Top real estate influencers 2024


The Impact of Top Real Estate Influencers


The power of social media influencers is undeniable. According to a recent study, 90% of businesses believed influencer marketing to be highly profitable. The real estate industry is no different. Considering that millennials currently make the largest share of house buyers, the role of real estate influencers amongst realtors and apartment locators is now more prominent than ever..

According to apartment living locators in Houston, real estate influencers are realtors who use social media—mainly Instagram—to give them an edge in their business. Instagram is by far the biggest influencer marketing platform, and these realtors make full use of it. Photos of their lavish lifestyle and high-profile listings captivate tens of thousands of followers. Before we begin, let’s define a real estate influencer…


A real estate influencer is an individual who has built a significant following and influence within the real estate industry through their expertise, content creation, and engagement with their audience. These individuals often leverage social media platforms, blogs, podcasts, videos, and other online channels to share insights, tips, advice, and experiences related to real estate.

Real estate influencers can include various professionals within the industry, such as real estate agents, brokers, investors, developers, architects, designers, and industry experts. They may focus on specific niches within the real estate sector, such as luxury properties, residential real estate, commercial real estate, real estate investing, property management, or real estate technology.

Key characteristics of real estate influencers include:

1. Expertise: Real estate influencers typically have expertise and knowledge in specific areas of the real estate industry. They often have years of experience working in real estate or have specialized training or education in related fields.

2. Content Creation: Real estate influencers create content that educates, informs, and entertains their audience about various aspects of real estate. This content may include articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media posts, webinars, and other forms of multimedia content.

3. Engagement: Real estate influencers engage with their audience by responding to comments, answering questions, participating in discussions, and interacting with followers on social media platforms and other online channels.

4.  Authenticity: Authenticity is crucial for real estate influencers to build trust and credibility with their audience. They often share personal experiences, success stories, challenges, and lessons learned in their real estate journey.

5. Networking: Real estate influencers often network with other professionals in the industry, collaborate on projects, attend industry events, and participate in online communities and forums to expand their reach and influence.

6. Monetization: Some real estate influencers may monetize their influence through various means, such as sponsored content, brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, speaking engagements, consulting services, and digital products.

Overall, real estate influencers play a significant role in shaping trends, sharing knowledge, and providing valuable insights within the real estate industry. Their influence can impact consumer behavior, industry practices, and market perceptions.


Real estate influencers differ from general influencers primarily in their specialization and focus on the real estate industry. Here are some key differences:

1. Industry Focus: Real estate influencers specialize in the real estate industry, whereas general influencers cover a wide range of topics and interests. Real estate influencers specifically focus on topics related to buying, selling, investing, renting, or managing properties, as well as trends, tips, and advice within the real estate market.

2. Expertise: Real estate influencers typically have expertise and experience in real estate, whether as real estate agents, brokers, investors, developers, or industry experts. They possess in-depth knowledge of real estate markets, trends, regulations, and best practices, which they share with their audience.

3. Content Focus: Real estate influencers create content that is specifically tailored to the interests and needs of individuals interested in real estate. This may include content about property listings, market analysis, investment strategies, home buying tips, home staging, renovation ideas, and other real estate-related topics.

4. Audience: Real estate influencers attract an audience that is primarily interested in real estate-related content. Their followers may include prospective homebuyers, sellers, investors, landlords, tenants, real estate professionals, and enthusiasts who seek information and guidance in navigating the real estate market.

5. Engagement: Real estate influencers engage with their audience on topics related to real estate, answering questions, providing advice, and sharing insights based on their expertise and experience. They often foster a sense of community among their followers who share a common interest in real estate.

6. Monetization: Real estate influencers may monetize their influence through various means within the real estate industry, such as sponsored content from real estate brands, partnerships with real estate agencies, affiliate marketing for real estate-related products or services, speaking engagements at real estate events, or consulting services for individuals or businesses in the real estate sector.

While there may be some overlap between real estate influencers and general influencers in terms of content creation and audience engagement strategies, real estate influencers differentiate themselves by focusing specifically on the real estate industry and providing specialized expertise and insights tailored to the needs of their audience.

Without further ado, here at our top real estate marketing agency, we have compiled a list of the 100 top real estate influencers in 2024, sorted by their Instagram following.

List of 100 Top Real Estate Influencers


1.      Grant Cardone @grantcardone | 4.7 million


top real estate influencers

Hailed as the number one sales & marketing trainer in the world, Grant Cardone’s knowledge of the real estate industry is unmatched. Aside from making a fortune out of successful property sales, Grant, currently one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, also helps small businesses prosper and grow within a short time. He went to Chicago in 1987 to work for a sales training organization, and he has traveled extensively around the United States and resided in a variety of places since then. He went into vehicle sales after graduation and was the CEO of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc for a while. He began collaborating with Atlas Media Corp. in late 2010 to make a reality TV series for the National Geographic Channel titled “Turnaround King.”  Some of the successful firms he currently owns and runs include Cardone Acquisitions, Cardone Enterprises, and The Cardone Group. He also wrote and published many success-directed publications, where some of them include “The 10X Rule,” “The Closer’s Survival Guide,” “How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate,” and others. His net worth is expected to exceed $300 million in 2022.



2.      Ryan Serhant @ryanserhant | 1.9 million

top real estate influencersRyan’s first year as an estate agent got him little success. However, it was the following year that saw him closing an $8.5 million deal. Ryan hasn’t looked back since. While his real estate career boomed, he also fulfilled his lifelong dream of being on TV, and is today regarded as one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram. 


3.      Fredrik Eklund @fredrikeklundny | 1.4 million

top real estate influencersEklund, a high-profile realtor, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram,  and author, deals in exclusive properties across Florida, New York, and California. His success as a realtor earned him a role in Million Dollar Listing New York. In his book, The Sell, Eklunddetails the secrets of selling anything to anyone. Eklund has acquired over $5 billion in residential property and was named Managing Director of CORE Group Marketing in New York City in 2010, where he worked alongside his business colleague, John Gomes. Eklund is the creator of Eklund Stockholm New York, the most prestigious residential real estate brokerage in Scandinavia, having 50 workers and $1 billion in concluded deals in 2014. He is now a member of the New York City Real Estate Board. In November 2010, Eklund was featured on the cover of the New York Times’ “Sunday Style” section, and he is one of five New York City brokers highlighted on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York. Fredrik Eklund announced his resignation from the Million Dollar Listing franchise on January 24, 2022, and his estimated net worth for the same year reaches over $30M.



4.      Cody Sperber @cleverinvestor | 1.2 million



Top Real Estate Influencers - Cody Sperber


Cody’s path to success seems simple—buying properties and flipping them for a profit. But his journey was riddled with mistakes, betrayals, and setbacks. Today, Cody is among the most-followed real estate influencers on Instagram. He shares his wealth of knowledge and wisdom with all his followers regularly.



5.      Carlos Reyes @carlosreyes | 897 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Carlos Reyes


Reyes, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, is a real estate influencer, agent, and life coach who has amassed a loyal following on social media. Reyes was raised by a single immigrant mother and had a rough childhood. Now, he’s an 8-figure earner and shares all his secrets of success with his fans online.



6.      Josh Altman @thejoshaltman | 670 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Josh Altman


One-half of the famous Altman brothers, Josh is a real estate agent, reality TV star, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, author, and property broker. He specializes in ultra-luxury Californian properties and has a clientele comprising of celebrities and high-profile athletes. Altman has appeared as a keynote superstar presenter and moderator at events such as The Seattle’s Luxe Event, Century 21 Allstars Sales Rally, Downey Association of Realtors 65th Annual Installation Luncheon, and others.  Altman now co-stars in the reality tv show titled “Million Dollar Listing LA“, alongside Josh Flagg and Tracy Tutor.  “It’s Your Move: My Million Dollar Method for Taking Risks with Confidence and Succeeding in Work and Life,” released by HarperCollins in 2015, was a bestseller success-oriented book. His projected net worth is over $30 million as of 2022, and his Instagram account has over 745 thousand followers.



7.      Barbara Corcoran @barbaracorcoran | 647 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Barbara Corcoran


Best known for her long stint in ABC’s business reality TV series Shark Tank, Barbra is a reputed realtor, author, columnist, entrepreneur, investor, and consultant. While her Instagram features a few business tips here and there, most of it showcases her family moments. Barbara started producing The Corcoran Report, a periodical covering real estate data patterns in NYC, in the mid-1970s, and she eventually sold her company, The Corcoran Group, to NRT for $66 million in 2001. Barbara was revealed as a contender for season 25 of Dancing with the Stars in 2017, where she was paired with Keo Motsepe. Barbara has also been in all 12 seasons of ABC’s Shark Tank. She has made 53 transactions on the program as of February 2020, the largest being a $350,000 investment for 40% of Coverplay. She has published many books and is a writer for More, The Daily Review, and other media outlets. She also runs a weekly column in the New York Daily News, and her estimated net worth as of 2022 reaches around $190M.



8.      Raphael Vargas @realraphaelvargas | 546 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Raphael Vargas


From being a broke, jobless, high school dropout to becoming a millionaire at 23, Raphael’s journey is nothing short of incredible. Through his struggles, he became an unstoppable force in the real estate market. Today, the young multi-millionaire is teaching others the secrets of success and is regarded as one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram. 



9.      Chad Carroll @chadcarroll | 508 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Chad Carroll


Chad, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, is a Miami real estate mogul who made a fortune selling ultra-luxurious properties to high-profile clients. Chad believes in constant reinvention, and that’s why he has been a mainstay in the top 100 real estate agents for the past ten years.



10. Mauricio Umansky @mumansky18 | 489 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Mauricio Mau


Mauricio is the CEO and founder of one of the most prestigious real estate brokerages in the country: The Agency. He has been among the country’s Top 10 Agents for seven consecutive years—something no other agent has accomplished. He is currently considered one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram. 



11.  Cami Lincowski @cami_li | 425 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Cami Lincowski


One of the top real estate influencers on social media, Cami built her empire from scratch in Las Vegas. She believes in giving each client her undivided attention. Due to her preference for quality over quantity, Cami keeps her list of active clients small.



12. Farrah Brittany @farrahbritt | 400 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Farrah Brittany


Farrah, currently one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, is among the founding members and one of the most dynamic agents of The Agency. An expert in dealing with affluent buyers and sellers, Farrah has been an integral part of various multi-million dollar deals for The Agency.



13. Jake Leicht @jakeleicht | 374 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Jake Leicht


This real estate influencer has a talent for making a profit out of distressed properties. Jake’s strategy for doing so isn’t a secret, as he shares his investment system with new homeowners and inexperienced property sellers through his lessons.



14. Graham Stephan @gpstephan | 351 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Graham Stephan


YouTuber, realtor, and influencer Graham Stephen is one of the most recognized real estate investors, online and offline. The 30-year old regularly uploads tips and tricks for success, real estate news, investment guides, and family life for his millions of social media followers. Stephan received his real estate license at the age of 18 after graduating from high school. Unlike other realtors, Stephan concentrated on topics that other brokers overlook. He would also offer to take better images of property for other realtors’ real estate advertising in exchange for a percentage of the money gained. His method helped him to be far more successful than his classmates. He became a billionaire at the age of 26 because of his large real estate revenues. Orlando Bloom and Chloe Grace Moretz are among his celebrity clients. His work has been showcased in some of the most well-known television series such as Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing LA. As of 2022, his estimated net worth reaches around $7M.



15. Tony Giordano @tony_giordano | 326 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Tony Giordano


While Giordano industries is an amalgam of various businesses, Tony, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, developed his career around real estate. He is also the author of The Social Agent,a book that teaches real estate agents and clients how to harness social media’s power to reach a broader audience.



16. Kelly Killoren Bensimon @kellybensimon Verified | 301 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Kelly Killoren Benison


Former model and star of The Real Housewives, Kelly transitioned to real estate in 2018. She proved to be a natural fit in the role and soon caught the eye of the real estate giant, Douglas Elliman. She has made over $50 million in sales barely three months into 2021.



17. Andy Dane Carter @andydanecarter | 268 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Andy Dane Carter


Andy, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, is an expert in all things relating to the realty business. Whether it’s buying, selling, flipping, developing, or investing, if it’s related to real estate, Andy is the guy for it. He also ensures the best value for money for his clients and maximum profit for his investors.



18. Lace Morris @lacemorris3 | 260 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Lace Morris


Lace prides herself on being available for her clients at all times. Her motto is to fulfill dreams, not to sell homes. Lace loves to travel, dine, and work out. Her Instagram shows her personal life with a focus on her hobbies.



19. Janelle Pierzina @janellepierzina | 249 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Janelle Pierzina


Janelle knows that a home is the biggest purchase of one’s life. She ensures such an experience always be smooth and pleasant. Janelle, currently one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, is known for establishing long-term bonds with her clients. With perseverance and tireless work ethic, she ensures the client gets what they want.



20. Egypt Sherrod @egyptsherrod | 249 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Egypt Sherrod


Egypt’s clientele ranges from executives and celebrities to modest first-time home buyers. She has appeared in various real estate reality TV shows and is widely renowned as America’s most beloved realtor. She is also an author and public speaker. She has starred in the movie called “Life, Love, Soul”, as well as hosted HGTV’s “White House Christmas Special,” the Rose Parade, and the HGTV “Urban Oasis” Giveaways, among many others. Egypt has been in high demand as a speaker and moderator, and she headlined Oprah’s “The Life You Want Tour.” She has appeared on shows including Dish Nation, Steve Harvey show, Showbiz Tonight, and others as a recurrent ‘Hot Topics’ guest and lifestyles critic. Sherrod also hosted the homecoming special of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s tv soap opera series The Haves and the Have Nots, which aired in 2021. Her predicted net worth in 2022 is about $6 million.



21. Tracy Tutor @tracytutor | 238 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Tracy Tutor


Another star from Million Dollar Listing, Tracy is among the top realtors in Beverly Hills. Most of her clients are affluent—belonging to the sports and entertainment industries. Her experience dealing in ultra-high-value properties makes her a favorite among those seeking a luxurious living.



22. Ricky Carruth @rickycarruth | 237.1 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Ricky Carruth


Ricky achieved phenomenal success at a young age, only to go broke a few years later. However, In 2008, he got back into the market and hasn’t looked back since. Today, he is an acclaimed author, real estate influencer, and successful businessman.



23. Max Maxwell @therealmaxwell | 231 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Max Maxwell


Max is a self-taught real estate investor and a top real estate influencer who took just two years to become a multi-millionaire. Upon reaching that goal, Max expanded and founded his own real estate company. His story of self-made success makes him a must-follow real estate influencer.



24. Brendan Fitzpatrick @brendanfitzp | 224 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Brendan Fitzpatrick


Brendan, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, is a luxury real estate expert that deals with high-value property from all over the world. Brendan enjoys every bit of his lavish lifestyle and makes sure to share some of his best moments with his Instagram fan club.



25. Tony Robinson @tonythecloser_ | 219.3 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Tony Robinson


Unlike most retired athletes, Tony Robinson didn’t waste away his NFL earnings. Instead, he became a real estate mogul, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Tony advocates financial freedom to empower fellow Americans and help them earn big.



26. Trey Williams @atlantaluxuryhomes_ | 177 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Trey Williams


Before working in real estate, Trey had already perfected the art of selling. After becoming a realtor, it was only a matter of time before he started landing celebrity clients. Trey’s beginner course is a must-have for anyone looking to make money in the realty business.



27. Tom Ferry @tomferry | 176 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Tom Ferry


Tom has had a long and illustrious career as a property expert and real estate agent. Today, he shares his life experiences with other aspiring agents. Thousands of real estate enthusiasts credit his mentoring for their success.



28. Clayton Morris @claytonmorris | 174 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Clayton Morris


Celebrated realtor, investor, and host Clayton Morris, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, aims to bring financial freedom to the masses through his morrisinvest project. Clayton shares his wealth of real estate and investment knowledge through his podcast, Investing in Real Estate.



29. Ben Wegmann @benwegmann | 163 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Ben Wegmann


Dallas realtor Ben Wegmann has a star-studded clientele that includes sports stars and entertainment bigwigs. Ben’s motto is to keep the client’s interest above everything else. His social media following makes him one of the most successful real estate influencers on our list.



30. Alex Saenz @alexsaenz | 160 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Alex Saenz


Alex started his real estate journey at the age of 18 with no capital. Now, at 24, he has carried out wholesale of over 300 houses. With a vast social media presence across YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Alex doesn’t mind sharing the lessons that helped him reach his goals.



31. Mark Salerno @salernorealestate | 158 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Mark Salerno


Mark always had one goal in mind: to become a real estate agent. Fast forward a couple of decades, and Mark has achieved more than just that. Mark prides himself in establishing relations based on trust and honesty with his clients.



32. Chris Choi @chriskjchoi | 150 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Chris Choi


Chris found a suitable niche in the legal sublease of rental properties. Through that, he accomplished immense success. He credits his mentors’ guiding hands for his achievements and aspires to help others striving for financial freedom.



33. Quiana Watson @quianawatson_ | 149 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Quiana Watson


Quiana is hailed as one of the top real estate influencers in the Atlanta region. Her ingenuity and knack for closing deals make her one of the most influential realtors in the state. She provides all her clients with the most experienced agents and associates to help them strike the best deals.



34. John Yunis @johnyunis | 149 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - John Yunis


One look at John’s Instagram feed, and you’ll immediately be absorbed by the breathtaking photographs of the finest real estate in the country. John, currently one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, knows how to best present real estate to his high-value clients. For people looking for high-class living, this real estate influencer is worth following.



35. Chelsea Roy @chelsea_roy_ | 145 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Chelsea Roy


A Maine real estate agent who loves everything about her city, Chelsea’s hobbies include travel, beauty, fashion, and fitness. Her Instagram features her family life, favorite properties, beauty, style, and guides about local businesses, making her one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram. 



36. Eric Goldie @ericgoldie | 144 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Eric Goldie


The real estate landscape of New York is ever-changing. With Eric Goldie on the case, finding the best property is a breeze. Eric caters to each of his clients with a tailor-made method and makes sure they always find the best value.



37. Matt Altman @themattaltman | 140 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Matt Altman


Matt Altman is another reputable name in the luxury property market. Aside from making millions from his nifty investments and profitable sales, Matt also co-stars with his brother Josh in the reality series Million Dollar Listing.



38. Carito Betancourt @caritobetancourt | 127 thousand



Top Real Estate Influencers - Carito Betancourt


Colombian actress and model Carito Betancourt, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, left the showbiz industry to become a real estate agent. Her background gives her an edge with the large Hispanic population of Miami. She understands that buying a home is not easy and strives to make it a pleasurable experience for her clients.



39. Lauren Wilson @iamlaurenlyrics | 125 thousand



image 38


This young entrepreneur left her lucrative job in pursuit of financial freedom. Now, she has seven different streams of income in real estate. Lauren believes in continuous reinvention. She shares her work ethic and investment strategies with thousands of followers across social media.



40. Chris Bruce @detroitmogul | 114 thousand



image 39


When Chris started as an agent, his first 26 deals failed miserably. Refusing to give up, Chris carried on and found success on his 27th deal. Since then, he has climbed the ranks to become one of the most successful real estate investors in the area.



41. Jeb Carty @jebcartyofficial_310 | 113 thousand



image 40


Jeb Carty is a seasoned real estate agent who aims to change the real estate business through his app, Zumbly. Jeb considers himself an artist and loves sharing funny and creative pictures on his Instagram.



42. Josh Kilby @joshkilby_ | 109 thousand



image 41


Josh is a college dropout, and he’s proud to be one. That’s because Josh turned that failure into a roaring success within a year. Today, Josh is the CEO of his real estate company. His journey is an inspiration for the young and hungry.



43. Madison Hildebrand @madisonmalibu | 105.4 thousand



image 42


Madison has achieved a lot of success in his young career. Since 2006, Madison has had direct involvement in over a billion real estate sales all over Los Angeles. His Instagram feed features his lifestyle and travels, plus candid moments with his family.



44. Jemal King @9to5millionaire | 105 thousand



image 43


Jemal’s dreams of becoming a millionaire football player were derailed when injuries halted his NFL career. However, Jemal, currently one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, found his footing in real estate. Now, he sits atop his multi-million dollar empire of flourishing businesses.



45. Julia Wang @juliawang_htx | 105 thousand



image 44


Houston-based realtor and real estate influencer Julia Wang specializes in high-value properties across the Texan metropolis. When major players in the real estate market had their hands tied during the lockdown, Julia harnessed social media’s power to achieve massive success.



46. Gabriella Michin @gabriellamichin | 104 thousand



image 45


Gabriella’s decorated career has seen her snag top real estate honors year after year. Her background in Wall Street has given her a deep understanding of the financial aspects of real estate. She uses her wealth of knowledge to find the best deals for her clients and investors.



47. Joyce Rey @joycereyrealestate | 101 thousand



image 46


Joyce is one of the most successful realtors in the United States. She caters to an elite clientele and deals in the most exquisite properties. With numerous sales records under her belt, Joyce is undoubtedly one of the most influential real estate agents in the world today.



48. Alex Pazos @alexpazoslv | 101 thousand



image 47


Alex and his team help investors, buyers, and sellers get the best real estate deals in Las Vegas. His Instagram, though, is dedicated to his passions for fitness, fashion, and style. Alex’s active social media presence earned him a spot among the top 20 real estate influencers from Vegas.



49. David Dodge @davidalandodge | 100 thousand



image 48


This real estate investor has over two decades of experience in the field. Throughout his career, David has flipped over 600 houses. He also provides coaching and expert advice to thousands of aspiring agents and fellow property dealers. His Instagram features inspirational posts, expert tips, and links to his courses, making him one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram today. Other than that, he is also an author and podcast host.



50. Lauren Rahaim @laurenhimle | 99.6 thousand



image 49


The Bachelor Season 20’s star Lauren Himle met her husband Doug Rahaim—also a realtor—at work. The love and passion they shared for real estate got them bonding instantly. Her recent marriage has been immortalized through heart-warming photos posted on her Instagram.



51. Yana Chernov @yanachernov | 97.3 thousand



image 50


Yana and her husband Dave helm The Chernov Team. Together, they are among the top players of LA’s realty, earning over $340 million in the pandemic-ridden 2020. Yana’s Instagram features photos of home décor and fashion.



52. Kevin Paffrath @meetkevin | 90.1 thousand



image 51


With 1.47 million YouTube subs, over 90 thousand Instagram followers, $10 million in real estate, and $4 million in stocks, Kevin’s business IQ can’t be denied. He passes his knowledge about stocks, investment, property purchase, and wedge deals to thousands of fans.



53. Deb Cohen @thefrontdoorproject | 85.2 thousand



image 52


Deb is a real estate agent with an aesthetic eye for houses. Her Instagram features stunning images of exteriors and interiors of beautiful homes. Buyers and followers looking for ideas and inspiration can go through hundreds of photos on her feed.



54. Shanti Hoffman @shantihoffman | 85.2 thousand



image 53


Shanti, one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram, was an established realtor whose business skyrocketed after she started working on her online presence. The more she posted, the more business she got. Aside from real estate, Shanti has also found success in her venture into the transportation business.



55. Meko Fountain @mekotherealtor | 80.3 thousand



image 54


Georgia realtor Meko understands the impact a house can have on a family. That’s why she aspires to bring only the best for her clients. This real estate influencer is a mother above all else. Her clients can trust her word to be the best decision for their families.



56. Kim Stoegbauer @tomkatstudio | 77.3 thousand



image 55


Kim is a real estate agent and interior designer. After running a successful real estate agency for eight years, the market crash of 2008 caused her to quit and focus on her family. However, she was able to bounce back. Today, she and her husband run two successful companies.



57. Dave Panozzo @thepanozzoteam | 77 thousand



image 56


Dave’s experience in construction gives him a unique insight into the area’s property market. That, combined with his wife Kim’s experience and wisdom, allows the Panozzo Team to rule the Scottsdale real estate market.



58. Kelli Horton @agent.kelli | 76.5 thousand



image 57


Kelly and her husband lead one of the top teams in the San Diego real estate scene. Her Instagram is both wholesome and awe-inspiring. Photos of her luxury vacations and goofy moments from personal life are there for her 76 thousand plus followers to see.



59. Kevin Vaughan @kevin.vaughan | 76.2 thousand



image 58


Kevin deals in high-value properties for financially strong clients. His company deals exclusively in ultra-luxury assets—like real estate, yachts, and aircraft. Kevin’s Instagram features astonishing photographs of luxurious properties auctioned by his company.



60. Dina Goldentayer @goldendina | 75.7 thousand



image 59


Dina is the executive director of sales at Douglas Elliman and hashelped many clients make huge profits out of their real estate deals. Dina recently reached the elusive $1 billion sales mark dealing in Miami properties. Her Instagram features mesmerizing views of luxury real estate.



61. Tirajeh Mazaheri @tirajehm | 73.5 thousand



image 60


Charismatic real estate influencer Tirajeh Mazaheri is considered one of the most reputed realtors in Vancouver. She is one of top real estate influencers and a natural seller, and her knowledge of real estate has earned her a spot among the area’s elite realtors. Her Instagram features her listings and achievements, making her one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram. 



62. Shawn Elliott @shawnelliottrealestate | 72.9 thousand



image 61


A prominent name in the luxury real estate market, Shawn believes in working hard and working smart. On his Instagram, Shawn regularly features listings for his thousands of followers, which makes him one of the top real estate influencers on Instagram today. 



63. Jeff Discher @isellrealestate | 71.4 thousand



image 62


For those looking for an inspirational real estate influencer, Jeff is the man to follow. The high-energy realtor has a passion for fitness, fashion, and personal improvement. Jeff also hosts a podcast where he aims to motivate others to unlock their full potential.



64. Krystine Edwards @krystine_edwards | 66.7 thousand



image 63


Krystine’s love for decoration and renovation helps her balance her real estate career with her family life. Her aesthetic sense for home décor is unparalleled, and her talent for renovation has helped her amass a fortune.



65. Jade Mills @jademillsestates | 66.4 thousand



image 64


Jade is a highly skilled luxury real estate agent hailing from Beverly Hills. The $6 billion in sales she made in her career speaks volumes of her skills. Her experience of over 30 years and her record-breaking sales make her an esteemed and influential presence in the industry.



66. Freddy M. Delgadillo @judahrealty | 65.8 thousand



image 65


With 20 years and an impressive track record, Freddy is a seasoned and skilled realtor in the luxury market. His network spans the globe. Freddie’s goal is to make sure his clients get only the best, no matter where it is. His Instagram gives his followers an insight into his posh life.



67. Brian Paylago @bpay | 62.9 thousand



image 66


One of the most experienced and skilled realtors in the New York real estate market, Brian brings over 19 years of experience to the table. When dealing on his clients’ behalf, Brian makes sure everyone leaves happy with the deal. Brian is one of top real estate influencers who is loved by his thousands of followers.



68. Ryan Dick @ryandicksd | 62.4 thousand



image 67


Ryan’s career beginnings in the private banking sector allowed him to get close to high-end customers. Dealing with them regularly and earning their trust made things very easy for him once he transitioned into real estate. Ryan’s charisma, work ethic, and listening ability make him a hit with clients.



69. Kimberly Mason @kim_sells_atlanta | 62.1 thousand



image 68


This real estate influencer deals in residential and commercial properties and is also an avid Airbnb investor. Kimberly loves to travel and dine, something that is a recurring sight on her Instagram. She also regularly posts life lessons, personal stories, family moments, property news, and real estate listings.



70. Rashauna Scott @rashaunascott | 60.5 thousand



image 69


Investor, estate agent, coach, finance speaker, and one of top real estate influencers, Rashauna believes in constant learning and self-improvement. After debuting, she quickly climbed the ranks from team-member to supervisory roles. Today, she regularly imparts her wealth of realty and investment knowledge to those seeking guidance.



71. Brian Iregbu @housebuyingbrian | 60.3 thousand



image 70


Soon after investing in real estate as a part-time gig, Brian struck gold and was financially independent enough to leave the job that many lust for. Today, this real estate influencer encourages others to follow in his footsteps and achieve beyond their goals.



72. Luis Iglesias @luisiglesiasrealestate | 59 thousand



image 71


Luis Iglesias is the founder and the head broker of Miami-based real estate brokerage, Iglesias Realty Group. Luis specializes in catering to celebrity clients and athletes. His Instagram heavily features mesmerizing photos of some of the most exquisite properties around Miami.



73. Kiyomi McCloskey @kiyomivalentine | 57.1 thousand



image 72


After fulfilling the dream of becoming a rock star, Kiyomi shifted her focus to her other love: real estate. She is an award-winning realtor and was even able to keep her business flourishing during the global pandemic.



74. Dennis Chernov @dennischernov | 56.5 thousand



image 73


Dennis helms the Chernov Team with his wife Yana at his right hand. Together, the couple runs a successful real estate business that has received several accolades and earned millions in profit. Dennis’s Instagram is all about his family and his love for beautiful houses.



75. Camille Brady @camillebrady | 54.7 thousand



image 74


Being from a family with a long association with the business, real estate was in Camille’s blood. Spending a life near the coasts of Malibu and Hawaii, Camille developed a love for surfing and beach life. Aside from that, she is the designer and owner of a swimwear company.



76. Kelly Robinson @kellyrobinsonnewyork | 54.3 thousand



image 75


Since 2005, Kelly has been selling residential properties in New York and one of top real estate influencers. The experience she brings to the table makes sure clients get the best bang for their buck. Her specialty is working with affluent clients from the sports and entertainment industries.



77. Gogo Bethke @gogosrealestate | 53.6 thousand



image 76


Gogo has made over $56 million in real estate and has been among the top 3% realtors for three years straight. Dubbed “the Social Media Queen,” Gogo harnesses the power of social media to reach a broad audience for selling her clients’ properties.



78. Tommy Holt @tommyholtjr | 52.8 thousand



image 77


Tommy is a real estate dealer, entrepreneur, and coach who loves teaching others. He produces a vlog on his YouTube channel where he posts guides, addresses common issues, and holds Q&A sessions. Tommy’s Instagram features inspirational posts and uplifting stories.



79. Kira Oliver @_kiratherealtor_ | 52.5 thousand



image 78


Kira has over seven years of real estate and property dealing experience under her belt. Besides being an expert realtor and consultant, Kira is one of top real estate influencers who has a popular Instagram account and a YouTube channel where she chronicles her life’s adventures.



80. Jenny Delich @realjennydelich | 49.9 thousand



image 79


Jenny claims to be the no. 1 real estate influencer in Missouri, and for a good reason. After her stint on MTV’s The Real World: Ex-Plosion, Jenny carried the momentum into the Kansas real estate market. Followers of her social media get a daily glimpse into her life.



81. Ed Stulak @edstulak | 49.7 thousand



image 80


When Ed is not selling properties in New Jersey, he helps fellow property dealers with their brand image and online presence. Ed is one of top real estate influencers who spent eight years working on perfecting his IGRE Masterclass course, which focuses on harnessing the power of Instagram for real estate.



82. P E Barnes @realestateandchill | 46.3 thousand



image 81


Barnes is a successful real estate influencer and acclaimed author of various books, including Real Estate and Chill. She focuses on educating novice investors and property dealers to make smart investments in their young careers.



83. Mahsheed Barghisavar @mahsheedluxuryrealestate | 45.6 thousand



image 82


Mahsheed has been dealing in Nevada’s luxury housing market for more than fifteen years. Recently, she has opened up a branch of her luxury brokerage in California. Mahsheed is one of top real estate influencers who has her finger on the pulse of the market and helps her clients make the most out of their investments.



84. DJ Denner @djdenner | 44.9 thousand



image 83


DJ deals in the high and ultra-high luxury real estate in the Vancouver region. Despite the cut-throat competition in the area, DJ’s dynamic and ingenious marketing has set him apart in the local real estate market.



85. Derrick @flippingahouse | 44.7 thousand



image 84


Derrick is one of top real estate influencers who specializes in flipping houses and teaching others how to do it effectively. This real estate influencer and entrepreneur also guides new investors towards financial prosperity and literacy.



86. Rana Zand @realestatebyrana | 43.1 thousand



image 85


Before becoming a full-time realtor, Rana’s jobs allowed her to learn the ins and outs of customer service. Rana believes there is no higher honor than putting a roof over someone’s head. Her love for turning houses into homes makes her an admired agent in Orange County.



87. Yuliya “Julie” Sidorevskaya @Juliesrealtymiami | 43.1 thousand



image 86


Julie prides on providing dream homes for her clients. Shortly after earning her broker’s license—and with the help of like-minded agents—Julie launched Julie’s Realty. Today, her company is among the leading firms in the South Miami real estate market.



88. Cindy Ambuehl @cindyambuehl | 43.1 thousand



image 87


After 20 years in showbiz, Cindy transitioned into a real estate agent. She quickly became one of the most beloved names in the luxury real estate market through her work ethic and client-centered approach. Her resilience and grit have helped keep her business thriving even during the toughest of times.



89. Logan Lester @lololester | 42.4 thousand



image 88


A former Miss Texas, Logan Lester was always passionate about real estate. Upon bursting on the scene, Logan climbed the ranks quickly and became one of the hottest young realtors in the market. This real estate influencer considers providing homes to be the noblest of acts.



90. Benjamin @ben.buys.houses | 42 thousand



image 89


Benjamin is a realtor, investor, and one of top real estate influencers who deals in properties throughout Houston. When he’s not selling houses or spending time with his wife and kids, Ben likes to coach others on how to make money. His posts on Instagram document his adventures in real estate.



91. Bryan Casella @bryancasella | 41.4 thousand



image 90


Bryan is the owner of eXp Realty and has been an active presence on social media since 2012. His early online ventures included posting videos about cars, lifestyle, and real estate strategies on his YouTube channel. Bryan enjoys a spot among one of the world’s most popular real estate influencers.



92. Shelton Wilder @sheltonwilderestates | 38.8 thousand



image 91


Shelton is a luxury realtor and CEO of the Shelton Wilder Group—a real estate brokerage. Her clientele consists of affluent buyers, whom she charms with her likable personality. She has also appeared on the TV show Million Dollar Listing and is one of top real estate influencers



93. Colton Lindsay @thewgr | 37.6 thousand



image 92


Colton is the CEO of the WGR—a real estate firm that deals in sales/purchases and coaching. His intense work ethic and love for all things real estate have made him a dominant realtor in the Utah area. Through his academy, this real estate influencer also coaches others who want to achieve financial freedom.



94. Jerry Norton @flippingmastery | 34.6 thousand



image 93


As evident from the handle, jerry is a master at buying distressed properties, renovating them, and selling them at a fortune. He has been doing this since 2004, and there is no doubt about his mastery of flipping. He also has a YouTube channel with 206 thousand subscribers and is one of top real estate influencers.



95. Dottie Herman @dottieherman | 34.2 thousand



image 94


Named the Richest Self-Made Woman in Real Estate by Forbes—along with several other accolades—Dottie is currently the CEO of Douglas Elliman. Under her leadership, the firm has seen immense growth, selling a whopping $27.4 billion worth of real estate in 2017.



96. Laura Giselle Foss @whiterussiaa | 33.3 thousand



image 95


The head of Foss Real Estate Group, Laura’s familiarity with San Diego has given her an unmatched knowledge of its real estate. She believes in empowering and educating her clients to make the right decisions rather than deciding for them.



97. Brian Adamson @brian_adamson1 | 32.6 thousand



image 96


Brian is a realtor, investor, coach and one of top real estate influencers who teaches ways to make money through real estate. His students consist of both new and seasoned investors. Brian trains aspiring agents on the best ways to flip properties without any experience, money, or license.



98. Bianca & Sara | 24.2 thousand



image 97


For those relocating to San Diego and looking for a place to call home, this pair of realtors are worth checking out. Bianca and Sara are top real estate influencers who achieved mainstream fame after appearing on the TV show Tiny House Hunting. The couple’s Instagram features lots of fun family moments, market news, and listings.



99. Loida Velazquez @loidavelas | 22.1 thousand



image 98


Loida, another team member of eXp Realty, has combined her marketing management background with her realty expertise to amass immense success and a big social media following. Loida posts regularly on her Instagram and youtube.



100. Sarah Johnston @adventuresintealestate | 21.9 thousand



image 99


Sarah’s likable personality and delightful humor have garnered the adoration of her clients and colleagues. Her fun-loving personality makes her a favorite for podcasts and interviews. Sarah loves sharing posts of herself playing golf, doing yoga, and spending time with her family.


The Future of Top Real Estate Influencers

During the year of the pandemic, realtors who used the power of social media saw an increase in clients. Whereas realtors who failed to develop a social media presence suffered heavily. There is no doubt that the clout social media influencers possess is going to increase in the coming years, including the role of real estate influencers in marketing and selling top development projects.


Who Are Real Estate Instagram Influencers and Why Are They So Popular?


The real estate Instagram influencers are the people who have a large following on the social media platform and who can use that following to promote and sell properties. Often, these people have other jobs or businesses in addition to being real estate Instagram influencers, making them credible sources of information for those interested in buying or selling property. Some of the most well-known real estate Instagram influencers include Stefan Aarnio, Bryce Conway, and Grant Cardone.

Stefan Aarnio is a real estate investor, author, real estate Instagram influencer, and speaker who has over 375,000 followers on Instagram. He shares a lot of information about real estate investing on his account, and his followers often look to him for advice on buying and selling property. Bryce Conway is also one of the top real estate Instagram influencers, and an agent with Keller Williams Realty, which has over 290,000 followers on Instagram. He uses his account to share photos of properties he’s working on, as well as to give advice to those looking to buy or sell a property. Grant Cardone is a businessman, author, one of the top real estate Instagram influencers, and motivational speaker who has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. He uses his account to share photos and videos of properties he’s selling, as well as tips for buying and selling property.

All three of these individuals are highly credible sources of information when it comes to real estate Instagram influencers and influencer marketing. They have a lot of experience in the industry and they’re great at using social media to promote their businesses. Anyone interested in buying or selling a property would be wise to follow these real estate Instagram influencers.

There are many reasons why real estate Instagram influencers are popular. To start, social media platforms like Instagram have given everyday people the ability to share their lives with friends and family all over the world in real time. This has created a need for people to find new and interesting content to share, and for most, that content revolves around what they’re doing or where they’re going.

For those looking to buy or sell a home, following a few real estate Instagram influencers can be a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry. Real estate Instagram influencers are often experts in their field, and they can provide valuable insights into what’s happening in the market. They can also help connect you with agents, lenders, and other professionals who can help you through the home buying or selling process.

Instagram is also a great platform for building relationships with potential buyers or sellers. By following real estate Instagram influencers, you can get to know them better and develop trust. This can be key when it comes time to do business with them.

Overall, there are many reasons why real estate Instagram influencers are popular. Their content is often relevant, timely, and helpful. They also have a large reach, which allows them to influence a lot of people. If you’re interested in buying or selling a home, following a few real estate Instagram influencers is a great way to get started.


What do top real estate Instagram influencers do?

Top real estate Instagram influencers are experts in their respective fields, leveraging their knowledge and insights to build an engaged audience on the platform. Top real estate Instagram influencers understand the importance of developing a comprehensive and persuasive content strategy that is designed to educate, inspire, and inform their followers. Top real estate Instagram influencers might use a variety of techniques to create engaging content such as creating attractive visuals, using informative captions, employing creative storytelling techniques, or promoting relevant events or opportunities related to real estate.

Top real estate influencers also focus on establishing relationships with other influential users within their niche by growing their networks through multiple channels. This work provided by top real estate Instagram influencers includes personalizing interactions with key players in the industry and amplifying their reach by collaborating with partners or brands that fit well within the realm of real estate topics. Additionally, top real estate Instagram influencers often organize virtual events like webinars or live Q&As which can be beneficial for further building relationships with potential clients and partners.

Top real estate Instagram influencers also take advantage of modern technologies like AI-powered solutions that help track engagement across posts and identify what’s resonating most with audiences. This helps top real estate Instagram influencers optimize content creation efforts and stay up-to-date on current trends while also making sure they’re continuing to provide value for followers. Top real estate Instagram influencers also carefully monitor analytics to understand how their content is performing and make any necessary adjustments—such as shifting strategies or changing up creative elements—to maximize engagement levels.

How much do top real estate Instagram influencers usually make?

Top real estate Instagram influencers usually make a considerable amount of money. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact figure due to the variety of factors involved, such as the size and scope of the following and the number of sponsored posts top real estate Instagram influencers receive. However, most real estate Instagram influencers can command high fees for their services, with estimates ranging from a few hundred dollars per post up to tens of thousands.

The amount top real estate Instagram influencers can make will depend largely on the size of their audience and their level of engagement. Those top real estate Instagram influencers with a large following that engages heavily with their content are more likely to be able to command higher rates from brands. Additionally, top real estate Instagram influencers who specialize in certain areas within real estate – such as luxury homes or commercial properties – may also be better positioned to earn higher fees for their work.

In addition, many successful real estate Instagram influencers have various additional revenue streams that can significantly boost their earnings, such as affiliate marketing and paid partnerships with brands or other businesses. Some top real estate Instagram influencers may even have dedicated websites linked from their profile page that offer products or services related to real estate, which can help them generate more income.

An important factor when it comes to earning potential is how well-connected top real estate Instagram influencers are within the industry. Having strong relationships with certain companies or organizations could mean access to exclusive deals or preferred rates – something which could potentially lead to a higher overall income for those in the field. Furthermore, having a good understanding of online marketing techniques and strategies could prove beneficial to top real estate Instagram influencers when it comes to making connections and leveraging those relationships into monetized opportunities.