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The Power of Latin Influencers – Leading Hispanic Influencers in the World



Latin influencers have taken the social media world by storm, and over the last decade, they have become increasingly in demand in digital marketing campaigns. Hispanic influencers immense popularity can be attributed to the fact that they infuse their work with love for their Hispanic heritage, language, and culture.


This is particularly true of the Latin population within the United States. As eMarketer puts it, Hispanics are the key drivers of U.S. population growth. The 2020 U.S. Census shows that the U.S. Hispanic population has reached 62.1 million, which makes up about 18.7% of the U.S. population and accounts for about 52% of the country’s population growth between 2010 and 2020.


With the steady growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S., their purchasing power has also grown substantially over the years. Based on the data provided by the Selig Center for Economic Growth,  the Hispanic buying power increased significantly over the last 30 years, from $213 billion in 1990 to $1.9 trillion in 2020. This accounted for 11.1% of U.S. buying power in 2020. By 2025, it will account for 12% of all U.S.  buying power


These data suggest that the Hispanic/ Latin consumer market is the largest ethnic market in the U.S., making it a viable target for brands to tap into. To approach this growing market, brands need to understand the Hispanic consumers, who they are, and what they purchase most frequently.


Moreover, considering that these consumers are now more digitally savvy as they make their purchases online, brands should also know where they spend their time, what sites or social media platforms they frequent the most, and how they consume content.


In this case, leveraging Latin influencers is one of the best options for brands to reach their target audience.


If you’re searching for the right person to forge a partnership with, here at Amra & Elma, we present this list of 50 Top Latin Influencers in 2023 to help you promote your brand or products to Latin consumers. These Hispanic influencers come from diverse backgrounds, with different areas of interest, and living in or outside of the U.S, all look back on their roots with much pride and appreciation. They are the best persons to connect with the consumers whose language and culture are deeply ingrained in their identities.


List of Leading Hispanic Influencers in 2023




1. WHINDERSSON NUNES @whinderssonnunes (58.3M)



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Brazilian comedian, singer, and YouTube star Whindersson Nunes Batista is one of the Top Latin Influencers with quite a massive following on YouTube (43.7M), TikTok, (20.8M), Twitter (25M), and Instagram (58.3M). Whindersson skyrocketed to fame for his YouTube channel that contains comedic takes on life. He is also best known for his quirky impersonations of international artists, including Michael Jackson, Selena Gomez, Shakira, and more.






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Lele Pons has come a long way from being a content creator on the now-defunct platform Vine to being one of the Top Latin Influencers. Since her rise to fame, this Venezuelan-American beauty has also become a sought-after actress for film, television, and music videos. Lele is a one of top Hispanic influencers in the world who also released her own music, modeled for various leading brands, and co-authored a novel in 2016.



3. LUISA FERNANDA @luisafernandaw  (17.1M)



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Luisa Fernanda Cataño Ríos, one of the top Latin influencers, known by her social media name, Luisa Fernanda W, is a Colombian internet sensation, actress and singer. Luisa rose to popularity by accident when she began posting on Instagram as a creative outlet in 2013. Her following has grown enormously since then, making her one of the Top Latin Influencers and most popular Instagrammers in Colombia. Her internet success has also opened many new doors of opportunity for her, including singing and acting.






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Mexican beauty vlogger Mariand Castrejon Castaneda, popularly known as Yuya, is also one of the Top Latin Influencers. Yuya began her career shortly after winning a makeup contest on YouTube at age 16. Her eponymous channel, which she originally named “lady16makeup”, has now over 24.3 million followers worldwide. In March 2016, she was one of seven female YouTubers who joined the United Nations‘ Sustainable Development Action Campaign, to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Yuya has her own makeup line in several Latin American countries and has a star on the Las Vegas Star Walk for promoting peace through her videos.



 5. RUBEN DOBLAS GUNDERSON  @elrubiuswtf (16.5M)



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Ruben Doblas Gunderson, better known as El Rubius, is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber and one of the Top Latin Influencers worth following. His YouTube channel, which primarily consists of vlogs and gameplays, has more than 40.4M followers to date, making him one of the most subscribers in Spain and is among the 50 channels with the most subscribers on the platform in the world. In 2016, he won the Play Awards as YouTuber of the Year, and was included in Time Magazine’s list of “next-generation leaders”. El Rubius is also one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with the third-most-followed Twitch channel in the world as of May 19, 2022.



6. MICHELLE LEWIN @michelle_lewin (14.9M)



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Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan model, fitness guru, bodybuilder, and one of the Top Latin Influencers. Michelle started in the modeling industry at a young age, but she gained more attention as a fitness enthusiast when she joined several competitions, including the NCP bikini competition. Since then, Michelle has collaborated with leading fitness brands and became a cover model in several magazines, including ‘Playboy.’ Today, Michelle is among the most sought-after fitness models in the world.



7. SALICE ROSE @salicerose (14.9M)



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Widely recognized as one of the Top Latin Influencers is Peruvian-American social media star, Salice Rose. Although born and raised in California, Salice takes much pride in her Hispanic roots. Aside from speaking Spanish very well, Salice also shares a slice of her life as a Latina through her funny videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.



8. GERMAN GARMENDIA @germangarmendia (14.2M)



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Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, one of the top Latin influencers, is a Chilean YouTuber, singer-songwriter, comedian, and writer who earns a well-deserved spot as one of the Top Latin Influencers. German runs two YouTube channels: one is named HolaSoyGerman, where he uploads hilarious videos about everyday life, and the other, his gameplay channel, JuegaGerman, which is the second-most subscribed channel in the Spanish language. Both channels raked more than 10 million subscribers, making German the first YouTuber to receive two Diamond plaques in 2016. German also won several awards, including the Digital Icon and Master Gamer categories in 2014 and 2016, respectively, and was recognized as one of the biggest YouTube stars by The Washington Post, one of the most popular by BBC, and one of the most influential in Time magazine.



9. LUIS FERNANDO FLORES @fernanfloo (10.2M)



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Luis Fernando Flores, better known as Fernanfloo, is a 28-year-old Salvadoran online gamer, YouTuber, and one of the Top Latin Influencers best known for his gameplays and comedy videos. Fernanfloo started uploading videos in the form of tutorials and short clips of murder scenes on May 1, 2011. With 45 million subscribers and over 9.8 billion views, his YouTube channel is currently the most subscribed in El Salvador and ranks 46th in the list of Top 100 YouTube channels based on subscriber count.



10. CAMILA COELHO @camilacoelho (9.7M)



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Brazilian internet sensation Camila Coelho wears many hats as a beauty and fashion content creator, fashion model, blogger, makeup artist, TV personality, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. Her meteoric rise to fame began in the early 2010s when she started uploading makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. Since then, she has modeled for top fashion brands like Celine and Christian Dior and has been on the cover of InStyle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, and L’Officiel magazine. Today, Camila is on her way to building her beauty and fashion empire, starting with her clothing line Camila Coelho Collection and then her beauty brand named Elaluz, both of which are huge successes.



11. OLALLA LOPEZ @caeliyt (9.4M)



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Olalla Lopez, better known by her social media name Caeli, is a Mexican YouTube celebrity and one of the Top Latin Influencers with a massive fan base across social media. Caeli created her YouTube channel in September 2010 and started uploading vlogs, Q&A videos, pranks, challenges, and hauls as well as videos that discuss relationships, fashion, family, and business-related topics. Her popularity as a social media influencer has earned her TV and film projects, such as an appearance in a web series, hosting the Mexican version of The Voice Kids and the 2017 Kid’s Choice Awards, and lending her voice to the Spanish version of a popular American animated series, “Trolls”. CaELi has also worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as ‘Coca-Cola’ and ‘Procter & Gamble, and has earned two MTV Millennial Awards and a Mexican ‘Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award.’



12. GUILLERMO DÍAZ IBAÑEZ @willyrex (8.6M)



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Spanish Youtuber Willeyrex, whose real name is Guillermo Diaz Ibáñez, is best known for posting video game content. Willeyrex maintains two YouTube channels where he talks about a variety of games, particularly those related to Metaverses and NFT games. He has garnered more than 6.9 billion views and 18.6 million subscribers to The WilleyRex and 4.6 billion views and 17million subscribers to Willeyrex, making him one of the most popular YouTubers in Spain. Willeyrex is also an author who has published a saga of books titled Wigetta alongside fellow YouTuber Vegetta777. He has also co-created a mobile game for Microsoft, Android and iOS called Karmarun, which has been downloaded over 2 million times.



13. JULIE SARIÑANA @sincerelyjules (6.6M)



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Julie Sariñana, one of the top Latin influencers, is a Mexican-American fashion blogger, model, globetrotter, and designer living in Los Angeles, CA. Before her internet fame, Julie worked as a fashion editor and stylist. Her work experiences gave her the confidence to launch her style blog in 2009. Today, SincerelyJules has gained millions of followers across social media platforms and has grown into a personal brand well-loved by women worldwide. She hopes that her blog can inspire her readers to “Dream, Believe, Achieve,” the things they are most passionate about.



 14. ANDREA ESPADA @andreaespadatv (6.1M)



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Andrea Espada, whose real name is Andrea Rincon Estrada, is a Colombian internet and television personality. Andrea began her professional life as a model and social media influencer, taking several modeling jobs and becoming a brand ambassador for several fashion brands. She also worked as a short film actress and made a guest appearance on the TV talk show Noches con Platanito. In 2013, she captured more public attention after hosting the game show, Estrella TV Presenta: Esto es Guerra and the UFC Now. This Latina Influencer is also a fitness enthusiast, businesswoman, and a YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel named The Royalty Family on which she uploads videos related to her family life.



`15. MARIALEJANDRA MARRERO @mariale (6.0M)





LA-based Venezuelan social media star Maria Alejandra Marrero, better known as Mariale, is an immensely popular Latin Influencer who hosts three YouTube channels, namely Mariale, SinPatuque, and Mar. She created her first YouTube channel Makeuplocalypse (now known as Mariale) in January 2010 and quickly gained traction in just 6 months. Today, her style channel has over 14.9 million subscribers with 2.5 billion views. She also started SinPatuque (meaning without makeup in Venezuelan slang) the following year and Mar ♥ where she uploaded her first video in English in November 2015. Mariale received the Venezuelan “Cacique de Oro” award for the Best Venezuelan Influencer in 2016.



16. SAMUEL DE LUQUE @vegetta777 (5.8M)





Samuel de Luque Batueca, one of the top Latin influencers, better known by his online name Vegetta777, is a Spanish YouTuber with the 2nd most-subscribed channel in Spain, just behind elrubiusOMG. Vegetta777 is well-known in the gaming world for uploading a variety of gameplays such as Minecraft, Battlefield, Saint’s Row, Garry’s Mod, and more. His cinematic way of presenting his videos has attracted not only Spanish audiences but also other gaming enthusiasts across Latin America, making him one of the most viewed and subscribed channels in some of these countries. In August 2013, he founded his company Luque Social Gamer SL. Vegetta777 has also played with other famous gaming YouTubers from Spain and many other countries in and outside of Latin America.



17. GABRIEL MONTIEL GUTIERREZ @werevertumorro (5.5M)





Mexican soccer player-turned-YouTuber Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez is also one of the celebrated Latin Influencers. Gabriel uses the pseudonyms Werevertumorro and Gaborever on his YouTube channels, which primarily contain comedy sketches, short films, vlogs, series, and different entertaining content.








Eighteen-year-old Colombian Amara Leguízamon Pascagaza, popularly known as Amara Que Linda, has risen to a social media celebrity status through YouTube and TikTok apps.  In 2014, Amara launched her YouTube channel where she uploaded videos about hauls, challenges, and tags. Currently, she has more than 8.36 million subscribers on her channel. On TikTok, Amara has quickly amassed 17.2 million followers with her lip-syncing and trending dance routines. Amara is also equally popular on Instagram where she usually shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos.



19. MASSIEL (MASSY) ARIAS @massy.arias (2.7M)





Massiel “Massy” Indhira Arias, or Massy Arias, one of the top Latin influencers, is a Los Angeles-based certified personal trainer and health coach best known for her high-intensity workouts. This Dominican Republic native started her fitness journey as an act of self-love after she struggled with depression. She developed MA Warrior programs, which are a combination of custom meal plans and workouts incorporating resistance training, calisthenics, yoga, high-intensity interval training, and sprinting. Massy is on a mission to share her workout routines to change lives and inspire a new generation of trainers.



20. LEJUAN JAMES @lejuanjames (2.6M)





Latin-American comedian, content creator, author, and influencer, Juan Antiles, better known by his stage name Le Juan James, has risen to fame for his comedic sketches about growing up Latino in the United States. Born to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father, Le Juan, now one of the top Latin influencers, moved to the U.S. with his parents and siblings when he was in grade school. Despite his strict upbringing, this Latino influencer is proud of his Hispanic heritage as shown in many of his videos showing hilarious instances about being a Latino.



21. ALFREDO FLORES @alfredoflores (2.4M)





Alfredo Flores is a prominent director, videographer, and photographer widely recognized for his work on contemporary music videos and documentaries. Although raised in the U.S., this Influencer of Puerto Rican descent is a Latino by blood. He has worked with many A-list international artists like Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, and Arianna Grande, but he is most notable for being Justin Beiber’s longtime best friend. His impressive works have earned him multiple prestigious awards. He was recently awarded ‘Best Music Video From Home’ at the MTV Video Music Awards for his work on Justin Bieber’s Stuck with U.



22. ALONDRA ORTIZ @alondradessy (2.2M)





Mexican-American stunner Alondra Ortiz, one of the top Latin influencers, professionally known as Alondradessy, began her social media career back in 2016.  Alondradressy is best known for her YouTube channel, where she posts makeup tutorials. She also co-created a YouTube channel named Alondra & Elsy with a fellow beauty influencer and friend Elsy G. Alondra is more active on Instagram where she posts about her fashion inspo, beauty and make-up tips, and more. In addition, she has recently joined TikTok where she posts regular fit checks and funny dance videos.



23. NICOLE GUERRIERO @nicoleguerriero (1.8M)





Italian-Venezuelan beauty and fashion influencer Nicole Guerriero started from humble beginnings as a bartender and service crew in several restaurants before she decided to venture into social media. She launched her YouTube channel in 2006 and started uploading makeup tutorials. Her channel gained recognition after posting celebrity-inspired makeup as well as creative makeup tutorials. She also created a blog, Naturally Nicole, where she posts tutorials, DIYs, reviews, and fashion-related content. With her determination and hard work, her social media following grew enormously, and she was named Ryan Seacrest’s Best Beauty Guru of 2013.



24. TIFFANY GARCIA HERRERA  @tiffyquake  (1.3M)





Tiffany Michelle Herrera, better known in the gaming world as iHasCupquake, is a Latina YouTube gaming commentator, fashion vlogger, artist, and animal lover based in Southern California. Tiffany plays a variety of games, particularly Minecraft and The Sims, and uploads videos under the names iHasCupquake, TiffyQuake, WeAreMishMish, ToyBoxCollectibles, and ToyBoxPets. She regularly updates her YouTube channel of 6.99 million subscribers with content ranging from horror, indie, puzzle, or anything that sparks her interest.



25. PAOLA ALBERDI @paolaalberdi 1.1M followers





Mexican-American fashion and lifestyle influencer, Paola Alberdi, one of the top Latin influencers, is the woman behind the highly successful fashion platform Blank Itinerary where she shares her outfit inspirations, travels, home décor ideas, and more. Her rise to social media stardom helped her land many successful collaborations with prominent fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Coach, Chanel, Dior, and Nordstrom, as well as beauty brands like Sephora, Givenchy Beauty, TRESemmé, and may more. She has also been featured in many prestigious outlets, including Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue, and Glamour, to name a few. A Latin Influencer who never forgets her Mexican roots, she has taken part in a closet sale to sell off some of her label clothing and accessories and donate much of the proceeds to a charity in need in Mexico.



26. DULCE CANDY TEJADA RUIZ  @dulcecandy (1M)




A Mexican immigrant and Army veteran who discovered her passion for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, Dulce Candy Ruiz, one of the top Latin influencers, has become quite a social media celebrity after her YouTube videos covering makeup tutorials, product reviews, and fashion tips have gained traction, allowing her to grow her fan base exponentially. Although she decided to quit her main channel recently, she continues to update her followers with freshly made content through her Instagram and her new YouTube channel, Sweet Soul, where she talks more about self-love and motivational journey. Dulce has also embarked on writing and has published a book titled “The Sweet Life.”



27. ANA ALVARADO @lipstickfables (952K)





Honduran YouTube star and beauty influencer, Ana Alvarado, otherwise known as LipstickFables, rose to fame for making beauty tutorials and funny videos about Honduran life, culture, and tradition. Unlike other influencers who use their social channels to enhance their personal brand or attract more followers, Ana takes advantage of her online fame to fulfill a desire that goes beyond her love for cosmetics – conducting community service outreach and focusing on giving the Honduran community a much-needed representation.



28. NATALIE LIM SUAREZ @natalieoffduty (846K)





New York City-based fashion model and influencer, Natalie Lim Suarez, one of the top Latin influencers, has become a notable fashion icon since she started modeling at age 15. As a ½ Chinese, ¼ Spanish, and ¼ Mexican, her interracial features have become her ticket to working with top fashion and beauty brands including L’oreal Paris, Nordstrom, COACH, DKNY, Saks 5th Avenue, Sunglass Hut, Levis, and more. Her passion for photography, creative direction, design, music, writing, modeling, and style gave birth to her lifestyle blog, Natalie Off Duty, where she mainly shares her stories, inspirations, and projects.



29. IRIS BEILIN @irisbeilin (730K)




Iris Beilin is a Panamanian makeup artist, YouTuber, and beauty influencer who is predominantly recognized for her amusing makeup tutorials and product reviews on her social channels. Her witty remarks captured the hearts of her growing army of followers on Instagram and YouTube, thus earning her a top spot in Cosmopolitan’s 8 Best Latina Makeup Artists on Instagram for 2014. Behind her fun personality though, Iris has been honest about her inner battles with depression, an eating disorder, and addiction to diet pills that almost claimed her life, and coming out from those struggles, she finds that her social media fame can be an avenue for inspiration.



30. ELIZABETH RUIZ @elizabethruizxo (505K)





Elizabeth Ruiz is a former Hooters waitress before she embarked on her modeling and social media career. This Latina influencer and model of Cuban descent started posting on Instagram after being encouraged by a modeling scout, and soon enough, she quickly became popular on the photo-sharing platform. She also created her Vine account where she started posting short comedy videos that further increased her popularity.  Aside from modeling, Elizabeth is also fond of traveling, hitting the gym, and going to the beach.



31. ALANI FIGUEROA @wuzg00d 424K followers





Puerto Rican dancer, stylist, and blogger, Alani Figueroa, is one of the coolest and most creative Latin influencers you’ll ever meet! Alani loves incorporating bold and bright colors into her wardrobe. Despite her eccentric styling, she manages to pull off equally captivating looks. Her penchant for vibrant streetwear outfits and color coordination makes her one of the breakout fashion influencers on Instagram today.



32. NENA @beautybynena (338K)





Nena, one of the top Latin influencers, is a Mexican beauty and makeup vlogger based in Chicago. Her YouTube channel has reached 1.96 million subscribers, making her one of the most popular Latina YouTubers. On her channel, she shows her love for makeups, trying every beauty trend there is from cheap to high-end products and recommending those that she likes the most. She also shares makeup techniques for beginners as well as beauty tricks for oily and acne prone skin.




33. ALBA RAMOS @mrsalbaramos (322K)





Alba Ramos is one of the top Latin influencers born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, who is all for eco-conscious beauty and a toxin-free lifestyle. Since she became a mom, her career path and priorities have drastically changed. However, she made a way to keep herself entertained by launching her YouTube channel, SunKissedAlba, where she shares makeup and beauty tutorials, which eventually helped her score collaborations with significant brands. With close to a million subscribers, her channel has evolved and includes vlogs about family and parenting, home organization, and going fully organic without spending too much.



34. JILLIAN MERCADO @jillianmercado (266K)



Jillian Mercado


Representing the disabled community, Jillian Mercado is an inspirational fashion model and Latin influencer who appeared in fashion campaigns for Nordstrom, Target, and Olay and became the first disabled cover star of Teen Vogue. Growing up with muscular dystrophy, this Dominican-American charmer didn’t let her disability shatter her love for fashion. Jillian entered the fashion industry herself by enrolling at FIT, serving as an intern at Allure magazine, and occasionally modeling for fellow students’ projects. Her first modeling gig was for denim brand Diesel in 2014, and after signing with IMG models, she appeared in other campaigns for top brands and was featured in several editorials, including Glamour and Cosmopolitan.



35. PAM ARIAS @pamarias 221K followers





Panamanian blogger and Influencer, Pam Arias, shares her love for fashion, beauty, and travel through her personal style and lifestyle blog, The Girl from Panama. Since its official launch in August 2014, her blog has become a source of inspiration for her dedicated followers and has been featured in renowned online magazines and brands such as Vogue Mexico, Glamour, Elle Spain, The New York Times, StyleCaster, and Who What Wear. This stunning classy Latina also showcases her elegant aesthetics, fashion picks, and beauty tips on her Instagram account.



36. KIMBERLY PFAEHLER @byohlola 215K followers





Kimberly Pfaehler, one of the top Latin influencers, better known as Lola, is a Florida-based Latin influencer, blogger, and mom. This Venezuelan stunner launched Oh Lola!, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog dedicated to providing the latest fashion and beauty trends, local events, and personal style. Since becoming a mom, her online space has evolved to include not only content about beauty and fashion but also family life, motherhood, DIY tips, and travel. Lola wishes to inspire other moms to stay fabulous despite juggling different roles and to continue to pursue their passion.



37. DYLANA LIM SUAREZ @dylanasuarez (203K)





Dylana Lim Suarez is a Chinese-Latina fashion blogger, writer, stylist, and photographer based in New York City.  Just like her equally talented and stunning sister, Natalie, Dylana has also made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She created a namesake blog where she documents her personal style, travels, and inspirations.



38. SASHA MERCI @sashamerci (178K)





Dominican-American stand-up comedian and internet celebrity, Sasha Merci, one of the top Latin influencers, has become hugely popular for her comedy sketches with observational and dating themes. As a child, Sasha envisioned herself being a singer someday. But her knack for making people laugh and her deep appreciation for her Dominican roots and culture led her down a different path. On Instagram, she started posting her short funny videos, and soon enough, her followers began to increase. That’s when she realized she could turn her talent into a stand-up comedy career. Her digital series   Like, Share, Dímelo, with fellow Latina and childhood BFF Dee Nasty, became a network television show on Fuse TV, and its content has been well-received by the Dominican-American community since its premiere.



39. ANA MARTE @anamarte (150K)





Dominican-American actress, host, and social media influencer Ana Marte is known for posting collaborative, meme-inspired sketches in addition to modeling photos on her Instagram feed. Ana hosted and produced two national talk shows (Get It, Girl & Fan Nation) and has appeared in multiple feature films and web series, including “Amigos and Startup U.”  Ana has also written and produced multiple projects, including the award-winning short film, Villain (2022), and the hilarious comedy series Figuring It Out (2021) and IGPD (2018).



40. SOFIA BELLA @iamsofiabella (149K)





 A third-grade teacher turned internet star, Sofia Bella uses social media to show the world what a difference teaching can make. Her TikTok, which has amassed over 3.6 million followers and garnered 156.5 million likes, is filled with funny reels about her life as a teacher. Her students also often appear in many of her videos. Sofia says she’s using her platform to show future educators and students that school can be a positive experience.



41. GLORIA LUCAS @nalgonapositivitypride 145K – Top Latin Influencers





Gloria Lucas is a Mexican-American body positivity influencer specializing in intersectional eating disorders education. As the founder of the Nalgona Positivity Pride, Gloria, one of the top Latin influencers, is on a mission to help spread awareness about eating disorders among Latin communities. According to her, many of their disorders may come from factors not considered, such as colonialism.  Through her organization, she wants to encourage  BIPOC communities, particularly Latin women, to love their curves.



42. JESSICA TORRES @thisisjessicatorres 141K (Top Latin Influencers)



Jessica Torres


Jessica Torres is a Bronx-based, Latin Influencer of Ecuadorian descent with a passion for plus-size fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, home decor, and current pop culture trends. Jessica has always loved fashion, but since fat ladies are often underrepresented in the mainstream fashion media, she decided to create her very own platform. She then launched her eponymous blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and podcast, Fat Girls Club, intending to make an impact and be the representation she needed to see when she was younger. Her unapologetic attitude and creative looks enable her to infiltrate the industry that was for “the white, thin, and rich.”



43. KIMBERLY GUERRA @badassxbonita 127K – (Top Latin Influencers)





Mexican-Salvadoran writer, advocate, speaker, and entrepreneur Kimberly Guerra has so much to offer as a Latin influencer. The creator of Badass x Bonita uses her voice and platform to advocate for the immigrant, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, survivors, Mujeres, and oppressed communities. Through her various works and efforts, Kim received the “Agent of Change” award from Univision’s Premios Juventud and has also been recognized in various publications, including Huffington Post, People,  Today, Buzzfeed, and Oprah Magazine, and a lot more. As a writer, Kim, one of the top Latin influencers, published “Mariposa” and “Mija”, her collections of bilingual poems, affirmations, and revolutionary love letters.



44. VICKY ALVAREZ @vickyalvarez 115K (Top Latin Influencers)





Vicky Alvarez is a Florida-based Venezuelan makeup artist, beauty blogger, and social media influencer. This captivating Latina influencer loves to share tips on beauty, skincare, fashion, travel, and lifestyle on her social channels. She has a highly engaging Instagram feed filled with skincare and OOTD tips that her followers can get inspiration from. Vicky, one of the top Latin influencers, has partnered with various brands, including Maybelline, Dior, Tresluce Beauty, IT Cosmetics, and more.



45. ADRIANA ALEJANDRE @latinxtherapy 106K (Top Latin Influencers)





Adrian Alejandre is more than your typical counseling and family therapist. This Latin Influencer of Guatemalan-Mexican descent specializes in trauma therapy and is on a mission to break the stigma of mental health within the Latin communities. Realizing the need for therapists for her community, Adrian, one of the top Latin influencers, founded Latinx Therapy in 2018 and has since become a globally recognized podcast, a directory of Latinx mental health speakers and professionals, a wellness center for BIPOC providers, and a social media platform for community support, all done in English and Spanish. Adrian uses EMDR and somatic-based treatments to help the community.



46.  CARLA NUÑEZ @carlanunez_ 102K (Top Hispanic Influencers)





 Carla Nuñez, one of the top Latin influencers, is a Venezuelan model and fashion influencer based in Miami, Florida, who focuses on high-end fashion, modeling, styling, and personal shopping. Since she decided to commit 100% to fashion blogging, modeling, and content creation, Carla has become one of the busiest Latin influencers in the fashion world. With her determination, enthusiasm, wit, and charming personality, she was able to land partnerships, model jobs, and collaborations with prominent brands. She has also created successful marketing campaigns for Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, YSL Makeup, Dior, Shein, Revolve, Absolutions Vodka, and many more. Carla keeps updating her Instagram with styling, traveling, fitness, and lifestyle content to inspire women with her work.



47. KRYSTAL LORA @krystallora 65.5K (Top Latin Influencers)





In the world of gaming and smartphones often dominated by male technology influencers, Krystal Lora, one of the top Latin influencers, proves that she is just as competitive in the field as any male tech expert. This Dominican-American technology reviewer keeps her audiences abreast of the latest Apple and Google gadgets in the market as she dissects the products, provides the pros and cons, and discloses how they can affect everyday life. Her self-titled YouTube channel of 326 thousand subscribers, is a wealth of information for tech users and potential buyers alike.



48. ADA ROJAS @allthingsada 47.7K (Top Latin Influencers)





Ada Rojas, one of the top Latin influencers, is a New York-based Dominican businesswoman and beauty blogger widely known for her successful lifestyle blog, AllthingsAda. A self-described serial entrepreneur, this Latin influencer has successfully established ventures that focus on a lifestyle that infuses culture, community, and confidence themes. As a part of the Afro-Latinx community, Ada co-founded Botanika Beauty in 2019 with a desire to help other Afro-Latinas feel more comfortable and confident with their hair. Rojas continues to grow her brand as well as her social media presence. On Instagram, she shares her vision board workshops and creates engaging and insightful reels about the power of manifestation and positive thinking.



49. LINDA ELAINE @iamlindaelaine 46.9K  (Top Latin Influencers)




Linda Elaine is one of the top Latin influencers, an Afro-Latina health and wellness influencer who is best known for her inspiring YouTube channel covering makeup tips & tricks, spiritual insight, hair care & styling videos, weight loss tips/vids, and everything else in between. Linda also showcases her travel adventures and discusses the nuances of spirituality and astrology on her channel. In December 2017, she launched another YouTube channel where she shares her favorite homecooked recipes.



50. DIEGO LEÓN  @dandyinthebronx 41.7K (Top Latin Influencers)





Diego Leon is a Bronx-based fashion blogger and one of the top Latin influencers who creates dapper, classic, and vintage menswear fashion accessible to everyone. Diego began his fascination with menswear when he was a preschool teacher. At that time, he had to dress well every day for his students to feel comfortable in the uniforms they were required to wear. The positive feedback he got from his students for his fashion led him to learn more about menswear past and present. Consequently, he founded Dandy In The Bronx showcasing a collection of “clothing that strikes the perfect balance of price and class.” Through his dedication and hard work, Dandy In The Bronx has successfully collaborated with groups such as Macy’s, US Open, EXPRESS, GQ, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Qatar Airways, MakeSpace, and more.




Who are some Hispanic influencers?

Some top Hispanic influencers include Lele Pons, Luisa Fernanda Cataño Ríos, Mariand Castrejon Castaneda, Ruben Doblas Gunderson, Michelle Lewin, Salice Rose, and Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis. These influencers are a powerful force in the world of marketing. Their ability to connect brands with Latin American audiences is remarkable, and their influence is growing. Hispanic influencers are not only effective at reaching Latin audiences, but they also have a deep understanding of Hispanic culture. This allows them to create content that resonates with Latin American viewers and helps brands to build deeper connections with their consumers.

Who are Latina Instagram influencers?

Latina Instagram influencers are women who have a large following on the platform and use their visibility channels to share their experiences as Latinas and social media superstars in different niche industries. They often use their accounts to promote products and brands, but they also use their reach to talk about important issues that affect the Latinx community.

Some of the most well-known Latina Instagram influencers include Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Jennette McCurdy. Selena is a pop singer, one of the most relevant, popular, and well-known Latina Instagram influencers, and an actress who has been in the public eye since she was a child. She has over 343 million followers on Instagram and uses her account to share photos and videos of her work, her travels, and her personal life.

Cardi B is a rapper who gained notoriety on the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: New York. She has over 139 million followers on Instagram, uses her account to share photos and videos of her work, her personal life, and her political views, and is considered one of the most famous Latina Instagram influencers. McCurdy is an actress and singer who starred in the Nickelodeon show iCarly. As one of the top Latina Instagram influencers, she has over 8 million followers on Instagram and uses her account to share photos and videos of her work, her travels, and her personal life.

Why are Latina Instagram influencers important?

Latina Instagram influencers are important because they provide a voice for the Latinx community on social media. They often discuss topics that are important to Latinas, such as immigration, feminism, and cultural identity. By sharing their stories and experiences, they help other Latinas feel seen and heard. Latina Instagram influencers also provide a valuable resource for brands that want to reach the Latinx community.

Latina Instagram influencers have taken over this famous platform, and they are so popular for a wide range of reasons. Their popularity mainly exists because they are relatable, authentic, and vocal about their outstanding and inspiring experiences.

Latina Instagram influencers are also very authentic, and brands from all over the globe love working with them because of their trustworthiness. They don’t try to be someone they’re not; they share their true selves with their followers. For example, Selena Gomez is open about her struggles with mental health issues. As one of the top Latina Instagram influencers, she has talked about how she has dealt with depression and anxiety, and she has even shared screenshots of her therapy sessions on Instagram. Selena Gomez is honest with her followers, and they appreciate that.

Latina Instagram influencers are also vocal about their experiences. They aren’t afraid to talk about difficult topics such as racism and sexism. For example, Gina Rodriguez spoke out against Hollywood’s whitewashing of Latinos in the film industry. She said, “We can’t wait for them to come to save us . . . We have to do it ourselves . . . We need to be the lead and not the sidekick.” Also as one of the most prominent and well-known Latina Instagram influencers, Gina Rodriguez is unafraid to speak her mind, and her followers admire that her.

Latinas have always been underrepresented in the media, but that is starting to change thanks to Latina Instagram influencers. These women are talented, relatable, authentic, and vocal, and their followers love them for it.

Who are Hispanic YouTubers?

Hispanic YouTubers are those who use YouTube to create video content with a focus on the Hispanic community. Hispanic YouTubers usually create videos in Spanish or English or both languages for a bilingual audience. Through their videos, Hispanic YouTubers aim to share stories and experiences and talk about topics that resonate with the Hispanic community.

Hispanic YouTubers can be from any country where there is a large Hispanic population such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, and many other Latin American countries. Hispanic YouTubers may also be from countries like Spain and the United States where there’s a growing number of Hispanics making up an important part of the population.

Hispanic YouTubers come from different backgrounds and cultures which makes their videos unique and entertaining. From comedy sketches to lifestyle vlogs; beauty tutorials to cooking recipes; educational videos to music lyric videos – Hispanic YouTubers cover a wide range of genres that appeal to viewers around the world. Many Hispanic YouTubers have built huge fan bases across multiple social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

The influence of these Hispanic YouTubers has been acknowledged by companies and brands investing in them as influencers for their campaigns. This recognition is an important milestone in helping increase the representation and visibility of Hispanics on media beyond YouTube.

In terms of topics discussed in their videos, one popular theme among Hispanic YouTubers is culture. Hispanic YouTubers often explore topics related to food, music, clothing, and language that reflect the different cultural influences experienced by people in different parts of Latin America or even within countries like the US where there’s a great variety of cultures blending. Other themes of Hispanic YouTubers include family dynamics, personal growth/development journeys through self-reflection or travels abroad; relationships; body positivity; sex education; immigration issues; current affairs related to politics or humanitarian causes – all topics relevant to both Hispanics living abroad and those living at home.

Overall Hispanic YouTubers are becoming more visible in mainstream media by leveraging technology to reach larger audiences around the world with content that speaks directly to their experiences while staying true to their heritage and values at the same time.

Why are Hispanic YouTubers important?

Hispanic YouTubers are important because they offer a unique perspective and representation that is often overlooked in mainstream media. Hispanic YouTubers create content highlighting the Hispanic experience and showcase their culture in an engaging way that resonates with many viewers.

For example, many Hispanic YouTubers focus on topics such as immigration, racism, culture, language, and education. This allows those who may have not heard of certain issues to learn more about them in an entertaining and accessible way. Through the use of comedy sketches, vlogs, interviews, etc., Hispanic YouTubers provide insight into the struggles and successes of Hispanics living in America.

Additionally, many Hispanic YouTubers use their platforms to provide valuable advice to their viewers on topics such as college readiness, financial literacy, mental health awareness, career advancement opportunities for Latinx individuals, and more. By providing this kind of advice to their audience members, Hispanic YouTubers become resources for young people who may not otherwise have access to the knowledge or resources needed for success.

Who are some of the most popular Hispanic influencers in the United States?

The United States has a long and rich history of Hispanic influence, both in culture and the media. From iconic figures like Eva Longoria to contemporary stars like Cardi B, Hispanic influencers in the United States have made their mark on the mainstream stage. In recent years, more and more Hispanic influencers in the United States have emerged as highly sought-after voices in various industries, from fashion to entertainment. Hispanic influencers in the United States have become the source of inspiration and guidance for millions of Americans who seek out their advice and expertise. Here are some of the most popular Hispanic influencers in the United States:

1. Sofia Vergara: This Colombian-born actress is one of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, and one of the most popular Hispanic influencers in the United States, with a long list of film credits including Modern Family, Hot Pursuit, Chef, and Machete Kills. She is also an entrepreneur launching her line of home products and beauty products and has become an icon in the Latin American community due to her advocacy work for Latino rights.

2. J Balvin: Born José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, this Colombian reggaeton singer, and one of the top Hispanic influencers in the United States is one of Latin America’s most famous music acts with multiple number-one hits on both Billboard’s Latin Songs chart and Hot Latin Songs chart. He’s been credited with bringing Reggaeton into mainstream American pop culture by collaborating with artists such as Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Pitbull, Pharrell Williams, and Beyonce.

3. Camila Cabello: Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello rose to stardom after joining girl group Fifth Harmony in 2012 before embarking on a successful solo career that includes two Billboard Hot 100 topping singles: “Havana” and “Señorita” with Shawn Mendes. She is one of the most popular Hispanic influencers in the United States and has won numerous awards throughout her career including five MTV Video Music Awards, four Latin Grammy Awards, two Billboard Women In Music Awards, and one Brit Award among many others.

4. Alex Pina: Spanish screenwriter Alex Piña, one of the top Hispanic influencers in the United States, rose to fame after creating Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), which became a global phenomenon when it debuted on Netflix in 2017. His other works include Vis A Vis (Locked Up) which won several awards at the International Series Festival 2019 hosted by ATV+.

5. Eugenio Derbez: Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez is well known for his comedic roles in films such as Instructions Not Included (2013) as well as his hosting duties for Univision’s variety show ‘Derbez en Cuando’ from 2005 – 2011. He is known as one of the most popular Hispanic influencers in the United States and has received numerous awards from organizations such as ALMA Awards where he won Best Actor for Instructions Not Included in 2014.

Overall Hispanic influencers in the United States have become beacons within their communities inspiring people through their actions, and showing them what can be achieved when hard work meets ambition. Hispanic influencers in the United States are proving that Hispanics are capable of achieving great success while staying true to their roots no matter where they come from or where life takes them.

What do famous Hispanic influencers do?

Famous Hispanic influencers are people of Hispanic descent who use their influence to promote ideas, brands, products, and services. Famous Hispanic influencers have the power to sway public opinion and influence behavior. By leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more, famous Hispanic influencers can reach millions of people around the world with their messages.

Famous Hispanic influencers use multiple strategies to reach their audience. They often share interesting stories or experiences related to their topic to engage their followers and create a sense of community. Famous Hispanic influencers also typically collaborate with brands or companies by creating sponsored content that subtly promotes products or services. Additionally, famous Hispanic influencers may attend events related to their field of interest or organize meetups for fans who want to connect with them directly.

The success of famous Hispanic influencers is largely determined by how well they engage with their followers and how well they build relationships with them. As such, famous Hispanic influencers will invest time into understanding what topics resonate with the community and will post content that reflects those interests. Famous Hispanic influencers should remain active on various social media platforms to maximize the reach of their message – responding quickly to comments and questions while also engaging in relevant conversations to earn credibility within the space.

At the same time, famous Hispanic influencers need to stay true to themselves and stay authentic when engaging with audiences. For famous Hispanic influencers, this means not only posting content that resonates with them but also staying transparent about sponsored posts or partnerships they are involved in so that followers know what is coming from them versus from other sources.

Why do brands love working with famous Hispanic influencers?

Brands love working with famous Hispanic influencers due to their strong cultural connection and affinity with followers, which leads to highly engaging and effective marketing campaigns. This connection with famous Hispanic influencers is a result of the cultural values, beliefs, and shared experiences that are embodied by the influencers. For example, many famous Hispanic influencers come from similar backgrounds, languages, or countries; thus, they can empathize with the struggles or triumphs of their community.

Famous Hispanic influencers tend to be more in touch with trends than other demographics due to their close alignment with modern culture through music, fashion, technology, and art. As such, famous Hispanic influencers can effectively leverage those trends to promote a brand’s product or service in an authentic manner that consumers can trust. Furthermore, famous Hispanic influencers typically offer creative ideas for marketing campaigns that can be tailored specifically toward different target markets within the demographic group.

Additionally, famous Hispanic influencers usually have an extensive reach over multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok which allows brands to reach large numbers of potential customers at once. Moreover, these platforms enable famous Hispanic influencers to tailor their message to suit different contexts and brands so that it resonates further with target audiences. This increases brand awareness as well as customer engagement which makes campaigns more successful in terms of ROI.

Who were the most popular Latina influencers 2022?

Latina influencers 2022 were some of the most popular influencers on social media. With their authenticity, charm, and strong presence in their respective industries, Latina influencers 2022 have become well-respected influencers both in Spanish and English-speaking countries.

Some of the most popular Latina influencers 2022 are Yalitza Aparicio, Lorena Rae, Thalia Sodi, Juana Martinez-Neal, Sofia Vergara, Lili Estefan, Ana Tijoux, and Demi Lovato. All of these popular Latina influencers 2022 have made a name for themselves in their own right as influential content creators on channels such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Yalitza Aparicio, one of the Latina influencers 2022, is a Mexican actress who has gained worldwide recognition through her acting career and is known for her roles in films such as Roma and La Casa de las Flores. She is one of the most popular Latina influencers 2022, and has been featured in international magazines such as Vogue Italia and Hola Mexico! magazine.

Lorena Rae, also one of the top Latina influencers 2022, is a German model who has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion including Dior, L’Officiel Paris, Grazia Italy, and GQ Mexico. As an advocate for female empowerment and one of the most popular Latina influencers 2022, she founded the nonprofit organization “Lorensitas” to help underprivileged girls around the world achieve their dreams through talent competitions and scholarships.

Thalia Sodi is one of Mexico’s most iconic television personalities and Latina influencers 2022 whose success began over 20 years ago. She has released numerous albums that have sold millions throughout Latin America as well as starred in several telenovelas (soap operas) which helped to cement her status as a cultural icon across many Hispanic communities around the world. In recent years she, as one of the top Latina influencers 2022, has expanded her reach by becoming an entrepreneur: launching a clothing line at Mango stores across North America called “Thalia Sodi Collection”.

Sofia Vergara is Colombia’s highest-paid actress and one of the best Latina influencers 2022 who first rose to fame playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family (2009–2020). Aside from acting Sofia also runs an eponymous lifestyle brand selling apparel —including lingerie— accessories beauty products home goods and more. Furthermore she, as one of the top Latina influencers 2022, was selected as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People Of 2020 due largely to her support of organizations like St Jude Children’s Research Hospital which provides medical care to sick children regardless of ability to pay.

Lili Estefan, one of the most well-known Latina influencers 2022, is best known for being the hostess of Univision Network’s long-running show El Gordo y la Flaca (The Fat Man & The Skinny Woman) since 1998 where she interviews celebrities ranging from Hollywood actors singers politicians, etc; plus it helps promote charities benefitting sick kids worldwide via its annual event “Alegría Por La Vida”. Apart from being a talk show hostess Lili, one of the top Latina influencers 2022, also enjoys designing clothing namely her collection “Rosa Clara” which offers sophisticated styles influenced by Cuban culture specifically tailored towards curvy figures; plus it benefits charities dedicated to helping cancer patients via its yearly campaign “Batalla Contra El Cancer”.

Do brands usually work with top Latino influencers?

Do brands love working with top Latino influencers? The answer is an emphatic yes! Brands have found that teaming up with top Latino influencers can be an effective way to reach a wide range of potential customers and grow their businesses.

First, many top Latino influencers have a vast online presence and reach, which brands are eager to capitalize on. Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are filled with content created by top Latino influencers, enabling them to create unique connections with their followers. Brands understand the power of top Latino influencers, whose influence extends beyond the digital world into their communities. As ambassadors for the companies they partner with, top Latino influencers help to make sure that messages are spread far and wide.

Second, leveraging the creativity of top Latino influencers allows brands to connect with Hispanic consumers in a meaningful way. For example, when designing promotional campaigns or designing new product lines, working with top Latino influencers ensures that companies’ messaging resonates with this important demographic group. In addition, partnering with top Latino influencers helps convey a message of inclusivity that appeals both to Hispanic audiences and broader audiences alike.

Thirdly, top Latino influencers often possess unique skills and knowledge about their culture which brands can use to their advantage. Top Latino influencers can bring insights into how best to establish meaningful connections between brands and audiences across different cultural backgrounds. Top Latino influencers may suggest new approaches for marketing campaigns or provide advice on how best to communicate corporate values in ways that will resonate within diverse cultures.

Finally, by working alongside top Latino influencers, brands benefit from these experts’ well-established relationships within the community – making it easier for companies to break into new markets and gain visibility within target audiences. As such collaborations continue to become more popular – in 2019 alone there was a 40% increase in sponsored partnerships between US-based top Latino influencers – companies are becoming increasingly aware of the potential advantages of tapping into Hispanic talent when it comes to marketing efforts.

Why are top Latino influencers so popular?

Top Latino influencers have become increasingly popular in recent years, due in part to their ability to communicate with a broad and diverse audience. By connecting with top Latino influencers around the world, they have become trusted voices and sources of advice, entertainment, and inspiration. Moreover, top Latino influencers are seen as both knowledgeable and authentic figures that can speak to their audience’s shared values and experiences.

Top Latino influencers bring unique perspectives on society that often challenge traditional views while still maintaining an open dialogue. This helps top Latino influencers cultivate relationships with their followers and stay connected with their audiences in meaningful ways. In addition to staying abreast of current trends, top Latino influencers are also able to promote brands and products organically because of their influence over the community.

The rise of social media has been key for the success of top Latino influencers too, providing them with a platform to share stories from different angles – whether it’s about culture, identity, or lifestyle. It has given audiences more access to top Latino influencers from various backgrounds not just from Latin America but across the globe. Additionally, many top Latino influencers use different languages when creating content thus enabling even greater connection within this particular demographic as well as allowing them to reach out beyond it.

Who are Latin American influencers?

Latin American influencers are individuals hailing from Latin America, a region comprising 20 countries across Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Latin American influencers have established a significant following and impact on various social and digital media platforms due to their engaging content, diverse backgrounds, charismatic personalities, and strong ties to their respective cultures.

Latin American influencers can be found in different industries and domains such as fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, fitness, and entertainment, among others. Their influence transcends language barriers as many Latin Americans are bilingual or multilingual, speaking languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and English. This, in turn, leads to increased reach and resonance for brand collaborations and the ability to connect with a wide and multicultural audience.

One notable aspect of Latin American influencers is their capacity to influence people within and beyond their region. Latin American influencers are recognized for their authenticity, creativity, and cultural pride, which sets them apart from influencers from other corners of the globe. Latin American influencers often integrate their unique perspectives and heritage into their content, making it relatable and resonant with a broader audience.

There are many well-known Latin American influencers with millions of followers, who have attained international acclaim and recognition. For instance, Colombian singer Shakira, apart from her musical career, leverages her social media presence to promote social causes, humanitarian work, and cultural exchange. Similarly, Yuya, a Mexican beauty and fashion vlogger and one of the best Latin American influencers, has a YouTube channel that ranks as one of the most popular among Spanish-speaking users.

Additionally, Latin American influencers can be seen collaborating with global brands to create products and events tailored to regional tastes, preferences, and trends. For example, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen has collaborated with numerous fashion and lifestyle brands, while Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann has captivated food enthusiasts worldwide with his innovative and authentic cooking.

Moreover, Latin American influencers are at the forefront of social and political advocacy in their respective nations. They utilize their platforms to raise awareness on pressing issues, such as climate change, human rights, and social justice, encouraging their followers to engage in open and informed dialogues about pertinent topics.

Contrary to overgeneralization, it is important to recognize that not all Latin American influencers share the same set of values, styles, or interests. This diversity of Latin American influencers is key to understanding the true essence and potential of these influencers when it comes to reaching an extensive audience and forging lasting connections.

In conclusion, Latin American influencers are a multifaceted and diverse group of individuals who have effectively harnessed the power of social media and digital platforms to establish a strong presence around the globe. By incorporating their cultural heritage, creativity, and authenticity into their content, Latin American influencers have resonated with audiences both in Latin America and beyond. Furthermore, their impact extends to different industries, domains, and social causes, making them powerful voice that contributes to shaping public opinion and understanding diverse perspectives.