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If you think adults are the only ones whose pictures and videos can command a battalion of online followership, think again. Times have changed, kid influencers are cracking the algorithm and bringing their “A” game to the influencing space. Here are 100″ kidfluencers” making waves for themselves online.


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The Power of Kid Influencers


Digitalized world aside, the emergence of the covid-19 virus and its resultant lockdown has caused the screen time of kids to be at an all-time high. 80% of US parents confess that their kids watch youtube. Also, influencer content ranks within 56% of the ten most-watched YouTube content themes for kids. Not surprising since kid influencers do a fine job of bridging the gap between Gen z kids and their parents.

Therefore, it only makes sense that brands that cater to kids use kid influencers to promote their products. Working with a child influencer ( and their parents) can help elevate your marketing campaigns. These influencers know your prospects and also know what works for them. If you’re considering working with a kid influencer, now is the time to join the bandwagon as big names like Covergirl and Target are already taking advantage of kid influencers to reach children and young teens.

Partnering with a child influencer requires you to adhere to certain regulations. However, most of these kids’ platforms are managed by parents. The parents also handle paid partnerships and supervise their kids to ensure your brand gets its desired results. If you’d like to partner with some kid influencers but don’t know any that fit your brand, here are the next generation of social media sensations, who when not in school, are busy dominating the Internet.

List of Top 100 Kid Influencers


1.      Charli D’Amelio @charlidamelio (40.3M)

Kid Influencers - Charlie Damelio

Charli D’Amelio is one of the best Tiktok and Instagram stars out there. This 16-year old became popular in 2019 when her video duet with TikTok user, Move with Joy went viral. In all of her social media accounts, Charlie posts herself modeling, dancing, and vlogging. Her creative dance moves and original video content make her unique and lovable. She’s worked with many top brands like Invisalign, Hollisterco, and Orosabeauty.


2.      Maddie Ziegler @maddieziegler 13.5M

Kid Influencers - Maddie Ziegler

Based in Los Angeles, this top kid influencer has always been a dancer at heart. Her breathtaking moves have helped her build a massive following on YouTube and Instagram. Maddie once appeared on the reality show “Dance Moms.” So far, her host of clients include top brands like Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Clean & Clear, and others.


3.      Juliana Grace LeBlanc @julesleblanc (9.3M)

Kid Influencers - Jules le Blanc

Jules LeBlanc is one of top kid influencers and an embodiment of talents. Best known for her acting and singing gifts, this young star is a YouTuber, actress, presenter, pop singer, and Instagram influencer. Julia has appeared in many popular series like “Chicken Girls”. She also ventures into the world of lifestyle, posting daily pictures that giving insight into her everyday routines on her Instagram.


4.      Everleigh Rose Soutas @everleighrose (5M)

Kid Influencers - Everleigh Rose

Everleigh Rose is one of top kid influencers and undoubtedly one of the most adorable Instagram sensations. This young star mesmerizes her followers with incredible dance moves taught to her by her professional dancer mom. Everleigh also reviews toys, models kids’ fashion, and makes slime tutorial videos. With over three million subscribers on YouTube, Everleigh is popular on both Instagram and YouTube.


5.      Elle Lively McBroom @elle (4.8M)

Kid influencers - ELLE LIVELY MCBROOM

Stardom seems to run in the McBroom family. Elle McBroom is one of top kid influencers and an elder sister to Alaiam (also a kidfluencer, )while her parents Austin McBroom( basketball player) and Catherine Paiz (fitness model) run the ACE family channel on youtube. Apart from her four million-plus Instagram followers, Elle gets tons of engagement on her posts, most of which are dance clips and fun videos with her family.


6.      Kyle Jackson @mongraal (4.7M)

Kid influencers - Kyle Jackson

16-year-old Kyle Jackson is on the fast track to international fame after hitting it big on the gaming platform, Twitch. This English eSports player mainly plays Fortnite is one of top kid influencers. He found success at age 13 and was featured on BBC News. Kyle now has millions of followers on Instagram, where he continues to showcase his gaming talents.


7.      Piper Rockelle @piperrockelle (4.2M)

Kid influencers - Piper Rockelle

Modeling, gymnastics, acting, singing you name it – Piper Rockelle most likely does it. With 4.2 million followers on Instagram, Piper is one of top kid influencers and surely a force to reckon with in the social media space. This kidfluencer has worked with Fashion Nova and many other global brands.


8.      Lauren Orlando @laurenorlando88 (4.1M)

Kid influencers - Lauren Oralndo

Lauren is a YouTuber and star kid-influencer. Though she is a sister to the famous johnny Orlando, the Canadian star has mostly attracted her ten million-plus followers through her acting talent. On her YouTube, Lauren posts weekly vlogs, beauty and lifestyle videos.


9.      Hayley LeBlanc @hayley.leblanc (3.9M)

Kid influencers - Hayley Le Blanc

Texas-born Hayley Leblanc is one of top kid influencers and a sister to Jules LeBlanc and youngest daughter to parents Billy and Katie. Like her sister, Hayley has acted on several Brat TV shows like Chicken Girls and Hotel Du Loone. Over the years, Hayley has accumulated a huge amount of followers not only on Instagram but on YouTube as well.


10. Txunamy @txunamy (3.8M)

Kid influencers - Txunamy

This pint-sized Tiktok and Instagram star is only 12, but she’s already serving up some of the hottest looks on the Internet. Txunamy is one of top kid influencers and has appeared on Vogue and Hollywood Life. Apart from fashion, she does lip-syncs and comedy skits.


11.  Mila and Emma Stauffer @kcstauffer (3.6m)

Kid influencers - Mila and Emma Staufer

Born in Arizona, USA, into the Stauffer Family, Mila and Emma Stauffer are six-year-old twins who share a love for food, toys, and fashion shows. The Stauffers announced Mila and Emma’s branded clothing line when they were just four. This sassy pair also love spending time together talking to a camera.


12. Jayden Bartels @jaydenbartels (3.4M)


Kid influencers - Jayden Bartles

With a following of over 9 million across all her social media platforms, Jayden is an Internet sensation. This has allowed her to explore a variety of different avenues within her online career, such as acting, dancing, and working with other YouTube veterans like Tricia Miranda and Matt Steffanina. She has also tried her hand at modeling and has worked with several global brands.


13. Matty B Raps @mattybraps (3.3M)

Kid influencers - Matty

YouTube sensation and rap artist Matthew David Morris has the gift of entertainment. Apart from rapping, Matty also excels at acting, songwriting, and dancing. He became famous for posting covers of his favorite songs on YouTube. And at 18, this kid influencer has already built his name as a world-renowned artist. Matty has partnered with top brands, including YouTube, MTV, and Disney.


14. Taytum and Oakley Fisher @taytumandoakley (3M)

Kid influencers - Taytum and Oakley Fisher

Taytum and Oakley are top kid influencers and are identical twins who came to the limelight following the release of a touching video featuring the toddler sisters separating for the first time. Now, their Instagram is full of adorable picture documentaries of their childhood and family adventures, thanks to dad Kyler and mum Madison. So far, these lovely sisters have over three million followers on Instagram and YouTube.


15. Alaiam Marie McBroom @alaiamcbroom (2.7M)

Kid influencers - Alaim McBroom

Alaiam is one of top kid influencers who was introduced to stardom by her parents, who had a Family YouTube channel. Two weeks after her birth, her parent created a personal Instagram account for her. Today, Alaiam is only two but has an unshakable following of 2.7 million on Instagram.


16. Liliana Ketchman @lilykofficial (2.4M)

Kid influencers - Liliana Ketchman

One of the world’s top dancing talents, Liliana Ketchman, is a 12-year-old from America. This young dancer is so good she has appeared in Sia’s “Move Your Body” music video. She also made an appearance on the reality series “Dance Moms.” Liliana is also a thriving YouTuber, an aspiring actress, and model.


17. Ava and Alexis McClure @mccluretwins (2.2M)

Kid influencers - Ava and Alexic McClure

Ava and Alexis McClure are yet another pair of influencer twins. Their content center around family and childhood explorations. Ava and Alexis have partnered with different toy and household brands, with the guidance of their parents, of course. The twins are active on both YouTube and Instagram, where they have a vast number of followers.


18. Gavin Magnus @gavinmagnus (2.1M)

Kid influencers - Gavin Magnus

Best known for his musical gifts, Gavin Magnus is a 14-year-old YouTube star who doubles as a popular social media influencer. Gavin is also an actor, presenter, performer, and dancer. His YouTube account, which has over three million subscribers, has tons of videos of him singing covers with other kid stars.


19. Priah Ferguson @priahferguson (1.9M)

Kid influencers - Priah Ferguson

Priah Ferguson is a 14-year-old American actor born in Atlanta, Georgia. She became popular, casting as ‘Erica Sinclair’ in the ‘Netflix’ original series ‘Stranger Things.’ Ever since Priah has won many acting offers, which came along with a large fanbase on social media. Priah engages with her followers posting about fashion, film, and lifestyle.


20. Coco Quinn @cocoquinn (1.9M)

Kid influencers - Coco Quinn

Being a young dancer, model, actress, singer, and one-time member of the mini elite competition team “Molly’s Monsters,” Coco Quin is a kid with a lot of talents. As an influential star, Coco has a massive following on social media, both on youtube and Instagram.


21. Ava and Leah Clements @clementstwins (1.8M)

Kid influencers - Ava and Leah Clements

Introducing our fourth pair of twins, Ava and Leah Clements. This duo is nothing if not adorable, and anyone who visits their Instagram page can immediately tell they love fashion. They’ve worked with several fashion brands. Sadly, the kids’ father suffers from a rare form of leukemia, and their mom created an Instagram account to raise this awareness and help promote brands.


22. Eliana @elianawalmsley (1.8M)

Kid influencers

Budding young dancer Eliana Walmsley is famous for being among the Abby Lee Dance Company mini-team. Not just this, she also participated in various seasons of the hit reality series called “Dance Moms”. Today, Eliana also acts and influences.


23. Pressly Hosbach @presslyhosbach (1.7M)

Kid influencers

Pressley Hosbach is a young dancer living in New Jersey. She became very popular online after posting for the first time on Instagram on the 3rd of April 2013. Pressly has more than 100k followers on Tiktok and millions of likes. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts dance videos.


24. Asahd Tuck Khaled @asahdkhaled (1.6m)

Kid influencer

At only three years old, Asahd Tuck Khaled, son of DJ Khaled, has amassed an Instagram following of over 1 million. Fans troop to his social media to see him hang out with OGs in the music industry, including artists like Nicki Minaj and Justine Beiber. Asahd also sometimes puts out toy unboxing videos.


25. Queen KhaMyra @queenkhamyra (1.4m)

Kid influencers

Queen KhaMyra became a social media star since posting hilarious video clips and lip-sync videos on TikTok. She also got on YouTube and earned a following of over 500,000. This young celeb has graced the runway for various teen brands like Angel Joi and was among the models for Young Socialites Clothier at New York Fashion Week 2019.


26. McKenna Grace @mckennagraceful (1.3M)

Kid influencers

With a drive to achieving success, Texas-born McKenna Grace entered into the world of television fame by starring in the Disney TV series “Crash & Bernstein”. While still gracing TV screens with her unique personality, McKenna dived into the world of social media influencing.


27. Laerta @fashion_laerta ( 1.3M)

Kid influencers

London-based 9-year-old Laerta is a popular fashion kid influencer on Instagram. Despite being so young, Laerta has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. She often showcases miniature sizes of outfits worn by other street-style stars and not just typical kids’ clothing.


28. That girl lay lay @thatgirllaylay (1.2m)

Kid influencers

Alaya High is a Houston-born rapper and Instagram sensation. This young icon has been producing, composing, singing, and rapping since she was five. She released her debut album in 2018, has appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, and has earned the endorsement of big rappers in the music industry. Now, Alaya is just 14 but has over a million followers on Instagram.


29. Millie Belle Diamond @milliebellediamond (1M)

Kid influencers

You don’t get to see a three-year-old at the forefront of social media influencer marketing every day, especially in the fashion and travel niche. However, with the help of her loving mother, Millie does this and does it brilliantly. This young Australian fashion influencer has partnered with Little Miss Aoki and even appeared on red carpets.


30. Clara Lukasiak @claralukasiak (952K)

Kid influencers

Clara Lukasiak became famous after appearing on “Dance Moms”. Ever since, Clara has gone on to become an actress, dancer, and model. Her Instagram account, which is currently being managed by her mom, features content on kids’ fashion trends.


31. Indigo Star Carey @indistar (866K)

Kid influencers

Indi Star is an American actor popular for her roles in the TV series “My Haunted House”, “Henry Danger,” and ‘Betrayed”. Indi also dances and sings. She has acted in over seven movies and appeared in various commercials and television shows. She is also a social media favorite with a huge fan base on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.


32. Sabre Norris @sabrenorris (835K)

Kid influencers

Australian surfer and skateboarder Sabre Norris experienced fame on YouTube after she became the first Australian female and 3rd female in the history of the world to land a 540 on a half pipe. She appears regularly on her family channel “The Norris Nut,” which has over five million subscribers.


33. Ava Kolker @avakolker (798K)

Kid influencers

Known as ‘Lily’ in “Scary Movie 5” and Ava in “Girl Meets World,” Ava Kolker has dominated the Internet with her unique TV personality. Ava has a YouTube channel and manages an Instagram account with over 700,000 followers.


34. Ava Marie Foley @avafoley (793K)

Kid influencers

8-year-old Ava Foley is a style icon for toddlers and kids all over the world. This sweet little cutie has many talents. She’s been featured in a comedy series known as ‘Giggles Talk’ and has shown the world she could dance in a reality show. Apart from her Instagram supporters, Ava has a YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers.


35. Ashton Rowland @ashtonrowland (700K)

Kid influencers

Youngest brother to social media stars Brandon and Hunter Rowland, Aston Rowland, is a TikTok celeb. The 14-year-old posts cute simplistic videos on TikTok while keeping his Instagram fans hooked with adorable lifestyle and adventure pictures full of charm and swagger.


36. Hazel @prettyluhhazel (680k)

Kid influencers

“PrettyLuhHazel” is the online pseudonym of Hazel Zamarripa. She was born on the 26th of January, 2007, in San Antonio, Texas. Hazel is popular for her eclectic dance videos on TikTok and has won the heart of Instagrammers, as well as posting cute pictures of herself.


37. Rosie McClelland @rosiergm (662k)

Kid influencers

Another American musical talent on the list, Rosie McClellan, is a 14-year-old singer who uses her YouTube and Instagram accounts to promote her music career. Some of her music videos on YouTube have gotten up to a million views, while her Instagram is strictly tailored to giving followers sneak peeks of her family holidays and her current fashion style.


38. Trinitee Stokes? @triniteestroke (660K)

Kid influencers

Tirinitee Stokes is a 14-year-old with multiple talents. She came to fame in the Disney Channel original series ‘KC Undercover’ through her portrayal of the humanoid robot Judy Cooper. Trinitee is also a great singer, author, and fashion designer. She’s an idol to many children, which makes her perfect as a kidfluencer.


39. Coco PinkPrincess @coco_pinkprincess (632K)

Kid influencers

Coco PinkPrincess is a fashion influencer and model from Japan. Her Instagram feed features bold combinations and pastel outfits. She also showcases eyewear, bags, hats, and other accessories.


40. Halston Blake Fisher @halston.blake ( 627K) 

Kid influencers

Halston is barely two, and she already has a following of over 600,000 on Instagram. Like her twin sisters, Taytum and Oakley Fisher, Halston’s Instagram page mostly showcases baby OOTDs.


41. Claire and the Crosby Family @clairecrosby (619K)

Kid influencers

Young, talented and promising are the words that describe claire Crosby, a Seattle-based kid singer. Her fame rose after performing “A Million Dreams” in a family music video. Claire’s Instagram account has several videos of her singing effortlessly.


42. Alexis Olympia Ohanian @olympiaohanian (612K)

Kid influencers
Alexis Olympia Ohanian is barely four years old, but she already has a huge following of over 600,000 on her Instagram. While this is somewhat because she is the daughter of a famous tennis star, Serena Williams, Alexis is a cute little bundle of life. And more than anything else, this is what keeps people scrolling through her Instagram for hours. Alexis already has her first Vogue cover with her mum.


43. Lorenzo Greer @tekkerzkid (611K)

Kid influencers

Lorenzo Greer is a leading British Internet personality best known for representing sporty kids. His Instagram platform holds images and videos of his daily activities. Most times, Tekkerzkid shows himself playing as part of Birmingham City’s U10 football squad. Not just this, he also reviews football boots, unboxes the latest toys, and drops football tutorials that keep the young demographic of football fans glued to his page.


44. Tydus Talbott @tydus (594K)

Kid influencers

Tydius is one of the top influencers on Instagram, having garnered 5.38 million subscribers on their family’s YouTube platform named Trav and Cor. His Instagram feed is dedicated to sharing OOTDs and lifestyle pictures.


45. Boomer Phelps @boomerphelps (581K)

Kid influencers

The cute Boomer Phelps is the son of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and his model wife, Nicole Johnson. Boomer’s Instagram reveals that he enjoys athletic activities with his father and brother. With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, people love seeing the little athlete have fun.


46. Kaci Jay @kaci.jay (546K)

Kid influencers

This English content creator originally built her influence through her parent’s YouTube channel “Dad V girls.” Kaci went on to create her own YouTube channel and establish herself as an influencer on Instagram, where she currently has 546,000 followers. She posts about fashion and lifestyle.


47. Mia Fizz @miaslifeofficial (489K)

Kid influencers

While Mia Fizz has a long history of modeling and working with several fashion brands, she is also known for her vegan diet, beauty clips, and lifestyle videos. Her incredible Instagram feed, which features fashion, adventure, and holiday snaps, is a real feast for the eyes. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Mia also has a huge YouTube presence.


48. Solage Ortiz @solageortiz (475K)

Kid influencers

Solage Ortiz is a six-year-old American social media sensation who first became popular through YouTube. With 400,000 plus followers on Instagram and TikTok, Solage easily ranks as one of the most famous TikTok stars in America.Alex and his team help investors, buyers, and sellers get the best real estate deals in Las Vegas. His Instagram, though, is dedicated to his passions for fitness, fashion, and style. Alex’s active social media presence earned him a spot among the top 20 real estate influencers from Vegas.


49. Chanel Nicole @babychanelnicole (445K)

Kid influencers

Beautiful daughter to rapper Ice-T and actress and model Nicole Austin, five-year-old Chanel Nicole has gathered lots of following on her Instagram account. The cutie is a fashion baby who lives and dresses glamorously.


50. Arden Martino @ardenmartino (426K)

Kid influencers

Gymnast Arden Martino is a favorite among kids of various ages. This New York native gymnast has over 2 million fans on Tiktok, and her Instagram family is also increasing as the days go by.


51. Penelope Juliette @penelope (375K)

Kid influencers

With 2.6 million followers on her family channel and over 300,000 on her Instagram page, Penelope is a favorite kidfluencer. Her main focus is on fashion, style, and pageantry. Her feed is filled with OOTDs and pictures of her having fun with siblings.


52. Adalia Rose @adalia06 (357K)

Kid influencers

Adalia Rose is an American social media star living with a rare genetic disorder called progeria. This condition causes her to age fast, which is why she looks like an old woman. Despite her condition, Adalia maintains a spunky attitude which endears her to children and adults alike. This explains why she has a massive following of over 300,000 on Instagram.


53. Tiana Wilson @tianawilson (352K)

Kid influencers

Tiana is definitely one to watch now and in the future! The 13-year-old brings freshness and uniqueness to the toy and gaming space through her Roblox reviews and tests. She may not have the highest following on Instagram, but the little genius has captured the hearts of 16 million Youtube subscribers.


54. Diana @kidsdianashow (315K)

Kid influencers

Diana is a Ukrainian YouTube and Instagram celebrity who lives in the US. This kid is the star of a YouTube channel called kids Diana show. Diana, alongside her brother, Roma, brings adventure and personality to their social platforms. Fans head there to experience dollhouses, toy unboxing, and raw fun.


55. EvanTubeHD @evantubehd (314K)

Kid influencers

Evan is among the most influential kid influencers in the world. He has over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he creates toy reviews, hosts engaging challenges, and does other fun things. Evan has worked with several big brands to provide reviews and has even gone ahead to write his book.


56. Anthem James Tru @anthemjamestru (270K)

Kid influencers

This little cutie is the daughter of makeup artist and YouTuber Paige Danielle. Anthem’s Instagram, which is managed by her mom, has over 200,000 followers, and it’s not hard to see why. This little angel loves smiling. Plus, her stylish bows and curly hair make her endlessly adorable.


57. Collete Wixom, @ministylehacker (266K)

Kid influencers

Ryker, Grey, and Wyatt Wixom are a fashionable trio of brothers. With the help of their mother, Collete Wixom, these three fashionistas have taken the Internet by storm, posting hacked versions of outfits worn by celebrities like Pharrell, Ryan Gosling, and James Franco. Collete picks up pieces from budget-friendly stores like Gap Kids, Target, and H&M and turns them into what the kid’s favorite celebs wear.


58. Leticia Perez @littleleticiaperez (265K)

Kid influencers

Leticia Perez is a two-year-old Canadian fashionista. Her Instagram has an abundance of stylish outfits, including denim, velvet jumpsuits, intricate party dresses, and tiny Gucci belts. She’s just two, but her fashion style can easily rival that of the older generation.


59. Kitties Mama @officialkittiesmamayt (259K)

Kid influencers

It’s amazing watching a clan of kids don amazing costumes, have fun with toys and wait with bated breath for Christmas. Over 2 million YouTube subscribers already follow the adventures of this group of 5 siblings known as Kitties Mama. Their contents are highly engaging, making them a popular choice for promoting children-related products.


60. Sophie Grace @realsophiegrace (256K)

Kid influencers

Sophie Grace is a Los Angeles-based child actor who is popular for her roles in the TV movie “Terror in the Woods” and “The Baby-Sitters Club”. Sophie ventured into acting when she was only three but began training Professionally at 10. Now, owing to her massive following, she doubles as an influencer.


61. Balcom and Levy @balcomandlevy (253K)

Kid influencers

Balcom and Levy are adorable toddler twins with 2.6 million followers on YouTube and 253K followers on Instagram. Their mother, Bramty Juliette, loves dressing up the kids in stylish outfits and showing them off to their Instagram fans.


62. Amelia and Bianca @cissifio (236k)

Kid influencers

Cissi Fioriniello from Sweden runs the Instagram account of her two kids, Amelia and Bianca. The account has drawn many followers and partnerships so far, thanks to the pretty girls’ heart-melting cuteness. They love to wear pink dresses, pom poms, and lace.


63. Willow Morgan @willow_lee_morgan (183K)

Kid influencers

Willow is eight years old, and her Instagram has nearly 200,000 followers already. She and her two sisters own a YouTube channel. Willow is an upcoming fashion model who loves wearing trendy bohemian pieces and wide brim hats.


64.  Caspian Slyfox @caspianslyfox (183K)

Kid influencers

Caspian Slyfox is the youngest child of the Slyfox family. The kid was featured on the family YouTube channel “Slyfox Family” for the first time in 2015. He was accepted and loved by many, so his parents decided to create his channel, “Cas’s Corner”. Ever since the little star’s online presence has only expanded.


65. Maya @ohmy_maya_ (166K)

Kid influencers

Maya is a four-year-old Instagram princess with attractive curly hair. Her mom creates Maya’s Instagram to share information on how Maya’s hair is groomed. Hair content aside, Maya’s Instagram also contains family vacation photos and favorite outfits snaps.


66. Olivia and Peyton @livandpey (163K)

Kid influencers

Olivia and Peyton, also called “Liv and Pey,” are social media starlets with a massive following on Instagram. These kids are known for their lifestyle photo blogging and family vacation clips.


67. Jaedyn Slyfox @jaedynslyfox (156K)

Kid influencers

Jaedyn Slyfox is an Instagram influencer and YouTube star based in California. She became famous through her family’s YouTube channel, which has 1.68 million subscribers. Jaedyn’s Instagram features chic outfit photos.


68. Gavin Duh @gavinduh (148k)

Kid influencers

Gavin is a Los Angeles-based young model. He has been modeling since the age of four. Asides from fashion, Gavin’s Instagram feed contains photoblogs of the kid’s travel and adventurous escapades.


69. The Mom Trotter @themomtrotter (128K)

Kid influencers

The Mom Trotter Instagram channel showcases the adventures of 3 siblings exploring the world with their parents. These guys are constantly on the road, so they share travel experiences in the form of pictures and videos through their Instagram account.


70. Hawkeye Huey @Hawkeyehuey (179K)

Kid influencers

10-year-old Hawkeye is loved for his outgoing nature and beautiful snaps of New York City. His Instagram feed features eye-catching photos taken with his father, Aaron Huey, who happens to be a National Geographic photographer. This little photographer is a favorite among travel and adventure brands.


71.  Mari Copeny @littlemissflint (156K)

Kid influencers

Known as Littlemissflint, Mari’s company’s interest lies in advocating for kids in Flint, Michigan. She is especially concerned about contaminated water issues and helping underprivileged children in her community. She discusses these on her social media, hoping to get people to donate toward eradicating suffering in her community.


72.  Ryan Kaji @ryansworld (142K)

Kid influencers

Ryan, with the help of his mother, creates educational videos for kids. He is also known for his fun crafts and detailed toy reviews. After testing, the Ryan family gives the toys to charity. You’ll find Ryan on Instagram and YouTube.


73. Zooey in the City @ZooeyintheCity (139K)

Kid influencers

Instagram-famous Zooey Miyoshi is a seven-year-old Japanese fashion fanatic and mini-influencer. She mainly posts pictures of her favorite OOTDs. Her fashion style incorporates large glasses, too-cool denim jackets, tulle skirts, and vibrant dresses. Zooey has worked on Target’s exclusive Barbie collection and earned various paid partnerships from other fashion brands.


74.  Jayden Foley @jaydenryanfoley (131K)

Kid influencers

Jayden’s journey into stardom vegan way before he was even born. In January 2017, Ryan and Michelle Foley published the ultrasound of the unborn Jayden on his Instagram. When he was finally born, Jayden featured in the family YouTube channel. At two, the cute little boy now has a massive following on his social media.


75.  Blair Gray @blairgrayx (128K)

Kid influencers

Born in Los Angeles, California, 14-year-old Blair Gray gained popularity after featuring on her sister, Nicolette Gray’s, YouTube channel. Over the years, her Instagram has enlarged to over 100,000 followers.


76.  Diesel Rojas @dieselrojas (124K)

Kid influencers

Instagram and TikTok sweetheart Diesel is son to famous choreographer Tiffany Burton Rojas. Diesel is eight but rocks cool accessories and has badass poses. His Instagram feed proves it.


77.  Tolliver Boyz @tolliverboyz (123k)

Kid influencers

The Tolliver Boyz are 3 Superstar Gen Z brothers with an obvious flair for fashion and style. Their Instagram account, run by their mom, Juana Tolliver, features these cute models in various stylish outfits. Everything looks good on them.


78.  Haileigh @hails_world (119K)

Kid influencers

Blossoming model Haileigh is a style influencer in her own right, with over 119 000 followers on her “managed-by-mom & team” Instagram account. The 11-year-old has walked new york fashion week and launched a kidswear line for Target.


79.  Seraphina and Aurora De La Oz @raisihg2californiagirls (115K)

Kid influencers

Seraphina and Aurora are just two years old, but you would easily mistake them for OG models. These kids are an inspiration to other children, especially when it comes to fashion, beauty, and hair, which is why they partner with hair, beauty, and fashion brands.


80.  Ryan secret @ryansecret (112k)

Kid influencers

Ryan Secret is an American fashion Instagram sensation. Ryan’s account portrays vacation photos and classy boy outfits.


81.  Sydney the Coral Girl @sydney.morris14 (99.4K)

Kid influencers

Sydney Morris is an excellent social media favorite and gymnast. Apart from massive Instagram followers, Sydney has about 500,000 followers on Tiktok. This level 10 Gymnast is also natural when facing cameras. She has worked with brands like Hatchimals and Lomics.


82. Henley Alexa @henley.alexa (81.5K)

Kid influencers

Henley Alexa is everything in one: a model, actor, skater, and social media influencer! Henley nurses a penchant for toys. This is evident in her Instagram grid which features photos of Henley with toys. She has partnered with brands like Kidfocus and Justplayproducts.


83.  Lyla grey @lifewithlyla (72.8K)

Kid influencers

Lyla grey is an energic pint-sized dancer who doubles as an actress. Lyla is one of top kid influencers who also loves toys which means while she isn’t dancing, you will find her testing toys. She’s collaborated with many toy brands like Blumedolls and Justplayproducts.


84.  Stella and Blaise @stellaandblaise (68K)

Kid influencers

To scroll through Stella and Blaise’s Instagram feed is to see fashion through the eyes of 6 and 8-year-olds. The siblings who got popular on Instagram also love playing sports and visiting California’s mesmerizing beaches. So far, these kids have partnered with Puma to design a unique line of shoes.


85.  Cataleya and Family @princess_cataleya_ (66.5K)

Kid influencers

Cataleya is all about hair, fashion, and toys. However, she does love frilly dresses and skirts that spread out as she spins. Her energetic personality is contagious and intriguing to behold.


86.  Adley May McBride @adleymcbride (66.4k)

Kid influencers

Adley May McBride, daughter of internet sweethearts Shaun and Jenny McBride, is a famous YouTuber and influencer. Adley has a 2.4-million-subscribers YouTube channel known as A for Adley – Learning & Fun. Here, Adley plays fun games with family.


87.   Jullian and Addie @babyteeth4 (64.9K)

Kid influencers

12-year-old Jillian and 9-year-old Addie are sisters who own a YouTube channel called babyteeth4. Their honest but hilarious candy reviews are so interesting to watch that 1.6 million people have subscribed to their channel. This duo is also famous on Instagram, where they post pretty pictures of their adventures as siblings.


88. Chacha @chachashen1 (62.6K)


8-year-old chacha is one of top kid influencers who won a feature on “the show Little Big Shots” season 3, thanks to her dancing prowesses. Chacha is also a model and social media kidfluencer.


89.  Action Movie Kid @theactionmoviekid (61.4K)


Instagram-famous James Hashimoto loves all things special effects and action. This 11-year-old plays hero in the action movies that his video editor dad creates. These duos have a popular YouTube channel and have both been featured on national news and publications like Buzzfeed.


90.  Bliss and Blythe @bliss.blythe (49.8k)



Six-year-old Bliss and Blythe are two of the most fashionable kids on the ‘gram. Their posts are usually videos on hair care, clips of funny moments hanging out with family, and photos of cute identical outfits.


91. Kinley @kinleydancer (45.4K)


Passionate mini-sized dancer Kinley Cunningham came to stardom through her captivating dancing gift. She currently lives in chino hills, CA, and receives training in all styles of dance at Mather Dance Company in Placentia. Also, Kinley has won many awards for dancing so well.


92.  Rilyn Dinyae @rilyndinyae (39.8K)


Rilyn is  a 15-year-old social media influencer and TikTok star. She uploads lip-syncs, comedy, and dance videos on Tiktoks. She is one of top kid influencers who owns a YouTube channel known for storytimes, DIYs, travel vlogs, beauty content, and slime tutorials.


93.  Call Me Sparkle @callmesparkle (30.9K)


Six-year-old summer Glittens, a.k.a call me sparkle, entered the world of social media fame when her mom created her Instagram account at the age of 2. Summer has worked with womenswear brand Fe Noel to create the Sparkle Gold Pant. Her Instagram still holds adorable snaps of her rocking runway-ready outfits.


94.  Eva @princess.evaverma (30.3K)


Eva is one of top kid influencers who represents her fellow toddlers in the fashion world. Her Instagram feed houses quality pictures that can compete with those on other popular fashion blogs. Eva’s style encompasses tutu dresses, sweet straw hats, and cat-eye sunglasses. She’s a favorite of toddler clothing brands.


95.  Prince & The Baker @princeandthebaker (24.8K)


Though a mother and son account, Prince & The Baker’s Instagram grids showcase Prince and his classy outfits the most, Prince wears anything from tiger-print pants to shearling-trimmed leather jackets. Clearly, this daring fashionista loves being unique.


96. Anastasia @amcprincessana (23.5K)


Instagram-famous Anastasia is an Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital (AMC) patient with a joyful and tenacious personality. Anastasia has collaborated with various brands like beautifully Hued and continues to spread awareness about kids living with disabilities through her Instagram.


97. Giana @g.von.g (22.9k)

Giana, best known as “dear Giana” or “lil g” is an artist and designer of Filipino, Mexican and American descent. She is also a fashion influencer with a penchant for recreating the fashion ads of high-end fashion brands. Giana is talented, and her images unique.


98.  Ethan Gamer @ethangamer (21.4k)


Ethan is one of top kid influencers who loves showcasing the latest video games, though he doesn’t exactly participate in e-sport. He also promotes positivity on his social channels and enjoys activities with his family and friends. This young gamer has a considerable following on both Instagram and YouTube.


99.  Kingston & Kaui @kingandkaui (19.8K)


King and Kaui are a duo of fashionable and fun-loving siblings living in Los Angeles. Apart from her terrific fashion sense, Kaui is famous for her friendship with North West, daughter of famous artist Kanye West. The kids’ Instagram is managed by parents Chris and Nikki, who have also assisted them in starting Le Future Kids, a streetwear label for children.


100.  Devynn Simone Lewis @devynnsimone (13k)

devynn simone

Sarah’s likable personality and delightful humor have garnered the adoration of her clients and colleagues. Her fun-loving personality makes her a favorite for podcasts and interviews. Sarah is one of top kid influencers who loves sharing posts of herself playing golf, doing yoga, and spending time with her family.


The Future of Kid Influencers and Their Role in Marketing


Social media is a fast-growing platform for the younger generation to communicate with each other and express themselves. Brands that wish to make an impression need to strategically position themselves in the face of consumers passionate about family activities and children-related products and services. For this reason, influencer marketing will continue to thrive. Hopefully, this list of top kid Influencers will help you locate the best kid influencers your brand should work with.