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50 Top Spirits Influencers in 2024 (Updated)

50 Top Wine and Spirits Influencers to Follow in 2024


The only thing more exciting than the rise of craft mixology is the rise of spirits influencers. These are the people who can make or break your spirits brand. And while they have long been a part of the alcohol marketing landscape, many brands still don’t understand what they do and how you can work with them. So if you are looking to jumpstart your brand’s social media presence and influencer marketing efforts in 2024, start by tapping into this growing community.

Are you looking to make your mark on the world of craft mixology? Our advice is don’t overlook the power of spirits influencers. They can help you break through the clutter and create brand awareness in the modern era of social media marketing. Without a doubt, these people are making the most significant impact on social media right now, and they are changing how we see and understand alcohol in the world.


What is a Wine and Spirits Influencer?


A Wine and Spirits Influencer is an individual who leverages their expertise, passion, and social media presence to share content related to wine, spirits, cocktails, and the culture surrounding them. They often provide recommendations, reviews, education, and lifestyle content, influencing their audience’s preferences, purchasing decisions, and overall appreciation for wine and spirits.

Do Wine and Spirits Influencers Cover Other Alcoholic Beverages?


While some influencers may have a broader focus and cover various beverages, including beer and other alcoholic beverages, a Wine and Spirits Influencer primarily concentrates on wine, spirits, cocktails, and related topics. Their expertise and content typically revolve around wine tasting, vineyards, distilleries, cocktail recipes, food pairings, and industry news specific to wine and spirits. However, there could be influencers who include beer and other alcoholic beverages, like cider, mead and sake, in their content, but it might not be their main focus.

What is the Difference Between a Wine and Spirits Influencer and a General Influencer?


A wine and spirits influencer specializes in creating content related to wine, spirits, cocktails, and the culture surrounding these beverages. They often possess expertise in tasting, pairing, production methods, and industry trends specific to the wine and spirits world. Their content may include reviews, recommendations, cocktail recipes, educational posts, and insights into vineyards or distilleries.

In contrast, a general influencer covers a broader range of topics and may not have a specific focus on wine and spirits. They may create content about various lifestyle aspects, such as fashion, travel, beauty, fitness, food, and more. While they might occasionally feature alcoholic beverages in their content, it’s not their primary focus, and they may not have the same depth of knowledge or expertise in the wine and spirits industry as a dedicated wine and spirits influencer.

Overall, the main difference lies in specialization and expertise: a wine and spirits influencer focuses specifically on alcoholic beverages, while a general influencer covers a wider array of topics within the lifestyle niche.


50 Top Alcohol Influencers in 2024


1. Hee Chung  @onedrinkaday  ( 213K)



Hee Chung is a popular spirits influencer and mixologist based in Brisbane, Australia. He has immense experience as a bartender, having started bartending at the age of 16, but he started tasting and mixing cocktails after two years. He is renowned for his innovative garnishes. He is the Co-owner of Amulet gin, an Australian gin, he is the author of several books on gins and garnishes, and is considered as one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. Chung’s Instagram account is one of the most popular in this category as of February 2024. His most recent post has over couple of thousands of likes and contains some excellent drink garnishing strategies.


top spirits influencers 2024



2. Eddie Zamora @theyumyumfoodie/ ( 178K)



Eddie is a food and spirits influencer. He is a former judge, and currently, he hosts Dinner Takes all. He is also a co-host of the podcast Kill the bottle, and is considered as one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. His travels have taken him to 11 countries and 40 USA states where he has sampled different cuisines and drinks. Eddie’s Instagram account had over 176K followers and approximately 800 posts in 2022. A clip of a spectacular holiday morning view from the Masada overlooking the Dead Sea is included in his most recent post.


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3. Yang  @bartenderyang  ( 99.8K )



Yang or Bartender Yang, as she is popularly known, is a spirits influencer who enjoys bartending. She relishes her craft of mixing and shaking cocktails, as reflected on her Instagram feed, where she shares her unique\ cocktail content creations and juggles her champagne bottles. Yang’s Instagram account, “bartenderyang,” had over 113K followers in 2022. Her most recent post, which has over 47K likes, features a clip of her outstanding cocktail mixing talents.

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4. Jonathan Almond @delightfuldrinks ( 107K )



Jonathan Almond is a leading social media influencer , one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, and publisher with interest in spirits and cocktails. He founded delightful drinks and delightful media. Delightful media makes food and drinks content for brands and digital audiences, while delightful drinks he launched in 2016 are dedicated to spirits and cocktails. Delightful Drinks had over 119K followers on Instagram in 2022, and its postings feature some of the most incredible drinks, including mezcal, cranberry vodka, whiskey and cider cocktail, gin-based El-Camino, Space Invader cocktail, and many more.



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5. Natalie Migliarini   @beautifulbooze  ( 95.5K )



Natalie Migliarini is a Seattle-based Spirits influencer and home bartender.  She founded Beautiful Booze in 2013, which has grown to be a reputable resource for cocktail professionals and enthusiasts. Beautiful Booze is dedicated to cocktail recipe development and photography, with over 300 cocktail recipes and thousands of photographs to their name. She is also the author of Beautiful Booze and a weekly cocktail columnist, and is regarded one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. Natalie claims that she was throwing a lot of specialized dinners and events where she was making simple drinks and that her guests were constantly asking for the recipes. That inspired her to launch Beautiful Booze, a website where her friends could quickly access her cocktail recipes and re-create their favorite ones. With her career progressing, she was given the opportunity to travel the world and share her experiences and dishes with a much larger audience. Her Instagram account had over 97K followers and over 2K posts in 2022. Her ultimate objective, according to her official website, is to help others open their eyes to the world of fun and accessible cocktail concoctions.



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6. Metivier  @joaniemetivier  ( 88.5K )



Metivier is one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. She is the head sommelier at Ripplecove Hotel & Spa and Le Riverain. She is also a wine writer and critic for wine tourism magazine, a famous Canadian Magazine, and Vertdevin Magazine. She has authored two books; The Sommeliers Cookbook and Wine Map Book. She has also published two ebooks. Joanie said that she was once honored to be welcomed to a magnificent tasting of Dopff & Irion, Chateau de Riquewihr, and Les Murailles wines from various vintages as well as more recent releases. She explained that the property and its general manager, Frédéric Raynaud, intended to share a one-of-a-kind tasting experience with experts from all over the world, including her. She declared it to be one of the most amazing bottles she had ever tasted.



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7. Whiskey Consensus ™️ @whiskeyconsensus ( 87.5K )



Whiskey Consensus ™️  is a content creator team and one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, with a knack for generating high content and bottle photography centered around whiskey and bourbon put together by Matthew Evans. Through the blog, the team writes reviews, recipes, articles, and general content on booze. In addition, they launched their Instagram page in 2017, where they share their whiskey journey through photography.



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8. Elliott   @apartment_bartender  ( 74.9K )



Elliot is one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. He is a big deal in the drink industry who has earned recognition as one of the top spirits and cocktail influencers from the media such as Buzzfeed,, and Vinepair. In addition, his blog Apartment Bartender earned  Editor’s Choice Best Drink Blog in 2017 from Saveur Magazine.



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9. Barlow Gilmore   @theweekendmixologist    ( 60K )



Barlow is one of the leading spirits influencers in the drink industry. The cocktail-loving mixologist is renowned for his classic explosive, cocktails and innovative mixing techniques. His Instagram feed showcases several shots of their craft, some of which are credited to. The Four Roses Bourbon joined together with Barlow and Hallie to develop a distinctive drink for Valentine’s Day in February 2021. On its website, the brand also provided a love story about Barlow and Hallie, telling how they met on the dance floor at Candlelight, a Los Angeles pub. Barlow engaged to Hallie in Italy a year after they met, following many more nights out dancing together. They married in the Rose Cottage’s yard under a canopy of flowers, and soon after, they welcomed two lovely girls. The lovely pair devised the Belle of the Ball drink, which is ideal for Valentine’s Day, and it consisted of many ingredients, including the brand’s famous bourbon, fresh lemon juice, grenadine, egg whites, and others.



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10. LuLu Ayala @Calimixers  ( 53.6K )



LuLu is a California-born and based spirits influencer. She is an alumnus of Trinity Bartending Academy. She has worked as a bartender, brand ambassador, and several events. She created Calimixers in 2010. Calimixers boasts of culturally diverse cuisines and recipes. Several restaurants have her signature custom  Calimixers cocktails on their menu.



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11. Dads Drinking Bourbon™️  @dadsdrinkingbourbon (51.3K)



John and Zeke are one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, based in Nashville, Tennessee. The two bourbon drinking dads get together once a week, drink whiskey, record it, and share it with spirits enthusiasts. They share their whiskey experiences and reviews through their vlog They also run a podcast where they pour out all about whiskey.



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12. Hannah Chamberlain    @spiritedla  ( 47.1K )



Hannah is a Los Angeles-based spirits influencer. She has been in the drinking industry since 2015. She shares her cocktail recipes and bar reviews through her Instagram account and vlog SpiritedLA. She is considered as one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, and has worked with several alcohol brands and traveled to various spirits regions. She is also a sensation on TikTok, where she has over 200K followers. Hannah once said she bought a camera and began a blog for more in-depth recipe investigation, lengthy cocktail culture essays, and bar reviews just a few months after she started exploring her interest. Chamberlain has worked with a variety of liquor businesses, traveled to spirit areas, and shared several recipes with other cocktail enthusiasts over the previous few years. Her TikTok cocktail menu is comprehensive, including anything from a whiskey and peach Arnold Palmer to a basic espresso Martini. She once stated that the three finest cocktails she has ever made in her kitchen are  Gibson, Black Manhattan, and Caipirinhas. In 2022, her Instagram account had over 55.4K followers and more than 1.2K posts.



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13. Marisa  @whats.marisa.drinking   ( 46.4K )



Marisa is a Gold Coast-based spirits influencer and content creator. The Australian is one of the top Instagram alcohol influencers, and she is popular in the drinking industry thanks to her innovative and spicy cocktail recipes. She has worked with several brands and she continues to wow many with her classic cocktails.



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14. Jake  @girlnamedjake  (42.3K )



Jake is a Canadian-based spirits influencer. She has extensive experience in the alcohol industry, especially craft beer. She is a team member at The Strait & Narrow, where they make adventure-ready cocktails crafted with custom gins. She also imports Craft Beer, Natural Wine, Cider & Spirits into Alberta and BC through nectar-imports, a company she co-owns.



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15. Matt  @theamateurmixologist  ( 41.9K )



Matt is a UK-based spirits influencer, cocktail recipe, one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2022, and content creator. He is known for his brilliantly crafted cocktails with popping colors. He shares his well-detailed cocktail recipes, ideas, and instructions on his Instagram feed so that those at home can try them out. He is a former bartender of the Year Award winner. Matt has over 43K Instagram followers and over 1,000 posts. In his posts from April 2022 he also had developed a new recipe for an amazing drink known as “Crest.” The drink is touted as being simple to create and serve, yet highly tasty. Cognac, fresh pink grapefruit juice, dill syrup, and other ingredients are included.



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16. Jordan Hughes @highproofpreacher  ( 38.5K )



Jordan is a Spirits influencer based in Portland, Oregon. He is a multi-talented cocktail recipe developer, photographer and runs a social media consultancy for different brands, including alcoholics, bars, and restaurants. He has been featured by various media outlets such as AskMen, Vinepair,, and Forbes. In 2017 he bagged the Editor’s and  Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Drinks Instagram 2019 from Saveur Magazine.



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17. Ashtin Berry  @thecollectress ( 38.1K )



Ashtin is a Spirits influencer, sommelier, bartender, beverage consultant, equity educator, one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, and self-proclaimed hospitality activist based in New Orleans. She runs radical xchange, a consultancy firm that serves hospitality and cultural events that are social justice-based, which she founded in 2018. She has been featured in several publications, including  Food & Wine,  Punch, Chefs Feed,  the Washington Post, and Bon Appétit. She has also received awards such as the Observer’s 55 Most Influential People in Food and Nightlife and Drinks International 100 Most Influential People in the Drinks Business, among others.



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18.Simon & Tania @tigesthewinemaker  ( 37.9K )



Simon and Tania is a wife and husband combo spirit influencers based in Victoria, Australia. They are a winemaker and a photographer who complement each other to document and share their wine experiences. Simon has a reputation as a winemaker, having completed over 25 harvests around the world. They document their travels and the wine-making process, and are considered as one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024.



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19. Miguel   @holycityhandcraft  (36.8K )



Miguel is a Philippines-born and currently Charlton-based spirits influencer. He is also a photographer, videographer, and content creator.  He is widely traveled, and his blog Handcraft is focused on drink and cocktail culture. It is filled with highly engaging content and stunning videos and photos.






20. Johnny & Neka  @cocktailbandits  ( 33.7K )



Johnny and Neka are Southern Carolina-based spirits influencers and mixologists. They have authored a book, “Holy Spirits! Charleston Culture Through Cocktails”.  They make appearances in several spirits and cocktails events across the US. In addition, their website is a significant resource for cocktail enthusiasts with several unique cocktails.



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21. Medic Miroslav   @liquid_community    ( 32K )



Miroslav is a Croatian spirits influencer, and one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. He went to Bols Bartending Academy in Amsterdam, EBS Berlin, and Bartrainers Barcelona. He is the owner of the Liquid community and an experienced bartender. His cocktail recipes and techniques are excellent.



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22. Fred Hart @uncork_sa  ( 30.9K )



Fred is a South African-based Spirits influencer. He launched Uncork SA in 2017 as a way to remind himself about fine wines and spirits. Uncork also offers truthful reviews of wines, drinks, and places to eat.



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23. Julia & Chris  @abarabove  (30.1K )



Julia and Chris are one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2022, and have been in the drink scene since 2013 after founding A Bar Above, through which They offer a mixology course to help bartenders learn.



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24.Stephen Kurpinsky  @coffeecocktails  ( 28.7K )



Stephen is a San Diego-based coffee enthusiast with interest in coffee cocktails, and one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. He collaborates with the global spirits brand Mr Blacks to curate coffee cocktails.



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25. Maximilian Koppermann @mexxonomy ( 27.6K )



Maximilian is a German-based spirits influencer with interest in Gastronomy and a proud owner of a namesake bar.



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26. Joanna Lin  @joanna.lin  ( 27.2K )



Joanna is a Manhattan-based spirits influencer and Cocktail Connoisseur. She has had extensive career experience in the luxury hospitality industry and sales.  She is currently a freelance creative director and digital strategist.



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27. Gabriel Urrutia   @looksmelltaste  ( 25.5K)



Gabriel is a popular spirits influencer, beer, wine, and spirits adjunct lecturer at Florida International University. He is also the author of Miami Cocktail Book and the Bacardi Single Malts Ambassador. He was a nominee in the 2020 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award and was listed in the Wine Enthusiast 2019 40 under 40 Tastemaker of America.



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28. Ewan Gunn  @ewangunn ( 22.5K )



Ewan is a Spirits influencer based in Inverness, Scotland. He is a Global Whisky Master and category training manager at Haig Club. He has over 16 years of experience in the drink industry and is currently a Senior Global Brand Ambassador for Diageo Scotch Whiskies. He has previously worked with other global brands and rubbed shoulders with celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham, and is considered as one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. 



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29. Mix     @IvyMix  ( 22.3K )



Ivy, one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, is an author of Spirits of Latin America, owner of Leyenda, a Brooklyn-based Cocktail bar and restaurant that celebrates Latin spirits, cocktails, and food.



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30. Joakim & Mattias @cocktaildetour  ( 21.8K )



Joakim and Mattias are Stockholm-based spirits influencers, and one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. They are well-traveled cocktail lovers who are always trying new cocktail recipes, spirits, and techniques aiming to come up with great cocktails.



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31.Bruno Langlade @brunoadvertiz ( 20.7K )



Bruno is a Paris-based Spirits, cocktails, and wine influencer, and enthusiast. He is a contributor to one explore blog where he writes about his wine, cocktails, and food experiences during his travels.



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32. Landon & Chris @the_brothers_bourbon ( 20K )



Landon and Chris, one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, are popularly known as the bourbon brothers in the drink industry. They are co-founders of #thebourbonleague  and contributors to the Whiskey Consensus.



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33. Daniel Keaveney  @lasvegas.bartender  ( 18.1K )



Daniel is Las Vegas-based wine and spirits influencer and bartender. He has an interest in bourbon, cocktails, whiskey, and mixology.






34. M Barnard @bourbon_paddy ( 17.8K )



Barnard is an Ireland-based influencer and one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, with interest in bourbon and whiskey. He drinks and reviews spirits.



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35. Jenna @whiskyagogirl ( 16.9K )



Jenna is one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, and a member of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society USA chapter, a club of whiskey lovers. She writes Whisky reviews, rants, and rambles.



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36. Emily Arden Wells  @gastronomista_   ( 16.4K )



Emily is a Colorado-based spirits influencer. She is also a partner in an architect firm. She runs, a website she founded in 2009 that is dedicated to the culture of cocktails.



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37. Jason Plummer  @barrelageddad  ( 15.5K )



Jason is an Arizona-based spirits influencer, photographer, and creative. He loves crafting beverages. He is a self-taught cocktails crafter, and he shares his recipes and techniques through his blog Barrel Age Dad.



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38. Tom  @thegoodwinecru  ( 15.4K )



Tom is one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024. He is also a wine blogger and podcaster. His podcast Good Times & Affordable Wines is available on Apple podcasts.



top alcohol influencers



39. Bourbon in Indiana @bourbon_in_indiana  ( 15.4K )



Bourbon in Indiana is a Spirits influencer based in Indiana with an interest in Bourbon. He is a Senior contributor with the Whiskey Consensus.



top alcohol influencers



40. Bourbon  @bourbonbanter  ( 14.2K )



Bourbon Banter is a publisher with an interest in bourbon and booze reviews. They inform spirits and whiskey enthusiasts with drink industry news. They also do cocktails, bar gear, and podcast reviews



top alcohol influencers



41. Dan Magro  @danmagro   ( 13.6K )



Dan is a Spirits influencer, mixologist, and author of ” Suck it up: Extraordinary Cocktails for Everyday People”. He is also an award-winning film, web video, and Tv content producer.



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42. Liz Palmer  @lizpalmer_   (13.3K )



Liz is a top global wine influencer, journalist, one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, and award-winning author based in Toronto, Canada. She is also the Founder of UpSocial Wine and Spirits Agency. In addition, she has served as a wine judge since 2014 for several wine competitions. She is ranked in the Top 20 Global Wimes influencers and respected in the wines circles both as a journalist and influencer.





43. Chad Coombs  @coqtale  ( 13.2K )



Chad is a Spirits and cocktails influencer based in Saskatoon, Canada. His Instagram feed showcases his ingenuity as a cocktail enthusiast and a pro photographer with crisp and clean shots of cocktails.



Top Alcohol Influencers



44. Rubies & Thorns  @rubiesandthorns   ( 12.9K )



Rubies is a spirits influencer juggling between Francesca, London, and Kent with an interest in gin.  His Rubies & Thorns – Gin Blog is a source of information for gin enthusiasts. It has gin recipes, reviews, and more.



Top Alcohol Influencers



45. Mike  @mmydrinks  ( 12.1 K )



Mike is an LA-based spirits influencer. He is a popular drinkstagrammer. His campaigns #Wehavethelastword and #AmaroWeek in 2017 were well received in the drink industry with several cocktail enthusiasts from around the world  posting a cocktail to Instagram that fitted the theme.



Top Alcohol Influencers



46. Sonja Carlstrom  @theartfulcocktail  ( 12K )



Sonja is one of top alcohol influencers, one of the most famous wine and spirits influencers in 2024, cocktails enthusiast, and content creator. She has been in the drink industry for several years and is known for her inspiring cocktail ideas and recipes. In addition, she appreciates classic American spirits.



Top Alcohol Influencers



47. Carla and Martin ( 11.9K )



Carla and Martin are Brazilian-based spirits influencers. They review bars around the world, breweries, wineries and vineyards, distillates, distilleries, and food through their blog.



Top Alcohol Influencers



48. Courtney @picsandpours ( 11.5K )



Courtney is one of top spirits influencers and a Whiskey reviewer for Whiskey Consensus. She also runs the blog



Top Alcohol Influencers



49. Faith  @barfaith  (  9.9K )



Faith is one of top alcohol influencers based in San Francisco. She is also a home bar blogger with an interest in all things about booze.



Top Alcohol Influencers



50. WhiskyTwins   @WhiskyTwins  ( 9.5K )



Whisky Twins is a team of top alcohol influencers and twin brothers with an interest in good drinks. They use their Instagram feed to share their likes and recommendations of their favorite alcohol brands.



Top Alcohol Influencers



The Future of Spirits Influencers


With increasing demand for original and memorable content, spirits influencers will continue leading the way in showcasing alcohol brands in a fresh, fun, and entertaining way.  Additionally, they will continue to push the envelope when it comes to recipe creation due to the increasing demand for DIY. As brands continue to also innovate and launch new products (think cold IPA), they will continue to employ spirits influencers as brand ambassadors due to their niche audiences and authoritative voice in the spirits industry.

These special partnerships and collaborations will prove especially useful for up-and-coming new spirits brands that are looking to establish credibility and loyalty. Influencer marketing and spirits influencers will continue to be one of the primary ways in which spirits brands not only reach new audiences but also solidify their standing within the ever growing spirits industry.


Who Are Wine and Spirits Influencers and Why Are They So Popular?


Influencers are people who have a large following on social media and who can persuade their followers to try new products, including wine and spirits. They can also be influential in terms of where people choose to buy their wine and spirits. Wine and spirits influencers can be journalists, bloggers, or even celebrities, and they are very popular with industry-related brands who often hire them for high-quality product promotion and measurable advertising.

However, in 2024, there are several factors that you should take into account when choosing some of the top wine and spirits influencers. Firstly, you should consider the size of their following. An influencer with a large following is more likely to be able to persuade people to try your product. Secondly, you should look at the type of content that these wine and spirits influencers are producing. If they produce high-quality content that is relevant to your target market, then they will be more effective at promoting your product. Finally, you should consider the cost of working with the influencer. Some wine and spirits influencers charge a fee for their services, while others do not.

Wine and spirit influencers can also be a great resource for learning about new drinks and trying out new cocktails. They often post recipes and reviews of different wines and spirits, as well as tips on how to drink them. They can also be a source of information about events and tastings.

If you’re looking for someone to follow on social media to get your alcohol fix, here are a few most well-known wine and spirit influencers to check out in 2024:

1. Wine Folly – This website is run by two wine experts and top wine and spirits influencers who provide educational content about all things wine-related. Their social media accounts are full of interesting wine facts, recipes, and pictures.

2. Vine Pair – This website is dedicated to all things wine and beer-related. They have a large social media following, and their posts cover everything from new product releases to wine pairing ideas.

3. The Drunken Botanist – This blog is written by an herbalist and one of the top wine and spirits influencers who uses plants to make cocktails. Her recipes are creative and often incorporate unusual ingredients like lavender or rose petals.

4. Leslie Sbrocco – Leslie is a wine writer, one of the best wine and spirits influencers, and a television personality who hosts the show “Check, please!” She has a sizable social media following and frequently shares cocktail recipes along with new wines she’s sampled.

In our digital age, influencers have taken center stage when it comes to marketing. People are more likely to listen to recommendations from people they trust than from advertisements. And industry-related companies have taken notice, utilizing wine and spirits influencers to promote their products.

But what makes wine and spirits influencers so popular? There are a few reasons. First, wine and spirits are complex beverages that can be intimidating for people who don’t know much about them. However, wine and spirits influencers can help demystify these beverages, teaching people about the different types of wines and spirits and how to pair them with food. They can also share recipes and cocktail ideas that make it easy for people to enjoy these drinks at home.

Second, wine and spirits offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to personal preferences. Some people prefer dry red wines, while others prefer sweet white wines. Similarly, some people like bourbon, while others prefer vodka. By leveraging the diversity of mentioned elements and products, wine and spirits influencers can appeal to a wide range of people.

Finally, wine and spirits are social drinks that often bring people together. Whether you’re out at a bar or enjoying a glass of wine at home with friends, there’s something about these drinks that encourages conversation and camaraderie. Wine and spirits influencers can tap into this social aspect by sharing stories about their experiences, giving people a reason to connect over these drinks.