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The Power of Home Decor Influencers



Home decor influencers have taken off! Over the past few years, we have seen how various brands have openly embraced influencer marketing for their brand awareness campaigns. With the swelling number of businesses and content creators resorting to this marketing channel, we see how the influencer market has steadily grown from $1.7 billion in 2016 to around $16 billion in 2022. 

This is astonishing progress amid the global pandemic that has pushed many industries to close down. However, extensive lockdowns have paved the way for some businesses to reach out to their target market using social media to stay closer to their customers and audience. One of them is the home décor and furnishing industry.

The home décor market has been gaining traction in emerging economies before the COVID-19 outbreak, with billions of sales generated through home improvement. In the US alone, shoppers spent 122 billion USD on home decor in 2016. By 2025, the U.S.  home improvement sales will reach over 600 billion USD, according to

On the other hand, the global home décor market was valued at 762.9 billion USD in 2020 and is estimated to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3% from 2021 to 2027, according to a new report published by Global Market Insights.

This isn’t surprising anymore since more and more home décor brands are now adapting to new marketing trends to increase brand awareness and improve ROI. One of the most viable channels to realize this is through the power of top home decor influencers.

Home decor influencers are the type of influencers who engage with their audiences by sharing a glimpse of their homes and giving step-by-step interior styling tips, tutorials for remodeling spaces, and DIY projects. They also make trustworthy recommendations about home improvement trends and offer unbiased reviews of a specific product and its quality, value, and overall impact.

While a significant number of the renowned home decor influencers are certified interior designers, many of them are self-taught who learned by simply watching video tutorials or following popular interior design social media sites for inspiration.

Top home decor influencers also adopt a particular design style or aesthetics that suit their taste and personality, the most popular of which are the classic or traditional, farmhouse, eclectic, mid-century modern, and Scandinavian, to name a few. Regardless of the design style, these influencers can curate content that are not only visually pleasing but also educational and valuable. The intention is not only to showcase their decorating skills but more importantly, to share ideas on how to make affordable home decor look expensive, or turn a dingy space into something livable and functional.

Top home decor influencers are currently on the rise and exist in practically all digital platforms, but they tend to flock mostly on Instagram – often considered the hub of all designers. So if you’re a homeware brand looking for an influencer to team up or collaborate with, Instagram is the best place to go.

Get to know more about the right influencer to work with by taking a peek into the “Insta-worthy” interiors of our 100 Top Home Decor Influencers in 2023.


100 Top Home Decor Influencers in 2023



1. FARAH MERHI @inspire_me_home_decor (6.4M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Lebanese- American interior designer and entrepreneur Farah Merhi is undoubtedly the most followed among the Top Home Décor Influencers. With a passion for design, Farah launched her home décor lifestyle brand, Inspire Me! Home Décor in 2012. Her passion has also led her to greater heights, including a collaboration with QVC in designing her home décor and furniture line. Farah describes her interior style as glam, classic, and elegant, with a cozy, warm, and inviting look. Through her platform, Farah hopes to inspire and provide the necessary tools for her audiences in creating a beautiful home. She mentioned on her website that she began her first house remodeling in 2012 in the hunt for something exceptional. She looked to Instagram for inspiration, but she couldn’t find anything she liked. She claimed she couldn’t find her unmistakable design approach, which she coined “Glam Elegance with a Cozy Vibe,” mirrored on the numerous home décor pages available. She wanted to design a beautiful statement house that was also warm and inviting, one that could wow visitors while still accommodating her daily family life. She then chose to share her ideas and method, and she started the Inspire Me! Home Decor Instagram account with trepidation. She kept it a secret at first, and it served as a creative outlet for her. She claimed she expected to meet a few fellow homeowners who would welcome any advice or inspiration she found along the road, but what she discovered instead was her purpose.


2. SYD AND SHEA MCGEE @studiomcgee (3M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Joining the roster of the Top Home Décor Influencers are husband and wife Syd and Shea McGee from Utah.  The power couple behind Studio McGee has come a long way from being struggling interior designers to becoming the leading innovators in the interior design industry.  Syd and Shea continue to soar high with their thriving interior design business, recently launched furniture line in collaboration with Target, and their hit Netflix series, the Dream Home Makeover. On their gorgeous and inspiring blog, the beautiful couple shared that Shea decided that design was where her heart was after finishing with a degree in communications, so she changed jobs and put her passion into rebuilding their first house. Shea’s creative style soon gained a vast client roster and dedicated following as one of the earliest design influencers on Instagram. Shea and her husband Syd founded their interior design business in 2014 with one goal in mind: “Make Life Beautiful.” The company’s designs and fan following developed over time, paving the groundwork for the establishment of McGee & Co., its e-commerce company, two years later. Studio McGee has become one of the leading pioneers in the interior design business, with the philosophy that great design can be attainable.



3. KATE RUMSON @the_real_houses_of_ig (2.5M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Kate Rumson from New Jersey also belongs to the prominent list of the Top Home Décor Influencers. Kate founded The Real Houses of Instagram, one of the biggest Interior Design and Luxury Real Estate media brands. With her expertise in design and real estate development, her media company has secured a long list of clients, including some of the biggest brands like LG, Trane, Masonite, GE., Rockwool, Belgard, Caesarstone, and many more. Kate also became famous for polling her legions of Instagram fans to choose the right chandelier and furniture for her New Jersey townhouse. Kate is also a licensed real estate adviser and the creator of Sotheby’s International Realty’s Private Client Luxury Division, a luxury real estate firm focused on customers wishing to purchase and/or sell properties worth $1 million or more in central and northern New Jersey. Kate’s work has appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Design NJ, Modern Luxury Interiors, The Real Deal, Dering Hall, New Jersey Monthly, Hunker, and others. Kate presently resides in central New Jersey and is in the midst of constructing her ideal house.



4. JUSTINA BLAKENEY @thejungalow (1.6M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Justina Blakeney of Jungalow is also a name to remember in the home décor industry. As one of the Top Home Décor Influencers, Justina takes her love for boho aesthetics to the next level. Bold colors and patterns of plants and animals are a big part of her interior design style. She created a collection of shaggy rugs for Loloi, a wallpaper collection with boutique firm Hygge & West, the Justina Blakeney Home collection with Anthropologie, a bedding line at Target, and a home fabrics collection with Calico Corners stores. Justina authored a Bohemian book series that became a New York Times bestseller, and one of these books is entitled, The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes. Justina Blakeney began her blog in 2009 in her modest, plant-filled loungeroom, and it has since developed into a lifestyle brand and the go-to source for design items and inspiration. Her website offers distinctive collections developed in her Los Angeles studio, as well as a carefully chosen selection of creative, colorful, and modern items from across the world. Justina and her crew are also happy to present a rotating collection of high-quality, limited-edition art prints from a diverse range of international artists. She believes that Jungalow would encourage people to delve into their creativity, connect with nature, and help to bring positive vibrations home, according to her website. Every time someone purchases something from Justina’s shop, at least two trees are planted as part of her objective to assist nurture the human/nature connection. Her mission is to create, manufacture, and source things that are made with love, care, and materials and techniques that benefit our communities and the environment.



5. AMBER LEWIS @amberinteriors (1.4M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Amber Lewis is one of the Top Home Décor Influencers based in California. Her white-wall, laid-back California aesthetic and eclectic and contemporary yet cozy designs made her a household name among the designers. Amber founded Amber Interiors, a Los Angeles-based interior design studio that currently creates designs for large-scale residences and boutique-style commercial spaces. She runs a blog named All Sorts Of, where she provides an informative and inspiring resource for all aspects of design, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. Amber imbues a little of California eclectic in all of her work, according to her website, but she wants a design challenge and chances to showcase her ever-evolving style. Amber’s designs are always warm, diverse, and one-of-a-kind, no matter what style she is requested to create. Amber Interior Design, Inc. now specializes in large-scale residential design. Amber and her team collaborate with architects and constructors to realize the different concepts that can be seen in her work, on her blog, and in her retail general store. The features that identify and can always recognize an Amber Interiors-designed house are light-filled spaces, vibrant fabrics, natural accents, earthy textures, and brushed metals. Amber, her husband and business partner Mike, their daughter Gwyneth, and their rescued pets Penny, Billie, Stella, Milo, and Georgie currently reside in Calabasas.



6. BECKI OWENS  @beckiowens (1.4M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Beki Owens is a Southern California-based interior designer and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers, best known for her modern, light-filled, and inviting designs. Becki has been transforming spaces since 2001, and her projects have been featured in several publications such as Wall Street,  Good Housekeeping, Architectural Digest, and Luxe Magazine, to name a few. Becki has teamed up with several brands, including Hudson Valley Lighting for her lighting collection, Pura for signature home scents, and Home Goods for furniture and accessories collection.



7. ANGELA ROSE @angelarosehome (1.3M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


A fearless DIYer with a knack for using power tools, Angela Rose is one of the Top Home Décor Influencers that will make home design enthusiasts want to start transforming their homes. Angela often gets inspiration from various designer accounts and then comes up with ways to recreate the look in her home at a bargain price. She shares through her website and Instagram all her home décor tips and tutorials. Angela’s projects have been featured in several magazines and online publications, including Dwell Magazine Top 10 Home Reno Accounts, Apartment Therapy Top Room Reno,, Real Simple,, Wayfair, and more.



8. GRACE ABREGO RE @lovefordesigns (1.3M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Grace Abrego Re is an interior designer and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers from North Carolina. With her love for home décor and designs, Grace has designed beautiful spaces and unique styles of art that can add a touch of luxury and glamour to anyone’s home. You can find all her original art pieces and home décor accessories on her website and Instagram.



9. HOLLY and BRAD @ourfauxfarmhouse (1.2M)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Holly and Brad are the Texas-based home décor influencers with a passion for all things home and DIY. They started their DIY journey way back in college, but their “faux farmhouse” projects began when they moved to Austin, TX, right after their graduation. They joined Instagram in September 2016  to share photos of their newly renovated Faux Farmhouse. In 2020, the couple received the prominent Shorty Awards for Best of House and Home.



10. EMILY HENDERSON @em_henderson (950K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Emily Henderson is a home stylist, TV personality, and previous winner of HGTV’s Design Star, who is strongly committed to approachable, vintage-inspired designs. She is also a New York Times bestselling author of STYLED. Emily runs a blog where she provides practical tips for creating a beautiful home, no matter your budget.



11. DEIRDRE RENEE @deirdres_design (856K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Deirdre Renee is an interior designer based in Charlotte, NC, and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers best known for an elegant decorating style.  Dreidre is on a mission to help everyone have a beautiful home on a budget. She shares her design and decorating tips in more detail on her blog and offers services for virtual design consults at a reasonable price. As an interior designer, she has witnessed personally how design can influence society and affect lives, according to her blog. She claims that her job entails much more than merely selecting accent items and paint colors, regardless of the assignment. It’s more about giving individuals the tools they need to take control of their surroundings and create a space that reflects their beliefs and aspirations for the future. This is what drives and inspires her every day, and via her virtual design consultations, she has been able to assist hundreds of customers in significantly transforming their homes using basic, low-cost design ideas.



12. JULIA MARCUM @chrislovesjulia (731K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Julia Marcum is a home design and DIY content creator and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers from North Carolina. Together with her husband Chris, Julia created their blog,, in 2009 to document their home projects, sharing their $20 monthly budget for home improvements and DIY initiatives using some borrowed tools. Today, their website is one of the widely recognized authorities in the Home Décor industry. Chris Loves Julia has curated a successful Joss & Main collection and has also been featured in Better Homes & Gardens – Kitchen and Bath Magazine, Apartment Therapy (multiple times), Design Sponge, Young House Love, Plume Mag, and Remodelaholic.



13. MELIKE KAZAR @easyinterieur (706K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Added to the list of Top Home Décor Influencers is Melike Kazar from Berlin, Germany.  Her Instagram is filled with mesmerizing pictures of interiors, DIYs, paintings, and home designs that exude sophistication and elegance. Her signature style is chic and very feminine, with color palettes in shades of pink, white, gray, and metallic and furnishings like stylish rugs, extraordinary chandeliers, flashy mirrors, and soft cushions that add more personality to her home.



14. KATRINE LINDGJERDET @white.interior1 (649K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Katrine Lindgjerdet is a Norwegian home stylist, author, and one of the Top Home Décor influencers, who runs her own interior design company named Hvitelinjer Linddgjerdet in Trondheim, Norway. Since she started working full-time as an interior designer in 2018, she has handled several small and large interior projects across the country. Her style is modern Nordic, with white as the dominant color palette she uses for interiors. Katrine also maintains a blog and two other Instagram handles @hvitelinjer that cater more to her Norwegian followers and @madeby_hvitelinjer where she posts more about her creative pursuits.



15. ERIN VOGELPOHL  @mytexashouse (621 K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Erin Vogelpohl is a fourth-grade teacher turned stay-at-home mom and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers from Dallas, TX. Her Instagram provides a tour into her Texas home, which often features a refreshing neutral color palette with a lot of white and ivory incorporated.  She believes that anyone can create a fantastic space without spending a ton of money. Erin also shares her passion for decorating on a budget through her blog, My Texas Home. She mentioned on her blog that she had gained an interest in interior design after building three houses in four years! She said she enjoyed every phase of the home design process, but her favorite part was decorating each home, and that it’s a great experience to watch a blank canvas transform into a warm and inviting room that feels like home.



16. LIZ MARIE GALVAN @lizmariegalvan (565K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Liz Marie Galvan is an interior designer, blogger, and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As an avid designer and DIY enthusiast, Liz Marie spent the last four years remodeling their 1800’s saltbox-style farmhouse with her husband’s help, of course. The pristine all-white interiors of her home with added wood elements give off a relaxed, cozy feel. Aside from being a blogger, Liz Marie also penned her first book, entitled Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love The Feeling of Being Home in 2019.



17. HILTON CARTER @hiltoncarter (511K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Hilton Carter is a writer, photographer, and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers with a passion for plants and home styling. Hilton rose to fame in 2017 after a prominent feature in The Washington Post for his extensive collection of 180 plants all living in his one-bedroom Baltimore apartment. His deep fascination with plants has inspired him to write his two best-selling books, Wild at Home and his latest release, Wild Interiors. Hilton also shares his art and skills in styling and design space on his blog, Things by HC.



18. BLANCA ALONSO @inspirationbyblanca (505K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Blanca Alonso of Inspiration by Blanca is one of the Top Home Décor Influencers who specializes in contemporary home designs. Her Instagram features a gallery of luxury interiors that are truly awe-inspiring.  Blanca has collaborated with several brands, including Belleze Furniture, Vagabond House Rugs USA, Home Goods, Gladwell Robot, and Décor Market Home, to name a few.



19. DANA TOMIC HUGHES @yellowtrace (493k)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Dana Tomic Hughes is an interior designer, design curator, sought-after speaker, and one of Australia’s Top Home Décor Influencers to follow. In 2010, she founded Yellowtrace, an influential and award-winning online design publication where she provides carefully curated and highly researched content in all things design. Dana takes on a holistic approach to design with a style that is eclectic and “high on personality”.  As she said, their home is “comfortable, unpretentious and inviting with a real of mix pieces from different eras – vintage to modern, designer to junk, achieving an overall sense of unique character and carefully considered balance.”



20. MYSHA BOLEN @remingtonavenue (483K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Mysha Bolen’s love for creative designs and DIYs has driven her to navigate the home décor industry despite her degree in fashion design. She started sharing her home designs on Instagram, which immediately attracted random audiences and earned her a huge following as well. Eventually, she turned her account into a business. Mysha also formed a community with other DIYers, and created partnerships with brands like Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Target, Serena & Lily, Magnolia Home Paint, and Boll & Branch.



21. LEANNE FORD @leannefordinteriors (480K)



Top Home Decor Influencers


Leanne Ford is a wardrobe stylist-turned-interior designer and HGTV host, who is on the mission to maintain the original integrity of the house she’s designing and not totaling transforming them. One of the projects that brought her national recognition was when she renovated and designed a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse in her hometown. Today, Leanne’s designs can be found in homes across the country and reflect what she describes as her signature “modern yet lived-in” aesthetic. Leanne and her work have been featured in numerous national publications such as Martha Stewart, Architectural Digest, The New York Times, and many more.



22. SUSANA HAWKINS @shnordic (455K)




Susan Hawkins is a Scandinavian interior and lifestyle blogger, photographer, and product stylist living in the UK.  She founded where she shares valuable content on lifestyle, beauty, style, food recipes, and interiors, most of which are largely influenced by Scandinavian living. Susan’s style leans toward Scandi-maximalism” – a style that combines minimal and clean lines of Scandi designs and more layers and beautiful pieces in shades of pink, lilac, and mauve, resembling the colors of springtime.



23. JENNI KAYNE @jennikayne (453K)





Jenni Kayne is the lifestyle blogger behind Rip & Tan and one of the Top Home Décor Influencers with a passion for California-inspired living. Best known for her timeless wardrobe classics that span both age and seasons, Kayne has created an all-encompassing lifestyle that speaks to modern women today. As for her home design style, Jenni focuses on “inviting neutrals, quality construction, and attention to detail, our pieces stand the test of time.”



24. SUSAN DAGGETT @kindredvintage (448K)





Susan Daggett is an interior designer, DIY enthusiast, and home décor influencer with a passion for all things vintage. Her Instagram provides a sneak-peek into her beautiful 1920s home that is painted in all-white with lots of vintage furniture and fun pieces with character. Despite her great liking for anything vintage, Susan considers her decorating style a mix of two worlds – the “charm and old-world feel of vintage” and the “sparkle and glam elements of the modern design”. Susan runs a blog named Kindred Vintage where shares her love of exquisite vintage finds, DIY projects, painted furniture, decorating, and styling pretty spaces.



25. KATE MARKER @katemarkerinteriors (432K)





Kate Marker is an interior designer living in Barrington, IL, who is best known for creating classic interiors with a fresh modern feel. As the Principal Designer and owner of Kate Marker Interiors, Kate oversees all design projects to ensure they are a reflection of the client while incorporating the KMI aesthetic – crisp, light, bright, open spaces styled with a blend of new.



26. ASHLEY GRAY @thegrayhome (423K)





Ashley Gray is the interior designer behind  The Gray Home, a lifestyle and home décor blog where she documents her love for Interiors, DIY, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, and her main goal of Happiness. It was in 2016 when she bought her second home and joined Instagram to share her home designing journey,  showing her followers how to turn a house into a home. Ashley has also curated a gorgeous collection of her top homeware finds from Brand Interiors.



27. ALINA ALLEN @dressyourdecor (406K)





Alina Allen is a Pakistan-born, New Jersey-based lifestyle and home décor influencer who focuses on easy and attainable ideas to turn a house into a beautiful home. While Alina has been posting pictures and videos of beautiful homes and spaces since 2019, it was only in 2020 when she decided to share the interiors of her home, much to the delight of her followers.  Most prominent in her home is the breathtaking chandeliers, which, are “like jewelry for the home”. Since then, she keeps updating her Instagram and website to create an outlet for anyone struggling with ideas for home decor and design.



28. LIZ ROTH @desertdecor (370K)





Liz Roth is an interior designer and home stylist from Phoenix, AZ, who specializes in French Country aesthetics. With a deep fascination for farmhouse style, Liz incorporates into her home chippy antique finds with charm, character, imperfections, and unique qualities. Liz is not only passionate about home décor but also about her family,  fitness, design, food, and travel. When she’s not designing, Liz is teaching her fitness classes and enjoying time with her beautiful family of 4.



29. NOELLE AND DANIEL JETT @jettsetfarmhouse (369K)





Husband and wife Daniel and Noelle Jett are home décor influencers behind the popular Instagram handle and website named, Jettset Farmhouse. The couples rose to fame on Instagram and Tiktok for sharing vlog-like videos and photos of their modern farmhouse in St. Augustine, FL. With no experience in home building, Noelle and Danielle began designing, building, and decorating their dream home, primarily with their own hands. The couples hope to inspire others by sharing their DIYs, tips, and techniques for home building through their social channels.



30. SARAH SHERMAN SAMUEL @sarahshermansamuel (365K)





Sarah Sherman Samuel is a California-based interior designer, author, and artist whose holistic design approach spans interiors, textiles, products, and decorative arts. She launched her website in 2012 as a personal blog to document the renovations of her Michigan cabin, but it eventually grew into a design and lifestyle destination and a place of community for designers, tastemakers, and other design enthusiasts. Sarah’s creative interiors have been featured in several publications such as Dwell Magazine,  Architectural Digest,  Refinery 29, and Domino Magazine, to name a few.



31. NIKI BRANTMARK @myscandinavianhome (364K)





Niki Brantmark is a London native, Sweden-based creative behind My Scandinavian Home.  She started in 2011 with a simple vision of inspiring like-minded people with ethereal Scandinavian-inspired homes often with a vintage touch. She is also the author of three books – Lagom, The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life, The Scandinavian Home, and Modern Pastoral. In March 2019, Niki founded My Scandinavian Home Studio – an online interior design service helping people around the world to transform their homes into beautiful havens – one room at a time!



32. WILL TAYLOR @brightbazaar (344k)



will taylor


Will Taylor is a New York-based design expert, author of two design books, and one of the most famous male home decor influencers. Will’s design philosophy, “design and style to make you smile”, says a lot about his interiors that are charged with vibrant and positive vibes. His interiors and lifestyle blog, Bright Bazaar, is filled with content on beautiful design, feel-good homes, everyday style, and inspiring travel and, pretty much everything in between.



33. KATE ARENDS @witanddelight_ (342K)





Kate Arends is a Minnesota-based designer, blogger, and creative director and founder of Wit & Delight, a lifestyle brand with a mission to design a life well-lived. Kate shares all her passion, from home décor to personal stories about divorce, mental illness, and an undiagnosed learning disability, on her blog. Her Instagram gives her followers a glimpse into her lovely home with awesome before and after photos and videos of the renovation process of her house.



34. TATIANA @tatiana_home_decor (333K)





Polish home décor blogger and influencer Tatiana is best known for her modern boho/ Nordic-inspired home. Tatiana showcases the gorgeous interiors of her home on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  With the highly creative design of her home and the warm, cozy, and relaxing vibes it gives off, it’s no wonder why her home is one of the most popular and most featured interiors on the web. Her website, Tatiana Home Décor, offers a wide range of interior design services with a mission to help create a unique space for everyone.



35. CAITLIN WILSON @caitlinwilsondesign (320K)





Caitlin Wilson is an internationally acclaimed interior and product designer who is known for her feminine and preppy interiors and products. Growing up, her fascination for beautiful art and design developed into a passion that led to the launch of Caitlin Wilson Design in 2007, and her textile collection in 2011. Caitlin and her team are on a mission are to help create beautiful, livable spaces where the home can be deeply enjoyed. Her work is beloved by the interior editorial world and has appeared in several magazines and books worldwide.



36. LYDIA MILLEN @lydiamillenhome (318K)





Lydia Elise Millen is a YouTuber, blogger, fitness enthusiast, and a fashion, beauty, and home décor influencer from England. After spending 12 months renovating her dream country home in Buckinghamshire, Lydia shared exciting photos of her journey on the Instagram page. Her home project was featured in Harpers Bazaar and is a house to die for with its interiors inspired by “muted tones, contrasting textures, and modern British glamour.”



37. CYNTHIA HARPER @cynthia_harper_ (315K)





Cynthia Harper is a young mom, blogger, DIY enthusiast, avid thrifter, and one of top home decor influencers who loves creating stylish spaces on a budget. Her design philosophy is that “style and function can coexist”, and that “a good style doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy”. Through her online space,, she hopes to empower people to create spaces that are beautiful and that work well for the season of life that they are in.  Cynthia’s work has been featured in several printed and online magazines such as Country Living, Better Homes & Garden DIY, Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart Living, and many.  She was also recognized as a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker in 2018 and 2019.



38. KATIE STAPLES @halfway_wholeistic (308K)





Katie Staples is a second-grade teacher, blogger, and interior designer from Southern California with a passion for design, style, and photography. She began her journey towards Halfway Wholeistic in 2016, when she was battling chronic pain and various other health issues. Eventually, her blog evolved and expanded to include topics on design, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. As an interior designer, Katie’s style is California-inspired, modern minimalism. As posted on her Instagram, her white-walled home is complimented with wooden elements, giving off a cozy, refreshing feel.



39. TARINA WOOD @oh.eight.oh.nine (304k)





Tarina Wood is a professional photographer and interior design consultant from Perth, Western Australia, who lives and breathes all things design and interiors. Her passion for interior styling translates through the beautifully styled home that she has made for her clients. From bedrooms to living and dining areas, Tarina pours out her heart into creating spaces that her clients would love walking into. Tarina also runs a blog, which serves as a fantastic platform to find a wide genre of styles, from abstract line art to still life photography and everything in between.



40. STEVE CORDONY@stevecordony (299k)





One of the most prominent names in the home décor industry is Steve Cordony is Sydney-based interior and event stylist, and the ‘Style Director-at-large’ for Australia’s chief interior design magazine, Belle. Steve describes his interior style as “a dichotomy of contemporary and traditional, with European influences and accents.” Strong monochromatic colors and metallic accents are constant elements within his work. Steve’s A-list clients include L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Land Rover, and Georg Jensen, to name a few.



41. RANDI GARRETT @randigarretdesign (295K)





Arizona-based interior stylist and one of top home decor influencers, Randi Garrett has been sharing her design projects on Instagram since 2015. She is best known for designing homes with metallic accents. Her bright white color palette, metallic details, and elegant decor pieces are the depiction of traditional interior design with a side of glam. Randi sets a great example of how vibrant accents and neutral base colors compliment each other extremely well.



42. MALLORY FLETCHALL @reserve_home (288K)





Mallory Fletchall is one of top home decor influencers, lifestyle blogger, and the founder of Reserved Home, who has a keen eye for design, styling, and curating a beautiful and livable space.  Her dreamy New York home is one of contemporary design filled with timeless, vintage pieces and art collections that her partner David has curated. Mallory spends her days sharing snaps of her home on her social channels, styling product shots for brands, and playing with her cats, Michael, Kiki, and Frankie.



43. KATHLEEN FIELD @lindsay_hill_interiors (287K)





Kathleen Field is a Utah-based interior designer, one of top home decor influencers, and the founder of Lindsay Hill Interiors who loves all things home. As a self-taught designer, Kathleen developed her design eye and design skills through many design classes, experimenting on her own homes (13 houses, all in all!), and designing for neighbors, friends, and clients. Her own home reflects her style – clean, uncluttered, and organic.  Her goal as a designer is to help her clients achieve a lovely and cozy home that meets their needs, makes them feel happy to be at home and fits into their budget.



44. KRIS JARETT @drivenbydecor (271K)





Kris Jarett is a self-taught decorator behind Driven by Décor, a home décor blog that she started in 2011 as a creative outlet to share her passion for interior design and DIY projects.  Kate is known for uploading on her social channels “before and after” pictures of the house she’s designing. Aside from sharing her design process, she also wants her audiences to know her triumphs, failures, and decision-making to give them the know-how and insight in tackling their design and DIY projects. Kate is passionate about the importance of creating warm, welcoming, and stylish spaces for families to call home.



45. JENNI @dearlillie (268K)





Jenni is a New York-based interior decorator, photographer, graphic designer, and principal blog author of Dear Lillie. Jenni’s incredible vision for design is evident throughout her quaint home. She describes her decorating style as casual elegance – a fusion of natural and rustic finishes with glamorous pieces. Jenni strives for both comfort and beauty, wanting her spaces to have a feeling of warmth and coziness and still be pleasing to the eye.



46. KATE WATSON @mad_about_the_house (265K)





Kate Watson-Smyth is a British journalist, author, and columnist who writes about property, interiors, and design in national newspapers. She is the owner of UK’s multi-awarded interiors blog, Mad about the House, which serves as a space for all the wonderful home projects and their creators that “she couldn’t find room for in her newspaper work” as well as a sourcebook to teach others how to decorate their own homes with interesting and unusual items. Kate considers her decorating style as modern rustic, with a mix of old, new, black, gold, and wood elements as shown in her own home. For Kate, a nice home is something that “makes your heart sing when you open the front door.’



47. MICHELLE HALFORD @thedesignchaser  (264K)





Michelle Halford is an interior stylist and the brains behind The Design Chaser, a global interiors blog that focuses on Scandinavian interiors and design. As one of top home decor influencers, she is passionate about creating engaging content about interior trends, inspiring creatives, and beautiful homes. She also shares on her Instagram and site her interior styling work and updates from the home that she and her husband built and share with their two young sons. Michelle has a long list of past and present collaborations with top brands including Jacobsen Flooring, Dulux, Wallace Cotton, Samsung, Cult, Good Form, Autex, Louis Vuitton, Penney + Bennett, Flooring Xtra, Città, Father Rabbit, Jo Malone London, and many more.



48. KIRSTY GORE @kjg_home (263K)





Kirsty Gore is an interior designer, blogger, and influencer from York, England, whose personal style is a combination of modern minimalism and cutting-edge contemporary design. One of the biggest projects she embarked on was the renovation of her 1960’s house, which she turned into a Nordic-inspired all-white home that is nothing but stylish, cozy, and timeless.  Kirsty loves neutral interiors clean lines and lives by the phrase “less is more”.



49. NICOLE SALCEDA @eyeforpretty (262K)





Nicole Salceda, one of the top home decor influencers, is an elementary teacher-turned interior designer from Danville, CA. Driven by a passion to make polished, functional design more accessible, she founded her interior design studio named Eye for Pretty. What started as a handful of clients quickly became a rapidly growing portfolio full of homes in her signature warm minimalist style. Nicole and her team serve clients local to the Bay Area and they also bring style and expertise to new construction, remodel, and furniture installation projects.



50. WENDY LAU @thekwendyhome (258k)





Wendy Lau is a flight attendant-turned-interior stylist who is known for her boho-chic style. Her home and lifestyle blog The Kwendy Home offers plenty of ideas for beautifying your home. Wendy’s home is bursting with life with all the details and pieces she has incorporated into it. Each space in her home has its character, which all represent bits and pieces of Wendy. Wendy’s Instagram shows a lot of awe-inspiring content on how she styles her home, using simple home stuff that she bought, and she is considered as one of the best home decor Instagram influencers. 



51. JENNIFER PROCK @decorgold (257k)





Texas-based Home décor and lifestyle blogger Jennifer Prock of Décor Gold often features gold design pieces in her Instagram posts. Decked with lots of metallic and gold elements– from candle holders to wall frames to chandeliers– her home in neutral colors spells opulence and elegance. Jennifer always looks at the décor with a critical eye, and this is what makes her home truly stand out. She is currently considered as one of the top home decor influencers. 



52. JENNY KOMENDA @jennykomenda (255K)





Jenny Komenda is a Phoenix-based interior designer, one of top home decor influencers, and founder of Juniper Home, an interiors media and products company. Dubbed as the “reigning queen of accessible design”, Jenny’s shop is filled with affordable, beautiful art made for interior design purposes. For Jenny, DIY projects are not about saving money, but there’s just something about the act of creation, which is a version of love.



53. JAKE ARNOLD @jakearnold (232K)





With bold, dramatic, and yet highly comfortable and livable interior design comes the name of Jake Arnold, a British celebrity interior stylist and one of the best home decor Instagram influencers based in Los Angeles. Jake has worked with high-profile clients including Aaron Paul, Chrissy Teigen & John Legend, Rashida Jones, Dan Levy, Sophia Bush, Julianne Hough. He co-founded a virtual platform called The Expert to help connect clients directly to interior designers from around the world for one-on-one video consultations, providing highly sought-after access and advice from designers who otherwise would be less accessible. Arnold’work has been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, Forbes, CNN, Vogue, and Better Homes and Gardens as well as on the cover of ELLE Decor. In 2019, Arnold was named one of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 20 Interior Designers in Los Angeles.



54. JENNI YOLO @ispydiy (228K)





Jenny Yolo, one of the top home decor influencers, is an avid DIYer and thrifter from Milwaukee, WI who is best known for renovating old and neglected houses built in the 1800s to give them new life. Jenny lives by the motto “process over perfection”, which is why she shares the process of her home renovations on her DIY website. Some of the most significant projects she has undertaken were the makeover of their 1875 built home called The Barnhouse and 1890 built home where she did a full gut renovation in 4 months.  Today, Jenny and her husband manage 3 Airbnbs, continually work on projects in The Barnhouse, and do other related stuff.



55. KASIA BĘDZIŃSKA @minimaliving (228K)




Kasia Będzińska is a photographer, blogger,  one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, and influencer living in Lodz, Poland, who has a penchant for beautiful interiors, design, and nature. For Kasia, developing a passion has therapeutic power. Aside from photography, she has also developed her love for interior design. She regularly posts lovely snapshots of her cozy home on her Instagram profile.



56. CHRISTINA SAMATAS & RENEE DISANTO @parkandoakdesign (220K)





Christina Samatas & Renee Disanto are bloggers, one of the top home decor influencers, and social media influencers based in Glen Ellyn, IL, who are known for creating homes that are visually stunning, yet functional and comfortable. Sharing a similar aesthetic and passion for design is what drove Christina and Renee to collaborate and co-create Park and Oak Interior Design Studio in 2015. Their work is rooted in the art of timeless style and driven by the belief that design can be used to create feelings of comfort and happiness. The duo currently works on new construction, renovation, and furnishing projects across the US.



57. ERIN @erin_sunnysideup (214K)





Erin, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is a San Diego-based content creator whose passions include designing and organizing her home. Her lifestyle blog, Sunny Side Up, provides every detail of her building process and the design ideas she has implemented when she and her husband built their current home from the ground up. Erin loves to find creative ways to organize their home and keep things simple. In 2017, her blog was voted Best Overall Design Blog at the 2017 Design Bloggers Conference.



58. TAMARA ANKA @citrineliving (211K)





Canadian designer Tamara Anka, one of the top home decor influencers, is a lover of design of all sorts – interiors, illustration, fashion, graphic design, typography, and any other form of art! While she studied graphic design and worked in fashion retail marketing for many years, her passion for interiors and decorating already developed at a young age, with her mother exposing her to fine arts, decorating, and entertaining. On Instagram, blog, and other social channels, Tamara shares the beautiful spaces she has created, along with some tips to help others curate a home they love.



59. ZABRINA HANCOCK @zdesignathome (211K)





Zabrina Hancock is a Texas-based interior designer, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, and the creator of ZDesign At Home.  Classifying her style as ”transitional modern”, Zabrina or Bree loves having clean lines with an eclectic, comfortable feel and utilizes both neutrals and pops of color and pattern in her designs. Bree’s love for all things interiors runs deep that she wants to share her room redo’s, stylish yet affordable finds, and how to become your own interior stylist to achieve a beautiful space all the while saving money in the process.



60. LINDYE GALLOWAY @lindyegalloway (210K)





Lindye Galloway, one of the top home decor influencers, is a name to be remembered when looking for luxury interior design. Lindye specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects across the United States. As an interior design tastemaker, she delivers an effortless take on a California style that perfectly juxtaposes a tailored sophistication in a laid-back setting. Her distinctive projects have been seen on the Corona del Mar Home Tour and featured in top publications including HGTV, Domino, Huffington Post, Modern Luxury, Anthropologie, West Elm, and Pottery Barn.



61. LINZI FRANCES HUBBARD @thealexandersnest (206K)





Linzi Frances Hubbard, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is a digital creator, one of top home decor influencers, and the founder of @thealexandernest.  Linzi is a lover of cozy neutral interiors, which clearly shows in most of her Instagram posts that feature her immaculate, dreamy white home.



62. LEANNA LAMING @lifebyleanna (198K)





Leanna Laming is a Texas-based stay-at-home momma, one of the top home decor influencers, blogger, and social media influencer with a passion for all things related to DIY. Her fascination for home design was born out of the chaos of flipping three houses and completely renovating their current home with only herself and her hubby, some tools, and a little creative magic. Leanna is all up for budget-friendly, easy-to-do home projects. She hopes to provide a daily dose of inspiration on how to turn a house into a home through her Instagram and other social channels.



63. MANDI GUBLER @vintagerevivals (190K)





Mandi Gubler a.k.a the “fearless DIYer” founded Vintage Revivals initially to show off her thrift store furniture refinishing projects. Later, it morphed into a popular DIY/ shelter blog and Instagram page where she now shares revamped interiors and transformative room reveal for her growing number of followers. In 2017, Mandi, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, and her husband Court took on full-on building restoration, documenting the process of converting a mercantile store from 1928 into their dream home. The project is still ongoing, but Mandi’s fans appreciate her ability to find creative ways to make any space come to life.



64. SHANNON MORSCHECK @livingwithlady (195K)





Shannon Morscheck, one of the top home decor influencers, is a Washington-based digital creator and influencer behind the DIY/ Lifestyle blog. Living with Lady. With her flair for decorating and passion for budget-friendly home décor, Shannon has crafted inexpensive ways to remodel her home. Shannon also involves her husband and three young kids in creating their dream home slowly and affordably – one DIY project at a time.



65. ALYSSA KAPITO  @alyssakapitointeriors (194K)





Alyssa Kapito. one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is one of the most distinguished designers and fast-rising home decor influencers based in New York City. Since opening her eponymous firm in 2012, this art history graduate has proven her natural gift in interior design. Alyssa has developed a reputation for creating elegant, bespoke interiors that focus on beautiful textures and clean lines. Her interior style falls on a “minimalist take on traditionalism, in which editing is key to keep homes feeling fresh”. Her work has been featured in various magazines and online shelter publications including Architectural Digest, 1stdibs, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Vogue, The New York Times, and Domino Magazine.



66. CARLY JONES @carlyshomeideas (184K)





Carly Jones is one of top home decor influencers from the UK who loves to keep things minimal in her own home. As shown on her Instagram posts, Carly is fond of pure white décor and monochromatic Scandi-inspired design.



67. DEE CAMPLING @deecampling  (183K)





Dee Campling, one of the top home decor influencers, is a British interior stylist, design consultant, and influencer, who focuses on affordable, achievable interiors and styling on a budget. She offers interior styling for all kinds of individual family homes, brands that range from small start-ups to the big names, and events where she always adds a touch of the unexpected. Eclectic is what aptly describes Dee’s interior style as shown in her stylish Cheltenham home. Her design rule is to simply buy and surround yourself with things that make you happy.



68. NINA HOLST @stylizimoblog (181K)




Nina Holst, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is a Norwegian visual artist and blogger behind the multi-awarded interiors blog, Stylizimo. As her blog says it all, her home comes with a lot of styles – a mishmash of “classic meets modern”, which is simply elegant and appealing to the eye.  Apart from her obsession with interior design, Nina also feeds her creativity by painting from time to time.



69. WHITNEY LEIGH MORRIS @whitneyleighmorris (181K)





California-based blogger Whitney Leigh Morris, one of the top home decor influencers, is a champion for a sustainable, small space lifestyle. Her home is a rental cottage called The Tiny Canal Cottage, which is less than 400 square feet with a shared outdoor area of about the same size. She can maximize the space in her home with the use of mobile or versatile pieces that gives freedom and fluidity to her design. Whitney is a firm believer that you don’t need to “live large” to live beautifully.



70. ANDREA DENES @lifeoncedarlane (177K)





Andrea Denes, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is a full-time home decor and lifestyle blogger and influencer living in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and four kids. She considers her design style as traditional or classic, with a focus on creating light and airy spaces that can stand up to family life with young children. Andrea loves neutral styling with soft pops of color and a slight hint of coastal elements. She also mixes high-end and budget-friendly pieces, investing in décor and furnishings that are not overly trendy but aligned with her family’s needs.



71. HILLARY PIEL @thehillarystyle (177K)





Hillary Piel is a Washington-based home decor influencer with a passion for all things DIYs, decorating, and home improvement. In styling a home, Hillary finds that the key is to “stick with the style that you love”. This is clearly shown in the black and white color scheme of her recently remodeled Spokane home, where every design detail is well-thought of.  Hillary, one of the top home decor influencers, shares an abundance of decorating tips, DIY projects, and home décor pieces on her Instagram and other social media platforms.



72. MOLLIE @designlovesdetail (170K)





Mollie is a Utah-based interior stylist, bargain hunter, one of the top home decor influencers, and creator of @designlovesdetail. She combines her passions of interiors & bargain hunting to help her clients design a home that’s both beautiful & budget-friendly. Her design philosophy involves blending a few “reasonable splurges” with amazing bargain finds to achieve a high-end look.



73. KELLY RINZEMA @lilypadcottage (160K)





Michigan-based stay-at-home mom, home décor influencer, and blogger Kelly Rinzema loves to share all things creative on her blog. Her Instagram boasts of pictures of her gorgeous house by a lake in Michigan, which she and her husband custom designed to maximize the incredible lake view and to provide a warm place of gathering for family and friends. Kelly, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, also shares her decorating and DIY tips on her blog.



74. ASHLEY ELAINE @modernly_you (159K)





Home decor blogger Ashley Elaine of Modernly You is best known for her boho, mid-century modern minimalist style. Bright and airy homes are her most favorite and bring out the best in her renovations/ inspirations. Ashley, one of the top home decor influencers, also considers her method of transformation as budget-friendly and simple yet classy DIY. She hopes that, through her interior design page, she can provide others with inspiration on how to transform their house into a home using practical, budget-friendly DIYs.



75. SHAUNA BELTRAMO @thehouseofsilverlining (159K)





Shauna Beltramo is a Colorado-based blogger and one of top home decor influencers who loves sharing interior design inspiration from her beautiful homes on her Instagram and blog. One of her houses is nestled upon 5 acres of forest land, and another one is a beach cottage in Naples, FL. While her style has changed over the years, Shauna keeps her design to have a refined, modern look mixed with traditional, elegant, and even industrial elements.



76. LAUREN ELIZABETH @houseofhire (157K)





For Lauren Elizabeth, one of the top home decor influencers, of House of Hire, a home is where memories are created and where we spend time with loved ones, so it should be the best place in the world for the people that live in it. With a passion for design and home décor, this mom of three, entrepreneur, and home decor blogger and influencer is on a mission to turn a space into something beautiful. When designing homes, Lauren pays special attention to the use of natural light, texture, and scale. Her signature style layers old with new, bold with subtle, and raw with refined which makes her spaces fresh, cozy, and timeless.



77. OLA ZWOLENIK @thistimeincolour (147K)





Ola Zwolenik, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is a London-based interior stylist and up-and-coming home decor influencer who is best known for her colorful eclectic design with elements of mid-century modern, traditional British, and Art Deco. Showing her interiors on Instagram, Ola lives up to her belief that design doesn’t need to have boundaries. Thus, when it came to decorating her London Edwardian terraced house, she didn’t limit herself to one style or color palette at all. Ola gets her inspiration from anything- from old posters to traveling and experiencing different styles and cultures.



78. ZENIA OLIVARES @styleitprettyhome (146K)





New Jersey-based home decor influencer and self-taught artist  Zenia Olivares, has built a career around sharing creative DIYs, and styling experiments in her 1875 Colonial Home. Through her blog and Instagram, Style it Pretty Home, she shares with her 146k followers the joy and struggles behind the process of making a house a home, and she is considered as one of the best home decor Instagram influencers in 2022. She describes her home’s style as cozy, earthy, moody, and transitional.



79. SIBELLA COURT @sibellacourt (145k)





One of Australia’s world-renowned interior and product designers is Sibella Court, one of the top home decor influencers, a historian, TV presenter, author, shop owner, and the brains behind The Society Inc., a retail shop that doubles as her design studio. Her interior style combines contemporary elements with antiques and junk-shop finds, textile fragments, wallpapers, collectibles, and ephemera that are globally sourced. Some of these pieces can be found inside the weatherboard home where she, her husband, and daughter live. Sibella’s vast background in design & styling for editorial & advertising, product design for her ranges, involvement in Restoration Australia, and participating in cultural events the world over as a speaker & curator has honed her distinct & immersive style.



80. OLIVIA EDWARDS-SILK @lustliving (141K)





Olivia Edwards-Silk, one of the top home decor influencers, is a UK-based award-winning interior lifestyle blogger who has a penchant for Dalmatian print, her favorite pattern around her house. Her style is a mix of Scandinavian minimalism with an eclectic feminine touch of gold, blush pink, and, and of course, dalmatian print. Olivia regularly updates her Instagram and blog with home makeovers to inspire her growing followers.



81. CHLOE MACKINTOSH @boxwoodavenue (140K)





Chloe Mackintosh is a California-based blogger and interior designer with a passion for beautiful designs, old-world traditions, and slow living. This city girl-turned ranch girl believes that there is a luxury in simplicity. Through her blog, Boxwood Avenue, Chloe eagerly shares the beauty of intentional living: from-scratch recipes, interior design, and homesteading ideas.  On Instagram, Chloe can be seen sharing beautiful snapshots of their 1960s ranch home, which is currently being renovated, her farm animals, and most especially, her pet goat named Butternut.



82. KELLY BALLARD @citygirlmeetsfarmboy (132K)





Kelley Ballard is a Utah-based blogger and home decor influencer who loves all things DIY and doing them on a budget. As an avid thrifter and DIYer, Kelly often uses her creative side to come up with ways to decorate her space and to turn something old into something new. The result: a warm, cozy newly-improved home built with love, patience, and her bare hands. Kelly documents her DIY process and shares tips and tricks on her home improvement blog, City Girl Meets Farm Boy, hoping to encourage “all ‘wanna-be DIYers to just get out there and try it.”



83. BROOKE TESTONI @brooketestoni (131k)





Brooke Testoni is a Brisbane native social influencer, blogger, and stylist based in Sydney, Australia, who focuses on fashion and interior design. After breaking away from the fashion industry when she began her career, she launched her bag, jewelry, and home décor business called Rylan Studio.  When it comes to home styling, Brook considers her aesthetic as classic, androgynous, and inspired by the eras of the past, which is quite evident throughout her highly curated home in Sydney’s Mosman.



84. LORY BERNSTEIN @designthusiasm (127K)





Lory Bernstein, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is a New Jersey-based fashion designer-turned home decor blogger behind Designthusiasm. What originally was a creative outlet to showcase her exquisite table settings morphed/ evolved into a home styling and lifestyle blog as well as a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for beautiful designs and the pleasure they bring. When it comes to interior design, Lory’s style is best described as modern French Country, which incorporates a mix of old and new, casual elegance, and a respect for the past. Lory aims to help others to discover the little attainable luxuries that help create the warmth of a welcoming home.



85. HEIDI CAILLIER @heidicaillierdesign (128K)





Heidi Caillier, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is an interior designer based in Seattle and San Francisco and the founder and principal designer of Heidi Caillier Design.  Her design philosophy is that homes should be comfortable and livable while still being beautiful and interesting. Her interior style is a mix of old and new, integrating textures and color that are then layered with pieces that have history and feel traveled. Her intrinsic love of antiques and materials with raw and natural textures balances her appreciation of color and pattern to create spaces that feel practical and effortless.



86. KENNA VALDEZ @thefliphubb (120K)





With power tools in her hands, Utah-based DIY and home renovation blogger and interior designer Kenna Valdez shows exactly how DIY home improvement projects can be accomplished easily. DIY enthusiasts can learn a thing or two from her video tutorials on Instagram as well as from her blog, The Flip Hubb, where she features budget-friendly DIYs, easy room makeovers, thrifts find, and product recommendations.



87. BECCA LAWSON @malmo_and_moss (119K)





Becca Lawson is an interior, travel, and lifestyle blogger from Northern London, whose love affair with all things Scandinavian is anything but ordinary. From her extensive travels across Norway and Denmark, Becca brought home inspiration from each trip that enables her to create a calm, cozy Scandinavian-inspired home. Becca also adopted   Scandinavian’s place on sustainable design, mixing reclaimed and vintage materials into her home design. She has also helped in organizing a vintage and contemporary homeware market called The Occasional Home Store with two fellow north Londoners.  In 2020, Becca co-authored an interiors book Scandi Rustic with fellow interiors blogger Reena Simon.



88. MEGAN MCLEOD @theblushhome (118K)





Alberta-based lifestyle blogger and home decor influencer Megan McLeod is passionate about plants and cozy interiors as clearly seen on her Instagram posts. Despite her fondness for neutral colors, her home is far from being dull and ordinary.  She would simply add plants to give a pop of color to her space, creating a laid-back feel. Besides Instagram, Megan also shares her enthusiasm for coffee, crafting, and arranging furniture on her blog, The Blush Home.



89. MELISSA MICHAELS @theinspiredroom (117K)





Melissa Michaels is a New York Times best-selling author and a multi-awarded home decor blogger behind The Inspired Room. With passions for both writing and designing homes, Melissa can captivate her followers through her blog and several books about finding contentment with their own home, tips for decorating, homemaking, and organization in every room, or simply providing regular inspiration on how to fall in love with your home. Melissa considers herself budget conscious but also appreciates good design and a well-kept home.



90. JENNY ROSE INNES @jennyroseinnes  (116K)





Jenny Rose-Innes is a South Africa-born, Australia-based home decor influencer, and author of two interior design books, “Australian Designers at Home” and “British Designers at Home”.  In her blog, The Lime Walk, she shares with her followers her passion for gardening, travels, and renovation projects that she has carried out with her husband, Michael – including the development of their country home. Jenny considers her style as traditional but unstructured. For her, a home can be created by using old, worn objects, like antiques that have been knocked out a bit, as well as woolen blankets draped over chairs, to add character and comfort.



91. ANNE SAGE @citysage (115K)





California-based interior designer Anne Sage, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is known for her signature smart yet stylish approach to wellness, entertaining, and interiors, among others. In 2010, Anne co-founded the online lifestyle Rue Magazine; and in 2016 she co-founded Light Lab, a photo and events space in Los Angeles. She is also the author of an interiors book entitled Sage Living, which was released in Fall 2015 from Chronicle Books. Currently, Anne splits her time between maintaining her social platforms and offering client services in interior design, art direction, and photo styling.



92. BARI J. ACKERMAN @barij (110K)





Bari J. Ackerman is an Arizona-based artist, author, designer, home decor expert who is best known for her Maximalist floral designs.   Dubbed as the “Queen of Maximalist Style”, she founded Bari J, a lifestyle brand with over 15 lines of fabric on the market, featuring her celebrated signature floral style that is instantly recognizable on rugs (Loloi Rugs), fabric (Art Gallery Fabrics), wallpapers, bedding, and more. Her products can now be found in many fabric stores and boutiques globally. Bari, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, has also been featured in many magazines including Where Women Create, Studios Magazine, Romantic Homes, Uppercase, and more.



93. JUDY GIBSON@judy_gibson_sweet_life (108K)





Judy Gibson is a home and garden blogger, artist, illustrator, and designer with a passion for decorating and making their house a home.  A quick tour into her Instagram profile and you’ll be greeted with her collection of lovely flowering plants that add beauty to her home. Judy loves making her home festive with lots of art pieces and decorations, whatever the occasion may be.



94. KAREN SNYDER @sanctuaryhomedecor(109K)





Karen Synder is a home decor blogger, photographer, and founder of Sanctuary Home Décor where she showcases new and innovative ways to decorate and to make affordable decor look designer. With her love for country living, Karen was able to turn her 2 homes – one in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and the other, in a laidback ranch in Montana  – into elegant rustic farmhouses. A mix of antique and vintage decor and modern or elegant pieces in her homes gives off an eclectic but refined, rustic elegant feel. Her beautiful homes are to die for!



95. ASHLEY MAYES @biggerthanthethreeofus (105K)





Ashley Mayes is a home design blogger and podcaster from Springfield, Missouri. After college, she and her husband bought a 1200 sq foot starter house and started learning how to DIY to bring life to every corner of their new house. She decided to document their home improvement process and this is why Bigger Than the Three of Us was born. Ashley continues to share DIY projects, design, home improvement tutorials, real-life progress (or no progress), and occasional travel post, family post, and many more on her Instagram, blog, and other social channels.



96. KRISTIN JACKSON @hunted_interior (105K)





Kristin Jackson, one of the best home decor Instagram influencers, is the woman behind Hunted Interior who has a penchant for traditional molding, vintage rugs, and leopard prints.  Her style is a mishmash of modern and vintage with a quirk, mixing up different styles from different decades. She believes that what gives a home a style is “not what you spend, but how you layer your space together.”  Her ability to infuse her high-end taste into a budget-friendly home makes her a well-recognized creative in the design field.



97. MINDY GAYER @mindygayerdesign (105K)





Mindy Gayer is an Orange County interior designer and Founder and Principal Designer of MGD, a full-service interior design studio with a mission to create curated bespoke homes, designed for intentional and everyday living. Mindy specializes in designing tailored spaces with an emphasis on livability and functionality. Mindy draws inspiration from both world travels and local California living in designing spaces unique to her clients.



98. JENNA MARLAR @cozy.happy.home (104K)





Florida-based home decor influencer Jenna Marlar has a great liking for desert aesthetics, which is why her 1930s duplex home in Jacksonville is filled with Scandi-boho elements inspired by the southwestern style. To complement the neutral interior, Jenna incorporates plants in every corner of her house. She also added modern and mid-century furniture to give off a warm, cozy and inviting feel. As she said in her interview with 91 Magazine, “I love to host for others, so naturally, I want my home to feel calming, welcoming, and easy-going.”



99. AMY PETERS @amyepeters (104K)





Amy Peters is a Canadian lifestyle blogger and home decor influencer living in Halifax. As a home décor enthusiast, Amy sticks to a style that is modern yet homey. Her use of natural-toned woods and worn-in leather is the perfect way to stick to a clean, neutral color scheme while still giving the room some warmth. Amy Peters provides plenty of decorating tips and buying advice on her Instagram and self-titled blog.



100. HEATHER BULLARD @heatherbullard (93.5K)





Heather Bullard is a California-based editorial prop stylist, creative director, entrepreneur, and business consultant with a keen eye for decorating homes and other spaces. Her Instagram displays a collection of photos of her gorgeous modern farmhouse in crisp white with lots of wood elements. On her namesake blog, Heather also shares her best tips for styling spaces like a pro, ways to explore one’s creativity, her favorite travel and lifestyle find, practical business advice, and some heartfelt lessons learned along the way.



Who are home decor micro influencers?

Home decor influencers are people who have a large following on social media and use their platform to promote products, services, or ideas including home design. Home decor micro influencers are social media users who have a small following on their online channels but use their platform to promote highly engaging home decor products, services, or ideas.

There are many reasons why you might want to work with home decor micro influencers. First, they can assist you in expanding your target markets and online audience. Their followers are likely to be interested in home decor, so they can help you spread the word about your product or service. Second, home decor micro influencers often have high engagement rates. This means that their followers are more likely to interact with their posts, which can help them generate buzz about your product or service. Finally, home decor micro influencers often charge less than traditional celebrities or influencers. This can make them a more affordable option for promoting your product or service.

If you’re looking for home decor micro influencers to promote your product or service, there are several things you should keep in mind. First, make sure their style complements the professional identity and style of your company. Their followers will be more likely to trust their recommendations if they know that the influencer has a similar taste to theirs. Second, make sure that the home decor micro influencers you are working with have highly engaged followers on their social media channels. Check out their engagement rate and make sure it’s high enough that working with them will be worth your investment. Finally, make sure they’re credible. Look at the quality of their content and make sure it’s aligned with your brand values.

What to keep in mind when working with home decor micro influencers?

If you decide that working with home decor micro influencers is the right strategy for you, here are some tips for doing so successfully:

  • Create clear guidelines for what home decor micro influencers can and cannot say about your product or service. This will help ensure that their posts are accurate and positive representations of your brand.
  • Provide home decor micro influencers with samples of your product or images of your service so they can create authentic content.
  • Make sure home decor micro influencers you’re working with are aware of your branding guidelines and style guide so they can create content that is consistent with your brand voice and visuals.
  • Give your home decor micro influencers access to your marketing materials so they can create posts that include links back to your website or the product page.
  • Pay attention to the types of posts the home decor micro influencers create and make sure they’re in line with your overall marketing strategy. If you don’t like the direction their content is taking, don’t be afraid to ask them to change it up accordingly.


Overall, home decor micro influencers can be extremely beneficial when it comes to making decisions. Because they have a smaller yet highly engaged following, they are more likely to listen to your needs and wants when it comes to designing your home. Additionally, they have the ability to create authentic and trustworthy relationships with their followers, which means that you can be confident that their recommendations will carry weight. Home decor micro influencers are frequently industry leaders with years of expertise in house style and decorating. They have the expertise needed to assist you in designing a room that you will adore since they are aware of what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, home decor micro influencers have access to rare and unusual goods that may help you raise your house to an entirely new level.

What do interior design influencers do?

Interior design influencers are people who use their influence to promote the industry of interior design. Interior design influencers can come from a variety of different backgrounds, such as architecture, interior design, and lifestyle blogging. Interior design influencers create content and share it with followers through various platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, or blogs. This content type consists of home decoration tips, how-to tutorials, and advice on color schemes, styling products, and layout ideas. Interior design influencers often collaborate with brands to showcase their products in creative ways. For example, they might style an entire room using furniture from one store or recommend accessories from another.

In addition to providing helpful guidance for their followers, interior design influencers also strive to make the process of designing a home easy and enjoyable for anyone interested in doing so. Interior design influencers often feature decorating challenges or trends that help inspire others to express themselves through their home designs. Furthermore, interior design influencers often promote environmental sustainability by highlighting sustainable materials and green practices when creating a new space.

Interior design influencers also act as advocates for their profession by helping people become more aware of the importance of interior design and its power to impact people’s lives in positive ways. Through their captivating visuals and inspiring stories, interior design influencers help raise awareness about topics such as the importance of natural light in a space or how good acoustics can enhance productivity levels at work or even support mental health.

Finally, many Interior design influencers provide mentorship programs designed to guide aspiring interior designers through the industry’s complex network of resources including career development opportunities and networking events.

How to reach out to interior design influencers?

Reaching out to interior design influencers is a great way to expand your network and ultimately increase exposure for your brand or business. The best way to start is by doing research and gathering the contact information of interior design influencers who are relevant to your industry.

First, create a list of keywords related to your home decor industry that you can then use in search engines like Google and Twitter, as well as social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Once you have identified potential interior design influencers, verify their authenticity by looking through their profile and assessing their content.

When reaching out to interior design influencers, it is important to be respectful and honest. Introduce yourself politely to interior design influencers and provide an overview of what it is that you would like them to do for you; whether it is making a product review or featuring an advertisement on their page. Be sure to outline the mutually beneficial aspects of working together with interior design influencers such as compensation or free products in exchange for promotion – this helps build trust with the influencer.

Also, consider providing additional information about your product or brand such as links to existing reviews or articles which may help convince interior design influencers of its value and quality.

What type of content do home design influencers produce?

Home design influencers produce a wide range of content focusing on the interior and exterior decor, home renovation and design tips, and lifestyle and DIY projects. Home design influencers have become an essential source of inspiration, information, and guidance for those looking to enhance their living spaces.

Home design influencers create visually appealing content. They often share stunning imagery of their homes and highlight creative design ideas for their followers. Home design influencers give their audiences a vision of stylish and functional living spaces.

Moreover, home design influencers provide helpful tips and insights on how to improve homes. Home design influencers review home renovation products, offer DIY tutorials, and share interior design hacks. Home design influencers have the experience and expertise to help their audiences transform their homes into spaces of comfort and beauty.

Gone are the days when design inspirations were limited to magazines. Home design influencers have revolutionized the industry by creating engaging video content too. From home tours to DIY projects, these video contents make home design tips and ideas easier to consume and apply. Also, with the increasing popularity of social media platforms, home design influencers have grown their reach and influence remarkably by creating content that can be easily shared.

In conclusion, home design influencers have become invaluable assets in the home design industry. Their content inspires and guides anyone looking to enhance their living spaces. This content is both practical and visually stunning. Furthermore, home design influencers have reshaped how people seek design inspiration and have become a go-to online community for all things related to home design and lifestyle.

How popular are home design influencers?

In recent years, home design influencers have become increasingly popular. Everywhere we look on social media, influencers showcase their beautifully designed homes and give their followers tips on achieving a similar look. But just how popular are these influencers?

Firstly, home design is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and influencers significantly drive consumer behavior. According to a recent survey, over 90% of consumers trust recommendations from social media influencers more than traditional advertising. This shows these influencers’ immense power in shaping consumer preferences and promoting home design products.

Furthermore, the rise of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest has made it easier for influencers to share their ideas and reach a broad audience. As a result, the number of home design influencers has exploded in recent years, showing no signs of slowing down. Each brings their unique take on home design, and their followers eagerly consume their content.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of home design influencers is the rise of DIY culture. As people increasingly look to personalize their living spaces, influencers provide excellent inspiration and ideas. By showcasing their homes and DIY projects, home design influencers inspire followers to get creative and make their spaces their own.

In conclusion, home design influencers are trendy, and their influence on consumer behavior will only grow in the coming years. With the power to shape preferences and inspire creativity, these influencers are essential to the home design industry. Through the power of social media, home design influencers have become household names, and they show no signs of slowing down.