Top TikTok Models


In the rapidly growing world of social media and influencer culture, TikTok models have become the new face of modeling. Brands are shifting their focus to TikTok models as their audiences continue to grow and engage with their content daily. Since TikTok models have a large and loyal following, they can easily expand their reach and expose their brand to potential customers.

The popularity of TikTok models has also fueled a new wave of influencer marketing, as they are currently in demand from businesses for partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations. TikTok models have become a powerful marketing tool to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales.

Moreover, TikTok models have disrupted the traditional modeling industry, challenging the conventional notions of beauty standards and representation. TikTok models have shown that modeling is not just about physical appearance but also about personality and individuality. They have opened doors for more diverse and inclusive representation in media.

TikTok models have emerged as a new and exciting phenomenon in the world of social media and modeling. TikTok models have proven to be valuable assets for brands and influencers and have led to a new wave of creativity, authenticity, and inclusivity in the modeling industry. As the TikTok platform continues to grow, we can anticipate more models to surface and take the world by storm.

Amra & Elma has put together a list of some of the most popular TikTok models to follow in 2023.


1. BRITANY XAVIER @brittany.xavier (5.2M)

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To display her clothing findings from her favorite retail stores as well as goods from thrift and vintage stores, fashion blogger Brittany Xavier launched her blog, Thrifts & Threads, in December 2013. On TikTok, where she has 5.2 million followers, Xavier makes vlogs, haul videos, and films for popular TikTok sounds. Xavier stopped blogging on her official blog to focus on expanding her presence on other platforms. Now, she is one of the most popular TikTok models and she solely updates her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

2. ETHAN GLENN @ethantglenn (403.5K)

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With his contemporary sense of style, fashion and lifestyle blogger Ethan Glenn has established himself as a leader in the field. With his 403.5 TikTok followers, he has established himself as one of the top TikTok models and a go-to source for fashion inspiration and advice. Ethan’s use of vintage and streetwear in his clothes is one of the things that sets him different from other influencers.

3. VANESSA CHEN @vivacious.honey (2.4M)

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As one of the most popular TikTok models, Vanessa Chen has left her stamp on the world of content creation. She has 1.45 million YouTube subscribers, 949K Instagram followers, and 2.4 million TikTok followers under the alias vivacious.honey. Vanessa’s trick for producing fashion content despite rapidly shifting fashion trends is giving her own touch to the new online trends.

4. CHARLOTTE ROBERTS @charlottelooks (9M)

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The English TikTok star Charlotte Roberts has 9 million followers on her TikTok account and she is one of the top TikTok models worldwide. Charlotte began her journey in March 2019, and since then, she has continued to post videos to be an active creator on TikTok. Many fans love the brief makeup tutorials she frequently posts. As one of the most well known TikTok models, she has worked with many other male and female TikTok stars. She also manages a lifestyle and fashion Instagram account.

5. SARAH MIGUSARA @sarahmagusara (17.8M)

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Sarah Magusara is one of Australia’s most popular TikTok models, a well-known social media personality, and a vlogger. She is also renowned for sharing her lip-syncing videos on her TikTok channel. In addition to TikTok, she is popular on several other social media sites, such as Instagram, where she has 1.1 million followers.

6. HANNAH ENGLISH @ms_hannah_e (10.4K)

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It would be incorrect to assume Hannah is just one of the most popular TikTok models. She is also a scientist by day who works in clinical research, and she has a serious goal to make sunscreen trendy. She has developed a personal philosophy about what makes her feel good and she is sharing valuable information on TikTok, where she has 10.4K Followers.

7. MARCUS MILIONE @marcusmilione (355.9K)

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Marcus Milione is among the top fashion TikTok models who have a significant following due to his captivating content and engaging personality. With over 355.9k TikTok followers aplatform, he has emerged as a prominent figure in the social media scene Milione collaborate with various companies and brands. He generated a significant amount of revenue through these collaborations, which has helped him establish himself as a successful brand ambassador.

8. CARLA ROCKMORE @carlarockmore  (1.3M)

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Carla Rockmore has over a million TikTok followers for a reason.  She is one of the most well-known TikTok models and a full-time content creator. Throughout her 30-year career, Carla has designed apparel and accessories in Montreal, Toronto, and Amsterdam while extensively traveling the globe.

9. JULIAN CARTER @juulian.c (329.3K)

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One of the top male TikTok models is Julian Carter. A young engineer from Huntsville who is recognized for his love of  wearing hyper-functional apparel.
As a way of drawing viewers’ attention, Mr. Carter prefers to open his TikToks with the finished product, in contrast to other creators who unveil their creations towards the end of their clips.

10. CAROLINE VAZZANA @cvazzana (566.5K)

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Caroline Vazzana is a fashion editor, stylist, influencer, author, and the creator of “Making it in Manhattan.” In addition to being the owner of, Vazzana is one of the most well-known TikTok models today. She participates in many social media brand collaborations and campaigns. Vazzana has been highlighted for her distinctive sense of style in Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, VOGUE, and Elle.

11. ALBERT MUZQUIZ @edgyalbert (270.8K)

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Albert Muzquiz, a TikToker who is a blend of California Western with a splash of obsession with pants, promotes his unique style and tips on the app. He is one of the top male TikTok models and is known as a “denim expert” by BAMF Style.

12. LEONIE HANNE @leoniehanne (1.7M)

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Leonie Hanne, a former strategy consultant, is now recognized as one of the world’s top TikTok models and influencers. Leonie has appeared as the face of international ads for brands like La Mer and Louis Vuitton. According to Cosmopolitan, Lyst, and Launchmetrics, Leonie Hanne is one of the top trendsetters of 2020 and one of the most significant fashion influencers in Germany.

13. VIOLET EZEDIMORA @violetezedimora (443.9K)

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One of the best-known TikTok models Violet Ezedimora motivates others with her distinctive and vivid taste. Her TikTok account is full of stylish and motivational content that gives her followers a glimpse into her style. Violet is an expert on the newest styles and she uses her platform to encourage people to develop their sense of fashion.

14. ROSE GALLAGHER @rosegallagherbeauty (36.4K)

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Rose Gallagher is a beauty artist, an author, and one of the most popular TikTok models. Rose Gallagher often teaches lip liner hacks and how to cover up rosacea with a foundation in her TikTok videos. Her work stands out from others because of the clear and simple cosmetics advice she provides.

15. MATHIEU SIMONEAU @mathieusimoneau (1.4M)

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The best opportunity to learn about life as a male model will come from one of the most popular Canadian TikTok models Mathieu Simoneau. Simoneau’s TikToks illustrate fashion at an unmatched level, especially he is showcasing what goes on behind the scenes at the l runway events.

16. MACY ELENI @blazedandglazed (484.8K)

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Macy Eleni is an entertainer, content creator, mental health advocate, and one of the most popular TikTok models in the United States. She uses social platforms to share her affinity with secondhand shops. Eleni debuted her TikTok account in July 2020, and now her TikTok platform is covering topics like sustainability and fashion.

17. JAKE-JAMIE WARD @jakejamie (2.3M)

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Jake-Jamie is well-known as one of the creators of the popular watermelon face mask. He is one of the top male TikTok models and currently, he has more than 2.3 million followers on TikTok. He became famous when he launched the #MakeupIsGenderless online movement. Later on, he was chosen to represent L’Oreal UK.

18. GILMHER CROES @gilmhercroes (35.4K)

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With a staggering 35.4M followers, Gilmher is one of the most popular TikTok models. His humorous, brief  TikToks have a high amount of engagement. Together with his brother Jayden Croes, a well-known TikTok influencer, they run a YouTube channel.

19. KRISTINE THOMPSON @trendycurvy (1.7M)

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With 1.7 million followers on TikTok, Kristine Thompson, aka @TrendyCurvy, is a plus-size fashion blogger who is well-known for her plus-size fashion halls and style advice. In September 2013, Kristine launched a blog with the tagline “A Curvy Girl Living in a Trendy World.” She intends to demonstrate that plus-size ladies can be as fashionable and stunning as anyone else. She is the founder of Kin by Kristine, and she has been featured in Essence and Glamour magazines.

20. GABE LLOYD @dairylandvintage (61K)

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One of the top TikTok models, Gabe Lloyd utilizes his platform to talk about his passion for sports and vintage apparel. His TikTok includes videos from his thrift store excursions, advice on how to find the best deals on eBay, photos of some of his most recent purchases, and even instructions on how to give vintage clothing new life.

21. MARK BOUTILIER @mark_boutilier (132.3K) 

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Mark Boutilier is one of the most popular TikTok models and is considered to be a contemporary fashion critic. He shares his opinion about the rest of TikTok’s fashion community and current trends. His TikTok reached 132.3K Followers.

22. REMI JO @remibader (2.2M)

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Remi Bader in March 2021, and she has already amassed 2.2 million followers on  TikTok. Her tweets emphasize styles and trends from well-known clothing labels while criticizing size variations between brands. As one of the top TikTok models, Bader has partnered with Victoria’s Secret and L’Oreal.

23. CORY INFINITE @coryinfinite (249.6K)

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Cory Infinite is famous for his  divisive fashion philosophy. The artist is one of the top TikTok models, and he frequently encourages followers to be distinctive and devoted to their work. He often wears a white cap that says, “Be You. Be Infinite.”

24. JOHN MERRY @beeautygoddess (3.5M)

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John Merry (aka Beauty Goddess), one of Nigeria’s top TikTok models, was selected TikTok Influencer of the Year in 2021 according to Pulse. Her 3.5 million followers recognize her fashion and beauty material, which includes everything from casual to ultra-glam outfits. She collaborates with a wide range of companies and artists.

25. ASHLEY QUIROZ @ashleyquiroz_ (380.3K)

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Ashley Quiroz is one of the top TikTok models worldwide. Her TikTok content is a mix of makeup videos, beauty tips, lip-syncs, and cosmetics. Quiroz has a substantial following on TikTok, currently boasting over 380.3K followers who tune in to see her latest posts.

26. BEX CAMPBELL @bexcxmpbell (591.4K)

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Bex Campbell is a makeup artist, one of the top beauty TikTok models, and the owner of a lash company. She has a popular TikTok account with 591.4K Followers. The London-based beauty influencer went to school for cosmetics after becoming interested in products while perusing her mother’s vanity as a young girl. She later worked as a makeup artist at London Fashion Week. She currently collaborates with some well-known cosmetic firms.

27. WISDOM KAYE @wisdm8 (9.3M)

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Kaye is one of the top fashion TikTok models, and he has accumulated more than 9.3 million followers since publishing his first TikTok in January 2020. His clothing pays attention to the 1970s in a fresh, contemporary approach and frequently borrows ideas from two of his favorite designers, Hedi Slimane and Rick Owens. Because of his approachable styling, Kaye’s story is both educational and entertaining.

28. NATHAN HOPKINSON @curlyfrysfeed (289.7K)

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Nathan Hopkinson is social media influencer and one of the most popular TikTok models in the United Kingdom. On TikTok where he reached 289.7K followers, he is well-known for his adventurous sense of style and #GRWM videos. Nathan has been signed to NEXT Model Management as a result of his popularity on TikTok. He has immediately become a popular model for brands and designers because of his outstanding appearance and distinctive sense of style.

29. MANJUL KHATTAR @manjullll (13.9M)

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Manjul Khattar is one of the most popular Indian TikTok models who became well-known for his amusing TikTok posts. He frequently uploads humorous videos or lip-syncs to popular Hindi songs. He has 13.9 million followers even though he uploads in the Indian language.

30. ALEXA JADE @the.navarose (5.9M)

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Nava Rose, also known as Alexa Jade, is one of the top TikTok models who has achieved great success on TikTok. She had collaborations with companies like ASOS, Reebok, and DSW. Her TikTok content is mainly focused on fashion and styling, and one of her most well-liked features is a Q&A series where she shows her followers how to wear trends and colors that are difficult to wear.



TikTok models are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of digital content creation. These models are individuals who create and publish short-form video content on the Chinese social media platform, TikTok. Essentially, they are social media influencers who have gained prominence and popularity for their ability to create visually compelling and entertaining videos.

The content created by TikTok models ranges from lip-syncing performances to dance routines, comedy skits, and creative videos that showcase their unique personalities and talents. These models have gained significant followings on TikTok, with some boasting millions of followers, and their popularity continues to grow as more people discover their unique style and approach.

The rise of TikTok models can be attributed to the platform’s algorithm, which prioritizes content based on the individual user’s preferences and interests. This means that a user who engages with content from a TikTok model is likely to see more of their videos, which can quickly lead to viral success for the model.

In conclusion, TikTok models are well-known social media influencers who have become incredibly popular by creating visually compelling and entertaining content on the TikTok platform.

Their ability to connect with younger audiences and create content that resonates with their interests and trends has made them a prominent force in the world of social media. As the popularity of TikTok continues to grow, we will likely see even more TikTok models rise to prominence in the future.


What type of social media content do TikTok models produce?

First and foremost, TikTok models use video content as their primary means of sharing their content with followers. These videos are short, typically around 15 seconds long, and feature both sound and visuals that grab viewer attention. Many TikTok models use filters, effects, and editing techniques to make these videos more visually interesting and entertaining.

One key aspect of the content produced by TikTok models is that they often feature fashion and beauty-related content. As models, these individuals have particular expertise in fashion, makeup, and hair styling, and they leverage this expertise to create content that showcases their style and insights into trends. Many TikTok models also use their TikTok accounts to share beauty tips and tutorials, collaborating with makeup and skincare brands to promote their products.

In addition to fashion and beauty-themed videos, TikTok models also produce a wide variety of content related to their hobbies and interests. These can range from cooking and DIY to fitness and dance, with some models leveraging their platforms to showcase their talents and skills in these areas. Some TikTok models also produce more personal content, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives and highlighting their personalities and unique traits.

Another key aspect of the content produced by TikTok models is that it is often highly engaging and interactive. Many models encourage their followers to engage with them in creative ways, using features such as duets and challenges to encourage participation and viewer feedback. In this way, TikTok models encourage a sense of community and connection among their followers, making their accounts not just about passive content consumption but also about active engagement and interaction.

Overall, TikTok models produce a diverse range of social media content that is visually engaging, fashion-forward, and often interactive. By leveraging their expertise in fashion and beauty along with their talents and unique personalities, they can attract a wide range of followers and create a sense of community on the platform. Whether you are interested in fashion, beauty, cooking, dance, or just following interesting and engaging individuals, TikTok models provide a wealth of content that is sure to entertain and inspire.

Do TikTok models collaborate with TikTok marketing agencies?

TikTok models, or creators who specialize in creating short-form videos on the platform, have become increasingly popular and have garnered attention from marketing agencies looking to leverage their audience and reach. As such, the relationship between TikTok models and TikTok marketing agencies has become a topic of interest.

To answer the question of whether TikTok models collaborate with marketing agencies, the short answer is yes. TikTok models have become integral to the marketing strategies of various brands, and in turn, marketing agencies have begun to establish relationships with TikTok models to promote their client’s brands, products, and services.

One significant advantage of collaborating with TikTok models is their massive following and unparalleled reach. TikTok models have the potential to reach a vast audience quickly, making them an attractive investment for marketing agencies looking to increase their client’s visibility on the platform. Moreover, TikTok models have the creative talent to create engaging, visually stunning content that drives engagement and brand awareness. By collaborating with these influencers, marketing agencies can benefit from their unique perspective and creativity, and ultimately deliver stronger campaign results.

However, it is essential to note that not all TikTok models collaborate with marketing agencies, nor are they willing to work with every brand. Many TikTok models, especially those with large followings, have established personal brands and take care to retain their authenticity, meaning they may not accept all inquiries from marketing agencies or promote brands that do not align with their values and beliefs.

Is it expensive to work with TikTok models?

The social media platform TikTok has become a global phenomenon, with millions of users worldwide. TikTok models, or influencers who have gained popularity through the platform, often have a significant following and can be powerful marketing tools for brands. Brands looking to collaborate with TikTok models may wonder whether it is expensive to work with these individuals.

The answer to this question is not straightforward, as the cost of working with TikTok models can vary widely depending on many factors. One important consideration is the size of the influencer’s following. Influencers with larger followings generally command higher fees, as they have a wider reach and can potentially generate more exposure and sales for a brand. Another factor that can impact the cost of working with TikTok models is the nature of the collaboration. Some influencers may offer a simple mention of a brand or product in one of their videos, while others may be asked to create more elaborate content, such as sponsored posts or even entire campaigns. The more involved the collaboration, the more expensive it is likely to be.

It is worth noting that the cost of working with TikTok models is not limited to monetary compensation. Many influencers also expect brands to provide them with free products or services in exchange for their participation in collaboration. This can add to the overall cost of working with these individuals, as brands may need to provide additional resources to keep up with demand.

Despite the potential costs associated with working with TikTok models, many brands find the investment worthwhile. Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach younger audiences and can help brands build their social media presence. When executed properly, collaborations with TikTok models can lead to increased brand recognition, higher sales, and improved customer loyalty.

What does the future hold for TikTok models?

In the last few years, TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, and with it, a new type of model has emerged – TikTok models. While the platform initially gained popularity for its short-form video content, it has now evolved to become a platform for brands and advertisers to connect with audiences, with TikTok models playing a crucial role in this process. Going forward, the future for TikTok models looks bright.

Firstly, it is important to note that TikTok models are not simply restricted to the platform. They often have a significant presence on other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. This means that they have a diverse following, which opens up a range of opportunities for brands and advertisers. With this in mind, the future for TikTok models looks promising as they can offer brands a cross-platform package, providing more comprehensive and wider exposure for their products or services.

Secondly, the rise of TikTok models has led to increasing demand for collaborations, sponsorships, and brand deals. TikTok models have the potential to earn substantial amounts of money through these partnerships, establishing relationships with brands, and actively promoting their products. These collaborations often lead to long-term agreements, with regular brand promotion and product endorsements. As the market continues to grow, the opportunities for TikTok models to further monetize their platform will only increase.

Thirdly, the sheer number of TikTok users and their engagement statistics demonstrate the potential reach that TikTok models have. Over the last year, TikTok has experienced exponential growth, with over one billion active users in over 150 countries. This means that TikTok models can reach a broad and diverse audience, making them an attractive proposition for brands looking to expand their reach. Brands that work with TikTok models often leverage their storytelling abilities, creating advertisements and campaigns that are engaging, visually appealing, and effectively communicate their message.

Lastly, the future for TikTok models also lies in the development of niche audiences. As with any social platform, TikTok users have natural preferences, and TikTok models can use this to their advantage by building a loyal following through niche-oriented content.