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Amra & Elma SEO Case Study

Amra & Elma SEO Case Study –  1,720% Growth in Impressions in 2 Months and 250% Growth in Sales (New Brand)

Amra & Elma offers SEO services that focus on organic search optimization transforming brands from non-indexed (non-existent on Google) to no 1 ranked brands with thousands of impressions in just 2 months. We focus on building high quality UX, technical optimization and advising on platforms and software, server optimization (speed and performance, i.e. eliminating 504 errors, etc), copywriting, infographics (boosting session duration and decreasing the bounce rate), landing page optimization, authority building through top PR and blog outreach, and more!

The result of this SEO case study includes taking a new and unknown brand and transforming it into one of the most popular companies on Google.

Beauty Brand – The Heavenly Life Website

SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study of a Beauty Brand The Heavenly Life

1. SEO Case Study – Problem

The Heavenly Life, a new beauty brand sold exclusively on Amazon, was looking to boost interest in their products. They initially wanted to partner with influencers to increase demand for their Amazon store, but were interested in long term organic growth that would result in consistent increase in the popularity and sales of their beauty line. Their goal was a more permanent solution that would allow for continuous improvement in their revenue.

A) Before working with Amra & ElmaThis SEO case study shows that The Heavenly Life was not indexed on Google, had no ranking, had 1 backlink, had 0 ranked keywords, and had traffic value $0 (report shown below).


B) Before working with Amra & Elma speedThis SEO case study shows that The Heavenly Life had super low speed that was one of the factors preventing the brand from great ranking and website traffic

I) BEFORE – Super Slow Mobile Speed: 14/100

Screen Shot 2021 04 08 at 4.26.06 PM

II) BEFORE – Slow Desktop Speed: 71/100

Screen Shot 2021 04 08 at 4.26.13 PM

I) AFTER – Super Fast Mobile Speed: 91/100

SEO Case Study

II) AFTER – Slow Desktop Speed: 100/100

Screen Shot 2021 04 09 at 3.09.37 PM

2. SEO Case Study – Solution


Amra & Elma devised a growth plan for The Heavenly Life that consisted of permanent changes to the popularity and sales of the brand through growth in organic search on Google, Amazon SEO, branding, user-interface redesign, web-development, and influencer marketing. The plan involved a total make-over of the digital foot-print of the brand, and transformation in the ranking, visibility, and popularity of their products.

Amra & Elma Infographic re-design for blog post ranking and call to action on their Amazon store: 

SEO Case Study
SEO Case Study
After working with Amra & Elma for less than 2 months (Google search results):
– Ranked top 4 nationwide for “best Chamomile shampoo” right below Target and Ulta 
SEO Case Study

3. SEO Case Study – Result (Less Than 2 Months)

Within 2 month, Amra & Elma transformed The Heavenly Life ranking from non-indexed (non-existent) page to no 4 in the entire U.S. for keywords like “best Chamomile Shampoo” where the brand appeared right below the likes of Ulta and Target. Within only a 2 month period, the brand went from 0 authority and 0 keywords ranked to 350+ backlinks and 36 keywords ranked. Their website traffic jumped from 0 impressions to 1,720+ impressions within 1 and a half months.
After working with Amra & Elma for less than 2 months (Google Search Console results):
– From 0 to 1,720 impressions 
– From 0 to 54 clicks
SEO Case Study
After working with Amra & Elma for less than 2 months (SEO report results):
– Domain Rating (DR) changes: from N/A to DR6
– Backlink changes: from 1 to 355 backlinks
– Referring domains changes: from 1 to 35 domains
– Organic keywords ranked: 0 to 35 organic keywords
SEO Case Study


– “Our website performance, as well as our overall sales that have increased over 250% in under 4 months.”
– “They helped us improve our online presence, increase customer engagements and sales, as well as refine our website’s look and feel, performance, SEO, and google
SEO Case Study