In 2023, TikTok activists will play an even more important role in society. With the growing global community of TikTok users, activists can now reach a wider audience and spread messages on critical issues that affect people worldwide. TikTok allows activists to connect with their followers and create a personal touch to their messages, which resonates well with younger audiences.

Furthermore, TikTok’s algorithm has also played a crucial role in amplifying voices often ignored by mainstream media. The app’s algorithm is designed to prioritize trending content. Thus, by creating content on essential issues, TikTok activists have the opportunity to reach a global audience and influence positive change.

TikTok activists also play a significant role in fostering social movements. TikTok activists strategically use hashtags, dances, and other social media tools to unite and mobilize people worldwide towards a common goal. With the growing trend towards social justice globally, TikTok has become an essential platform for activists to promote equality and justice.

By using the power of this influential platform, TikTok activists can have a real-world impact and drive meaningful change. With the growing global community of TikTok users, activists can connect with people worldwide and foster social movements that prioritize social justice, equality, and fairness for all. The impact of TikTok Activists will continue to grow in the coming years, and their tireless efforts will ultimately lead to a better and more inclusive world.

Here’s the list of Amra & Elma Top 30 TikTok Activists to follow in 2023.


1. ELISE JOSHI @elisejoshi (131.4K)

TikTok activists elise

Joshi is one of the most influential TikTok activists, with about 131.1K fans. She constantly analyses the most recent climate change news and offers advice on what to do next. Joshi was aware of what she could do on an individual level to impact climate change, such as recycling more and not buying fast fashion. She discovered that companies must be held accountable because they have the most responsibility.

2. OLIVIA JULIANNA @0liviajulianna (641.4K)

TikTok activists 0liviajulianna

Olivia Julianna had no idea that her viral TikTok video would carry her to the Texas Women’s March platform. She addressed 35,000 attendees with a passionate statement on abortion rights and reproductive health care. Olivia, one of the most influential TikTok activists, has 641.4 TikTok subscribers and frequently analyses what’s happening in her native state.

3. EVIE MEG @thistrippyhippie (16.1M)

TikTok activists thistrippyhippie

With her 16.1 million fans, Evie is one of the most influential TikTok activists that helps spread awareness of Tourette’s condition. She aims to clarify common misconceptions about tics, seizures, and spasms, which can be debilitating and frequently misunderstood. While her content is entertaining and informative,  it focuses on eradicating the stigma associated with Tourette’s syndrome.

4. NIKKI CHRISTOU @nikkililly (8.9M)

TikTok activists nikkililly

With her 8 million followers, Nikki Lilly (real name Nikki Christou) shares her experiences living with the uncommon medical illness arteriovenous malformation (AVM). As one of the most popular TikTok activists, she proves what she states in her bio, “I look different, but I’m the same as u”. Another thing worth mentioning is her YouTube channel, which has 1.94M subscribers.

5. LUCY EDWARDS @lucyedwards (1.9M)

TikTok activists lucyedwards

As the first-ever blind presenter for BBC Radio 1, Lucy Edwards utilises her TikTok platform to educate people about what life is like for blind people daily, from doing the laundry to ordering a takeaway. She is currently one of the top TikTok activists and Pantene Ambassador.

6. FLORENCE SIMPSON @florence.simpsonn (594.4K)

TikTok activists florence.simpsonn

One of the top TikTok activists, Florence Simpson, talks about everything from PCOS to tasty recipes while offering advice on developing body confidence and self-love. She started up for TikTok in lockdown (May 2020) to get back into her old jeans. She also wanted to document her path towards appreciating her body and avoiding fad diets. Flo exhorts individuals to embrace their flaws and emphasizes the importance of both physical and mental wellness.

7. HANNAH & BECKY CHEETHAM @cheethamswithdreams (2.1M)

TikTok activists cheethamswithdreams

Hannah and Becky Cheetham are TikTok activists and sisters from Manchester who run the account @cheethamswithdreams to inspire others and raise awareness about cerebral palsy. Becky, a pediatric nurse, frequently responds to inquiries on TikTok regarding her sister Hannah’s cerebral palsy and the effects of using a wheelchair and being classified as disabled in their life and relationships.

8. MICHAEL DAPAAH @michaeldapaah_ (1M)

TikTok activists michaeldapaah_

Michael is one of the top TikTok activists and a rising sensation in the comedy world. He has dominated TikTok with his hilarious role plays about everyday life. Michael frequently draws inspiration from his background and the Black community. He is a vocal advocate for equality and anti-racism.  His YouTube channel also has a big following of 2.03M subscribers.

9. SOPHIA SMITH GALER @sophiasmithgaler (489.2K)

TikTok activists sophiasmithgaler

Sophia is a VICE News journalist and one of the top TikTok activists. She uses TikTok to showcase her journalistic career and explore the relationship between language, identity, and her mixed ancestry background. She opens out about her mixed-race upbringing, career aspirations, and the difficulties confronting women.

10. JESSICA KELLGREN-FOZARD @jessicaoutofthecloset (329.2K)

TikTok activists jessicaoutofthecloset

Deaf vintage fashion and lifestyle influencer Jessica uses her platform to dispel misconceptions about the LGBTQ+ communities and the realities of living with a disability. Jessica, one of the most influential TikTok activists, demonstrates the power of optimism. She has been a vocal supporter of Purple Tuesday’s disability awareness campaign.

11. KIERA SPANN @famousblonde (732.3K)

TikTok activists famousblonde

On Kiera’s TikTok account, fans can find political updates, her lifestyle with her boyfriend and many more exciting things. Still, they can also learn what’s happening at the University of Delaware. She describes speaking up as “a responsibility I’m proud to fulfil. She’s determined to keep the conversation about violence on college campuses alive by being active on TikTok. Additionally, she has a good chance of succeeding, as she is one of the top TikTok activists with over 732,000 followers.

12. SOFIA ONGELE @sewpheeyuh (298.9K)

TikTok activists sewpheeyuh

In addition to having more than 298,000 followers on TikTok, where Sofia posts videos outlining progressive actions and describing what it’s like to be a young Black woman in America, Sofia Ongele is also a coder and self-described “hacktivist” who develops websites that facilitate civic engagement. Sofia is one of the well-known TikTok activists in the political sphere.

13. SPENCER WEST @spencer2thewest (4.3M)

TikTok activists spencer2thewest

Using honesty and humor, Spencer West discusses his life as a homosexual guy with physical limitations daily. He discusses the physical obstacles he might face and how he gets through them. He also educates audiences on the history and culture of the LGBTQ+ community and how it relates to issues of disability rights. He is one of the top TikTok activists and uses his platform to encourage us to be more critical of those around us while creating a safe atmosphere for everyone intrigued about impairments.

14. KAREN TANG @karentangmd (440.2K)

TikTok activists karentangmd

Karen is an active gynecological surgeon, an expert in pelvic pain, and a tenacious supporter of bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. She dispels beliefs about reproductive organs that are heteronormative and informs her audience about both normal and abnormal reproductive health conditions. Dr Tang uses her platform to denounce the false information that politicians and other influential groups propagate. Karen has over 440k followers on TikTok and is one of the most influential TikTok activists worldwide.

15. THE BLACK MENACES @blackmenaces (714.7K)

TikTok activists blacklackmenaces

The Black Menaces are top TikTok activists with chapters in numerous PWIs (predominantly white institutions). Their interviews are enlightening and investigative, exposing any possible racial, sexual, and gender biases among PWI students.  What keeps them relevant is their ongoing polling of student opinions on contemporary social concerns.

16. MICHAEL ASHOORI @usimmigrationlawyers (135.6K)

TikTok activists usimmigrationlawyers

Working as a lawyer, Michael Ashoori uses his position to educate illegal immigrants on the complex immigration laws in the United States. He offers advice on obtaining a green card or visa, what rights illegal immigrants have in the country, and how to deal with any legal issues that may emerge while undocumented. He is one of the top TikTok activists in the law sphere.

17. KAHLIL GREENE @kahlilgreene (604.5K)

TikTok activists kahlilgreene

In his work “Hidden History,” digital historian Kahlil Greene focuses on the unjust acts carried out by various American organizations during the country’s brief history. Additionally, he publishes more recent cultural criticism in his series “How Everything on This App Originated with Black People” highlighting racial appropriation instances. Kahlil is one of the top TikTok activists, with 604.5K followers on the platform.

18. GEN-Z FOR CHANGE @genzforchange (1.7M)

TikTok activists Gen-Z for Change

A group of TikTok activists known as Gen-Z For Change employ guerilla methods to prevent political organizations from disseminating harmful agendas. To show their support for Starbucks Workers United, they have inundated Starbucks with 88,000 fictitious job applications. In opposition to Texas’s new, intrusive anti-abortion law,  Gen-Z For Change also brought down Texas Right to Life’s website.

19. IMANI BARBARIN @crutches_and_spice (535.9K)

TikTok activists crutches_and_spice

Imani Barbarin, an advocate for intersectional disability rights, talks about how society purposefully excludes and marginalizes individuals with disabilities from institutions like the workplace and education. She is one of the top TikTok activists who uses her platform to remind us about uplifting disabled people.

20. ZAHRA BIABANI @zbtheclimateoptimist (19.9K)

TikTok activists Zahra Biabani

Zahra Biabani is a writer, CEO, influencer, and one of the climate TikTok activists. Her writing focuses on climate action, humor, optimism, and hope. During her junior year at Vanderbilt University, Zahra unintentionally started a career as an online sustainability educator and influencer. She informs us about how to protect the environment and provides essential updates.

21. MADELINE STUART @madelinestuartmodel (78K) 

TikTok activists madelinestuartmodel

Madeline Stuart is making history as the first person with Down syndrome to pursue a career as a professional model. Madeline is a well-known international fashion figure who has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Italy and on the runways of New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Madeline is one of the TikTok activists who encourages people of all abilities to embrace their authentic selves with her hashtag campaign, #PowerMaddie, which promotes acceptance of those with disabilities.

22. ED WINTERS @earthlinged (29.6K)

TikTok activists earthlinged

Earthling Ed is a popular figure in the online animal activism community and one of the top TikTok activists worldwide. Ed utilizes his Instagram and TikTok accounts as a discussion forum for controversies around well-known anti-vegan claims and to bring attention to the happenings of animal cruelty.  He focuses on educating people about the vegan lifestyle and the protection of animals.

23. NADYA OKAMOTO @nadyaokamoto (4.1M)

TikTok activists nadya okamoto

Nadia Okamoto is a female empowerment leader and founder of PERIOD Inc. She is committed to ending menstrual poverty and stigma through ministry and education. She is the founder and former CEO of the nonprofit PERIOD. She is also one of the top TikTok activists and the author of the book “PERIOD POWER”.

24. BLAIR IMANI @blairimani (99.5K)

TikTok activists blairimani

Blair Imani is one of the most popular TikTok activists and teachers of intersectionality, gender studies, race, sociology, and American history. She has delivered lectures and presentations at various universities, including Oxford, Stanford, Brown, Harvard, Duke, and others.

25. CHLOE HAYDEN @chloeshayden (736.6K)

TikTok activists chloeshayden

Chloé Hayden is among the best TikTok activists and a developing pioneer within the worldwide battle for social equity. Her activism has amplified to push for respectful rights, natural equity and sexual orientation uniformity.

26. ELLA WILLIS @ellaellaw (329.6K)

TikTok activists ellaellaw

Ella is one of the most well-known TikTok activists and a self-described autistic content creator dedicated to education and entertainment. Along with humorous memes and trends, Ella also offers personal information about what it’s like to live daily as a disabled LGBTQIA+ person.

27. TARA BELLEROSE @tarabellerose (714.2K)

TikTok activists tarabellerose

Tara, who resides in a rural area of Australia on a farm, utilizes her TikTok account to showcase the beauty of our planet and the importance of its preservation. She produces educational videos on the natural world, wildlife, and other aspects of the earth. She is one of the top TikTok activists reminding us of our influence on our home planet.

28. DREW AFUALO @drewafualo (8M)

TikTok activists drewafualo

To combat sexism and advance women’s rights, Drew is a leading voice against misogyny in the TikTok world. She is one of the top TikTok activists, and her specialty on TikTok is collecting videos of guys making disparaging remarks about women and putting them together with her scathing rebuttal.

29. TAYLOR BRIGHT @sustainablecherub (139.5M)

TikTok activists sustainablecherub

Taylor Bright is one of the top TikTok activists, and to her fans, she offers practical tips for everyday sustainability that anyone may follow. Taylor’s videos are kind and inviting, allowing everyone to begin living more deliberately.

30. RYNN STAR @rynnstar (1.1M)

TikTok activists rynnstar

Rynn is one of the top TikTok activists who post TikToks on issues like the underlying racism of transportation networks. Additionally, she uses podcasts to ensure that her ideas may reach as many people as possible.



One of the critical benefits of TikTok is the democratization of access to information and the ability to connect people across borders and cultures. Unlike traditional media, where only a few voices are heard, and influential players control the narrative, TikTok offers a much more diverse and inclusive space for a wide range of perspectives and opinions. By harnessing the power of user-generated content, TikTok activists can create a ripple effect that can spread rapidly and exponentially, creating a groundswell of support for their causes and amplifying their impact.

Another critical advantage of TikTok activists is creating a sense of community and solidarity among like-minded individuals who may otherwise be isolated and disconnected. By using hashtags and other tools to connect with each other, TikTok activists can build networks of support and exchange ideas and resources that can help sustain their campaigns over the long term. This is particularly important for marginalized communities who may not have access to traditional media or political power.

In addition to the unique advantages offered by the platform itself, TikTok activists are essential because of the urgent social issues that continue to demand attention and action in 2023. These include environmental degradation, economic inequality, social injustice, and many others. TikTok activists are at the forefront of these movements. TikTok activists use their creativity and passion to bring attention to the issues and hold those in power accountable for their actions.


What type of content do TikTok activists produce?

One common theme among TikTok activists is the goal of uplifting marginalized communities and amplifying their voices. They use TikTok to educate people about racism, sexism, ableism, and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. TikTok activists frequently utilize features like hashtags, challenges, and sounds to engage with their followers and create a sense of community around the causes that they support.

TikTok activists also produce content highlighting the need for action on climate change and environmental degradation. Moreover, they focus on creating awareness about the importance of adopting sustainable living practices and reducing carbon footprints.

Their content can include tips on eco-friendly living or provide insights into the impact of human activities on the environment. By doing so, TikTok activists use their platform to advocate for environmental justice and emphasize the urgency of climate action.

In conclusion, TikTok activists use a combination of humor, creativity, and activism to create content that promotes social justice, raises awareness about issues affecting marginalized communities, and demands action from policymakers and society at large. Their content covers various topics and provides a platform for critical conversations and transformative change.

Why are TikTok activists so popular?

TikTok activists have recently gained immense popularity due to their ability to harness the power of the social media platform to raise awareness and advocate for social justice causes. TikTok has provided a new way for activists to reach a massive audience, spreading their message and motivating people to take action.

One of the key factors that make TikTok activists so popular is the accessibility of the platform. TikTok is free and requires only a smartphone and internet connection to create and share content. This makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their social or economic status, to have a voice and participate in the conversation, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities that have historically been ignored.

Another significant factor in the popularity of TikTok activists is their ability to create content that resonates with a wide range of people. They use humor, music, and creative visuals to communicate their message effectively to a younger audience, who may not be as interested in traditional forms of activism, like speeches or protests.

TikTok activists have also successfully addressed various issues, from climate change, racial injustice, and gender-based violence to political corruption, economic inequality, and public health crises.

What does the future hold for TikTok activists?

The future looks bright and promising for TikTok activists. The platform offers a unique and powerful tool for voicing opinions and reaching a global audience. With its algorithm-based content discovery system, TikTok can help boost the visibility of socially relevant videos, bringing them to the forefront of discussions and debates.

Moreover, unlike traditional forms of activism, TikTok activists are more inclusive and accessible, enabling people from all walks of life to participate and contribute to social causes. The platform’s ease of use, short-form video format, and ability to add filters and special effects also appeal to TikTok activism, making it fun and engaging for creators and viewers.

TikTok activists have already played a crucial role in raising awareness about critical issues like climate change, racial injustice, and gender inequality. For instance, the platform’s Black Lives Matter movement saw millions of users worldwide sharing videos, providing information, and demanding justice for victims of systemic racism.

In recent years, TikTok activists have helped raise awareness about various social issues, including climate change, and LGBTQ+ rights. They have also helped educate people about mental health, body positivity, and other important topics. The success of these campaigns shows that TikTok activism can be a powerful force for positive change.

In conclusion, the future looks bright for TikTok activists. As the platform grows and evolves, TikTok activism will become even more influential. With its unique format and ability to connect people worldwide, TikTok offers a powerful tool for raising awareness and promoting positive change. As we move into the future, we can expect to see even more inspiring campaigns and activism on the platform.

TikTok activists will likely grow in significance and impact, with more individuals and organizations leveraging the platform to raise awareness and initiate change.