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Event marketing is the practice of creating a themed show, exhibition, or presentation to advertise products, services, movements, and business initiatives, or companies. It frequently engages in face-to-face communication with clients and target audiences to forge connections with them. Brands may participate in, sponsor, or even organize events both online and offline. Through the use of events as a marketing tool, potential customers may establish a personal connection with a company and get a true feel of its focus, viewpoint, and personality.

Brands need to stand out from the competition more than ever, and event marketing is a terrific way to start. Event marketing not only gives firms new ways to interact with current and potential consumers, but it also enables them to get to know them in advance of the event, allowing them to treat them as unique people rather than simply another face in the throng. The advantages of event marketing include improving brand awareness, producing high-quality leads, raising brand value, creating new business opportunities, promoting items, and other perks.

Event marketing agencies are essential to any company’s digital marketing campaign. They are responsible for planning and executing promotional events for a wide range of brands from all around the globe. This can include anything from a small meeting to a large trade show. Event marketing agencies have the experience and expertise to make sure the brand’s event is a success, and they will work with them to develop a plan that meets their needs and budget. They will also handle all the details, from booking the venue to arranging transportation.

Event marketing agencies are important because they can help brands reach their target audience, create a positive buzz around their products and services, open up new market possibilities, help encourage beneficial brand collaborations, and much more. Event marketing agencies are also great networking experts. They can connect brands with the right people and organizations who can help promote the brand’s event.

Working with a skilled event marketing agency is essential if you are a brand planning an event, and we are here to assist you in making the right selection. Amra & Elma has created a list of the best event marketing agencies for 2023, complete with information on their most relevant offerings, customers, press mentions, and more.

Below is the selected list of the best event marketing agencies in 2023:

event marketing agencies

Location: NYC, USA

Amra & Elma is one of the leading and top-rated event marketing agencies that focuses on creating unique event experiences that provide excellent outcomes for its clients. They excel in modern event management trends and best practices. Their founders are well-known influencers with a combined fan base of over 2 million people. They are experts in event trends and technologies and have hosted events for prestigious companies like Netflix, Bvlgari, Net-a-Porter, Essilor-Luxxotica, and others. Their best event practices are based on both their expertise in arranging high-profile events including fashion week gatherings, top editor and influencer galas and more as well as their experience visiting the most valuable events. They also specialize in great guest lists and are aware that they are the foundation of any successful happening.

  • Event Management
  • Product Launches
  • Travel Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Photography & Videography
  • Content Production
  • Media Buying
  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Brand Building
  • SEO
  • Nestle
  • Net-A-Porter
  • HTC
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Wells Fargo
  • Il Makiage
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Netflix
  • Olay
  • Bvlgari
  • Uber

Forbes, USA Today, Nasdaq, Yahoo News, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Entrepreneur, Home Business Magazine, and many others.

event marketing agencies

Location: Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

One of the top event marketing agencies with headquarters in Vietnam is VEG Vietnam Event Group. To expand and promote the event sector in Vietnam, they conduct extensive research, develop measurable solutions, and deliver the best experiences for every event. They put a lot of effort into consistently pushing the limits of innovation in the event sector, trying out riskier concepts, and offering the greatest design options. Their work also emphasizes confidentiality, excellent customer service, and consumers’ event experiences. They work to spread the word about an event in novel and creative methods that produce excellent outcomes.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Creative & Management
  • Operation & Execution
  • Measuring & Evaluation
  • Branding
  • Copywriting & Content Production
  • Design
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Honda
  • BIDV
  • Hung Thinh
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Coca Cola
  • Alpha King
  • Queen Food
  • Nippon Paint

Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Dallas, TX

Groove Jones is a technology business with a strong creative focus, and one of the top event marketing agencies in 2022. Groove Jones, which was established in 2015, has amassed the most accolades of any XR (Extended Reality) studio worldwide. Their group of talented artists and considerate engineers uses cutting-edge technology and procedures to generate original and creative solutions for today’s networked consumers. They have maintained a distinct vision to inspire, engage, and amuse by bringing their creativity to life throughout their existence.

  • Application Management
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Video & Camera Technologies
  • Web Development
  • Virtual Event Management
  • Nissan
  • Charles Schwab
  • Royal Caribbean
  • IBM
  • Elkay
  • NBC
  • FC Dallas

Variety Magazine, Verdict.co, Area, and others.

event marketing agencies

Location: Dubai, UAE

With offices in Dubai, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Kuwait City, Amman, and Cairo, Momentum Marketing is a renowned brand activation agency and one of the top event marketing agencies in the MENA area. For those who require brand awareness and improved growth, Momentum Marketing is the go-to brand activation company. By offering a variety of event management services, employment services, and talent development, they specialize in promoting brands during activations, performances, and festivities. They provide a wide range of marketing services, including content production, digital marketing campaigns, and social media campaigns.

  • Brand Activations
  • Merchandising
  • Trade Shows
  • Sampling & Sale Promoters
  • Models & Hostesses
  • Live Events
  • Nestle
  • P&G
  • Mars Wrigley
  • Colgate
  • Abbott
  • Imperial Brands
  • Nokia
  • Revolution Beauty London

Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Boston, USA

One of the best event marketing agencies is Jack Morton, a worldwide brand experience company. They build deep connections between customers and brands by using the power of experience and measurable results. They contend that while positive experiences foster advocacy and generate loyalty, remarkable ones produce experience companies that consistently deliver on their promises across all touchpoints. Their award-winning experiences are unique and engaging, original beyond expectation, and beautifully crafted. They are created imaginatively using a content-first approach and born out of clever insights.

  • Brand Acts
  • Brand Experiences
  • Employee Experience
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Digital Transformation
  • Experience Content
  • Broadcast Design
  • Exhibits & Trade Shows
  • Unity
  • Ericsson
  • Adidas
  • Hyland
  • Meta
  • Unfinished
  • Subway
  • Mandiant
  • Comedy Central

Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Austin, Texas

Fried Hustle is one of the top event marketing agencies that emphasizes values and branding. Their goal is to push themselves, their clients, and paradigms to new limits. The Fried Hustle team has experience not just in establishing companies but also in creating strong brands from scratch in any sector. The team has a history in marketing and branding in the expanding Texas Craft Spirits Industry. Fried Hustle creates brands that bring people together, provide a voice to underrepresented groups, and free up small business owners, activists, and change-makers to concentrate on what matters most.

  • Branding
  • Content Production
  • Content Development & SEO
  • Brand Audits
  • Business Consulting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Media Buying
  • Event Management Solutions
  • Bebel Tequila
  • Sweet Remedies
  • L’Ancla
  • La Cocina
  • Shippy Properties

Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Chicago, IL

One of the best event marketing agencies is Notice Agency, which is situated in Chicago, Illinois. For today’s customers, they produce award-winning marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns. They understood that no one can get away with subpar marketing in today’s society. Either you succeed or you leave. Because of this, Notice is an agency with technology- and content-driven core that is surrounded by exceptional creative brains. They do the math, deliver quantifiable outcomes, and create distinctive marketing solutions to support the growth and development of organizations.

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Video Production
  • Events Production
  • Paid Media
  • Creative Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Reporting & Insights

Not Available.


Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Help Good is a cause marketing company and one of the best event marketing agencies with a social good focus that helps clients from all around the world to produce measurable and outstanding marketing results. They are a digital agency with offices in LA and NY that collaborates with nonprofits, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and causes marketers to create marketing, communication, and fundraiser strategies that motivate action. They work with their clients to develop their brands, campaigns, and capacity for generating exposure, knowledge, interest, and conversions. They accomplish this by offering customers full-service solutions, which they use to assist them promote, advocate for, raise money for, and change the world.

  • PR and Media Relations
  • Event Support
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Content Audits
  • Planning
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Site Development & SEO
  • Keep America Beautiful
  • United Way
  • Ad Council
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Perkins

LA Times, ABC News, Washington Post, Esquire, Forbes, NY Times, and others.

event marketing agencies

Location: Toronto, Canada

Harbinger Ideas is one of the top event marketing agencies that is situated in Toronto, Canada. They have developed best practices with media and influencers and are well-versed in their local and national culture. They refine the narratives that effectively present their businesses, goods, or services to Canadians while making sure that the brand’s point of distinction is clearly defined. They assist their clients in anticipating and navigating local legislation and laws, trends, and the competitive environment since they are invested in both the short and long term.

  • Digital Creative & Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Earned Media Relations
  • Launch Plans
  • Multi-Channel Content Strategy
  • Social & Community Management
  • Corporate & Executive Profile Management
  • Activation
  • University of Toronto
  • Pluck
  • Rotman
  • Seneca Business
  • Simply Protein
  • Just Egg
  • Atkins

Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Toronto, Canada

One of the top event marketing agencies, Talk Shop Media is a full-service integrated communications company with competence in influencer relations, branding, social media, digital marketing, and many other areas. They develop inspiring ideas while being motivated by effective objectives. They design campaigns that are specifically suited to the aims of the company since they are the market leaders in a wide variety of marketing and advertising solutions. Talk Shop has established a reputation for offering cutting-edge marketing initiatives in a variety of industries, including technology, real estate, retail, health, and more.

  • Media & Public Relations
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Buying & Paid Media
  • Speaker Training
  • Events & Event Management
  • Crisis PR
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Production & SEO
  • Crowd Riff
  • Joe Fortes
  • IT Cosmetics
  • Soul Cycle
  • Paul Sangha Creative
  • Ford
  • Starbucks
  • Bath & Bodyworks

Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Cocoa, FL

One of the best event marketing agencies, We & Goliath is a global virtual event business that offers entire, done-for-you solutions to customers all over the world. They employ a staff of skilled strategists, designers, producers, video editors, and marketers, for the brand’s events and public image. They aim to provide fully tailored software & cloudware solutions for the brand’s virtualized & hybridized events, all at extremely affordable pricing. They assist the brand’s employees, presenters, and attendees while guiding their clients through their tried-and-true 5-phase launch process. We & Goliath offers a superbly branded end-to-end solution that will captivate brand attendees, enhance their teamwork and productivity, and entice them to return again and again.

  • Event Consulting, Planning & Strategy
  • Video Editing
  • Event Technology
  • Interactive Conference Platforms
  • Design & Development
  • Event Marketing & Promotion
  • Post-event Services
  • Accessibility
  • Interpretation, Captioning, Translation, ASL
  • Live Event Support
  • Berkeley
  • NDN Collective
  • Center for Sports & Human Rights
  • Buffalo Urban League
  • Git Lab
  • Diamond Resorts
  • IOM UN Migration

Not Available

event marketing agencies

Location: Calgary, Canada

Maven Media Group, one of the leading event marketing agencies, offers three main service areas and is a full-service creative agency. They work as a cohesive team to offer a seamless consumer experience across each project while spanning the whole creative and production process. Their area of expertise is creating content and digital event experiences that assist their clients in leaving a lasting impression on their audience. Their team has had the chance to work with outstanding companies across several sectors, including real estate, manufacturing, and retail, throughout the years. They take pleasure in offering clients excellent work, regardless of the job’s size.

  • Event Management
  • Photo Production
  • Video Production
  • Marketing
  • Creative
  • Broadcast
  • AltaGas
  • Dekada
  • Freeride World Tour
  • RealAgriculture
  • New Covenant Assembly
  • Canadian Women’s Hockey League
  • Sherwood Hockey
  • Canadian Powerlifting Union

Not Available.

event marketing agencies

Location: Orlando, FL

One of the top event marketing agencies with headquarters in Orlando, Florida is aVenue Event Group. Throughout the past ten years, they have planned, organized, and carried out more than 3000 events and weddings for clients all over the nation. Through their family of brands, they have reinvented how hospitality is done, and they aim to provide outstanding and measurable marketing results for their clients.

  • Venue Management
  • Corporate Planning
  • Weddings & Wedding Planning
  • Event Production
  • Holiday Parties
  • Team Building Events
  • Destination Planning
  • Offsite Meetings
  • Trade Shows & Conventions
  • Embraer Jets
  • 3M Health Care
  • LYFT
  • Ofra Cosmetics
  • Couture Med Spa
  • Wings Wheels Water
  • The Rooftop Orlando

Not Available

event marketing agencies

Location: Berkeley, CA

One of the top event marketing agencies, Opus Agency is an experienced company that sparks brand movements and business growth. They accelerate the waves of long-lasting change for businesses that shape the world by being propelled from the hub of events, content, and community. They concentrate on examining the viewpoints and patterns that will shape and support future brand movements. They work together with globally influential businesses to transform potential into opportunity and responses into action.

  • Brand Movements
  • Event Management
  • Experience Architecture
  • Brand Concepting and Design
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Content and Media
  • Digital Experiences
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Oracle
  • Dell Technologies
  • Confluent
  • Salesforce

Not Available

event marketing agencies

Location: Greenville, SC

One of the top event marketing agencies in 2022 is Eleven Events, a full-service event planning company. Their area of expertise is experiential marketing, which submerges visitors in a priceless encounter. Two close friends who had already built careers in event production launched Eleven Events. No matter how specific or hazy the client’s idea for the event may be, they discuss it and do their best to execute it just as desired. Then they start creating every element of the event, including the surroundings, interiors, and graphics for marketing and signs. A team of suppliers for the brand is also activated, and they take care of all the negotiations and double-checking so their clients don’t have to.

  • Corporate Event Management
  • Experiential Marketing Events
  • Destination Brand Experiences
  • Festival Planning & Production
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Verizon
  • OBE
  • Old Edwards
  • K Scott Creative

Not Available.

Best Event Marketing Agencies in 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions:

What does event marketing entail?

Event marketing is the planning, coordination, and execution of a promotional event for a company, good, or service. Brands can either organize an event, attend as a participant, or take part as a sponsor. Events can take place offline or online, and the term “event marketing” covers a wide range of occasions, including gatherings, conferences, trade fairs, exhibits, seminars, celebrations for the introduction of new products, workshops, and more.

Event marketing agencies may conduct a virtual roundtable with seven to ten participants, team up their clients with a different brand to sponsor a 5K, or put up an exhibit at a significant trade show. There are many options for events, but what’s more important is that they add value to brands, bring new potential clients, and build excellent market positioning, among other things.

Event marketing offers a number of key benefits, including:

  • Generating revenue

Events naturally provide new business and income prospects, therefore brands usually decide to engage in event marketing. As the event organizer, event marketing agencies may compile a list of attendees who are already interested in their clients’ services, sector, or at the very least belong to their target audience, only from the registration process.

  • Offering one-on-one client interaction

Engaging prospective customers at events start conversations with people. These one-on-one, intimate exchanges foster consumer loyalty and enable brands to personalize their operations.

  • Increasing brand recognition

One of the most effective ways for brands to build and expand their image is to host or take part in events. Event marketing enables companies to give their primarily digital businesses a tangible identity and appearance. Similar to pop-up shops, events offer a completely immersive experience that allows visitors to get a sense of the brand’s operations and how it appears in person.

  • Supporting industry and product awareness

Whatever kind of gathering event marketing agencies organize or take part in, there will almost certainly be a learning component. The fact that event marketing doesn’t concentrate simply on a brand or product is what makes it so effective.

What do event marketing agencies do?

Event marketing agencies combine an innovative and operational approach to marketing and advertising tactics with the capability of on-the-ground implementation to help their customers achieve their most important marketing objectives. They offer the state-of-the-art audience and consumer insights, captivating branded environments and experiences, integration of digital event marketing technologies, and measurable results transformed into useful data.

Event marketing agencies frequently have worldwide teams of creative strategists, digital experts, experience designers, event managers, and coordinators, as well as award-winning architects, engineers, authors, and developers, to build performance-driven events that provide quantifiable results.

Event marketing agencies also make sure that their clients receive constant communication across a variety of channels and a cohesive range of event marketing services, such as:

  • Conceiving, planning, and publicizing marketing
  • Planning, installation of the production, and on-site management
  • Integration with ad campaigns, public relations, social media, and other initiatives
  • Coverage in the media and recognition campaigns

Event marketing agencies also consider, measure, and monitor the impact of the events they host and organize. There are several ways to gauge the success of event marketing. It may be observed in merely financial terms or the manner that innovative ideas endure long after an event, leading to social sharing, a stronger online presence, word-of-mouth referrals, and devoted clients.

How much do event marketing agencies charge?

Event marketing agencies should typically charge between 15% and 20% of the overall expense of an event as part of their fee. This can sometimes be sufficient to cover their full cost and source of revenue, and other times it costs more, depending on which set of services they choose to include when organizing their events. This depends on the complexity of the program and how long it takes to design and implement an event.

The brand’s rate is determined by many elements, including operational costs, wages, and earnings, as well as costs associated with event preparation. The market’s willingness to pay, the sorts of projects event marketing agencies take on, and the location where the company conducts business all affect pricing.

Event marketing agencies will either charge set fees or a certain proportion of the event’s budget, depending on their offerings and execution. If operating on a percent basis, brands should plan to spend between 10-15% of the event expenditure. The set costs are often based on the size of the event, although each agency is unique and has its own methods of operation.

What is the most effective event marketing strategy?

Event marketing agencies may begin the creative process to create an event that will excite the brand’s audience, launch promotions, and increase sales once they have identified the brand’s most pertinent event goals. The following steps make up the most efficient event marketing strategy:

  • Establishing specific, attainable objectives

The brand should have broader objectives than only focusing on registration and attendance patterns. The ideal objectives will affect their income and sales funnel. If event marketing agencies want a clear image of whether their event has been financially successful, they must prepare for ROI from the beginning and continue measuring it after the event.

  • Including an innovative event theme

The distinctive image and character of the brand, how they display their material, and what kinds of interactive activities they might want to include are all things that event marketing agencies should constantly keep in mind when organizing events.

  • Segmenting the audience and adding advertising touchpoints

Whatever marketing strategy event marketing agencies use, segmentation is essential to attracting the correct guests to their event. Agencies should invest effort in data quality, to guarantee that the lists may be utilized again in the future. Determining the right quantity of email advertising and staying active on social media before, during, and after their event is also essential for success.

  • Having the appropriate event technology available

Event marketing agencies often assess what matters most to businesses and their events, whether it’s cost, usability, customer service, or something else, and work from there. Here, a marketing automation system is essential so that brands may maintain their initiatives as scalable and flexible, trackable, and as quantifiable as possible.

  • Orienting measurement towards ROI

Event marketing agencies can select between the following three criteria when calculating the return on investment for their events:

  1. Basic progress evaluation: includes calculating metrics like invitations, registrations, attendance, and no-shows,
  2. Leads by classification: monitoring lead status and lead classification across the brand’s revenue cycle,
  3. Funnel measurements: tracking the number of chances that were produced, the amount of funnel that was generated, the number of bookings, the cost per opportunity, and more.
What are the main responsibilities of an event marketing agency?

An event marketing agency is responsible for a variety of tasks to ensure a successful event. Some of the main responsibilities include:

  • Developing a marketing plan

This involves creating a strategy for how to promote and sell the event. The marketing plan of an event marketing agency will include tactics such as advertising, public relations, and social media marketing.

  • Creating promotional materials

The event marketing agency will develop print and digital ads, create a website or landing page for the event, and design signage and other marketing collateral.

  • Managing online presence

The event marketing agency will maintain the event’s social media accounts, post updates and promotions, and track engagement analytics.

  • Overseeing sales efforts

The event marketing agency will work with ticketing companies to create and manage ticket sales, as well as track attendee data.

  • Coordinating logistics

The event marketing agency will work with vendors to secure space, catering, and other necessary services for the event. An event marketing agency will also be responsible for arranging transportation and accommodations for out-of-town attendees.

How to find the best event marketing agency?

When looking for an event marketing agency, it is important to find one that is a good fit for your company and your event. There are several factors you should consider when choosing an event marketing agency, including their experience, their approach to marketing, and their fees.

First, you should consider the experience of the event marketing agency. How many events has the event marketing agency marketed, what types of events have they marketed, or what industries do they have experience in? You should also ask to see case studies or examples of events the event marketing agency has marketed. This will give you a good idea of their marketing approach and whether or not it aligns with your own.

Second, you should consider the event marketing agency and its marketing approach. Do they believe in using traditional marketing methods, such as print advertising and direct mail, or do they believe in using more modern methods, such as social media and search engine optimization? You should also ask how they plan to promote your event. Will they create a website and social media pages for your event, or will they send out press releases and contact journalists?

Third, you should consider the fees of the event marketing agency. How much will the event marketing agency charge for their services and offers? Be sure to get a quote from the event marketing agency so that you know exactly what you will be paying for.

Once you have considered these factors, you should be able to choose an event marketing agency that is a good fit for your company and your event.

Why is an event marketing agency important for event brands?

An event marketing agency can help event planners with a variety of services related to their events. From advertising and public relations to sponsorships and exhibit management, an event marketing agency can take care of all the details so that you can focus on putting on a great event.

An event marketing agency can help you develop a marketing plan for your event and help you execute it. They have the expertise and experience in promoting events and can help you reach your target audience. An event marketing agency can also help you identify potential sponsors and partners for your event, as well as develop relationships with media outlets to promote your event.

An event marketing agency can also help you manage your event logistics. They can arrange transportation, hotel accommodations, and catering for your guests. An event marketing agency can also help you with registration and badge printing, as well as organizing any special events or activities that you may have planned.