Top Fashion Influencers 2024


Curious about the 100 top fashion influencers to follow in 2024? Here at our top fashion marketing agency, we have gathered a list of top style influencers to follow in 2024 who are on the forefront of the latest trends. These fashionistas no longer just serve as a reference point in the latest designs one should be wearing, some of them have launched and built their own fashion power houses.

Caro Daur, one of the 100 top fashion influencers is well known for her street style. 

The Impact of 150 Top Instagram Fashion Influencers in 2024

Influencer marketing has exploded in the fashion space! According to Business Insider, brands are getting ready to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2024. Furthermore, the study has found that for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, businesses are likely to generate $6.50 in revenue. The number of influencers is also growing at a CAGR of 30.6% from the year 2019 until 2025, and it is predicted to reach the size of $26.4billion by 2025.

Top fashion influencers (and leading influencers from other industries alike) have the ability to not only reach millions of target consumers but also tell unique stories about brands and their products. This makes them exceptionally attractive for companies who are looking to stand out in an extremely competitive market (see A&E case study detailing a 400% increase in foot traffic as a result of influencer campaigns).

Fashion influencers serve as a reference point for what is latest and trending when it comes to design and style. Many of them also work directly with leading fashion powerhouses such as LVMH and are often contracted as brand ambassadors. Other times, fashion influencers collaborate creatively with their favorite designers and showcase pieces in a form of editorial shoots – they are gifted pieces for styling and event purposes. For example, some top sock brands like Colorful Socks photograph their entire campaigns around influencer street style.

Whether you are a social media agency, influencer agency, a brand, a digital public relations agency, or simply curious about the top social media influencers in the category of fashion, read on to discover our leading 150 top fashion influencers that you should be following in 2024.

Bryan Yambao, i.e. “Bryan Boy,” one of top fashion influencers 


List of 150 Top Fashion Influencers to Follow in 2024


1. Cole Sprouse @colesprouse (32.4 million)


Cole Sprouse is not just a leading actor and photographer but also a prominent fashion influencer, recognized for his diverse talents and evolving style. While he gained fame for his roles in Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Riverdale, Cole has recently garnered attention for his Western-inspired fashion choices, earning him the title of “Emerging Style Icon” by GQ in 2018. His collaboration with Versace in 2022 sparked headlines when it was revealed that the fashion house opted to shave his nipples for a promotional shot featuring their new eyewear capsule collection, which premiered on Tuesday, Feb. 8. In September 2023, Cole made waves at the JW Anderson show in London, reviving “dad style” with a twist. His ensemble, reminiscent of middle-aged men with families and a penchant for basketball, featured an untucked pale blue shirt, seriously baggy jeans trailing on the floor, and an oversized blazer with exposed stitching. Despite its seemingly ordinary inspiration, Cole effortlessly turned heads with his modern take on classic American Dad attire, proving once again his knack for setting trends and pushing boundaries in the world of fashion.


Cole Sprouse - Top Fashion Influencers



2. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni (29.3 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Chiara Ferragni, a renowned fashion influencer and style icon, has not only left an indelible mark on the fashion industry but has also ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of her own clothing line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection. Over the past decade, her passion for styling and her widespread popularity have solidified her position as one of the top fashion influencers globally. Collaborating with major fashion houses such as LVMH, Giambattista Valli, Chanel, and Dior, Chiara has demonstrated her creative prowess and industry influence. With a staggering following of over 29 million on Instagram, she stands as one of the top Instagram influencers, shaping trends and setting standards in the digital sphere.

During Paris Fashion Week, Chiara Ferragni and her sister, Valentina, made a striking mod ’60s statement at Dior’s Spring 2022 haute couture show, alongside notable celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Rosamund Pike, and Claire Foy in the front row. Beyond her influence in the fashion world, Ms. Ferragni is a multifaceted digital entrepreneur, heading her production agency and starring in her Prime Video series. Despite her glamorous facade and immense success, Chiara faces challenges and complexities in her life, showcasing the realities behind the polished exterior. Her journey from fashion blogging to self-branding exemplifies her evolution as a cultural icon, blending personal narratives with professional endeavors seamlessly. With her keen eye for style and unwavering dedication, Chiara Ferragni continues to shape the landscape of fashion and digital entrepreneurship, inspiring millions around the globe.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024



3. Camila Coelho @camilacoelho (10 million)


Camila Coelho, a prominent fashion influencer and designer based in Miami, hails from Brazil and stands as one of the top fashion Instagram influencers globally. With her unique blend of Brazilian flair and American influence, she has solidified her presence in the fashion industry. Camila’s journey to stardom includes exclusive appearances on red carpets such as the MET Gala in 2019, where she graced the event with DVF, and collaborations with renowned fashion houses like Dior and Tory Burch, showcasing her impeccable style and industry expertise. Beyond her fashion endeavors, Camila Coelho has taken on a meaningful role as an END EPILEPSY ambassador, using her platform to advocate for change and break the stigma surrounding neurological disorders. Her commitment to raising awareness reflects her dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of fashion.

Camila’s rise to prominence began humbly, working at the Dior cosmetics counter at a local Macy’s and sharing makeup tutorials on YouTube to stay connected with her roots in Brazil. Her videos resonated with audiences globally, amassing a loyal following of 12 million across her social media platforms. Today, Camila expands her influence through her eponymous brand of vibrant, bold dresses in partnership with Revolve, as well as her beauty brand, Elaluz. Together, her ventures have achieved remarkable success, generating over $10 million in sales in 2021 alone.

Camila Coelho’s journey epitomizes the modern-day fashion influencer, seamlessly blending entrepreneurship, advocacy, and style to inspire millions around the world. Her trajectory serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and purpose in shaping a lasting legacy in the fashion industry and beyond.


Top Fashion Influencer


4. Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad (5.8 million)


Born in America, Lauren gained fame through the famous TV show “Laguna Beach.” Today she is a style influencer, a designer, one of the top fashion influencers in the world, and an author. She launched the LC Lauren Conrad collection with Kohls in 2009 and has been working with the brand ever since.  Lauren is also a founder of Paper Crown and the co-founder of the fair trade online store The Little Market. Lauren Conrad’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million in 2024. She was formerly the highest-paid reality personality, in addition to owning incredibly successful fashion brands like LC Lauren Conrad with Kohl’s, which is still prospering. Lauren Conrad is a New York Times bestselling novelist with nine books under her belt.


Top Fashion Influencers - Lauren Conrad


5. Aimee Song @aimeesong (6.3 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Aimee Song is a Los Angeles-based fashion influencer who first designed collab — with Gentle Monster sunglasses in 2017 — and sold out in under 22 minutes. She is the author of the best-seller  “Capture Your Style.” She has designed her own collection of jewelry that included bracelets, and it was sold in Bloomingdales. Her recent collection for Revolve has been the brand’s biggest launch to date.


Top Fashion Influencers- Aimee Song


6. Negin Mirsalehi @negin_mirsalehi (7 million)


Negin is a Dutch fashion influencer with over 7 million followers on Instagram and over 326,000 YouTube subscribers, making her also one of the top fashion influencers in the world. She has worked with some of the most notable fashion, including her partnership with Express x Negin Mirsalehi. Negin is also the founder of Gisou Honey, and Infused Hair Oil an exclusive oil-enriched made with honey from the Mirsalehi bee garden. Negin has collaborated with large brands such as Cartier as one of the top fashion influencers. Negin has also been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list of the most promising young entrepreneurs, and she and her partner Maurits Stibbe had their first child in 2022.


Top Fashion Influencers - Negin Mirsalehi


7. Julie Sariñana @sincerelyjules (6.6 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Julie launched her blog in 2009 to inspire women around the world, and today she is considered one of the top “OG” lifestyle influencers with a focus on fashion, travel, and beauty.  In 2019, Julie launched a collaboration with surf-inspired Australian lifestyle and apparel brand Billabong. It was one of the brand’s biggest and most successful collaborations in Billabong women’s history. According to Forbes, the collection was sold in 185+ retailers, including Nordstrom and Selfridges, and there was a 50% sell-through on in the first week. Julie Sarinana, a fashion and lifestyle influencer located in Los Angeles, is thrilled to be releasing yet another fan-favorite collection in the Sincerely Jules for BANDIER series. The redesigned fall capsule is the third collection to be released in 2021. will sell all of the parts.


Top Fashion Influencers- Julie Sariñana


8. Olivia Palermo @oliviapalermo (7 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Olivia is one of the top fashion influencers based in New York City. She began her career in fashion as a part of MTV’s television show, The City. While on the show, she worked with Diane von Fürstenberg and later in the accessories department for Elle magazine. The New York Post has named Palermo as one of the best dressed New Yorkers of Page Six. Being one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, Olivia has graced the covers of some of the most notable fashion magazines, including Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Elle, Flare, Marie Claire, Arcadia, Lucky, Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, L’Officiel, Tatler and Stella. At Paris Fashion Week, Olivia Palermo wore her most daring ensemble yet, and Cher Horowitz would certainly approve. Palermo departed Dior’s Fall 2022 fashion show in a yellow and black plaid suit, as seen in the movie “Clueless.” A knee-length skirt in a broad design added a current, fashionable touch to the ensemble. Palermo accessorized her jacket with a bright pink turtleneck and black top, as well as a matching pink purse.


Top Fashion Influencers - Olivia Palermo


9. Alexa Chung @alexachung (5 Million Followers)


A leading style influencer, one of the top fashion influencers in the world, and a socialite, Alexa has worked as a television presenter, fashion designer, and model. In May 2017 she launched her eponymous label, now available on Matches and Net-a-Porter. She has also had a longstanding collaboration with AG Jeans since 2015. PJ Harvey, Ian Brown, and Alexa Chung’s mother all influenced Alexa Chung’s latest Barbour collection. Chung’s fashion collections have always been inspired by music, but her latest Barbour edit in 2022 has led her to the complete pinnacle: Glastonbury.


Top Fashion Influencers- Alexa Chung


10. Karen Wazen Bakhazi @karenwazen (7.3 million)


Karen is a popular Middle Eastern fashion influencer and a founder of Karen Wazen Eyewear. She has been featured on some covers of some of the most notable fashion magazines including Grazia and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Karen Wazen teamed up once again in 2022 with her influencer friend Madiyah Al Sharqi, on a whimsical, modern summer collection. Following the success of their first collaboration, a 28-piece capsule, the Lebanese entrepreneur and Emirati designer’s latest offering is a natural progression of their respective tastes.


Top Fashion Influencers- Karen Wazen


11. Caroline Daur @carodaur (3.6 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Caroline is a fashion influencer from Germany. She has collaborated with some of the most well-known fashion brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Dior, and more.


Top Fashion Influencers- Caro Daur

12. Leonie Hanne @leoniehanne (4.2M)


Leonie Hanne is a German-born fashion influencer known for her globe-trotting style. Currently residing in London, Leonie’s passion for styling has been noticed worldwide with L’Officiel Arabia naming her as one of the “most sought-after voices in the fashion industry.”


Top Fashion Influencers- Leonie Hanne


13. Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat (2.8 Million Followers)


Daniella is the founder of a leading fashion blog and brand WeWoreWhat. As one of the top style influencers, she is known to her followers for posting unique NYC street style looks. Danielle is now considered one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, and has collaborated with many brands and launched her own fashion lines, including Second Skin Overalls and Onia. She was placed on the Forbes “30 under 30” list in 2017. In 2022, Danielle Bernstein, the big influencer behind fashion blog and brand WeWoreWhat, launched a new rewards card in collaboration with the payment and rewards platform Imprint. Cardholders can earn 10% cash back at WeWoreWhat, 5% at partner brands, and 1% anywhere else when they use the card. Rewards are available right now and can be redeemed across all partner brands. Cardholders also have access to a curated list of restaurants and retailers.


Top Fashion Influencers- Danielle Bernstein


14. Lena Perminova @lenaperminova (2.4 million)


Elena Perminova is a Russian fashion influencer and a top model who has worked with some of the most well-known fashion brands, including Giambattista Valli. She is well-known for her street style glamour having been a front-row favorite since 2008.


Top Fashion Influencers - Lena Perminova


15. Adam Gallagher @iamgalla (1.8M) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Adam is a lifestyle and fashion influencer based out of New York City. He is the founder of the highly popular blog I AM GALLA, which aims to assist men with styling advice, trend forecasts, and third-party style inspiration.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Adam Gallagher


16. Nicole Warne @nicolewarne (2M)


Nicole is a New York City-based and Australia-bred style influencer who was also the creative force behind the blog Garry Pepper Girl. Nicole has been the face of Roland Mouret and has also been featured on the cover of Nylon, Elle Australia, Miss Vogue, and Lucky magazines. Being one of the top fashion influencers in the world, her most notable luxury fashion collaborations include brands like Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana, and Chanel ready-to-wear.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Nicole Warne


17. Irene Kim @ireneisgood (2.3M)


Irene is an American-born Korean-American fashion influencer who also became a popular television personality. She was named by Vogue as an “ambassador to the buzzing South Korean fashion scene” and by Womenswear Daily as fashion’s “It Girl.”


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Irene Kim


18. Jenn Imm @imjennim (1.7 million)


Jenn started her journey on YouTube, and soon the Korean-American Jenn became one of the most well-known style influencers. Her YouTube channel, previously titled ClothesEncounters, grew to approximately 2.4 million subscribers as of 2019. Forbes named her one of the “top influencers” in fashion in 2017.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Jenn Im


19. Blair Eadie @blaireadiebee (1.9 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog

After ten years in the fashion influencer game, Atlantic-Pacific blogger Blair Eadie is one of the most well-known New York City style influencers and is recognized as one of the top fashion Instagram influencers of her generation. She has worked with some of the most popular brands including Nordstrom, Tory Burch, and more. Blair Eadie, a Sarasota-based fashion influencer, introduced a new accessory collection in 2022. Eadie’s partnership with accessories designer Lele Sadoughi is available at Nordstrom and on starting April 5th, 2022. With prices ranging from $95 to $225, the 26-piece range includes headbands, earrings, sunglasses, scarfs, and sunhats in a rainbow of colors, textures, and decorations.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Blair Eadie


20. Xenia Adonts @xeniaadonts (2 million)


Xenia is a German fashion influencer and a founder and creative director of Attire, a “transparent, eco-friendly and ethical” fashion brand. She has been featured in some of the most notable fashion publications such as and Harper’s Bazaar and is now one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Xenia Adonts


21. Jeanne Damas @jeannedamas (1.5 million)


Jeanne is a renowned Parisian fashion influencer,  model, actress, and founder of the clothing brand Rouje. She has known for her signature red lips and has starred in Guillaume Canet’s latest film.  She appeared on Forbes’ 30 under 30 lists.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Jeanne Damas


22. Chriselle Lim @chrisellelim (1.4 million) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Chriselle is a Korean-American fashion influencer, stylist, and founder of The Chriselle Factor. She is also one of the most well-known mom influencers and has worked with some of the most notable fashion companies, including Tiffany & Co., Coach, Victoria’s Secret, and the Banana Republic as well as walked the runway for Rebecca Minkoff’s. Chriselle Lim’s career went beyond fashion in 2022, and she became a successful entrepreneur with Bümo. As a stellar mother and innovative entrepreneur, in 2022 Chriselle launched Bümo (@bumoparent), a firm that is rethinking what the future of family and work appears like for parents today by delivering licensed educational childcare to the workplace.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Chriselle Lim


23. Julia Engel @JuliaBerolzheimer (1.3 million followers) – Most Popular Fashion Blog


Julia has been one of the leading fashion influencers on Instagram who founded her fashion blog while she was just in college. Julia has been named one of Forbes’ Top style Influencers in 2017 and has worked on campaigns with brands such as Tory Burch, Tiffany & Co., and Nordstrom. Today, as one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, she is the founder of Gal Meets Glam Collection, a line of modern feminine dresses sold at Nordstrom.


Top Fashion Influencers 2024 - Julia Engel




24. Xenia Tchoumitcheva @xenia (2.1 million)


Xenia is a Russian-Swiss fashion influencer, model, actress, and entrepreneur. In 2016, Xenia was named as one of the 99 most influential women in the world 2016, according to the AskMen annual list for the category influencers. She has worked with some of the most notable brands like Ferragamo, Dior, and Vogue, and is now one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers - Xenia Tchoumi


25. Margaret Zhang @margaret__zhang (1.5 million)


Margaret is an Australian-Chinese filmmaker, writer, and fashion influencer. She commenced her career in the fashion world with her website “Shine By Three” in 2009. Since then, she has since transitioned into other fields, including photography styling, writing, and creative direction. Margaret has worked with a number of global brands including Gucci, Dior, Uniqlo, Louis Vuitton, and Lexus. Margaret Zhang made headlines last February when she was named the youngest editor-in-chief of Vogue China to date. The creative 28-year-old, who was born in Australia and raised by her Chinese parents, began her career as a blogger and went on to improve her fashion, videography, and digital communication talents. In the March 2022 issue of Vogue China, she explored inclusive beauty, as well as launched a campaign to support new Chinese female filmmakers. 


Top Fashion Influencers - Margaret Zhang


26. Gala Gonzalez @galagonzalez (1.4 million)


Gala, one of the “OG” top fashion influencers, is a founder and designer of Amul. She is considered the first Spanish fashion blogger, according to her Wikipedia profile. She is one of the only Spanish women to reach the “top 10 style influencers in the world” according to Fashionista.


Top Fashion Influencers - Gala Gonzalez


27. Marie von Behrens @mvb (1.1 million)


Marie is a German-born and New York City-based lifestyle, photography, and style influencer who is the creative force behind her eponymous site MVB by Marie Von Behrens. Known for her monochrome chic wardrobe essentials, Marie has worked with some of the most notable fashion brands including Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, and more.


Top Fashion Influencers - Marie von Behrens


28. Wendy Ngyuen @wendyslookbook (1.3 million)


Going by the name Wendys Lookbook, she has gained immense popularity through her YouTube videos that she has been creating for over a decade. The fashion influencer has made a full-time career out of her work and has inspired other women to do the same. Today, she is using a massive following to speak out about the foster-care system, sexual abuse, and CBD’s therapeutic benefits to affect change.


Top Fashion Influencers - Wendy Ngyyen


29. Helena Bordon @helenabordon (1.2 million)


Helena is a top fashion influencer from Brazil. She co-founded Brazilian high street fashion chain 284 with her childhood friends Bernardino, Luciana, and Marcela Tranchesi. Her company, 284, was created to cater to Brazil’s growing fashion-forward market, providing a range of men’s and women’s pieces.


Top Fashion Influencers - Helena Bordon


30. Leandra Medine @leandramcohen (1 MILLION)


Leandra is one of the most well-known fashion influencers from New York City.  She is the creative force behind the infamous Man Repeller blog and is well-known for her eclectic and quirky style. Being one of the top fashion influencers in the world. Leandra is a pioneer in bringing humor to fashion and encouraging women to dress for themselves – Man Repeller is “about trends that women love and men hate.”


Top Fashion Influencers - Leandra Medine Cohen


31. Kaitlynn Carter @kaitlynn (946 k)


Kaitlynn is a fashion influencer who launched her career after she appeared on Maxim’s Hometown Hotties list in the year 2010. She started her blog in 2014. Kaitlynn appeared on The Hills: New Beginnings, together with her ex-husband, Brody Jenner which premiered on MTV. Kaitlynn Carter made headlines in 2022 with her latest style, which gave fans some “dance vibes.” The 33-year-old blogger posted a selfie to her Instagram account wearing a glitzy mini-dress by Retrofête.  “Love this wallpaper. Love this Retroféte dress.” She wrote on Instagram for her 950,000 Instagram followers. Carter’s breathtaking ’70s-inspired gown drew a standing ovation from fans who couldn’t get enough of the “The Hills: New Beginnings” star’s daring design. 


Top Fashion Influencers - Kaitlynn Carter


32. Maria Vizuete @miamiamine (1.1 MILLION)


Maria is a Minnesota-based fashion influencer with a passion for street-style looks. Her style is a mix of luxury and affordable pieces, and she is one of the top fashion Instagram influencers out there. She was born in Midwest and is of Ecuadorian and North Dakotan background.


Top Fashion Influencers - Marie Vizuete


33. Camille Charriere @camillecharriere (1.3 MILLION)


Camille is one of the top fashion influencers from Paris who currently resides in London. She is known for her blog, Camille Over The Rainbow, and has amassed a large following due to her nonchalant chic and quirky style. She has worked with some of the most notable fashion retailers, including Net-a-Porter.


Top Fashion Influencers - Camille Charriere


34. Giovanna Engelbert @giovannaengelbert (1.4 MILLION)


Giovanna is a fashion influencer, creative director, and editor from Italy. She is a contributing fashion editor to W Magazine, where she writes her monthly W column known as “Gio’s Journal.” Recently, as one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, Giovanna launched a book named “Gio_Graphy: Fun in the Wild World of Fashion.”


Top Fashion Influencers - Giovanna Engelbert


35. Phil Cohen @thepacman82 (851k)


Phil is the director in the field of graphic design and features an artistic touch to his fashion sense with his famous men’s flat lay fashion. Phil is one of the most well-known men’s style influencers, and his layouts have become popular with the media and industry professionals worldwide, and have recently been included in Twillory’s “19 Looks by 19 Stylish Men.”


Top Fashion Influencers - Phil Cohen


36. Amra Beganovich @clubfashionista (662K)


Amra is an NYC fashion influencer and a founder of a digital agency, A&E. She has worked with some of the top fashion houses including Bvlgari, Net-A-Porter, LVMH, and more, and is now recognized as one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers - Amra Beganovich


37. Gabi Gergg @gabifresh (894k)


She is one of the leading plus-size top fashion influencers a body-positive activist and a designer. Her brand collections have been known to sell out, and she has launched her own brand –  a lingerie line for Playful Promises and a swimwear collection for Swimsuits4All.


Top Fashion Influencers - Gabi Fresh


38. Garance Dore @garancedore (695k)


Garance Doré née Mariline Fiori is a French fashion influencer, photographer, illustrator and author. She is the brains behind Atelier Dore, a well-known blog. Her work has been featured by Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Gap, and Dior.


Top Fashion Influencers - Garance Doré


39. Elma Beganovich @elmabeganovich (710K)


Elma is a New York City-based fashion influencer and one of the top fashion Instagram influencers of her generation. While her social account focuses on her style, Elma is also known for her entrepreneurial work has appeared on Forbes multiple times as well as FT, Wall Street Journal, and more.


Elma Beganovich


40. Lyn Slater @iconaccidental (759k)


Lyn is one of the leading fashion influencers and a University Professor. She started her blog, Lyn — The Accidental Icon, in 2013 when she was considering going natural with her hair color. Lyn is known to be one of the most style-forward influencers at the age of 65.


Top Fashion Influencers - Lyn Slater


41. Courtney Quinn @colormecourtney (729k)


If you wish to get some colorful inspiration in your fashion wardrobe, then she is the right fashion influencer for you to follow. Courtney is not hesitant to show her curves and she looks amazing in whatever she wears.

Top Fashion Influencers - Courtney Quinn Queen


42. Elle Ferguson @elle_ferguson (681k)


Elle is one of the original top fashion influencers from Australia and the founder of the blog “They All Hate Us.” Ferguson is known also known as one of the top beauty influencers and promotes vegan products.  She has worked with some of the most notable fashion brands, including Zimmerman.


Top Fashion Influencers - Elle Ferguson


43. Rumi Neely @rumineely (668k)


Rumi is the founder of “Fashion Toast” and an eBay vintage store called “Treasure Chest Vintage.” She is one of LA’s most well-known fashion influencers, and her blog receives 5.5 million hits per month, according to Cision. Rumi has been featured on CNN, Teen Vogue, Lucky magazine, and many other well-known publications. Her standing in the fashion industry has developed in tandem with her blog, and her new fashion label isn’t her first step into the world of retail. She used to run her blog alongside an eBay antique store called Treasure Crest Vintage when she first started it. Since her popularity, in 2022 Neely has collaborated with a number of fashion brands. 


Top Fashion Influencers - Rumi Dowson


44. Nima Benati @nimabenati (759K)


Nima is one of the leading fashion influencers from Italy who is also a renowned fashion photographer. She has shot campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent and well as partnered with world-renowned brands like Moet & Chandon and Mastercard.


Top Fashion Influencers - Nima Benati


45. Emma Hill @emmahill (823K)


Emma, one of the top fashion influencers in the world, features the classic blunt bobs and amazing street style to inspire her followers. You can come across designer trench coats all over her Instagram profile. Topshop, Burberry, Chanel, MANGO, and Missoma are among the top fashion brands promoted by this fashion influencer in her “outfit of the day” photos. Emma’s Instagram photos include discount codes for numerous retailers as well as links to pertinent fashion blog pages where you may shop for her outfit. 


Top Fashion Influencers - Emma Hill


46. Bryan Yambao @bryanboycom (699k)


Bryan is one of the “OG” top fashion influencers who started his blogging journey all the way back in 2004. The New York Post named him one of the nine hottest internet celebrities, and Marc Jacobs even named a handbag after him (the BB ostrich bag). Bryan has been featured on Cycle 19 & 20 of America’s Next Top Model.


Top Fashion Influencers - Bryan Boy


47. Candela Pelizza @candela_________ (540k)


Candela is an Argentinian fashion influencer living in Italy. She has shot editorials with legendary photographer Bruce Weber for Italian Vogue. She is often photographed alongside her best friend Chiara Ferragni and can be seen on the front rows of top brands, including Fendi, Chanel, Celine,  and Marni, making her one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers - Candela Pelizza


48. Bianca Brandolini @biancabrandolini (556K)


Bianca Brandolini is an Italian socialite, model, actress, and one of the most well-known fashion influencers in Milan. She works with some of the most prestigious fashion and beauty brands and has been named the face of Cartier’s Paris Nouvelle Vague and Estée Lauder’s d’Adda as Re-Nutriv’s.


Top Fashion Influencers - Bianca Brandolini


49. Susie Lau @susiebubble (582k)


Susie is one of the original top fashion influencers who started her fashion blog in 2006. She is a British journalist who has worked as an editor of DazedDigital. In 2012, Susie published a book along with a journalist William Oliver called “Style Feed: The World’s Top Fashion Blogs.”


Top Fashion Influencers - Susie Lau


50. Erica Boldrin @erika_boldrin (562K)


Erica is a founder of honiehbeauty and one of the most esteemed fashion influencers from Italy. She is a constant fixture in street-style galleries by Vogue, ELLE, and Harper’s Bazaar. Style du Monde went so far as to dedicate an entire page just to Erica’s fashion street-style looks. During the Etro Fashion Show at Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022 woman collections, Erika Boldrin showed off her stunning street style ensemble that caught the attention of all attendees. 


Top Fashion Influencers - Erika Boldrin


51. Marycake @marycake (511k)


Mary is a Los Angeles-based fashion influencer who is well-known for her striking selfies. Her Instagram features a mix of eclectic Cali-style fashions with lifestyle photos, including food and makeup, and she is one of the top fashion Instagram influencers out there.


Top Fashion Influencers - Marycake


52. Aleali May @alealimay (512k)


Aleali is a stylist and a model and one of the top fashion influencers who also recently became a sneaker designer. She is known for her mix of streetwear and luxury, and is a self-proclaimed “sneakerhead (with a large collection of 300-something sneakers). Aleali has worked with some of the most notable fashion brands, including her partnership with Jordan making her one of only two women to ever design for the Nike-owned brand. Aleali May has collaborated with jewelry designer Martine Ali to create a limited-edition accessory collection. Following their debut collaboration in March 2020, this is the duo’s second release together.  The collection, named “AMxMA,” was first presented in April 2022 at a Fred Segal event in Los Angeles. In addition to the Ankh, an ancient Egyptian symbol representing the word “life” that is commonly found in May’s aesthetic, Aleali May drew inspiration for the jewelry pieces from her street style, with a dash of Y2K nostalgia thrown in for good measure.


Top Fashion Influencers - Aleali


53. Christie Tyler @nycbambi (469k)


Christie is one of New York City’s top fashion influencers and a co-founder at Bambi Studios. She is known for her immaculately curated Instagram feed that focuses on neutral pieces and monotonous looks, also making her one of the top fashion Instagram influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers - Christie Tyler


54. Robert and Christina @newdarlings (444k)


Robert and Christina are US-based fashion influencers and founders of the Instagram account “New Darlings.” Originally from New York City,  Robert and Christina currently live in Phoenix, Arizona area which serves as a perfect backdrop for their boho-infused, pattern-heavy looks.


Top Fashion Influencers - Robert and Christina New Darlings


55. Miranda Makaroff @mirandamakaroff (474K)


Miranda Makaroff is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, DJ, actress, and of Spain’s most influential fashion influencers. She is the daughter of the designer Lydia Delgado and the singer-songwriter Sergio Makaroff. She has worked with the likes of Desigual where she designed prints for the “Desigual Sexhibition” and a capsule collection.


Top Fashion Influencers - Miranda Makaroff


56. Yoyo Cao @yoyokulala (433K)


Yoyo Cao is one of the top fashion influencers in the world, originating from Singapore. She is the founder and creative director of a fashion label, Exhibit. Yoyo has worked with some of the most notable fashion brands including Chanel, Dior, and more.


Top Fashion Influencers - Yoyo Cao


57. Leomie Anderson @leomieanderson (439k)


Leomie is a model, designer, and one of the top fashion influencers in the U.K. She is well-known for her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut in 2015 and for becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2019. Leomie is the founder of Lapp, a brand that aids the salaries of the bloggers behind Lapp, her feminist publication.


Top Fashion Influencers - Leomie Anderson


58. Maeve Reilly @stylememaeve (1 MILLION)


Maeve Reilly is a New York City-based celebrity stylist and one of the most well-known fashion influencers from the U.S. Some of her clients include Hailey Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, Ciara, Ashlee Simpson Ross, and Madison Beer, also making her one of the top fashion influencers in the world. She has been featured in some of the most notable fashion publications including Billboard, The Confidential, and the Vibe Magazine. Megan Fox will be Reilly’s second celebrity bride in 2022, so it’ll be a huge year for her (Bieber being the first). The stylist is now in talks with many designers regarding the gown, but will not reveal any more details. Maeve and Fox have been working together for just over a year, and according to the stylist, their creative partnership was a matter of “perfect timing.” They are “always on the same track” when it comes to a style.


Top Fashion Influencers - Maeve Reilly


59. Debora Rosa @deborabrosa (452k)


Debora is a fashion influencer and an image consultant. Debora’s rosa collab with CINCO is one of her most notable fashion partnerships. She designed different pieces with amazing timeless chic aesthetic vision with CINCO’s minimalist style.


Top Fashion Influencers - Debora Rosa


60. Sophia Roe @sophiaroe (477k)


Sophia is one of the top fashion influencers from Copenhagen and a founder of Roe Diary. She is known to mix high street with high fashion in that “Scandi style” way.


Top Fashion Influencers - Sophia Roe


61. Maja Weyhe @majawyh (379k)


Maja is one of the original fashion influencers known for her effortless, tomboy boho style that inspires thousands of others in contemporary fashion.


Top Fashion Influencers - Maja Weyhe


62. Patricia Manfield @heir (406k)


Patricia is one of the most well-known fashion influencers from Italy who is known for her street-style looks. She has worked with some of the most notable fashion brands and publications, including Kenzo and Vogue China.


Top Fashion Influencers - Patricia Manfield


63. Alexandra Lapp @alexandralapp_ (396k)


Alexandra is a travel and style influencer who is best known for her glamorous street style shots. She has been featured as a style maven by some of the most well-known publications, including Daily Mail and Fox News, making her one of the top fashion Instagram influencers of her generation.


Top Fashion Influencers - Alexandra Lapp


64. Grece Ghanem @greceghanem (359k)


Grace is one of the top fashion influencers in the world, coming from Montreal, who also happens to be over 50. She inspires all with her bespoke beauty and fashion sense.


Top Fashion Influencers - Grece Ghanem


65. Tina Leung @tinaleung (316K)


Tina is one of the top fashion influencers and stylists based in New York City. Originally from Hong Kong and Los Angeles, Tina is a regular front-row favorite and has worked with some of the most notable fashion houses, including Hermes and Gucci.


Top Fashion Influencers - Tina Leung


66. Asiyami Gold @asiyami_gold (311k)


Asiyami is a model, designer, photographer, creative director, and one of the most well-known fashion influencers in Nigeria. She is the founder of A.Au, a lifestyle brand for the ever-evolving woman.


Top Fashion Influencers - Asiyami Gold


67. Tamu Mcpherson @tamumcpherson (415k)


Tamu is one of the most well know top fashion influencers from Milan. She is well-known for her website “All The Pretty Birds.”


Top Fashion Influencers - Tamu McPherson


68. Olja Ryzevski @oljaryz (284k)


Olja is a Russian-German top fashion influencer and photographer. In 2017, Olja was nominated for AboutYou Awards, the biggest Blogger/Influencer Awards in Germany. She has collaborated with John Frieda and was featured in publications like VOGUE Germany, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan, and is now considered one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers - Olja Ryzevski


69. Jeanette Madsen @_jeanettemadsen_ (337K)


Jeanette Madsen is one of the top fashion influencers from Denmark and an editor of the Danish Costume Magazine. She is a darling street-style photographer who captures her every move during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Jeanette is also known to be an avid supporter of fashion designers from Denmark and has been an advocate of Denmark-based fashion brands.


Top Fashion Influencers - Jeanette Madsen


70. Ines de la Fressange @inesdelafressangeofficial (418k)


Inès is one of the most well-renowned fashion influencers based in France – she is a model, aristocrat, style icon, and fashion designer. In 1998,  Inès received the “International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame” and is known for her unique French style, making her one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers - Ines da la Fressange


71. Amina Muaddi @aminamuaddi (1.3 MILLION)


Amina is one of the most well-known top fashion influencers and a footwear designer. Her shoes have been worn by many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and more.  She has been featured in fashion publications magazines, including Grazia Magazine, Vogue, and more. As of 2022, Amina Muaddi is a well-known shoe designer with a net worth of about $8 million.


Top Fashion Influencers - Amina Muaddi


72. Nikita Madhani @nikitadmadhani (524k)


Based in Mumbai, Nikita is one of the first luxury-style influencers in India. She was a mechanical engineer before she turned to blog 6 years ago.


Top Fashion Influencers - Nikita Madhani


73. Marta Cygan @lifeofboheme (238k)


Marta is a Polish-born France-based fashion influencer. She is known for her style, art, and architecture posts.


Top Fashion Influencers - Marta Cygan


74. Shini Park @shini.park (249k)


Shini is a top-style fashion influencer who is the mastermind behind Park & Cube. She combines her love for fashion with travel posts for an ever-inspiring jet-set feed.


Top Fashion Influencers - Shini Park


75. Pandora Sykes @pandorasykes (333k)


Pandora is a leading fashion influencer and an editor at the Sunday Times. With her being one of the top fashion Instagram influencers out there, she is also a co-host of the High Low and the author of “How Do We Know We’re Doing it Right.”


Top Fashion Influencers - Pandora Sykes


76. Matthew Zorpas @matthewzorpas (183k)


Matthew is a well-known male fashion influencer, a founder of TheGentelmanBlogger, and one of the top fashion influencers in the world. He is also an avid traveler and loves documenting his style while visiting various countries.


Top Fashion Influencers - Matthew Zorpas


77. Nicolette Mason @nicolettemason (213k)


Nicolette is a style influencer and one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, who makes use of the cool, vintage fashion style to partner with some of the high-end brands like Marie Claire, Brooklyn Magazine, and other top publications.


Top Fashion Influencers - Nicolette Mason


78. Reese Blutstein @double3xposure (339k)


Reese, along with her sister Molly, is an Atlanta-based fashion influencer. She is known for her laid-back looks, with a focus on funky shoes, bags, and vintage pieces, making her one of the top fashion Instagram influencers out there.


Top Fashion Influencers - Reese Blutstein


79. Monikh Dale @monikh (235k)


Monika is one of Britain’s top style influencers and a contributor to WhoWhatWear. Being one of the top fashion influencers in the world, she is known for her well-curated high-street pieces alongside timeless designer investments.


Top Fashion Influencers - Monikh Dale


80. Alex Stedman @thefrugality (260k)


Alex is a fashion influencer who hails from North London. She is the editor on the-Frugality, and is one of the top fashion Instagram influencers.


Top Fashion Influencers - Alex Stedman


81. Amy Julliette Lefevre @lefevrediary (260 k)


Amy is a fashion influencer and a model based in New York City. Being one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, she is known for her monochrome dressing style and she impeccably curated Instagram feed.


Top Fashion Influencers - Amy Juliette Lefévre


82. Kia Marie @thenotoriouskia (182 k)


Kia is a Brooklyn-based style influencer known for her eclectic style. On YouTube, Kia shares her songwriting skills and books of poetry but is also one of the top fashion Instagram influencers.


Top Fashion Influencers - Kia Marie


83. Madelyn Furlong @madelynnfurlong (202k)


Madelyn is the art director at Wide Eyed Legless and an interior design-focused style influencer, making her one of the top fashion Instagram influencers out there.


Top Fashion Influencers - Madelynn Furlong


84. Karen Blanchard @karenbritchick (243k)


Karen is one of the top fashion influencers based in NYC with a focus on Manhattan streets and vibrant clothing. She also delivers great hair care tips and tutorials.


Karen Blanchard


85. Amy Bell @thelittlemagpie (145 k)


Amy is a well-known style influencer from Scotland. Being one of the top fashion Instagram influencers, she goes by her Instagram profile The Little Magpie and inspires through her everyday style love.


Top Fashion Influencers - Amy Bell


86. Nilu Yuleena Thapa @bighairloudmouth (120 K)


Nilu is a fashion influencer based in India who is also the founder of the blog BIG hair LOUD mouth, launched in 2012.


Top Fashion Influencers - Nilu Yuleena Thapa


87. Chrissy Rutherford @chrissyford (167k)


Chrissy is a fashion influencer and a contributor to Harpers Bazaar. She is known for her style and as a mental health advocate.


Top Fashion Influencers - Chrissy Rutherford


88. Carlotta Oddi @carlottaoddi (120 K)


Carlotta Oddi is one of Italy’s top fashion influencers and a founder of Alanui. She is a street style star and a fashion editor at Vogue Japan. Carlotta is known for her bohemian streetwear and her high-end (now iconic) cashmere cardigans.


Top Fashion Influencers - Carlotta Oddi


89. TyLynn Nguyen @tylynnnguyen (163 k)


TyLynn is a fashion influencer, lingerie designer, and mother of three from Calabasas, California. Her goal is to empower women through her eponymous line of simple, chic, and sexy intimates.


Top Fashion Influencers - TyLynn Nguyen


90. Stephanie Broek @stephaniebroek (136 k)


Stephanie is one of the top fashion influencers who is known for her love of high-end fashion labels paired in a quirky way with street style brands. She is based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and is now seen as one of the top fashion influencers in the world.


Top Fashion Influencers - Stephanie Broek


91. Kellie Brown @itsmekellieb (150 k)


Kellie is a fashion influencer who aims to inspire plus-sized women with her bespoke fashion sense. She also owns her home décor brand – Aigdhome.


Top Fashion Influencers - Kellie Brown


92. Alissa Wilson @stylishcurves (117 k)


Alissa is a fashion influencer who inspires others to wear stylish clothes that fit their body. Through her Instagram profile, she aims at sharing her experience as a plus-sized woman.


Top Fashion Influencers - Alissa Wilson


93. Danielle Guizio @guizioo (125 K)


Daniella is one of the top fashion influencers and a designer who has launched a celebrity-loved eponymous label, Danielle Guizio. She was named as a Forbes Forbes 30 Under 30. Her celebrity clients include Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin Bieber.


Top Fashion Influencers - Danielle Guizio


94. Stephanie Yeboah  @stephanieyeboah (235 k)


Stephanie is one of the top fashion influencers and an author of Fattily Ever After. She is a body image and self-love advocate.


Top Fashion Influencers - Stephanie Yeboah


95. Gemma Talbot @gemmatalbot (78 k)


Gemma is a fashion influencer based in London who posts her style looks on “What’s in Her Wardrobe.” She focuses on everyday affordable girly styles.


Top Fashion Influencers - Gemma Talbot


96. Kerry Pieri @kerrypieri (58.7 k)


Kerry is one of the top fashion influencers and a Harper’s Bazaar’s Digital Fashion/Features Director. Kerry manages the fashion aspect for, including launching digital covers and styling celebrities.


Top Fashion Influencers - Kerry Pieri


97. Meghan. Shay. Brandy @influencingincolor (113 k)


Nikki, Meghan,  Shay, and Brandy are a group of four fashion influencers based out of Houston and are top fashion Instagram influencers thriving to change the world of fashion forever.


Top Fashion Influencers - Influencing Color


98. Claire Most @claire_most (78.2 k)


Claire is a Portland-based French fashion influencer and a model. She is known for her love of sporty styles and sun-filled photos.


Top Fashion Influencers - Claire Most


99. Aria Di Bari @ariadibari (48.5 k)


Aria is a fashion influencer with both Spanish and Italian roots. She is known for her “French chic” styles and feminine fashions.


Top Fashion Influencers - Aria Di Bari


100. Andrea @prettyproperquaint (25.5 k)


Known by the handle “PrettyProperQuaint,” Andrea is one of the top fashion influencers from New York who likes to explore the city and showcase her passion for vintage pieces.


Top Fashion Influencers - Andrea

101.  Vicky Manoli @vickymanoli__ ( 26.9k )

Vicky Manoli is a tv model, tv hostess on the Star channel, owner of the online clothing store feelthefashion in Greece. She previously worked for 10 years as a tv model on Mega Channel. She was awarded best Greece model in 2017  accentuating her prominence as one of the leading models in Greece.

xa9kEpkw1fOBMukfK3swmnXDIV9r7HbXh OJ61NMr6IPLkMbGOZEbvH SilE ts62y8 zG4oRummUbjxFgBiBoNvmuSeuioyMyG DYtJ8B3LV4U

102.  Anna @annabremwilson  (26.4K )

Anna is a UK born multifaceted top fashion influencer. The proud mother of two boys has been interviewed by the children’s fashion and style blog Her boys are part of her fashion world albeit on a small scale. She has a unique style and she has confessed her love for her husband’s linen shirt 😂.

EG7n8z2LhDQuuLF iXzxQxkvy56R5PDImytUZ1pkQk2ykWy4QUuRFQ51x3vew1 7rpuzXaeap30wKSR3CMxZ0eMKIP8kpcplXv

103. Jill Gott @jillgg  ( 26.6K )

Jil Gott aka Jill GG  is a fashion blogger with an intent to showcase West Michigan fashion style. She has a very detailed online presence on almost all social media. She runs a popular fashion blog good life for less where she reveals what inspires her sense of fashion.  T xXnvH Wuhv0YIXLmzPH 1ix90dX0DRNZCzCDLAMqf2pfAjlzc8SyCWGcWIljHnruCajf1EoHQhJqeWJuQDv50987sIx64PagZNpMbUX7hXKAgQI

104. Taylor  @thetayloredlifeblog ( 26K )

Taylor is a lifestyle and fashion influencer who inspires women to live their best by doing their best, looking their best, and being their best. Her blog thetayloredlifeblog showcases her fashion and lifestyle.

ycbbOD8gaScO8OmCtUip6Y69yZkH7FOop8LBnGaoP7upVES2uT1FVKucx6otOCfRzh sZ

105.  Laura Elizabeth @laura.elizabeth_ ( 26K)

Laura is a lifestyle and fashion influencer from Cheltenham with a knack for all good things about fashion, interiors, and lifestyle. She loves dresses but her fashion style is not limited only to that. She is a Co-host of #StylingItSunday a popular Instagram hashtag dedicated to showcasing various fashion styles.


106. Crisanti Kouroupi @hereccomes ( 25.9K )

Crisanti Kouroupi is a content creator and fashion enthusiast from Athens, Greece. For several years now, she has worked hard to help working women understand fashionable outfits in different clothing stores through her HCC blog and Instagram account. She is also the founder and director of “ Here C”.

H9u Btw9m2eIpDr0KCumUF MbLTBzXMiDxwywPr6Ya2WahhAnpTlSnE02hjsswjrr3EJqerl0SniFfVapjWMGKa6QFKLbD

107.  Starr Villandry @starrjoyblog ( 25.6K )

Starr is an LA-based beauty and fashion blogger. Fashion enthusiasts looking for affordable fashion will appreciate her on a budget fashion style. She is the owner of Starrdom boutique, an online clothing store for affordable outfits.


108.  Prince @princeandthebaker ( 25.4K )

Prince or Mr. P is a teenage model and kids fashion blogger who has showcased different kids’ fashion brands in New York since 2016. His social media accounts and blog are run by his mother Keira and she definitely has style.

wFnZj3zzCb6r8khcVjZ iuhjgxDl4ULKL35WcKThukThZ18LILUi4GN2FrQpatdKcaDPz70VxVPoRmUHPIab2fjMTYuUVRHcu aGhSmgQFEz7wz7UQl vZfULYImRWskqtBJtw a

109.  Camille @charmedbycamille ( 24.2K )

Camille is one of top fashion influencers and digital content creators who splits her time between LA and NYC. Before entering into fashion blogging, she worked in the fashion and beauty industry for various global brands. Shel left the corporate world in 2018 and 2020 and launched her social media content agency. She also has a blog charmed by Camille. Various fashion websites, including, have featured her

1V fGfEp5TT01tJLhvZVbjkPHmWg2Otyo4BnuBS6JjzmRWy0iAbxFi4WR2jYnGqNoi5 uKyP0S7zodXkqTLfb wrdzrtuSLk6LWP O0vtQB0UY

110.  Kristen Bousquet @kbousq ( 22K)

Kristen understands fashion and trends well, having worked as a beauty and fashion writer for many reputable fashion publications. Her love for Retro style is reflected on her Instagram account.

Top Fashion Influencers


111. Kerry Whelpdale kerrywhelpdale ( 23.9K)

Kerry is a jack of all trades and probably a master of all. Her social media accounts depict her obsession with fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. Her YouTube has over 87K followers.

L 2H4IyFje3qMLusmAvekmkLvFazfM1VJ4yQYO tktIAF3g GpmLokHTFTIztDprPEBhefgvk3faNdjIZ JhBsoNEiaaMbSqioqTeF9J1vwjl2uyYS bqL8rh1Zs36f Lw9mEtlT

112.  Trina Small @supermomculture 23.7K

Trina is a lifestyle and fashion blogger from Atlanta. She is the defunct Baby Shopaholic owner, a blog about motherhood that ran for almost a decade. She now has her clothing line, Supermom culture, that celebrates mothers and has been featured on Good morning America, Gmadeals, and Oprah Magazine. She also runs a fashion blog, ‘Hey Trina.’

iQToF9AoLvZ6lrCWgjnrOj7 fEDdolkJ8faVIbWA6Jaws6SFLwaSok3aCrG9zcCTF6ct6g9jfkhRI1GluU9BRteFJK0ZlgHL8

113.  Naz Ramezani @thelanative ( 22.4K )

Naz is one of top fashion influencers who proudly calls Los Angeles home. She is a style enthusiasts with a liking for the beach. Her social media presence is laden with high-quality images mostly taken at different places around the world. She owns where the world can take a peek at her fashion world.

X0EFDN6uS3sPwKEBF WkXstR6NapKvq nArPPPfsomgiG Js22 S3I3tle

114.   Lucy Kummer @lucy.kummer ( 21.8K )

Lucy is one of top fashion influencers with experience in styling, having worked as a Beauty editor at The Daily Mail, where she covered high-end fashion events. Her Instagram is mow lit with shots showcasing her fashion style wowing her followers.

o5I9x2U8HGRvCLQHroQvrXdgxBJkc 0uWvnDp0Onu1roZA2RU UXiQCBZ wC7cD2oApgFPwY4QKaNlJXYvph SM7XWT4C 1T5TjykSmks Z9 H34uDiMIdkaCrRfRVquzbpBIJmX

115.  Allie Reynolds @allieareynolds  ( 21.2K )

Allie is one of top fashion influencers with a noble mission to exhibit trending yet affordable fashion to the ordinary girl. You can take a look at her fashion on


116. Lyra  @coastal_blonde ( 20.7K )

Lyra is a photographer, fashion, and lifestyle blogger from Carolina. She posts inspiring fashion shots that center on affordable clothing.

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117. Jessica @jessicalaure_l ( 20K )

Jessica is a fashion and a Mental Health Therapist. Through her Instagram and blog, she intends to inspire women to share their life stories.

118. Karran @themamaedits ( 19.9K )

Karran was formerly an English teacher, trained journalist, and now she wears many hats. She is a writer, digital content creator, and owner of Frank the Pug. She also blogs on her blog ‘the mama edits.’ She has a bias for Petite fashion.

goinqWU97x511OpzygULwyxL0ThGJYBqXc Yz9i RAaqSI1vuo8as8FYCXkmBON

119. Norther Ell Richardson @elllrichardson ( 19.5K )

Ell is a London-based fashion influencer. She works as a Digital Coordinator at Alexander McQueen. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Fashion Promotion from Manchester Metropolitan University.

ktRc4SAZirqvVz6cNIsyE6pAWKc0Q08qv wJ4CY4CBwBo5VKadx57N2 5Tzha2EPQZNuU8ismiFiB 6Fl9RVpZFMGzaUZ4dAkN3o12k9xI3UJvaFL0CTvSLNNndAPjUV6BR AwGH

120.  Holly Anna Scarsella @hollyannascarsella/ ( 19.4K )

Holly is one of top fashion influencers with extensive experience in the fashion industry, having worked as a fashion publicist.  She made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 thanks to PAMPELONE, a clothing line she founded. Resortwear, a brand from her clothing company, is now available in over 18 different countries and 90 retailers. Resortwear is also available through e-commerce websites such as Shopbop and Bloomingdales.

VMl9hke9PTB9hMpTAHxOUWtllQIQA7RJ 4oPoBMAPl6nYxJIlgOvQFVWr M 8sX1AqdnuHeXQM6r0qBe McoV18rwUE0LVTjCLnCMRNd muQOdQ opelydIX7IDuAmYIR8XzFNXh

121.  Boris @beaurisbo ( 19.1K )

Boris is a Switzerland-born fitness influencer and a model. He is also a lifestyle and Daddy blogger.

122. Ashley @beautifully_made  ( 17.9K )

Ashley is a Virginia-based fashion influencer, and she has been sharing inspiring fashion nuggets since 2016. Her blog is a rich resource for fashion enthusiasts and those seeking to be fashion influencers. She also shares visual stories of her life through Instagram.

uTlFszH7 QLcc uvRO5FV 2YsPMV4KI3ynMYmc6qTLzfu0LlDv PSiVsnJwlxWMhDSD0eGyPNMfEaTtrwV1XXq6i47BD0w8GcMSso2sj8r7yCxfx65W2K7mKpmFDRxJ89a ETabK

123. Pia Grace @piavibekegrace ( 17.4K )

Pia is one of top fashion influencers with a long stint in the fashion industry. Her work has been featured in The Telegraph, a reputable UK publication. She is currently the brand ambassador of Boden Clothing, a British clothing brand, and midlife  Fresh Agents, a Brighton-based modeling agency.

XAoKeVTsPjUtV16Hl o0Yi3agIV t0zn0heFHlPTehIo7Jl217u3amI8rLLQqc

 124. Andreea Opris 17.3k

Andreea is one of top fashion influencers from Dublin, Ireland. She is a Beauty consultant working with a luxury beauty retail brand during her part-time and full-time blogger at, a blog she started in 2010. She shares fashion tips stemming from her long experience of over 16 years working for various brands.

wuexJ9VD7aWzA2uF pHqNdIIoy7KzHgkvUwgvaVXAHuZKFP4ZMz4wy7xfNwpbREFNOPq23OSmggpJ7Z5MxchN3CQcMZh5Rup43icPCXM8RD 8tPbpg1twUXcMENo3spQyoQuwlBn

 125. Simone @simoneoaks  ( 17.2K )

Simone is one of top fashion influencers based in North Yorkshire. Monsoon, a UK magazine, has featured her. She co-hosts #stylingitsunday with Laura Elizabeth, another fashion influencer based in Cheltenham, where they showcase various fashion styles.

nGnR scQDfEyZDnAH7k85RlyMA0iyQZ2vLVH2VIdHF47it6PtVdDMmr1sWdcws8mH8z6qVBX1ZxR 1xVn5uD9j EpmPzN6ZhHCATDTbbcBIirufQwz2iBc4S7RG5CLoAKeiLd1KY

126.  Corri McFadden @corrimcfadden ( 17K )

Corri is one of top fashion influencers who has been in the fashion biz since 2004. She is the pioneer of luxury consignment stores. Her success in the luxury consignment business earned her her reality show on VH1. She moved to Aspen in Colorado after closing her business and now runs her successful blog She has renamed Glitter and Bubbles, where she creates content about lifestyle and fashion.


127. Emma @emmaplusthree ( 16.5K )

Emma is one of top fashion influencers based in Sheffield, UK. She founded her blog when her son Max was diagnosed with autism as a way to cope, and now it is a space where she shares about lifestyle and fashion.

uFN8qHDk2m6EzwrymFYlpkojfUjMoVcr33TN23lkEcmQ KDQqL0pFjqNxSYWD42hcNEVk63finCwQW3HQubB3aOzEa s5HMT4MJIGWmvb3cGVk oLHdiK73fdhBJJdMYXnk7 cE

128.  Ashley @astyledmind ( 16K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Ashley is one of top fashion influencers from New York City. She is also the founder of A Styled Mind, a blog where she flaunts different bold contemporary fashion styles. She aims to showcase different ways to combine ensembles and, while at it stay on-trend throughout the year. The blog is her space to showcase her fashion abilities, and it serves as her portfolio.

SMfn 5Il8vVuX yvQRbjdo9zCT3kpNOHWHtENFuTdBK0ZTwFdf7v6NbG999IlhBX0n1rbsR0JKpXJw575o BnY0wJPsJApMQVQzb 0Gdq4AlQIS3bX iDqyq5HOqHy9Pdd0j3V7p

129. Ren Gray  @ren.gray  ( 15.8K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Ren Is a digital content creator, fashion enthusiast, and influencer. Her classy fashion style is inspiring. She has been featured by different online magazines, notably The Style Hive Nigeria.

Geo jl sB2T5UfZgMi171AjN2JE5sNxAi9S026laDqd

130. Cheyenne Adler @adamantlyadler  ( 14.9K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Cheyenne is a New York City-based fashion influencer and also a freelance creative strategist. She is passionate about fashion and mental wellness, especially in black women.

vx23rniUBYoDLDl KLrv1IPE FZBlgTVoDU7fEMEKrAlj uH

131. Kathryn @kathrynscorner ( 14.8K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Kathryn is is one of top fashion influencers and co-founder of Dallas Fashion. Her Instagram depicts her mantra that a girl should be classy and fabulous. She runs Kathryn’s Corner, a fashion and lifestyle blog.

TdBPCM1Rmdgr9S Pl44yVYpXz dwISe hydkZjqkQH7JySZYYhuThg pKaWZkBt59djT8SPPpOT PjUwlouQS 4ajhWgV8js0r8CdJjw0SwcvLUQvc2yK0jo84mPpE5YF19YkuQJ

132. Mitzi Perkins @mitzi_perkins ( 14.6K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Mitzi is a Houston Texas based influencer.  She runs a blog where she shares bits on fashion, among other content.

xreSkBc3IcqJkIGKLqX3NiPlhSiuAIUxTvRsRGXplmFFS QzS49xZbYAA6GC3797D0GKUGbNp026f4zJz1FSu MeC8qYYbnnv4D98PJWAhYJ34iCb1ZuC0TA h82C7RdvyoEB Qg

133. Gemma Rose Breger @gemmarosebreg ( 14.4K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Gemma is one of top fashion influencers, celebrity stylist, and co-founder of This is Mothership, fashion beauty and Racked, and lifestyle blog.

gPU2BWMYA SmSQG0VOUD9Wca2D5WlS4F5qXdllxsLbKgUchgE4Uf ywFtaoDNi4AVeVuV0IUOQ8gre5iAqZEo7bFWk6IvSu 4XXATolpd6ID2M L3829RAGjHs9hfIEF0B9OrK4K

134. Jess @abrunetteedit (14.3 K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Jess is one of top fashion influencers based in Bristol City, UK, and a confessed beauty addict. She launched her blog A Brunette Edit in 2018, where she shares beauty, lifestyle, and fashion.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

135. Gemma Jade @gemmajade (14.2K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Gemma is one of top fashion influencers passionate about yoga, wellness, and lifestyle.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

136. Cait Fraser @caitfraser (14.2K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Cait is a fashion influencer. She is also the CEO and founder of Wildwell agency and Wildwell group. Wildwell agency specializes in influencer events and campaigns.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

137. Samjah Iman @samjahiman (13.3K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Samjah is a New Orleans fashion influencer and a writer at Hello Beautiful, a publication that aspires to uplift black women. She also writes for her blog Style & Energy, a blog that showcases her understanding of fashion so that her readers can envision themselves through her writing.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

138.  Chelsea Claire @st__claire ( 13K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Chelsea is a Philippines-born fashion influencer based in San Francisco.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

139. Natalie Alcala @nataliealcala Verified (13K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Natalie is a fashion influencer and entrepreneur.  She is the founder of fashion mamas, a members-only network that involves mothers working in fashion. She is also the founder of  Creative Career Club. She has worked as a fashion editor with her work featured in Vogue, Elle, Racked, among others.of

Most Popular Fashion Blog

140. MacKenzie Berger  @mackbergz (12.6K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Mackenzie is a fashion influencer based in Jacksonville, FL. She also works as a sales and marketing specialist.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

141. Maria Macfarlanee @mariamacfarlanee (12.5K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Maria is a fashion influencer and mid-size stylist. She works at The Bloomfield Home, and she is also the digital marketer for Aather studio and Quirky weddings.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

142. Nina Dominique @kneeenur (12.2K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Nina is a fashion influencer based in Los Angeles with a laid-back fashion style.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

143. Keilara @larakei  (11.9K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Keilara is an African American fashion influencer based in Fork, Utah. She is the owner of Larakei, a blog that showcases fashion, Beauty, and lifestyle.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

144.  Vanessa Ferraiolo @vanessaferraiolo  (11.8K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Vanessa is a fashion influencer, lifestyle blogger, and content creator. Her blog showcases different fashion styles.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

145. Toni Luciano @simply.toni  (11.7K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Toni is a fashion influencer and lifestyle influencer with interest in affordable clothing and daily outfits.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

146.  Tracey Wiley@tracey_wiley (11.3K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Tracey is a fashion influencer. She has previously worked in the media, sports, and is also known as a social media fitness influencers. She currently manages her blog

Most Popular Fashion Blog

147. Anna Luiza @annaluizavasconcellos  ( 8.9K ) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Anna is a Brazilian-born fashion influencer based in the USA. She is the founder and designer of Emi beachwear, a brand that deals exclusively with beachwear.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

148. Ananya Idua @ananyaidua (7.6K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Ananya is a fashion influencer and fashion blogger. She is also a master of art student at the London College of Fashion. Her blog Ananya Isha showcases fashion and her portfolio.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

149. Taylor Rains @taylorrains321 (7.2K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Taylorrains is a Wichita-based fashion influencer and recording artist.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

150. Yvadney Davis @yvadney (7K) – Instagram Fashion Influencers

Yvadney is a London-based fashion influencer and a kids & teens fashion stylist. She has over 15 years experience in the fashion industry. She graduated from Saint Martins Fashion with a degree. She discovered kids’ fashion, where she has stuck for a long time, bringing the best out of kids.  Her work has been presented in various campaigns, editorials, runways, and look books.

Most Popular Fashion Blog

The Future of Fashion Influencer Marketing within Industry

While the digital marketing industry keeps adjusting to the ever-changing circumstances, including the pandemic, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Business insider predicts that global spending on influencer marketing, including top fashion influencers, will jump from $8 billion in 2019 all the way to $15 billion by 2022. We hope that the list of 100 top fashion influencers in 2020 can help you utilize influencers to grow your business, increase brand awareness and expand your reach.



How much are top fashion influencers popular on Instagram?

Instagram has become a popular social media platform where people can share photos and videos of their lives. It has also become a popular place for businesses to advertise their products and services. One type of business that has found great success on Instagram is the fashion industry. There are many top fashion Instagram influencers who have amassed large followings on the platform.

Top fashion Instagram influencers are mostly popular because they are experts in the field of fashion and style, they know how to communicate with their target audience and online following, and they are specialists in attracting positive digital attention. Top fashion Instagram influencers share stylish and current outfit ideas, as well as advice on how to dress well, urban and attractive. They often collaborate with a wide range of fashion brands to promote their products. As a result, these influencers can command high fees for promoting brands or products.

The popularity of top fashion Instagram influencers is also due to the fact that they provide valuable content to their followers. Their followers trust their opinion and look to them for fashion advice. The influence that these top fashion Instagram influencers have over their followers can be seen in the number of Likes and Comments that their posts receive. They often attract the attention of the world’s leading fashion brands who want to work with them to elevate their businesses and unite with their target audience.

Top fashion Instagram influencers are also essential because they help to drive traffic to fashion brands’ websites and social media pages. They not only promote brands but also help to create brand awareness among consumers. In addition, they often use their influence to create social change by promoting body positivity and other positive messages. As a result, top fashion Instagram influencers are an important part of the fashion industry and play a significant role in shaping the opinions of consumers.

What does it take to become one of the top fashion influencers?

There is no single answer, as the path to becoming an influencer is unique to each individual. However, there are certain qualities and skills that are common among the most successful fashion Instagrammers.

First and foremost, top fashion Instagram influencers must have a deep understanding of fashion. They must know what looks good on them and be able to articulate their personal style to others. Additionally, they must be up-to-date on the latest trends and have an eye for styling new combinations. In order to build a following, top fashion Instagram influencers must also be good at marketing themselves. They need to create interesting and engaging content that will make people want to follow them, and they must be active on social media, communicating with their followers and responding to comments and questions.

Finally, successful and top fashion Instagram influencers need to be creative and have a good sense of business. They need to be able to come up with new ideas for collaborations, sponsorships, and content partnerships, and they also need to be able to monetize their account in a way that works for them.

Overall, fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and by sharing their personal styles on Instagram, fashion influencers are helping people around the world discover new ways to express themselves. By promoting ethical brands and showcasing sustainable fashion options, these influencers are helping to make more sustainable choices available to everyone. We have a great deal of respect for all of the top fashion Instagram influencers, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us as the fashion industry develops and modernizes throughout time.

Who are Swiss fashion bloggers?

Swiss fashion bloggers are a diverse and talented bunch. They come from all walks of life, but they all share a love of fashion. Some Swiss fashion bloggers are professional designers, while others are just passionate amateurs. But what all Swiss fashion bloggers have in common is a unique perspective on fashion that sets them apart from the rest.

Swiss fashion bloggers are known for their impeccable style. They take great care in putting together outfits that are both stylish and unique. Swiss fashion bloggers also have a great eye for detail, and they know how to make the most of their wardrobes.

Swiss fashion bloggers also have a strong sense of personal style. They aren’t afraid to experiment with different styles and trends, and they always stay true to themselves. This makes blog posts of Swiss fashion bloggers interesting to read, and it’s always fun to see what they’ll come up with next.

Swiss fashion bloggers are also incredibly creative. They never shy away from a challenge, and they’re always looking for new ways to push the envelope. This creativity extends to their photography, styling, and writing skills as well.

What do Swiss fashion bloggers do?

Swiss fashion bloggers have a unique role in the fashion industry. They are not just consumers of fashion, but they also create it. Swiss fashion bloggers have a lot of influence over what people wear in Switzerland. Swiss fashion bloggers work with designers to create new looks, and they promote those looks to their followers.

The Swiss fashion blogger community is tight-knit. They often collaborate to create editorials and lookbooks. Swiss fashion bloggers also share tips and advice for styling clothes and choosing the right accessories.

Swiss fashion bloggers are also important sources of information about the latest trends. They track what’s happening on the runway and in the stores, and they share that information with their followers. This makes it easy for people in Switzerland to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends that Swiss fashion bloggers create and follow.

What Swiss fashion bloggers do is help others to achieve this same perfect balance. They share their tips and tricks for putting together great outfits, and they showcase their stylish outfits to give others ideas. Swiss fashion bloggers also provide advice on which pieces of clothing are worth investing in, and which ones can be skipped.

How to reach out to Swiss fashion bloggers?

There are a few ways to reach out to Swiss fashion bloggers. The most common way is to email Swiss fashion bloggers directly. You can find their email addresses on their fashion blogs or social media. Many Swiss fashion bloggers also have contact forms on their websites.

Another way to reach out to Swiss fashion bloggers is through social media. You can find social media profiles of some of the best Swiss fashion bloggers on their websites or various online directories. You can then send Swiss fashion bloggers a private message or a tweet.

Finally, you can also reach out to Swiss fashion bloggers in person. You can attend fashion events where they will be speaking or presenting their work, as Swiss fashion bloggers are always busy and always show up for major fashion events.

What is the best influencer outfit?

The best influencer outfit is one that expresses the individual’s style and aesthetic while also representing their brand or cause. The most fashionable influencer outfit should be fashion-forward but timeless, modern yet classic, and ideally, colors and patterns that are on trend. It’s important to remember that an influencer is not just a fashion blogger, so the best influencer outfit should represent who they are as an individual rather than solely focusing on the latest trends.

When it comes to selecting the best influencer outfit, fabrics and materials should also be taken into consideration. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and silk are great options for summer days, while heavier materials like wool or cashmere work well for winter looks. Colors of the best influencer outfit should also be chosen carefully to make an impact; vibrant colors can help draw attention whereas more muted hues can create a sophisticated look.

Prints are another great way to add interest to any influencer outfit – they help capture attention and provide a point of difference from other looks you’ll see online or on the runways. Depending on the type of event they’re attending or the photoshoot they’re shooting for, influencers can choose something bold and statement-making in their influencer outfits, such as abstract prints or tie-dye pieces, or opt for something simpler like delicate florals or classic stripes.

Accessories help complete an influencer outfit too – an oversized hat can add drama to any look while sunglasses bring instant cool vibes; bags and jewelry can add detail and give life to even the most basic ensembles. The key is finding items of an influencer outfit that speak to their taste but also suit their audience – mixing different elements will create a unique style no one else has seen before!

What influencer outfit is best for influencer events?

When it comes to influencer events, choosing the right influencer outfit is essential for making a good impression. The type of influencer outfit will depend on the specific event, but generally speaking, influencers should aim for something fashionable yet professional and aligned with their style.

When selecting an influencer outfit for an influencer event, always consider the venue and context of the event. For instance, if you are attending an industry conference or trade show, your influencer outfit should be more formal and conservative than if you were attending a press launch or brand activation. Your influencer outfit should also be appropriate for the season; for example, lighter fabrics such as cotton or linen in summer and heavier fabrics like wool in winter.

Fashion influencers should also pay attention to both their upper and lower body when dressing up for an event. For tops, a blouse with a high neckline and long sleeves can give a polished look without looking too stuffy; alternatively, for the perfect influencer outfit, try wearing a structured blazer paired with trousers or jeans if you want to achieve a cooler vibe. As far as the bottoms of an influencer outfit go, trousers are ideal as they offer flexibility while still maintaining professionalism.

How to become a top fashionista influencer?

Becoming a top fashionista influencer requires a great deal of effort and dedication. To begin your journey as a top fashionista, you need to establish yourself as an expert in the fashion world. This can be done by researching fashion trends, staying up-to-date on fashion news, attending industry events, networking with other top fashionista influencers and designers, building relationships with key professionals in the industry, and keeping up with the latest styles. Additionally, it’s important to cultivate your style and brand identity so that people recognize you as a top fashionista and for having a unique sense of style.

The next step in becoming one of the top fashionista influencers is to create content that is appealing to those interested in the latest fashion trends. As a top fashionista, you should be creative when producing content – whether it’s through videos, photos, blogs, or other mediums. Make sure to showcase your personality and include details such as where an item of clothing was purchased or how you styled it as a top fashionista influencer would. This will help build trust between you and your followers as they can gain insight into your life outside of just seeing images of clothing items or accessories. Additionally, as a top fashionista influencer, you need to make sure to use high-quality images and videos that capture attention – this will make it easier for potential customers or sponsors to recognize you as a top fashionista influencer.

You also need to dedicate time to engaging with your followers if you want to become a top fashionista influencer. Responding to comments or messages shows your followers that you care about them and their opinions/questions which helps build a trusting relationship between both parties. Additionally, connecting with other top fashionista influencers can be beneficial since you can learn from one another’s experiences and gain knowledge from each other’s successes (or failures). Collaborations with top fashionista influencers can also increase exposure for both parties which helps attract more followers over time.

Why are the top fashionista influencers so popular?

The popularity of top fashionista influencers is due to a variety of factors, including their powerful presence on social media, their keen eye for fashion and trends, and their unique ability to make connections with their audience.

On social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, top fashionista influencers can reach an incredibly wide audience. Top fashionista influencers create content that resonates with viewers – from colorful outfit ideas to beauty tips and tutorials – by providing useful information about the latest trends in fashion. By consistently creating engaging content, top fashionista influencers have been able to attract a large number of followers who become dedicated fans.

In addition to being active on social media platforms, many top fashionista influencers also maintain blogs or online stores where they sell clothing items or post exclusive articles about upcoming trends in the industry. By having multiple outlets for their work, top fashionista influencers can provide their followers with more options when it comes to buying new clothes or learning more about the latest trends in fashion. This further increases their appeal among fans and allows top fashionista influencers to gain even more followers over time.

Who are the top 5 fashion influencers in 2024?

The top 5 fashion influencers in 2024 are likely to be a diverse range of individuals from many different backgrounds. The top 5 fashion influencers will undoubtedly have achieved and maintained their influence through hard work, dedication, and skill, as well as a keen eye for the latest trends in fashion.

The first influencer among the top 5 fashion influencers is likely to be Aimee Song, a Los Angeles-based designer, and blogger. She has been in the industry since 2015 and her unique style has garnered the attention of millions around the world. Her blog ‘Song of Style’ has become one of the go-to places for fashion and beauty advice. As one of the top 5 fashion influencers, she also frequently takes part in collaborations with luxury brands to create exclusive pieces for her fans.

Second on this list of the top 5 fashion influencers is Hailey Bieber, who has become an influential figure globally due to her close ties with popular celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. As one of the top 5 fashion influencers, her presence at high-profile events such as New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week ensures that she remains at the forefront of current trends.

Thirdly, among the top 5 fashion influencers, we also have Chiara Ferragni, who is widely revered as one of the most successful influencers in the world today. As one of the top 5 fashion influencers, she is currently the founder and CEO of The Blonde Salad, an online lifestyle platform that covers topics such as food, beauty, and travel. In addition to this role, she also serves as a muse for various luxury fashion houses including Gucci, Prada, and Dior.

Fourth on this list of the top 5 fashion influencers is Bella Hadid; another renowned name when it comes to fashion influence who needs no introduction! Her younger sister Gigi may get more press coverage but it’s Bella, one of the top 5 fashion influencers, who truly stands out with her edgy street style looks that never fail to make headlines across numerous publications worldwide.

Finally rounding off the list of the top 5 fashion influencers is Kim Kardashian West – arguably one of the most influential people in fashion today! From launching multiple clothing lines over the years (Kimono Solutionwear) to being spotted on countless red carpets wearing designer labels from all over the globe, she is one of the top 5 fashion influencers in the world.

How to become one of the top 5 fashion influencers in 2024?

Becoming one of the top 5 fashion influencers in 2024 requires a combination of hard work and creativity. Becoming one of the top 5 fashion influencers can be achieved with dedication and an understanding of the ever-changing dynamics and trends in the fashion industry.

The first step to becoming one of the top 5 fashion influencers is to identify your niche. This means exploring your interests and determining which type of fashion you would like to promote. When becoming one of the top 5 fashion influencers, you may decide to focus on a particular color, designer, or clothing style, or you may choose to specialize in a certain type of clothing such as formalwear or streetwear.

The top 5 fashion influencers need to understand their target demographic and use strategies that will attract them. Knowing who your ideal followers are, what motivates them, and what kind of content resonates with them will help inform your strategy for content creation and engagement, and become one of the top 5 fashion influencers.

In addition to creating content tailored towards your target audience, staying abreast of current trends is also key when trying to become one of the top 5 fashion influencers in 2024. Social media platforms are constantly evolving so being aware of changes in algorithms and new features can help maximize effectiveness when using these platforms for promotion purposes.

How did the biggest fashion influencers become so popular?

The biggest fashion influencers have become so popular due to their unique and engaging content, as well as their ability to tap into the latest trends and share them with their followers.

First and foremost, the biggest fashion influencers are adept at creating and curating content that resonates with their target audience. Many of the biggest fashion influencers post daily updates on what they’re wearing, how they style particular items or reviews of items they purchased. The biggest fashion influencers also use platforms such as Instagram Stories to connect more intimately with their followers, often sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses into how they live their lives. On top of this, many of the biggest fashion influencers create vlogs or YouTube videos wherein they discuss various topics related to fashion, such as styling tips or advice on shopping for certain clothing items.

Secondly, the biggest fashion influencers have an eye for recognizing trends early on – before even major publications take notice – and for presenting these trends in an accessible way that appeals to ordinary people. For example, some of the biggest fashion influencers might showcase a product or trend from high-end luxury labels but pair it with affordable pieces from stores like H&M or Zara – thus ensuring that anyone can recreate the looks without breaking the bank. Furthermore, many of the biggest fashion influencers are also quick to adapt trending topics from other industries and spin them into something related to fashion – giving them a fresh angle on traditional concepts to appeal to new audiences.

Finally, the biggest fashion influencers understand the power of strategic partnerships when it comes to growing their brand and reaching new audiences. The biggest fashion influencers often collaborate with brands by promoting products through sponsored posts or by participating in campaigns – allowing them access to larger fan bases beyond those already following them directly. Additionally, some of the biggest fashion influencers will conduct workshops or organize events to interact more closely with fans; these types of engagements help foster loyalty among existing followers and the biggest fashion influencers while allowing new fans an opportunity to learn more about them in person.

All of these factors work together synergistically: by creating compelling content that resonates with fans while being able to stay ahead of industry trends and collaborating strategically with brands, the biggest fashion influencers have been able to reach millions around the globe – truly making them the most popular figures today.

Are the biggest fashion influencers expensive to work with?

The answer to the question of whether the biggest fashion influencers are expensive to work with is a multifaceted one. On one hand, it can be argued that due to the immense reach and impact of the biggest fashion influencers, they command higher prices for collaborations than those who don’t have as much of an audience. This can include sponsored posts, product promotions, event appearances, and endorsements provided by the biggest fashion influencers.

On the other hand, working with the biggest fashion influencers doesn’t necessarily have to be prohibitively expensive. Depending on the goals and budget of a campaign, smaller-scale influencers or micro-influencers may provide just as much—or even more—value in terms of engagement and return on investment (ROI). Micro-influencers are typically seen as more authentic and relatable because they usually have smaller followings which consist of people who are genuinely interested in the content they share. The biggest fashion influencers also tend to have very engaged audiences that interact frequently with their content, making it easier for brands to track ROI for any campaigns run with them.

What social media stars are on the list of fashion influencers?

Social media stars are becoming increasingly influential in the fashion industry, with many of them rising to prominence as leaders in the field and finding their names on the list of fashion influencers. These influencers typically have large followings on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, who look to them for advice on what trends they should be wearing. The list of fashion influencers is made up of a variety of different celebrities, models, and personalities from around the world.

Some notable examples of social media stars being on the list of fashion influencers include Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have both built massive followings over their respective careers. Both models have been featured on countless magazine covers and starred in numerous high-profile campaigns for international fashion houses such as Versace and Fendi, making it reasonable for them to be on the list of fashion influencers. Additionally, they are often seen walking the runway for some of the most prestigious designers including Alexander Wang, Prada, and Givenchy, who are creating all big names on the list of fashion influencers. Aside from their modeling work, Hadid and Jenner also regularly appear in digital campaigns for brands like Maybelline New York and Adidas Originals.

Another celebrity that is often included on the list of fashion influencers is Kim Kardashian West. Over the years Kardashian West has amassed an impressive following due to her various TV appearances and iconic style moments. She has also been extremely active in creating her clothing lines through her company Skims as well as launching multiple successful collaborations with well-known labels like Yeezy and Balmain Paris, making it logical for her to be on the list of fashion influencers. On top of this she also regularly posts outfit updates to her social media accounts which often inspire her followers to recreate similarly looks themselves.

In addition to these big names, several lesser-known figures are making waves within the fashion industry and making their way on the list of fashion influencers such as Christian Combs (also known as King Combs), Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad), Dapper Dan Harlem’s Daniel Day, Aimee Song (Song Of Style), Negin Mirsalehi (Gisou) and Halima Aden (model). Each one brings a unique take on fashion and they all make a big list of fashion influencers – ranging from streetwear styles to more classic looks – while consistently pushing boundaries with their bold choices in clothing. They have become sources of inspiration for countless young people looking for the best list of fashion influencers and trying to express themselves through their individual style choices without compromising their tastes or values.

Overall, it is clear that social media stars play an important role when it comes to influencing what trends people should wear today, and they all make a list of fashion influencers in today’s world. Their influence can be seen everywhere from magazines covers featuring Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner to campaigns launched by Kim Kardashian West or Negin Mirsalehi – it’s no wonder why these stars remain at the top of the list of fashion influencers time after time again!

What type of top influencer fashion is more common today?

Today’s top influencer fashion is characterized by an eclectic mix of styles, trends, and personal preferences. Influencers are often seen experimenting with the top influencer fashion and new looks that set them apart from the crowd. This part of the top influencer fashion can include bright colors, bold prints, and daring silhouettes. Influencers use top influencer fashion to often pair these items with more traditional pieces to create a unique style that reflects their individualism.

Accessories play a large role in top influencer fashion as they add an extra level of interest and texture to any outfit. Whether it’s a statement piece like a handbag or shoe or something more subtle like layered jewelry or sunglasses, accessories help the overall look of top influencer fashion that comes together seamlessly. Even small details of the top influencer fashion such as scarf knots, earring stacks, and sock choices can make all the difference when creating an eye-catching ensemble.

What has become increasingly popular within the influencer community and the top influencer fashion are collaborations with high-end designer brands as well as independent boutique stores. These partnerships allow influencers to showcase how they wear designer pieces within the top influencer fashion in everyday life while also providing exposure for both parties involved. Through these relationships, influencers have been able to develop signature styles of the top influencer fashion that reflect their personalities while simultaneously keeping up with the latest trends in fashion.

What are some of the top influencer fashion trends?

The top influencer fashion trends of the moment are diverse and ever-evolving. What we wear is a form of self-expression, so it’s no surprise that the fashion industry and the top influencer of fashion have become increasingly influenced by social media. Not only does this give us an insight into what’s trending on the catwalks, but the top influencer fashion has also opened up a new realm of style possibilities coveted by followers who watch their favorite influencers for outfit inspiration.

One of the most popular top influencer fashion trends amongst Instagram influencers is athleisure wear. This top influencer fashion trend combines comfort and casualness with a level of sophistication and luxury not associated with sportswear in the past. Celebrity influence on this top influencer fashion trend is huge. Many of our favorite stars have been showing off their top influencer fashion stylish activewear looks, giving rise to this comfortable yet chic style that is beloved by many women around the world.

Another big top influencer fashion trend in recent years has been statement pieces such as large shoulder bags or statement jewelry. Bold shapes and exaggerated accessories have become must-have items within the top influencer fashion for any modern wardrobe, allowing influencers to make a statement without saying a word. Whether it’s a large sun hat or oversized hoop earrings, accessorizing your look within the top influencer fashion is key to achieving an eye-catching aesthetic desired by many Instagram users and followers alike.

Power suits have also made their return in recent years through top influencer fashion, largely thanks to celebrity and influencer influence which has redefined them as stylish essentials rather than traditional formal attire. From bright colors to daring prints or bold cuts, power suits can be transformed by top influencer fashion while still maintaining their original silhouette which exudes confidence and elegance on any occasion.

The ‘no makeup makeup look’ is another key top influencer fashion trend that shows how you can achieve effortless beauty without having to layer your face with heavy cosmetics every day. Natural and dewy skin, nude eyeshadows blended out for a subtle smoky effect, natural-looking eyelashes and lips with just a hint of color are all top influencer fashion elements making up this look that adds enough coverage to look polished without all the fuss of overdoing it.

Who are some of the best fashion influencers to follow?

There are numerous fashion influencers to follow in today’s digital landscape who are pushing boundaries, expressing creativity, and inspiring millions of followers worldwide. Fashion influencers to follow have captivated audiences with their unique sense of style, their insights into current and upcoming trends, and their innovative approaches to the fashion industry. Below, we have provided a list of ten of the best fashion influencers to follow for a diverse and rich sampling of today’s leading voices in the fashion world.

1. Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni): Renowned Italian entrepreneur and founder of The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni has become a global sensation with over 20 million followers on Instagram, and one of the top fashion influencers to follow. In addition to her impeccable personal style, Chiara’s collaborations with prestigious brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton have solidified her status as a leading fashion authority.

2. Olivia Palermo (@oliviapalermo): Known for her effortless and sophisticated style, Olivia Palermo, one of the top fashion influencers to follow, gained fame as a socialite and reality TV star. Today, she operates her eponymous lifestyle website, which focuses on fashion, beauty, and travel, and has collaborated with numerous prominent brands, including Aquazzura, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic.

3. Aimee Song (@songofstyle): Based in Los Angeles, Aimee Song is a powerhouse in the world of fashion blogging. Her blog, Song of Style, features a mix of high-end and accessible fashion, travel content, and design inspiration. Additionally, Aimee, one of the top fashion influencers to follow, has released two bestselling books and has partnered with countless leading fashion brands, such as Dior, Revolve, and Laura Mercier.

4. Leandra Medine (@leandramcohen): The founder of the influential blog Man Repeller, Leandra Medine’s unique and quirky sense of style has garnered her a loyal following. Through her eclectic fashion choices and candid writing style, Leandra, one of the top fashion influencers to follow, has challenged conventional fashion norms and encouraged her followers to embrace their own distinct styles.

5. Camila Coelho (@camilacoelho): Brazilian fashion influencer Camila Coelho, one of the top fashion influencers to follow, originally gained fame through her successful beauty blog and YouTube channel. Her vibrant, polished style and genuine, down-to-earth personality have helped her amass over 8 million followers on Instagram, and she has collaborated with brands including Lancôme, Dior, and L’Oreal.

6. Susie Lau (@susiebubble): As one of the original and most prominent fashion bloggers, Susie Lau’s Style Bubble has been a source of inspiration and innovation since its inception in 2006. Her daring and eclectic style consistently pushes boundaries and redefines the meaning of “trendy.” Lau, one of the top fashion influencers to follow, has worked with numerous esteemed brands, such as Prada, Valentino, and Calvin Klein.

7. Yoyo Cao (@yoyokulala): Singapore-based fashion influencer Yoyo Cao, one of the top fashion influencers to follow, is known for her minimalist, chic style and her impeccable attention to detail. Her endeavors include launching her clothing line, Exhibit, and working with high-profile brands like Gucci, Fendi, and Michael Kors.

Who is the biggest fashion influencer?

Chiara Ferragni undeniably holds the title of the biggest fashion influencer in 2024 in the realm of women’s fashion. Renowned as a style icon and digital powerhouse, Chiara boasts an impressive following of 29 million on Instagram, making her a dominant force in the world of social media. Her impact extends far beyond the digital realm, as she has not only made a lasting imprint on the fashion industry but has also ventured into entrepreneurship with the successful launch of her own clothing line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection. Collaborating with prestigious fashion houses including LVMH, Giambattista Valli, Chanel, and Dior, Chiara has proven her creative prowess and influence within the industry. With a decade of consistently showcasing her passion for styling and garnering widespread popularity, Chiara Ferragni stands at the pinnacle of fashion influence, shaping trends, and setting unparalleled standards in the digital sphere and beyond.