Roblox YouTube Channels



1. ROBLOX @Roblox (4.09M)

roblox youtube channels Roblox

It is the official Roblox YouTube channel with over 182 million views and 4.09 million followers. It was established in 2006 to connect all players. It distributes content, including game trailers, gameplay, tutorials, live streams, the most significant games, events, and awards. Although few new videos are posted, it’s one of the top Roblox YouTube channels to learn more about competitions and other events.

2. TOFUU @Tofuugaming (4.06M)

Roblox YouTube Channels

Toffuu is one of the most popular kid-friendly Roblox YouTube channels. Over 700 million people have viewed this channel, with 4.06 million subscribers. Toffuu posts three videos each week, and it’s for the ones who enjoy Roblox and Minecraft.

3. FLAMINGO @Flamingo (11.7M)

Roblox YouTube Channels

On Flamingo, there are numerous gameplays with a solid Roblox emphasis. This channel is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels, with over 9 billion views and 11.6 million subscribers, and Flamingo consistently publishes two videos daily. Flamingo is for everyone who wants to watch fresh gameplay videos daily.

4. DENIS @denisdaily (9.31M)

Roblox YouTube Channels

The Roblox YouTube channel Denis features family-friendly content, and it’s recommended for those seeking the best kid channels. Denis is one of the most popular Roblox YouTube channels, with 9.3 million subscribers, with over 3 billion views. Denis releases five videos every week, most of which are aimed towards kid-friendly games.

5. HYPER @hyperr (2.36K)

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Dylan owns one of the most popular Roblox YouTube channels called Hyper. All videos published are appropriate for children because it’s a kid-friendly channel, and kids will enjoy watching largely narrative-based videos. Hyper has over 648 million views and 2.36 million subscribers.

6. SKETCH @Sketchh (4.63M)

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Sketch is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels, especially for the fans of Hello Neighbour and PalsCraft. It has over 1 billion views and 4.63 million subscribers. Up to four new videos are posted on the channel weekly, which is enough to keep fans interested. The videos are amusing and ideal for children.

7. MOOSECRAFT ROBLOX @MooseBlox (829K)

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MooseCraft Roblox is one of the most entertaining Roblox Youtube Channels. The narrative-based content is created especially for children. With over 138 million views, the channel has 829K subscribers. With 29 videos posted annually by HappyHopper, fans can expect 1-2 new videos monthly.

8. POKE @PokeRB (5.28M)

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Zack publishes kid-friendly content on the quirky Poke Roblox YouTube account. The story-driven videos captivate viewers for a few solid minutes. Poke is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels, with 5.28 million subscribers and 1.4 billion views.

9. RADIOJH GAMES @RadioJHGames (1.12M)

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RadioJH Games is one of the top kid-friendly Roblox YouTube channels with different kinds of games with thought-provoking comments. RadioJH Games has 619 million views and 1.12 million subscriptions. This channel is ideal for girls, and its host, Audrey, posts five videos weekly.

10. GAMING WITH KEV @GamingWithKev (8.76M)

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GamingWithKev is a fun, humorous, engaging, and one of the top Roblox YouTube channels worldwide. Jokes and a variety of other entertaining videos may be found here. Every day a fresh video is posted to energise your day. GamingWithKev has More than 5 billion views and 8.76M subscribers.

11. ALEX CRAFTED @AlexCrafted (2.09M)

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The Roblox Youtube Channel Alex Crafted videos are entertaining and feature humorous commentary. This channel has more than 503 million views and 2.09 million subscriptions. Alex Crafted is one of the most popular Roblox Youtube channels, and fans can find new entertaining videos every day.

12. DFIELD MARK @DfieldMark (489K)

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Although DfieldMark’s Roblox YouTube channel isn’t updated frequently, it is still one of the top Roblox YouTube channels. Every video on the channel is tied to Roblox, making it essential for most Roblox fans. The channel has over 94 million views and 489K subscribers.

13. DAN TDM @DanTDM (26.8M)

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One of the most watched and subscribed Roblox YouTube channels is DanTDM. Every day channel has new content covering topics like Roblox, Minecraft, and Pokémon. DanTDM has more than 19 billion views and 26.8 million subscribers.

14. ALBERTS STUFF @AlbertsStuff (1.3K)

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One of the top Roblox YouTube channels is AlbertsStuff, which has 1 million views and 1.3 million followers. On AlbertsStuff, subscribers can see many Roblox games together with humorous commentary. There is a lot of new information for the fans because the channel has new videos daily.

15. ITS FUNNEH @ItsFunneh (10M)

Roblox Youtube Channels

Funneh is a humorous Roblox YouTube channel and is perfect for everyone looking for kid-friendly, humorous gaming videos. Content varies from Funny videos for Roblox to Minecraft. Funneh is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels, with almost 11 billion views and 10 million subscribers.

16. OBLIVIOUS HD @ObliviousHD_ (3.43M)

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ObliviousHD is among the most popular Roblox Youtube channels containing interesting animation videos. Despite the channel’s 7-month pause, it still boasts 3.43 million subscribers and more than 584 million views.

17. NICSTER @NicsterV (2.74M)

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For those who wish to stay up to date with the most recent events and news from the Roblox community, NicsterV is the ideal channel. The channel is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels maintained by Nicholas V, a young man who posts one engaging video daily. With over 2.74 million subscribers and over 344 million views, Nicholas is an expert at retaining viewers with his humorous commentary.

18. INQUISITOR MASTER @InquisitorMaster (10M)

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Many entertaining videos, including gameplay, challenges, amusing games, Tik Tok, and more, can be found on the incredible Roblox channel InquisitorMaster. Channel has new content every day to keep fans interested. With over 5 billion views and 10 million subscribers, InquisitorMaster is among the most popular Roblox YouTube channels.

19. GAMING WITH JEN @GamingWithJen (5.11M)

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Jen has 5.11 million subscribers to her popular Roblox YouTube channel GamingWithJen, where she publishes one video daily. She is known for humorous comments, and her channel is an excellent choice for everyone looking for girly Roblox YouTube channels.

20. LEAH ASHE @leahashe (4.97M)

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Leah Ashley, the woman behind the channel, in addition to gaming clips from Roblox, also provides cosmetics tutorials, vlogs, live streams, etc. She publishes one video daily to keep her 4.97 million viewers interested. Leah Ashe is among the well-known Roblox YouTube channels with over 1 billion views.

21. RUSSO PLAYS @russoplaysgames (2.84M) 

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With over 752 million views, RussoPlays has 2.84 million subscribers and is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels. RussoPlays posts entertaining kid-friendly videos like live streams, gameplay clips, and Roblox challenges.

22. PINK SHEEP @PinkSheep (1.52M)

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Another entertaining and one of the top Roblox YouTube channels is PinkSheep, which has over 265 million views and 1.52 million subscribers. Comparatively speaking to other Roblox YouTube channels, the posting frequency is low. However, one of the main reasons fans follow PinkSheep is because its content is fascinating.

23. ZEPH PLAYZ @ZephPlayz (2.07M)

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ZephPlayz is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels, with over 355 million views and 2.07 million subscribers. The owner of ZephPlayz posts one new video on Roblox daily. Hence, kids daily enjoy watching the hilarious commentary in the videos.

24. SEE DENG @SeeDeng (1.22M)

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SeeDeng is one of the most popular Roblox Youtube channels among the fans of Scary Horror, Jailbreak, or Murder Mystery 2. Every week, the channel has a brand-new Roblox gameplay video. 1.22 million people subscribe to SeeDeng, and its videos are fun and ideal for children.

25. IAM SANNA @iamSanna (6.55M)

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IamSanna is one of the most popular female-focused Roblox YouTube channels. More than 2 billion people have viewed her channel, with 6.55 million subscribers. IamSanna’s comedic content is ideal for girls.

26. LANKY BOX @LankyBox (24.3M)

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LankyBox, run by Justin, Adam, Boxy, and Foxy, is among the most popular Roblox YouTube channels. It dominates the competition with 24.3M subscribers on the platform. LankyBox occasionally posts six to seven videos daily, and this high frequency is unquestionably a significant factor in its popularity.

27. CALIXO PLAYZ @calixoplayz1443 (251K)

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Calixo is one of the top Roblox YouTube channels for children. Calixo attracted an extensive global following with its funny in-game commentary and entertaining, family-friendly material. Calixo has 251K subscribers, and its content includes brief theme-inspired avatars and entertaining storytelling.

28. BAX @bax3094 (1.97M)

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Thanks to several daily new uploads of 8-minute-long amusing videos, Bax has quickly accumulated 1.97M subscribers and become one of the top Roblox Youtube channels. Bax regularly broadcasts streams for games like Brawl Stars, Murder: To Kill or Not to Kill and The Visitor.

29. GRAVY CATMAN @gravycatman (3.93M)

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Gravycatman is one of the top Roblox Youtube channels with over 3.93 million platform subscribers. On Gravycatman, fans can find gameplay videos of many simulation-based games on Roblox, such as Little World, Field Trip Z, Pet Simulator X, Lifting Simulator, Strongman Simulator, and Ninja Legends.

30. LUTUTU @LuTuTu (1.69M)

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LuTuTu is one of the top Roblox Youtube channels that post fun gameplay videos starring the star avatar LuTuTu. It was established on June 30, 2015, and currently has 1.69M subscribers. LuTuTu also posts humorous memes on the channel based on Roblox.



In online gaming, Roblox has taken the industry by storm. Millions of players log in to this virtual world to create, play, and explore new worlds, making it one of the most popular gaming platforms. With Roblox’s growing popularity, it is no surprise that some of the biggest YouTube channels on this platform are dedicated to showcasing its content.

The top Roblox YouTube channels are talented individuals who have mastered the art of producing high-quality videos that are engaging and entertaining for their audience. Roblox YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, with their content ranging from gameplay tutorials to funny gaming moments.

Roblox YouTube channels not only entertain but also serve to promote social interaction within the gaming community. Roblox YouTube channels have played a crucial role in increasing Roblox’s popularity and accessibility, making it one of the most profitable gaming franchises in the world. The growth of Roblox YouTube channels is a testament to the platform’s staying power and the creativity of its community.

In conclusion, the Roblox community benefits significantly from the top YouTube channels showcasing its gameplay and inspiring others to create unique gaming experiences.


What type of content do Roblox YouTube channels produce?

Gameplay videos are one of the most popular types of content on Roblox YouTube channels. Players upload videos of themselves playing their favourite Roblox games, showcasing their skills and strategies. These videos are a great way for viewers to learn new tips and tricks for the games they love or see if they are interested in playing a game themselves.

Another popular type of content on Roblox YouTube channels is tutorials. Roblox is a platform that encourages players to create their games, and tutorials help them learn how to do it. These videos demonstrate how to create in-game items or design game levels, making it easier for novice players to explore and create on the platform.

Walkthroughs are another popular type of content on Roblox YouTube channels. Players upload videos of themselves playing a game from start to finish, providing a detailed guide for viewers who need help getting past a certain level or boss. These videos can be helpful for players who are stuck on a particular level or want to learn how to get better at a game.

Reviews and vlogs are also prevalent on Roblox YouTube channels. Players share their thoughts and opinions about the latest games on the Roblox platform. These reviews can help players make informed decisions before spending money on a new game. Meanwhile, vlogs provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of Roblox YouTubers and their experiences on the platform.

Why are Roblox YouTube channels so popular?

One of the primary reasons why Roblox YouTube channels have become so popular is due to the platform’s age demographic. Roblox is primarily played by children and pre-teens, who comprise a significant proportion of YouTube’s user base.

Another critical factor in the popularity of Roblox YouTube channels is the platform’s open-world nature. Roblox games are not linear, and as such, there are infinite possibilities for gameplay. This lends itself to a wide variety of video content that can be created, including tutorials, Let’s Plays and game reviews. This diversity of content ensures that there is something for every Roblox player to enjoy, which has helped to bolster the platform’s popularity.

Furthermore, Roblox’s user-generated content model has lent itself well to the YouTube ecosystem. The platform allows anyone to create and upload games, clothing, and other items in-game. This will enable players to take their creativity to the next level and share it with others.

Roblox YouTube channels have been able to capitalize on this by creating videos showcasing the best user-generated content on the platform. This has helped build a community of creators around the game and given viewers a glimpse into the vast amount of content available on the platform.

Finally, Roblox YouTube channels have also capitalized on the platform’s social aspect. The game allows players to make friends and interact with each other. This has led to a thriving Roblox community on social media platforms like YouTube, where players can share their experiences and make new friends

Many Roblox YouTube channels have built their audience around this community aspect by creating collaborative videos with famous players, hosting live streams, and creating challenges that unite the community.

How to find some of the best Roblox YouTube channels?

With so many Roblox YouTube channels, it can be difficult for players and parents to know which ones are worth watching. Fortunately, there are a few key strategies that you can use to identify some of the best Roblox YouTube channels out there.

The first step is to search for Roblox YouTube channel with a high engagement level with their viewers. This can be measured by looking at the number of likes, comments, and shares on their videos and the overall number of subscribers they have.

Another vital aspect to consider when searching for the top Roblox YouTube channels is the quality of their content. High-quality channels often have well-produced and edited videos with engaging commentary and gameplay. They may also experiment with unique and creative gaming challenges or showcase the latest and greatest mods and add-ons for the game.

In addition to these factors, looking for Roblox YouTube channels with a strong sense of community and engagement with their viewers is essential. This can be demonstrated by Roblox YouTube channels that frequently interact with their viewers in the comments section, host live streams or multiplayer games with subscribers, or participate in charity events and other community-building activities.