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Influencer partnerships have been helping brands in the automotive industry drive more revenue and get a higher return on investment. Check out these 100 top car influencers you can partner with to increase your brand’s visibility.

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How Car Influencers Can Help Brands In The Auto Industry


Influencers are known to set trends. whether they’re simply showing off their new alloy wheels or sharing their experiences test-driving a brand-new Mercedes SUV, these guys have the power of Influence. If you can persuade them to try out one of your cars, their trendsetting skills can help a car brand sell more vehicles. According to research, the amount of time people spend watching “test drive” videos on YouTube has increased by more than 65 percent in the last two years. Many car buyers do not make the final decision until they’ve looked online and sought the perspective of their favorite celebrities and auto influencers about how great the car is.

The right influencers will help you interact directly with your target audience and attract people who are truly interested in your products. Jeep, Volvo, Subaru, and Ferrari are only a few of the car brands that have already found popularity with top automotive influencers. You can do the same. All you have to do now is find the best automotive influencers for your business. The influencers’ genuine voice can help a brand expand their brand’s reach and influence their target audience’s purchasing decisions. To help find an automotive influencer that can work with your brand and drive more sales, here at our top automotive marketing agency, we’ve compiled a list of the top 100 auto influencers in 2022 worth working with.


List of 100 Top Car Influencers in 2022


#1 Automotive Influencer –  Lewis Hamilton @lewishamilton (22M)


Car influencers - Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton is one of leading car influencers and one of the most well-known Formula One racers who has ever graced the track. He is well-known in the motorsports industry. As the most prolific British driver in Formula One history, Hamilton has won five World Championships, has more than 70 race victories, and thousands of career points. As a result, Hamilton has become a household name among automotive influencers. Hamilton is recognized as one of the most versatile drivers of all time, succeeding in a variety of disciplines. He’s been regarded as having an intense driving style and a natural ability to spot the car’s limitations. Hamilton is happy with levels of rear instability that most other racers would find unbearable, according to Paddy Lowe, who was once the engineering chief at McLaren. Lewis has also been noted for his ability to react to changes in vehicle setup and changing driving conditions. For the 2022 season, it is predicted that Hamilton will team up with George Russell for more great racing success.


#2 Automotive Influencer – Alex Hirschi  @supercarblondie (8.8M)


Car influencers - Alex


Alexandra a.k.a Supercar Blondie, one of the top car influencers on Instagram, came to Dubai to work as a radio jockey. However, fate and her passion for supercars compelled her to pursue producing car-related content on the internet. Before long, she rose to become one of Dubai’s first female car influencers. One of her Instagram posts about an unknown car brand named DS Automobiles gained 2.6 million views—and a flurry of questions. Alex claims to give “insight into the supercar lifestyle and what it’s like to operate these great vehicles in a light, enjoyable style.”  She also greatly expands the demography for these automobiles by being one of the few women in supercar culture. She was named one of the 50 Most Influential Influential Women in the Arab World by Arabian Business in 2018, and she was recognized as one of the Top 30 Most Influential Women in the Arab World by Arabian Business in 2019. In March 2018, she was named Influencer of the Year by Esquire Magazine Middle East. Hirschi got the Shorty Award for Breakout YouTuber in 2020. Her predicted net worth in 2022 is about $2 million.


#3 Automotive Influencer – Ken Block @kblock43 (6.5M)


car influencers


Ken Block is one of leading car influencers and is one of the most entertaining drivers around. He never gives up during a race, even when his car is on fire. He’s a five-time XG Rally Car medalist who’s become popular globally thanks to his incredible promotional efforts and savvy marketing. His Gymkhana series has been viewed over 330 million times on YouTube. As one of the top car influencers on Instagram, Ken is also one of DC Shoes’ co-founders. He’s also participated in a variety of action sports throughout the years, including skateboarding, snowboarding, and motocross. Block has turned his business attention to Hoonigan Industries, a clothing company for car enthusiasts, since relinquishing his stake in DC Shoes, although Hoonigan Racing Division and Ford Performance announced their separation after 11 years in January 2021. Block announced his return to Subaru in April of the same year, and in September, he announced a new cooperation with Audi for “joint efforts in the sphere of electric mobility.” His predicted net worth in 2022 is about $200 million.


#4 Automotive Influencer – Richard R Rawlings @gasmonkeygarage (4.6M)


Car influencers


Richard Rawlings is an entrepreneur and media star. He is the star of the reality show Fast N’ Loud. He also owns the Gas Monkey Garage, as well as the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill. Rawlings, a native of Texas, grew up with a passion for automobiles which spurred him to build a successful business around it. In 2004, Rawlings sold Lincoln Press and opened Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas. Customers from all around the world used the store to personalize antique and hot-rod cars. The business was the subject of the Discovery Channel series Fast N’ Loud from 2012 until 2020. Since 2017, Rawlings has also co-hosted the Discovery Channel series Garage Rehab, which focuses on renovating failing auto shops with co-hosts Holmes and Stephens. His Instagram account has over 2.6 million followers as of 2022, with over 3,4K posts, and he is considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram. In 2022, his net worth is expected to exceed $15 million.


#5 Automotive Influencer – Gabe @carlifestyle (4.2M)


Car influencers


Gabe Florido is one of leading car influencers who founded CarLifestyle in 2012 to showcase the best of the best in the automotive industry to the rest of the world. CarLifestyle rose to 2 million followers in just two years and has continued to expand. Gabe’s Instagram shows high-quality pictures of top-notch cars, and it counts over 4.3M followers, making Gabe one of the top car influencers on Instagram in 2022. 


#6 Automotive Influencer – Mo Vlogs @movlogs (3.7M)


Car influencers

Mohamed Beiraghdary, also known as Mo Vlogs, is one of Dubai’s Youngest YouTube millionaires. Mo’s YouTube channel, where he produces content about luxury cars and trucks, many of which he owns, is already past the ten million subscriber mark. Mo’s most famous YouTube video, in which he revealed his range of ultra-fancy and luxurious car fleet, has over 16 million views. Mohamed is also one of the top car influencers on Instagram, with over 4.4 million followers and over 1.2 thousand posts, as of 2022.  Mohamed’s most recent post, from May of 2022, showed the gorgeous inside of a fancy futuristic-looking automobile. His current predicted net worth is about $8 million.


#7 Automotive Influencer – Jeremy Clarkson  @jeremyclarkson (3.2M)


Car influencers


Jeremy Clarkson is one of leading car influencers who is also a English motoring journalist, broadcaster, and a writer. He is best known for starring alongside Richard Hammond and James May in the motoring shows Top Gear and The Grand Tour. He also contributes weekly columns to The Sun and The Sunday Times. Jeremy has extensive expertise in writing and television hosting, as well as a strong interest in the environment, engineering, and politics, among other things. In 2008, a petition to “Elect Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister” was put on the Prime Minister’s Number 10 webpage. It received 49,446 signatures by the time it ended. Jeremy was also placed 49th among the fifty most important personalities in the automotive industry, on Motor Trend Magazine’s Power List for 2011. In 2022, Jeremy Clarkson of The Grand Tour previewed new episodes of the hit TV program by sharing photos of him shooting in a freezing area while demonstrating sympathy with Ukraine. After COVID regulations made it difficult for Richard Hammond, James May, and Clarkson to film their show globally, the Amazon Prime series has been intermittently delivering feature-length specials in recent years.


#8 Automotive Influencer – Marcus Butler @marcusbutler (3.2M)


Car influencers


Marcus Butler is one of leading car influencers and a British internet celebrity who has been one of the most well-known faces in influencer marketing in recent years. Marcus started his YouTube career while still in college, posting a variety of sports-related videos. Marcus has built a successful career as a vlogger, model, and author, attracting millions of followers through his work in the public eye. Marcus appeared in an episode of the British television program Release the Hounds with his fellow YouTubers Joe Sugg and Alfie Deyes, and their episode aired in 2017.  He has appeared alongside Deyes on several episodes of Saturday Night Takeaway. Marcus competed on Celebrity MasterChef in 2016 but was eliminated in the quarterfinals. He also went on Good Morning Britain with Louise Pentland, a fellow YouTuber, to give advice on how to become a famous YouTuber. His Instagram account has over 3.9 million followers as of 2022, making him one of the top car influencers on Instagram. His current net worth is estimated to reach around $15M.


#9 Automotive Influencer – Dave Sparks @heavydsparks (3.1M)


Car influencers


Dave Sparks is an Utah-based automotive entrepreneur, custom vehicle designer, and social media personality. Dave has appeared on many TV shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and his own Discovery Channel series, Diesel Brothers. Dave is very knowledgeable about cars and his huge online following proves his opinions are helpful.


#10 Automotive Influencer – Alejandro Salomón  @salomondrin (2.7M)


Car influencers


Alejandro Salomón is one of leading car influencers and a YouTube sensation whose fascination with cars led to the development of his famous Salomondrin channel. This channel currently has over 1.6 million subscribers. Alejandro’s videos are mostly about supercars. To finance his car collecting, he worked in several professions, the most notable of these professions is real estate.


#11 Automotive Influencer – Manny Khoshbin @mannykhoshbin (2M)


Car influencers


Manny Khosbin’s garage is a work of art. Many people follow this auto Influencer to have an inside look at what it’s like to have many supercars at their disposal. His Instagram account has over 2.6 million followers and over 4.7 thousand posts as of 2022. His most recent post, which was released in May 2022 and had over 42,3K likes, is a video of a fresh new contemporary car. He is now considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram, with an estimated net worth of $80 million.


#12 Automotive Influencer – Money Kicks @rsbelhasa (1.8M)


Car influencers


Rashed Belhasa is one of leading car influencers and the creator of the famous YouTube channel Money Kicks. Rashed, who is just 17 years old, has already made it onto the list of top automotive influencers. He not only lives in luxury in Dubai thanks to his YouTube paycheck and his father’s net worth, but he also owns a fleet of some of the world’s most expensive vehicles! With over 2.1M followers as of 2022, Rashed is considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram. 


#13 Automotive Influencer – Tim Shmee @shmee150 (1.5M)


Car influencers

Tim Burton, also known as Tim Shmee, travels the globe covering exclusive events and filming some of the world’s most luxurious automobiles. Tim is a huge fan of car adventures such as road trips and car rallies. He loves filming them and making entertaining videos for his viewers. This automotive influencer started his YouTube channel in 2006 and now has over 1.7 million subscribers. With over 1.5M followers as of 2022, Tim is regarded as one of the top car influencers on Instagram.


#14 Automotive Influencer – Brian Goldstein @briangoldphd (1.4M)


Car influencers


Brian Goldstein is one of leading car influencers and a real estate investor, entrepreneur, one of the top car influencers on Instagram, and an experienced racer. Although the list goes on and on, Brian’s most notable talent is the enthusiasm with which he approaches every project he is associated with. Brian has amassed a degree of popularity that has afforded him a lifestyle that many people aspire to. He is a car enthusiast, as shown by his Instagram account.


#15 Automotive Influencer – Adam LZ @adam_lz (1.2M)


Car influencers


With over 3 million followers on YouTube and 1.2 million fans on Instagram, Adam is quite famous. This automobile fanatic is a self-proclaimed Internet sensation who confesses that he loves playing pretend racecar driver. Both his YouTube channel and Instagram account centers on cars.


#16 Automotive Influencer – James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes @donutmedia (1M)


Car influencers


Donut Media has developed into one of the most prominent players in YouTube’s automotive space since its launch in 2015. The channel produces a wide range of content, much of which revolves around automobiles and motorsport. What sets this channel apart is the way its hosts, James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes, produce content in a lighthearted and comedic manner. Today, they have a massive following on different platforms and are among the best car influencers on the net.


#17 Automotive Influencer – Jay Leno @jaylenosgarage (1M)


Car influencers


Jay Leno is well-known even among those who are not car enthusiasts. This comedian and YouTube sensation shows off some of his elite rides from his vast stable. Though Leno’s car collection is world-class, the majority of the machines featured on his channel are brought in by outside visitors and are wildly diverse in variety, with everything from elite antique racing cars to exotic motorcycles.


#18 Automotive Influencer – Mike Whiddett @madmike.123 (980K)


Car influencers


Mad Mike got his start in action sports with his high-risk antics in freestyle motocross, later taking his style to the automotive scene. Mad Mike is now a household name in New Zealand Motorsports, and worldwide, thanks to his dominance in the NZ Skidfest, which he has won five years in a row. Many car brands have collaborated with him.


#19 Automotive Influencer – Supercars of London @supercarsoflondon (911K)


Car influencers


Paul is one of leading car influencers and an auto enthusiast who began his YouTube channel while still in university. He now travels the world full-time, driving vehicles that most people can only dream of. He began by filming cars on the streets of Central London and turned this hobby into a real business.


#20 Automotive Influencer – Richard Hammond @richardhammond (892K)


Car influencers


Richard Hammond is one of the UK’s most prominent automotive media personalities after thirteen years as the host of the flagship motoring show Top Gear. Richard uses his social media site to share witty accounts of his bike and car collection. With over 1M followers as of 2022, Richard is considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram.


#21 Automotive Influencer – TJ Hunt @tjhunt (865K)


Car influencers


TJ Hunt is a car enthusiast with a strong interest in automotive culture. His experience led him to become one of the Internet’s most influential automotive influencers after launching his own YouTube channel where he covers all things automotive. TJ’s videos cover a wide variety of topics, including vehicle construction, drifting progression videos, vlogs, and automotive events.


#22 Automotive Influencer – Khyzyl Saleem @the_kyza (822K)


Car influencers


Khyzyl Saleem is one of leading automotive influencers and one of the best automotive graphic designers in the world. He’s even worked on the new Need for Speed video games. His followers love him for his breathtaking renders and daily updates on his beloved RX-7.


#23 Automotive Influencer –  Saygin Yalcin @sayginyalcin (780K)


Car influencers


Saygin is one of leading automotive influencers and the CEO of Dubai’s largest car buy and sell online store SellAnyCar. He is an entrepreneur and a car enthusiast. With over 700k Instagram followers, he has become a successful car influencer thanks to his analytical mind, business tactics, and unwavering love for automobiles. With over 960K followers as of 2022, Saygin is considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram.


#24 Automotive Influencer – Alex Choi @alex.choi (773K)


Car influencers


Alex Choi is one of leading car influencers from Sout Korea who focuses on automobiles. On his self-titled YouTube channel, he has over 590,000 subscribers. You’ll find videos about car modifications and customizations there.


#25 Automotive Influencer – Kareem Deeb @kareemdeeb (741K)


Car influencers


Kareem Deeb is one of leading car influencers from Egypt who is also a stunt driver living in Dubai full-time. Kareem is a well-known YouTuber and Instagram influencer. And his supercar and stunt driving videos are a sight to behold for any supercar enthusiast!


#26 Automotive Influencer – Magnus Walker @magnuswalker (739K)


Car influencers


Magnus is an automobile influencer who enjoys traveling. He had a fascination with Porsche since he was a kid. As a result, he began collecting antique Porsche 911 models and customizing them. Magnus Walker’s YouTube channel, where he shows viewers his Porsche customizations and other automotive adventures, now has over 33K subscribers.


#27 Automotive Influencer – Vaughn Gittin Jr. @vaughngittinjr (708K)


Car influencers


Vaughn Gittin Jr. is a self-taught but experienced drifter from Maryland. He is best known for driving his 1,200 horsepower Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR in Formula Drift. Vaughn’s legendary Mustang is one of the sport’s most recognizable vehicles. Plus, he’s entertaining to watch and has a sizable online following.


#28 Automotive Influencer – Chris Harris on Cars @harrismonkey (707K)


Car influencers


Chris Harris is one of Top Gear’s presenters. His YouTube channel, which he co-founded with Neil Carey, reviews the latest cars on the track, with “no respect for tire durability,” as he puts it. With over 768K followers as of 2022, Chris is also considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram.


#29 Automotive Influencer – Mike Finnegan @finnegan999 (702K)


Car influencers


Mike Finnegan’s attributes can wear you down. This all-rounder is a self-taught engine maker, fabricator, and hot rod builder with excellent snowboarding, wakeboarding, and boat racing expertise. Finnegan also has his own YouTube channel, “Finnegan’s Garage,” where he posts videos of his garage, and his activities, and gives car-related advice.


#30 Automotive Influencer – Ryan Tuerck @ryantuerck (667K)


Car influencers


Ryan “Hampshaa” Tuerck is one of leading automotive influencers, a rising social media star and a budding champion. The driver has a virtual fanbase of over a million followers thanks to his charm, loyalty to the sport’s grassroots, and talent in front of the camera.


#31 Automotive Influencer – Mighty Car Mods @mightycarmods (563K)


Car influencers


Mighty Car Mods is a YouTube channel run by MOOG and Marty, two gearhead friends. In 2007, Marty and his partner started working out of Marty’s mother’s driveway, making videos for their high-octane, low-budget automotive designs. Since then, the Sydney-based YouTubers have taken on more active builds and now boasts of a resume that includes collaborating with the production team of various Hollywood blockbusters.


#32 Automotive Influencer – Larry Chen @larry_chen_foto (546K)


Car influencers


Larry Chen is a Los Angeles-based car culture and commercial automotive photographer. His work has appeared on the covers of magazines such as Hot Rod, 000, and SuperStreet, among others. And he is best known for his collaborations with the Hoonigans. With over 649K followers as of 2022, Larry is also considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram, and his current estimated net worth reaches around $14M. 


#33 Automotive Influencer – Alex Penfold @alexpenfold (542K)


Car influencers


Alex Penfold is one of leading car influencers from London. He is also a photographer who has made it his life’s goal to shoot as many exotic classic cars in everyday use as he can.


#34 Automotive Influencer – Emelia Hartford @ms.emelia (540K)


Car influencers


Emelia Hartford astonishes her fans every week on her YouTube channel, where she designs and races cars. She dismantles salvaged vehicles and rebuilds them into brand new ones. With over 880K followers as of 2022, Emelia is also considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram, and her current estimated net worth reaches around $64M. 


#35 Automotive Influencer – Chris Forsberg @chrisforsberg64 (496K)


Car influencers


Chris Forsberg is one of leading car influencers and his most notable achievement came in 2009 when he won the Formula Drift and Triple Crown Championships. He finished first in the Formula Drift Round in 2014. His consistent performance has earned him the title of one of the most successful drivers and automotive influencers in Formula Drift history.


#36 Automotive Influencer – Sophia Floersch @sophiafloersch (455K)


Car influencers


Sophia Floersch is a racer and a mid-tier influencer from Germany. She mostly communicates in English, even though 42 percent of her audience is German. Sophia is only 19 but she is extremely accomplished. She is a car enthusiast and her Instagram page proves that.


#37 Automotive Influencer – Alex Vega @theautofirm (445K)


Car influencers


Alex Vega is a Miami native. He is the owner of “The Auto Firm,” one of the largest custom shops in the industry that caters to those who want to customize their vehicle. Alex is well-known in the film industry as a chief designer, which is why elite athletes and world-famous celebrities consider him the go-to guy for all their automotive needs.


#38 Automotive Influencer – Diana Marks @dianamarksofficial (437K)


Car influencers


Diana Marks, who runs the iconic blog LA By Diana, is a prolific fashion blogger, one of top car influencers, and an actress. She includes style, cars, and fashion in her posts. But mostly, she is known for fusing high-end designers with budget-friendly labels. With over 425K followers as of 2022, Diana is also considered one of the top car influencers on Instagram, and her current estimated net worth reaches around $18M. Diana’s most recent Instagram post was uploaded in May 2022, and it shows her relaxing on the beach near the Caribbean Sea on the Belizean coast.


#39 Automotive Influencer – Mike @streetspeed717 (433K)


Car influencers


Mike is a YouTuber, one of the top car influencers on Instagram, and an influencer in the automotive industry. In 2015, he started the Street Speed 717 YouTube channel where he posts car review videos. He also collaborates with other car enthusiasts such as Tony Sowers to make videos.


#40 Automotive Influencer – Sonja Reid @omgitsfirefoxx (411K)


Car influencers


Reid, who goes by the online handle Omgitsfirefoxx, was born in Canada. She began live-streaming on the gaming website Twitch in 2013. She also uploaded highlights to YouTube, where she quickly grew a sizable following, resulting in collaborations with Audi, Syfy, and Intel. She is brushing up on her acting skills in the hopes of taking her talents mainstream.


#41 Automotive Influencer – Kasia Reviews @queenofsupercars (401K)


Car influencers


Kasia, a Lambo Girl, and Boss Lady is one of the top female car influencers in the world. Kasia’s social media sites are dedicated to all things automotive. Her Instagram feed features top-notch supercars.


#42 Automotive Influencer – DDE @damonfryer (386K)


Car influencers


Damon Fryer isn’t your typical exotic car enthusiast. He exudes a contagious passion for high-end automobiles, as well as a firm conviction that automobiles are designed to be driven and enjoyed. As a result, he’s built a one-of-a-kind YouTube channel dedicated to the everyday use and ownership of exotic vehicles.


#43 Automotive Influencer – Dennis Collins @thedenniscollins (381K)


Car influencers


Dennis Collins is an American entrepreneur and one of the world’s most knowledgeable car lovers. He is the owner of ‘Collins Brothers Jeep,’ a long-running shop that specializes in Jeep repair. He became popular after appearing on the reality television show Fast N’ Loud.


#44 Automotive Influencer – Paul Wallace @wallacepjw (369K)


Car influencers


The brain behind the iconic channel “Supercars of London,” Paul Wallace, has been at the forefront of automotive influencer marketing for years. Since his very first YouTube video in 2006, Paul has earned over 200 million views on that platform alone. today, Paul’s YouTube has become the go-to destination for lovers of supercars and is amongst the 5 most popular car vlogs in the world.


#45 Automotive Influencer – James  William Walker @mrJWW (352K)


Car influencers


Mr. JWW is one of the most well-known faces in automotive influencer marketing. His versatility has helped him develop himself in the digital world as a professional vlogger, driver, car expert, blogger, presenter, and video maker. His website has become a sanctuary for a global legion of vehicle enthusiasts, while his library of engaging content continues to grow.


#46 Automotive Influencer – JDM Ridez @jdm.ridez (345K)  


Car influencers


JDM has one of the largest and most active Instagram audiences in the automotive industry. The quality and content of their action-inspired photography are what draw followers. Their Instagram account is full of photos of high-performance sports cars that get followers excited, making them one of the top car influencers on Instagram. 


#47 Automotive Influencer – Jake Pauls Whipz @jakes.garage (344K)


Car influencers


Jake Joseph Paul is an internet celebrity, singer, rapper, and professional boxer from the United States. Apart from his personal page which has over 15M followers, Jake has an Instagram account where he posts pictures of his car collection, adventures, and upgrades, and is one of the top car influencers on Instagram. 


#48 Automotive Influencer – Dave Coulter @dave_dde (339K)


Car influencers


Dave rose to fame through his co-host status in the famous Daily Driven Exotics YouTube channel. He has garnered millions of views through autovlogging in supercars, as well as through racing and stunt entries


#49 Automotive Influencer – Doug DeMuro @dougdemuro (334K)


Car influencers


Doug DeMuro is a gearhead, a blogger, a YouTuber, and an entrepreneur. Before becoming an automotive journalist, DeMuro worked for Porsche. Today, this automobile content developer uses his experience in the auto industry to create entertaining and informative reviews.


#50 Automotive Influencer – Dan @diwd_official (322K)


Car influencers


Dan is a motor vlogger and an automotive influencer. He makes vlogs to show his 1M + YouTube subscribers his motorcycle riding adventures. He is also popular on Instagram, where he has a sizable following.


#51 Automotive Influencer – Sam Fane @seenthroughglass (306K)


automotive influencers


Sam Fane had a dream of traveling the globe in search of the best vehicles. So, he started a YouTube channel where he documented his car filming escapes and adventures. Sam’s online projects have provided him with a lucrative career as a car Influencer and entrepreneur.


#52 Automotive Influencer – Grayson Miller @go (299K)


automotive influencers


Grayson’s “Go” Instagram account has made him a social media celebrity. He is well-known for his supercar photo blogging, which often includes candid racing shots, and is regarded one of the top car influencers on Instagram. 


#53 Automotive Influencer – Matt Farah @thesmokingtire (288K)


automotive influencers


 Filmmaker and automotive influencer Matt Farah hosts The Smoking Tire podcast, a weekly radio show about the car industry that holds for 90 minutes. In the podcast, Matt talks about his behind-the-scenes experiences testing vehicles. He also runs a YouTube channel that showcases car adventures.


#54 Automotive Influencer – Dustin Williams @dustiinw (273K)


automotive influencers


Dustin William is an automotive YouTuber who recorded every step of how he built his 2015 Subaru WRX. By including part reviews, car features, event coverage, and behind-the-scenes videos in his post, he was able to gain 500,000 subscribers.


#55 Automotive Influencer – Seb Delanney @sebdelanney  (269K)


automotive influencers


Seb Delaney’s passion lies with cars. He also loves to document his adventure and travel stories with his followers. This is why the French automotive influencer launched his YouTube channel where he puts out videos concerning cars. So far, he has gained over 60K subscribers.


#56 Automotive Influencer – David Patterson @thatdudeinblue (265K)


automotive influencers


David is an automotive influencer, gamer, and automobile enthusiast who runs the ThatDudeinBlue YouTube channel. This automotive influencer discusses his thoughts on various vehicles and reviews new cars in his YouTube videos.


#57 Automotive Influencer – Rob Dahm @robdahm (262K)


automotive influencers


Rob Dahm is an entrepreneur, sports car expert, and famous YouTuber. He owns a 7-figure empire called “Computer Works Inc.” this company provides IT solutions and services to small businesses. Rob has immense knowledge of cars and he leverages his YouTube channel to showcase his auto adventures.


#58 Automotive Influencer – Edmond Barseghian @edmond_mondi (261K)


automotive influencers


Edmond Barseghian calls himself an entrepreneur by day and a racecar driver by night. Through his social platforms, Edmond shares his lifestyle and adventures as a racecar driver.


#59 Automotive Influencer – Zaid Al Kilani @zaidzilla (247K)


automotive influencers


Zaid Al Kilani, known on social media as Zaid Zilla, rides to work in a supercar! You could call his Instagram account an online Audi showroom, making Zaid one of the top car influencers on Instagram ever. Zaid owns a luxurious fleet of Audi vehicles from virtually every year’s model.


#60 Automotive Influencer – Krispy @krispy (241K)


automotive influencers


Chris Petruccio a.k.a Krispy began his YouTube career in 2012 by reviewing Apple products. He quickly discovered his passion for video production and gradually developed an interest in the automotive industry. This car influencer now travels the globe to attend and film numerous car shows.


#61 Automotive Influencer – Tavarish @therealtavarish (225K)


automotive influencers


Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez, is a popular automotive journalist and Jalopnik contributor. He also has a hugely popular YouTube channel. Tavarish’s videos often show him buying junk luxury vehicles,  fixing them, and flipping them.


#62 Automotive Influencer – Illuminate Randy Truong @illiminate (214K)


automotive influencers


Illuminate is popular for his contributions to the Illiminate YouTube channel. He’s also well-known on Instagram, where he has over 200K followers thanks to his car photos, making him one of the top car influencers on Instagram. 


#63 Automotive Influencer – Jimmy Oakes @jimmyoakes (209K)


automotive influencers


Jimmy Oakes, one of the top car influencers on Instagram, has gathered a massive following on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Jimmy is popular for his YouTube channel, where he posts automotive tutorials. He has amassed more than 300K subscribers there.


#64 Automotive Influencer – Archie Hamilton @archiehamiltonracing (204K)


Automotive influencers


Archie Hamilton is both a professional racing car driver and a popular automotive influencer. Archie has established himself as an expert on supercars, vintage cars, and other cars. His YouTube channel features a wide range of video content aimed at piquing the interest of automotive enthusiasts.


#65 Automotive Influencer – Lenny Howlett @lenny.urban (192K)


Automotive influencers


Lenny Howlett has worked in the automotive industry for many years and knows everything there is to know about automobiles. As such, he shares insights about the automotive industry with his Instagram fans.


#66 Automotive Influencer – Evan Shanks @evanshanks (187K)


Automotive influencers


Evan Shanks is a YouTuber who focuses on cars. He has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs about different aspects of automobiles. His channel has more than 330,000 subscribers.


#67 Automotive Influencer – Sophia Calate @sophiacalate (169K)


Automotive influencers


Sophia is a German lady who does not only create amazing automotive material, but also owns a Porsche GT3, a Golf GTI Clubsport, and other nice cars.


#68 Automotive Influencer – Carina Lima @carinalima_racing (160K)


Automotive influencers


Carina is a prominent racing driver. She has a passion for unusual cars which is why it’s not surprising that she owns a Koenigsegg Agera One. And yes, she’s got a huge fanbase on Instagram too, making her one of the top car influencers on Instagram. 


#69 Automotive Influencer – Amy Shore Photography @amyshorephotography (144K)


automotive influencers


Being a photographer, Amy covers events, usually in the United Kingdom. Amy is quite good at her job. She’s the newest brand ambassador for Nikon. Her gritty, fine-tuned reporting style has gained her a global following, and she now works with some of the coolest automakers.


#70 Automotive Influencer – Abbie Eaton @abbieeaton44 (134K)


automotive influencers


As the Grand Tour’s test driver, Abbie Eaton races around London. She’s a racecar coach and performance driving instructor who’s been in fast cars with her father Paul Eaton since she was ten years old.


#71 Automotive Influencer – Son Nguyen @its.sonnyy (132K)


automotive influencers


Instagram star Son Nguyen uses his platforms to showcase upscale and fast cars. Son has a thriving YouTube channel.


#72 Automotive Influencer – Brandon Woyshnis (130K)


automotive influencers


Brandon Woyshnis is a self-taught videographer and photographer who specializes in automobiles. In his early days, he would attend car shows with an inexpensive SLR. Through hard work, Brandon has secured his place in the automotive photography terrain, especially now that he’s shot a slew of exotics and incredible cars.


#73 Automotive Influencer – Mark Riccioni  @mark_scenemedia (130K)


automotive influencers


Mark is a self-described photographer. He is also an avid car buyer. Those who love beautiful cars, brilliantly photographed will find his Instagram feed rich.


#74 Automotive Influencer – Becky Evans @queenb (127K)


automotive influencers


Becky Evans, a British influencer, is fascinated with cars and has made a career out of it. Becky has already spent two decades in the automotive industry, although she is just 26 years old. Her impressive social media career has landed her a collaboration with Redbull as well as a role as the host of the online show Drift Queen.


#75 Automotive Influencer – Mickey Andrade @mickeyandrade (107K)


automotive influencers


Mickey Andrade, an Instagram sensation, has made a career out of his passion for automobiles. His Instagram account, mickeyandrade, has over 100,000 followers, making him one of the top car influencers on Instagram, and he has raced with a Red Bull-sponsored team.


#76 Automotive Influencer – Dray @drivewithdray (106K)


automotive influencers


Dray is a car lover, but he’s especially fond of exotic vehicles. He’s also a manufacturer, an investor, and a businessman. Dray’s Instagram feed is full of amazing car pictures because he enjoys combining his passion for cars with photography.


#77 Automotive Influencer – Aldric @aldric_a (103K)




Aldric specializes in photographing automobiles. His entire Instagram account is dedicated to pictures of the best supercars in Dubai. There isn’t a single photo on his feed that’s not beautiful. It’s no surprise over 100k people follow him.


#78 Automotive Influencer – Emma Walsh @missemmawalsh (86K)


automotive influencers


The blonde bombshell from South Africa, Emma Walsh is currently living in the United Kingdom. She’s popular as a content creation queen in both the automotive and fitness industries.


#79 Automotive Influencer – Ben Hartnett @hartnettmedia (85.9K)


Ben Hartnett


Ben is a car photographer, and filmmaker based in Melbourne. The 24-year-old also doubles as an editor who is passionate about creating entertaining and exciting car content for people of all ages.


#80 Automotive Influencer – VINwiki @vinwiki_official (77.9k)


automotive influencers


The famous “VINwiki” channel is managed by Ed Bolian. VINwiki shows fans car stories from notable figures in the Motorsport world, including pro drivers, exotics dealers, and custom builders. Ed is a Cannonball Run Challenge record holder, a former Lamborghini dealer, and an expert in automobiles.


#81 Automotive Influencer – Rob Ferretti @robferretti (76.1K)


automotive influencers


Rob Ferretti is one of leading car influencers and a fan of luxurious, sleek, and fast automobiles. This automotive influencer owns a fleet of high-end exotic cars worth millions of dollars. He is the Co-Founder of “Gotham Dream cars,” a multimillion-dollar business that rents out luxury cars.


#82 Automotive Influencer – Marcel Lech @marcel_lech (75.4K)


Marcel Lech


Marcel Lech is one of leading car influencers who has made a career out of photographing exotic vehicles. He has 1.9 million Facebook fans who drool over his most recent photos.


#83 Automotive Influencer – Sai Yerraguntla @hey_sai_y (71.8K)


Sai Yerraguntla


As her Instagram bio confirms, sai is a troublemaker and supercar vlogger. She produces and posts great content about automobiles. She has a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and a Mercedes-AMG C63 S, which adds to her image as a top auto Influencer.


#84 Automotive Influencer – Zwingfilms @zwing (64.3K)


Zach Wingfield


Zach Wingfield, an American automotive commercial filmmaker, rose to prominence after starting his Zwingfilms YouTube channel. He uploads car build videos, how-to videos, drift clips, and rally material so his 60k subscribers can learn.


#85 Automotive Influencer – Ralphgilles @Ralphgilles (62.6K)


Ralph Gilles


Ralph Victor Gilles is one of leading car influencers and a car designer who is an executive of a Canadian and an American descent. Before being promoted to Head of Design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in April 2015, Gilles was President and CEO of Chrysler’s SRT brand and Senior Vice President of Design at Chrysler.


#86 Automotive Influencer – Troy Sowers @troysowers (48.9K)


Troy Sowers


Troy is an automotive influencer fascinated by aircraft, motorcycles, automobiles, and basically everything that you can drive. He often puts out entertaining content about muscle cars, tuner cars, exotic automobiles. He gives tips and tricks, and also creates how-to tutorials.


#87 Automotive Influencer –  John Ludwick @john.ludwick (47.3K)


John Ludwick


John Ludwick Jr. is one of leading car influencers and the owner of “Night Lazer,” a company that specializes in bespoke laser cutting and engraving accessories. John was once a professional BMX rider, but now, he hosts a podcast and owns a car club called “The Governors Club,”.


#88 Automotive Influencer – Kyle Lindsey @saabkyle04llc (46.6K)


Kyle Lindsey


Kyle Lindsey is one of leading car influencers who spent much of his childhood at his father’s car dealership, which sparked his interest in cars. That’s how, in 2007, he launched his YouTube channel, Saabkyle04, and rose to prominence as an automotive influencer. His YouTube channel has over 1.2 million followers.


#89 Automotive Influencer – The Intercooler @theintercooler (46.3K)




The Intercooler is an Instagram automotive magazine that is run by motoring journalists Andrew Frankel and Dan Prosser. In this space, you’ll find adult-written stories, powerful views, and features like “motorsport’s greatest flounces”.


#90 Automotive Influencer – Renz Dimaandal @renz.jpg (46.3K) 


renz dimaandal


Renz Dimaandal, an Associate Photographer at MotorTrend Group, is a top Instagram influencer and one of the top car influencers on Instagram, with a sizable following and interaction rate on the platform.


#91 Automotive Influencer –  Scotty Kilmer @scotty_the_mechanic (44K)


Scotty Kilmer


Scotty Kilmer is YouTube’s most famous mechanic, providing his fans with genuine and entertaining car videos.


#92 Automotive Influencer –  Jonny Smith @jonnycarpervert (36.8K)


Jonny Smith


Apart from being a car journalist, Jonny Smith is also the presenter of the “fullychargedshow.” Through this electric car YouTube show and his Instagram account, Jonny provides down-to-earth car info, which is usually a summary of his latest projects.


#93 Automotive Influencer –  Lady Driven America @ladydrivenamerica (33.8K)




Lady Driven America shares posts from women all over the world who are loving their cars! This Instagram page is dedicated to females and their automobiles, whether they be racing stars, vintage car owners, track day newbies, or drift enthusiasts.


#94 Automotive Influencer – Damen Knight @filthyrake (28K)


Damen Knight


Damen Knight is an automotive influencer and a YouTuber. On his social media accounts, he shares genuine car reviews and stunning images.


#95 Automotive Influencer –  Carlie Thelwell Photography @carliethelwellphotography (20.9K)


Carlir Thelwell


Carlie is one of leading car influencers who started her social media platforms to exploit her automotive adventures as a fun side project and to provide her fans with interesting and exclusive material. She takes her fans on a trip to the behind-the-scenes of her work at some of the best vintage car events. Her pictures from the Goodwood Revival are breathtaking, and they capture the essence of what makes owning and racing a classic so special.


#96 Automotive Influencer –  Patrice Banks @girlsautoclinic (19.8K)




Patrice Banks is the founder and CEO of Girl’s Auto Clinic and one of leading car influencers. She aims to encourage women to fix their vehicles. She currently has over 19k followers on Instagram.


#97 Automotive Influencer –  Michael Oz @leasegod (16.1K)


Michael OZ


Instagram wizard, Micheal Oz, is surrounded by cars that many people can only drive in their dreams. As the owner of Oz Exotics, Michael is an inspiration to those who adore automobiles, luxury, and glitz.


#98 Automotive Influencer –  Jude @judeonsupercars (12.3K)




Jude is a UK-based automotive influencer. Though her YouTube channel is quite new, she has access to a variety of exclusive vehicles.


#99 Automotive Influencer – Jennifer Alvarado @Integress (6.6K)


Jennifer Alvarado


Jenn Alvarado a.k.a Integress is a top female car enthusiast from California. She and her Batmobile-themed Lexus can be found on YouTube. Alvarado is known for dressing up as Harley Quinn and reviews cars.


#100 Automotive Influencer –  Melissa Harville-Lebron @melissaharvillelebron (3.6K)


Melissa Lebron


Melissa Harville-Lebron is one of leading car influencers and recently became the first Black woman to own a NASCAR team. This  New York native started her career in the entertainment industry before discovering her passion for motorsports. She jumped into the supercar industry vigorously after realizing it was lucrative and in need of some diversification and inclusion.


The Future of Automotive Influencers


If you’ve been in the game for a while or are just getting started as a car and automobile brand, there’s no denying that the importance of car influencers has grown. The automobile market is one of the most competitive today. Meanwhile, when it comes to making purchasing decisions, millennials believe influencers just as much as they believe their friends or neighbors.

Worse still, only about 1% of these buyers believe conventional commercials, while 33% believe influencer feedback on YouTube and blogs. As such you’ll need every advantage and strategy you can get to outmaneuver your competitors. As technology and the internet grow, so will automotive influential marketing. Using this latest marketing initiative will not only allow you to compete favorably in your industry, but it will also allow you to increase your profit margins.