Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

A&E has run influencer marketing campaigns for 230+ brands

Maximizing influencer ROI is an art form – no two influencers are alike, and the success of each campaign depends not only on the popularity but quality of the community the influencer has built:


  • Developing the terms of the campaign – we design each campaign with brand’s unique KPIs in mind. The campaigns are optimized to drive influencer’s audience to action and maximize ROI.
  • Scouting influencers – our database consists of over 800,000 influencers, including consumer, micro, and macro influencers. We scout influencers whose audience matches brand’s target market perfectly.
  • Negotiating the terms of the influencer partnership – our familiarity with influencer landscape allows us to negotiate the most favorable terms for the brands. Our expertise includes influencer collaborations (non-paid), influencer partnerships (royalty or affiliate partnerships), and paid advertisements.
  • Reviewing the campaign results – once the campaign has gone live, we monitor the performance using software programs, including a hashtag tracker, and then cross reference the results we obtain with those of the influencer data insights. This allows us to get a deep understanding of the campaign’s true performance and effectively target and re-target influencers for future campaigns.
  • Providing campaign report – all our data and influencer insights are presented in our monthly reports. This includes invaluable data that gives brands deep insight into their target audience, digital strategy, and current market conditions.