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Jewelry influencers have become some of the most important voices in the fashion industry. By showcasing interesting jewelry brands to their audience and reviewing, styling, and wearing them, they have helped to shape the way that people think about jewelry. Many brands consider them to be essential partners in promoting their products. Jewelry influencers often have a large and engaged following on social media, which can help to drive sales and increase brand awareness. In addition, they often have a deep understanding of the jewelry industry and trends, which makes them valuable advisers for brands. As the jewelry industry continues to evolve, jewelry influencers will likely play an even more important role in shaping its future.

Here at Amra & Elma, we highlighted the top 40 jewelry influencers in 2024, and they come in all shapes and sizes! Some are well-known fashion bloggers or Instagram personalities, while others are more niche artists or Jewelry designers.


40 Top Jewelry Influencers in 2024


1. LENA MAHFOUF @lenamahfouf (3.7M)


top jewelry influencers


Boasting an impressive following of over 2 million subscribers, Lena Mahfouf, a prominent figure among the top jewelry influencers, is widely recognized on the internet as Léna Situations. As a leading jewelry and fashion influencer, she provides a glimpse into her daily life through engaging vlogs infused with humor. Lena has earned the prestigious title of brand ambassador for the esteemed Italian jewelry brand, Bulgari. Her captivating “Vlogue” often delves into the realm of high-end jewelry, offering viewers an immersive experience that fuels her curiosity and drives her quest for a deeper understanding of the artistry involved in crafting the most exquisite and precious pieces


2. SANAA EL MAHALLI @sananas2106 (2.5m)


top jewelry influencers


Sanaa El Mahalli is a French fashion and beauty blogger, influencer, one of the top jewelry influencers, and YouTuber and is a true authority in the world of jewelry, fashion, and beauty. She is of Moroccan descent and is the muse for brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Thierry Mugler. She loves to accessorize her outfits with chunky jewelry and loungewear thereby showcasing the jewelry with information. She has over 2.9 million YouTube followers and over 2.3 million Instagram followers.


3. JEANNE DAMAS’ @jeannedamas (1.5m)


top jewelry influencers


Jeanne Damas’ is a well-known fashion and jewelry influencer and can be a fantastic lever for a brand. She is a former model and is a seasoned player in the fashion business and started her label Rouje in 2016. Jeanne is one of the top jewelry influencers, and she accentuates femininity and showcases vintage and timeless jewelry pieces courtesy of her designer’s perspective. The brand, which began with an e-shop, now has a physical location in the heart of Paris.


4. CAMILLE CHARRIERE @camillecharriere (1.3m)


top jewelry influencers


Camille Charriere is a must-know jewelry influencer and fashion blogger who is half-French, half-English, collaborating with labels like Chloe, Mango, and Harrods. Her blog ‘Camille over the Rainbow’ is her refuge from an unfortunate experience in finance where she penned posts on fashion, jewelry, and beauty. Simultaneously, she works with jewelers and jewelry designers, and is one of the top jewelry influencers today. She loves showcasing Theodora Warre and Anissa Kermiche pieces.


5. TRACEY ELLISON @thediamondsgirl (935k)


top jewelry influencers


‘Diamonds Girl’ Tracey Ellison, one of the top jewelry influencers, has had a profound fascination and obsession with jewelry since she was a child. Her leisure hours would be spent looking at and examining various jewelry pieces and brands. This passion of hers led her to start her social media pages dedicated to jewelry to be shared with like-minded individuals. Today Tracey is one of the most well-known jewelry influencers with over 838,000 Instagram and 55,000 Facebook followers.


6. BEBE BAKHSHI @champagnegem (760k)


top jewelry influencers


Persian-born and Melbourne-based, jewelry influencer and diamond fanatic Bebe Bakhshi has a passion for high-end jewelry. She is a diamond connoisseur and a digital creator of diamonds and high-end jewelry and a GIA accredited jewelry professional.  She said in one of her blogs – “Being Persian I was exposed to high-end jewels, sparkly diamonds, and gemstones since my childhood and I believe this is how my obsession and passion started.”


7. ANNE-SOPHIE @thedesoso wardrobe (611k)


top jewelry influencers


Born and raised in Compiegne, France, Anne-Sophie Godet, one of the top jewelry influencers and one of the famous and trending French celebs who writes on a range of fashion and lifestyle content through her blog LarmoiredeSoso.  On Instagram, Anne-Sophie, alias Soso’s Wardrobe, has 560,000 followers. Her blog functions as an online store where she sells garments that she pairs with various jewels. She selects her jewelry with care. Collaborating with Anne-Sophie will help any jewelry business gain visibility.


8. AVI KOREN @avikoren (545k)


top jewelry influencers


Avi Koren, one of the top jewelry influencers, is a Belgian jewelry influencer who shares his passion for jewelry and luxury watches through his Instagram account which has more than 500,000 followers. Born in Israel but raised in Belgium, Avi grew up around watches. As a youngster, he was fascinated by the intricate designs and the sheer variety of timepieces that he saw in his parents’ jewelry shop. He says, “If your time is precious, then surely you would wear a watch to reflect this?”


9. KATERINA PEREZ @katerina_perez (402k)


top jewelry influencers


Katerina is a globetrotting jewelry connoisseur whose passion has developed into a successful career as an industry expert. Her expertise goes much beyond that, as a jewelry insider with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Katerina, one of the top jewelry influencers, celebrates the work of brilliant jewelers around the world, from known brands to emerging designers she has personally researched, as one of the first writers to put luxury jewelry online.


10. IZZY @izzyjeweler (289k)


top jewelry influencers


Izzy, one of the top jewelry influencers, is a force to reckon with as a jewelry influencer with more than 280,000 followers and also a top jeweler. He is an asset to his team when it comes to his personality and his excellent understanding of the jewelry business. His relentless hustling and seemingly easy ability to connect with clients from all walks of life rapidly earned him a reputation as one of the top salesmen in the business.


11. ILARIA URBINATI @ilariaurbinati (240k)


top jewelry influencers


The fashion stylist for A-listers Rami Malek, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hiddleston and the founder of men’s lifestyle website Leo, Ilaria Urbinati was born in Rome and raised in Paris. Her social media posts reflects her taste for jewelry ranging from very simple minimal ones to big oversized waspy diamond stud earrings, and she is one of the top jewelry influencers today. For women, she loves anything with a big chain, any kind of choker, anything with a pearls/diamonds combo and for men, it could be a cufflink in a rich color like green or red mixed with gold.


12. DANIELLE MIELE @gemgossip (213k)


top jewelry influencers


No one speaks about jewelry with more passion, vigour, and authority than Danielle Miele. Danielle, one of the top jewelry influencers, is the founder of Gem Gossip, a reference jewelry blog, and an OG influencer with gemological expertise to complement her natural sense of style. Her love and passion for antique jewelry are evident in her work as one would follow her on trips around the globe, scouring through flea markets or exploring jewelry stores in search of that eye-catching piece.


13. ROOS VAN DORSTEN @moderosaofficial (213k)


top jewelry influencers


Roos-Anne van Dorsten, a Dutch blogger and one of the top jewelry influencers, writes about fashion, jewelry, and lifestyle on her page MODEROSA. She is the go to influencer for vibrant ensembles and inimitable styling, always encouraging one to think outside the box. In her posts, she models fashionable clothes and jewelry and lists the brand names below the photos.


14. ADELINE CHOO @mistyqbleu (211k)


top jewelry influencers


Mistyqbleu has over 200k followers on Instagram. She is a foodie who loves to travel, an artisan, one of the top jewelry influencers, fashionista, makeup junkie, gamer, and a gadget nerd too. When not an influencer, she is Adeline Choo,  founder, and CEO of GO Circle Network based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in advertising global brands on elevating brand atmospherics and enhancing customer experience and enhancing customer experience.


15. LIZA URLA @gemologue (180k)


top jewelry influencers


Liza Urla is the creator of the blog GEMOLOGUE, established in 2009 while pursuing her degree in Gemology in New York. She is best known for wearing pearls on her entire face at LFW in 2015, resulting in the hashtag #JEWELLERYFACE getting viral. Her Instagram followers are predominantly female, aged 25-34, and frequently tag #earrings and #diamonds, giving her high equity of 46.03 and the most engagement, and she is one of the top jewelry influencers today.


16. MARGO RAFFAELLI @hernameismargo (167k)


top jewelry influencers


As a jewelry connoisseur, author, and consultant, Margo Raffaelli, one of the top jewelry influencers, has dedicated her life to becoming a personal consultant for stunning jewelry creations. She has 11 years of expertise and has chosen to be a jewelry specialist as well as an influencer. As one of the top runners in the business, she’s taking over Instagram. She features everything from the bizarre to the beautiful on her blog and social media pages.


17. FRANK EVERETT @frankbeverett (146K)


top jewelry influencers


Frank Everett is the Senior Vice President at Sotheby’s Luxury Division. His passion for jewelry was more than a passing fancy, and today he is one of the top jewelry influencers. He began his career in the restaurant sector in San Francisco, where he met people who shared his taste in jewelry. By chance, a position at Tiffany & Co. became available and the rest is history. A glimpse into his Instagram account is a testimony of the incredible jewelry that travels through his office before it is auctioned off.


18. LAURA INGHIRAMI @donna.jewel (143K)


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Laura Inghirami, one of the top jewelry influencers, is a young Tuscan entrepreneur and Italian jewelry influencer with over 130,000 followers on her Instagram account @donna.jewel. She is the Italian voice behind the new digital company Donna Jewel which is a research project that encourages young developing artists through Instagram contests. It also evaluates Made in Italy, a component that Laura bolstered in 2019 with the introduction of her Grand Tour Initiative of Italy’s finest productions.


19. BENJAMIN GUTTERY @thirdcoastgems (131K)


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Benjamin Guttery founder and proprietor of Third Coast Gems was actually was a combat medic in the U.S. Army. However, an injury changed the course of his life. He is one of the most famous jewelry influencers in 2024, and considerable expertise covering the jewelry market. He visits a lot of exhibitions and captures wonderful images with his artistic eye.


20. GRANT MOBLEY @thegrantmobley (103k)


top jewelry influencers


Grant Mobley is a diamond expert, media contributor, writer, public speaker, and an overall jewelry fanatic who is one of the top jewelry influencers of 2024. Growing up in the retail jewelry industry has given him a unique perspective on the industry that would otherwise be impossible to attain. His primary love is the diamond industry and he aims to serve the industry’s interests and help improve business for everyone.  


21. MARIA DUEÑAS JACOBS @mduenasjacobs (99.5K)


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Maria Dueñas Jacobs is an American model, fashion accessories editor, and one of the most famous jewelry influencers who rose to fame while working for Elite modeling agency as an accessories editor expert. She is also the founder of Super Snails, an accessories brand. She was passionate about jewelry and fashion accessories ever since she was a child.


22. BECKY STONE @diamondsinthelibrary (96.3K)


top jewelry influencers


Becky Stone is a former writer and editor who transformed her life to become a professional jewelry connoisseur and one of the top jewelry influencers. She is the originator of the renowned blog Diamonds in the Library, a freelance writer, and a social media influencer. The content of her blog posts is very practical and informative with topics on jewelry sizing, buying guides, reviews and personal experience about jewelry, and even brick and mortar jewelry stores.


23. RENU CHOUDHARY @thediamondtalk (72.5k)


top jewelry influencers


Renu Choudhury is a gem and jewelry consultant based out of Mumbai. Inspired by her ancestral Indian city of Jaipur’s rich tradition of spectacular stones and exquisite craftsmanship, she established her blog “The Diamond Talk” with the goal of promoting its gem and jewelry industry online. Renu, one of the top jewelry influencers, believes in producing informative, relevant, and enlightening content for her global digital community, which she does through her Instagram Live talks with prominent designers, jewelry, and auction houses from around the world.


24. BETH ARMATA  @jewelson57th (69.2k)


top jewelry influencers


Beth Armata is the manager of fine and designer jewelry at Bergdorf Goodman apart from being one of the top jewelry influencers today. She has over 20 years of luxury retail expertise. Her passion, dedication, and love for jewelry are evident in the article and her social media posts on her jewelry exploration journey. Through customized experiences and deep meaningful interactions, Beth is laser-focused on exponentially increasing market share and customer loyalty.


25. LEVI HIGGS @levi_higgs (68.1k)


top jewelry influencers


Alumni of Parsons MA program for the History of Decorative Arts and Design (2014), focused on Jewelry, Levi Higgs is the Head of Archives & Brand Heritage at David Webb, and one of the top jewelry influencers. He believes that jewelry is the pinnacle of ornamental art and that as an object, it is frequently the ideal vehicle for communicating stories. Because of his background in art history and material culture, applying the jewelry lens to investigate these categories have been fulfilling for him.


26. SOPHIE @madeofjewelry (62.9k)


top jewelry influencers


Sophie, one of the top jewelry influencers, is the founder and blogger of Made of Jewelry, which was launched in 2013. She is a Belgian and she shares all her jewelry interests, crushes, and so on in her blog. Like any jewelry enthusiast, she too is learning and sharing her knowledge and passion. Made of Jewelry is dedicated to introducing the followers to a world of gems and designers, and is always on the lookout for fresh developing talent.


27. BENOIT REPELLIN @ benoit.repellin (60.7k)


top jewelry influencers


Benoit Repellin is a professional, respected, charismatic auctioneer, and is currently the head of the Jewelry department of worldwide famous auction houses. As a child, he had always been fascinated by jewels. He is very passionate about his job and feels that every jewelry maison and designer has their own characteristics, charm, quality, and design. He feels his vision becomes more accurate with the sight of every new piece, and today he is regarded as one of the top jewelry influencers. 


28. WILL KAHN @willsnotebook (50.6k)


top jewelry influencers


Will Kahn is a jewelry consultant, one of the top jewelry influencers, editor, stylist, the creator of @willsnotebook, and currently a contributor to Town & Country magazine. His Instagram account presents jewelry on social media in an inventive way and is widely read by jewelry enthusiasts and industry insiders. He has been featured by The New York Times as one of the “top jewelry instagrams to follow.”


29. NATALIE BOS BETTERIDGE @ jewelsdujour (46.4k)


top jewelry influencers


Natalie Betteridge, one of the top jewelry influencers, is a fifth-generation jeweler from the world-famous Betteridge jewelry house, which has locations in Palm Beach, Greenwich, Vail, and Aspen. Her site Jewels de Jour is an excellent venue for jewelry auctions that provides everything from exquisite jewelry to a captivating assortment. In a nutshell, Jewels du Jour is one’s daily dose of global jewelry news.


30. HANNAH BECKER @diamondoodles (44.2k)


top jewelry influencers


Hannah Becker is the owner and founder of Diamondoodles, a digital art project and a platform for creative collaboration in the jewelry industry. After taking a few images and posting them on Instagram, while she was working for a jewelry company, her dreamy doodles gained traction, and became a side gig until it grew into a business. Hannah’s sarcastic wit and whimsy shine through in her work as she strives to establish a balance between luxury and kitsch.


31. VANESSA CRON @jewelsandthegang (42.3k)


top jewelry influencers


Considered the queen of jewels, Vanessa Cron’s Instagram feed only adds to her reputation as a gem specialist. She has worked for some of the most prominent professional antique jewelry and gemstones dealers, as an independent jewelry historian, and consultant, Christie’s Education. When asked in an interview, about one piece of jewelry, she’d like to own, she said “…it’d have to be the Regent diamond…, because it’s such a historic gem and perhaps because I’m French! Today she is one of the most famous jewelry influencers in 2024. 


32. BETH BERNSTEIN @bethbjeweled (38.4k)


top jewelry influencers


Beth Bernstein, one of the top jewelry influencers, is a jewelry historian and antique jewelry expert and “confessed jewel-aholic.” Her passion has inspired her to pen three books-‘My Charmed Life,’ a memoir; ‘Jewelry’s Shining Stars’ and ‘If These Jewels Could Talk.’ Beth also writes about the history of jewels, the involvement jewelry has in Hollywood, what trends are coming up next, and everything in between.


33. CHERYL KREMKOW @kremkow (30.8k)


top jewelry influencers


Cheryl Kremkow has more than 25 years of experience as a jewelry editor and curator as well as a brand strategist. She had been the editor-in-chief of Modern Jeweler, Lustre, and Jewellery News Asia publications. Her blog and social media posts focus on the precious stones and gems side of the jewelry world and celebrate the vibrance of gems from emerald green to ruby red.


34. CAROL WOOLTON @carolwoolton (26.6k)


top jewelry influencers


Carol Woolton, one of the top jewelry influencers, is a well-known figure in the jewelry industry as a writer, journalist, and jewelry editor for British Vogue. Woolton is the author of four books on modern, antique, and historic diamonds, as well as contributing to Vogue, The Financial Times, and Vanity Fair.  She is a world-renowned expert on jewelry, having lectured and written extensively about antique and modern jewelry for newspapers and magazines all over the world.


35. JESSICA DIAMOND @thediamondedit (23.7k)


top jewelry influencers


Jessica Diamond is the jewelry and watch director at The Times Luxx magazine, The Sunday Times Style magazine, and Conde’ Nast Traveller, and she has the appropriate name for the position. She has a good sense of jewelry trends and the ability to spot the next big thing. She is an established journalist with more than 15 years of experience working in the jewelry industry, and one of the top jewelry influencers.


36. MONICA STEPHENSON @idazzle (19.4k)


top jewelry influencers


Monica Stephenson is the President of Anza Gems and iDazzle, and one of the top jewelry influencers. She has worked in the jewelry industry for almost 20 years in various capacities.  Monica’s award-winning jewelry blog,, has been covering jewels, designers, and trends since 2008. She went to explore where jewels come from out of curiosity and a sense of responsibility. What she witnessed there changed the course of her life forever.


37. GIORGIA ZOPPOLATO @missgio_jewelryblog (16.5k)


top jewelry influencers


For Giorgia Zoppolato, one of the top jewelry influencers, the idea to create a jewelry blog developed when she decided to combine her passion for jewelry with another interest of her, modeling. But the art of goldsmith and the study of jewelry are her true loves. Her ambition is to exhibit the world the most amazing creations, she comes across…the craftsmanship of remarkable goldsmiths or big multinational brands, and the brilliant craftsmanship of small artisans as well.


38. VIOLAINE D’ASTORG @lifeofjewellery_christies (9,712)


jewelry influencers


Violaine d’Astorg is the head of Jewellery department at Christie’s France. She is a jewelry specialist, Gemmologist, and HRD Diamond Grader apart from being a jewelry influencer.  A passion for jewelry always in her heart, Violane has degrees from the Higher Diamond Council (HRD) from Antwerp and the National Institute of Gemmology in Paris. She is also a lecturer and a regular speaker at conferences on jewelry history.


39. ISABELLA LEE @ rockinthatgem (8,605)


top jewelry influencers


Isabella Lee, one of the top jewelry influencers, is the Regional Head of High Jewellery at Cartier, Singapore. She is also a jewelry blogger who posts beautiful creative jewelry photographs on Instagram and discusses unusual and appealing jewelry on her site Lee is not the usual jewelry influencer. Most of her features are rings that could only be worn by someone with a bold personality.


40. AMY ROSEVEARE @ amyroseveare (5,342)


jewelry influencers


Amy Roseveare has been a full-time wardrobe stylist and personal shopper in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty years. She is thus a micro-influencer who is a certified image consultant by day and jewelry blogger by night. She has a special love for beautiful jewelry pieces and is creating her own personal brand for her fans and followers to give guidance on how to wear jewelry.


To conclude, the above list is enough to add glitter to any jewelry business’ approach, whether it wants to work with a gem aficionado to act as an ambassador for their latest collection or tap into the expertise of a seasoned jewelry journalist with a large social following.


Who Are Jewelry Influencers on Instagram and Why Are They So Popular?


In the realm of jewelry marketing, Instagram emerges as a formidable tool for both jewelry brands and individual artisans to connect with a broader audience and showcase their latest collections. While traditional print magazines remain a source for discovering new jewelry designers and trends, the tide is shifting as an increasing number of shoppers turn to social media platforms, particularly Instagram. A recent study by Forrester underscores Instagram’s dominance, revealing the platform’s highest engagement rate among all social media channels, with users generating an average of 1.5 billion interactions monthly.

Given Instagram’s unparalleled popularity with over 800 million active users, it’s no wonder that the focus of many jewelry designers and brands has shifted toward leveraging the influence of jewelry influencers on the platform. The jewelry category on Instagram is experiencing a surge, with users enthusiastically sharing snapshots of their latest adornments. Notably, in 2024, some of the top jewelry influencers on Instagram include Jennifer Zemplen, Caitlin Mociun, and the dynamic duo, Ericka and Stephanie, known for their Carats & Cake lifestyle brand.

The widespread appeal of jewelry influencers on Instagram can be attributed to their ability to offer a unique and captivating perspective on jewelry. More than mere sales pitches, these influencers provide followers with a glimpse into their personal style, showcasing how jewelry enhances their overall look. This distinctive approach makes their posts highly engaging and entertaining, elevating the popularity of jewelry influencers on Instagram as some of the most sought-after personalities on the platform.

Second, jewelry influencers on Instagram often have very large followings. This means that when they post about a new piece of jewelry, there’s a good chance that their followers will see it and may be interested in buying it themselves. And finally, jewelry influencers on Instagram often offer valuable insights and tips about jewelry care, fashion trends, and more. This helps their followers learn more about the world of jewelry and make better choices when shopping for pieces themselves.

Overall, jewelry influencers on Instagram are very popular because they offer an interesting and engaging perspective on the world of jewelry, they have large followings, and they offer valuable insights and tips. If you’re interested in learning more about jewelry or simply want to be entertained by some amazing fashion posts, then following some talented jewelry influencers on Instagram is the way to go!

There is also a multitude of reasons why jewelry influencers on Instagram are important for jewelry brands. First and foremost, Instagram is a highly visual platform, which makes it the perfect place to showcase jewelry. The app’s users are drawn in by its easy-to-use filters and creative editing tools, which allow users to share beautiful photos and videos that capture their lives and interests. This makes Instagram a particularly valuable platform for jewelry brands, as they can use it to showcase their products in a visually appealing way. In addition, since Instagram is a social media platform, it provides brands with an opportunity to connect with potential customers and build relationships with them.

Additionally, Instagram’s users are highly engaged. This means that brands have a valuable opportunity to reach out to potential customers and engage them with creative content. Finally, jewelry influencers on Instagram are effective at driving traffic to websites and boosting sales, helping brands to see significant increases in website traffic and sales.

Overall, by working with jewelry influencers on Instagram, brands of all shapes and sizes can build strong relationships with key customers and create long-term loyalty, while maximizing their ROI and expanding their businesses.