


62.  Rachaele Hambleton @parttimeworkingmummy | 216 thousand

After surviving from an extreme case of postnatal depression following her firstborn, Rachaele vowed to raise awareness about the psychological ailments mothers face. Today – with that horrific episode behind her – she is a mother of three and a full-time mom influencer.


image 51


63.  April Athena @aprilathena7 | 212 thousand

This multitalented mom excels at cooking and baking. And it’s evident from her Instagram and YouTube channels. She regularly helps her fellow mothers out with cooking tips, makeup styles, and DIYs. She can also be frequently seen dressing up and doing fun activities with her kids on her IG.


image 50


64.  Candice Brathwaite @candicebrathwaite | 204 thousand

This bestselling author is a mother of two: a boy and a girl. She started blogging to tell her story as a black British mother. Those blogs eventually spawned multiple books. She likes posting on Instagram about fashion and beauty – two of her favorite things. She hopes to inspire women all over the world to be bold and colorful about their fashion choices.


image 47


65.  Hannah Michalak @hannahmichalak | 202 thousand

Hannah is a trained beautician, makeup artist, blogger, vlogger, and podcast host. She posts about fashion, family, beauty, travel, food, and fitness. Her Instagram follows Hannah with her husband, kids, and dogs. She’s also an interior decorator.


image 48


66.  Shalice Noel @shalicenoel | 200 thousand

When Shalice gets some time free from her five young kids, she runs a fashion blog. On her IG, she posts style guides weekly. Other than that, Shalice regularly posts about home and living, fitness, food and nutrition, and affiliate links for products she uses personally.


image 49


67.  Steph Pase @justanothermummyblog | 200 thousand

Steph is a blogger who teaches DIYs, organizing, lifestyle, cooking, and motherhood tips to fellow mums on her Instagram. She also runs a blog where she posts about parenthood, pregnancy, health, food, home improvement, and fashion.


image 46


68.  Georgia Jones @thegeorgiaedit | 196 thousand

This model and presenter became a fulltime mom influencer after having kids. Georgia has found quite a following on Instagram for providing useful information on parenting, feminine health, beauty, and fitness. Her posts feel organic and natural, as she talks about the realities of parenting.


image 45


69.  Brianne Manz @strollerinthecity | 191 thousand

NYC mom influencer Brianne started as a fashion showroom owner. When things didn’t pan out, she ventured into freelance journalism and blogging. Today, she runs a popular blog in which she shares her experience as a mom living in New York City.


image 44


70.  Jenn Jackson @jennjakson | 186 thousand

Jenn is a model, blogger, and Instagram influencer who loves flaunting her perfectly toned body. There is no secret to her fitness, as she routinely posts her workout routines and meal plans for all her followers. Other than that, she also posts clothing guides, makeup tips, gift guides, and lots of giveaways.


image 43


71.  Myka Stauffer @mykastauffer  | 186 thousand

Famous vlogger and mom influencer, Myka Stauffer recently made headlines after deciding to give up their adopted son. Myka came under severe criticism for her decision. However, she openly and honestly explained what led her to rehome their son. As of now, she has been cleared of any wrongdoing and her Instagram followers are still growing.


image 42


72.  Frédérique Harrel @freddieharrel | 185 thousand

Entrepreneur, stylist, and mom influencer, Freddie was branded Mother of the Year by Cosmo in 2018. Her Instagram features posts about her fashion choice, her business, and her son Hugo. She regularly posts about motherhood and female empowerment. Freddie endeavors to build confidence among women through her inspirational posts.


image 41


73.  Natalia Johnson @taljohnson | 175 thousand

Natalia is a famous vlogger and the matriarch of the Johnsons. She shares videos of her family fun times on YouTube, whereas her Instagram captures those moments and more in the form of pictures. She has amassed a big following on her IG and has done promotional work for Slyfox Threads.


image 40


74.  Rachelle Swannie @rachelleswannie | 173 thousand

Rachelle got online attention after she posted the vlog of her struggle with infertility. It was when she and her husband were attempting to have their first child. Three kids later, she is now a successful mom influencer. Rachelle posts about hair care, toys, baby products, and lots of pictures of her family.


image 39


75.  Olivia White @houseofwhite_ |153 thousand

This lovable Aussie mom is one of the most famous mom influencers down under. Aside from the daily fun activities of her family on Instagram, she also discusses the challenges and realities of bearing, birthing, and raising children.


image 38


76.  Nicole Pizzato @nichylove_ | 153 thousand

Nicole is a former model who ventured into writing. However, she gave everything up after her first child. Since writing was her passion, she began noting down her experiences of motherhood. She shared those little joys and challenges with other moms who go through the same. Now she’s a successful blogger and mom influencer.


image 37


77.  Desiree Fortin @theperfectmom | 150 thousand

While it may be her blog and Instagram handle, Desiree doesn’t believe the perfect mom exists. However, Desiree loves to help mothers striving to achieve perfection. She started the blog when she was struggling to conceive. Now, the mother of triplets guides and encourages both moms and women trying to have kids.


image 34


78.  Brittany Noonan @bybrittanynoonan | 147 thousand

Brittany has faced ups and downs in her life, and she shares them with her Instagram followers and blog visitors. Brittany keeps things real and raw on her Instagram which her followers find highly relatable. Her experiences serve to guide fellow moms on staying healthy – both physically and mentally.


image 36


79.  Kristin @oldjoy | 146 thousand

This mother of five from Ohio posts innocent and lovable photos of her family on her Instagram. A blogger who likes sharing experiences of motherhood with other mothers, Kristen can relate to moms on a personal and intimate level with her words.


image 35


80.  Krista Kimberly @krista_kimberly| 145 thousand

Krista was a cheerleader for the New York Jets. During her cheerleading stint, she discovered her passion for dancing and became famous for her dance videos on social media. Krista often collaborates with brands like Disney, Reebok, Coca Cola, Hulu, and various sports and fitness brands.


image 32


81.  Kate Ansari @katelynnansari | 143 thousand

Kate is a lifestyle and beauty influencer for moms. She likes keeping things real and authentic to relate better with her audience. During the recent pandemic, she shared tips to be productive while working from home with kids. She frequently collaborates with clothing and cosmetics brands for promotion.


image 31


82.  Margret Rojas @stylethegirl | 142 thousand

Mom influencer and style guru, Margret loves all things fashion, beauty, traveling, and motherhood. Her blog and Instagram highlight her favorite clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup styles. She also features a ton of affiliate product links.


image 29


83.  Heather @mylifewellloved  | 141 thousand

Heather’s Instagram is dedicated mainly to give busy moms tricks and hacks to help out with their daily lives. This includes recipes, health tips, dressing guides, meal plans, and fun activities to do with children. Heather also does sponsored posts and has done promotional work for Dove and Quaker.


image 33


84.  Rachel Wynn Earls @rachelearls | 140 thousand

Army wife Rachel loves sharing her daily life with her fans on Instagram and YouTube. She’s a mother of two, with a third baby on the way. Rachel loves writing and blogging about her mommy adventures, fashion finds, and different products she likes using.


image 30


85.  Zoë de Pass @dresslikeamum | 139 thousand

Zoe knows how common it is for moms to give up trying to dress well after having children. However, she hopes to change that. Her posts give unique fashion advice for mommies. Zoe hopes to change the concept of “badly dressed mom”. She believes that mothers can have any type of body and still look pretty.


image 28


86.  Megan Stokes @meganstokes | 135 thousand

Megan loves traveling with her family, sharing lots of memorabilia, and shopping. Her Instagram often features links to her finds and purchases. Her followers are also treated with exclusive discount codes and giveaways, courtesy of her brand partners.


image 27


87.  Emily Norris @mrsemilynorris| 133 thousand

Emily started her mom influencer journey in 2014 by uploading videos of her children for safekeeping. Soon, her videos of childcare and mommy advice got popular. Her IG hosts many memorable moments of her family. Other than her two Instagram accounts, Emily is also active on YouTube and TikTok.


image 25


88.  Laura Ann @all.thats.pretty | 129 thousand

Laura lives with her family on a beautiful farmhouse. They have lots of animals, frequently featured on her Instagram. Laura is a passionate gardener and florist. She runs a website for selling flowers for all occasions.


image 24


89.  April Orgill @aprilorgill | 126 thousand

The professional hairstylist gained quite a following for her videos of unique and creative hairstyles. On her Instagram, she highlights her everyday life with her family. April is also an expert photographer. Something that shows in her beautifully shot Instagram photos.


image 23


90.  Blair Flynn @balancewithb | 123 thousand

Mom influencer Blair has amassed a significant following with her yoga videos and nutrition guides. On her Insta, Blair shares quick and easy makeup and hairstyle tips, fun recipes, mommy moments, workouts, and skin/hair product reviews. Blair credits her youthful and toned appearance to yoga and has a wealth of information on the subject.


image 26


91.  Susie Verrill @susiejverrill | 122 thousand

Susie is a magazine editor turned full-time mom influencer. Her content resonates with common mothers all over the world. Her journey through pregnancy and motherhood is chronicled in the form of photos and stories on her Instagram. She enjoys sharing her favorite outfits and beauty products. She also shares fun ideas regarding home décor and cool activities for children.


image 22


92.  Sheri Lewis LaBrant @sherilabrant  | 122 thousand

Sheri is a mom of six – all of whom have successful social media accounts of their own – as well as a grandma of three. Sheri aims to inspire women everywhere that they too can keep themselves attractive, fit, and healthy, regardless of their age or body-type. Sheri credits an all-natural lifestyle for her stunning appearance at her age.


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93.  Laura @bump.tobaby | 115 thousand

Laura is a mommy of two who loves sharing her family moments in perfectly-captured photographs. In her stories, she features playtime activities, travels, holidays, birthdays, weddings, and other family occasions. Laura also holds Q&A sessions with her followers where she helps other moms out with her experience.


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94.  Julie Griffiths Deru @juliederu | 115 thousand

Julie is a registered nurse and owns a blog where she shares her passion for food. On her Instagram, she highlights her family life – captured in lovable photographs. Julie also reviews and recommends household products, appliances, cosmetics, and snacks.


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95.  Younghae Chung @logos_calligraphy | 114 thousand

This talented Instagrammer is a mom of three and a teacher. She is also an exceptional calligrapher, with her work presented throughout her Instagram. She also collaborates with kids’ clothing brands, luxury watch brands, and calligraphy utensils.


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96.  Karen Alpert @babysideburns | 111 thousand

Karen openly tells what it’s like being a mom. She shares her daily life, important moments, stories of her kids, trips to fun places, pet shenanigans, and lots of amazon affiliate links. Other than that, she also posts amusing activities she does with her family – like cooking, hiking, baking, and playing.


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97.  Rebecca Meldrum @mrsrmeldrum | 111 thousand

This former YouTuber and active mom influencer loves the gym, exploring fashion, and finding happiness in everyday things. Her stories feature intense workouts vids, holiday gift tips, overviews of her monthly purchases, toys for toddlers, and lots of jewelry and wardrobe ideas.


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98.  Adele Barbaro @real_mumma | 109 thousand

Among the glitz and glamor of Instagram, Adele is a breath of fresh air. Like her handle, Adele keeps things real, raw, and unfiltered. While most of her photos are without makeup, this mom influencer can be pretty glamorous when she wants to. She likes posting stories of her kitchen adventures and also endorses products from partner brands.


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99.  Dawn P. Darnell @dawnpdarnell | 107 thousand

Dawn’s Instagram puts her three passions on full display: fitness, fashion, and family. Dawn started her influencer journey as a young mom posting pictures of her first-born online. After she shared her experience with postpartum depression, Dawn got an overwhelming response from fans. Since then, Dawn decided to use her online presence for spreading awareness and helping other moms.


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100.  Jenn Hallak @theoverwhelmedmommy| 103 thousand

Jenn is a mother of 4, including two twins. You can see why she calls herself the overwhelmed mommy. Jenn promotes children’s clothing and accessories, cleaning products, female garments, shoes, etc. on her Insta. She also features other household products that are must-haves for mothers.


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The Future of Mom Influencers

People look to mom influencers for advice regarding health and fitness, beauty and care, arts and crafts, playtime and education, cooking and nutrition, behavior and childcare, indoor and outdoor activities, and other aspects of parenthood. It is evident that marketing with mom influencers can be very rewarding for brands.