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Are you looking for real people with real stories that resonate with your target audiences? Working with black/ African-American influencers is a great way to support diversity in social media creator space and connect with local communities! From beauty to styling to fitness, black influencers are setting trends, build personal connections, dominating conversations, driving sales, and ultimately, helping businesses grow.  Let’s get to know some of these top black influencers and be inspired by their stories, determination, passion, and hard work.




Gen Z, as popularly called, is the newest and most racially and ethnically diverse generation of consumers. According to a YPulse article, Gen Z’s 2020 spending power was around 34 billion, but when combined with the spending power of their millennial counterparts, it reached almost 3 trillion dollars. With both the Gen Zers and the Millenials making purchasing decisions via influencer marketing and supporting brands with good causes. For example, you can use sentiment analysis tools to actually see numbers in relation to publicly available mentions and analyze emotions behind specific keywords. Plus, it’s high time that businesses should also embrace diversity to reach a wider audience and earn their support and trust. That said, collaborating with African American Influencers is a good starting point.

We bring you a list of 100 Top African American Influencers in 2023 who are tastemakers in the field of fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle and food. These content creators come from various backgrounds and are well-known models, TV personalities, trainers, life coaches, entrepreneurs, writers, lawyers, and nurses who have found their passion and use the power of Instagram to share their advocacies with the world.


List of 100 Top Black Influencers in 2023


1. TYRA BANKS @tyrabanks (6.8M) – Top African American Influencer (Fashion)




First on the list of the Top African American Influencers is Tyra Banks, who, undeniably, is a world-famous fashion model and television personality. This California native began her career as a model at the age of 15 and was the first Black model to walk the runway as Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1997 to 2005. With her massive popularity not only as a fashion model but also as a celebrated talk show host and producer of the prestigious America’s Next Top Model reality show, Tyra became one of the world’s top-earning models by the early 2000s. Outside modeling, Tyra also ventured into business, writing, music, teaching, and philanthropy.


2. MASSY ARIAS@massy.arias (2.7M) – Top African American Influencer (Fitness)




Massiel Indhira Arias, better known as, Massy Arias, is one of the top African American Influencers who focuses on fitness and health. Formerly known as Mankofit, this LA-based Certified Personal Trainer sets a great example for how overcoming struggles and adopting a healthy diet and active lifestyle can change one’s life for the better. Her passion and dedication propelled her to her current status as one of the most famous fitness gurus on Instagram. Arias has built up an impressive body of work that includes a CoverGirl endorsement, a Fabletics collection, a supplement line, an in-the-works book, and a brand-new fitness app, aptly named Empowered by Massy Arias


3. SHAYLA MITCHELL @makeupshayla (2.7M) – Top African American Influencer (Beauty)




One of the Top African-American Influencers in the fashion and beauty industry, Shayla Mitchell continues to make it big on Instagram with her 2.7 million and growing followers! Professionally known as MakeupShayla, this California-based social media star uses her platform to pave the way for BIPOC in the digital beauty space. She has collaborated with brands like MAC, NARS, Secret, Buxom, Laura Mercier, and Estée Lauder on sponsored content. With her passion and dedication to her craft, Shayla was recently named ‘Beauty Blogger Of The Year’ by Essence magazine.


4. AALIYAH JAY @aaliyahjay (2M) –  Top African American Influencer (Beauty)




Self-proclaimed “It Girl” Aaliyah Jay is also one of the Top African American Influencers based in New York City who has successfully made a name in the beauty industry. This black beauty vlogger started her career as a YouTuber in 2011 at the age of 16 with her first beauty tutorial on YouTube.  Since then, Aaliyah has begun a wonderful journey in the beauty and fashion world, collaborating with leading brands including Maybelline, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, and Fashion Nova, doing make-up artistry for celebrity clients, and creating her clothing line, to name a few.


5. MISTY COPELAND @mistyonpointe (1.8M) – Top African American Influencer (Fitness)




Misty Danielle Copeland is a famous ballerina and one of the Top African-American Influencers living in Manhattan, New York. Misty is on top of her game and has become the first Black woman to become a principal dancer at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. Since then, she has become one of the sought-after endorsers of popular brands like Under Armour.


6. JACKIE AINA @qjackieaina (1.7M) – Top African American Influencer (Beauty)




A known champion for women and men of color and one of the Top African-American Influencers, Jackie Aina has been advocating for the inclusivity and visibility of black people in the cosmetic industry. This military reserve-turned-beauty vlogger has challenged several beauty brands to feature more shades for those with dark complexions. This has led to fruitful collaborations with Too Faced, Fenty Beauty, e.l.f cosmetics, Sephora, Sigma Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and a lot more. In 2018, Jackie was named “YouTuber of the Year” at the 49th NAACP Image Awards.


7. BRITTNE JACKSON @brittnebabe (1.6M) – Top African American Influencer (fitness)




Professionally known as Brittne Babe, fitness model, figure competitor, and one of the Top African American Influencers, Brittne Jackson has worked hard to build her brand. Her “no excuse” approach to fitness has helped thousands of women transform their lives. Her popularity skyrocketed with her fitness program named The 21 Day Challenge, which is designed to build both strength and curves at home, with little to no equipment. Brittne continues to make her targeted training accessible for everyone through her Instagram, blog, and YouTube channel.


8. RAYE BOYCE @itsmyrayeraye (1.5M) – Top African American Influencer (Fashion)




Raye Boyce is a Youtube sensation and one of the Top African-American Influencers. Although fashion was her first love, Raye dedicates her YouTube channel for all things makeup, since it was something that propelled her to internet fame, especially when it comes to her beauty advice and affordable makeup finds.


9. ALISSA ASHLEY @alissa.ashley (1.1M) – Top African American Influencer (Beauty)




Alissa Ashley is one of the Top African-American Influencers who has successfully penetrated the beauty industry through her makeup tips and tricks. After leaving her work at a cosmetic retail job, Alissa decided to create a YouTube channel in 2014 to provide makeup tutorials, reviews, and glimpses of her life. Over time, she has attracted millions of subscribers and casual viewers alike who often leave positive comments on her channel. Aside from vlogging, Alissa also pursues her passion for photography.


10. ELLARIE NOEL @ellarie (1.1M) – Top African American Influencers (Beauty)




Ellarie Noel is a beauty vlogger and one of the Top African American Influencers based in Atlanta, Georgia. From being a laid-off employee and a struggling single mom, Ellarie was able to turn her life around through her passion and hard work. Now, she has a six-figure career as a beauty celebrity, model, and YouTuber who focuses on hair and makeup tutorials on her channel. One of the videos of her that have gone viral was a hair tutorial she made with her daughter Zara, nicknamed Yoshidoll.


11. MELISSA ALCANTARA @fitgurlmel (1.1M)




Melissa Alcantara is a mom, author, fitness guru, and one of the most followed Black fitness influencers. She is known for being the personal trainer of the reality star Kim Kardashian. Melissa reveals her inspiring transformation in her new book, Fit Gurl: The Total-Body Turnaround Program, where shares the mindset, nutrition, and workout tips as well as a complete training program to help anyone jumpstart their fitness journey.


12. CHANEL DELISSER @chaneldelisser (1M)




Occupational therapist-turned fitness coach Chanel Delisser once had a love/hate relationship with the gym, but ever since she committed herself to transform her body, everything in her life changed as well. She launched her online community Coco Fitness with a mission to help as many women as she can in fulfilling their fitness goals. Chanel shares her simple philosophy: “be your own body goals first”.


13. FRANTZCESCA CASIMIR @frantzcesca.casimir (983K)




Frantzcesca “Fancy” Casimir is a Haitian-American Army Sergeant and personal trainer based in Brooklyn, New York. She developed an interest in weight training after seeing a group of women doing it. After earning her NASM personal training certificate in 2015, Fancy began an online training bodybuilding program and created Fancy Fitness in the same year. Her ultimate goal is to impart her knowledge to every woman who wants to get healthier, become faster, stronger, and more confident in her own skin.


14. JEANETTE JENKINS @msjeanettejenkins (900K)




With over 28 solid years in the fitness industry, Jeanette Jenkins is one of the most favored African-American healthy living coaches. She founded Hollywood Trainer fitness company and gained a long list of clientele that includes Hollywood celebrities and famous athletes like P!nk, Alicia Keys, Amber Rose, Queen Latifah, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, and a lot more.  With her internationally acclaimed training program, Jeanette comes with a mission to help everyone find the athlete inside them and enjoy the amazing benefits of healthy living.


15. GABI GREGG @gabifresh (865K)




Gabi Gregg, professionally known as Gabi Fresh, is one of the Top Black Influencers and a prominent plus-sized fashion blogger. With solid experience as a fashion editor and brand consultant, Gabi started her blog that focuses on fashion and beauty content. Aside from working with popular brands, Gabi also designs her own swimwear collections together with Swimsuits For All and lingerie lines in cooperation with Playful Promises. Recently, she has collaborated with inclusive brand Fashion to Figure which features a wide array of pieces made especially for plus-sized women.


16. ALLY LOVE @allymisslove (799K)




A multifaceted woman that she is, Ally Love has so much to give as a certified health coach, Brooklyn Nets sports host, Peloton Instructor Adidas Global ambassador, CEO/Founder of Love Squad, TEDx Speaker, & model. In all of her pursuits, this New York-based fitness influencer strives to lead by example. Ally uses her influence/platforms to create a space to celebrate and champion diversity in race and culture through conversation and sweat.


17. KIITAN  AKINNIRANYE @kiitana (798K)




Nigeria-born,  Atlanta-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Kiitan Akinniranye comes with a mission as one of the Top African American Influencers. She founded the headwrap company Atarah Avenue, which sources fabrics from local communities in Nigeria. She has partnered with high-profile brands like Olay, Tresemmé, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. As a fashion and beauty influencer, Kiitana strives to empower, educate and inspire women of color to be the best versions of themselves and pursue their dreams without fear.


18. SHALOM BLAC @shalomblac (764K)




Nigeria native Shalom Blac has indeed come a long way from being an insecure young girl to becoming one of the most inspirational Black beauty influencers. After the horrifying kitchen accident, Shalom started to rely heavily on makeup to cover up her burnt skin. She regained her confidence upon receiving positive comments for appearing without makeup on her YouTube channel. Today, Shalom uses her social media platforms to call for proper representation and inclusivity of dark-skinned people.


19. QUIANNA CAMPER@qui2health (762k)




Quianna Camper is a New Jersey-born certified personal trainer who adopts a holistic approach to fitness.  During a difficult time in her life, she dedicated herself to self-love and fitness became her therapy.  After obtaining her certification in personal training, she began realizing her ultimate purpose of helping others become the best version of themselves, thus the birth of her brand, Qui2Health Fitness. Through her brand, Quianna envisions a safe space for her clients to work on their bodies and their mental health, simultaneously.


20. IRIS BEILIN @irisbeilin (735K)




Iris Beilin is a US-based African-Panamanian makeup artist, YouTuber, and beauty influencer who is known for her entertaining makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. In 2014, she earned the top spot in Cosmopolitan’s 8 Best Latina Makeup Artists on Instagram. She was also considered the best Latina beauty vlogger to follow by Latina Magazine.


21. COURTNEY QUINN @colormecourtney (733K)




Added to the list of Top African American Influencers is New York-based fashionista Courtney Quinn This self-proclaimed “color queen” will make you fall for a quirky and colorful sense of style! She started her blog, Color Me Courtney, as a creative outlet while pursuing a career in fashion.  In 2018, Courtney launched her mentorship program entitled Color Me Mentorship to empower young women of color and expose them to the ins and outs of fashion week.


22. TEAIRA WALKER @teairawalker (696K)




With more than 1.6 million combined followers on Instagram and YouTube, beauty and fashion influencer Teaira Walker keeps filling her social channels with fresh content for everyone to see. You’ll learn a thing or two from her makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and a lot more!


23. ARNELL ARMON  @arnell.armon (685K)




Arnell Zinnerman, professionally known as Arnell Armon is an Oakland-based beauty influencer known for her makeup tutorials and creativity-based makeup videos on her Youtube channel. While often compared with her twin sister, Alissa Ashley, a well-known beauty vlogger, Arnell is also making a name for herself in the beauty industry. She is often seen recreating celebrity looks, including Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, and Megan Thee Stallion.


24. LITA LEWIS @followthelita (551K)




Lita Lewis is an African American fitness influencer, personal trainer, motivational speaker, and life coach based in Los Angeles, California. Being the epitome of a “strong and fit” person, she believes that fitness and health are not about being skinny or curvy; rather, it’s about being “the best version of yourself”. She incorporates into her fitness program her philosophy of accepting, embracing, and building strong minds, being healthy for life, finding inner balance, and pursuing and accomplishing personal growth.


25. SLOANE STEPHENS @sloanestephens (526K)


Top Black Influencers


Sloane Stephens is an African-American professional tennis player and model and fitness influencer. With all her achievements as an athlete, she has received countless endorsements, sponsorships, and partnership deals with leading brands including Nike, Head rackets, Mercedes-Benz, doTerra, Precision Nutrition, Colgate, Listerine, USANA, and many more.


26. MORGAN DAWSON @morgandawson__ (522k)


Top Black Influencers


Morgan Dawson’s perfect curves are to die for, but this Miami-based fitness coach and influencer had to suffer a lot before she finally overcame her struggles with her own body. Once an aspiring model, Morgan often starved herself to lose weight. Now, she wholeheartedly embraces her body type and starts using her platform and experience to help women to embrace their curves and build their dream bodies.


27. ALEALI MAY @alealimay (513K)


Top Black Influencers


LA-based stylist, fashion blogger, model Aleali May is best known for her glam streetwear. Her obsession with sneakers earned her an exclusive collaboration with Jordan, making her one of only two women to ever design for the Nike-owned brand. She is also the first woman to create a unisex Air Jordan.


28. NYMA TANG @nymatang (499k)


Top Black Influencers


Nyma Tang is an Ethiopia-born, Texas-based beauty vlogger and one of the prominent African-American Influencers in the beauty industry. Her popularity rose in 2017 after starting a YouTube series, The Darkest Shade, in which she reviews the darkest shades of products from different makeup brands. Nyma uses this series and her social media platforms to help find the right products for women with darker skin tones, raise awareness about colorism, and lobby cosmetics brands to make more inclusive shade ranges.


29. JESSAMYN STANLEY @mynameisjessamyn (468K)


Top Black Influencers


Many plus-sized female influencers are getting the recognition they deserve, and Jessamyn Stanley is one of them. Jessamyn is a highly-acclaimed yoga instructor and body positivity advocate based in Durham, North Carolina. She founded The Underbelly, a wellness brand that offers on-demand streaming yoga classes. Jessamyn is also a magnificent writer who has published two books about her wellness journey, namely Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear, Get On the Mat, Love Your Body  (2017), and Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance (2021).


30. LUVVIE AJAYI JONES @luvvie (452K)


Top Black Influencers


Luvvie Ajayi Jones is an internationally recognized speaker, a two-time New York Times bestselling author, blogging veteran, and podcast host. She began her career in marketing and digital strategy and started blogging in 2003. With her ability to cover all things culture with wit and humor, New York Times tagged her as the “Internet’s Newest Comic Phenom”. Luvvie often connects with her audience through her social network, LuvvNation, a space to build community, find courage, and get life and career cheat codes.


31. SALEM MITCHELL @salemmitchell (442K)


Top Black Influencers


Salem Mitchell’s entry to the fashion world wasn’t something that she expected, but thanks to her unique features- her abundant facial freckles that launched her to influencer fame. Since she debuted with an article entitled, “100 Ways to Wear Gucci”, her one-of-a-kind beauty has captivated several hot brands including Allure, Savage x Fenty, and Numéro, and many more. But more than her looks, the confidence and positivity she exudes make her truly inspirational.


32. KRISTEN NOEL CRAWLEY @kristennoelcrawley (436K)


Top Black Influencers


Kristen Noel Crawley is an LA-based jewelry designer, beauty blogger, and founder of KNC Beauty, a brand that prides itself on clean, cruelty-free products. She became widely popular for her collagen-infused pink lip mask, which was the first product to launch her brand. Using her fame for a good cause, Kristen started the KNC School of Beauty to provide a free educational program designed to empower BIPOC business owners in the beauty world.


33. VASHTIE KOLA @vashtie (409K)


Top Black Influencers


Wearing many hats as a director, filmmaker, artist, designer, creative consultant, and disc jockey, Vashtie Kola is one of the distinguished fashion icons who has been making waves in downtown New York City for more than a decade now. With her deep taste for fashion, film, and music, she has been hailed as “a Role Model for the young tastemakers by the New York Times, as well as the “Curator of Cool” by Black Enterprise. Also, her matchless street aesthetic once earned her the “Most Stylish New Yorker” by Time Out New York. In 2010, Vashtie became the first woman to design a Jordan brand sneaker under her brand Violette with an empowering campaign oriented toward girls that feature the tagline, “sometimes the king is a woman.”


34. VANESSA GYIMAH @vanessa_gyimah (400K)


Top Black Influencers


Ohio-based makeup artist and beauty influencer Vanessa Gyimah shares her passion for all things makeup through her Instagram and YouTube channels. She rose to fame for her “365 Look” concept and gained a massive following for her time-lapsed makeup application vlogs, where she highlights diverse makeup looks. Vanessa’s works have featured in Buzzfeed and Essence Magazine.


35. MARIAMA DIALLO @mariama (388K)


Top Black Influencers


Guinean-American model, actress, and beauty and fashion influencer Mariam Diallo keep a growing list of followers on Instagram. She has been modeling for 8 years and has graced campaigns with brands such as Savage Fenty by Rihanna and Marc Jacob Beauty. She was also featured in magazines such as Vogue and NYLON. Mariama can be seen in a recent Disney film “Jungle Cruise” starring Dwayne Johnson.


36. JENNÉ CLAIBORNE @sweetpotatosoul  (383K)


Top Black Influencers


Jenné Clairborne is a celebrated food and lifestyle blogger and vegan chef living in Los Angeles. She shares hundreds of mouthwatering and easy-to-make vegan recipes on her food blog named Sweet Potato Soul. Jenné also runs a Youtube channel where she uploads lots of cooking videos and healthy eating tips.


37. SAI DE SILVA @scoutthecity (366K)


Top Black Influencers


Sai De Silva is a New York City-based lifestyle influencer, content creator and the founder Scout the City worldwide known blog that focuses on fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and motherhood. Since its inception in 2014, her blog quickly gained traction and recognition from the Today show, refinery29, Forbes and New York Times to name a few.  Sai has also collaborated with over one hundred brands including Zara, Amazon, Apple, Target, and Tresseme. Sai is often accompanied by her daughter London Scout in many of her adventures as shown on her blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel.


38. TONI MITCHELL @toningtoni (328K)


Top Black Influencers


Bodybuilder and fitness Influencer Toni Mitchell rose to fame for her workout videos and vegan recipes. She makes high-impact exercises more workable and accessible through her YouTube channel, where she mostly uploads her full-body workout with no equipment needed, diet tips as well as her bikini fitness competition journey.


39. CYDNEE BLACK @cydbee (317K)


Top Black Influencers


LA-based beauty influencer and YouTuber Cydnee Black started her YouTube channel in 2013 and uploaded makeup and hair hacks. Born with piercing blue eyes, Cydnee addressed people’s doubt about her eye color, thus ending speculation that she was only using contacts. Now with over 2.1 million YouTube subscribers, Cyndee shares not only her love for beauty on her channel but also her self-development journey with hopes of inspiring people along the way, through peace, love, and positivity.


40. ASIYAMI GOLD @asiyami_gold (309K)


Top Black Influencers


Asiyami Gold is Nigerian-American visual storyteller, creative director, and lifestyle influencer with passions for design, photography, and travel. With her flair for design and distinctive aesthetic, Asami launched her eponymous creative agency in 2013 to help brands create their identity and legacy. Since then, she has become a sought-after content curator who has worked with various brands including GAP, J.CREW, PANTENE, VOGUE.


41. TATIANA ELIZABETH PRICE @tatianaelizabethh (298K)


Top Black Influencers


New York-born fashion model and beauty guru, Tatiana Elizabeth Price has always been passionate about modeling. Since becoming a contender on Cycle 23 of America’s Next Top Model, she has proven her worth and become one of the most successful newcomers in the industry.  Tatiana is the founder of a makeup brand named Skin Buttr. Tatiana has modeled for various global brands including Le Vian jewelry, House of CB, Oh Polly, and many more.


42. KEVIN AXEL @kevinlangue (293K)


Top Black Influencers


Kevin Axel is an African-American lifestyle influencer based in Los Angeles, California. He has garnered a massive social media following through his entertaining content on Instagram and YouTube. Kevin has worked with a wide range of brands from Delta Air Lines, Purple Carrot,  Pacsun, Quip, and 1800 contacts.


43. SHIONA TURINI @shionat (290K)


Top Black Influencers


Since the start of her career, New York-based stylist, consultant, and costume designer Shiona Turini has worked her way up to become one of the leading experts in the fashion industry. With her solid experience in commercial styling and costume design, she has attracted a long list of notable partners and clients in the beauty, fashion, entertainment, and travel industries, including the New York Times, Elle, HBO, Nike, Christian Dior, Stuart Weitzman, Oscar de la Renta, and the Knowles sisters. Shiona has also collaborated with brands including La Mer, Tods, American Express, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade New York, MAC Cosmetics,, and Tiffany & co.


44. CYNTHIA ANDREW @simplycyn (270K)


Top Black Influencers


A New York-based attorney-turned-beauty influencer, Cynthia’s colorful grid never fails to amaze or inspire. You’ll be obsessed with everything from her super bright and cheery outfit posts to her interiors content – she’s worth a follow.


45. AMY JULLIETTE LEFÉVRE @lefevrediary (264K)


Top Black Influencers


Amy Julliette Lefevre is a fashion model and creative who is known for her tasteful style, exotic beauty, and impeccably curated Instagram feed. As a young child who has been bullied for her skin color, Amy was determined to overcome her past by pursuing her love for fashion. She incorporates into her style every bit of unique and diverse trends from the places she grew up with (Belgium, Gambia, Senegal, and the US).  Amy has collaborated with global brands like Dior L’Oreal, Apple, Stuart Weitzman, and many more.


46. CLAIRE SULMERS @clairesulmers (244K)


Top Black Influencers


Atlanta-based fashion guru and multi-awarded blogger Claire Siobhan Sulmers is a force to be reckoned with. She founded, the leading digital magazine highlighting multicultural fashion. Her body of work and massive online following has made Ms. Sulmers a sought-after influencer for [ brands including Toyota, Reebok, Verizon, and others. Claire has written a book “The Bomb Life”, and is now working on her 2nd book.


47. COCO BASSEY @cocobassey (217k)


Top Black Influencers


Coco Bassey is an African-American fashion and lifestyle influencer based in NYC and Atlanta. Growing up and living in different places abroad, this Nigerian native has a lot to offer when it comes to styling. Her exposure to various countries and cultures is evident in her day-to-day wardrobe. Through her namesake blog, she wants to share with her readers not only her love for fashion, but also travel, beauty, career, and any part of her life that she hopes can inspire millennial women like her.


48. RONKE RAJI ADEOLA @ronkeraji (265K)


Top Black Influencers


Aderonke “Ronke” is an African-American beauty, lifestyle, and parenting influencer with over four years of experience creating branded content. She worked as a makeup artist at MAC Cosmetics before pursuing a career as a full-time content creator.


49. AARON ROSE PHILIP @aaron___philip (209K)


Aaron Rose Philip


Born with cerebral palsy, Antiguan-American model Aaron Rose Philip rose above her circumstances to be the first black, transgender, and physically disabled model to be represented by a major modeling agency. Her first runway appearance was in 2019 and has since then modeled for several major luxury fashion brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Collins Strada,  and Moschino, to name a few. With her campaigns for inclusion and representation for the disabled community, Aaron has become a sought-after model and has graced several papers and online magazines, including Vogue, W, i-D, Dazed, ELLE, Allure, Refinery29 and Now This.


50. NNENNA B. @nnennab (223K)


Top Black Influencers


A social media darling, comedian, and lifestyle influencer Nnenna B takes you to her world through her lighthearted content across various social media platforms. She creates skits and recreation videos covering all things fashion, beauty, and travel with a slice of humor on the side to keep her audience entertained. She has collaborated with brands like Pantene, Audible, Guinness, WE tv, and a lot more.


51. MYLEIK TEELE @myleik (204K)


Top Black Influencers


Atlanta-based Myleik Teele proves that she’s more than a beauty influencer. She’s the brain behind the monthly subscription service called CurlBOX which provides for easy access to amazing natural hair products, especially for women with curly hair. Around the same time when she started her beauty brand, she also kicked off a podcast called My Taught You to chronicle the trials and tribulations of building her own business. Myliek is on a mission to motivate black women to live life on their own terms. Brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Ulta, Target, and Walmart, have sought her talents in that arena as a consultant and collaborator.


52. JOCELYN DELK ADAMS @grandbabycakes (223k)


Top Black Influencers


Jocelyn Delk Adams is a popular food influencer, award-winning author, TV personality, and founder of Grandbaby Cakes, a brand she created in honor of her grandmother. Jocelyn gave a modern spin to her “big mama’s” cherished dessert recipes and made them accessible through her food website to give inspiration to would-be bakers and cooking enthusiasts who want to learn kitchen skills and not feel guilty about enjoying dessert. Jocelyn has appeared in various cooking shows either as a judge or cast member including TODAY Show Tastemaker, Santa’s Baking Blizzard, Beat Bobby Flay, Unique Sweets, and many more. She has also been regularly featured on The Rachael Ray Show, The Cooking Channel, People Magazine, Hallmark Channel, and Better Homes, to name a few.


53. IMMA ADAMU @immaculatebites (232K)

Top Black Influencers


California-based food blogger Imma Adamu started her blog, Immaculate Bites as a mere hobby in 2008, but it quickly evolved into a full-time blogging career after people started making her dishes within a few hours of her post. Since then, her blog has served as a favorite go-to for people looking for out-of-the-box yet approachable family recipes.  From traditional recipes to vibrant soul food and flavorful meals inspired by different cuisines around the world, you can find them all on her website. Imma said she never compromises the flavors of her dishes just to satisfy budget constrictions, but she provides affordable alternatives whenever she can.


54. GABRIELLE RICHARDSON @fridacashflow (195K)

Gabrielle Richardson, a.k.a. Frida Cash Flow, is an African-American Influencer, model, visual artist, and activist based in Brooklyn. Embracing body positivity, Gabrielle inspires everyone to love their uniqueness, flaws, and not-so-good physical attributes. Her striking looks (body hair and crooked teeth) and strong personality have become her ticket to success and made her a deserving representation for queer artists of color as an Art Hoe Collective curator.


55. CHIZI DURU @chiziduru (189K)


Top Black Influencers


Beauty and hairstyle expert Chizi Duru will teach you more about loving your natural hair.  She created her self-titled YouTube channel on May 3, 2008, and began posting about 4c natural hair tutorials. Over time, she has grown her channel to more than 550K subscribers and has become one of the highly-engaged African-American influencers on Instagram.


56. TAVARIS JEFFERSON @varijstylez (185K)


Tavaris Jefferson


LA-based makeup artist Tavaris Jefferson is a name to remember if you’re looking for a glam-look inspiration. Their Instagram is a gallery of stunning selfies and makeup videos that are simply satisfying to watch. For Tavaris, makeup is therapeutic and that’s what beauty should be about.


57. NNEKA IBEABUCHI @Africanjawn  (175K)


Nneka Ibeabuchi 1


Nigeria-born, California-based model, creative director, and photographer Nneka Ibeabuchi can mesmerize you with her fashion sense and creativity.  As the brains behind “Buchifiles,” Nneka showcases her styling, production design, and photography skills that she’s cultivated as a model and style blogger. One trick that she shares to improve shoots is to “know your angles”. Her Instagram is a must-see if you want to know the details of her work.


58. MIKE JOHNSON mikebakesnyc (171K)




Mike Johnson is a New York-based lawyer-turned content creator with a passion for baking and food photography. In 2016, Mike started @mikebakesnyc while in law school as a creative outlet. Soon enough, his blog successfully gained a huge following that he decided to leave the practice of law to be a full-time food influencer. His brand focuses on indulgent yet approachable comfort foods and desserts. Mike also published his first-ever cookbook of over 50 brownie recipes, aptly named Even Better Brownies.


59. ANGELA DAVIS @thekitchenista (169K)




Angela Davis is a Detroit-based mom of two, self-taught cook, recipe developer, author, and content creator. In 2012, she launched her digital storytelling platform The Kitchenista Diaries, not only to share her cooking journey but also to create space for other young Black women in the kitchen. Angela has partnered with national brands such as Whole30, Home Depot, BJ’s, and Weber, and has been published by The Washington Post, Shondaland, Wine Enthusiast, and Food & Wine.


60. JESSICA HYLTON LECKIE @jessicainthekitchen (169k)




Jessica Hylton-Leckie is an award-winning photographer, videographer, a home chef who aims to inspire others with her simple yet delicious vegetarian recipes. When Jessica decided to go vegetarian several years ago, she immediately saw a change in her health, sleep, mood, and overall lifestyle for the better. Since then, she’s gone vegan and started updating her blog, Jessica in the Kitchen, with wholesome, nutritious vegan recipes. In addition to her recipes (which are more than 600 recipes now), Jessica also shares dozens of helpful free guides, and tips and tricks in the kitchen, and many more.


61. CHRISSY RUTHERFORD @chrissyford (165K)


chrissy ford


New York-based digital creator Chrissy Rutherford has more than 12 years of experience in the fashion industry writing, doing market work, and styling celebrities. In 2019 she was nominated for ASME Award for social media. In June 2020 she co-founded 2BG Consulting with fellow editor Danielle Prescod where they advise fashion and beauty brands along with influencers on how to implement anti-racist communication strategies. She has partnered with brands like Tiffany & Co., Jimmy Choo, Saks Fifth Avenue, Farfetch, UGG, Depop, Rothys, Lincoln Motors, and the Environmental Defense Fund.


62. SHAVONDA GARDNER @sgardnerstyle (163K)


shavonda gardner


Shavonda Gardner is an African-American Interior stylist with a passion for black, bold, moody, collected & eclectic globally inspired interiors. As a self-proclaimed maximalist, Shavonda believes that you can live large even in small spaces; hence, she uses her personal touch to bring new life to small spaces and little old houses. While interior design is her jam, Shavonda also showcases her love for travel, gardening, personal style, and other inspiring ideas through her design and lifestyle blog, SG Style.


63. NATASHA HASTINGS @natashahastings (162K)




Natasha Monique Hastings is a Texas-based track and field sprinter who has won the Olympic gold medal twice. She specializes in the 400 meters and 4×400 meter relay events and won several other awards under such category,  thus earning her the moniker “the 400M Diva”. In addition to her running career, Natasha also runs a YouTube channel, where she interviews her fellow athletes and is pursuing her master’s degree in psychology to become a therapist.


64. LANA ECTOR @lanaectorfit (161K)




Lana Ector is a widely known nutritionist and fitness instructor who specializes in weight loss and group training. She co-founded the Atlanta, GA-based studio Gymnetics Fitness and co-created the Ectorcise fitness challenge with her mother Ellen Ector, also a fitness instructor. She and her mother released a workout DVD titled Black Girls Workout Too.


65. JESSICA PETTWAY @jessicapettway (155K)




Jessica is a Los Angeles-based digital creator and beauty influencer, wife, and a full-time mom. She inspires women around the world to be their true, authentic selves and to express their own definition of beauty.


66. SASHA EXETER @sashaexeter (153K)




Sasha Exeter is a former elite athlete fitness and lifestyle influencer who founded So Sasha – a personal brand and website that focuses on fitness, lifestyle, and motherhood. She uses her platforms to share her inspiring story on overcoming two chronic illnesses through diet, and exercise, as well as to encourage just about anyone to live a healthy and authentic life. Sasha has successfully collaborated with global brands including Nike, Apple, General Motors, Danone, Tetley, Clinique, Mercedes, and more. She was also the face of national campaigns for Activia’s 2016 “In Sync” program and Joe Fresh Active for the last three years.


67. BLAKE GIFFORD @signedblake (149K)


blake gifford


Chicago-based attorney and content creator Blake Gifford inspires others with her love of fashion, travel, and home décor through her blog. Blake started blogging around the same time that she was studying law, and got the chance to be featured on, Refinery29, and Essence Magazine while earning a Master’s Degree from NYU. Blake has also partnered with brands like Armani Beauty, NIKE, Katy Perry Fragrances, Ralph Lauren, St. Johns, Dior Makeup, Z Gallerie, and American Express, to name a few.


68. DANA EMMANUELLE-JEAN NOZIME @dananozime (140K)




Dana Emmanuelle-Jean Nozime is an African-American influencer, model, and content creator based in Chicago, Illinois. She has always used Instagram as a creative outlet where she often posts mirror selfies to showcase her style or outfits. Aside from fashion, she also shares content on beauty, lifestyle, and all the things she loves. For Dana, staying true to yourself and your personal style is what makes her feel most confident.


69. MONROE STEELE @monroesteele (135K)




A physical therapist turned fashion blogger and influencer, Monroe Steele wants to show the world that there’s more to life than wearing scrubs. This New York-based African-American influencer started Fashion Steele NYC in 2010 as a creative outlet for her thrift fashions. Over the years her blog evolved from thrift finds to covering fashion events, travel, fashion editorials, and lifestyle content. Monroe’s life and works have been featured in several papers and online magazines including Marie Claire, Glamour, Essence,, Vogue. it,, and many more.


70. JANELLE MARIE LLOYD @waityouneedthis (132K)




Janelle Marie Lloyd is an African-American Influencer and blogger based in Atlanta and New York who strives to inspire other women with stylish (and accessible) everyday living. Using the catchy phrase “Wait, you need this”, Janelle invites her followers to have an inside look into her style,  interiors, and New York City life through the popular blog and Instagram page. Janelle was named one of the “10 Fashion Influencers to Follow Right Now” as part of Bloglovin’s Instagrammer influencer series in 2016.


71. ALYSSA MARIE @lyssamariexo (128K)




Alyssa is a Caribbean-born digital creator who aims to uplift others by celebrating all things natural hair and beauty. She’s passionate about connecting with her audience through unique and relatable content on her platforms.


72. NIKKI WALTON @curlynikki (128K)




Nikki Walton is a television personality, licensed psychotherapist, bestselling and award-winning author, and famous lifestyle and beauty blogger. In 2008, Nikki created, which has become the largest and most popular hair care and beauty blog, reaching millions of women in over 30 countries. Black Enterprise named her one of the web’s most influential voices and Essence named her among their ‘Top 35 Under 35 Young, Black and Amazing’. Nikki has also been featured in many national and international media outlets ranging from The New York Times, USA Today, London’s The Guardian, and Huffington Post to Ebony, Essence, and Parents Magazine.


73. MATTIE JAMES @themattiejames (126K)


Mattie James


Mattie James is a former Miss Liberia turned wife, mom, full-time blogger, and lifestyle influencer who firmly believes that anyone is worthy of making their dreams real. From starting a blog as a mere hobby in 2010, Mattie decided to make it full-time when her following grew. Soon enough, she’s reaping the fruits of her labor as her lifestyle brand morphed into a 6-figure business.  With her success in digital marketing, Mattie is more than willing to share her story and expertise with Black men and women who also aspire to be influencers and content creators.


74. ONEIKA RAYMOND @oneikatraveller (120K)


oneika raymond


Emmy award-winning Journalist and TV Host, author, and speaker Oneika Raymond is a bona fide travel junkie who inspires others to live life outside of their comfort zone. Her breathtaking adventures have taken her to more than 115 countries on 6 continents. She founded, an award-winning travel blog designed to examine travel and exploration through the intersections of race, politics, and privilege. She has also received numerous awards and recognitions for her contributions in the field of travel and education.


75. ELISABETH AKINWALE @eakinwale (114K)


Elisabeth Akinwale


Elisabeth Akinwale is a former gymnast turned CrossFit competitor, Olympic weightlifter, and fitness influencer. She started to take part in gymnastics at the age of 4 and right up to college until she began to suffer from several knee injuries that she had to leave gymnastics for good. On her path to recovery, she turned to weightlifting and quickly fell in love with it. In 2011, Elisabeth began competing in CrossFit and quickly established herself as a formidable CrossFit athlete.


76. TY ALEXANDER @tyalexander (106K)




Maryland-based wellness blogger, bestselling author, and podcaster Alexander truly lives up to her title as an influencer. She is known as a leading authority in lifestyle, beauty, and wellness-related content.  In addition to her many accomplishments, Ty launched her latest project, Self Care IRL, a social wellness community designed to help women cultivate life-shifting healing experiences and to teach them how to choose gratitude over grief.


77. ADRIANA LATELY @adrianalately (101k)


adriana lately


Atlanta-based African-American influencer Adriana Lately shares her passion for all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, and motherhood. On her self-titled blog, Adriana put together engaging content that includes makeup tutorials, makeup reviews, try-on videos, vlog-style travel videos, mom life hacks, and mom style videos, to name a few. Her growing followers and active social media presence earned her sponsorship deals with top brands such as Palmers, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Marriott Hotels, and more.


78. DEANDRE JOSEPH SINETTE  @mindfuldeandre (101K)


DeAndre Sinette


Los Angeles-based fitness influencer and yoga instructor DeAndre often shares how yoga has kick-started his journey of healing from childhood trauma and depression. He has been practicing yoga for over 7 years already and comes with a mission to “help people overcome the overwhelm of life” through yoga and mindfulness meditation.  He is often seen tackling difficult yoga poses and sharing mindfulness meditation videos on his Instagram account.


79. THAMAR GUERRIER @musingsofacurvylady (100K)




Thamarr Guerrier is best known as an influencer, digital creative, and directress/ founder of the popular fashion and lifestyle blog, Musings of a Curvy Lady. Before she went as a full-time blogger, she used to be a dedicated nurse who simply started blogging in 2012 to keep herself entertained on lunch breaks. In March 2021, she decided to resign from her nursing job to focus on growing her brand and becoming the entrepreneur and influencer she has wanted herself to be. As a positive body advocate, Thamarr uses her platform to help create the visibility and inclusion that is lacking in the fashion world.


80. COURTNEY BLACHER @courtneyblacher (72.4K)




Courtney Blacher is a single mom, travel blogger, and foodie based in Los Angeles, California. Her love for travel developed when she started working for two major airlines. Being often a solo female traveler, she created “Black Gurls Travels”, a travel blog that focuses on safe, affordable solo travel for women.  Later on, she began to focus on domestic and international short-term travel itineraries for busy travelers; hence, The World in Four Days was born. Courtney regularly updates her social channels for the latest trends in travel, food and culture, travel-related products, destination-specific fashion, and travel tips.


81. VALLERY LOMAS @foodieinnewyork (70.8K)




Vallery Lomas is a New York City-based former lawyer turned food writer, restaurant chronicler, and author of the recently published cookbook, Life Is What You Bake It. After winning ABC’s “The Great American Baking Show”, Vallery left the practice of law and transitioned from hobby baker and blogger to full-time food influencer. Now, Vallery keeps updating her blog, Instagram, and other social channels with delicious recipes and sweet creations.


82. VENITA ASPEN @venitaaspen (70.2K)




Venita Aspen is a reality TV star,  freelance model, and creative director-producer of The Aspen Agency, a video company that creates content for brands. With her vast array of experiences, this Charleston native comes with an open mind and a message of inclusion. Venita shares her experiences in the fashion, modeling, travel, and creative sectors through her blogs and other social channels.


83. CARLI ALVES @madebycarli (64.1K)




Passionate DIYer, Interior designer, and home renovator Carli Alves consider her signature style as a mix of modern and traditional elements. She created her blog Made by Carli, where she shares her passion for all things design and DIYs interior styling, DIYs, and—most recently—the renovation of her 19th century home in Rhode Island.


84. JEHAN POWELL @jehancancook (50.3K)




Jehan Powell is an Atlanta-based chef, baker, food influencer with an unending love affair with all things food.  Taking pride in her roots, this Guyana native felt that there’s a lack of authentic recipes online; hence, she started blogging about recipes that are inspired by her rich culture.  On her blog, Jehan makes Guyana and Caribbean cuisines more accessible as she shares both authentic and modernized versions of the recipes that she grew up on.


85. PRECIOUS NKEIH @preciouscore (39K)




Precious Meshi Nkeih is a wife, mom, writer food blogger, recipe developer, and lifestyle influencer behind the food and lifestyle blog Precious Core. Although she is known for her mouthwatering recipes, Precious also writes on an array of “Precious Topics”, including her true-life stories, love and marriage, singles, parenting, beauty and style, and faith.


86. SEAN PETERS @mybodymykitchen (38.6K)


sean peters


Sean Peters is a New York City-based engineer, educator, entrepreneur, and food enthusiast, who believes that food plays an invaluable role in one’s overall health. In January 2015, Sean launched his food website My Body My Kitchen after receiving wonderful feedback on his recipes from his personal Instagram account. Thus, he came up not only with recipes, shopping lists, and meal prep ideas, all posted on his site to help his readers get started on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.


87. AARON HUTCHERSON @thehungryhutch (28.8K)




A self-proclaimed professional eater, Aaron Hutcherson is more than what meets the eye. He is a prominent chef who has earned his degree at the French Culinary Institute, writer and recipe developer for Voraciously at The Washington Post, and the creative director of The Hungry Hutch. His interest in home cooking and food styling turned into a passion that made him change careers (from wealth management to the food industry). Aaron’s work has appeared in various publications, including in the New York Times, Food & Wine, Eater, Thrillist, Taste, Serious Eats, Food52, and Simply Recipes, among others.


88. BRITNEY BROWN-CHAMBERLAIN @britneybreaksbread (24.9K)




Maryland-based African-American food influencer Britney Brown-Chamberlain is a cancer researcher by day and a home cook by night. On her food blog, Britney Breaks Bread, Britney shares recipes of the delectable food that she cooks, most of which are inspired by world cuisines.  She describes her recipes as adventurous, making dishes that are both fun and flavorful and even more fun to eat!


89. ROSALYN DANIELS @rosalynndaniels (24.6K)




Rosalyn Daniels is an Atlanta-based lifestyle expert, content creator, and food photographer who describes herself as a cross between Martha Stewart and Oprah. She has a lot to share with her growing fanbase, including how to implement simple recipes, travel tips, lifestyle inspiration, and relatable situations that she experiences as a modern wife and mom. Rosalynn has been featured on national television networks and publications, including Morning Express on HLN and Essence Magazine, along with several others.


90. MIEKO TEMPLE @meikoandthedish (23.7k)


Mieko Temple


Dallas-based writer, photographer, chef, and recipe developer Meiko Temple was only six years old when she started cooking. With a little help from her great-grandmother and younger sisters who play the role of her taste testers, Mieko eventually perfected their heirloom family recipes and made a personal touch to them. With her passion for cooking, Mieko left her corporate job and pursue a career in food full-time, inspiring her followers with hearty recipes that she puts on her blog, Mieko and The Dish.


91. ZAINAB STORMS @aclassictwistblog (22.6k)




Zainab Storms is a DC-based African-American food and baking enthusiast, home chef, neuroscientist, world traveler, mom of two, who loves sharing classic recipes with bold twists and flavors on her food website, A Classic Twist Blog. As a self-taught baker, this Sierra Leone native began baking as a grad-school hobby to de-stress and express my creativity while earning her Ph.D.On her Instagram, Zainab shares a new cupcake recipe every Monday, as well as her recipes for savory appetizers, main dishes, and more.


92. TANAY MICHELE @tanaymichele (21.4K)




Tanay Michele is a New York City-based lifestyle influencer, digital creator, millennial mom of three with an insatiable love for all things Disney, Harry Potter, and avocado toast. She is the creator behind the family lifestyle blog, Life with Tanay, where she shares content about family life, travel, and lifestyle, with hopes of inspiring others to navigate the joy in the chaos.


93. ERIKA @blackgirlswhobrunch (21.3K)




Erika is a Houston-based full-time lawyer and part-time food and lifestyle blogger who chronicles her food adventures on her blog, Black Girls Who Brunch. Through her site, Erika tries to provide honest reviews and insights into new and great restaurants in Houston. Erika does not only share food-related posts to her audiences, but also her love for travel as well as some tips and recommendations for their next adventure.


94. LOLA OSINKULO @cheflolaskitchen (20.3K)




Lola Osinkulo is Nigeria’s native food writer, recipe developer, and influencer who loves creating family-friendly recipes rooted in her African heritage. She founded Chef Lola’s Kitchen to share her passion for cooking. While many of her dishes are African-inspired, she uses “a global approach to cooking”, making them more palatable and appealing to a broader audience.


95. ERIC AND SHANNA JONES @dudethatcookz (18.7k)




Eric and Shanna Jones are food influencers living in Houston, Texas, who are increasingly becoming popular through their food blog, Dude That Cookz. The husband-and-wife tandem shares their passion for delivering scrumptious recipes that they developed mostly from the scratch. Eric, a self-taught cook, is the one developing recipes and cooking while Shanna handles the photography and website. They focus on turning clean ingredients into mouthwatering recipes that are easy to make.


96. TANYA HARRIS @myforkinglife (17.8K)




Jamaica native Tanya Harris is a former attorney, now a food influencer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Using an air fryer or pressure cooker most of the time, Tanya is set to tickle your tastebuds with her quick, easy, and flavorful recipes, which she shares on her Instagram and popular blog, My Forking Life. Tanya also runs a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her process in cooking and preparing meals.


97. ABIOLA ABRAMS @abiolatv (15.3K) Top Black Influencers (Lifestyle)




From being a people pleaser with extreme social anxiety and disordered eating habit to becoming a transformational guru, Abiola Abrams has come a long way to find the real purpose of her life. This award-winning motivational speaker and self-worth coach has come with an earnest mission: to empower women to break through or become who they were born to be. Abiola has authored several empowerment books, including The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love and the African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity, and Joy, and led transformational workshops around the globe.


98. TAMARA JOHNSON @razzle_dazzle_life (15.1k) – Top Black Influencers (Food)




Miami-based food influencer Tamara Johnson discovered her passion for cooking as early as junior high. With a family cookbook on hand, Tamara began trying out the recipes until such time that she has perfected them. Now a wife and busy mom of four awesome kids, with a corporate job on the side, her love for food still runs in her blood, which is why she launched her brand Razzle Dazzle Life to share with the world her tried and true that the whole family can enjoy, as well as fun family ideas, money-saving life hacks and other tips and ideas to help make people’s life easier.


99. KARA STEVENS @frugalfeminista (11.7K) – Top Black Influencers (Lifestyle)




Up and coming  lifestyle influencer Kara Stevens is a life coach, writer, speaker, and founder of the personal-finance and lifestyle blog, The Frugal Feminista. She aims to inspire women of color about financial empowerment, girl power, and “juicy” living. Kara’s work has been featured in Essence, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and USA Today.


100. JERILDINE MOBLEY-ARIAS  @whisperofyum (10.4K) – Top Black Influencers (Food)




Jerildine Mobley-Arias is a California native, public health practitioner, and creative food talent behind Whisper of Yum. She created this online repository to share with her audience her scrumptious, healthy, and easy recipes that are inspired by her heritage, travels, and dining experiences. In all her recipes, Jerildine uses simple ingredients and steps to come up with delicious home-cooked meals.


Why Are African American Influencers Important for Brands?


There are a few reasons why African American influencers are so important for brands. First, black consumers have a great deal of buying power, and they are more likely to respond to endorsements from other black people. Second, African American influencers have unique perspectives that can be valuable to brands looking to connect with black consumers. Finally, African American influencers often have large online followings, giving brands access to a large and engaged audience.

For brands from various niche industries, and of all shapes and sizes, looking to reach black consumers, African American influencers are a significantly valuable resource.

African American influencers have unique perspectives that can be valuable to brands. Many black social media advocates use their platforms to talk about social issues that matter to the black community. They also offer unique insights into the black consumer experience. This can be valuable for brands that are looking to connect with African American influencers but don’t have any employees or consultants who understand that market.

Finally, African American influencers often have large online followings. This gives brands access to a large and engaged audience. Black social media advocates can help promote a brand’s products or services to their followers, increasing the chances that those products or services will be successful. Additionally, by engaging with African American influencers, brands can build trust with the black community.

However, there is no single answer to why African American influencers are so popular with brands. However, a few factors may contribute to this trend.

First, African American influencers have a large and engaged audience. They boast high levels of engagement on social media, with followers who are eager to engage with content and recommendations from their favorite influencers. This level of engagement is attractive to brands, as it indicates that the influencer’s audience is likely to take action on the brand’s behalf.

Second, African American influencers often have strong personal brands. They have cultivated a unique voice and style that resonates with their audience. This allows them to create content and messaging that is highly relevant and engaging to their followers. In turn, this drives higher levels of conversion and ROI for brands working with these influencers.

Third, African American influencers are often early adopters of new trends and styles. They are quick to embrace new technologies and fashion trends, which makes them an invaluable resource for brands looking to stay ahead of the curve. By working with African American influencers, brands can gain access to a coveted group of trendsetters who can help them shape the direction of their business in the years to come.

Ultimately, there are many reasons why African American influencers are so popular with brands. Their large and engaged audiences, strong personal brands, and early adoption of trends make them a powerful force in the marketing world. For brands looking to reach a highly engaged and influential audience, working with African American influencers is a smart move that will bring the best optimal results for their campaigns.


Who are the top African American influencers?

The top African American influencers are a varied group of inspiring individuals who have made their mark on society in a multitude of ways. From artists to entrepreneurs and activists, the top African American influencers have used their platforms to create social change, promote literacy, and advocate for justice.

Among this impressive list of the top African American influencers are entertainers such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Oprah Winfrey, who have used their success to speak out on issues that matter to the African American community. Other top African American influencers include writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Ava DuVernay, and Toni Morrison; all of whom use storytelling as a powerful tool to effect change and advance the cause of civil rights.

In the business world, the top African American influencers like Robert Smith and Richelieu Dennis have become household names thanks to their incredible success in technology, finance, and beauty products respectively. With Smith’s philanthropic efforts towards education reform and Dennis’s role as one of the most successful Black entrepreneurs in history, both men stand as shining examples of the top African American influencers ever.

When it comes to the world of activism, few of the top African American influencers can match the impact that Reverend Al Sharpton has had over the last four decades. His tireless work advocating for racial justice has been integral in leading movements such as Black Lives Matter forward; meanwhile, as one of the top African American influencers, his Sunday morning radio show serves as an important source for news about minority communities across America.

These five top African American influencers are just a small sample of some of today’s most influential African Americans. Other top African American influencers include scholars such as Dr. Cornel West; athletes like LeBron James; politicians like Rep. John Lewis; fashion designers like Tracy Reese; filmmakers like Spike Lee; and many more.

How popular are the top African American influencers on Instagram?

The top African American influencers on Instagram are incredibly popular. These influencers have a large and dedicated following, many of whom look to their favorite influencers for advice, styling tips, and entertainment. According to Forbes’ list of the top African American influencers of 2019, half of the 10 most popular influencers had more than 5 million followers each. With millions of people engaging with their content, the top African American influencers on Instagram have created an engaged community that is devoted to their content.

The top African American influencers on Instagram often collaborate with well-known brands and celebrities to promote products or causes they believe in; this further amplifies their reach and influence among fans. Additionally, many of the top African American influencers on Instagram focus on topics related to black culture, activism, and modern beauty trends; this has enabled them to create content that resonates deeply with their audience. Through meaningful engagement with other industry pioneers such as hair stylists and makeup artists, the top African American influencers can offer unique perspectives on trendy styles.

Overall, the top African American influencers on Instagram possess immense power due to the size and devotion of their fan base; studies have found that 45% percent of Instagram users take action after being inspired by an influencer’s post.