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In the age of social media, tourism trends are increasingly being shaped by the influencers and bloggers in the travel space. With social media feeds being the primary source of inspiration for many travel choices, the beloved influencers and travel bloggers are dominating those feeds through visually enticing and consumer-friendly content. According to Adweek, User Generated Content (UGC) in the travel industry is a “goldmine hidden in plain sight.” At the same time, Forbes reported that “Instagrammability” of any destination plays a major role in driving travel choices among millennials.” With the travel influencer industry set to achieve a milestone of more than 10 Billion USD in 2022, travel influencers are here to stay! Travel influencers may be the future of influencing, as they are able to introduce their followers to beautiful places all over the globe. Not only does this provide individuals with new travel goals, but it also allows them to learn about other cultures through the eyes of someone who is already familiar with them. Additionally, travel influencers often have access to exclusive experiences and locations that their followers would not be able to see otherwise.


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Influencer marketing in travel industry offers a diverse array of tools and advantages that traditional models of marketing are struggling to compete with. Whether it is the trust that the influencers have built with their follower base, or the manifold business models that they offer, influencers easily glide through the various challenges that conventional advertisements face today.

With Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram among many others, quickly becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives, social media marketing now offers a wide consumer base cutting across geographies. With a combined network of around 3 Billion people across such platforms, establishing a great influencer marketing strategy will become an essential part of marketing efforts and allow brands to connect to their niche audience via leading travel influencers.

Whether you are an influencer marketing agency, a PR services agency, a brand, or just curious about the top wanderlust accounts, here at our top travel marketing agency, we have outlined the top 150 travel influencers on Instagram in 2022 with the most dreamy and followed accounts.

Top Travel Influencers


Top 150 Travel Influencers and Top Travel Instagrams Accounts


1. MURAD OSMANN @muradosmann


Murad is one of the top travel influencers by Forbes.  His #followmeto campaign with his wife Natalia became iconic as they traveled the world together while taking photos in their now signature pose – Natalia holding Osmann’s hand while her back is turned towards the scenery. His infamous photography has shown up everywhere from Times Square and at Art Basel. Soon after, we received a new travel book: Murad and Natalia Osmann, Russian Bloggers Who Conquered the World! This is a collection of 100 inspiring travel and love tales from Instagram’s most romantic pair. For the first time, they will open the door to their fantastic trips on the pages of this edition, taking readers by the hand and showing them all the world’s treasures. The book includes rare photographs, backstage filming, and even a complete tale about the crew that assists Natalia and Murad, in addition to the photos that are familiar to millions of subscribers.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.31.58 PM


2. CHRIS BURKARD @chrisburkard


Chris Burkard, one of the top travel influencers, is known for his signature stunning landscape photos taken from above. His images aim to depict aerial views as art as well as include occasional animal or human subjects. He is a professional photographer, author, speaker, and one of the most followed travel influencers. Chris is based in California Central Coast region.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.32.07 PM




Jennifer Tuffen is one of the British top  Instagram travel influencers. She is well known for her colorful and dreamy portrayal of some of the most coveted travel destinations. Her Instagram account is that of a story book – showcasing the most coveted hotels, food, landscapes, and more. Jennifer once stated that she became interested in photography after purchasing her first iPhone 3gs. She went on vacation and took pictures with her phone left, right, and center. She didn’t know what to do with them all when she got home, so she downloaded Instagram. Jennifer expressed herself as follows: “I was captivated very immediately, and that’s when I became seriously interested in photography. When I was younger, my family used to travel a lot for family vacations, and I also went to international schools my entire life, so I’ve always been inspired by foreign cultures and languages.”


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.32.15 PM 

4. JACK MORRIS @doyoutravel


Jack is one of the top travel influencer from Australia. He is based in Bali and travels the world with his better half – a fellow top travel influencer, @gypsea_lust. He is infamous for his adventurous type of travel photography with a bohemian twist. He is one of the most coveted influencers having worked with brands like American Express.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.32.23 PM


5. THE BUCKET LIST FAMILY @thebucketlistfamily


The bucketlistfamily, based out of Hawaii,  is one of the most well-known family  Instagram travel influencers.  They are well-known for providing kid-friendly ideas for family vacations. Their colorful photos and up-beat personas have amassed them 2.4 million of followers on their Instagram account. Garrett and Jessica Gee decided to take a risk, sell everything they owned, and explore the world in 2015 to enjoy as many of the activities and adventures on their bucket list as possible. The illustrious and infamous Gee family, often known as “The Bucket List Family,” has established themselves as one of the most fascinating families in the world of travels.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.32.30 PM


6. TUULA VINTAGE @tuulavintage  – Travel Fashion Blog


Jessica Stein is an Australian travel blogger who once becoming a mother to a child with a rare chromes disease also became and advocate for children with special diseases. Although Jessica travels less these days, she is still considered to be one of the top travel influencers due to her now infamous travel photography and tips.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.32.37 PM


7. ALEX STROHL @alexstrohl


Alex Strohl is one of the top travel influencers, photographer, filmmaker, a teacher who is well-known for his landscape photography, particularly his depiction of stunning mountainous regions. Alex’s photography has been showcased in well-known publications such as Forbes, Vanity Fair, and Gentleman’s Journal. Alex Strohl is a well-known Instagram influencer with a sizable social media following. By 2022, the influencer has amassed a following of 2.09 million people. Alex Strohl’s net worth is unknown, however, it is speculated to be in the $9.53 million range. When additional revenue sources are taken into account, Alex Strohl’s net worth is likely to be larger than $15.25 million.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.35.28 PM


8. GYPSEA LUST @gypsea_lust – Travel Fashion Blog


Lauren Bullen is the better half of the top influencer Jack Morris. She is a top travel influencers, lifestyle, and fashion influencer who is based out of Bali. Lauren has worked with some of the top brands including, American Express and Revolve.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.35.38 PM 

9. BLAIR EADIE BEE @blaireadiebee – Travel Fashion Blog


Blair Eadie of “Atlantic-Pacific is travel and top fashion influencer based out of NYC. She has partnered with many travel brands and is also known for her styling and clothing collaborations – Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific. She has worked with some of the most notable brands including Nordstrom, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.35.45 PM


10. JANNID @jannid – Travel Fashion Blog


Janni Olsson Delér from Sweden is one of the top Instagram travel influencers to 1.3 million followers who is also a founder of a clothing brand – @cestnormal. She is known for her travel photography just as much as for her fashion aesthetic.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.35.52 PM


11. KYRENIAN @kyrenian


Altug Galip is one of the top travel influencers and a photographer behind the handle – @kyrenian. He has traveled to more than 50+ Countries and is known for jaw-dropping aerial photography . He has 1.3 million followers on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 5.35.59 PM


12. TARA MILK TEA @taramilktea – Travel Fashion Blog


Tara Milk Tea is a lifestyle, fashion and one of the top Instagram travel influencers based out of Sydney. She is known for her playful and dreamy styling and photography. Tara has worked with some of the most notable brands, including Louis Vuitton. As she travels the world in search of the most beautiful destinations, her photos are frequently depicted in a kaleidoscope of colors. She is twenty-five years old and recently graduated from The University of New South Wales with an Honours degree in Design, all while traveling and working full-time on client engagements and managing her social media. Tara Milk Tea is a well-known fashion and travel influencer who has amassed a sizable following on Instagram. The influencer has a total of 1.32 million followers as of 2022. Tara Milk Tea’s net worth is unknown, although it is estimated to be in the $6.04 million range. When additional revenue sources are taken into account, her net worth might be considerably more than $9 million.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.20.59 PM


13. DANIAL KORDAN @danielkordan


Danial Kordan, besides working as an ambassador, loves to travel around the world. As one of the top Instagram travel influencers, he traveled to many places, including JAPAN, ANTARCTICA, etc. The way he presents his journey through dreamy pictures is actually mesmerizing. He has 1.4 million followers which clearly shows how much people get influenced by him.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.20.49 PM 

14. LOUIS COLE @funforlouis


Louis Cole, one of the top Instagram travel influencers, is a public figure who loves to travel and share his adventurous trips with people. He aims to bring change by promoting greenery and traveling around the world and discovering its beauty. He has about 1.2 million followers on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.20.37 PM


15. QUIN @everchanginghorizon


Quin runs a top travel Instagram account named (ever changing horizon). He is one of the top travel influencers, photographer, along with being a traveler. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. He has expressed his traveling tales in the form of pictures, live videos and vlogs.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.20.30 PM




16. HELLO EMILLIE @helloemilie


Emilie runs a top travel Instagram account and has some mesmerizing landscape pictures on her Instagram. She has 1.3 million followers on her Instagram. She is Australian based travel influencer who is actually doing justice to her passion for traveling.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.20.22 PM


17. SENNA RELAX @sennarelax


Senna Relax is one of the trop travel influencers from Switzerland, who is traveling the world and taking some impressive colorful images for his audience. Some images on his Instafeed are so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off them. He is able to build around 1.2 million followers on Instagram, he also has presence on the other platforms.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.24.34 PM


18. ANGELICA BLICK @angelicablick


Angelica Blick is an influencer with 1.1 million followers on Instagram, she loves to travel and influence others by her fashion and travel images, people get inspired by her outfits and beautiful destinations.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.24.45 PM


19. JONOLSSON @jonolsson1


Jon Olsson is a world traveler whose living in Monaco, he is also an entrepreneur and a professional Skier. He has around 1 million followers on Instagram. He works on his YouTube channel as well.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.24.54 PM


20. CHELSEA KAUAI @chelseakauai


Chelsea Yamase is a Hawaii based top travel influencer who has also managed to be a traveler, model and a writer. She is exploring the world and influencing her 944k audience through creative images.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.25.08 PM


21. PARIS IN FOUR MONTHS @parisinfourmonths – Travel Fashion Blog


Carin Olsson landed in Paris back in 2012 to explore French culture, but later in January 2013 she came back from Sweden to pursue her dream life in Paris, leaving everything behind. She is showing her travel experiences on her Instafeed. Photography and traveling is her passion. She has around 876k followers on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.25.22 PM


22. AGGIE @aggie – Travel Fashion Blog


Aggie is a public figure who shares her travelling experience through her page “’ TRAVEL IN HER SHOE.” She is a great influencer for those who love to travel to adventurous places. She has 826K followers on Instagram. Her inspiring work is noticeable by many.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.25.30 PM


23. TREVIS BURKE @travisburkephotography


Trevis Burke is a professional photographer and blogger who loves to travel. He likes to see the world with his own eyes, and then he shares it with the whole world through some extra ordinary shots. He has about 821K followers on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.29.16 PM


24. CALSNAPE @calsnape


Callum Snape is a Vancouver based photographer and a Instagram travel influencer, his work is really inspiring and he is associated with big brands like Google and Toyota. He has 817k followings on Instagram. He has beautiful landscape and adventurous images on his feed, His work is a reflection of his passion. He is not only inspiring people with his photography but also preserving special places by the nature.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.29.08 PM


25. JANNIK OBENHOFF @jannikobenhoff


Jannik Obenhoff is one of the top travel influencers from Germany who is 19 year old. He says that he is  “just a boy with a camera” but his creative skills are able to make him stand out between others. By following his passion to travel, he captures the beauty and diversity of the world and he manages to showcase his photography to 778k followers on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.28.56 PM


26. CLUB FASHIONISTA @clubfashionista – Travel Fashion Blog


Amra Beganovich is based in NYC, She is the Co-Founder of A&E which is a Digital Advertising and Creative Agency. She is leading lady behind this beautiful fashion and traveling Instagram handle. She has 766k followers and manages to influence them with her beautiful pictures. She is the fashionista, her love for beauty, fashion, fitness and travel reflects on her blog. She showcases images of a mix of all her passions.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.28.48 PM


27. ELMA BEGANOVICH @elmabeganovich – Travel Fashion Blog


Elma is the NYC based influencer and the co founder of COO building cross channel marketing technology at A&E. The way she manages to present herself on her instafeed is absolutely amazing. Elma is an influencer to many, She has around 736k followers on her instagram. She has a great sense of fashion and style, we really admire her beauty and lifestyle through her stunning images.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.28.40 PM


28. JAMIE N KIDD @jamienkidd – Travel Fashion Blog


Jamie Kidd is a model and one of the top travel influencers with 735k followers on instagram. She is showcasing beautiful images on her instafeed. She also has a youtube channel where she talks about beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. You can’t ignore this growing instagrammer.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.34.10 PM


29. KELLEY FLANAGAN @kelleyflanagan


Kelley Flanagan is a Chicago based travel blogger, who has around 715k followers on the Gram. She’s an attorney and works at a law firm. On her Instafeed we saw pictures of a villa in Italy, a streets in Hong Kong, a rooftop pool in Singapore and a river in Bali. We definitely love to see her more.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.33.59 PM


30. LOST LEBLANC @lostleblanc


Christian LeBlanc is a Canadian, who left his 9 to 5 dream job for his passion of traveling. He traveled the world and was able to build LeBlanc into a million dollar brand. He is now helping others to do the same. He is also one of most subscribed YouTubers and and top travel Instagrams with 682k followers on the Instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.33.49 PM


31. BENJAM @benjam


Benjamin is an influencer with 562k followers whose favorite place to be is the ocean and that shows in his photography as well. He is a photographer by profession who travels the world.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.33.42 PM


32. THE BLOND ABROAD @theblondeabroad


Kiersten Rich is a solo award-winning traveler. She loves to travel all around the world and explore it. She has 559K followers on Instagram. She makes an event diary about all the places she travels. She is a big influence for those who love to travel.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.33.34 PM


33. BROOKE SAWARD @worldwanderlust


Brook Saward is a restless girl who loves to travel and explore the whole world she started to travel and blog in 2013. She created this account for those who love to travel and explore her world. She has 583k followers.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.41.06 PM


34. HILVEES @hilvees


Hildegunn Taipale is Norwagian based wife, mom and a travel influencer, who travel with her husband. She has 463k followers on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.41.17 PM


35. ERUBES1 @erubes1


Eric Rubens Southern California based influencer, who runs a top travel Instagram account with 449k followers. He loves taking travel, fashion and lifestyle photos. He also works with brands and shares his experience on his instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.41.26 PM




36. LE BACK PACKER @lebackpacker


Johan Lolos, one of the top Instagram travel influencers, is a Belgian based blogger with 445k followers on Instagram, he has documented his travel experience in a way that National Geographic, BuzzFeed and DailyMail featured his pictures. He is a speaker and a Toyota 4×4 Ambassador as well.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.41.40 PM


37. LAURENE P BATH @laurenepbath


Lauren Bath from Australia a Chef turned photographer turned Instagrammer, she is very popular and the quality of her images makes her unique and more influential than others. She was Australia’s first professional Instagrammer and has over 440k followers. Lauren Bath, an influencer with 386K Instagram followers as of 2022, was dubbed “Australia’s first professional Instagrammer” by the national press. She pioneered the Australian influencer sector. She has collaborated with many top brands, along With the Plaza New York, Travel Insurance Direct, VAIL Resorts, Olympus Australia, and others, as well as worldwide destination management authorities such as Tourism Australia, Switzerland Tourism, Tourism South Africa, Tourism New Zealand, and many more.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.41.51 PM


38. OVUNNO @ovunno


Oliver Vegas is one of the top travel influencers with around 421k followers on instagram. He is based in Barcelona, Spain . His insta feed is a mix of beautiful images, he is a photographer and a filmmaker as well. He is also a brand ambassador of Sigma.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.42.02 PM


39. SALTYLUXE @saltyluxe – Fashion Travel Blogger


Sarah is an Aussie travel influencer with 416k followers. She is an adventurous traveller who loves to be at beautiful tropical islands or discover lesser known places around the world. She easily manages to inspire her audience with her experiences.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.46.44 PM


40. KRUMBLE @krumble – Fashion Travel Blogger


Keira Rumble one of the top Instagram travel influencers who is running her own food brand and sharing her travel experiences with her followers. She was through a terrible accident back then as her love for skiing went wrong and the accident left her with broken arms and legs, but that didn’t stop her from anything, as her presence being an influencer is growing each day.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.46.37 PM


41. THE POINTS GUY @thepointsguy


Brian Kelly, one of the top Instagram travel influencers, is running this insta handle The Points Guy, He shows you how to travel the world on points, He is a travel influencer with 392k followers on instagram. He is making memories and sharing not only the travel images but also the tips on how to make the most of your travel experiences.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.46.28 PM


42. EL JACKSON @eljackson


Samuel Taipale, one of the top Instagram travel influencers, is the Norway based photographer, who is traveling the world with his wife Hilvees, he is able to influence around 384k followers on instagram through his destination images. This prominent fashion and travel influencer has a large Instagram following of 368K people as of 2022. He frequently publishes amazing images of his trip experiences with his wife and children on his HXE Presets Instagram account. His most recent uploaded image was taken in May of 2022, and it shows his wife and two children having fun in lovely locations over the summer.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.46.16 PM


43. GIRL EAT WORLD @girleatworld


Melissa Hie is the “Girl” behind this insta account, She is a foodie and a traveler, She is able to cater around 373k followers on instagram. Melissa’s travel to world’s famous destinations and record her travel and food stories. She has visited around 36 countries so far. We just love her trademark pictures.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.46.07 PM


44. THE CHRIS HAU @thechrishau


Chris Hau is not only a one of the best Instagram travel influencers, but also a creative director and a youtuber. He is also associated with bigger brands like Google and Mercedes Benz. The variation in his images and the destination he shares are worth following. He has 356k followers.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.46.00 PM




Benjamin Ortega is a French guy who is a filmmaker, a photographer and an influencer. He is doing justice to his insta family which is around 332k, as his images are so dynamic which shows his love for photography, and his images mostly pertain to water which is very interesting to view. Benjamin Ortega is a well-known travel and fashion blogger with over 340K Instagram followers as of 2022. His current net worth is projected to be over $5 billion, but with all of his revenue streams, including Instagram and Youtube, where he has a staggering 192K followers as of 2022, it might be even higher.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.54.01 PM


46. LIFE OF RILEY @lifeof_riley


Riley Harper, one of the most well-known Instagram travel influencers, is the stuntman from LA. His instafeed is adventurous just as his career. Hi following is rapidly increasing because of what he shares on the Gram. Currently he has 235k followers.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.54.09 PM


47. TAKE MY HEART EVERYWHERE @takemyhearteverywhere


An Italian couple Francesca and Tommaso, together they have travelled to New York, Paris, Rome, Alsace, Venice, Mykonos and Switzerland, you won’t be disappointed to visit their instafeed. They have 233k followers on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.54.18 PM


48. THE PLANET D @theplanetd


Dave & Deb an award winning team behind this instagram account, They were in the Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencer in the world, They have been to 105 Countries. Their passion for travel has now become a full time career. They also share travel information and guides on their blog. 213k are following them on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.54.25 PM


49. KIRSTEN ALANA @kirstenalana


Kisten Alana is an influencer and a photographer, with amazing skills, she takes beautiful city and landscape shots. She inspires others to travel as well. She has 208k following on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.54.32 PM


50. TRAVEL BABOO @travelbabbo


Eric Stoen, one of the most well-known Instagram travel influencers, is behind this blog and he travels with kids and takes his audience to the next level experience through his pictures. He is rapidly growing and currently he has 190k followers on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.58.20 PM


51. OUR NEXT FLIGHT @ournextflight


Danilo and Anna Italian travelling couple and they are managing their instafeed with some vibrant and catchy images, together they have created beautiful content for their audience, they have 143k followers on the instagram. They are also the founders of @living_destinations & @living_hotels


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.58.29 PM


52.    THE JETSETTER DIARIES @thejetsetterdiaries


The jetsetter diaries is an account that contains all about traveling and vlogging about it. She travels, explores, captures and shares it with her followers. Jet has 117K followers on Instagram. She has been traveling for 13 years now and has seen half of the world.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.58.42 PM


53. Be My Travel Muse @bemytravelmuse


Kristin Addis, a southern California resident, is behind this blog. She has experienced amazing global adventures and  focuses on solo travel and outdoor adventures. She has 125k followers on her instagram


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.58.50 PM


54. ELONA KARAFIN @elona


Elona Karafin, one of the most famous Instagram travel influencers, is using amazing photography and inspiring her audience by stunning pictures in exotic places. She has more than 117k followers.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 6.58.58 PM




Damon Dominique and Jo Franco have created a travel space on instagram. Their work stands out from others and it caters to youth, they focus more on sharing their personal memories and experiences. They has a audience of more than 175k followers


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.01.07 PM


56. KATE McCUEELY @adventurouskate


Kate McCUEELY is a solo female traveler who has been to 83 countries, which shows her passion for traveling. Kate has 99.7K followers on Instagram. She is also recognized among top travel influencers. She visits different countries and takes eye-catching pictures for her Instagram


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.01.15 PM


57. ANNA KARSTEN @anna.everywhere


Anna Karsten is a girl from the USA who loves to travel and explore new stuff about the world. She has 189K followers on INSTAGRAM. She has been to 91 countries and seven continents. Anna is a well-known travel influencer with over 170,000 Instagram followers as of 2022. Her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, and others. She grew up in Warsaw and moved to the United States to study in 2007. She has lived in many cities including Mexico City, Amsterdam, and many others. Her most recent Instagram reel, which she shared in May 2022, included a delightful area in Switzerland that she visited with her kids. Her net worth is expected to be between $1 million and $5 million in 2022.


Fashion Travel Blogger


58. MELISSA @melissa


Melissa travel is the founder of @BestVacation and is currently on a honeymoon for next 4 years. She posts a variety of images on her instafeed which attract her audience and have 184k followers.


Fashion Travel Blogger


59. SWEDISH NOMAD @swedishnomad


Alex Waltner a.k.a., Swedish Nomad, is a travel blogger by profession and he has been traveling to around 55+ Countries since 2013. His vision is to provide travel tips and guides to his audience from his experiences and make traveling easy for others.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.01.35 PM


60. VANCITY WILD @vancitywild


Brie + Reuben + Baby Oliver are behind Vancity Wild. As top travel influencers, they are an adventurous family who discover their passion to explore the beauty of the world, and share their experiences with others has become their top priority. Currently they have 154k Insta family.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.01.49 PM


61. CARMEN HUTER @carmenhuter – Fashion Travel Blogger


Carmen Huter is one of the top travel influencers originating from Austria but based in New Zealand. She has a beautiful Instagram feed with her travel content which offers inspiration and emotion to her followers. 148k people are following her on Instagram.


Fashion Travel Blogger


62. EXPERT VAGABOND @expertvagabond


Matt Karsten behind Expert Vagabond is one of the top travel influencers sharing the world with his audience through his captivating adventure shots and images. He shares amazing photography of adventure travel stories. He has around 148k followers on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.02.04 PM


63. ANIAB @aniab – Fashion Travel Blogger


Ania Boniecka and Tyler Stalman are top travel influencers with focus on highlighting appropriate style while exploring the world. The quality of each image on their Instafeed is perfectly captured and captivating to the viewers. She has 116k followers.


Fashion Travel Blogger


64. MELISSA FINDLE @melissafindley


Melissa is one of the top travel influencers originating from Australia. What we love about her is that she showcases beautiful images combined with insightful captions and quotes, which gives the viewer a story to read and they build a connection with it. This really makes her stand out between her counterparts, and that shows Instagram is not just about images. She has 132k followers on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.10.58 PM


65. NOMADIC MATT @nomadicmatt/


Matt Kepnes is one of those top travel influencers who are famous for budget traveling. He is also an author of an award winning book named “How To Travel The World On $50 A Day”. He has 118k followers on instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.11.05 PM


66. THE FELLA @thefella


Conor MacNeil is one of the top travel influencers based in Belfast NI, who have been to 70+ countries. He has around 191k Insta followers and has beautiful nature pictures mainly with landscapes. He is also an ambassador of @smugmug, @stellerstories, @lonelyplanet.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.11.11 PM


67. SHERRY OTT @ottsworld


Sherry Ott is one of the top travel influencers who loves to capture her adventures while exploring the world. She has 13.7K followers on Instagram. Sherry is a big influencer for the young generation who loves traveling. Sherry has over 15K Instagram followers as of 2022, and her most recent post was in May of 2022, featuring a breathtaking shot of the Florence Oregon Coast.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.11.23 PM


68. CHRISTINE KAALOA @grrrltraveler


Christine Kaaloa, one of the top Instagram travel influencers, is a young traveler who loves to travel and explore the world. He left his job to continue travelling. And started to blog about his traveling events, which made him earn 24.1K followers on Instagram.


Fashion Travel Blogger


69. ALEXANDRA BAACKES @alexinwanderland


Alexandra baackes is also a solo female blogger who travels around the world enjoying her own company. She spends her time taking catchy photos from the places she visits, including France, Lebanon, Florida, Mexico, Israel, and many more. Alexandra has over 79K Instagram followers as of 2022, and her most recent post was in May of 2022, including a magnificent shot of her performing yoga with her friends in the beautiful Maldives.


Fashion Travel Blogger


70. LIZ CARLSON @youngadventuress


Liz Carlson is a young adventurous blogger and traveler who loves to move around the world to gather scenes and information. She is al big influencer for a young mind who loves to travel. Liz has 202K followers on Instagram. She beautifully narrates all of her journeys. Liz Carlson, a travel blogger, has an estimated net worth of $4 million in 2022.  She is a very famous travel influencer Blogger who is well-known for her travel blog, Young Adventures. She’s been featured in Forbes and the BBC among many other publications, and she’s become well-known on Instagram for photographing her adventures throughout the world. Her Instagram following alone has grown to over 204K followers in the year 2022.


Fashion Travel Blogger


71. NADINE SYKORA @heynadine


Nadine Sykora is a big traveling lover who loves to travel vlog about it. She also runs her vlog on a YouTube channel where she posts her vlogs and post about her travel experiences. She has 96.8K followers on Instagram


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.14.29 PM


72. ANNETTE WHITE @bucketlistjourney


Annett White is a public figure who runs an Instagram account name bucket list journey where she gathers up all her journey experiences and pictures, she takes. She has 100K followers on Instagram


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.14.36 PM


73. AILEEN ADALID @i_am_aileen


Aileen Adalid is a young journey that has been to more than 60 countries. She is a public figure who takes amazing pictures and gathers great memories from each and every place she travels. She has 62.3K followers on Instagram. Aileen Adalid is a well-known travel influencer who was born in the Philippines. She is a popular travel blogger who shares her various adventures on her blog, I am Aileen. com, as well as her YouTube channel, I am Aileen. She has over 73.9K Instagram followers in 2022, and her current estimated net worth is between $2 million and $4 million this year.


Fashion Travel Blogger


74. CLAUDIA TABANI @myadventuresacrosstheworld


Claudia Tabani Is the owner of the page named as my adventures across the world. She travels a wide range of places in search of yummy food and beautiful scenery. Claudia has 53.3K followers on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2020 06 24 at 7.14.50 PM


75.  MELISSA (WANDERFULL TRAVELLER) @wanderfultraveler – Fashion Travel Blogger


Mellissa has been traveling since a very young age. She started to gather her experience in a diary and eventually ended up as one of the top travel influencers. Her way of describing a place or its culture was so fascinating, and people loved it so much that she reached to 50.4K followers on Instagram.


Fashion Travel Blogger


76. CULTURAL TOURIST @culturaltourist


Michael Germanois is a cultural tourist and he travels to learn about different people, culture and history. The pictures he captures have some sort of story behind them. He said previously he traveled for work but now he solely travels to learn. He shares his traveling experience with his 99.7k followers on instagram.


Travel Blogger Instagram

 77. ALESHA AND JARROD @nomadasaurus


Alesha and Jarrod have been a great influencer for people around who love traveling. They started this journey of influencing people at a very young age. They visited up to 100+ places. This is the reason why they reached 87.4K followers on Instagram. They really love to visit historical places and have experienced several kinds of cultures and traditions.


Travel Blogger Instagram




Joanna is one of the top travel influencers from L.A, and she has been a great influence on those who love experimenting with new lifestyles. She is a writer and an actress, along with being a traveler. She writes real travel stories to influence people. She has 18.3k follower on the Gram and growing.


Travel Blogger Instagram


79. DEHLIFUNDOS @delhifundos


DehliFunDos is a food and travel-related Instagram Page that Is run by two brothers Sunndeep and Bededabrata. This page is all about traveling to new places and searching for new kinds of foods. It spread its influence to about 59.8K people on Instagram. Mouth-Watering food pictures and eye-catching scenes really make her an amazing influencer.


Travel Blogger Instagram


80.  AROUND COUNTRY @around_country


Around the country is an Instagram account run by a young adventurous girl who likes to enjoy adventure and get out of her comfort zone and explore the world. She has 83.4K followers on Instagram. She believes that the world is made to explore and find hidden truths in it


Travel Blogger Instagram


81. TOURIST 2 TOWNIE @Tourist2Townie


Gareth Leonard is fulfilling his passion for traveling after leaving his marketing job. He does deep traveling while getting to know more about the culture, people and nature of the country. That truly reflect in his images


Travel Blogger Instagram


82. UNZIPTANZANIA @fahad_fuad


Just like others, this Instagram page is also all about getting out of your comfy bed and exploring the world. He travels around the world and takes an interest in capturing wildlife. Fahad has about 82.2K followers on Instagram


Travel Blogger Instagram


83. ONE IKA TRAVELLER @oneikatraveller


Oneika Raymond, one of the top travel influencers,  is an Instagram account created by a girl who loves to travel and explore the world. She takes very eye-catching pictures for her Instagram that makes her account even more interesting to visit. She has 90.7k followers.


Travel Blogger Instagram


84. JET SET CHRISTINA @jetsetchristina


Luxury travel blogger Christina has been to 55 countries and is considered to have one of top travel instagrams (account). Think tanned skin, beaches, and crystal clear water – you’ll want to book a trip to paradise ASAP.


Travel Blogger Instagram


85. MILA HAANIVA @milahaniva97


Mila Haaniva is a young girl who is also one of the top travel influencers with an Instagram family of 80.9K. Besides this, she is also a fashion icon which is why people like to see her tales of traveling the world. She has been influencing people since 2015


top travel instagrams


86. HEART MY BACK PACK @heartmybackpack


Silvia Lawrence, one of the top Instagram travel influencers, after traveling the world and been to 80 countries she choose Norway as her country. She has managed to showcase her feed so beautifully themed from snowy mountains to colourful cities to beaches.


top travel instagrams


87.  THE SLOW TRAVELER @theslowtravele


The slow traveler is a page run by Carlyon. Who is a choosy traveler? She travels to places which are full of natural sceneries and views. This quality of hers makes her unique and more influential than others. She has about 248K followers on Instagram, who really loves her way of exploring the world.


top travel instagrams

88. BABE WHERES MY PASSPORT @babewheresmypassport


Graeme & Theodora are successfully running their interior design and project management business and are pursuing their passion of travelling the world. They are taking photographs of the new sights. They have 19.4k insta followers.


top travel instagrams


89.  THE BELGIAN WANDERER @thebelgianwanderer


The Belgian wanderer is a page that is run by a person name Joren. He loves to travel and blog about his journey and experiences he had 68.5K followers on Instagram. His account is full of wonderful pictures and views.


top travel instagrams


90. TWINS THAT TRAVEL @twinperspectives


Claire & Laura – award-winning UK travel bloggers and top Instagram travel influencers. They moves around the world to see all the wonders of nature and its beauty. Travelling is now their full time job and they also run a podcast series and also own a tour company named TTT tours.


top travel instagrams


91. OFF THE PATH @offthepath


Sebastian Canaves & Line Dubois, top Instagram travel influencers, are a traveling couple who are exploring the world and showcasing stunning images on the feed. They have many Instagram influencers that add up to 46.3K in total.


top travel instagrams


92. ALONG DUSTY ROADS @alongdustyroads


Andrew and Emily, one of the most well-known Instagram travel influencers, are a travel couple who explore the culture of each country they visit and they share new ways of seeing things. They are creating new memories with every travel adventure and showing it to their followers on the instagram. They have 59.1k followers. An award winning UK based blogger.


top travel instagrams


93. ONE WORLD JUST GO @oneworldjustgo


Tanya, a travel blogger based in Australia, her instagram feed has beautiful images. She carries herself with charm and admires her followers with her glamorous travel looks. 84.4k people are following her on insta.


top travel instagrams


94. KOLEHA @koleha


Koby Lee is one of instagram’s top travel influencers, a photographer and a mom as well. Her images are stunning, she has a large number of followers as about 74.8k on instagram and are increasing.


top travel instagrams


95. Y TRAVEL BLOG @ytravelblog


Caz and Craig are behind the Y Travel Blog, they are proving that travel doesn’t have to stop after kids and making beautiful memories. The family have traveled to all over the US and many other countries as well. They have around 41.8 followers on instagram, they also have a presence on Twitter and Facebook.


top travel instagrams


96. NO BACK HOME @nobackhome


Karilyn, one of the most famous Instagram travel influencers, had visited 39 countries before the age of 30. Karilyn has become a mom, but that hasn’t stopped her from seeing the world.


top travel instagrams


97. EVERY STEPH @everysteph


Stephania, an Italian girl travelling the world, loves green and glamorous travel. she finds beauty in small places as well. She is amazed with the magnificence art of nature. Her instagram has 39.7k followers.


top travel instagrams


98. Girl Gone Abroad @girlgoneabroad


top travel instagrams


99. WE ARE KINGING IT @wearekingingit


Craig & Aimee are an adorable top travel influencers and a couple who play with unusual perspectives and shots. We love to see their travel tale. They run their vlog on a YouTube channel where they post travel vlogs and share other travel experiences. They also have around 24.2k followers on instagram.


top travel instagrams


100. THIS BATTERED SUITCASE @thisbatteredsuitcase


Brenna Holeman one of Canadian top travel influencers on Instagram who is solo traveler since 14 years and has been to around 103 countries. She has too much diversity in her snaps; you will never get bored of scrolling her Instafeed. She have about 17.9k followers on Instagram.


top travel instagrams


Best Travel Instagrams Accounts – Micro and Nano Travel Influencers


101. Footloose Dev @footloosedev  (18K)


Dev is a New Delhi-based best travel instagrams and influencers who ditched his career in the corporate world as a documentary filmmaker. Before his transition to travel blogging, he was based in Birmingham, UK. He is now a full-time travel writer and photographer. He has traveled and documented his experience in several travel destinations around the world in his blog, the






102. Olivia Christine  @ochristine  (17.9K)


Olivia is a Bronx-born Afro-Latina travel influencer with an interest in wellness travel. She combines photography, writing, and multimedia content creation to inspire people to take up travel wellness, invest in experiences and interact with nature as a way to stay sane and beat burnout. Her blog is a resource to motivate and inform those seeking traveling adventures.



d42jEyWhHFMJGaRX KS7 EWZ5CtdObtlzzvy2DZfbqQIKHevL zSUGU8rzy IjPeDRRUGyQcIoVRfg 0pgo73q4vszUntUV71CzDJEBi9 zLezwqnQozkCP5raPCUcMPMNa1fqDU



103. Sophie Piearcey @sophiepiearcey  (17.7K)


Sophie is a New Zealand-based travel influencer and best travel instagrams. She loves adventure and documenting her experiences. Her account is lit with catchy pictures of exotic destinations. She also runs the blog Notes of a Northerner, where she shares her travel adventures. She has been to over 5 countries around the world.



iWtfCLaXZGaibHpxFXP2qPTmpFUkO3rP6cKKjaT jKpss1OIs3 AaQOqkrrfPfftWqsTDH6ECff3vDF34BtJhvaFOl8TyYkpAaO4Ozc0PXSRGE667NMpXnxB6NJi 7cEXdz8SKh1



104. Hope Lane @hopeisdopee  (17.1K)


Hope is a California-based travel influencer and lifestyle adventurer. She is a bold thrill-seeker who likes adventure, cliff jumping, and fashion. She has been to China, Greece, Costa Rica, Canada, and Mexico. Her Instagram feed is full of vibrant pictures of places she has visited that will leave lasting impressions, making her one of the top travel Instagram influencers.



MSGKwMSFfwQ1zokii7PrNv58 5K5rIkYZu MuFkX924YyNIG8bc1o



105. Jerone and Madeline  @thewininghills  (16.6K)


Jerone and Madeline are an American couple and one of best travel instagrams who are currently based in Sydney, Australia. They are travel enthusiasts and influencers. Their travel adventures have taken them to various destinations in Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, America, and South America. They run a blog called The Winning Hills, where they share their escapades. The globetrotters have been to 27 countries and counting.



p7dc3y6o1U75zD lzX7VVRaOju09axtJcy2hhYcaPabK8V5TA8h8YsviGDrtbAYiJfeWhfEClDrLLqjir V6J5ksRuRALdQ3v46y0MJUsB4O81AANZ8MyB1aG cNWmkwHHdUQfyX



106. Michael Bonocore  @michaelbonocore (16.5K)


Michael is a travel influencer.  He is also a travel editor with Petapixel, where he is tasked with travel photos/videos and workshops. Additionally, he is the Editor in Chief of Resource travel. He shares intimate stories behind the scenes of his travels through his Instagram account and blog




107. Tavia  @bigbravenomad (16.4K)


Tavia is a travel influencer with an interest in family travel. She and her husband are in the US military, but they get time to travel the world when on leave with their two kids. They have been to 23 countries, 40 national parks in the US, and 38 US states. They run a Big Brave Nomad blog, where they share their experiences and tips on travelling.





108. Jillian Eppler   @travelandtenacity  (16.3K)


Jillian is a Texas-based travel influencer. She is also a full-time teacher who loves to travel and see the world. She makes her wanderlust adventures during school breaks. She runs a blog where she hopes to inspire and assist through sharing tips.





109. Indrani Ghose  @indranipics  (16K)


Indrani is an Indian-based best travel instagrams. She travels the world meeting new people, learning new things, and embracing new cultures. She shares her knowledge through articles, videos, and blogs, inspiring others to embrace their potential and live their dreams with freedom and style. She has been featured by Google Local guides connect. In addition, she has worked for several tourism boards in India.



QiivEkMmc7 ul3tDbeo a1AfbUEJpuRZCffz DrTwuKMPjz2 PGPD7o5 djuXCuvT2jyqHupEeaDf PwqZXgc9w BG4lMgchN9gC4EuvgeDW2lWVTbusHHMupTXLi0mMp1Ijd8bB



110. Amibhat @amibhat (16K)


Amibhat is an Indian-based best travel instagrams. She was a marketing consultant before the wanderlust bug beat her. Now she is a renowned author of When Places Come Alive-Stories whispered by different destinations, a telltale book about various world destinations. She is also a travel photographer, travel blogger, a writer, and one of the top travel Instagram influencers. 





111. Swati and Sam  @swati_n_sam  (15K)


Swati and Sam are a couple travel influencers from Germany and India passionate about luxury travel, lifestyle, and food, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. They have been featured in Travel & Leisure, Skyscanner, and Go Air Magazine. In addition, they run The  Tales Of a Traveler, a blog dedicated to all things lifestyle and travel. Off traveling, they are software engineers.



ZxA7De7JAnHLCaKTlu uuO0sRKkTMSDCnTwJlNFm0e OzF0w1 9DgtoALIQamdSUTLLZlGK1ba0m3jOmZRhVPz4bBssmlZw1WoMz3Opxek E3lXEQEWnd415r76A0g4FYDZj2Y4A



112. Jessica & Laurence Norah  @independent_travel_cats  (15.6K)


Jessica & Laurence Norah is another travel influencer British-American couple. Their Instagram feed radiates with clear and high-definition photos from different exotic travel destinations around the world. They run a blog, a good source of tips and inspiration for those seeking travelling thrills.



mByHA8EsPnOQKSvAf4g4tkAjShWphf1KPzeUdUAd7wZjrMqE i4DMmNh OwwabUBR7Vj9ReZ6jdoLoIIsT


113. Brittany  @thesweetwanderlust (15.4K)


Brittany is a travel influencer who ditched her career in marketing and life in Texas to explore the world in 2015. Since then, she has been to over 60 countries in the world, sampling different foods and cultures. Her blog is a must-go destination for those looking for travel tips and inspiration.



Sc3DFAZ58mUFNnt DBiNHX9vFK7o1eR0ikoNUx5Memz7sEbid75Hhh2wVi3o3j7fXQ3ffDuLAveKIuyNdc3I6o9RFFrxjmGLYQsTmdyiY G S2bzUkBNDktbtLGlkRahJdUL2Bst



114. Charity & Amauri  @marriednomads (15.2K)


Charity & Amauri are Porto-based and proud owners of one of best travel instagrams who have traveled to over 60 countries globally, sampling food and wine at those different destinations. They are one of the top travel Instagram influencers out there.






115. Becki Enright  @bordersofadventure  (15.2K)


Becki is a British travel influencer who has been featured by National Geographic, New York Times, Sky, Time, and The Guardian. She is a winner of the British Travel Press Awards Blogger of the Year Award, thanks to her informative blog  Borders Of Adventure.



4gWybg0WddSYJPP9RNJ6uRQDE6T8Jb4gwxkR Uot8htcsYkKeIuQIeI5fuTDpDIOXJjUNEbON20jxdxZFDdBIDQp4zQoppyycas4ENRP5tCLiYPSA9dl8foibR7Yalc0Axp e9pA



116. Erin Rose  @roseblacque  (14.9K)


Erin is a travel influencer, writer, and Co-founder of Trust and Travel travel writing consultancy and workshop. She runs a blog, has a book in the works, and is considered as one of the top travel Instagram influencers.



79B3hwKXElr epKofF6uXg9FsCdYGzG7MYn4KjoL7Pm7CJ7V3ZywQEd9nWdtD qAmsmVt0UqHWLq4Vw4c0Zw2t5QNmvvE8CkWh9KKOnDKQtZSSnujaqVVDWWSd4YsUzQH6MjqNaE


117. Njood Al Mahfouz  @njood_almahfouz  (14.8K)


Njoud is a Saudi Arabia-based best travel instagrams with an interest in Wilderness survival. She is also a medical doctor, a travel enthusiast, and co-founder of Transit SA, a company involved in organizing Luxury Group trips in Saudi Arabia.



jimGOoKF8lfJUk4Qm4 sLzvEQjTcnJZC d0kOAOMQOvmuYjczN9786 EkjO8UtwaGv Cytu88UphbyAj yYGcyviQWp 5rmXJu4ZBqyL9aFp8utBsZhXz8qPzoHhOSAi6m9Gl0Vc



118. Sherry Ott   @ottsworld  (14.7K)


Sherry is a travel influencer who has traveled the world nonstop for 15 years- she became a digital wanderer in 2006 after quitting her IT career. She is a travel blogger at, where she shares tips and inspiration.  She is also the owner of, a travel website.



UMrsCP1jk6ocE2JNh8hVHkABXf13pT6XghgFw HOvw 8bKs23



119. Suzanne Jones@thetravelbunny (14.5K)


Suzanne is a travel influencer with a mission to help and inspire travel enthusiasts to plan an epic and adventurous trips. She is the owner of, a blog where she shares her travel experiences, adventures, and foods from her different travel destinations. She is also regarded as one of the top travel Instagram influencers of her generation.





120. Shubham Mansingka   @shubham.mansingka (14.5K)


Shubham is one of best travel instagrams with over 5 years of experience as a full-time traveler, travel writer, and consultant. He has been published by various publications such as  HT Brunch, The Hindu, LiveMint, HuffPost, and many more. His blog seeks to excite travel enthusiasts with different travel experiences. He is a big advocate of sustainable and responsible tourism.


RcON1u5Wry2nzwdinSKOA kQ dROVcLRLakoJwW2Ij1 rO8G9xK259MO6lyBE12L c5GJTqt20auJe54O1wq5wcOQATbfM4aXjEPnMDMhu im4Rlp5lXpZcYi7IHqlMOm9 0MjT


121. Cam and Nicole Wears  @travelingcanucks  (14.4K)


Cam and Nicole is a family of travel influencers based in Vancouver, BC. They have been to over 70 countries in the world. Their blog Traveling Canucks where they share their adventures and travel tips, In addition, she was recognized as the Best Canadian Blog in 2008.



PCDFUmqaddaMU7huMr6ZXdlW3TdXgolbYiKJixUO 8sm jkaL0pikH0zQhMTPP0UuuQ8yZJw28SUkxAIrS3f8zSv6WM7NZ7iGF1N 2 zYvWRYgQEIsm4msXeEoXVEJIU2C9umf3q



122. Ryan Neeven  @neevenr  (14.4K)


Ryan is an Italian-based travel influencer. He is also the founder of Doors of Italy that showcases Italian destinations. His blog  also showcases his travels throughout the world. He has widely traveled to several countries in Europe and Tanzania in Africa, and is considered as one of the top travel Instagram influencers.



53edVay eziUjPym 64R3003crUuE0JfOFmzDFEz2zWNUcKjmyTaOqOMcRuoQ2b1bVqhw31DTxJUCFc8bJTOHRFUy5p5pwsGKp uBl36ArPwippsVWkssW29miboWhQUA9vd



123. Lady Zoe Gathi  @zoe_gathi  (14,2K)


Zoe is a travel influencer based in Athens, Greece. She is an economics graduate who is in love with traveling. She has been to more than 46 countries and counting. She blogs through her blog  where she shares essential travel tips and insights.



t8 kUrdaHwc9uDKDnBJ7Al5kCG9uDiZMVaCFQdLU6Z9JI7TbCN0pkPXgbUxAuf RIWjwt3Wf4RE21aPLXkBOxarnY2KMGnFJGxECH4pB07VBvTh3HdvxHNnzOG aSMOiWH9rwZmT



124. Andrew Gunadie  @gunnarolla  (14.1K)


Andrew is a travel influencer and globetrotting award-winning music & video producer. Additionally, he is a digital host & producer for Travel Channel & HGTV (USA). He is the founder of Gunnarolla Inc’s content studio involved in digital content production. He is credited with producing various shows for Travel Channel and HGTV, such as Nom Voyage.



cK XqrV9wuLXWNCx3u0fPzs8v YDqq6pJeayMizS1M6Tjxgk6ggsq2xI4Hi26Q3



125. Tal @thetravelingclatt (13.9K)


Tal, also known as The Traveling Clatt, is a travel influencer. He travels around the world, documenting his experiences which he shares through his Instagram and Youtube accounts. His YouTube channel, which he started in 2008, has almost 200K subscribers who can’t get enough of his travel videos. He also shares travel tips, and the channel has over 26 million views so far.



f3tdUkXBejFSwIrNMor6nBzqFcjkVvJSVx jOWyvt rfy7L64HQ4l2KeD5EO6FyRjgg3i7J5x6U46v7DjCQUnfAtHtl7icJDkCVe6llXt38R 2O20JAu3HN8JVw72jsAuZk6Wtb



126. Michael Turtle @michaelturtle  (13.7K)


Michael is a travel influencer and a former tv/radio reporter currently based in Australia. He has been to every continent in the world and visited over 70 countries. He is a UNESCO World Heritage Site expert. He runs  Time Travel Turtle, a blog he uses to share his travel experiences and tips.



RUVEU76jMVLezc0RC3epVnDoWfKQIYF6t6r7mLg2ZQlm93q3asHbTX mGl1twqTCafN0wzyqiHNmPkT53QxJJX mLZYAavURyTsdtK7xql 2sFVh8D50PzXzDyYzulr3UESM46 7



127. Flora  @florabaker  (12.5K)


Flora is a travel influencer. She likes to write about travel, grief, and mental health, and is considered as one of the top travel Instagram influencers.





128. Amanda Burrill  @amandauncharted (12.5K)


Amanda is a travel influencer. She is a navy veteran who has an inspiring story. She sustained a head injury in 2003 that saw her leave the military. In 2019 she suffered from autonomic dysfunction. Despite her condition, she has been exploring the world. Last year her quest to ascend Mt Aconcagua in Argentina made it to, a US Army veterans website.



bCPnQflJ0WE91F oq9bL2J jeZh3QWIrff8l07nMl1ZRsHpWxdpZefT3fnTzyGhD5NSAFPqp lO5sRp7QoYxvzMs 4Hf77MY8F1u3DH3nUmidQRroGVPJvi J6pc4tiPMurG C2f


129. Abi King  @insidetravellab (12.4K)


Abi is a UK-based influencer. She is a doctor who transitioned to a travel writer and award-winning journalist. Her blog Inside Travel Lab is considered the top UK luxury Travel Blog. She has visited over 60 countries and won several awards. In addition, she has delivered talks on sustainable tourism at the  UNESCO headquarters.



XzUlbGLHh4CqDFxpHzv8N4 AhdKXyVSpJpNutKqDeI1YBJvmxPdofJSmUQdKJ8ZjeG5jpQoedRIYhLZIq5rTvVvjt6Bs5wSreSS tfhc7LSKZnxHCyVQHnJcM23x4T0T1WQ 6a J



130. Lio Tong  @nomadiclio  (12.4K)


Lio is a Milan-based travel enthusiast and influencer. His Instagram feed is filled with eye-catching HD photos of his travel destinations in the South of France, Malta, and the Canary Islands, and he is considered as one of the top travel Instagram influencers.



0337PKHWOV2exeKi6iUfMA3jLi OZdJMbE5yWbS7XPpDAvlvpXdpswbGusLLBwL ko ZzMzbt5hjBg7Yz5GWKIUllwX145EBtzye N7oa0cC6nqe2wKPoNM bqu7WgepNhkdCq a



131.Rossana Wyatt  @rossanawyatt (11.9K)


Rossana is a Canada-based travel influencer and travel Writer with an interest in Gluten-free foods. She is the owner of Life is full of Adventures blog. She also contributes to various online publications and magazines.



CCt6UhNwhSXoGir4NzE0RBiVO0k7lUuvxX XZ3ceILPPqj9Rr 4HDyAirAq7aSPbu8 WHlrPGFp11qMKXel rdE2XRBWM7922fSqCdIZCqhpISuCgBbWBu6UaQf OT0wYyV 10kX



132.Suvarna  @suvarnaarora  (11.8K)


Suvarna is an Australian-based travel influencer. She is a travel blogger and photographer, and one of the top travel Instagram influencers. Her blog is a good resource for travel enthusiasts with practical travel information and tips.



GpPiUQ1uDJMuM 4oNwv 0ebVcZC3hRAWwKbkkZcPv1zEjPhoKAXyKJq44LDuf6lYBPDzkhKPsng2wGyiq6kq1rXsXaWz39rOpgwBm JKTkEA0SmUVfTC8n6Rp3ydw7vT9nzza1XW



133. Crystal Egan  @castawaywithcrystal (11.7K)


Crystal is a travel influencer, and one of the top travel Instagram influencers. She is a thrill seeker who is always on travel. Her blog is an excellent place to get inspired and get a travel plan whether you are seeking adventure travel, budget travel, eco-travel, or even slow travel.



mBHDPv1PA6e Dv19nafz1H4Y0F JHVtZqS8RVB5uHNPtnrAVxKlrxRhkC7vFC46q3nc5XboHX7s4ynglf3YU8zc7q U9BYU1qw9J rnSD FHBRGiyCtYqZAKJuoXgZc0idO52cTu



134. Josh Campbell  @JoshCampbell (11.7K)


Josh is a Utah-based travel influencer with an interest in Architectural and unique spaces. So most of the pictures on his Instagram feed are a reflection of his interest.






135. Fanni & Marcell  @travelustbyus


Fanni and Marcell are a Hungary-based couple who love to travel. Their social media feed is full of awesome and inspiring pictures of various travel destinations.



Ml2RvPIN8fldcu xnmYYpNTCVQD PGXJxcqtAYJ3 pfZCy3fxugCtGSILtpxaBhBxEEGOqWJPx sA7QQ4GB rydKgDOLd9jh0ZrTF5Uy lot5mPwVzTLVhRwZqn l8Nm3JyaDh4v



136. Andrea Tagliaferro @theclevertraveler  (11.5K)


Andrea is a New York City-based Venezuelan travel influencer, one of the top travel Instagram influencers, with an interest in Yachts. She runs a podcast called yachtfemme.



f0baeJwDqHGNJWq1CbmxWGU0dhJ0yjdqtYQ1W0cP b7oStjmlAjw7FZHUxSxUlalyqmFgxUdG0iB gAlojnFg24h80f8u63EmCuhmDdhm9kV k3H6yMVQerlsjws64amM a3tpO



137. Ashlee Tuck   @willdrinkfortravel (11.1K)


Ashlee is a Baltimore-based travel influencer and cocktails enthusiast. She travels exploring and sampling black-owned spirits, and is considered as one of the top travel Instagram influencers.



MMHHgUxzFAtJIBD vKFcRJOOmLKufhpNbINrdDP1Uy267u j0NDyLMf RjIbdAe Y7GatAfgZWRFDto1WVb6kZR8 Eueue f7L 5uj3GyaNvoWJDmibMuOu9ilmQcRel8Hi LAC



138. Simon Falvo  @wildabouttravel (11.4K)


Simon is a travel influencer who has been traveling solo for over 20 years, interested in the outdoors, culture, and photography. Her Instagram feed is an indication of a serious traveler. Her blog is inspiring for thrill-seekers and wanderlusts.



ncEvaCo7bOTjHFSvJ1l aMKEqF9oJ0id6j6jmGuAGeWOLikbkBSz2rGJfEjR5oA qqK7Rp6iAFyJJh9DGPvmE5V



139. Rebeca @rebecuquii (11.4K)


Rebeca is a Mallorca-based travel influencer, one of the top travel Instagram influencers, and a fitness model.



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140. Kris-Anne  @anneravelling  (10.9K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Kris-Anne is a New Zealand-based travel enthusiast and influencer. Her Instagram feed showcases the beautiful scenery of exotic destinations.



bEpHkRYJL7R0aDXIU0y71duzls1PNsWIulz jk8mOpy ks04XyGQtZo2fGmYKv0nsb2hG5wFc4OyRV dQbVz2TycpqhclEwnaitYngmucy8eMWz Q WoGVQRrKqtPSbQ dOhLtC



141. Kathryn Burrington  @travelwithkat  (10.3K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Kathryn is a West Sussex-based travel influencer, photographer, travel blogger, one of the top travel Instagram influencers, and foodie who loves to explore the world, sample new cultures, and cuisines. Her blog Travel with Kat is fantastic and showcases her travels all over the world from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and North America.



fJdxKlX MiB1hJsOZ6kKO5O5iRFpWDKUcP54XQDayzAMq11jmHCaNslm1IqUEKLJ5 ANedpbRnC moFFNHEHVcRURln5xSxy6TQjWLOHy6RlKe it5 t



142. David Hogan Jr  @malaysiaasia (10.4K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


David is a Malaysia-based travel influencer and multi-award-winning blogger who has been blogging since 2007. He is also an avid birdwatcher.



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143. Matthias  mats.travelgram  (10.2K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Matthias is a Germany-based travel influencer who loves travel photography.





144. Gemma and Campbell @highlands2hammocks  (9.9K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Gemma and Campbell are a Scotland-based couple, and one of the top travel Instagram influencers, that love to explore and document their expeditions in the UK.



XCUQZS4zalfI5HIeElw1oo2DoUtZHxbogUVNRUUVsx13B YAbPKbZfJA13hJ4dDY V9C FdLXqN6HuykKWrZzNtOumwCQHoQEB3CPbOAAkmgehlc3HigVPhyVeycQCrlVn7k5ZwY



145. Lucy Ruthnum  @absolutelylucy (9.5K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Lucy is a travel influencer and a female solo traveler. She is the author of 50+ Easy Ways to Save Up to £10K For Travel. She has been featured on The Independent. She spends her time travelling in a van and shares her experiences on her blog She has been to over 40 countries.



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146. Owen  @earthexpedition ( 9.1K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Owen is a Canadian travel influencer, one of the top travel Instagram influencers, and photographer based in London, UK. His Instagram feed is lit with authentic pictures of beautiful destinations.



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147. Vicky   @vickyflipflop ( 9.2K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Vicky is a trained journalist and travel influencer interested in writing, festivals, and eating based in Southsea, UK. She uses her blog to share her travel experiences and tips. She loves camping, road trips, food, adventure, and festivals. She has been to over 70 countries and has collaborated with reputable travel brands.



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148. Chloe Todd  @chloektodd (9K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Chloe is a dog lover, outdoor enthusiast, and travel influencer based in Adelaide, Australia. Her Instagram feed is laden with beautiful outdoor sceneries.



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149. Alyshia   @agirl.enroute  (9K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Alyshia is a Toronto-based travel influencer and adventurer. She owns the blog where she shares her expeditions.



WW4zaKHXOYUopcXbH8qTDL5bIoMHvi4bY7eSP2D GhAtRcp7M2yV8a4O1yePV67RuZREdJTKWC873pXMdtXT9zjSpwsKfxqEiUEXY5FSKKZvqzWX6F



150. Cailin ONeil  @cailinoneil   (8.4K) – Travel Blogger Instagram


Cailin is a travel influencer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She owns the Travel Yourself blog, where she shares tips and her travelling experiences. In addition, she makes travel videos and writes for several websites. She has been traveling for 7 years and has traveled to over 47 countries.





The Future of Travel Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing and working with niche agencies catering to very specific segments, such as a travel marketing agency, is quickly becoming the norm in the industry. It has the user trust as well as the reach to propel your business to new heights. In the COVID-19 age, social media engagement rates are higher than ever, with growth rates as high as 33% in case of Facebook according to Kantar. In such scenarios, only the sky is the limit for influencer marketing. With a lot of tricks up their sleeves, influencer marketing is more future proof than ever.

In recent years, Instagram has also become one of the best social media platforms for top travel Instagram influencers to show off their beautiful lifestyles and amazing travel destinations. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a powerful tool for connecting with potential customers and promoting your brand. And with 80% of users following at least one business on Instagram, there’s a huge opportunity for top travel Instagram influencers to connect with their audience and build a following.

As the world becomes increasingly accessible thanks to advances in transportation and technology, more and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to explore new places. And, as Instagram continues to grow in popularity, top travel Instagram influencers are leading the way when it comes to sharing beautiful worldwide destinations with the masses.

Whether it’s highlighting the stunning architectural feats of cities like Dubai or Cairo, showcasing the natural beauty of landscapes like Norway’s fjords or Iceland’s lava fields, or offering a sneak peek into the luxurious lifestyle of resorts like the Maldives or Bora Bora, top travel Instagram influencers are giving their followers a first-hand look at some of the most amazing places on earth. In doing so, they’re not only inspiring others to travel but also helping to promote sustainable tourism initiatives and businesses.

Top travel Instagram influencers are undoubtedly a new generation of social media stars. Unlike traditional media outlets, which tend to be highly selective about the content they feature, top travel Instagram influencers are more likely to share a wider range of experiences and destinations with their followers. As a result, their followers get a more realistic picture of what it’s like to travel to a particular place.

Furthermore, top travel Instagram influencers often have a more personal connection with their audience, which can make their recommendations more trustworthy. In an increasingly competitive market, top travel Instagram influencers offer a unique and valuable perspective on travel.

They are inspiring people all over the world by sharing breath-taking photographs and videos of outstanding locations on their Instagram accounts. With a huge following of loyal fans, top travel Instagram influencers are showing off some of the most amazing places on Earth. And, as a result, their followers are getting a vicarious taste of the travel bug, with many itching to book their next vacation.

Not only are these top travel Instagram influencers giving people a glimpse into another world, but they’re also providing an invaluable service: inspiration. After all, it’s often said that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.


How to Become a Travel Influencer?


A travel influencer is a social media star that writes, creates, and shares online content on tourism, culture, and travel while typically sharing their own travel experiences. Their content creation is typically seen as a reliable source of information, impacting readers’ thoughts and impressions of the world, influencing their travel plans, and altering the way we view the world. An individual who often collaborates with airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, and local businesses to promote their brand, product, or services in exchange for a benefit, typically free travel, is known as a travel influencer. A travel influencer may make money through affiliate connections and brand partnerships, among other things. As a travel influencer, you now have more chances than ever to share your travel stories with the globe and gain a community of followers who rely on your advice.

Here are some tips on how to become a travel influencer:

  • Find Your Niche

For any travel influencer, social media sharing of images and videos will not translate into a successful travel handle. A travel influencer must identify his or her specialty and research the viewpoints of the target audience. Luxury, health and wellbeing, adventure, hiking, gastro tourism, winter locations, and many more topics are all examples of travel niches. Every successful travel influencer has a specific influencer niche they focus on. 

  • Use Your Creativity When Taking Photos

Social media platforms are visual channels, so a travel influencer must make the most of them. Even by themselves, photographs may convey a lot about the events. A great travel influencer must also improve their photographic abilities and contribute to the creation of eye-catching visual content for their travel website.

  • Show Off Your Experiences In Videos

Using videos to your advantage is another skill that a travel influencer can master with practice. Additionally, adding the appropriate music, and filters, or using professional video editing only serves to increase the appeal of travel-related footage. This will increase each successful travel influencer’s online traffic and make it easier for them to connect with their target market more quickly.

  • Establish a personal brand via social media

Digital branding is the way to go if you want to be a travel influencer and an inspiration for travelers. Many people’s attention might be drawn in by the original, creative, and motivational travel material. Additionally, it is crucial to consistently update fresh, eye-catching images and videos.

  • Speak with companies about joint ventures

Collaborations in this context refer to networks that exist across all social media or beyond, not only the one that a single travel influencer creates, for example on Instagram. Every effective travel influencer understands how to get in touch with businesses, look for partnerships, do influencer gigs to invest in travel gear, and do any other actions necessary to keep up the blog and the travels. Additionally, this increases popularity and broadens online communities.

  • Employ hashtags

A travel influencer who wants to create a social media account for travel must understand the value of hashtagging. Many consumers may find information uploaded by travel influencers by utilizing a certain hashtag.