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A&E has provided branding support for 260+ brands

Our ability to effectively communicate businesses unique offerings has allowed us to develop some of the most effective branding:


  • Defining the value proposition: each brand has a unique ability to deliver a solution to an existing problem. We focus on the core value and help define what makes a particular brand special.
  • Ensure the value proposition is present at each parts of operations: our goal is to enable the customer to identify the core messaging at each point of contact with the brand. Our team analyzes different points of contact to ensure consistency in regards to messaging.
  • Communicating the uniqueness of the company: we help brands develop brand guidelines that ensure consistency across different marketing channels. We focus on the memorability of the brand and clear messaging of its value proposition.
  •  Ensure consistency across media channels: as the brands evolve, we work together with our creative team to extend the brands DNA to new products and/or services. We also make sure that marketing efforts stay consistent in effectively portraying the core values of the company and its unique offering.