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Leading technology marketing agency specializing in media buying, influencer marketing, public relations, search engine optimization, and more!

We are a leading technology marketing agency whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and world-recognized tech brands, including Uber, HTC, Huawei, Netflix, and more. We have been named the “epicenter of influence” by Forbes and the “leading digital agency” by Financial Times. Our marketing services are optimized and interlinked across different channels, including, social media, SEO, tech influencer marketing, content production (video and photography), events, branding, PR, and more.


Our founders are superstar influencers with over 2 million followers across their social media channels. They have been credited for building a “digital empire” by Yahoo News and have been named as one of the “top marketers” by Nasdaq. They specialize in working with tech brands to rank them number one on Google, drive their following and popularity on social media, and transform their branding through PR and top media coverage.


Our team consists of communications strategists, advertising analysts, creative content writers, and digital marketing experts. We achieved 1st Google rankings for over 18.000 competitive keywords, and our agency received over 2.3M organic impressions as a deliverable of our efforts. Our mission is to help technology brands establish a competitive advantage, capture market share from their industry rivals, and maximize their ROIs.

LEADING technology marketing agency– WHAT SETS US APART:


We work with the most influential technology YouTubers in the world. Our tech influencers include micro, macro, and celebrity Youtubers, and they help launch & promote the latest & greatest projects for our clients!


We are a premium technology marketing agency that works with top media companies, such as Forbes, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Tech Times, Hackernoon, Financial Times, CBS News, USA Today and many others. We have had the privilege to work with top journalists in promoting our client’s technologies.


We are a technology marketing agency that prides itself on being extraordinarily resourceful and creative in the way we promote our clients' technologies. From unique copy to top tier visuals, with radical ideas, we make each client’s project POP!


We increase brands’ social media presence by developing and executing strategies catered to their specific needs. We create engaging, sharable social media videos and posts that we strategically position so that they are shared, resulting in exponential reach and increased sales for brands.



Our work includes hundreds of technology marketing campaigns, social media accounts managed, and client features in top publications – for a full list of campaigns, please see OUR TECH WORK PAGE.










We produce original social media content, grow social media accounts, and transform engagement for some of the most notable tech brands.

technology marketing agency

1. Technology Marketing Agency with Focus on Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is arguably the most important marketing channel for companies today, and our team of SEO experts can drive traffic to any website or brand. What sets us apart from other agencies is that we take this well-known strength and apply it to digitally native verticals like mobile app discovery, Facebook apps, and social media.


Our digital technology experts can provide comprehensive SEO services for any company interested in growing its audience on these platforms. We also have many proprietary tools that give us an advantage over the competition when it comes to building organic reach across multiple channels.


We are a leading technology marketing agency that assists technology brands in connecting with their target audiences, improving conversions by ranking higher for thousands of relevant keywords, and driving organic search traffic. We accomplish this by offering results-driven search engine optimization solutions including well-defined keyword analysis, authority building, content modification, Google page indexing, responsive site designing, compelling CTA generation, and much more.


Our goal is to get the greatest possible organic search engine rankings for tech brands, by evaluating the potential worth of various methods of marketing. Our primary focus is on utilizing data-driven monitoring and analytic technology, and we use a variety of SEO software to help us maximize our marketing efforts.

2. Technology Marketing Agency with Focus on Mobile App Promotion and Marketing

Another crucial component of our technology offering is our expertise in mobile app promotion and marketing. Our clients receive access to a special search marketing tool that has been designed specifically for mobile developers, which allows us to expand our SEO services beyond the web and into native apps. This provides additional exposure to our clients in areas like Google Play and other app stores, while also complementing our existing campaigns.


We have a dedicated team of search and social media experts whose sole focus is bringing app clients additional organic traffic and installs, as well as the ability to analyze this data for ongoing intelligence. By utilizing high-quality mobile app advertising, we assist technology brands in creating favorable product and brand awareness. To obtain a competitive edge in the technology industry, our approach focuses on identifying the brand’s target audiences as well as the demography of competing apps in the brand’s category. For the most effective advertising campaign, we undertake a competitive study to investigate and discover essential KPIs such as CTR and CVR.


We assess marketability by running a few creative testing and calculating their IPMs, and establishing a positive internet presence to increase the client’s credibility and brand awareness. We prioritize social media management and provide our clients with content that has been updated and optimized to include relevant keywords that are important for the brand’s search engine rankings and site conversion rates. We additionally create intriguing CTAs, develop engaging icons, integrate attention-grabbing photos and videos, and deliver the best online experience for the brand’s viewers and prospects.

3. Technology Marketing Agency with Focus on Social Media Advertising

Another important benefit we can provide through our technology arm is access to social advertising capabilities that allow brands to reach bigger audiences on Facebook. Our social marketing team has developed a number of proprietary tools that allow us to create, manage, and optimally target campaigns for any app.


Our social media advertising approach was created to assist technology brands in increasing brand exposure, developing engaged communities, increasing online income by selling more items and delivering more services, and measuring brand sentiment. We assist our customers to maximize their ROIs by offering social customer care for their social media networks, promoting their products and services to target audiences, and measuring ad success. Our marketing approach includes assessing social media audiences, generating and distributing content for social media accounts, monitoring online dialogues, giving community service, and reviewing social media performance.


With our social media advertising solutions, we help brands reach a global audience, raise brand recognition, quickly communicate with existing and future clients, and much more. Through social media ad management solutions for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites, we assist technology brands in connecting directly to as many online platforms as possible.

4. Technology Marketing Company with Focus on Mobile App Store Optimization

We work with many clients who need help navigating the mobile app store optimization (ASO) landscape. Our well-respected ASO team specializes in helping clients achieve higher rankings in popular stores, which ultimately brings in additional users and revenue. We have an advanced ASO tool that aids us in tracking rankings across multiple stores, as well as many proprietary techniques that we use to help clients stay ahead of the competition.


Our ASO marketing approach includes ASO keyword optimization, which entails developing and implementing a keyword research and execution strategy to improve App Store and Google Play search results. Furthermore, we concentrate on ASO creative and conversion rate optimization, which includes experimenting with and enhancing App Store and Google Play store listing creatives including symbols, screenshots, movies, titles, and other comparable elements. Our objective is to enhance organic site traffic and app store conversion rates for our clients.


We additionally use ASO measurement, which involves determining the impact and value of various ASO methods on organic and total mobile install growth. Using expressive titles, relevant and well-researched keywords, high-quality images, and app preview videos, we increase our customers’ ASO and raise conversion rates.  We also select relevant categories, pay attention to icon design, constantly encourage good reviews, employ app store statistics, and re-evaluate and track progress.

5. Technology Marketing Agency with Focus on Integrated Marketing

The combined expertise of our technology and marketing experts can help any company take advantage of this massive trend by providing a variety of services including:

– SEO for native apps

– Search engine advertising to drive traffic to mobile sites and apps

– Facebook app promotions

– Social media advertising

– Mobile ASO tools & strategies


Content marketing, social media marketing (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others), public relations, influencer marketing, SEO, and other channels and methods are all part of our integrated marketing efforts. Our integrated marketing strategy combines various marketing channels while ensuring that we use tactics that are the best fit for our client’s marketing goals and resources. We gather and analyze client data to understand which channels are the most effective and where we should invest more resources to ensure consistency in our messaging.


Some of the key data metrics we focus on include brand visibility, website engagements, maximum engagement periods, repeated interactions, buyer journey progress, and more. Further, through our integrated marketing strategy, we provide high-quality A/B testing services to deliver several versions of a brand’s content to identify which factors, such as photos, colors, product offers, and others, have the most influence on the target audience. We also utilize marketing automation software to analyze KPIs across media platforms, engage prospects, assess ROI, and identify the most promising leads, among other things.

WHY CHOOSE Amra & Elma?

  • Search marketing: We offer clients a full suite of search engine advertising tools and strategies, including Facebook ads across multiple networks. Our search marketing approach also includes efficient PPC campaigns to help our clients increase their return on ad spend (ROAS) and meet their most important business goals. With these solutions technology brands may simplify online ad administration, enhance innovation, enhance conversion statistics, increase ROAS, and produce more quality leads and revenue.


  • Social media marketing: Our social media team works with brands that want to expand their reach through targeted campaigns on Facebook. Our social media marketing strategy includes setting relevant goals related to the technology brand’s marketing needs and target demographic. We focus on establishing the most important metrics and KPIs and creating engaging social media content including photos, videos, gifs, titles, and similar. We help make our client’s social network presence as timely as possible, improve brand awareness, and help them achieve faster and higher ROI.


  • Mobile app promotion: Amra & Elma offers a variety of services to help clients take advantage of this major trend, including search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile app store optimization (ASO). Our app store optimization approach seeks to improve the visibility of the client’s app in app stores as well as its potential to convert app store traffic into installations and users. By interacting with specific audiences and producing more organic traffic, we assist technology brands in increasing revenue and spreading positive brand recognition.


  • Technology: We utilize a number of sophisticated software tools that allow us to create, manage, and scale any campaign. For example, among other tools, we utilize user session recording software, which allows us to track each visitor to the site and collect all of the data we require. This strategy aids us in evaluating the brand’s target audience, establishing visitor demographics, and enhancing site conversions.

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Leading Technology Marketing Agency with Focus on PR and Branding

We are a technology marketing agency that amplifies brands, attracts more prospects, and pushes sales through the roof! Amra & Elma consists of an eager team of tech PR experts passionate about making things happen in the tech world. We do this by propelling brands and businesses forward through top media, tech influencers, and tech editors. Our strategy focuses on using results-driven digital marketing services to assist technology brands achieve faster and higher ROI. We have a solid track record of creating, implementing, and supervising marketing campaigns for technology brands that increase conversion rates, online revenue, and engagement.


We work directly with our clients to assist them to grow their brands and raising awareness of their unique products and services. We also assist in profiting from the rapidly evolving technology sector by leveraging our broad industry knowledge and a wide network of reputable partners. Our goal is to help technology companies grow and establish themselves in the fast-growing tech industry.


Here are some stats:


1. High client re-engagement rates

Amra & Elma has an 85 percent reengagement rating with its clients, which is top-notch for the tech PR industry. We love to see you again and again! This also means that our tech PR services are effective at generating sales, building brand awareness, and communicating the brand’s message loud and clear to the right audience of people.


2. Sales-generating tech PR campaigns

At Amra & Elma, we have built our business on creating tech PR campaigns that generate sales for our clients. We are constantly exploring new ways to introduce you to the right audience of people, build brand awareness and communicate your message loud and clear with these prospects. Our tech PR approach is continually evolving in line with new technologies, platforms, and media outlets that are now transforming the future of marketing.


3. Press-generating tech PR campaigns

Let’s face it: press coverage is vital for technology companies because you need to reach your target audience in their newsfeeds. It’s not always easy to do this, which is why we work hard at getting you featured on top-notch sites. We have a strong track record of gaining press attention, so we know what it takes to get results for our clients. Our successful public relations initiatives assist technology brands in establishing a professional identity and increasing public trust.

We help technology brands to generate positive brand interest, gain new followers and eventually increase income. The purpose of our public relations strategy is to assist our clients in developing a loyal customer base, increasing sales, attracting potential investors, and educating the public on relevant technology manners.



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Influencer Marketing Agency NYC:  our work includes influencer advertising, gifting, trips, events, meet-and-greet, and more.


What does a technology marketing agency do?

A technology marketing agency is a company that specializes in helping businesses to promote and sell their technology products and services. A technology marketing agency provides a range of marketing services such as branding, advertising, public relations, and website design and development. It also works with clients to create a marketing strategy that will help them to reach their target audience and achieve their business goals.

A technology marketing agency typically has a lot of experience in the technology industry, so it is very well-placed to help businesses to market their products and services. A technology marketing agency understands the latest trends and technologies, and it knows how to create effective marketing campaigns that will appeal to consumers. These agencies can also help businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing techniques, which can be invaluable in today’s digital age.

How to reach out to a technology marketing agency?

When looking for a technology marketing agency, it is important to find one that understands your needs and can help you reach your target audience. Before contacting any technology marketing agency, you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your marketing campaign.

The first step is to compile a list of agencies that offer the services you need. You can find a reputable technology marketing agency online, like Amra & Elma technology marketing agency, through referrals, or by searching in your local area. Once you have a list of potential agencies, it’s time to do some research.

Each technology marketing agency will likely have its marketing approach, so you’ll want to compare its services and rates before making a decision. It’s also important to read reviews from past clients to get an idea of the quality of work they can expect.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, the next step is to contact the technology marketing agency you like and ask for proposals. Most agencies will be happy to provide a proposal outlining their services and rates. Be sure to ask questions about their experience working with technology companies and what sort of results they’ve achieved in the past.

If all goes well, the technology marketing agency will be able to help you create a winning marketing campaign that will reach your target audience and boost your bottom line.

How much does a technology marketing agency cost?

A technology marketing agency can vary in price significantly. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 per month for a technology marketing agency. However, it is important to note that this price can vary depending on the size and scope of the project, as well as the experience of the technology marketing agency.

When looking for a technology marketing agency, it is important to first consider your needs and what you are looking for in a marketing partner. Once you have a good idea of what you need, you can then begin to compare pricing and services offered by different agencies.

Be sure to ask for quotes from multiple agencies and compare them closely before making a decision. Also, be sure to ask for references from past clients so that you can get an idea of the quality of work that the technology marketing agency produces.