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The Role of Male Influencers in the Consumer Decision Journey


Male influencers have become a powerful force in digital marketing! With some of the most followed accounts belonging to the top male influencers like Felix Kjellberg, or PewDiePie, many brands are taking notice and hiring male influencers to help spread the word about their products.

According to Forbes, it is estimated that the brands will spend over 15 billion on influencer marketing by 2023. For those brands looking to address a niche audience, male influencers will continue to rise in popularity due to their ability to effectively communicate brand messages and appeal to a specific target audience.

A study published by Forbes further explains the trend of the impact of influencers on the consumer journey by highlighting the popularity of social media as a vehicle for brand discovery. It highlights that high portion of the users on social media range in age from 18 to 30 years old.  These generations of users prefer to see a demonstrated example of product use via accounts they follow and trust, including those of top male influencers.

Some of the ways in which brands stand to benefit from working with male influencers include authentic product review, exceptional brand video or photography, endorsement from a third party “trusted and credible” source, entertaining and sometimes viral product presentation, re-purposing of the content on brand’s social and sometimes even website, and better product distribution opportunities.

A&E influencer marketing case study found that a brand working with influencers saw their foot traffic by 400% as a result of a influencer campaign that also included top male influencers. Male influencer appeal to their audience resulted in 864% increase in awareness about the product and service as well as improved overall perception of the brand.



Read on to discover 100 top male influencers that you should be following or working with in 2023.


100 Top Male Influencers List in 2023



1. Cristiano Ronaldo



Top Male Influencers - Cristiano


Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the most popular football players and male influencers in the world. Alongside his excellent footballing skills, he collaborated with famous sports companies, such as Nike and EA Sports, making him the most influential person in the world. Currently, he has 259 million followers on Instagram making him one of the best male Instagram influencers, and one of the hottest male influencers on the platform. 



2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson



Top Male Influencers - The Rock


Dwayne Johnson, or most commonly known as “The Rock,” started as a breakout star in WWE. Shortly after his stint in WWE, he rose to prominence after acquiring successful films, such as The Fast and The Furious franchise, Jumanji, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. With 215 million followers in his Instagram account, he is one of the best male Instagram influencers, and it’s never too shocking that he’s also one of the most sought actors of all time.



3. Leo Messi 



Top Male Influencers - Leo Messi


Leo Mess is an Argentine football player and a male influencer who plays as a forward. He is both the captain of the Spanish Club Barcelona and the Argentina National Team. In Argentina, Messi is the all-time leading goal-scorer. In 2016, he announced his retirement, yet in 2018, he decided to lead the Argentina National Team in the FIFA World Cup and Copa America. Today he is one of the best male Instagram influencers. Between the years 2009 and 2014, Messi was the world’s highest-paid football player five times out of six, according to France Football, and Forbes named him the world’s highest-paid sportsman in 2019. In 2011 and 2012, Messi was named one of Time’s 100 most important people on the planet. He won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year prize in February 2020 and became the first football player and the first team sports competitor to do so. Messi became the second footballer to earn $1 billion in his career later the same year. He scored from beyond the 18-yard box in a 1–1 draw versus Lens on April 23, 2022, to help PSG win their 10th Ligue 1 championship.



4. Justin Bieber



Top Male Influencers - Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer and influential heartthrob during his teenage years. He popularized songs such as “Baby,” “Never Say Never,” and “Love Yourself.” One of his recent songs called “Despacito” garnered 7 Billion views on Youtube, making it the most viewed video on YouTube since 2017. With 236M followers on his Instagram account as of 2022, he is also one of the best male Instagram influencers. 



5. Neymar Jr.



Top Male Influencers - Neymar


Neymar Jr, one of the best male Instagram influencers with over 174M followers, is a professional Brazilian soccer player, whose career began at 17 years old. In 2019, he was ranked as the world’s third highest-paid athlete in the Forbes Magazine and became the fourth highest-paid on the following year. He is also considered as one of the hottest male influencers today. 



6. Kevin Hart



Top Male Influencers - Kevin Hart


Kevin Darnell Hart is a world-renowned stand-up comedian, film producer, and actor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His comedic reputation made him land a role in the Scary Movie installment, Soul Plans, and Little Fockers. He also released comedy albums and has his network called the Laugh Out Loud Network. Being one of the best male Instagram influencers, Kevin’s Instagram follower base is reaching 173M. In 2022, a documentary titled “The life & Near Death of Kevin Hart” was released, which highlights Kevin’s difficult journey from stand-up comedy to Hollywood box office stardom. It depicts Kevin’s survival of a harrowing but eye-opening accident that forever transformed his life and made him stronger than he’d ever been. The movie centers on how Hart accomplished so much not only through his hard work and ability but also through his unique perspective on life. Roxane Schlumberger directed the film, and Will Ferrell and Donovon Allion-Ruddock are among the cast members.



7. Virat Kohli 



Top Male Influencers - Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli, one of the best male Instagram influencers, is a popular Indian cricketer and a male influencer who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is currently the captain of the India National Team. Kohli was ranked as one of the most famous athletes according to ESPN, Time Magazine, and Forbes Magazine, with an estimated $26 million.



8. Chris Brown



Top Male Influencers - Chris Brown


Chris Brown is an international pop and RNB singer, dancer, and songwriter from Virginia. During his early years in film and music, he made an on-screen appearance in Stomp the Yard. He is also into business because he currently owns fourteen Burger King restaurants and founded a record label called Culture Beyond Your Evolution.



9. Vin Diesel



Top Male Influencers - Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel is an American action star, director, and one of the best male Instagram influencers, who starred in the Fast and the Furious franchise as Dominic Toretto. He is well-known for his distinctive bass voice. Because of his passion for acting, he won Action Star of the Year and Choice Movie Actor: Action in his stint in The Fast and the Furious. Diesel announced his musical debut in September 2020, with the launch of the single “Feel Like I Do,” recorded by Kygo. In 2021, he performed the song on The Kelly Clarkson Show, stating: “I’m fortunate in that I’ve got another creative outlet during a year when I would typically be on a movie set, which, as you know, isn’t possible.”  Diesel has been a consistent presence on the big screen for decades, beginning with the 1995 short film Multi-Facial, which he wrote, directed, produced, and acted in. His projected net worth will exceed $230 million in 2022. One of the numerous Diesel-starring films set to hit theaters in 2022 is Avatar 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the blockbuster, which is set to hit theaters on December 16, 2022. While Diesel announced his involvement in Avatar 2 on his own Instagram account in 2019, it is unclear what role he will perform. The third, fourth, and fifth Avatar movies were officially announced in 2017 well before the COVID-19 pandemic caused a spate of delays. It’s unclear whether Diesel will appear in the upcoming Avatar films.



10. Justin Timberlake



Top Male Influencers - Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake, one of the hottest male influencers on social media, is an American singer, dancer, and actor who was born in Tennessee. He became popular because he was one of the lead vocalists in NSYNC, which became an international sensation and best-selling boy bands of all time. He also ventured into films, such as Bad Teacher, Friends with Benefits, and In Time, and is today considered one of the best male Instagram influencers. 



11. Shawn Mendes



Top Male Influencers - Shawn Mendes


Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer and one of the top male influencers who first became famous in Vines in covering songs. The following year, he caught the attention of the Island Records A&R Ziggy Chareton and signed a record with them. Because he is well-accepted by a lot of fans worldwide, he received 13 SOCAN Awards and 3 Grammy Awards. Mendes has been dubbed a pop and folk-pop performer, with John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and Timberlake mentioned as his key musical inspirations. Because of his parents, Mendes grew up listening to reggae, Led Zeppelin, Brooks, and country music. He stated that Mayer’s work affected his 2nd studio album, while Timberlake, West, and Daniel Caesar mostly influenced his 3rd.  Shawn Mendes’ net worth is expected to be approximately $40 million in 2022. Shawn has recorded blockbuster albums including Handwritten, Illuminate, and many others, and is regarded as one of the most paid musicians.



12. Maluma



Top Male Influencers - Maluma


Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known as Maluma, is a famous Colombian singer and songwriter who is signed to Sony Music Colombia and Fox Music. Maluma has worked with other international artists, such as The Weeknd. He also won two Latin American Music Awards and MTV Video Music Award, and is today one of the best male Instagram influencers. 



13. Snoop Dogg



Top Male Influencers - Snoop Dog


Snoop Dogg is an American rapper and internet personality who rose to fame in 1992. Currently, he already sold more than 35 million albums worldwide. He is an active entrepreneur and his first investment is Merry Jane and Leafs by Snoop, which focused on marijuana. He also appeared in many movies, such as Scary Movie 5, Unbelievable, and Pitch Perfect 2.



14. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira



Top Male Influencers - Ronaldo


Ronaldo de Assis Moreira is a former Brazillian professional soccer player and it became one of the ambassadors of the Barcelona club. He is regarded as one of Brazil’s most skilled and best players of all time. As of 2022, his Instagram account has reached over 66M followers, making him one of the best male Instagram influencers.



15. Will Smith



Top Male Influencers - Will Smith


Will Smith is an American actor, singer, and film producer, who have swept four Grammy Awards. Smith is one of the most bankable stars according to Forbes Magazine, and many believed that he is the most powerful actor in Hollywood. His top-rated performance was playing a multi-awarded boxer Muhammad Ali, Chris Gardner is The Pursuit of Happyness, and Genie in Alladin. Will Smith received the Academy Award for Best Actor for his depiction of Venus and Serena Williams’ father Richard in the tennis biography “King Richard”.  Smith received the award just moments after becoming famous for a stage slap with comedian Chris Rock, after the presenter made a joke about the actor’s spouse, Jada. In his statement, Smith alluded to the incident and later apologized to the Academy before thanking the Williams family. Smith’s historic achievement was unfortunately overshadowed by the brawl. He was nominated for best actor two times before, for his roles in “Ali” in 2002 and “The Pursuit of Happyness” in 2007. King Richard followed Williams’ connection with his daughters, as well as their progress as tennis stars, today one of the biggest celebrity athletes in the world.



16. Raffi Ahmad



Top Male Influencers - Raffi Ahmad


Raffi Ahmad is an Indonesian actor and singer and one of the top male influencers, who began his acting career at such a young age. Raffi is not just active in the world of entertainment, but also ventures into the business. His business includes a clothing line, body spray, and furniture.



17. Whindersson Nunes



Top Male Influencers - Whindersson Nunes


Whindersson Nunes is a Brazilian YouTuber, comedian, and singer. His YouTube channel had become the most subscribed channel in Brazil, however, his record was surpassed by another Brazilian YouTuber Canal KondZilla in 2018. He was also named as the second most influential Brazilian personality behind Luciano Huck. Besides his successful YouTube channel, Nunes is also very popular on Instagram. He has over 58M followers as of 2022, and is one of the best male Instagram influencers.



18. Robert Downey, Jr. 



Top Male Influencers - Robert Downey Jr


Robert Downer, Jr. is a famous actor and film producer. He is highly recognized for his role as Marvel’s Ironman and English detective named Sherlock Holmes. Because of his success in films, he ventured into producing films.



19. Leonardo di Caprio



Top Male Influencers - Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo di Caprio is a famous American actor, film producer, and an all-time heartthrob. Although he hasn’t won any Golden Globes Awards yet, his acting skills were mostly praised by film critics. His breakout performances were Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He is currently listed as one of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine. Leo became well-known on Instagram thanks to his strong commitment to environmental activism and activism, with over 53 million followers, making him one of the most prominent male Instagram influencers.



20. Chris Hemsworth



Top Male Influencers - Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who was known for playing the role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also led notable films, such as Extraction and Men in Black: International. Hemsworth is currently ranked 31st of the Highest-Paid Celebrities with a total earning of $76.4 million, and is regarded as one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. 



21. James Rodriguez



Top Male Influencers - James Rodriguez


James Rodriguez is a well-known Colombian football player who played the attacking midfielder for the Colombia National Team. Given his handsome stature, he is being followed because he’s one of the top goalscorers by the age of 20. When James moved to Real Madrid, he was offered a transfer fee of £63 million, making him the most expensive Colombian football player.



22. Zlatan Ibrahimovic



Top Male Influencers - Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a popular Swedish professional soccer player who played for LA Galaxy and AC Milan. Although he was eligible to represent Bosnia, Sweden, or Croatia, he still chose to play for Sweden. Even if he ended his career, he is still considered one of the most celebrated soccer players in history.



23. Narendra Modi



Top Male Influencers - Narendra Modi


Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India and is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. His current administration projected the Citizenship Amendment Act, which caused a nationwide rally across the country. Since his leadership, India has experienced a controversial democratic backsliding.



24. Marcelo Vieira, Jr. 



Top Male Influencers - Marcelo Vieira


Marcelo Vieira Jr is a Brazilian soccer player who plays for Real Madrid and the Brazilian National Team. He played both the position of being a left-back and a winger. He is known for his technical skills and offensive capabilities.



25. Zac Efron



Top Male Influencers - Zac Efron


Zac Efron, one of the hottest male influencers on social media today, is a popular teenage heartthrob, actor, singer, dancer and one of the top male influencers who rose to prominence for playing Troy Bolton in the High School Musical installment. He also starred in Hairspray and The Greatest Showman, purchasing his singing abilities. He made a controversial movie called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, as it was accused to be sensationalizing one of the most notorious criminals, Ted Bundy.



26. Gareth Bale



Top Male Influencers


Gareth Bale is a Welsh professional soccer player who plays for Real Madrid and the Welsh National Team. He had awarded for being the best Welsh Footballer of the Year for 6 years and in 2016, he was ranked 12th in the world’s most popular athletes.



27. Sergio Ramos



Top Male Influencers


Sergio Ramos, one of the best male Instagram influencers, is a Spanish football player who plays for Real Madrid and the Spanish National Team. Because of his extraordinary performance as the team’s center back, he was hailed as one of the greatest defenders in Football history. At the same time, he was chosen to the UEFA Team of the Year for 9 times and represented the Spanish national team at four World Cups.



28. Paul Pogba



Top Male Influencers


Paul Pogba is a French football player who played for Manchester United and the France National Team. He usually plays as the team’s midfielder, but his versatile ability caused him to play both the attacking and defensive midfielder. He was awarded the Best Young Player Award in 2014 during the FIFA World Cup and took France to victory at the 2013 FIFA World Cup, where he was chosen as the captain.



29. Daddy Yankee



Top Male Influencers


Daddy Yankee is a well-known internet personality, record producer, singer, and songwriter, who popularized the word “Reggaeton” – the combination of hip-hop, Latin-Caribbean music, and Spanish rapping. Currently, he already received more than 80 awards from his 270 nominations since 2004. One of the awards is the Most Influential Hispanic Artist. With over 45.5M followers on his Instagram account, he is also considered one of the best male Instagram influencers of 2022.



30. Paulo Dybala



Top Male Influencers


Paulo Dybala is an Argentine football player who plays forward in Juventus and the Argentina National Team. He is often tagged as “The Kid” or “U Picciriddu” because started as a young player when he signed for Palermo. He represents Argentina for the FIFA World Cup and Copa America.



31. Tom Holland



Top Male Influencers


Tom Holland is a popular actor and one of the top male influencers who became well known after landing the role of Peter Parker in Spiderman installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Until then, he is seen in many action movies, such as Uncharted and Devil of All Time.



32. Nicky Jam



Top Male Influencers


Nick Rivera Caminero is an American rapper, singer, and actor who mostly sings reggaeton songs. He is usually heard because he made collaboration with other Latin artists, such as Daddy Yankee and Anuel AA. His success started upon his “El Perdon” was released. Nicky Jam also acted in movies, such as XXX: Return of Xander Cage and Bad Boys for Life.



33. Luis Suarez



Top Male Influencers


Luis Suarez is a popular Uruguayan professional football player, who takes the striker position for Atletico Madrid and the Uruguay National Team. At the international level, he is one of the leading goalscorers and has been included in the FIFA World Cup and Copa America. However, he became controversial after he racially abused Patrice Evra.



34. Conor McGregor



Top Male Influencers


Conor McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist and boxer and formerly held the record in featherweight and lightweight champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He ventured into boxing when he fought against Floyd Mayweather Jr, which made the highest pay-per-view record. He is currently listed as the 6th greatest player in the UFC lightweight rankings.



35. Zayn Malik



Top Male Influencers


Zayn Malik, one of the hottest male influencers, is an English singer, songwriter, and one of the top male influencers from Bradford. Although he auditioned as a solo performer during the X-Factor competition, he was brought back to form the One Direction group. After the massive worldwide success, he still decided to sign another record label and left the group. As of 2022, Zayn counts over 45.3M followers on his Instagram account, making him one of the best male Instagram influencers of his generation.



36. Ryan Reynolds



Top Male Influencers


Ryan Reynolds is a multi-awarded actor, comedian, and screenwriter from Vancouver, Canada. He rose to prominence after landing many rom-com characters and eventually ventured to action movies, such as Deadpool. He is also regarded as one of the hottest male influencers on social media today. 



37. Harry Styles



Top Male Influencers - Harry Styles


Harry Styles is an English singer, one of the top male fashion influencers, actor, and songwriter who began his career during the British competition series called the X-Factor, where he was a member of the boyband called the One Direction. As a solo recording artist, he is now listed among one of the top ten best-selling albums of the year. He made his debut acting in Dunkirk and has been eyed for the role of Fiyero for the film adaptation of Wicked the musical.



38. Dan Bilzerian



Top Male Influencers - Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian is an Armenian-American actor and internet personality who is the founder and CEO of IgniteCBD. He can be seen in his Instagram posts for living a very lavish lifestyle, like spending on expensive things.



39. Nick Jonas



Top Male Influencers - Nick Jonas


Nick Jonas, one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022, is an American singer, theater actor, and one of the top male influencers who first made his debut in 2002 under Columbia Records, where he and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, formed a band called the Jonas Brothers. After their disbandment in 2013, he signed with Island Records as a solo performer. He also appeared in Les Miserables and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.



40. Niall Horan



niall horan


Niall Horan is an Irish singer who rose to prominence when he joined One Direction during his The X Factor journey. After the disbandment in 2016, he signed as a solo artist under Capitol Records. His singles “This Town” and “Slow Hands” made it to the Top 20 internationally. His second studio album called Heartbreak Weather debuted at number 4 in the US and number one in the UK.



41. James Charles



james c 1024x293 2


James Charles is one of the top male influencers who became famous for his makeup tutorial on YouTube. In 2016, he was declared as the Cover Girl’s first male ambassador. He also had some videos which showcase his singing talent.



42. Zach King



zach 1024x362 2


Zach King is an internet personality, who originally started his videos in Vines, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. His most popular videos are mostly about “magic” which showcases his great video editing skills. Currently, he has more than 24 million followers on Instagram, making him one of the best male Instagram influencers of his generation. 



43. Liam Payne 



liam payne


Liam Payne is an English singer and songwriter, who is a former member of the One Direction group. After One Direction’s hiatus, he signed under Republic Records in the US, where his first single “Strip That Down” debuted at number three in the UK Singles Chart, earning platinum status in an instant. He is also considered one of the top male fashion influencers.



44. Bruno Mars



bruno mars


Bruno mars is an American-Filipino singer, songwriter, and dancer, known for his energetic performances and retro showmanship. He is well-remembered because of his songs, such as “Just The Way You Are,” “The Lazy Song,” and “Versace on the Floor.” He also received a lot of awards and nominations from the Grammy Awards, the Brit Awards, and the American Music Awards, and is today regarded as one of the top male fashion influencers.



45. Cameron Dallas



cameron 1024x320 2


Cameron Dallas is one of the top male influencers who was first discovered in Vine. Because of his trending videos, it’s never a doubt that his next step is venturing into acting. He starred in a Netflix Original Series entitled Chasing Cameron.



46. Louis Tomlinson



louis tomlinson


Louis Tomlinson is an English singer and actor who joined One Direction in The X Factor. He also began his acting career in Waterloo Road and If I Had You. In 2013, he was signed under Doncaster Rovers on a non-contract basis to play in the Football League Championship.



47. Jaden Smith



jaden smith


Jaden Smith is an American actor and singer and he is the son of one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, Will Smith. He first starred in the 2006 film with his father in The Pursuit of Happyness. He pursued his acting in The Karate Kid, which earned many praises from movie critics and enthusiasts. Smith is now part of the Netflix Original’s The Get Down. He is also regarded as one of the top male fashion influencers of 2022 due to his strong enthusiasm for a catching and up-to-date style.



48. Bretman Rock



bretman rock


Bretman Rock is a Filipino-American top male influencer who features beauty products and makeup skills in most of his videos. He also became a meme creator and comedian on Vine and YouTube, especially when he is joined by his sister.



49. Sam Smith



sam smith


Sam Smith, one of the hottest male influencers, is an English singer, songwriter, and one of the top male influencers who rose to prominence in 2012 after releasing his first single called “Latch”. His single “I’m Not the Only One” and “Too Good in Goodbye” became record-breakers and won several awards, such as Song of the Year and Record of the Year.



50. Charlie Puth



charlie puth


Charlie Puth is an American singer and record producer whose first exposure was uploaded to YouTube, which led him to perform in The Ellen Degeneres Show. He gained worldwide recognition when he released his single “One Call Away,” which landed in the top 40 single in the US.



51. Liam Hemsworth



liam hemsworth


Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor and one of the top male fashion influencers, who is related to Chris Hemsworth. In American films, he made his first breakout career playing Will Blakelee in The Last Song with his former wife, Miley Cyrus, and Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games. His relationship with Miley Cyrus created a fuzz all over the internet, yet ended their relationship in 2016. He is also considered as one of the hottest male influencers on social media today. 



52. Jake Paul





Jake Paul is an American Youtube star, actor, musician, and boxer. He is usually seen making collaboration videos with his brother named Paul Logan. He is also noted in starring in some Disney shows.



53. John Legend



john legend


John Legend is an American singer, record producer, and theater director, who made his debut career in 2004 when he released the album Get Lifted. He is now included in the Songwriters Hall of Fame because of his excellent performance in songwriting. he has previously collaborated with Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, and Jay-Z.



54. Adam Levine





Adam Levine is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and record producer of the pop-rock band Maroon 5. The group was formed in 2001 after he disbanded with Kara’s Flowers. From 2011 to 2019, he became one of the coaches in The Voice, where he produced many champions including the late Christina Grimmie.



55. Joe Rogan



joe 1024x342 2


Joe Rogan is an American podcast host, comedian, and one of the top male influencers who had his show called The Joe Rogan Experience. His career started as a UFC commentator, but after his success, he pursued a career in comedy acting.



56. David Michigan



david 1024x314 2


David Michigan is a fitness and life coach, who founded his company named Michigan Academy. In the academy, he teaches healthy living not only in fitness but also in diet and overall life improvement. He is also currently regarded as one of the hottest male influencers on social media today. 



57. Gordon Ramsay



gordon 1024x321 2


Gordon is a prominent chef around the world, known for his harsh critic to every restaurateur. With 16 promising Michelin Stars under his belt, he is recognized as one of the best chef’s in the world.



58. Nash Grier



nash 1024x335 2


Nash Grier is also an internet personality whose comedian career started in Vines. Because of the popularity, he gained in Vines, he moved his channel to a larger platform in YouTube.



59. Tom Felton



tom felton

Tom Felton is an English actor, who is well-known for playing the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter installments. He also co-starred in many drama and action films, such as Feed and Stratton. His latest role is The Grand Guignol, the villain the A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting.



60. Jamie Oliver



jamie 1024x337 2


Jamie Oliver is a British chef, restauranteur, book author, and one of the top male influencers. He is known for his simple yet delectable approach to cooking. He also had some TV Shows where he teaches his audiences his recipes.



61. Chris Evans



chris evans


Chris Evans is an American actor, popularly known as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four installment and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also starred in a romantic drama series Before We Go and made his debut on Broadway in Lobby Hero. In October, he made a fundraising event for his presidential bet, Joe Biden. He is also considered as one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. 



62. Khalid





Khalid is an American singer who is under the recording label, RCA Records. In 2017, he made his first single album which instantly became double platinum. He also received many praises from his contemporaries, thus leading him to received accolades including an MTV Video Music Award and three American Music Awards. According to the Times Magazine, he is now listed as one of 100 Most Influential People in 2019.



63. Drake



drake 1024x279 2


Audrey “Drake” Graham is a Canadian popular singer and rapper. He began working as an actor in a Canadian teen drama called Degrassi, yet later pursued his passion for music. He had many successful projects and continues to be one of the most influential musicians of all time.



64. Jay Alvarez



jay 1024x290 2


Jay Alvarez is a top male influencer who became popular for his photography of popular destinations and experiences. Because of his massive popularity gained on Instagram, he decided to create more detailed travel content on YouTube. He is also considered as one of the hottest male influencers on social media today. 



65. Christian Nodal



christian nodal


Christian Nodal is a country Mexican singer and one of the top male fashion influencers, from Sonora, Mexico. In 2017, his latest single called “Adios Amor” gained him the number one spot on the Top 20 General Mexican Songs Chart. He is also noted for winning three Latin Grammy Awards ad two Billboard Latin Music Awards.



66. Simeon Panda



simeon 1024x427 2


Simeon Panda is a popular British fitness coach, bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and one of the top male influencers. He is frequently joining bodybuilding competitions in different places in the world. He also had a YouTube page where he is showing some fitness training and helpful techniques, and is also currently regarded as one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. 



67. Mariano Di Vaio



mariano 1024x328 2


Mariano Di Vaio is a fashion designer, blogger, actor, one of the top male influencers, one of the hottest male influencers, and male fashion influencers from Italy who became an ambassador for huge fashion companies, such as Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabanna. Due to his massive success in the fashion industry, he also launched his very own brand of jewelry and shoes.



68. Rickey Thompson



rickey 1024x330 2


Rickey Thompson is an American comedian, internet trending star, and one of the top male influencers. He was first seen in Vines, where he posted much of his comedy skits and his sense of humor. He eventually ventured to a larger social media platform on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok so his followers can see more of his comedy acting. By then, he collected a large fanbase.



69. Patrick Starrr



patrick starrr


Patrick Starrr is a YouTube star, who features his talent for makeup. He is now working with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ashley Tisdale. It’s only unfortunate for him when a new YouTuber accused him of stealing her unique style, yet many fans defended Starrr and he eventually denied the accusations. He is also regarded as one of the top male fashion influencers of his generation. 



70. Doctor Mike



doctor 1024x362 2


Dr. Mike Varshavski is a Russian-American doctor who was noteworthy of his videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok for documenting his life as a medical student before and now, a doctor. The social media mostly highlighted his good looks, therefore, tagging him as “The Sexiest Doctor Alive.” Given that, he is currently considered as one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. 



71. Joe Wicks



joe w 1024x351 2


Joe Wicks is a popular fitness, lifestyle coach, and one of the top male influencers who was branded as “The Body Coach.” He is also noted for writing books about fitness. What made him famous is his videos featuring himself doing high-intensity interval training, which attracts more than 4 million followers on Instagram.



72. Justin Trudeau



justin 1 1024x307 2


Justin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister in Canada since 2015 and is a well-known leader of the Liberty Party since 2013. His household name is one of the most influential personalities on social media. His advocacies include the Katimavik Youth Program and Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.



73. Murad Osmann



murad 1024x443 2


Murad Osmann is a talented Russian photographer, film producer, one of the top male influencers, and one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. He had a popular travel series called “Follow Me To” together with his wife, Natalia Zakharova. He was also awarded for being the “Influencer of the Year and “Top 3 Travel Influencers” by Forbes Magazine.



74. Joel Pimentel



joel pimentel


Joel Pimentel is a Mexican singer and one-fifth member of a world-renowned boyband called CNCO. Pimentel is very open with his Mexican ancestry and is very much inspired to lift Mexican music. During his spare time, Pimentel likes to write songs and act, and is also considered as one of the hottest male influencers. 



75. Chris Burkard



chris 1024x330 2


Chris Burkard is an American photographer and one of the top male influencers that concentrates on his love for travel, surf, and lifestyle. He is also taking photojournalism for his editorial projects. In 2016, he was awarded the PMDA Visionary Photographer Award in Las Vegas, Nevada.



76. Marcus Butler



marcus 1024x291 2


Marcus Butler is an English model, entrepreneur, YouTube personality and one of the top male fashion influencers, who garnered over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and 3 million on Instagram. He also starred in a show on BBC Radio 1 with a co-YouTube star named Alfie Deyes.



77. Grant Cardone



grant 1024x435 2


Grant Cardone is a famous American author, entrepreneur, and one of the top male influencers whose books advising readers on how to make their lives 10x better. His world-famous books are The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last. Currently, he is also working in the real estate and auto industry.



78. Christopher Velez Munoz



christopher velez


Christopher Velez, one of the top male fashion influencers, and one of the hottest male influencers in 2022, is also a member of CNCO and the oldest member of the group. Most people were inspired by his rags to riches story because he once experienced someone’s shoes for a living. His original goal is to study music at a university, but he seized the moment and joined La Banda.



79. Tai Lopez



tai 1024x404 2


Tai Lopez is an American entrepreneur and one of the top male influencers who had earned millions of dollars for owning some of the notorious nightclubs in Hollywood. However, he became more famous because of his online advertisement that featured his rags to riches life story.



80. Jack Morris



jack 1024x396 2


Jack Morris is an influential travel personality, where he showcased most of his travel experience on Instagram. His Instagram account “doyoutravel” shows how traveling can be a good part of your lifestyle.



81. Zabdiel de Jesus



zabdiel de jesus


Zabdiel de Jesus is a Puerto Rican member of CNCO, and he was once a ballet dancer in Ballet Concierto, one of the most prestigious dance academies in Puerto Rico. He is also very skilled in beatboxing, and is today considered one of the top male fashion influencers, and one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. 



82. Richard Camacho



richard camacho


Richard Camacho, currently regarded as one of the hottest male influencers on social media, is a member of CNCO and one of the top male influencers. CNCO has a collaboration with the British girl band Little Mix called Reggaeton Lento, which peaked off the chart. He is in a relationship with the Instagram model, Yocelyn Alexander, and both of them had a daughter named Aaliyah Sofia Alexander.



83. Caspar Lee



caspar 1024x327 2


Caspar Lee is a British-South African Youtube personality, actor, and co-founder of companies Influencer and Margravine Management. He starred in movies like Laid in America and Spud 3: Learning to Fly, and a voice actor in Wonder Park.



84. Luka Sabbat



luka 1024x322 2


Luka Sabbat is an American model, one of the top male fashion influencers, actor, film producer and one of the top male influencers of 2022. He became famous for being part of The Dead Don’t Die and Grown-ish. Currently, he is making more impact by being a cultural influencer and working with YEEZY and Warren Lotas.



85. Erick Brian Colon



erick brian colon


Erick Brian Colon, one of the hottest male influencers on social media, is the youngest member of CNCO, as he joined the group when he was only 14 years old. He was born in Havana, Cuba, however, his family moved to Tampa, Florida.



86. Eugene Lee Yang





Eugene Lee Yang is a South Korean-American filmmaker, actor, internet personality, and one of the top male influencers. He is well-known for working with BuzzFeed from 2013 to 2018. He is also known as an activist for human rights and LGBTQ+, and he is holding a charity called The Trevor Project. Yang also won an award from the Shorty Awards for The Trevor Project, but is also considered as one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. 



87. Jordan B. Peterson



jordan 1024x307 2


Jordan Peterson is a world-renowned Canadian author, psychologist, and professor at the University of Toronto. He is using the different platforms of social media to share mental health awareness and his psychological knowledge with his viewers.



88. Adam Gallagher





Adam Gallagher, one of the hottest male influencers, is the mastermind behind the genius blog called I AM GALLA, which helps men to correct their clothing styles. He is one of the top male influencers who became popular because of his fashion taste, resulting in him having a large fanbase who follow him faithfully on his website and social media.



89. Kevin Curry 



kevin curry


Kevin Curry is an internet sensation who usually post his recipe in his website and social media platform. He usually encourages men and women to stay healthy by eating the right foods. He is currently one of the most-followed influencers when it comes to nutrition and fitness, but is also regarded as one of the hottest male influencers on social media in 2022. 



90. David Chang



David C 1024x353 2


David Chang is an American entrepreneur, TV personality and one of the top male influencers. Currently, he owns a prominent chain of restaurants called Momofuku, which specializes in Asian cuisine. He also featured some of his recipes in his cookbook and share them in his podcast called The Dave Chang Show.



91. Jose Zuniga 



jose z


Jose Zuniga is a model, father, one of the top male fashion influencers, and entrepreneur who is CEO and Founder of Jade Black. He already had a handful of 1.4 million followers on Instagram to teach men’s fashion, and is regarded as one of the hottest male influencers on the platform.



92. Rowan Row





Rowan, one of the hottest male influencers in 2022, is an English fitness coach, who features his fitness lifestyle on social media. He is also into blogging and vlogging about men’s grooming and fashion.



93. Alex Costa 




Alex Costa is a YouTube personality who shares his daily routine on his diet and fitness lifestyle. He is also into educating his viewers to improve their lifestyle. He is also working with top brands, such as Nike and Mastercard under the agency he has signed on, and is regarded as one of the hottest male influencers in 2022. 



94. Stefano Tratto





Stefano Tranno is an Italian model and YouTube personality, who showcases his fashion and fitness lifestyle. He has worked with international brands, such as RayBan and Boohoo Man. He also loves posting about his love for travel, and is also one of the hottest male influencers in 2022. 



95. Daymond John



daymond 1024x372 2


Daymond John is a popular American businessman, international motivational speak, and investor. He is best known for being FUBU’s founder, President, and CEO.



96. Louis Cole



louis c 1024x343 2


Louis Cole is an English film producer and YouTube personality who lives most of his life in Venice Beach, California. He also loves to feature his travel experience in his YouTube channel and shares about the life of a vegan.



97. Johannes Huebl





Johannes Huebl is a German model, designer, and one of the top male fashion influencers. He is currently married to Olivia Palermo, an American influencer and entrepreneur. He has an estimated worth of $2 million for working as an Instagram star, while his wife’s net worth reached $10 million for her business ventures. He is also one of the hottest male influencers in 2023. 



98. Nick Wooster





Nick Wooster is an American fashion consultant, who worked with top brands like Calvin Klein and Thom Browne. He is more on promoting street fashion. He also shares his lifestyle on his social media platforms and advises his followers to make a strict diet.



99. Phil Cohen



phil cohen


Phil Cohen is an art director, photograph, fashion analyst, and one of the top male fashion influencers. He has a project called “Redefining Selfies” that showcases snapshots of clothes. He is known for mixing up his denim with white sneakers, and is also regarded as one of the hottest male influencers in 2022.



100. Alex Moe



alex moe


Alex Moe is an American social media influencer, and one of the hottest male influencers, who mostly features his love for coffee. He is currently working as a Barista, and many coffee lovers are following him for his interesting coffee designs.


Apart from being the most popular male influencers, these successful men are the epitome of a gentleman, always behaving with integrity and class, while inspiring men from all around the world to lead their best lives no matter what. They make a point of spreading joy in everything they do, whether it’s interacting with millions of fans on their social media platforms, or simply sharing their passion for life. It’s this combination of physical attractiveness and inner goodness that makes these men so irresistible.

In truth, they are usually also considered the hottest male influencers on social media platforms, given their amazing personalities, positive energy, outstanding sense of style, and handsome physique. From fitness gurus and actors to doctors and models, all of these hottest male influencers are killing it in their respective fields – and they look damn good doing it.

Especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, many of the world’s top male influencers are sharing their workout routines, healthy recipes, and tips for living a happier and healthier life, in whatever field of expertise. In addition to their fit bodies, they are also spreading positive messages about self-acceptance and body positivity, and we are all here for it.


Who Are Top Male Instagram Influencers and How to Reach Out to Them?


The top male Instagram influencers are those who have the largest following on the platform and can generate the most engagement with their posts. They are typically celebrities or other high-profile individuals who have a large and devoted fanbase. Some of the top male Instagram influencers include singer Justin Bieber, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. Each has millions of followers and can regularly generate tens of thousands of interactions with individual posts.

These men are not only popular on Instagram, but also across other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This cross-platform reach makes them even more desirable to brands looking to partner with top male Instagram influencers. Due to their large followings and engagement rates, top male Instagram influencers can command high rates for sponsored content. For example, Bieber reportedly charges up to $250,000 per post. Thus, if brands are looking to partner with top male Instagram influencers, it’s important to consider not only their following size but also their level of engagement. The top male Instagram influencers can be a great option for brands looking to reach a large audience quickly and effectively.

There are also many reasons why top male Instagram influencers are so popular. Some of the most notable reasons include their ability to produce high-quality content, their large and engaged social media followings, and their charisma and relatability.

Top male Instagram influencers can produce high-quality content because they take the time to perfect their craft. They often have very good photography skills, know how to use lighting and filters to their advantage, and are skilled in editing software. As a result, their posts look professional and visually appealing.

In addition to having great content, top male Instagram influencers also have large and engaged social media followings. Their followers are typically very loyal and regularly engage with their posts. This helps top male Instagram influencers reach a large audience and drives traffic to their profiles.

Finally, top male Instagram influencers are popular because they are relatable and charismatic. They often post about things that their followers can relate to, such as everyday struggles, hobbies, and interests. Additionally, they tend to be very engaging on social media, responding to comments and messages from fans. This helps them to build strong relationships with their followers and strengthens their brand loyalty.

There are a few things brands need to take into account when reaching out to top male Instagram influencers. The first is that not all top influencers are created equal – some have larger audiences than others, and some are more likely to be interested in a particular type of brand or product. It’s important to do your research before reaching out and targeting the right influencer for your needs.

Once you have found the right influencer, the next step is to craft a pitch that will appeal to them. Your pitch should be personalized, relevant, and interesting – and it should explain why working with your brand would be a good opportunity for the influencer. You should also be prepared to offer something enticing, such as free products or compensation, to sweeten the deal.


How to become a famous male influencer in 2023?

Becoming a successful male influencer in 2023 requires hard work, dedication, and a wealth of knowledge about the industry. It is important to understand that the world of influencers is competitive and can be difficult to break into and become a successful female or male influencer. To become a famous male influencer in 2023, you must have an engaged audience, create valuable content, use the right platforms and be part of the conversation.

As a male influencer, it is essential to build your brand identity and presence online – this will help you stand out from other influencers competing for attention. You should develop the personal style that every male influencer has, and find ways to differentiate yourself from others so that you can attract followers who appreciate your uniqueness. Additionally, when becoming a male influencer it is important to focus on creating content that resonates with your target audience – think about what makes a male influencer tick and how you can provide unique insights or ideas they can’t find elsewhere. This means having a sound understanding of the latest trends in digital media so that, as an aspiring male influencer, you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

In terms of platforms, it is important to consider which ones best fit your brand identity as a male influencer, and goals. For example, Instagram may be best suited for a male influencer, especially for sharing visual content such as photos or graphics while Twitter may be better for engaging in conversations with other influencers or industry professionals. Additionally, YouTube may be effective for a male influencer also, by providing long-form content such as tutorials or interviews. When becoming a male influencer, it is also beneficial to make use of other social media platforms such as Tik Tok which has experienced continued growth over recent years due to its innovative video format.

How much does a male influencer usually get paid per influencer campaign?

The amount that a male influencer usually gets paid per influencer campaign can vary greatly depending on the influencer’s reach, level of engagement, and other factors. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact figure that a male influencer gets paid because each male influencer has their own unique set of skills and offerings that they bring to the table. Generally speaking, however, a male influencer can expect to make anywhere from $150-500 per sponsored post, though this range can expand significantly if the campaign requires additional content such as videos or more complex marketing strategies. Some brands may also offer a male influencer performance-based compensation in addition to a flat rate fee, based on factors such as how many followers the influencer has or how much engagement they can generate.

In addition to payment for posts themselves, some campaigns may also include incentives for a male influencer, such as free products or services from the brand. This will often depend on the nature of the partnership with a male influencer and what both parties are looking for in terms of results. Furthermore, some campaigns may require longer-term engagements with a male influencer with multiple posts over some time rather than just a single one-off post. In these cases, a male influencer may be able to negotiate higher rates than if they were just posting one post alone.