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150 Top Youtube Gaming Influencers and Best Gaming Youtube Channels in 2021


With the global gaming industry set to grow to $180 billion in revenue by 2021, top Youtube Gaming Influencers have becoming extremely relevant for most gaming companies and media agencies.  From the developers to the players, gaming influencers serve as a connecting thread between the two sides. The extent of influencer marketing importance in gaming is best reflected in the creation of dedicated livestream gaming platforms such as Twitch and top Twitch streamers becoming celebrities in their own right .

Top Gaming Influencers
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The Impact of Youtube Gaming Influencers in 2021 – Youtube Gamers Collective Power


According to traffic sources, in the age of social media with a collective network of 3 Billion people spread across different platforms, top Youtube gaming influencers can offer brands a vast reach through their consumer-oriented strategies. Both macro and ‘micro gaming Youtubers’ have established themselves within a particular consumer segment, offering brands a budget-friendly targeted video game marketing strategy.

The diverse and highly specialized nature of best gaming Youtube Channels has given rise to different kinds of influencers. Kotaku, derived from the Japanese word ‘otaku’ meaning nerd, has established its name among gamers as a trust source for video game-related news. Then there are others such as IGN & Gamespot, who are known for their reviews. Apart from these, there are several individual influencers such a PewDiePie who post game playthroughs, taking their viewers along for a journey. There are also others such as Ninja or Shroud, who are known for their e-sports expertise in titles such as Fortnite and PUBG. Such a diversity in the Youtube gamers landscape promotes specialization and competition; it offers influencer marketing agencies, PR services agencies, and brands and ability to reach their target consumer in a much more impactful way in comparison to traditional marketing.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer, CD Projekt Red’s anti-piracy strategy of offering DRM/Denuvo-free games is largely based on the goodwill they enjoy among the gamers. The success of their strategy is reflected in the large number of PC sales (~12 million) for Witcher 3. Also, according to North American Technographies Consumer Life Cycle Survey, approximately 70% consumers are more likely to purchase a product with positive customer reviews. This indicates the significance of customer trust & goodwill in the gaming industry and particularly the role of Youtube gamers on the customer acquisition journey. All this catapults to growing relevance of influencer marketing, as top influencers enjoy a high degree of trust with their user base, providing brands with great customer goodwill.

Influencer marketing also enables brands to make informed marketing decisions based on the number of followers, social media engagement rates, number of likes/comments, etc. Such parameters serve as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allowing companies to choose the influencers they need & monitor their progress in real-time.

These are among the countless other advantages that influencer marketing enjoys over conventional marketing strategies. With the influencer marketing industry set to achieve the milestone of 10 Billion USD in 2020, our list of 150 top Youtube gaming influencers is designed to help brands on their quest of picking the right influencer for their marketing needs!


Who is the Best Youtuber? Our List of 150 Top YouTube Gaming Influencers in 2021


1. PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the top Youtube gaming influencers and is also known as one of the most subscribed Youtubers –  his account “PewDiePie” is 105 million strong. He is easily the most widely known gaming influencer of this decade. His  ‘Let’s Play’ commentaries, horror playthroughs and reactions in the gaming space have been the hallmark of his channel.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - PewDiePie


2. JuegaGerman

With 40.1 million subscribers on youtube, German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis uploads commentaries on video games such as Walking Dead. With his average views of 3.22 million, he is one of the top Youtube gaming influencers, and his channel is widely regarded for its high frequency of content creation.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - JuegaGerman


3. elrubiusOMG

The Spanish-Norwegian content creator Ruben Doblas Gundersen is the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube channels, with 38 million subscribers is known for his gameplay videos and blogs.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - elrubiusOMG


4. MrBeast6000

America-based Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as Mr. Beast to his 37.5 million followers, is one of the top most subscribed Youtube channels and gaming influencers particularly known for his critique of Minecraft and ‘Worst Intros on Youtube’ video series.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - MrBeast


5. Fernanfloo

With 36.6 million followers, Luis Fernando Flores Alvardo is a Salvadoran and the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube channels, popularly known as fernanfloo. Being the 6th most subscribed channel, his videos are a mix of comedic sketches and gaming. He has an app ‘Fernanfloo’ developed in partnership with gaming brand TGN, which is known was being downloaded 2.3 million times within first week of release.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Fernanfloo


6. vegetta777

Spanish YouTuber, Sameul De Luque, popularly known as VEGETTA777 to a 29.5 million strong subscriber base is famous for his gameplays of Minecraft, Battlefield & Saint’s Row. He is considered to be one the best gaming Youtube channels, and his videos are known for having a narrative & a movie-like scenario to his gaming videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Vegetta777


7. rezendeevil

With 27.3 million subscribers, Pedro Afonso Rezende is one of the top Youtube gaming influencers from Brazil. He is known for his videos of games like Resident Evil and Minecraft.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - rezendeevil


8. markiplierGAME

American YouTuber Mark Edward Fischbach with 26.1 million subscribers, is known for his playthroughs of indie and horror games. He is the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube channels and is also known to be politically active, frequently expressing his views on gun violence, arms control and supports the LGBTQ rights movement.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Markiplier



With 25.1 million subscribers, Canadian YouTube gamer, Evan Fong, is known for his comedic commentaries on video games and montage style of videos. He has also served as a director for the game ‘Dead Realm’.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - VanossGaming


10. jacksepticeye

Irish YouTuber Sean William McLoughlin is one of the top Youtube gaming influencers with 24.3 million subscriber. He creates gameplay videos and is popular for his distinct accent, humor and excitement during the videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - jacksepticeye


11. NinjasHyper

Richard Tyler Belvins, also known as Ninja to his 23.7 million subscribers, is popular for playing Fortnite: Battle Royale and is a professional e-sports gamer. He is the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube and the most subscribed YouTuber in UK.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Ninja


12. TheDiamondMinecart

The Diamond Minecarkt or DanTDM was created by UK-based Daniel Robert Middleton in 2012. He is one of the top Youtube gamers, and today his channel has a strong 23.3 million subscriber base and is known for its Minecraft video &, Mod reviews.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - DanTDM


13. CarryMinati

Indian YouTuber Ajey Nagar popularly known as CarryMinati with 22.6 million subscribers is particularly known for his Counter Strike playthroughs while mimicking famous actors. He is the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube channels and his second channel Carryislive focuses on livestreaming of PUBG.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - CarryMinati


14. SSSniperWolf

British-based Alia Marie Shelsh is the biggest female gaming YouTuber with 20.5 million subscribers is known for her Call of Duty playthroughs and reaction videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - SSSniperWolf


15. A4

A4 is a Belarus-based gaming channel with 19.8 million subscribers. The YouTube channel was creating in 2014 and is one of the top gaming accounts in Europe.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - A4


16. AuthenticGames

Brazilian gaming YouTuber Marco Tulio is the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube channels with a 18.9 million strong subscriber base is widely known for his gameplay videos of Minecraft & Roblox.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - AuthenticGames


17. Jelly

Dutch gamer Jelle Van Vucht with 17.9 million subscribers is known for his comedic gameplays of GTA V, Scrap Mechanis among many others and is considered one of the leading Youtube gamers.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Jelly


18. TheWillyrex

With 17.3 million subcribers, Spanish Youtuber Guillermo Diaz Ibanez focuses on gameplay videos, commentaries on Minecraft, Clash Royale and others.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - TheWillyrex


19. Ali-A

Alastair Alken is one of the top YouTubeGaming influencers from UK. With his 17.1 million followers, Alastair is particularly known for his Fortnite & Call of Duty videos. He is the second most subscribed Youtuber in UK.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Ali-A


20. PopularMMOs

With 17 million subscribers, PopularMMOs is one of the best gaming Youtube channels created by America-based Patrick is known for his Minecraft series ‘The Challenges Games’ and ‘Epic Proportion’.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - PopularMMOs


21. EeOneGuy

Ivan Rudoski is the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube channels from Ukraine with 16.6 million subscribers.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - EeOneGuy


22. TheDonato

Argentina-based TheDonato with 16.6 million subscribers is known for his streaming of Garena free fire gameplay and reaction videos and is considered to be one of the top Youtube gamers.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - TheDonato

23. Mikecrack

With 16.3 million subscribers, Mikecrack is the founder of one of the best gaming Youtube channels, a Spanish account known for his Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Free Fire videos filled with humor and comedy.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Mikecrack


24. Jess No Limit

Created by a Mobile Legends professional player, Justin, Jess No Limit has 15.9 million subscribers and is one of the top Youtube gamers also known for helping disabled from Indonesia.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Jess No Limit


25. FaZe Rug

American YouTuber Brian Awadis is one of the top YouTube gaming influencers with his 15.7 million strong subscriber who is known for his reaction videos.

FaZe Rug


26. Clash of Clans

The official YouTube channel for Clash of Clans has 15.6 million subscribers and focuses on promotional content, sometimes featuring other YouTubers.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Clash of Clans


27. FGTeeV

FGTeeV channel with 15.5 million subscribers is one of the top Youtube gamers also known for combining family, gaming and entertainment content together.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - FGTeeV


28. Guava Juice

Roi Fabito is one of the top Youtube gaming influencers with 15.5 million subscribers has been known to delve into gaming from time to time, but is popularly known for his challenges videos & DIYs.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Guava Juice


29. Willyrex

Guillermo Diaz Ibanez’s second channel with 15.3 million subscribers is solely dedicated to Fortnite gameplay videos. He started playing Kamraum, for Microsoft, which as of now has been download over 2 million times.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Willyrex


30. W2S

Wroetoshaw or W2S created by Harry Christopher George Lewis in 2012 has 15.3 million subscribers and is considered to be one of the leading Youtube gamers. He focuses on FIFA, GTA V & Fortnite videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - W2S


31. LazarBeam

Australia-based LazarBeam was created by Lannan Eacott and currently has 15.3 million subscribers. He is known for his Fortnite gameplay videos and memes.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - LazerBeam



SQUEEZIE is a French Youtube gamer with 14.7 million subscribers, popularly known for his gameplay videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Squeezie


33. SSundee

Ian Markus Stapleton popularly known as SSundee has 14.3 million subscribers. He is known for his playthroughs of DOTA, Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - SSundee


34. TheGrefg

Spanish-based channel TheGrefg with 14.1 million subscribers is solely dedicated to Fortnite gameplay videos, often accompanied by humorous commentary.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - TheGrefg


35. Minecraft-Topic

Auto-generated YouTube gamer channel based on a topic – it has amassed a whopping 13.7 million subscribers.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Minecraft


36. IGN

IGN is one of the most popular sites for video gaming review and news. It ranks no.17 among all gaming websites as of site traffic with 13.7 million subscribers.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - IGN


37. CookieSwirlC

With 13.6 subscribers, CookieSwirlC is one of the leading Youtube gamers known for DIY crafting.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - CookieSwirlC


38. AM3NIC

One of Brazil’s leading YouTube gamers, Eduk has amassed an incredible 13.5 million subscribers, and he is known for his Minecraft videos, filled with humor.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - AM3NIC


39. Lachlan

Lachlan Ross Power, one of top Youtube gamers, is popularly known as Lachlan to his 13.4 million subscribers is particularly known for his Fortnite, Pokemon GO & Minecraft videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Lachlan


40. Marmok

Russian YouTube channel with 13.3 million subscribers is known for his hilarious gameplay videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Marmok


41. PDK Films

Paul Kousky, known as PDK to his 13.2 million subscribers deals with gameplay videos along with action packed visual and sound effects.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - PDK Films


42. Kwebbelkop

With 13.1 million subscribers, Jordi Maxim Van Den Bussche is a Dutch YouTuber known for detailed, exciting commentaries on gameplay videos of Cal of Duty & Minecraft.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Kwebbelkop


43. Makiman131

Spanish-based Makiman131 with 13.1 million subscribers is known for his humorous Minecraft gameplay videos. He has further extended to challenges, pranks and reaction videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Makiman131


44. Enes Batur

Enes Batur Sungurtekin started as a gamer with gameplays of Fortnite & Minecraft and game reviews. However, he has now shifted more towards other content.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Enes Batur


45. The Game Theorists

Created by Matthew Patrick, The Game Theorists has 12.8 million subscribers and is popular for uncovering easter eggs, secrets and stories in video games. He focuses on narratives and approaches video games through an educational perspective.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - The Game Theorists


46. Antrax

Mexico-based YouTube channel with 12.8 million subscribers, and is known to delve into all kinds of games from soccer, basketbal, PUBG, Fortnite, etc.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Antrax


47. League of Legends

The official League of Legends channel with 12.5 million subscribers, often used for promotional content.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - League of Legends


48. H2ODelirious

American YouTuber Jonathan Gorman’s channel with 12.4 million subscribers, known for its Let’s Play videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - H20Delirious


49. AzzyLand

Canadian cos-player and gamer Azra Bajrami has 12.4 million subscribers, and is known for frequently posting  vlogs about internet challenges and life hacks.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - AzzyLand


50. iTownGamePlay

With 12.3 million subscribers Alvaro Herreros Martinez, popularly known as iTownGamePlay is a Spanish YouTuber who makes gameplay videos about Battlefield, Minecraft & Left for Dead.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - iTownGamePlay


51. Frost Diamond

With 12.1 million subscribers, Indonesian YouTuber Frost Diamong creates Minecraft and prank videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Frost Diamond


52. Turner Tfue

Turner Ellis Tenney, populatly known as Tfue is an American streamer with 11.9 million subscribers and is best known for playing fortnite.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Tfue


53. TazerCraft

Created by video game enthusiasts Pac and Mike in 2011, TazerCraft  on YouTube has 11.9 million subscribers. It is known for its funny gameplay videos of Minecraft, gaming reviews and reaction videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - TazerCraft


54. Robin Hood Gamer

Brazilian YouTuber Robin Hood with 11.8 million subscribers started his channel in 2014, and is mainly known for his Minecraft videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Robin Hood Gamer


55. theRadBrad

America-based Bradley Colburn started his channel in 2006 and mainly focuses on walkthroughs and reaction videos to games. With 11.6 million subscribers, his primary audience is within USA and in the age group of 18-34 years.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - theRadBrad


56. Alan Becker

With 11.6 million subscribers, Alan Becker is known for creating Animator vs Animation web series and its spin-offs such as Animation vs Minecraft.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Alan Becker


57. RobleisIUTU

With 11.6 million subscribers, Argentinian YouTuber Tomas Arbillaga is known for his gameplays and vlogs accompanied by his lively personality and witty commentary.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - RobleisIUTU


58. PlayHard

Brazilian channel with 11.5 million subscribers, with little or no information on the Youtuber, but the channel is a hit among the people through its frequent gameplay videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - PlayHard


59. Zbing z.

With 11.5 million subscribers, Zbing z. rose to fame with his Roblox videos and has continued to diversify her portfolio with several other games.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - zbing z.


60. Morgz

Starting in 2013, Morgz is a British YouTube channel created by Morgan Hudson. The channel currently has 11.3 million subscribers and is known for its gameplays of FIFA, Minecraft and Call of Duty.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Morgz


61. Playstation

With 11.3 million subscribers, this is the official Playstation channel. Based out of Japan, this channel covers game trailer, visuals and he latest playstation news.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - PlayStation


62. Luzugames

Created by Spanish YouTuber Luzu, this channel today has 10.9 million subscribers and is known for its gameplays of Fortnite, GTA V Online, PUBG among several others.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - luzugames


63. CaptainSparklez

With 10.8 million subscribers, Jordan Maron popularly known as Captain Sparklez is known for his gameplay commentaries and parody videos of Minecraft.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - CaptainSparklez


64. MiawAug

Indonesia-based YouTube channel MiawAug with 10.7 million subscribers is known for playing PC games, particularly horror titles.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - MiawAug


65. Arab Games Network

Saudi Arabian YouTuber Syed created the Arab Games Network in 2013 with the intent to popularize gaming in Saudi Arabia. With 10.6 million subscribers, he is well known for his series on Pro Evolution Soccer.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Arab Games Network


66. DaniRep

Daniel Hidalgo is a Espanyol-based YouTuber with 10.5 million subscribers and is known for his gameplays of GTA V.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - DaniRep


67. BCC Trolling – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

BestCodComedy or popularly BCC Trolling is a Youtube channel with 10.5 million subscribers focusing on funny video compilations of Fortnie, Call of Duty, Fifa and Minecraft.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - BCC Trolling


68. Coisa de Nerd – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 10.4 million subscribers, Coisa de Nerd focuses on technological innvoations in the gaming space and reviews.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Coisa de Nerd


69. BuzzFeedMultiplayer – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

BuzzFeedBlue with 10.1 milllion subscribers is known for his gameplay videos and commentaries.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - BuzzFeed Multiplayer


70. Jazzghost – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Juliano Barros, popularly known as Jazzghost with 9.9 million subscribers is known for his gameplay videos of Minecraft which are kid friendly.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Jazzghost


71. TheSyndicateProject – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Thomas Cassell is a British YouTuber, popularly known as The Syndicate Project. He has 9.8 million subscribers and is known for his gameplay videos of Call of Duty and Minecraft.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - TheSyndicateProject


72. Dudu Moura – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 9.8 million subscribers, Dudu Moura is known for his gameplay videos and commentaries.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Dudu Moura


73. Piuzinho – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 9.6 million subscribers, Piuzinho is a Brazilian YouTuber who hosts live gaming live streams.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Piuzinho


74. Stampylonghead – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Joseph Garett, with 9.5 million subscribers, is popular for Minecraft videos which are kid friendly.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - stampylonghead


75. ElTrollino – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 9.5 million subscribers, ElTrollino is a Spanish gaming channel started in 2013 and is dedicated to Minecraft, Golf IT, Pinturillo and Fortnite.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - ElTrollino


76. Typical Gamer – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Typical Gamer with 9.3 million subscribers is known for its gameplays of different games like GTA V, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Apex Legends and VR games.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Typical Gamer


77. UnspeakableGaming – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 9.2 million subscribers, Unspeakable Gaming is an American YouTube channel created in 2012 and is run by YouTuber named Nathan. It is popular for its Minecraft videos showcasing maps and playthroughs with friends.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Unspeakable Gaming


78. Fortnite – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

This is the official YouTube channel for Fortnite: Battle Royal. It has 9.1 million subscribers and is known for posting promotional content and covering e-sport events and their highlights.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Fortnite


79. KSIOlajidebtHD – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 9.1 million subscribers, Olajide William Olatunji popularly known as KSI or JJ, is British YouTuber. He is known for posting reaction videos and posting gameplays of randomg games.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - JJ Olatunji


80. LipaoGamer – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Lipao Gamer is a Brazilian YouTube channel with 9.1 million subscribers created in 2011 by one Felipe Victor. He is known for GTA V and Minecraft gameplay videos.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - LipaoGamer


81. Muselk – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 9.0 million subscribers, Muselk is one of the top Youtube gaming influencers from Australia. His channel was created in 2012 by Elliot Watkins and is known for his gameplays of Team Fortress 2, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, rainbow Six Siege among many others.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Muselk


82. RocketJump – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Created by Feddy Wong, Rocket Jump is an entertainment company. The YouTube channel with 9 million subscribers is known for delving into visual effects, streaming and twitch.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - RocketJump


83. Raditya Dika – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 8.9 million subscribers, this channel is run by an Indonesian Raditya who is known to express his interests for gaming.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Raditya Dika


84. FROST – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 8.8 million subscribers, FROST is a Russian YouTuber creator focusing on games, challenges and pranks.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Frost


85. Kuplinov Play – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Russian Dmitry Kuplinov is one of the top YouTube gaming influencers with 8.7 million subscribers created his channel back I n2013 with the gameplay of horror game ‘Postal 2’. Today, he plays different kinds of games from horror to adventure.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Kuplinov


86. Cris Devil Gamer – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 8.7 million subscribers, Cris Devil Gamer is a Vietnamese YouTuber channel created in 2014 by Chris Phan. He focuses on gaming tutorials and playthroughs of games such as Pokemon Go and Minecraft.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Cris Devil Gamer


87. Miniminter – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

With 8.7 million subscribers, Miniminter is a British YouTube channel created in 2008 by Simon Edward Minter. He is known for his FIFA vlogs and gameplays of GTA V, Draw My Things, Garry’s Mod among many others.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Miniminter


88. JP Plays – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Created in 2014 by a Brazilian YouTuber named Joao, this channel has 8.6 million subscribers. He is known for his gameplays of Minecraft, Call of Duty, Fortnite and GTA V.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - JP Plays


89. Denis – Best Youtube Gaming Channel 

Denis is an American YouTuber with 8.6 million subscribers and is popular for gameplays of kid-friendly games such as Roblox and Granny.

Top Youtube Gaming Influencers - Denis


90. Поззи – Top Youtube Gamer

This is a Russian YouTube channel with 8.5 million subscribers and is known for its gameplay videos and commentaries, mainly targeting the Russian audience.

Youtube Gamer


91. ALexBY11 – Top Youtube Gamer

Spanish YouTuber Alejandro Bravo Yanez created his channel back in 2011 and today has around 8.5 million subscribers. He focuses on gameplays of PUBG, FIFA, Black Ops among many others.

Youtube Gamer - AlexBY11


92. BRKsEDU – Top Youtube Gamer

With 8.5 million subscribers, BRKsEDU is a Brazilian YouTube channel created by Eduardo Benvenuti. He started his channe for his Call of Duty gameplay videos and has today diversified himself towards others such as Mario and God of War.

Youtube Gamer - BRKsEDU


93. Hueva – Top Youtube Gamer

Huevo is a Mexican YouTube channel created back in 2012 with gameplays of GTA V. Today, it has around 8.4 million subscribers and has moved towards games like Gears of War 3.

Youtube Gamer - Hueva


94. VyacheslavOO – Top Youtube Gamer

With 8.4 million subscribers, VyacheslavOO is a Russian YouTube channel created in 2012 and mostly focuses on Minecraft videos.

Youtube Gamer - VyacheslavOO


95. NOBRU – Top Youtube Gamer

With 8.3 million subscribers, NOBRU is Brazilian YouTuber dedicated to mobile gaming accompanied by comedic commentaries.

Youtube Gamer - Nobru


96. TheBrainDit – Top Youtube Gamer

Created by Ukrainian-Russian YouTuber Oleg Brain, The Brain Dit is one of the top Youtube Gaming influencers with 8.3 million subscribers. He is popular for his gaming reviews and gameplays of Assassin’s Creed & Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Youtube Gamer - TheBrainDit


97. Slogoman – Top Youtube Gamer

With 8.2 million subscribers, Slogoman is known for his Minecraft gameplay often involving innovative experiments that take his viewers on a comedic journey.

Youtube Gamer - Slogo


98. Total Gaming – Top Youtube Gamer

With 8.1 million subscribers, Total Gaming was created by a YouTuber named Ajay in 2018. This channels focuses on gameplays of Call of Duty mobile, PUBG and GTA V.

Youtube Gamer - Total Gaming

99. Gameplayrj – Top Youtube Gamer

Created by a Portuguese YouTuber in 2011, Gameplayrj has 8.08 million subscribers and focuses on gameplay videos of GTA V, Garry’s Mod, PUBG, Legos among several others.

Youtube Gamer - Gameplayerj


100. Games EduUu  – Top Youtube Gamers

Created in 2011, GamesEduUu is one of the top Youtube gaming influencers from Portugal with 8.01 million subscribers as of today. It is best known for its gameplay walkthroughs of games such as The Last of Us. His videos are often accompanied by hilarious reactions, taking the viewer on a fun ride alongside the player.

Youtube Gamer - Games EduUu


101. Panda – Top Youtube Gamers

Panda is a Swedish content creator who happens to be among the most popular and well-known  PUBG Mobile content-producing YouTubers in the country. Panda updates his gameplay on a regular basis. Meanwhile, he also uses his YouTube channel to live-stream his games to his 8. 89 million followers.

Youtube Gamers


102. JoshDub – Top Youtube Gamers

JoshDub is a Youtube personality who hails from Australia. This YouTube star is famous for producing content on virtual reality games like Blade and Sorcery, and Minecraft VR. Similarly, he has amassed a fanbase of over 8.86 million subscribers.

Youtube Gamers


103. TommyInnit – Top Youtube Gamers

Thomas Simons is a British YouTuber and Twitch streamer who goes by the online alias TommyInnit. He creates Minecraft videos and live streams, as well as collaborates with other YouTubers and streamers. His seven YouTube channels have a combined audience of more than 15.5 million viewers and 1.13 billion views.

Youtube Gamers


104. BoomSniper – Top Youtube Gamers

BoomSniper is a well-known Mexican gamer who is best known for his BoomSniper YouTube channel, which he began in February 2017. His Garena Free Fire gaming playthroughs have amassed over 998 million views. He also has a massive Instagram following.

Youtube Gamers


105. InquisitorMaster – Top Youtube Gamers

American gaming YouTuber, Alexandra Teran a.k.a InquisitorMaster came to fame through her Roblox gameplay videos. Her channel has 8.58 subscribers. Alex is part of a 10 man squad and she films her videos with all the other members. She also posts challenges, roleplays, and other content types.

Youtube Gamers


106. WiederDude – Top Youtube Gamers

WiederDude is a popular American gaming YouTuber. The fun Minecraft videos that this YouTube sensation uploads have made him so popular among game enthusiasts. He mostly creates videos in the NOOB VS PRO VS. HACKER VS. GOD category. Meanwhile, WiederDude also sometimes posts Minecraft building tutorials. He has a whopping 8. 53 subscribers to his name.

Youtube Gamers


107. Rendy Rangers – Top Youtube Gamers

Indonesia-born Rendy Rangers is a video game influencer who has gained fame for his YouTube channel called Rendy Rangers. His YouTube following has swelled to up to 8.3 million subscribers. His rendyrangers Instagram accounts have a total of over 2.5 million followers.

Youtube Gamers


108. LetDa Hyper   – Top Youtube Gamers

LetDa Hyper is one of the most famous Free Fire YouTubers from Indonesia and is known for his incredible skills and gameplay. The YouTuber has played 861 games and has won 181 of them, having a win rate of 21.02%. His YouTube account now has 8.31 million subscribers.

Youtube Gamers


109. Julia MineGirl – Top Youtube Gamers

Julia MineGirl is an avid Brazilian gamer with an obvious love for Minecraft, Kogama, Roblox, The Sims, and several other video games.  Though she launched her YouTube channel in October 2015 with a video titled “Minecraft Build Battle – FADA DO DENTE, ” she is now a huge YouTube phenomenon with 7.97 million subscribers.

Youtube Gamers


110. Mythpat – Top Youtube Gamers

On July 30, 2018, Mythpat launched his YouTube channel, and his first video was posted the same day. Mythpat used to play PUBG, GTA V, and Granny in the beginning. However, as his following increased, he began to play other games including Minecraft, Fortnite, Human Fall Flat, and others. On January 21, 2019, he reached 1,000 subscribers. Now, Mythpat has 7.94 million subscribers on YouTube.

Youtube Gamers


111. MrStiven Tc – Top Youtube Gamers

Stiven Tangarife Caicedo a.k.a MrStiven Tc He is a video gaming enthusiast from Colombia. He has gathered over 7.91 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he majorly uploads gaming commentary. He has over 2 million followers on Instagram, where he shares lifestyle images, frequently posing in front of luxury cars and his motorcycle.

Youtube Gamers


112. I Am Wildcat – Top Youtube Gamers

WILDCAT’S real name is Tyler Wine. He is an Indiana-based American YouTuber and video game commentator. His wheezing laugh and exploding rage have made him famous on the platform. He mostly uploads Let’s Plays and games videos like Fortnite, Skate 3, Grand Theft Auto, and others.

Youtube Gamers


113. Antronixx G – Top Youtube Gamers

Antronixx G is a Mexican Free Fire YouTuber. This YouTube sensation rose to fame thanks to his Antronixx G channel. Antronixx G, who also happens to be a broadcaster, has accrued a sizable following, with nearly 7.71 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Youtube Gamers


114. AWE me – Top Youtube Gamers

AWE me, also called AweMechannel, is a YouTube gaming influencer channel best known for the shows Man At Arms: Super Fan Builds, Reforged, DIY Cosplay Shop, and Epic How To. They have up to 7.66 million subscribers.

Youtube Gamers


115. GeorgeNotFound

Georgenotfound, whose real name is George Henry Davidson, became popular after uploading Minecraft content to his GeorgeNotFound website, which has over 7.66 million subscribers. He formed a YouTube gaming group with fellow YouTube gamers like Dream. Dream, BadBoyHalo, and Sapnap are just a few of the YouTube Minecraft content creators with whom he often collaborates.

Youtube Gamers


116. KjraGaming – Top Youtube Gamers

KjraGaming is a gaming YouTube channel started by an Australian YouTuber. He began by uploading videos of Grand Theft Auto gameplay and mods. His series about superhero battles have gotten a lot of attention. Here, viewers are able to see some of their favorite superheroes from various universes battle each other. KjraGaming has 7.57 million subscribers.

Youtube Gamers


117. Thinknoodles – Top Youtube Gamers

Justin Watkins, also known as Thinknoodles, is a YouTube game commentator. Minecraft, Club Penguin, Poptropica, and Webkinz are among his favorite games. He and his partner, Rachelle, live in New York with their golden retriever. He has 7.56 million youtube followers.

Youtube Gamers


118. Crainer – Top Youtube Gamers

Crainer is a kid-friendly gaming YouTuber from Denmark. He normally spends his days playing games with Jelly and Slogo and uploading two videos a day. Crainer is a Minecraft fan. As such, he also makes Survival Modded Minecraft videos. His YouTube channel now has over 7.54 million subscribers.

Youtube Gamers


119. GamingWithKev – Top Youtube Gamers

GamingWithKev is the name of a YouTube channel that features gameplay videos, gaming commentary, and other gaming-related material. Kev, The American YouTuber who runs this channel also has two other Youtube channels under his belt. For so, he has managed to get over 7.51million people to subscribe to this fun gaming channel.

Youtube Gamers


120. ItsFunneh – Top Youtube Gamers

Kat, or ItsFunneh, as most fans like to call her, is known for making hilarious gaming videos. She posts roleplays, challenges, adventures, and mini-game videos on popular game development platforms such as Minecraft and Roblox. Her siblings, collectively known as the KREW, infuse their amusing commentary into Kat’s spectacular and imaginative gameplay. Kat also broadcasts her games live on her YouTube channel, allowing her fans to watch her play while listening to her unedited and uncut narration. She now has up to 7.50 million subscribers.

Youtube Gamers


121. Two Side Gamers – Top Youtube Gamers

Two-side Gamers is a popular Free Fire YouTube channel with over 7.42 million followers. Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka co-own and operate this channel. Though the channel began as a gaming marathon between two brothers, it has now grown into one of YouTube’s most successful duo-gaming channels. Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka play games live on the channel and keep their fans entertained with exciting commentary.

Youtube Gamers


122. Fresh – Top Youtube Gamers

Harley Fresh is a competitive Fortnite: Battle Royale player and a YouTuber from Australia. Fresh rose to prominence in late 2018 after a strong showing in the oceanic competitive Fortnite scene. He is known for playing Fortnite with several content creators, including LazarBeam, Lachlan, and Muselk. Fresh used to be a member of Team Renegade before switching to Luminosity Gaming. Fresh is doing very well on YouTube, with up to 7.40 million subscribers.



123. Mumbo Jumbo – Top Youtube Gamers

Mumbo Jumbo is a YouTube personality and game influencer from the United Kingdom. He rose to fame after posting Minecraft videos on YouTube’s Hermitcraft server showing how to make different items out of a virtual material called Redstone. His channel has over 7.37 million subscribers.

Mumbo Jumbo


124. Black Plasma Studios – Top Youtube Gamers

Black Plasma Studios (BPS) is a YouTube channel that primarily houses uploads of video game animations. The majority of their video game animations are based on Minecraft, one of the most popular games in existence today. The American YouTuber and animator named David R.B. who founded Black Plasma Studios created the channel on the 8th of March 2008. The channel now has over 7.32 million subscribers.

Black Plasma Studio


125. Technoblade – Top Youtube Gamers

Technoblade, or simply Techno, is an American gaming YouTuber who is renowned for his Minecraft-themed videos and collaborations with other YouTuber stars. Because of his expertise, tactics, and strategy in PvP, he is widely regarded as one of the best players in the Minecraft community. He’s also popular for his friendly rivalry with Dream, another Minecraft YouTuber. Technoblade has 7.22 million subscribers so far.

YT Gaming


126. MikelTube – Top YT Gaming Channel

Mikel Tube is a well-known Spanish social media personality who rose to prominence thanks to his famous YouTube channel. His family-friendly vlogging, which includes slime DIYs, toy reviews, and family entries, has amassed over 4.2 billion views and 7.19 million subscribers.

YT Gaming


127. YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon – Top YT Gaming Channel

The Yogscast is a top gaming YouTube channel by Lewis and Simon. They upload a wide range of content to that channel, including Minecraft adventure maps and mini-games, Garry’s Mod, and numerous collaborations. 0ver 7.17 million subscribers love their videos.

YT Gaming


128. Vikkstar123 – Top YT Gaming Channel

Vikkstar123 is a popular British-Indian YouTube gamer who uploads videos featuring games like Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Battlefield, Among Us, Call of Duty, and others. Vikkstar123 has more than 7.16 followers on YouTube and is also a member of the Ultimate Sidemen.

YT Gaming


129. LankyBox – Top YT Gaming Channel

Justin Kroma and Adam McArthur created the American comedy channel called LankyBox. The channel is known for its “Zero-Budget parodies” which are basically parodies of music videos and movies. They have, however, recently begun to produce gaming videos featuring Roblox, Among Us, Henry Stickman, and other similar games. LankyBox boasts of over 7.12 million subscribers.

YT Gaming


130. Alanzoka – Top YT Gaming Channel

Alan Ferreira is a top gaming YouTuber gamer from Brazil known for his “alanzoka” channel. He uploads videos of a variety of games, but horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s are his most common. In 2011, he posted his first video, and by the end of 2012, he had 50,000 subscribers. Up to 6.97 million people are now subscribed to his channel.

YT Gaming


131. iHasCupquake – Top YT Gaming Channel

Tiffany Michelle Herrera, also known by the monikers iHasCupquake, Cupquake, and Tiffyquake, is an American gamer and YouTube personality who focuses on video games, DIYs, cosplays, and other topics. She often uploads the influential Minecraft series “Minecraft Oasis,” which helped her gain notoriety. iHasCupquake has a bubbly, funny, cute, sassy, yet clumsy personality. It’s no surprise that her channel has a subscriber base of 6.96 million people.

YT Gaming


132. MoreAliA – Top YT Gaming Channel

Ali-A, a.k.a. Alastair James Aiken, is an English gaming YouTuber and TV host of a show called Ali-a’s Superchargers. His YouTube channel focuses mostly on Fortnite: Battle Royale and Call of Duty. He now has a total of 6.89 million subscribers.

YT Gaming


133. McCreamy – Top YT Gaming Channel

McCreamy is a top gaming Youtuber and social media celebrity from New Zealand. On his YouTube channel, he is known for sharing videos about Fortnite and Overwatch. Jay started his YouTube channel in September of 2016. Ever since, his channel has expanded into the gaming behemoth it is today. He has over 6.89 million subscribers and millions of views.

YT Gaming


134. DjMaRiiO – Top YT Gaming Channel

DjMaRiiO is a gaming Youtuber best known for capturing and reviewing FIFA games. Since August 2012,  DjMaRiiO has been uploading videos to his YouTube channel. Now, about 6.88 million people have subscribed to his channel.

gaming Youtubers


135. Shroud – Top YT Gaming Channel

Michael Grzesiek, also known as Shroud or mEclipse on social media, is a former professional eSports player and Twitch streamer from Canada. Michael began streaming full-time on Twitch in 2017 and has played a wide range of games since then. He had streamed for over 8,000 hours on Twitch by late 2020, amassing over 395 million lifetime views on his account. After a year on Mixer, he returned to Twitch with an exclusive streaming contract.

gaming Youtubers


136. Ceeday – Top YT Gaming Channel

Ceeday is an online video game player from the United States. He rose to fame as a result of his hilarious ‘Fortnite’ gameplay videos. He started his gaming career by uploading videos of himself playing the video game ‘Destiny,’ and then moved on to ‘Fortnite.’ Ceeday is known for using comics in his gaming images. While playing, he also takes on numerous ‘Fortnite’ challenges, which adds to the excitement of the gameplay videos. He now has 6.76 million subscribers.

gaming Youtubers


137. Videogamedunkey – Top YT Gaming Channel

Јаѕоn Yеvgеnіу Gаѕtrоw a.k.a Vіdеоgаmеdunkеу іѕ а renowned UЅ gaming YоuТubеr whо hаѕ created multiple vіdеоs ехрrеѕѕing сrіtісіѕm іn а humоrоuѕ way. This guy plays games too. In fact, hіѕ gаmерlау ѕеrіеѕ hаvе drawn recognitions globally. Consequently, hіѕ YоuТubе сhаnnеl hаs mоrе thаn 6.72 mіllіоn ѕubѕсrіbеrѕ.

gaming Youtubers


138. Pokimane – Top YT Gaming Channel

Imane Anys, better known by her YouTube handle Alias Pokimane, is a Moroccan Canadian Internet personality and gaming YouTube sensation. She has up to 6.61 million YouTube subscribers. Pokimane is most famous for her live streaming videos, which she posts on Twitch and YouTube. She discusses her video game impressions as well as other entertainment material in the videos.

gaming Youtubers


139. Grian – Top YT Gaming Channel

Charles Batchelor is a British Minecraft gaming YouTuber whose online alias is Grian.  He rose to fame after uploading a video titled “5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Minecraft House”. Apart from gaming, Grian also enjoys photographing his two cats, Maui and Pearl. He has secured 6.54 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

gaming Youtubers


140. Sernando – Top YT Gaming Channel

Jean Sernandoe is a gaming YouTuber from West Palm Beach, Florida, who specializes in gaming and comedy. You can call him a Grand Theft Auto gamer who made a name for himself on YouTube by presenting comedy storylines from the famous video game.

gaming Youtubers


141. Gameranx – Top YT Gaming Channel

Gameranx is an American gaming YouTuber that features gaming news, criticism, reviews, lists, and comparison-type videos. The “Before You Buy” series is one of Gameranx’s most popular and well-known series. In this series, a narrator gives a summary and critique of newly released video games. With over 6.42 million subscribers, it’s obvious that people find the channel helpful.

gaming Youtubers


142. Gloom – Top YT Gaming Channel

In 2011, Gloom made her online debut on CloudyApples, a lifestyle-themed gaming YouTuber. She took a two-year hiatus before returning in 2013, having deleted all of her own videos in the interim. She eventually decided to move on, and in 2015, she launched a new channel named “GloomGames.” Under her pseudonym “Kartha Gewart,” she began posting gaming and commentary videos but has since expanded to include skits, vlogs, parody arts-and-crafts, and cooking videos.

gaming Youtubers


143. MortaL – Top YT Gaming Channel

Soul Mortal, or Naman Mathur, is an Indian social media influencer, YouTube celebrity, and online streamer. He created the Youtube channel called Mortal, where he posts gaming clips and also streams live games. The MortaL channel has over 6.36 million subscribers.

gaming Youtubers


`144. Daz Games – Top YT Gaming Channel

Daz’s first became famous through the social media platform ‘Vine,’ where he gained popularity through comedy drawings. On January 2, 2014, he posted his first YouTube video welcoming viewers. Afterward, he focused solely on making gaming videos.

gaming Youtubers


145. FaZe Apex – Top YT Gaming Channel

Faze Apex co-founded the ‘Faze Clan’ channel.  Faze has helped Faze Clan achieve 6.33 million subscribers and over a billion views across all social media platforms. This gaming Youtuber is not only a league game player but also a role model for many young amateur gamers and YouTubers, thanks to his montages, commentaries, gameplays, and tournaments.

gaming Youtubers


146. TobyGames – Top YT Gaming Channel

Toby is a YouTube star with over 6.31 million subscribers. Toby has other thriving YouTube channels but on his TobyGames channel, he mainly puts out videos about gaming.

gaming Youtubers


147. Speedyw03 – Top YT Gaming Channel

Kyr Speedy is an American gaming YouTubers known for his comedic Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos. ”Speedyw03,” his main channel, has over 6.25 million subscribers. Kyr also has a second channel called KYRSP33DY. About 2,33 million people have subscribed to this channel.

gaming Youtubers


148. Manucraft – Top YT Gaming Channel

Manucraft is a well-known Spanish gaming Youtubers who is best known for his YouTube channel Manucraft. Manucraft now has over 2 billion cumulative views and 6 million subscribers because of his Minecraft modding, screenshots, playthroughs,  and guides.



149. LispyJimmy – Top Youtube Gamer

Lispy Jimmy is an American YouTube star who mostly uploads gaming videos, vlogs, and challenge clips on his LispyJimmy channel.  Jimmy has amassed over 5.96 million subscribers.



150. LDShadowLady – Top Youtube Gamer

Elizabeth Dwyer another gaming Youtubers who created and manages the “LDShadowLady” YouTube channel. This gamer is loved for her unconventional Minecraft series titled “Shadowcraft”. Elizabeth studied computer animation in Liverpool. It is, therefore, no surprise that she has been able to gather over 5.95 million subscribers.

gaming youtubers


The Future of the top YouTube Gaming Influencers – Where are Best Gaming Youtube Channels Headed to Next?


With a diverse skill set and a will to succeed, our top Youtube Gaming influencers have the reach and the capability to make a great impact on the gaming industry consumers. Despite the economic downturn, the gaming industry continues to thrive.

Asian gaming giants, namely Nintendo and Tencent, saw revenue increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, games released during the pandemic have performed well in terms of sales. These include Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing, with both breaking sales records after launch. COVID-19 also led to an increase in game downloads by over 80% according to Comcast.

Additionally, social engagement rates during COVID-19 have increased manifold, with YouTube seeing a rise of +500% during the February-June Period. This suggests potential resilience in the gaming industry, including the importance of the role played by gaming influencers in keeping the industry alive.

Conventional marketing strategies today has failed in this scenario, but influencer marketing continues to grow. With the rise of streaming services in gaming space and the advent of the next console generation, gaming industry is growing and so are the influencers. With their rich experience in this field and the ability to connect to their followers, influencer marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways in which brands can target their niche consumers.