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We are an influencer marketing agency based in Los Angeles that does things differently!

1. We have a track record of maximizing ROI while working on influencer marketing campaigns: As a leading influencer marketing agency Los Angeles, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk! Our founders are superstar social media influencers with over 2 million followers across their social media channels who are deeply rooted in the influencer community in Los Angeles. Forbes has called them “the epicenter of influence” while Yahoo has named Amra & Elma as a “digital marketing empire.” Their ability to understand influencer marketing from both ends (making brands appealing to creators while maintaining brand ROI – see our work with Wells Fargo) has allowed them to double average impressions on each campaign with no additional fees. We are an influencer agency Los Angeles that utilizes niche celebrity, macro, micro, and consumer influencers to tell brand stories that drive traffic and sales.


2. We guarantee follower growth on social media accounts: As a top influencer marketing agency Los Angeles, our follower growth service focuses on gaining organic audience (10,000+ new monthly followers) through high quality content. We develop content calendars, maintain posting consistency, and focus on cross marketing promotions via niche influencers or popular accounts. We are a influencer agency Los Angeles that develops branding guidelines in order to ensure that each photo or a video is in line with messaging of the company. We post content regularly in order to help strengthen relationship with audience as well as improve brand visibility on social media – each post contains specific captions to help bring followers and improve engagement on company’s social accounts.


3. We develop exceptional social media content: we are a leading influencer marketing agency Los Angeles that works with top talent, including influencer photographers and videographers to develop original high-quality content that goes viral. On social media, content is king, and virality allows brands to be seen by thousands and even millions of additional audiences without extra campaign cost. We utilize great content to help improve website clicks and conversions – followers are more likely to engage with exceptional photography and videos versus poorly branded graphics.


4. We specialize in optimizing paid social media ads: We are a top influencer marketing agency Los Angeles, whose account managers have extensive experience in running social media ads to target those audiences most likely to convert. Our best influencer agency in Los Angeles focuses on detailed research of the target audience, competitor’s most successful campaigns, top engaged followers, and other industry data to devise paid social media campaigns that drive sales!

Influencer Agency Los Angeles with Focus on Positive ROI!

Our services include:

Digital Marketing Agency NYC


Our database of 800,000+ consumer, micro, macro and celebrity influencers allows us to precisely match brand's desired target demographic with the right niche influencers.

Influencer Marketing Agency NYC


We work with brands on influencer gifting and/or affiliate advertising. Our team of PR specialists partners with influencers who work on review basis in exchange for products/service.



We work with local influencers to organize brand sponsored trips. We specialize in complete trip arrangements, including partnering with local hotels, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

Video Production


We work with influencers to produce exceptional content for ads, e-commerce, or other type of marketing campaigns. Our content production includes videos, photos, and in-person conferences.



Leading Influencer Agency Los Angeles specializing in paid and PR campaigns – Amra & Elma has worked on hundreds of influencer campaigns helping brands sell products and increase brand awareness. For a full list of campaigns, please see OUR WORK PAGE.









 Leading Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles with 4 Step Process:

1. Paid Advertising

We utilize advertising to optimize reach and performance on social media. We work with social media platforms that provide invaluable targeting and increase ROI.

2. Content Production

Our team of photographers and videographers helps brands tell their stories by producing highly engaging, original and memorable content that gets shared.

3. Community Management

Our account managers develop and nurture relationships with customers on behalf of the brand by answering any questions.

4. Follower Growth

We grow a follower base for the brands to help them reach more potential customers as well as improve their marketability and influencer partnerships.


Influencer Marketing Agency Los Angeles – Amra & Elma manages social media accounts and grows brand’s customer base, increase following and engagement, and provides exceptionally well-made content that goes viral.

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We are a leading social media agency in Los Angeles specializing in managing social media accounts, including follower growth (10,000 new monthly followers), increasing engagement, content production, and community management. “We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk” – our founders are top social media influencers with over 2 million followers.


Amra & Elma, a leading influencer marketing agency Los Angeles, uses results-driven and performance-oriented social media management services to help brands unite and build trust with their target audience, disseminate high brand awareness, and enhance conversion rates. Our social media specialists create cross-channel campaigns to maintain the brand’s social media strategy current and informed about any societal developments or industry changes. Our social media management approach includes setting realistic and reasonable social media marketing goals, finding the brand’s most significant KPIs, and performing detailed research on the brand’s social media audience, and more.


We use keyword-optimized written content, videos, images, gifs, and other social media features, to increase traffic to the brand’s website and bring in more quality leads. We also look at the optimum times to post our content and engage the audience for the brand. As a top influencer marketing agency Los Angeles, we help brands generate more leads, increase online income, and enhance their search engine results, by increasing organic traffic to brands’ websites and social media channels. Our content development approach includes creating marketing objectives that are particular to our client’s demands and the brand’s overarching mission. We choose a content management system that incorporates content analytics, dissemination, enhancement, and results monitoring.


Our influencer marketing agency Los Angeles puts a premium on conversion rate optimization, user experience improvement, on-SERP, on-page optimization, appealing CTA generation, a pleasant digital user experience, and more. To create personalized industry sector ads that produce results, our content creation team does extensive keyword research using a range of relevant technologies, analyzes target audience characteristics, and conducts market testing.


We offer PR influencer services, including gifting and event invitations. We use our database of over 10,000 influencers in Los Angeles area to identify celebrity, micro, macro, and consumer influencers that are best suited for your campaign. We then coordinate gifting and/or event invitations to maximize the reach and coverage.


As a top influencer marketing agency Los Angeles, our PR gifting strategy includes setting clear expectations, performing gifting customization, putting a priority on the packaging and utilizing high-end materials, and developing successful brand ambassador programs. Before sending off our gifts, we engage with our public relations expert to determine what exact goals we want to achieve, and then design our pitch to meet those expectations.


We make sure that our items are compatible with the influencer’s existing content strategy or editorial plan. We select products to present that are best following the business’s brand and aesthetic once we have identified the brand’s most appropriate influencers or media. As a result, we express our dedication to the collaboration by giving this individual a thoughtfully designed gift. The brand’s beliefs and key concepts are also reflected in our gift packaging. We additionally create a brand ambassador program, which includes working with influencers that are aligned with the brand and gifting them over time.


We are a top influencer marketing agency Los Angeles that focuses on establishing and maintaining connections with a brand’s target audience, relevant media outlets, trade media, and other thought leaders. We generate and distribute press releases and other information for news outlets by writing, disseminating, and collaborating with top journalists. We help brands prepare for press conferences, conduct media interviews, and create material for brand ambassadors. Our team of communication experts manages the company’s social media accounts on relevant topics and monitors other marketing operations to increase brand recognition and give a faster and better return on investment.


We work with top Los Angeles creators to tell a brand’s story in a organic and memorable way. Our strategy includes devising an influencer list according to brand’s specifications, altering the list based on brand’s feedback, and then introducing new talent until the list is perfectly fitting.


Amra & Elma is a top influencer marketing agency Los Angeles that uses high-quality influencer marketing services to help brands connect with their core demographic and grow their social media following. We assist brands in establishing brand trust, improving search engine rankings, and boosting site traffic by gathering more leads and online revenue. We accomplish this by collaborating with the top nano, micro, macro, mega, and celebrity influencers to help advertise the brand’s relevant services, as well as raise positive brand and service awareness via appropriate social media channels.


We have over 1 million prominent influencers in our database, and we have executed over 580 influencer campaigns. We focus on developing appropriate influencer criteria and establishing relevant influencer engagement goals, such as platform usage, media platform hashtags, and more. We work with a broad set of advocates and influencers in the wellness, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, politics, and other fields who motivate and assist the brand’s audience to take control of their marketing journey.


Our influencer marketing campaigns including social media posts, influencer trips, and events. Each campaign is designed to achieve maximum ROI and it is based on unique KPIs that the brand provides.


We seek to emphasize our client’s talents and trustworthiness, identify storylines, and study industry rivals to achieve better success and faster ROI. To do this, we use, for example, user session recording technology, which allows us to track each visitor to the site and collect all of the information we need. This strategy aids us in selecting the target audience for the brand, as well as determining the demographics of their visitors and enhancing site conversions.


Another way to improve and maximize the brand’s ROI is to utilize high-quality content development services and data-driven marketing solutions. We focus on content distribution, search engine optimization, and content marketing management that is effective and budget-friendly. This approach includes disseminating information to the general public via multiple media channels, increasing traffic to the brand’s website to attract a more relevant audience of leads, and improving content placement to ensure a continual supply of relevant information.


We maximize content marketing ROI by first determining which social networks are best for promotional activities depending on the target demographic of the brand. We then create a content marketing strategy to help businesses grow website traffic, increase sales, raise brand recognition, and engage with clients and prospects.


Additionally, reviewing and measuring a brand’s KPIs to assist them to boost brand performance is one of our particular marketing approaches for enhancing the brand’s ROI. To determine the most relevant KPIs, we use quantifiable indicators that represent the brand’s strategic objective and can be reviewed over time. Since each indicator is designed to monitor a unique facet of one business, we generate a mix of carefully determined KPIs based on all parts of a brand’s performance that are showing promise for development.

WHY CHOOSE Amra & Elma?

  • We are able to grow brand’s account with over 10K+ new monthly followers through our exceptional social media management services
  • Our PR services including influencer gifting and event lists that allow top media coverage
  • Our influencer marketing focuses on LA’s top talent including macro, micro, and consumer influencers
  • We make brand recognizable and memorable through our brand marketing development

To see a full list of our campaigns, please check out our influencer marketing case studies.

Influencer Agency Los Angeles


We are a leading influencer marketing agency in Los Angeles (LA). LA is one of the most sought-after destinations when it comes to influencer marketing – brands from all over the country look to work with LA talent as it is the most robust when it comes to the number of followers, incredible with the amount of niche target audience to choose from, and superb when it comes to the quality of content and storytelling.


We work with LA talent to create exceptional campaigns. Our influencer database of LA and the immediate surrounding areas includes over 10,000 celebrity, macro, micro, and consumer influencers. We filter influencers according to each brand’s specific requirements, including demographic, following size, and brand DNA. We negotiate the scope and terms of the campaign, manage the entire campaign, and provide results, including a reports that highlight detailed insights of the campaign.


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What do influencer agencies in Los Angeles do?

The job of influencer agencies in Los Angeles is to identify and connect brands with influential content creators on social media. Influencer agencies in Los Angeles work with brands to develop creative content strategies, and then identify and reach out to the most relevant and influential content creators to help execute those strategies.


Influencer agencies in Los Angeles have become an important part of the marketing mix for many brands, as they can help create engaging content that resonates with consumers. By partnering with the right influencers and some of the best influencer agencies in Los Angeles, brands can tap into new audiences and drive awareness and engagement for their products or services.


The services that influencer agencies in Los Angeles offers can vary, but typically they provide some combination of the following:


  • Social media marketing: This part of the campaign by influencer agencies in Los Angeles involves working with influencers to help promote your brand or product on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Talent management: Influencer agencies in Los Angeles can manage the careers of their influencers, helping to book them gigs, negotiate contracts, and more.
  • Content creation: In addition to helping you promote your brand on social media, many influencer agencies in Los Angeles can also help you create content that’s aligned with your branding and target audience. This could include things like blog posts, videos, and even social media ads, besides influencer content creation.
  • Consulting: Many influencer agencies in Los Angeles also offer consulting services, which can help you develop a strategy for working with influencers as well as measure the success of your campaigns.
How to reach out to influencer agencies in Los Angeles?

Reaching out to influencer agencies in Los Angeles can be a daunting task, but with a little bit of research and planning, it can be a smooth process. Here are some tips on how to reach out to influencer agencies in Los Angeles:


The first step is to identify which influencer agencies in Los Angeles are the best fit for your brand. There are many different types of influencer agencies in Los Angeles out there, so it’s important to do your research and find one that specializes in working with brands like yours.


Once you’ve identified a few influencer agencies in Los Angeles that seem like a good fit, the next step is to reach out and introduce yourself. A formal email or pitch letter to influencer agencies in Los Angeles is the best way to do this. Be sure to include information about your brand, what you’re looking for from influencer agencies in Los Angeles, and why you think they’d be a good fit.


It’s also important to follow up with influencer agencies in Los Angeles once you’ve sent your pitch. A phone call or meeting is the best way to do this, and you should thank influencer agencies in Los Angeles for taking the time to read your email and ask any additional questions you may have.

What does an influencer management agency Los Angeles do?

An influencer management agency Los Angeles is a specialized service provider that helps businesses access and engage with influencers in the Los Angeles region. An influencer management agency Los Angeles typically provides an array of services, including identifying potential influencers, managing relationships between brands and influencers, and monitoring campaigns. This can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to create more meaningful connections with their target audiences with an influencer management agency Los Angeles.

The process begins when the influencer management agency Los Angeles identifies potential influencers who may be interested in working with the client’s brand. The team behind the influencer management agency Los Angeles will research profiles, analyze comments and reviews, evaluate post-engagement stats, and measure other relevant metrics to determine who best fits the client’s needs. Once qualified candidates are identified, the influencer management agency Los Angeles will work to establish relationships between influencers and brands by negotiating contracts, setting expectations on both sides of the collaboration, and establishing campaign goals.

After an agreement has been reached with an influencer or group of influencers, the influencer management agency Los Angeles will monitor campaigns to ensure that all parties involved are meeting their objectives as agreed upon in their contracts. The team behind an influencer management agency Los Angeles may track performance metrics such as content reach (number of views) or click-through rate (CTR) from sponsored posts to measure success. If a campaign isn’t performing as expected or desired, an influencer management agency Los Angeles may shift strategy by recommending new tactics or testing out different creative approaches to maximize results.

Additionally, each of the influencer management agency Los Angeles may offer additional services such as creating reporting systems that allow clients to easily track progress against their goals over time. An influencer management agency Los Angeles may also assist with budgeting and financial planning for campaigns or contract negotiations between Influencers and clients for long-term partnerships. Ultimately, working with an Influencer Management Agency Los Angeles can help brands streamline their marketing efforts while connecting them to the right people that influence their target audience so they can build successful relationships that drive real results long term.

How much does an influencer management agency Los Angeles charge?

An influencer management agency in Los Angeles typically charges a fee to help promote its clients’ brands and services. This fee of an influencer management agency Los Angeles can vary depending on the size of the project and the type of services needed, but it is typically in the range of 10-20% of total media spend. The typical fee structure for an influencer management agency Los Angeles includes a base fee, which covers the costs associated with researching and selecting suitable influencers for a client; a service fee, which covers the cost of managing relationships with those influencers; and an additional fee for any special services or advice requested.

In addition to fees associated with each campaign, an influencer management agency Los Angeles may also charge a retainer fee. This is a monthly or annual payment that covers the cost of administrative overhead and other ongoing activities such as developing relationships with new influencers and staying up-to-date on industry trends. An important factor to consider when determining how much an influencer management agency Los Angeles charges is what type of services they provide.

What services do influencer agencies in Los Angeles offer?

Influencer agencies in Los Angeles offer a wide range of services to their clients. These services provided by influencer agencies in Los Angeles may include influencer outreach, content creation, digital marketing, brand partnerships, event planning, and public relations. Influencer agencies provide access to a vast network of influential people who can help brands reach their goals.

Influencer outreach involves establishing relationships with key influencers that are the best fit for a brand’s message or product. Influencer agencies in Los Angeles can assist in connecting brands and influencers effectively by finding the right people with the right audience and building meaningful relationships between them.

Content creation is another service influencer agencies in Los Angeles can provide. Content creation includes creating visuals such as videos and photographs that are used on social media platforms to promote messages, products, or events. Content created by influencer agencies in Los Angeles should be tailored to each specific channel so that it resonates with audiences and drives engagement.

Digital marketing is also available through influencer agencies in Los Angeles. The services provided by influencer agencies in Los Angeles include paid campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that are targeted at relevant audiences based on age, location, interests, etc., as well as other strategies like SEO optimization and email marketing campaigns. Digital marketing provided by influencer agencies in Los Angeles helps spread awareness about a particular message or product quickly across multiple channels at once, helping to reach more potential customers in less time than traditional methods of advertising.

Brand partnerships are another area where influencer agencies in Los Angeles can be of assistance. Influencer agencies in Los Angeles can connect brands with influential people who align with their values which will result in higher engagement from their fans while simultaneously building trust among them all. For example, if an activewear company wants to partner up with a fitness influencer they would reach out to influencer agencies in Los Angeles that specialize in matching brands and influencers together for long-term campaigns or one-off collaborations depending on the desired outcome of the project.

Event planning falls under the umbrella of services provided by certain influencer agencies in Los Angeles as well. These services provided by influencer agencies in Los Angeles could involve organizing panel discussions filled with industry experts, conferences featuring keynote speakers from various organizations around town, or launches for new products among many other types of events which require careful preparation before taking place successfully. By relying on the expertise of professionals from within influencer agencies in Los Angeles it’s possible to create impactful events that drive results for any type of brand looking for a way to stand out from its competitors.

Finally, many influencer agencies in Los Angeles offer public relations services which include handling press releases and coordinating interviews between brands/influencers and media outlets such as newspapers or podcasts so they get maximum exposure from potential customers looking for what they have to offer. With this type of service provided by influencer agencies in Los Angeles, it’s possible to make sure everyone has access to all the necessary information regarding each particular project while also keeping track of how much coverage each one receives afterward.

What does influencer marketing LA entail?

Influencer marketing LA is a type of marketing strategy that involves connecting and collaborating with influential people, typically referred to as ‘influencers’, to increase awareness and engagement of a brand or product. Influencer marketing LA utilizes influencers’ connections on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, as well as their presence in local markets, to drive more attention to a brand. Within influencer marketing LA, influencers are usually individuals who have substantial followings and influence over other people’s opinions due to their expertise in a particular niche or field.

Influencer marketing LA has become increasingly popular among businesses looking for ways to reach potential customers. Local businesses use influencer marketing LA for many reasons – from promoting products and services through organic content creation to creating brand collaborations with influencers directly related to their target demographic. Through this collaboration of influencer marketing LA, businesses can use an influencer’s network of followers and loyal fans within their local market. This can be an effective way to reach new customers who may not yet be aware of the business’s offerings.

Another popular form of influencer marketing LA is affiliate programs where influencers promote products or services provided by a company in exchange for a commission when sales occur. With this type of influencer marketing LA, businesses chip away at the cost of advertising by engaging with influencers who charge less than traditional media outlets while still reaching large audiences. Furthermore, these types of influencer marketing LA campaigns also give brands access to an affluent consumer base that may not be reached through traditional channels.

At its core, influencer marketing LA is about leveraging relationships between brands and influential individuals to drive more attention towards a business’ offerings by utilizing targeted content creation strategies that focus on relevant topics related to the brand or product being promoted. By doing this type of influencer marketing LA, businesses can increase their visibility and engagement amongst the online communities they aim to target – thereby increasing opportunities for customer acquisition from relevant audiences.

Why is influencer marketing LA important?

Influencer marketing LA is important for many reasons. First, the city has a large concentration of influential people and organizations, making it an ideal area to target influencers through influencer marketing LA. With such a large population of potential customers, brands can find the perfect ambassadors through influencer marketing LA to help spread their message and increase brand awareness on a local level. Furthermore, Los Angeles is home to several major media outlets which offer access to influential audiences that can be leveraged for maximum impact.

In addition, influencer marketing LA allows brands to establish strong relationships with key figures within the community who have established credibility and influence among their peers. This kind of relationship of Influencer marketing LA building can further create brand exposure and long-term relationships with customers. By building these relationships through Influencer marketing LA, brands can better tailor their messaging to individual influencers and create more compelling campaigns that authentically reach their target audience.

Finally, utilizing influencer marketing LA allows brands to tap into the latest trends in digital media while also staying ahead of the competition by leveraging technology such as social media platforms and analytics tools. By doing this type of influencer marketing LA, they can gain insights into what works best for them and optimize their campaigns accordingly. This will enable them to maximize return on investment while also ensuring that they stay connected with the right people at the right time.