Marketing Agency Indianapolis

Marketing Agency Indianapolis

Marketing Agency Indianapolis – Full service agency with focus on ad buying, SEO, PPC, influencer marketing, social media management,  PR, branding, and content production (videography and photography).  



Leading Marketing Agency Indianapolis – Amra & Elma is a full service marketing agency specializing in influencer marketing campaigns, media buying, social media management, events, branding, content creation (photo and video production), PR, and SEO. We are a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis that makes brands explode – we utilize marketing techniques known only to superstar influencers to drive exceptional ROI.


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Nestle Influencer Campaign

NESTLÉ | Acqua Panna Digital Marketing Campaign

Media Buying Indianapolis: Advertising, Influencer Campaigns, Superstar and Celebrity Influencers, Digital Marketing Agency Indianapolis


Nestlé’s Acqua Panna had re-imaged its brand with eco-friendly and sustainable water bottles and was looking to hire a marketing agency to tell the story about the roots of the brand as well as offer an immersive trip for influencers to produce relevant content around the campaign…READ MORE

Influencer Campaign Uber

UBER  |  Uber Summer Series Influencer Campaign

Media Buying Indianapolis: Advertising, Macro Influencers, Influencer Campaigns, Digital Marketing Agency Indianapolis


Uber wanted to hire a digital marketing agency to partner up with influencers and help spread the message around  summer series concerts that featured local artists. The goal was to encourage audience to enter sweepstakes and receive an opportunity to win coveted summer series tickets. Amra & Elma contracted micro and macro influencers specializing in lifestyle content…READ MORE

Influencer Campaign Avon1

AVON  |  Avon ANEW Influencer Campaign

Media Buying Indianapolis: Advertising, Micro and Macro Influencers, Influencer Campaigns, Digital Marketing Agency Indianapolis


Avon sought to work with a digital marketing agency to help them reach beauty enthusiasts and promote ANEW. The goal was to showcase the skin care routine and highlight the benefits of Avons’s new line ANEW. Amra & Elma contracted beauty influencers…READ MORE

Influencer Campaign Transition1

TRANSITION LENSES  |  Transition Lenses Influencer Event

Digital Ad Agency NYC, Media Buying New York: Advertising, Influencer Campaigns, Macro Influencers, Digital Marketing Agency NYC


Transition Lenses was interested in hiring a digital marketing agency to reach eyewear enthusiasts who are interested in both the style and function of amazing “day to night” lenses. Transition Lenses aimed to host a media event and partner up with influencers who were also sunglasses enthusiasts. Amra & Elma organized an event for media and influencers…READ MORE


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Our founders, Amra and Elma, have been featured and interviewed by some of the most notable publications, including Forbes, Bloomberg, WSJ, Financial Times, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, ELLE Magazine, Marie Claire, Inc., Yahoo News, Business Insider, and more.






We are a digital marketing agency that does things very differently!


Different Marketing Firm in Indianapolis – How Our Marketing Process Works


Our every engagement with the client, big or small, begins with a rigorous process of discovery. We spend time understanding your business, its operations, and needs. We closely work with you to define goals and ensure that your business message is clear, concise, and actionable.

1. Deep Dive into Your Business

We introduce our team of digital marketing experts who take a deep dive into developing an understanding of your business, opportunities, initiatives, existing marketing trends, resources available, technology, brand guidelines, message you want to convey, and more.

2. Setting Goals

We discuss the goals that you want to achieve through our collaboration with your business. What success means to you as a client? Based on this, we develop a roadmap that defines the path to accomplish your goals.

3. Defining Your Message and Positioning

Then our experts define your message and positioning. This includes determining your target audience/customers and clearly creating a message that we use later across your digital marketing channels.

4. Planning and Execution

Once we are clear about the basics, we plan your digital marketing strategy to keep in view your needs, goals, and budget. Our experts then execute it according to the plan and make adjustments on the way.

5. Establishing Your Online Presence

We create and make improvements to deliver the right and interactive user experience. Our digital marketing agency Indianapolis connects you with your target audience and establishes your online presence.

6. Engagement and Conversion

Using our unique and innovative strategy, we do your brand promotion on different digital platforms and convert your prospects to your paying and loyal customers. Boost engagement and conversion while providing regular reports to you.

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Do you only have a Facebook or Insta page with some followers? This won’t work for your business anymore. With an increasing number of social media platforms and users, you cannot just rely on FB or Instagram for your social media marketing. Our social media specialists leverage their knowledge and skills to harness the benefits of social media presence for your brand. We research which social media platform your target audience exists and build your social media presence!

We work with consumer, micro, macro and celebrity influencers to drive traffic to brands’ websites and drive sales. Our influencer program includes niche influencers who produce campaign content, post on their social media, and drive website visitors to your website! Our network of influencers consists of 800,000+ influencers of different sizes that specializes in different industries, including beauty, tech, fitness, fashion, finance, gaming, lifestyle, travel, healthcare, yoga, and more!

Content is still the most powerful digital marketing tool that develops your business as an influential, credible, and trusted brand. If you are unable to provide real value to your website visitors through content, you are losing the game. We create compelling, diverse, and engaging content such as blogs, infographics, videos, social media posts, and more through our content creation services. We develop your content strategy that tells the story of your brand and delivers visible results.

Your website is your online face. It should be aesthetically appealing, neat, easy to navigate, and a true reflection of your business. If your website is designed poorly, no matter how robust your digital marketing strategy is, you won’t get the desired results. Our creative and experienced website designers understand your business and design a website that reflects your business professionally. We create a custom website exclusively for your business. We utlilize our branding skills to ensure consistent messaging across social media and website.

We work with local influencers to drive foot traffic to your business! Our local influencers promote businesses via their social media and even do “meet and greet” to encourage their followers to visit the business and familiarize themselves with the product. Their followers are then able to experience the brand in real time and make purchases directly while visiting the store or a business. On average, our influencer events have drawn over 300% increase in sales, and 630% increase in brand’s popularity, including followers gained on social media.

We develop videos for social media, TV ads, websites, and other marketing material. We work with some of the most notable videographers and editors to create exceptionally engaging content that makes the audience want to engage with your brand and buy products. We study your competitors and analyze the most converting content in order to create videos that are exceptional in driving interest, click-throughs, website visits, and sales. Many of our videos have gone viral, and this has allowed brands to amplify their brand awareness and reach.

Having the right digital marketing strategy supports the rapid growth of your business. Our digital marketing agency Indianapolis engages in an immersive discovery process to understand your business needs and goals, and develops a PR campaign that instills authority and trust. We work with some of the top media publications and journalists to tell brands’ stories. We provide you with robust and practical PR digital marketing strategy and consulting that helps you meet your needs, accomplish your goals, and maximize your ROI.

We are passionate about SEO because it gives sustainable results for your business. It takes your website to the top of the first page of search engine rankings and, with continuous efforts, makes it stay there for a long-time. From researching your potential keywords to implementing ethical white-hat SEO strategies, we have you covered. We use all the best practices to place your website on top of search engine rankings in various prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. This brings the most qualified and quality leads to your business.

For long-term online business growth, SEO is your go-to solution. But if you are looking for fast results, you need to complement your SEO efforts with PPC advertising. This is paid marketing that gives you instant results. However, if your PPC campaign is poorly optimized, it causes overspending and waste of your paid marketing budget. Our experts have years of experience in optimizing PPC campaigns and managing PPC accounts. We ensure that your PPC ads are properly optimized and give you maximum returns on your investment.

Digital Marketing Agency


We are a marketing agency Indianapolis that executes campaigns for leading companies in beauty, tech, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and more!

DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY INDIANAPOLIS – Ignite Your Business Growth with Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing

Our marketing agency Indianapolis provides a full range of digital marketing services that connect your business with the right audience. We have a team of digital marketing experts who use cutting-edge digital marketing tools to make every interaction profitable. Our network includes celebrity photographers, influencers, videographers and other talent that are able to devise some of the most exceptional content.


We focus on igniting the growth of your business through our robust and solid digital media marketing strategy. From designing SEO plans to paid advertising and managing your social media accounts to content marketing, we serve as a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing requirements. Our expertise in media buying, SEO, PR, SMM, branding, and content allows us to maximize KPIs and ROI.

Marketing Firm Indianapolis – Providing End-to-End Digital Marketing Solutions to Businesses of All Sizes and Types

As an established digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, we provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions. We serve businesses of all sizes and types because of our diverse and extensive experience in digital marketing for various industries. We focus on driving more opportunities and quality traffic to your business through our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.


Our experts start from your particular industry research, consumer behavior analysis, and factors that influence the purchase decisions of your target audience. This know-how, together with our expertise and technology, delivers measurable results for your business. We ensure that you focus on your core business operations while we work on growing it.


Digital Marketing Agency Indianapolis –What Makes Us Different

1. Expertise in Digital Marketing

As an experienced and passionate digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, we help businesses of all scales uncover digital marketing potential and boost their revenues. Through our expertise in digital marketing, we help them achieve their goals.


2.  Data and Technology-Driven Services

Our digital marketing professionals stay updated with the latest developments and technologies in the digital landscape. Plus, we specialize in researching and using data, metrics, analytics, and more to drive revenue growth and create value for customers.


3. Undivided Attention

Throughout our collaboration with you, our focus remains on your business. We closely work with you and keep you informed at every step of the way to ensure transparency. Our experts provide you reports, request feedback, and make adjustments to ensure a winning campaign only for you.


4. Marketing Agency Indianapolis that is Trusted and Credible

It is challenging for businesses to get more good reviews than bad reviews. We have served hundreds of clients who trust us and give credible reviews on various platforms about our digital marketing services because we deliver to our promise!


5. Excellent Customer Support

Once our digital marketing agency Indianapolis completes your project, we do not leave you alone. We provide excellent customer support 24/7 for all your technical issues, concerns, and inquiries.


6. Building Long-Terms Relationships

For us, building long-term and loyal relationships with our clients is more important than making money. We can go an extra mile if needed to satisfy the requirements of our clients and serve them as a contributor to their success.


7. Marketing Agency Indianapolis with Custom-Tailored Services

We consider every business unique. Therefore, we provide custom-tailored services to each client that aligns with requirements and objectives. We ensure that your innovative digital marketing strategy addresses your business needs and give you optimal returns on your investment you ever have.

Marketing Agency Indianapolis


What does a marketing agency Indianapolis do?

A marketing agency Indianapolis provides a variety of services to its clients to help them reach their marketing goals. Some of the services that a marketing agency Indianapolis typically provides include market research, branding and identity development, advertising, public relations, and web design and development.


Market research is the process of gathering and analyzing information about a particular market to understand its size, trends, and potential opportunities. A marketing agency Indianapolis can use this information to help its clients target their advertising and marketing efforts more effectively.


Branding and identity development, as some of the most important services provided by a marketing agency Indianapolis, involves creating a unique brand identity for a company or product that will resonate with consumers. A marketing agency Indianapolis can help create a logo, tagline, and other elements that will help consumers identify the company or product easily.


Advertising is also a crucial service of a marketing agency Indianapolis, and it is the process of creating promotional materials such as commercials, print ads, or website banners to persuade people to buy a product or service. A marketing agency Indianapolis can help create effective ads that will grab people’s attention and make them want to learn more.


Public relations involves creating positive publicity for a company or product by getting media coverage in newspapers, magazines, online publications, or on television and radio. A marketing agency Indianapolis can help develop relationships with key media contacts and craft story pitches that will capture their interest.


Web design and development is the process of creating a website that is both appealing and functional by a marketing agency Indianapolis. A marketing agency Indianapolis can work with its clients to create a website that accurately represents their brand and meets their specific needs.

How to reach out to a marketing agency Indianapolis?

When looking for a marketing agency Indianapolis to help with your business, it is important to do your research. You want to make sure that the marketing agency Indianapolis you choose has a good reputation and can provide the services you need.


When you are ready to start contacting agencies in Indianapolis, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, be prepared to explain what you are looking for in a marketing agency Indianapolis and what your budget is. The marketing agency Indianapolis will want to know what services you need and how they can help you meet your goals.


You should also be prepared to provide information to a marketing agency Indianapolis about your business. The marketing agency Indianapolis will want to know who your target market is and what kind of messaging you want to send. A marketing agency Indianapolis will also want to know about your website and social media presence.


Once you have selected a few agencies in Indianapolis that interest you, it is time to reach out. You can either call or email the marketing agency Indianapolis directly. You should include your name, company name, contact information, and a summary of your business and what you are looking for from the marketing agency Indianapolis.


If possible, include some examples of your current marketing materials and efforts, or website. This will give the marketing agency Indianapolis a better idea of what you are hoping to achieve. Be prepared for a conversation with the marketing agency Indianapolis representative so that you can ask any questions you may have.