Bvlgari Serpenti Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: Bvlgari wanted to showcase their jewelry, handbags, and other accessories while also promoting their new Bvlgari resorts. Their goal was to showcase Bvlgari as a lifestyle brand, and have influencers experience the resorts while also styling their fashion pieces in a personal way. They wanted to have 6 influencers in total from different parts of the world travel from Bali to Dubai and Milan, all while telling a story of Bvlgari pieces as a part of their Bvlgari resort experience.

SOLUTION: A&E was a part of the influencer team and traveled to Bali, Dubai and Milan to style, photograph, and share Bvlgari jewelry, handbags and accessories. A&E developed content that told the story of the Bvlgari brand within the context of each location. We traveled to the desert while in Dubai to produce an editorial for the Serpentine collection. In Milan, we produced an editorial for the diamond Serpentine jewelry while reimaging the iconic Bvlgari shoot with Elizabeth Taylor. Part of the editorial in Milan also included Bvlgari handbag collection and sunglasses.

STATS: 1.7M+ followers targeted, 20 posts in total, 500,000+ in engaged audience


Uber New York Fashion Week Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: For New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Uber wanted to partner up with with various brands to raise awareness amongst the fashion crowd about the ride hailing app. To help attract VIP influencers, their goal was to work with Lyst, an online fashion platform, and Bobbi Brown, one of the most prestigious makeup brands in the world. They wanted to showcase their service in a more interactive way so that the influencers could share the Uber and fashion week experience in a more personal way with their audience.

SOLUTION: We engaged VIP fashion influencers to bring awareness amongst the fashion community and showcase the ride hailing application and its Uber Black services. The influencers were showed with gifts and even makeup artists greeted them in the car in case they needed help with makeup before the fashion shows. The campaign was published across influencers’ platforms with a focus on Gen Y and Instagram.

STATS: 15 influencer posts, 1.2 million estimated impressions, 129k estimated engagements

Influencer Campaign Uber
net a porter 1

NET-A-PORTER x Netflix

Net-a-porter and Netflix Influencer Event for Next-in-Fashion


PROBLEM: NET-A-PORTER and Netflix wanted to announce the winner of their Next-in-Fashion show during NYFW and invite fashion influencers to attend. They wanted to name the winner while showcasing their designs in an intimate setting in NYC’s West Willage and having influencers attend for the reveal. The event would include show’s celebrity hosts, Tan France and Alexa Chung, who would meet with influencers and share their Next-in-Fashion show experience as well as pose for photo opportunities.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to attend the event and publicize the winning designs on their Instagram and stories. They had the influencers photograph the models wearing the winning designs, and photograph themselves with the hosts of the Next-in-Fashion – Tan France and Alexa Chung. The posts went live right after the winner was announced to further help spread the word about the new show.

STATS: 1.5M targeted followers, 50K+ posts engagement, 50+ Instastories


Wells Fargo Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Each year during the holidays Wells Fargo encourages its local communities to contribute canned goods for families in need. Through this initiative, they wanted to have local branches increase their foot traffic.

SOLUTION: A&E engaged influencers across the country to tell their followers on social media about this charitable initiative driven by the local Wells Fargo branches. Each of the influencers shared their family holiday tradition that focused around food and encouraged their followers to contribute to families in need through their Wells Fargo local branches.

STATS: ROI of 112%, 405% increase in foot traffic, 783% increase in the food donated


Wells Fargo Influencer Campaign


Huawei x RainforestCX Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: Huawei partnered up with RainforestCX to bring awareness to the deforestation happening around the world and to encourage people to build non-traditional Christmas trees instead of purchasing/cutting down real ones. They wanted to encourage the audience to donate US$1 to the @RainforestCx program and make world greener. By doing so, Huawei would allow the audience to also qualify for a prize, including Huawei P30 Pro Phone and Huawei FreeBuds.

SOLUTION: We contracted out influencers who are environmentally conscious to share the message about Huawei partnership with RainforestCX. Each influencer was supposed to build a non-traditional Christmas tree using ingredients available to them at their home. They would also hold a $1 bill to signify their donation and to encourage their audience to do the same. We also organized a giveaway that would encourage the audience to follow Huawei’s Instagram and share the RainforestCX initiative.

STATS: 2.5M followers targeted, 750K+ impressions in total, 40 pieces of content (including photos and videos), 100+ posts in total used #christmastree4earth, 100K+ total engagement on influencers posts


HTC Macro Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: HTC wanted to showcase their smart phone 11 through influencers. They were looking to engage micro and macro influencers to discuss the versatility of the new phones especially their ability to take great photos and videos. The idea was for the influencers to document their lives with HTC phones while traveling or on the go in the city.

SOLUTION: We identified and engaged macro and micro influencers that would take a variety of images throughout the city while using HTC 11 smart phone. We also had some influencers make travel content using the HTC 11 smart phone and publish it on their YouTube while changing the angle between their regular camera and the HTC 11 smart phone one. The result was a variety of creative content using the HTC new phone that was also re-purposed on the brand’s social channels.

STATS: 4.1M Cumulative Followers, 9 Influencers/ Accounts, 421K+ Total Engagements, 53K Profile Visits, 18.1K+ New Followers

Influencer Campaign HTC
PG Olay


Olay Face Anything Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: Olay brilliantly organized a Broadway musical whose conversation piece and spotlight was its newest skin care lines for a variety of skin types from oily to dry. They wanted to create a campaign  to raise awareness and make Olay more cool and relevant amongst the urban millennials.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to amplify the efforts to sell the tickets and seamlessly market the skincare lines while getting ready for the show, during the show and after the show. The show was a complete success with all of the tickets sold out and the audience was so thrilled they organically used Olay’s hasthags #OlayLive #RoadtoGlow even after the show.

STATS: 10 influencers (micro, mid-level, and macro), 200+ organic posts, 1.5+ million estimated impressions, 160K estimated engagement


Avon Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: Avon wanted to launch their new skincare line ANEW using macro influencers. The goal was to have the influencers try and review the products, as well as take the photos with the ANEW creams. ANEW creams focus on anti-aging and preventive care, and the campaign was meant to be centered around AVON’s skincare technology.

SOLUTION: We identified and contracted macro and micro lifestyle and beauty influencers. We developed guidelines for posting products in a way that would best showcase AVON’s ANEW line, including closeup shots of both influencer’s skin and the products alone.  We worked with the AVON team to review and approve each post before they went live. All of the influencer impressions were gathered post campaign and presented to the brand as a part of the monthly campaign report.

STATS: 4.3M Cumulative Followers, 27 Influencers/ Accounts, 1.6M+ Total Engagements, 379K Profile Visits, 68.1K+ New Followers

Avon Influencer Campaign


Acqua Panna Influencer Marketing Campaign 


PROBLEM: Nestlé’s Acqua Panna had refreshed its brand with eco-friendly and sustainable bottles, freshly minted packaging and expanded its distribution channels in the U.S. The brand wanted to support its re-branding efforts and sale channel distribution expansion by bringing more awareness to the U.S. consumers. They wanted to hire influencers to tell the story about the origins of the brand as well as provide the immersive experience for them to develop relevant content surrounding the campaign.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to tell the Acqua Panna journey from the sun drenched rolling hills of Tuscany to Nestle’s water source in Villa Panna surrounded by 3,000 acres of land. There was a carefully hand selected group of VIP influencers, from photographers to celebrities, who experienced the Acqua Panna journey and formed a deep relationship with the brand. The trip included a Michelin star chef to create a traditional Tuscan culinary experience strategically paired with Acqua Panna.

STATS (3 months): 5.7M targeted followers. 7 VIP influencers. 77 pieces of influencer content, videos and photography. 855k total estimated impressions on influencer posts . Average in influencer CPE: $0.10


Virgin Voyages Influencer Marketing Campaign

PROBLEM: Virgin Voyages, a new travel and lifestyle brand, wanted to contract influencers to share the news about the Scarlet Lady, its first ship that would set sail and was three years in the making. They wanted to announce the news on Valentine’s Day and have the influencers wear all red – complement the color of the Virgin brand while celebrating the holiday of love. Sir Richard Branson was to be present for the festivities to meet the influencers as well as run a Virgin Voyage giveaway.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to attend the event as well as photograph themselves while wearing the Virgin colors and announcing the giveaway sweepstakes for the Virgin Voyage trip. The influencers showcased the giveaway and the event at their stories and Instagram posts, as well as met with the Virgin founder – Sir Richard Branson.

STATS: 3M+ estimated follower reach, 100+ posts, 15 influencers

Virgin Voyages Influencer Campaign


Atelier Pronovias Collection Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Pronovias, a global bridal fashion house, wanted to host influencers for the presentation of its Atelier Pronovias Collection during New York Bridal Fashion Week. They wanted to engage top fashion influencers from New York City and have them wear their cocktail dresses while attending the reveal of their latest bridal collection.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to photograph and post about a variety of the latest Pronovias cocktail dresses. The influencers would photograph themselves while wearing the dresses at the most iconic locations in NYC. The posts would tell a story of the glamorous Pronovias dresses and they would be shared by the influencers before, during, and after the Pronovias presentation.

STATS (3 months): 6 influencers, 100+ brand post tags as a result of the campaign, 150K+ posts engagement


Intimissimi Influencer Campaign 


PROBLEM: Italian hosiery and underwear brand wanted to launch a campaign in the U.S. to celebrate its new stores opening as well familiarize the American consumers with the otherwise well-known European brand. They wanted to hire influencers to photograph themselves in their favorite Intimissimi pieces and share the photos on their social channels. The goal of the campaign was not only to showcase the Intimissimi pieces but to also introduce the concept of underwear as outerwear (where the glimpse of the undergarments serves the purpose of completing ones look/outfit).

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers in the U.S. and had them choose their favorite Intimissimi pieces that would complement their outfits. The influencers photographed the bralets as a part of their outerwear and posted it on their social channels.

STATS (3 months): 1000+ posts as a result of a one year campaign, 300K+ post engagement, 23 influencers

Intimissimi Influencer Campaign
Power Up Snacks Campaign


Power Up Your Snack Game Influencer Campaign

PROBLEM: Based in Brooklyn, New York, Power Up snacks sought to target everyday consumers looking for a more gourmet option for their “on the go snacks” and homemade healthy recipes. They wanted to define their target market and find mom, health/well-being, and fitness influencers, who would convey the brand’s message. The goal was to launch a nationwide influencer campaign to expose the products to millions of highly targeted consumers and raise awareness about the brand’s ecommerce launch.

THE SOLUTION: In order to showcase the brand to a variety of consumers, we choose multiple micro influencers who perfectly embodied the persona of the brand as well as focused on reaching Power Up snack’s type of target demographic.  We flooded social media with influencer marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blog posts) for Power Up, focused on their target demographic and drove website traffic. The campaign included between 50-100 micro and mid-sized influencers per month, (with a following of between 5k-100k).

STATS: (in 8 month) 462 highly targeted micro influencers, 8.5M cumulative followers, 554 social posts created, 1.7M total estimated impressions on influencer posts, 6.5% average influencer engagement, 212k estimated engagements on influencer posts


Johnson & Johnson – Compeed Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: Johnson & Johnson’s wanted to build brand awareness around its new blister cushions by Compeed. The brand’s objective was to introduce the public to Compeed, which prevents and treats blisters, by engaging macro influencers and celebrities to showcase how they use Compeed in their everyday lives and communicating to the public that the product was available in Walgreens.

SOLUTION: Our campaign focused around the “Stiletto Squad,” an array of VIP fashion influencers and tastemakers with a mega following and over 10% engagement on Instagram, showcasing the product in an everyday and relatable yet still an inspirational and a memorable setting. We organized photo shoots around Manhattan to present a day in a life of a strong, empowering and a busy woman. The campaign was published across macro influencers’ blog posts and social media channels.

STATS: 25 influencer posts, 2.3 million estimated impressions, 186.8k estimated engagements

Influencer Campaign Johnson and Johnson
Transition Lenses Influencer Campaign Four


Transition Lenses Influencer Event + Campaign


PROBLEM: After merging with Luxottica, Essilor became the largest market shareholder of eyewear in the world. Essilor wanted to fortify the brand’s social footprint and penetrate into the millennial market by engaging influencers nationwide to expose the brand’s product launch of Transitions’ Style Colors and Mirror Colors lenses to millions of highly targeted consumers.

SOLUTION:  We targeted influencers who wear glasses, live in the U.S., and have a following between 50k -300k. The goal of the influencer campaign was to make Transitions relevant in the digital space by engaging influencers who reach the millennial target demographic. Our target was to activate micro and midi sized influencers to post about Transition’s new lenses. We also supported the New York launch event by bringing our network of influencers to cover the event in real time through posts and Insta Stories. This campaign was targeted towards both Millennial consumers and the Transitions distributors, prescription eyewear retailers, i.e., b2b marketing efforts.

STATS: 3M targeted followers, 675k impressions on influencer posts, 80 pieces of content, photos and videos, 45 total social posts, 995 #lightundercontrol hashtags, 2,100 #Stylecolors hashtags over, 76k total engagements on influencer posts


Swarovski Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Swarovski wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with its new Lifelong Bow Collection and activate influencers worldwide, including VIP influencers in the United States.

SOLUTION: The goal was to drive consumer attention to its new Valentine’s Day collection. The mega and midsized influencer campaign was published across influencers’ social media channels, mainly on Instagram. We used fashion and lifestyle influencers.

STATS: 25 influencer posts 3.2 million estimated impressions, 124k estimated engagements

Swarovski Influencer Campaign
Charming Charlie Four


Charming Charlie Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: Charming Charlie is a retail brand, which has over 350 stores nationwide. They wanted to fortify the brand’s social footprint and penetrate into the millennial market by engaging influencers nationwide to expose the brand to millions of highly targeted consumers.

SOLUTION: The goal of the influencer campaign was to make Charming Charlie relevant in the digital space by engaging influencers to reach the millennial target demographic and drive traffic to their ecommerce website. We engaged 50 -150 micro influencers, with a following of between 10k-100k, to post about Charming Charlie’s products.

STATS (in 3 months): 4 million targeted followers, 300 highly targeted micro influencers, 400 pieces of content, 20k engagements driven, 1,050%, increase in website traffic from Instagram compared to the previous year


Uber Eats Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: After the successful debut in San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Uber was launching its food delivery application, UberEats, in New York. UberEats had at the time signed up a selective group of restaurants catered to foodies and young professionals. All of the listed restaurants were in the greater New York City area, including Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

SOLUTION: The goal was to activate foodie and fashion, men and women, influencers in order to raise awareness of the product launch in New York. We partnered with Uber and UberEats to activate this campaign in order to facilitate the launch. Some of the influencers opted to go directly to the restaurants to get the full menu experience.

STATS: 3M+ targeted followers, 58 pieces of influencer content, videos and photography, 655k total estimated impressions on influencer posts, $0.10 average influencer CPE

Uber Eats Influencer Campaign


Photo Production


PROBLEM: La Bella Donna was looking to make engaging content with models using her products that they could post on social media channels and their website. Their goal was to showcase the brand in a more lifestyle type of setting and with more seasonal flare. They wanted the products to be displayed in an organic way where the models would not be only wearing the makeup but also using it on the go. They wanted a mix of models and influencers to showcase different types of looks that can be created using their makeup.

SOLUTION: We engaged a variety of models and influencers while focusing on the brand target demographic. We conceptualized the shoot, including location scouting, styling, makeup looks, art direction, and branding for the photoshoot. We also contracted the makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, photographer/s and the beauty photo (touchup) editors. The content was sent over for the review, and it was approved by the brand before the final images were chosen for the website and social media posting.


Gourmet Nut Photo Production

PROBLEM: Gourmet Nut wanted to showcase their products using models in on the go in a variety of ways. The idea was to communicate that their new smaller size snacks were perfect for carrying around – the models were meant to be shown enjoying the snacks while running errands around the city, before or after the gym, and even while sipping coffee with their girlfriends.

SOLUTION: We contracted a creative director, photographer, photo editor, wardrobe stylist, makeup artists, hairstylists, and several models. Location scouting was done the week before to ensure great spots for the photoshoot as the scenery had to include the city shots. The photoshoot was completed in one day and was managed fully from start to finish by the A&E team.

STATS: 40 total final edited photos, 6 models, 5 looks (activities)

Gourmet Nut Influencer Campaign Two
Influencer Campaign Purstry Four


Anthropologie’s Puristry Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: Anthropologie’s very own Puristry, USDA certified organic skincare collection, launched in May, 2017. They wanted to create the brand’s identity on social media through a brand persona, and content creation, both in house photo production and directing influencer content.

SOLUTION: A&E launched a nationwide influencer campaign to expose the organic skincare line to millions of highly targeted consumers. Our goal of the influencer campaign was to expose the target market to the brand launch. Our target was 50 – 100 micro influencers per month, with a following of between 10k – 100k, to post about Anthropologie’s new organic skincare line.

STATS (3 months): 3.5 million followers, 500k estimated impressions, 210 highly targeted micro influencers, 305 pieces of content produced with a copyright of posted content for up to 12 months, 3.1k advocate signups, 18.8k engagements were driven


Hard Rock Influencer Campaign


PROBLEM: With a presence in 76 countries, Hard Rock was looking to promote the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City.  They wanted to hold a press conference in NYC at the Hard Rock Cafe and contract influencer to attend the press conference and spread the word about the opening of the hotel and casino to their followers.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers in NYC to photograph themselves in front of the Hard Rock Cafe location in Times Square. They posted the images along with the Hard Rock logo in the background on their social channels and announced the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City.

STATS (3 months): 30+ posts with a hashtag of #hardrockac, 200K+ total engagement

Hard Rock Influencer Campaign 1 1


Cluse Watches Influencer Campaign 


PROBLEM: Cluse is a watch brand that was looking to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to its ecommerce platform. They wanted to engage influencers with inspiring travel and fashion content who would display the watches in picturesque travel settings.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers globally who matched the brand DNA of the watch company. The concept was to create a series of posts featuring Cluse watches across the globe that together would tell a cohesive story about the playfulness and the quality of the CLUSE designs. The trendsetters and tastemakers would display the watches in iconic summer destinations and use a theme of #TimelessSummer.

STATS (3 months): Over 270 posts using #TimelessSummer. 7 macro influencer posts. 1.9m impressions for macro influencers. 170k estimated engagements for macro in uencers. 2,070%, increase in website tra c from Instagram compared to the previous year

haney 1


Haney Influencer Campaign 


PROBLEM: Haney, a customizable luxury ready to wear brand launched on NET-A-PORTER.COM and wanted to promote their glamorous dresses via fashion influencers in the U.S. The dresses range in price from $1000 – $5000, and Haney’s creative director and founder, Mary Alice Haney, wanted to display the pieces on some of the most stylish fashion influencers in LA and NYC.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to wear Haney pieces while traveling to some of the most picturesque destinations for their summer vacations. The influencers would style the pieces to match different location settings and show the versatility of each item. The campaign included macro influencers.

STATS (3 months): 7 influencers,  14 posts, 110K+ estimated engagement


Marcolin Eyewear x Timberland Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Timberland partnered with Macrolin to create innovative eyewear made of 35% bio-based plastic in order to limit the brand’s negative impact on Earth and show responsible material usage and production practices. They wanted to contract influencers to help spread the word about the partnership and share their favorite Marcolin Eyewear x Timberland eyewear. The goal was to impact the public perception of the fashion giant’s impact on the environment and showcase its eco-friendly initiatives.

SOLUTION: A&E engaged macro and micro in influencers worldwide to communicate to the millennial target demographic the launch of “Earthkeepers” along with
its dedication to limiting the brand’s negative impact on earth.

STATS (3 months): Over 500 #TimberlandEyewear posts.
9 macro in uencer posts. 3.4m estimated impressions. 200k estimated engagements

Marcolin Eyewear Influencer Campaign
emmys organics


Emmy’s Organics Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Emmy’s Organics, a vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO brand wanted to promote its line of delicious cookies via influencers. They wanted communicate the quality of the ingredients and the 100-percent USDA Organic certification they received as an additional assurance to the audience of its exceptional ingredients.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers specializing in wellness, fitness, and food. The influencers were given a task to capture Emmy’s Organics as their snack on the go or to create recipes that would include different flavors of Emmy’s Organic cookies.

STATS (3 months): 5 influencers, 10 posts, 50K+ estimated engagement


Zevia Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Zevia, a naturally sweetened 0 calorie beverage company launched a line of new products that are entirely sweetened with stevia. They were looking to promote their new line of beverages using influencers and spread the message about the 14 flavors of Zevia Sodas.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to create their favorite unique refreshment recipes using one of the 14 flavors of Zevia Sodas. The goal was to emphasize that you could have the bubbles, sweetness and flavor in your favorite soda without the artificial ingredients and empty calories. Influencer recipes had to follow a healthy drink concept that placed an emphasis on a zero calorie, plant-based ingredients of the soda and the great taste.

STATS (3 months): 6 influencers, 1.4M total followers targeted, 420K impressions, 130K estimated engagement.

Zevia Influencer Campaign
il makiage


IL Makiage Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: IL MAKIAGE, the digital-first prestige beauty brand, wanted to promote its new highly differentiated and all-encompassing e-commerce store. Their in-house team spent over two years developing a website that would link inspiration, education, trial and purchase into one stop consumer experience. They wanted to engage influencers that would share the news with their audience while also emphasizing the uniqueness of IL MAKIAGE products.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to create makeup looks using IL MAKIAGE foundation and promote the abundance of the color range that the brand offers. The influencers would also communicate the ease with which consumers can use the new e-commerce website to find their perfect shade of foundation. The campaign focused on influencers also picking their favorite IL MAKIAGE products out while using the interactive e-commerce website in order to experience first hand the unique IL MAKIAGE site algorithm.

STATS (3 months): 16 Influencers, 700K+ estimated engagement, 500+ posts using #makeupformaximalists


Free Girl Skincare Photoshoot


PROBLEM: Free Girl, a natural, organic, and plant based skincare brand wanted to photograph their skincare line to display on their social channels and website. They wanted photographs to compliment the brand’s plan based roots as well as be photographed on some of the most iconic summer locations for the Summer 2019 social content calendar.

SOLUTION: A&E organized a photoshoot in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, South of France’s most iconic summer location. We wanted to portray Free Girl as a perfect skincare on the go while visually taking the Free Girl’s audience to breath-taking summer escape.

FreeGirl France
willing beauty


Willing Beauty Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Willing Beauty, a anti-aging skincare brand with focus on proprietary, potent antioxidant HY+5 COMPLEX™ wanted to hire influencers to help spread the word about its two lines Willa (for teens) and Willing Beauty (for moms). They wanted influencers to review various products and share the results on their social.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers who focus on beauty and wellness. We wanted to give influencers an opportunity to not only enjoy the Willing Beauty skincare but also build a relationship with the brand for the purpose of long-term collaborations.

STATS: 4 influencers, 50K+ in targeted followers, 3K estimated engagement


Kimpton Hotels Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, the original boutique hotel brand, was developed on the idea of unique, distinctive, and design forward hotels. With more than 60 hotels and 80 restaurants, Kimpton wanted to contract influencers to help spread the word about its one-of-a-kind hotel experiences across urban locations.

SOLUTION: A&E selected a group of travel influencers whose brand DNA matches that of the Kimpton Hotels. The goal was to have influencers experience inspiring designs of hotels, the highly personal service, and the forward-thinking flavors of Kimpton hotels and share the experience via Instagram stories and posts.

STATS: 21 influencers, 14 hotel locations, 1.1M impressions

Kimpton Hotels Influencer Campaign copy


Bvlgari Hotels Influencer Marketing Campaign 


PROBLEM: Bvlgari hotels, with some of the most beautiful property locations, contemporary designs and superior service, wanted to promote their most popular hotels via luxury travel influencers. They wanted the influencers to experience and document unique facilities, personalized services, spa treatments as well as the delicacies of its renowned restaurants.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted top influencers in luxury travel to experience a trip to 3 most popular Bvlgari Hotels in Milan, Dubai, and Bali. The influencers were tasked in photographing the landscape and hotel locations while on the trip. The campaign was organized to create a 360 experience for the influencers from hotel SPAs and restaurants to organized day trips. We targeted various target demographics across the globe from the U.S. to Brazil to Europe and Russia by picking influencers from each region.

STATS:2M estimated impressions per location x 3 locations with influencers using InstaStories and posts to raise location awareness and experience with their audience.


Nicole Miller Influencer PR Campaign


PROBLEM: Nicole Miller was looking to engage micro and macro influencers to capture the essence of what it means to be a Nicole Miller girl in the digital age – fashionable, traveler and cosmopolitan. She wanted influencers to capture her pieces in a street style fashion.

SOLUTION: A&E’s goal was to establish a digital footprint amongst the millennial target group of females in their mid-20s to mid-40s living in urban areas, interested in edgy fashion, and world travel. The PR campaign was published across macro influencers’ social media channels.

STATS:10 influencer posts. 400K estimated impressions. 41k estimated engagement

Nicole Miller Influencer Campaign copy
gurneys 1


Gurney’s Montauk Influencer PR Campaign 


PROBLEM: Gurney’s Star Island Resort & Marina, one of the latest retreats in the Hamptons, wanted to invite influencers to experience their luxury resort as a part of Gurney’s PR efforts. The influencers would get a chance to spend a weekend in luxury guest accommodations, dine in their exceptional Showfish restaurant, and use the amenities, including the beach located upfront.

SOLUTION: A&E invited influencers from New York City and those who were visiting to experience the Hamptons in Gurney’s. The influencers shared their accommodation and dining experience as well as the beautiful beach access up front.

STATS: 2M targeted followers


Mandarin Oriental PR Campaign


PROBLEM: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group with an award winning luxury hotels, resorts and residences, wanted to host luxury travel and lifestyle influencers and have them experience a variety of amenities that the hotels have to offer. The group with 45 hotels in 25 different countries wanted to target influencers from the U.S. to visit their locations in NYC and Miami.

SOLUTION: A&E helped identify and source influencers who specialize in travel and have them experience the hotels and dine at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group well-renowned restaurants. The dining experiences were specifically catered to the influencers where the private chef would would present a personalized menu for the influencers and their plus ones.

STATS: 2M+ followers targeted, 12 posts, 110K+ in estimated engagement

Mandarin Oriental NYC


Anthony Skincare Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Anthony, a luxury skincare line for men sold in exclusive retailers like Nordstrom, Sephora, Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor, did rebranding after it was acquired by Midwood Distributors. They wanted to engage male influencers to help spread the word about the skincare and review the products of their choice.

SOLUTION: A&E was tasked to locate menswear and lifestyle influencers whose target demographic matched with Anthony’s. The goal of the influencer campaign was to expose influencers and the target market to the revived brand. Our target was 10-15 micro influencers per month (with a following of between 5k-100k) and the influencers would post a photo along with a review of Anthony’s luxury skincare line. The key to this campaign was aligning those influencers who matched the brand’s DNA with Anthony and helping the brand establish long term partnership with influencers.

STATS: We targeted over 2.4 million followers over 6 months with a conservative budget. 72 micro influencers committed, by signing agreements, to post about the campaign. 150 pieces of content were produced with a copyright of up to 24 months. 2k advocate signups. 10.5k engagements driven.


Knickerbocker PR Campaign 


PROBLEM: The Knickerbocker Hotel, a historic New York City hotel dating back to 1906, wanted to invite influencers to experience New York City and everything that the hotel has to offer. With contemporary fashion, flavors, the Knickerbocker Hotel was even rumored to be the birthplace of the original martini. They wanted the influencers to showcase the exceptional location and history of the Knickerbocker Hotel and dine in  Charlie Palmer at The Knick, the hotel’s full service restaurant and bar.

SOLUTION: A&E invited influencers to experience New York City and stay in the historical Knickerbocker Hotel. The influencers would receive complimentary room service that offers exceptional menu and access to some of the most popular New York City’s tourist attractions in Times Square.

STATS: 1.7M targeted followers, 11 influencers

Knickerbocker Influencer Campaign


Swiss Getal Product Photo Production


PROBLEM: Swiss Getal, a luxury skincare line from Switzerland, was looking to launch in U.S. with a re-rebranded new website and photograph their entire skincare to match their brand DNA. They wanted to depict both the product packaging as well as the consistency of the creams inside the products. The items had to be shot in a way that showcased the line in a clean, clear, and crisp way, matching the luxurious experience of the creams.

SOLUTION: A&E team conceptualized, photographed, and edited the product photography so that it may be used on Swiss Getal’s newly launched U.S. website. The products were depicted in a simple manner with a slight shadow, and liquids and creams were captured to show the consistency of each. The result was product photography that emphasized the new brand identity and communicated Swiss Getal’s commitment to highest skin care excellence.

STATS: 1.7M targeted followers, 11 influencers


Postmates Influencer Marketing Campaign 


PROBLEM: Postmates, the leader in delivering anything you want on-demand, wanted to work with influencers and showcase the influencer order history. The influencers would receive credit to order from their favorite restaurants and then share their orders via social channels. Each time the influencers used up their credit, they would be able to receive the refill once the orders had been posted on their socials.

SOLUTION: A&E worked with food, lifestyle, and health influencers to help spread the word about Postmates. The influencers used their credit to order food and beverages, and then shared their orders via hashtag #postmania.

STATS:26 influencers, 754K impressions, 138 stories, 500+ #postmania tags

Postmates Influencer Campaign copy


Sopar Collection Influencer PR Campaign 


PROBLEM: Sopar Collection is a contemporary fashion brand founded by two fashionistas and sisters, Helena and Tamara Sopar. Helena, a top model who has worked for some of the most notable beauty and fashion brands, created Sopar in the spirit of her beautiful home island Pag, Croatia and her living quarters in New York City. Sopar Collection wanted influencers to help spread the word and showcase the pieces in New York City and on their travels.

SOLUTION: A&E had fashion and lifestyle influencers style and photograph pieces on the streets of Manhattan. The influencers also used the pieces to style looks while traveling to some of the most popular summer and winter locations around the world.

STATS: 1.6M, 2 macro influencers, 6 posts


Exotic and Luxury Car Rental Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: Enterprise expanded its exotic car collection line in select locations throughout the United States and wanted to work with influencers to spread the word about their new luxury rentals. They wanted to target not only car enthusiasts but also those who are looking for one of a kind experience for the weekend travel from urban areas such as New York City. With the Exotic Car Collection influencers would receive “white-glove treatment,” including the delivery and collection of vehicles and a expedited reservation process available exclusively for these rentals.

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to take a weekend trip with Enterprise exotic cars during the spring months to the Hamptons. The influencers would document their experience of driving one of a kind luxury vehicles from New York City to the Hamptons and share the car experience with their audience.

STATS: 4 influencers, 1.7M in targeted followers, 80K+ estimated engagement

Enterprise Influencer Campaign
w hotels


W Hotels Influencer Marketing Campaign


PROBLEM: W Hotels, a line of trendy hotels born from the culture of New York City, wanted to engage travel and lifestyle influencers to experience various W Hotel locations. With more than 55 hotels, W Hotels was looking to share the unique experience of their fun ambiance that breaks the norms of the traditional luxury. The influencers would capture the best in food, drinks, and fun.

SOLUTION: A&E engaged travel and lifestyle influencers who matched the hotels energy and would convey the fun ambiance that the W Hotels are known for. The influencers would choose a W Hotels’ location based on their proximity to the hotel.

STATS: 8 influencers, 2.1M targeted followers


L’Occitane + Rifle Paper Co Influencer Campaign 


PROBLEM: L’Occitane en Provence partnered with the co-founder and creative director of the Rifle Paper Co, Anna Bond, to include her exclusive illustrations on their beloved Shea Butter Collection. They were looking for influencers to help spread the word about this collaboration! The goal of the campaign was to drive the audience to the free gift!

SOLUTION: A&E contracted influencers to share the new exciting collaboration and limited edition packaging. Along with promoting the Best-Selling Hand Cream, Rifle Paper Co Hand Cream Trio, Pure Shea Set, Manicure set, A&E asked influencers to also photograph the free gift they received and let their followers know that they can get it free as well with any L’Occitane purchase.

STATS: 12 influencers, 3.1M follower reach, 36 posts

smile direct


SmileDirectClub Influencer Campaign 


PROBLEM: SmileDirectClub (SDC), the first direct-to-consumer medtech platform, focuses on revolutionizing the oral care industry through cutting-edge teledentistry technology. Their goal was to bring awareness and foot traffic into its newly opened stores in Manhattan. The brand’s objective was to introduce Gen Y to SDC and its affordability and technology in comparison to the traditional metal brace route. The immediate goal was for the influencers’ followers to sign up for a $95 consultation and show the target demographic how easy and affordable the process is.

SOLUTION: A&E engaged micro and macro influencers to showcase
the product from videos to photography and tell their followers about SDC locations. They had to photograph themselves using the product with the emphasis on the SDC products and the ease of use. The campaign was published across influencers’ platforms.

STATS: 23 influencer posts, 2 million estimated impressions. 201k estimated engagements


Fortnite influencer campaign and giveaway

PROBLEM: Fortnite, one of the largest online video games developed by Epic Games, reached out to us to work with three influencers on giveaway to boost game branding,  increase fan base, and highlight Ninja’s epic “32 Kill Solo Squads” Fortnite video. The giveaway required the audience to follow Fortnite accounts both on Youtube and Instagram, follow all three influencer accounts, as well as to follow Ninja’s personal Youtube and Instagram account for the announcement. The prize included the ability to play Fortnite with one influencer of their choice as well as to get exclusive tips from Ninja sent directly to the winner.


SOLUTION: For the campaign, we chose influencers who included Fortnite as a part of their previous content. Influencers were required to post a sponsored video on their Youtube and Instagram accounts announcing the giveaway and instructing their audience to follow the steps in order to win the prize.


STATS: 3.7M targeted eyeballs reached, 3 posts in total, 16.1% engagement rate across all accounts, 61K followers participated

Illustrated Christmas Decorations Instagram Post

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV and Alexis Ren Influencer Campaign

PROBLEM: Final Fantasy XV, action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix, reached out to us to work with 8 mid-sized gaming influencers and host an event with Alexis Ren to promote the New TV and Digital Spots For Empire-building Mobile Game. They wanted to invite the influencers to play offline, test out to test out the new updated look, and meet with the new face Final Fantasy XV, Alexis Ren. Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was launched with the same concept and gameplay of the prior two popular games and added the  Square Enix’s IP to the mix.
SOLUTION: For the campaign, we choose 8 influencers with the following and subscriber base between 89K to 679K. Each influencer had to attend the event as well as to share their offline experience with their audience on Youtube and Instagram.
STATS: 2.3M targeted eyeballs reached, 16 posts in total, 14.3% average engagement rate both social channels

Age of Wonders

Age of Wonders – Planetfall Influencer Campaign

PROBLEM: Age of Wonders, a turn based strategy video game developed by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive, reached out to us to promote the new Planetfall, i.e. the fifth installment in the Age of Wonders series featuring some of the never before seen sci-fi settings. They wanted to have mid to macro sized influencers create videos that feature the game and then showcase the content on their Youtube channels. Age of wonders was specifically interested in influencers who focused on TBS (strategy games) as well as influencers who have previously highlighted other TBS games, including BattleTech, Wargroove, and The Battle for Wesnoth, etc.


SOLUTION: For the campaign, we compiled a list of influencers specializing in TBS and had the brand pick 8 that were most exceptional when it comes to strategy reviews. The influencer subscriber and following count ranged from 54K to 1.3M, and they had to create video review of the game and showcase the new features of Age of Wonders: Planetfall, specifically Exploration Sites and New Colonizer Mode.


STATS: 3.2M targeted eyeballs reached, 16 posts in total, 17.3% average engagement rate both social channels


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Influencer Campaign

PROBLEM: Fall Guys, a platform battle royale video game that was published by Devolver and developed by Mediatonic reached out to us to promote the Ultimate Knockout. i.e. a game that was inspired by the like of Takeshi’s Castle and playground game like British bulldog. They wanted to have macro and micro influencers who specialized in reviewing PlayStation games stream the live session with their audience on YouTube. Influencers were supposed to highlight special features, including 60 player capacity, and play against each other as well as some of their audience.

SOLUTION: For the campaign, we choose 10 influencers of different sizes and had them announce their live streaming session on their channels in order to encourage their audience to view, try the game out, as well as for the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones to play for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout alongside one of their favorite influencers. The announcement was done in a form of a giveaway, and the audience had to tag their friends on the post to have a chance to participate and be chosen for the opportunity to play live with their favorite influencer/s.

STATS: 5.4M targeted eyeballs reached, 21 posts in total, 22.3% average engagement rate both social channels