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Influencer marketing has become a powerful way for brands to reach out to their target market. It is all the more relevant these days as a growing number of consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and are looking up to “role models” who have a real passion for environmental sustainability. Sustainability influencers have the upper hand in introducing a brand or product to their followers. Here’s the list of 100 Top Sustainability Influencers to watch out for this 2022.


The Significant Contribution of Sustainability Influencers 


In today’s fast-paced society, there has been a growing clamor for the protection of the environment against unethical industrial practices and waste production. It can’t be denied that industrial processes have a huge impact on the environment. This is why the sustainability movement has become a global trend.

Many industries or brands are now gearing towards the movement of sustainability. This is particularly true in the fashion industry where slow, low impact fashion is now preferred over fast fashion. According to ThredUp‘s annual Resale Report, the fashion resale market is swelling, growing 21 times faster than the retail market over the past three years.  Because more consumers are choosing ethical and affordable used items, forward-thinking brands are innovating ways to capture the interest of their target consumers. One of these ways is by developing products and services that are safe and eco-friendly.

This is where the important role of social media influencers comes into play.  Sustainability influencers are the game changers who genuinely care about social change and environmental impact, and they use their voices to promote change and sustainability. If they are true to what they believe in and stand for, they can encourage their followers and audiences to do the same. In the same manner, when influencers endorse a product that they genuinely like, they can inspire their followers to try it as well.

Authenticity is the key that drives consumers to follow suit and they expect it not only from the influencers but also from the brands. Consumers are more inclined to support brands with a social purpose if they have genuine care for the environment and advocate sustainability in the long run.

Without further ado, here’s the list of 100 Top Sustainability Influencers in 2022, that you can collaborate with to help you promote the right message for your brand.


100 Top Sustainability Influencers List in 2022


1. TARA MCKENNA @zero.waste.collective (427K)


Tara Kenna, a Canadian-based sustainability influencer holds the top spot. Tara began her low waste journey back in 2017. The seriousness of the global trash problem, which she discovered during her travels to different countries, has led her to establish the Zero Waste Collective, a global online community that serves as an educational hub for the zero waste lifestyle movement.  Tara also offers business coaching at


Sustainability Influencers


2. LAUREN SINGER @trashisfortossers (379K)


Lauren Singer is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, blogger, and one of the top sustainability influencers who is a firm advocate of a zero-waste lifestyle. Lauren has been living a zero-waste life since 2012. She became viral for collecting all of the waste she has created in a 16oz mason jar. In 2014, she began chronicling her zero waste journey through her blog Trash is for Tossers, which later transitioned into an online resource that provides relevant information, tips, and inspiration on reducing waste daily. She also began manufacturing her own personal care products at the same time as modifying her buying behavior to divert waste from landfills and divest from polluting companies. She quickly began supplying the market with non-toxic and environmentally friendly washing solutions. Her three-ingredient organic cleaning product received funding on Kickstarter and was sold both online and at wholesale outlets around the country. As one of the top sustainability influencers, Lauren started Package Free shop in Williamsburg in 2017. Package Free has diverted hundreds of millions of pounds of waste from landfills since its inception. 


Sustainability Influencers




Kathryn Kellogg is a California-based spokesperson for plastic-free living, Chief Sustainability Officer at the One Movement, stage actor, author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers to watch out for. Kathryn runs a lifestyle website, Going Zero Waste, which she dedicates to helping others live healthier and more sustainable life. As of 2022, her Instagram account counts over 358K followers, with more than 1.5K posts, making her one of the top sustainability influencers on the platform. 


Sustainability Influencers




Julia Watkins is one of the Top Sustainability Influencers who have a passion for writing, photography, and slow, simple living. She is also the author of Simply Living Well: A Guide to Creating a Natural Low-Waste Home, which provides a wealth of information such as DIY projects, recipes, food preservation tips, gardening tips, and other home practices for simple and sustainable living. 


Sustainability Influencers


5. MELISSA HEMSLEY @melissa.hemsley (182K)


Melissa Hemsley is a chef, food columnist, best-selling cookbook author, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers based in the UK, who is a proud advocate for sustainable and planet-friendly eating. She is the author of two best-selling cookbooks, Eat Happy (2017) and Eat Green (2020). Melissa has appeared on primetime cookery shows including Sunday Brunch, Saturday Kitchen, and This Morning, and at food festivals all over the UK – and internationally. Melissa’s sister, Jasmine, worked as a model after graduating from high school, bringing her own food to photo sessions and eventually starting a meal delivery service, which Melissa followed. As one of the top sustainability influencers, they started a cooking blog on the Vogue website in 2012. Their debut book, The Art of Eating Well, was released in 2014, followed by Eating Well with Hemsley & Hemsley, a Channel 4 tv show. Their second book collaboration was named Good + Simple and was released in 2014. They’ve also been linked to the “clean eating” and “health” movements, though they claim they never discuss it in their books. They claim to provide a “simple, healthy approach to living that extends beyond the kitchen” and employ gluten-free, grain-free and refined sugar-free dishes.


Sustainability Influencers


6. ANNE-MARIE BONNEAU @zerowastechef (180K)


Anne-Marie is a cookbook writer, blogger, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers based in California. She began her plastic-free advocacy in 2011 and has documented that journey through her blog, The Plastic-Free Chef, which she started back then at age 16. Now she’s running a new food and lifestyle blog, Zero-Waste Chef, where she shares her fresh recipes that replace favorite packaged foods, tips on zerowaste and plastic-free living, and her occasional rants. 


Sustainability Influencers



7. ROB GREENFIELD @robjgreenfield (174K)


Rob Greenfield, also known as the “Trash Man” or the Dude Making a Difference, is one of the Top Sustainability Influencers who is on a mission to bring a sustainable living message to the world using unusual approaches from wearing the trash he produces and foraging for food to cycling penniless across the US on a bamboo bicycle. Most of Rob’s life is mostly spent outdoors, traveling, doing humanitarian services, and speaking about his advocacy for sustainable living. As one of the most famous male sustainability influencers in 2022, he has been featured on thousands of media outlets including National Geographic, BBC, CBS This Morning, Discovery Channel, USA Today, LA Times, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and many more.


Sustainability Influencers


8. VALERIA HINOJOSA @waterthruskin (173K)


Valeria Hinojosa is a Bolivia-born social entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, travel and lifestyle blogger, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers who is currently based in Miami. She previously worked in Private Banking for nearly 5 years but left a promising career to pursue her passion. She runs a blog, Water Thru Skin, where she shares her advocacy for sustainable, responsible, and holistic living.


Sustainability Influencers


9. RACHEL AND SCOTT JOHNSTON @plantedinthewoods (123K)


Power couple Scott and Rachael Johnston are one of the top sustainability influencers who are based in New Mexico. Scott and Rachael are co-owners of the lifestyle blog, Planted in the Woods, where they share practical low waste tips, from recipes to natural cleaning, in hopes of inspiring others to live a more slow and sustainable lifestyle.


Sustainability Influencers


10. JENNY WELBOURNE @wearilive (112K)


Jenny Welbourne is a Colorado-born, New York-based video content creator, fashion consultant, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers whose major focus is on sustainable and ethical fashion and low-waste lifestyle, plant-based diet. Jenny also promotes her advocacy through her YouTube channel, Wear I Live, where she uploads content about her thrift hauls, lookbooks, vegan recipes, low waste tips, morning routines, and a lot more.


Sustainability Influencers


11. KATE NELSON @plasticfreemermaid (108K)


Kate Nelson is a sustainability influencer based in New South Wales, Australia, who is renowned for her zero-waste advocacy and plastic-free lifestyle.  Kate has been living a disposable plastic-free life for a decade and has developed effective strategies on how to reduce single-plastic use, which she shares in her book, “I Quit Plastics”, a practical guide that is packed with information, how-to’s and tips to help you cook, clean, shop, wear and live plastic-free.


Sustainability Influencers


12. JESSICA CLIFTON @impactforgood (107K)


Jessica Clifton is a digital creator, lifestyle blogger, ethical fashion enthusiast, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers based in Arizona who is on a mission to share her knowledge about sustainable living by offering advice, zero waste tips, product reviews, and her personal experience on her Instagram. Watching the documentary, The Story of Stuff by Annie Leopard was the beginning of a major shift in Jessica’s perspective as well as her lifestyle. She slowly cut off plastic use, switched to eco-friendly products, eat plant-based food and use inexpensive clothing. She expanded her social media presence through the creation of her website, Impact for Good, and a TikTok Account.


Sustainability Influencers


13. CAT @simpleishliving (97.8K)


Cat, the woman behind the Instagram account @simpleishliving, is a Brisbane-based sustainability influencer who is well-known for her low waste and minimalist lifestyle. Her Instagram is filled with attention-grabbing photos of her vegetarian recipes, ethical fashion, weekly grocery haul, and collected trashes, among others. She also runs a blog, Simple(ish) Living, where she posts some recipes, DIY stuff, and reviews of low waste or ethical products.


Sustainability Influencers


14. SHIA SU @wastelandrebel_ (96.7K)


Shia Su is one of the top sustainability influencers based in Canada, who began her zero waste journey in 2014. Shia is the founder of Wasteland Rebel, a sustainable lifestyle blog where she documents her zero waste journey and provides her readers with advice on trash reduction and living a sustainable life. Shia has been advocating for a zero-waste lifestyle around the world by “sharing her experience and story, vegan minimalist zero waste and almost plastic and palm oil-free lifestyle”. 


Sustainability Influencers


15. DIANA RODGERS @sustainabledish (95K)


Diana Rodgers is a New England-based Licensed/ Registered Nutritionist, consulting dietitian, author, and host of The Sustainable Dish Podcast.  Diana is a frequent speaker at universities and international conferences where she speaks about nutrition and sustainability, social justice, animal welfare, and food policy issues. She contributes regularly to several blogs and her work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, Outside Magazine, Mother Earth News, and MindBodyGreen. As one of the top sustainability influencers, she conducts a clinical nutrition practice, produces the Sustainable Dish Podcast, and lectures about human nutrition, sustainability, animal rights, and social justice across the world. She’s authored two books and assisted in the production of Soft Slaughter, a short film that received a real food media prize. The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and Edible Boston have all highlighted Diana’s work. She is the co-author of the book called Sacred Cow and the producer and director of the movie Sacred Cow. The Sacred Cow Project investigates our relationship with the food we eat and proposes a new perspective on food production. Throughout this project, Diana maintains a blog, hosts podcasts with food producers and health experts, and makes informative social media updates.


Sustainability Influencers


16. ANITA VANDYKE @rocket_science (94.3K)


Who would have thought that a rocket scientist and medical doctor at the same time can be a thrifty person as well? Guangzhou-born, Australia-raised Anita Vandyke is one of the Top Sustainability Influencers whose preferences for minimalism, secondhand finds, all things green, and zero-waste living have given her a significant following on Instagram.  Anita’s first book A Zero Waste Life: In Thirty Days published by Penguin Random House, Australia is available at all good book stores.


Sustainability Influencers


17. IMMY LUCAS @sustainably_vegan (91K)


Immy Lucas is a YouTuber, environmental activist, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers born and raised in the UK. Immy used to work as a Storyboard Producer for a small agency in London before she became a full-time content creator. She built her YouTube channel Sustainably Vegan and environmental movement, The Low Impact Movement in which she shares her journey to low waste and low impact lifestyle.


Sustainability Influencers


18. JAZMINE ROGERS @thatcurlytop (90.7K)


Jazmine Rogers is a San Diego-based, Black-Mexican YouTuber and sustainable fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her decision to quit fast fashion began sometime in 2015 when she joined an anti-trafficking organization in College and learned about the effects of fashion labor trafficking in developing nations. Jazmine used to have a blog where she documented her experience with quitting fast fashion but later transported to Instagram where she also experimented with other forms of sustainable living like reducing her plastic usage and using naturally-made products. Jazmine also launched her YouTube channel where she uploads slow fashion tips, product reviews, secondhand finds, among others


Sustainability Influencers


19. NATALIE KAY @sustainablychic (87.7K)


Florida-based Natalie Kay Costello used to be in the fast fashion industry for 7 years until she decided to leave and started working on something she deeply cares about – sustainable fashion. In 2014, she created her blog, Sustainably Chic, which serves as an online destination for sustainable fashion, green beauty & eco-lifestyle. Her motto is that fashion can exist responsibly, so we can enjoy the art and love behind the things we wear & use every day.


Sustainability Influencers


20. MADELEINE OLIVIA @madeleineolivia (87.6K)


Madeleine Olivia is a British sustainable food and lifestyle influencer who is passionate about veganism, minimalism, self-discovery, and sustainability. She uploaded her first video on YouTube in February 2016, 2 months after she quit her job to pursue her dream of running a business. Her content often includes a recreation of delicious vegan dishes, tips for overcoming disordered eating habits as well as decluttering wardrobes.  Eventually, her channel gained traction resulting in more than 536 thousand subscribers as of this writing. Olivia aims to spread the message of veganism, minimalism, low-impact living, and self-love that is easy and attainable for everyone.


Sustainability Influencers


21. ASHLEY RENNE @heyashleyrenne (87.1K)


Ashley Renne is an American-born, half Jamaican, and half Indian content creator, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the Top Sustainability Influencers who primarily focuses on sustainable tourism and low impact plant-based living. Since finding her passion for environmentalism and sustainable living, Ashley has begun creating content about sustainable travel, smart technology, and her vegan lifestyle. Her blog and YouTube Channel, both named Hey Ashley Renne, serves as a platform to educate and inspire others to help end animal exploitation, protect our natural environment, and improve health and wellness through sustainable, plant-based lifestyle changes.


Sustainability Influencers


22. CONNIE AND LUNA @connieandluna (82.9K)


Connie Cao is Melbourne-based travel, lifestyle, home & sustainable living blogger, photographer, and influencer. Connie’s fascination with art and nature is evident in her Instagram @connieandluna where she uploads beautiful photographic content and uniquely personal stories revolving around the topics of travel, lifestyle, home, gardening, sustainability, fashion, and beauty. When not traveling, she’s busy with home decorating, raising her veggie garden, permaculture, or anything related to having a sustainable and self-sufficient home & lifestyle.


Sustainability Influencers


23. MEGEAN WELDON @zerowastenerd (74.8K)


Megean Weldon is one of the top Sustainability Influencers based in Kansas City who founded the website, Zero Waste Nerd. Megean set up her website with the hope of helping others reduce their waste and live a simpler life. She has recently published a book entitled, An Almost Zero Waste Life, which contains practical tips, strategies, recipes, and DIY projects for reducing waste and achieving a sustainable living lifestyle.


Sustainability Influencers


24. KATE @my_plastic_free_home (70.2K)


A plastic-free home can be quite challenging, but Kate, one of the top sustainability influencers, proves that it is achievable. Kate firmly advocates conscious consumerism and is a huge fan of preloved items, DIYs, and supporting local businesses. Her Instagram serves as an amazing platform to provide inspiration and information on how to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle while juggling the life of a parent.


Sustainability Influencers


25. ERIN BOYLE  @readtealeaves (67.2K)


Erin Boyle is a writer, one of the top sustainability influencers, photographer, and minimalist behind Reading My Tea Leaves, a sustainable lifestyle blog where she shares her journey as well as knowledge and tips for living a simple, low impact, and sustainable life. She released her first book Simple Matters in January 2016, which sums up her belief that “living simply and purposefully is more sustainable not only for the environment but for our happiness and well-being”.


Sustainability Influencers


26. SHELBI @shelbizleee (64.8K)


For Shelbi, the creator behind the website and YouTube channel entitled Sustainably Chic, sustainability used to be a simple hobby that quickly grew into a passion and a lifetime mission.  This Environmental Science graduate and one of the top sustainability influencers, is eager to use her platform to educate or equip her viewers and followers with the knowledge necessary to make sustainability an attainable goal. Aside from her creating content for her blog and channel, she is also an Ecopreneur Podcast Host, Low Impact Movement (LIM) Contributor, and an active member of Ethical Writers and Creatives.


Sustainability Influencers


27. AGNES MIKE (61K)


Agnes Mike, one of the top sustainability influencers, began documenting her sustainability journey in 2018 through her blog, Wasteless. She challenged herself to go zero waste by the end of the year, and not to buy clothes for a whole year. Although she believed that going 100% zero waste is hardly attainable, she tried to get as close to it as she can by producing as little waste as possible and only buying secondhand clothing or sustainable fashion items.


Sustainability Influencers


28. GEEVIE AND SOPHIA @sustainyrself (60.2K)


Geevie and Sophia, one of the top sustainability influencers, are Spanish-American identical twins turned businesswomen who run the popular Instagram @sustainyrself, where they document their plastic-free journey and share sustainable lifestyle tips and habits, in hopes of inspiring others to reduce their plastic waste. The twins were inspired by the zero waste movement back in 2017. When they learned about the harmful effects of plastic that are present in most beauty or body care products, the twins began creating their own.  It started as a hobby and eventually became a full-time business. Geevie and Sophia now run a website for their homemade products. 


Sustainability Influencers


29. ADITI MAYER @aditimayer (56.1K)


Aditi Mayer is a Los Angeles-based sustainable fashion blogger, photojournalist, model, one of the top sustainability influencers, creative consultant, and frequent speaker whose works center around sustainable fashion that is viewed through the lens of inclusivity, intersectionality, and decolonization. She has become a well-respected voice in the larger sustainability movement since she started her advocacy for social and environmental justice in fashion and minority representation. Her site, Adimay, provides a unique platform that explores the ties between style, sustainability, and social justice.


Sustainability Influencers


30. GAIA @ssustainably_ (55.7K)


Gaia, one of the top sustainability influencers, is an Italian young influencer and blogger who has become passionate about sustainability after learning about it during her studies. Once an impulsive buyer of clothes, she realized the impact her shopping habits had on the planet, decided to turn away from it, and began her advocacy for responsible consumerism and ethical fashion.  Gaia runs a website called SSustainably, where she seeks to inspire people to become better consumers.        


Sustainability Influencers


31. KAMEA CHAYNE @kameachayne (55.7K)


Being a graduate of Psychology, Environmental Studies, and Marketing at the same time, Kamea Chayne, one of the top sustainability influencers, made it possible to come up with a holistic approach to sustainability and wellness. As a creative, author, certified health coach, and Green Dreamer podcast host, Kamea is on a mission to encourage people to expand their views of wellness to include collective healing, ecological regeneration, planetary healing, and social justice. Aside from her published book, podcast, and multiple articles contributed online, Kamea is also the founder of UPROOTED, a 100% reader-supported newsletter that critically examines all things related to sustainability.


Sustainability Influencers


32. LINDSEY MILES @treadingmyownpath (53.7K)


Lindsay Miles, one of the top sustainability influencers, is a passionate zero-waste and plastic-free living spokesperson, educator, and founding Director of the Plastic Free Foundation. Since 2013, Lindsay has been sharing ideas and strategies on her popular website, Treading My Own Path. She has published two books, namely, Less Stuff (2019), which is about changing our relationship with our things, from a zero-waste perspective; and, the Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen (2020). Lindsay has been featured across international media including, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, TreeHugger, TEDx, and more.


Sustainability Influencers


33. GILLIAN @uncomplicatedspaces (51K)


Gillian, one of the top sustainability influencers, first embarked on her journey to minimalism and slow fashion in 2015 after massive de-cluttering of almost half of her belongings. Gillian, who used to be a shopping addict, began curating her wardrobe and found her style. Her site, Uncomplicated Spaces, provides a glimpse of her fashion tastes, capsule wardrobe, secondhand finds, and DIY outfits.


Sustainability Influencers


34. NATALIE DAVIS  @zerowastedoc (49K)


Despite her hectic schedule as a London-based doctor, Natalie Davis, one of the top sustainability influencers, doesn’t let busyness get in her way to make a positive impact in the world by living more sustainably and helping to tackle environmental injustice. As a sustainability influencer, her interests are social justice, ethical living, and climate change. She utilizes her blog and Instagram page to send her message across to reduce plastic use and to provide simple swaps to be more sustainable, alongside discussion of reducing emissions, tackling the demand for food banks, and more.


Sustainability Influencers


35. SEDONA CHRISTINA @sedonachristina (45.8K)


Sedona Christina, one of the top sustainability influencers, is a Canadian YouTube star based in Seattle, who is passionate about living an intentional lifestyle. Sedona uses her self-titled YouTube channel as a platform to promote her advocacy for slow living and sustainability. Sedona also runs a video podcast called Intentional with Sedona Christina and Tay which primarily focuses on discussions about plant-based & vegan wellness, realistic zero waste living, minimalism, self-care, ethical consumerism, secondhand fashion/life, health, creativity, and entrepreneurship.


Sustainability Influencers


36. JHANNEU ROBERTS @jhanneu (45.6K)


Jhánneu is a sustainability influencer, blogger, and YouTube content creator based in Los Angeles. She runs a site called Low Waste Beauty, which focused on making sustainable beauty more inclusive and accessible for everyone. Jhanneu has partnered with several trusted brands that promote ethical and eco-friendly products. 


Sustainability Influencers


37. TAYLOR PFROMER @taylor.pforwords (42.7K)


Taylor Pfromer, one of the top sustainability influencers, initially thought that a zero-waste lifestyle is a lot more expensive, but after trying it out for a year, she was amazed at how she was able to save a lot of money. This made her believe personal finance is just as important as zero waste living if you truly want to live a sustainable life. Taylor created her site called Pforwords  to share her musings, ideas, inspirations, and practical tips to go zero waste while saving as much money as you can.


Sustainability Influencers


38. GEORGETTE @sustainablysage (38K)


Georgette is a sustainability blogger and influencer based in San Antonio, Texas, whose Instagram page covers some of the major sustainability topics, such as plant-based diet, low waste lifestyle, and thrifting. Georgette shares on her Instagram many of her energy-saving tips, delicious vegan recipes, eco-friendly products, DIY projects, and many more. Her tips always include a list of resources for further research.


Sustainability Influencers


39. YOUHEUM SON @healyourliving (37.3K)


If extreme minimalism is unfamiliar territory, learn from and be inspired by Youheum Son, one of the top sustainability influencers, a Youtuber and Intuitive Coach, whose work revolves around extreme minimalism and a low waste lifestyle. Youheum shares her passion, knowledge, and insights on mindfulness, minimalism, sustainability, and wellness through her YouTube channel and website, both entitled Heal Your Living.


Sustainability Influencers


40. KIRA SIMPSON @thegreenhub_ (35.6K)


Kira Simpson, one of the top sustainability influencers, is an Australian digital creator, sustainability advocate, climate optimist, and founder of The Greenhub, a fashion and lifestyle blog, directory, and online magazine that focuses on sustainability and ethical consumerism. She curates select brands, research, guides, and practical tips to help empower you to make lifestyle choices that are kinder to people and the planet. For Kira small actions can collectively make a big difference, as we all have the power to vote, invest, make lifestyle choices, become activists, and demand change to create the future we want.


Sustainability Influencers


41. SARAH KATE WATSON-BAIK @urbanwit (32.9K)


Filipino-American model, photographer, and artist Sarah Kate, one of the top sustainability influencers, got her start in the Korean fashion and entertainment industry, allowing her to be internationally recognized as a stylist and a television host who introduces Korean style trends to a global audience. Her career path took a different turn when she lost her mom to a terrible illness and became a parent herself. She began her journey to holistic wellness and since then, has been an advocate of a less toxic lifestyle and a vocal advocate for slow/ethical fashion, and conscious parenting. Sarah Kate actively engages with her followers through her Instagram, YouTube channel, and TikTok.


Sustainability Influencers


42. MANUELA BARON @thegirlgonegreen (32.9K)


Manuela Barón, a Colombian-American content creator, speaker, one of the top sustainability influencers, and environmental activist, began her journey to sustainability in 2015, after her world travels exposed her to undesirable environmental degradation caused by plastic pollution. To help the environment, Manuela vowed to change her habits and this leads her to launch a platform where she can inspire others to live sustainably and consciously. Her eco-friendly YouTube Channel, The Girl Gone Green currently has over 64 thousand subscribers. 


Sustainability Influencers


43. ALLISON K (31.9K)


Allison K. is a watercolor artist, one of the top sustainability influencers, and a thrifter who is behind the Instagram account where she shares her successes and struggles with transitioning to vegetarianism, minimalism, and low impact lifestyle. According to her, she wants to keep sustainable living as simple, practical, and approachable as possible.


Sustainability Influencers


44. DOMINIQUE DRAKEFORD @melaninass (29.3K)


Brooklyn-based Dominique Drakeford, one of the top sustainability influencers, has many accomplishments up her sleeves as an environmental educator, community advocate, social sustainability writer, and sustainability influencer. Her mission is to create an accessible framework for how Black & Brown Indigenous communities absorb information, gain clarity & become more sustainably liberate. For that reason, she founded MelaninASS ( short for Melanin And Sustainable Style), an evolutionary online platform that discusses the issues and celebrates the success of communities of color in Sustainable Fashion and Beauty spaces.


Sustainability Influencers




British sustainable lifestyle influencer and blogger Jessica Perkins is an avid supporter of ethical fashion and buy local movements. Jessica was at the peak of her career at the UK’s largest textile corporation, but soon left when she found how she had strayed from the ethic of local, high-quality, sustainable commerce. When she moved to LA, she started her blog entitled English Lass where she shared her experience exploring a new country. Over time, she changed the name of her blog to to include her explorations trying to live a more sustainable life in a new country.


Sustainability Influencers


46. ERIN RHODES @therogueginger (26.8K)


Erin Rhodes is a widely-known blogger, best-selling author, speaker, community activist, and sustainability influencer in Australia who is on a mission to engage with individuals, businesses, and government to redefine and lessen waste. Erin is the person behind one of Australia’s popular zero-waste blogs, The Rogue Ginger, where she has documented her plastic-free and zero waste journey since 2013. Erin was a consultant on the award-winning TV show War On Waste and helped organized several environmental groups such as Plastic Bag Free Victoria, Zero Waste Victoria, and Zero Waste Festival. In 2020 Erin became Queen Victoria Market’s first Sustainability Ambassador. 


Sustainability Influencers


47. JONATHAN LEVY @zerowasteguy (26.5K)


With years of experience in waste management, Jonathan Levy, a.k.a The Zero Waste Guy, one of the most famous male sustainability influencers in 2022, has become one of the most sought-after Environmental Consultants in the US. Implementing lunchtime and classroom recycling programs at more than 100 schools throughout a district in LA and helping in the transition of more than 2000 businesses into the City of Los Angeles’ recycLA program are just a few of his major accomplishments. Jonathan is active throughout his social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Blogger, and Twitter where he documents wasteful practices while providing simple solutions and alternatives.


Sustainability Influencers


48. JOSEPHINE BECKER @treesnpeace (28K)


Josephine Becker is a writer, podcast host, student, and environmental activist behind the Instagram account @Treesnpeace, a resource and learning platform that she dedicates to intersectional climate activism, grassroots community change, anti-oppression justice, and sustainability. Josephine is a co-host of the YIKES podcast, where she and her fellow podcasters discuss “climate and social justice, refugee rights, anti-oppression, and overall “allyship”. She is currently taking MSc in Sustainability and Behaviour Change at the Centre of Alternative Technology (Wales).​


Sustainability Influencers


49. HOLLY ROSE (25.9K)


Holly is a writer, agroecology advocate, and land back activist based in England, whose primary focus is regenerative sustainability. Holly runs her Instagram account and her blog HollyRose.Eco, where she writes “in a way which enhances [her] reader’s nature relatedness, encouraging relationships of reciprocity with all living things.”


Sustainability Influencers


50. SAMANTHA WHITE @livingwastefree (24K)


Samantha White, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, has always been passionate about recycling since she was a kid but felt that she’s not doing enough. Then in 2015, while in her senior year college, Samantha took the route to zero waste living seriously, after watching a video on how to reduce the amount of trash instead of simply recycling what is left. She created an Instagram account that she named “livingwastefree”. She also launched her blog and YouTube channel with the same name as well as an Etsy store where uploads knitted pieces that she created while making minimal waste.


Sustainability Influencers


51. ASHLEIGH NORRIS @thesoulfulsprout (52.2K)


Having suffered from autoimmune disease at age 19 and diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer ten years after made Ashleigh Norris realized her true purpose in life.  She left her high-stress job and enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to become the Certified Holistic Nutritionist that she is now. Ashleigh, now one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, founded her website, The Soulful Sprout with a mission to help women to gain control of their hormonal health naturally through functional testing.




52. ELIZABETH TEO @zerowastecutie (28.8K)


Toronto-based Elizabeth Teo, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is an environmental educator, consultant, writer, and content creator who is on a mission to create awareness on environmental issues such as fast fashion, waste, and climate change through an intersectional lens. She’s also passionate about social justice issues like the need for representation especially women of color, systemic change towards a circular economy, environmental racism, and mental health awareness, and much more.



53. SABRINA KATZ  @sustainablesabs (26.1K)


Brooklyn-based zero waste blogger and cofounder of Intersectional Environmentalist Sabrina Katz had one of the best lifestyle changes made four years after she decided to go zero waste. Some of these changes include buying secondhand items, composting scraps, eschewing all plastic products, bringing her own containers when shopping, buying from the farms, and a lot more. She shares practical tips and practices on how to live a zero-waste lifestyle through her Instagram, YouTube channel, and blog.


51. SABS


54. KATE HALL @ethicallykate (25.7K)


Kate Hall is an eco-blogger, educator, TEDx speaker, and a sustainability influencer who lives by the beach in Aotearoa New Zealand with her husband and pet dogs. Kate advocates for a lifestyle that respects and protects people and the planet. She aims to be a living inspiration to others on how to be a conscious consumer by sharing her life and works through her Instagram and blog.




55. BLUE OLLIS @blueollis (24.8K)


Blue Ollis is a Brighton-based sustainability influencer who is a keen supporter of slow, intentional living, veganism, minimalism, zero waste living, and holistic wellness. She runs a namesake blog and YouTube channel where she shares her tips and methods on how to living sustainably that suit every home and lifestyle.


52. blue


56. FRANCESCA WILLOW @ethicalunicorn (23.1K)


Francesca Willow, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is an ethical lifestyle blogger and artist based in Cornwall, UK, who strongly believes that “the way to achieve change is through a combination of consumer choice, intersectional collective action, and policy change”. Francesca created her blog, Ethical Unicorn, to chronicle her journey to low waste living and conscious consumerism. Now she uses her platform to inspire and equip people to live a more sustainable, informed lifestyle while upholding social justice.




57. KARLIE DONACA @imperfect.sustainability (22.5k)


Karlie Donaca is an Oregonian sustainability blogger who is passionate about thrifting, slow fashion, and recycling. Although she grew up in a family that recycled and has respect for the planet, it wasn’t until well into college that she seriously embarked on her sustainability journey. She discovered the zero-waste community on Instagram, which sparked her desire to change her wasteful habits, and started learning about the swaps that she incorporated into her life. On Instagram, Karlie, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, shares valuable tips and tricks to living an “imperfectly perfect” sustainable life.




58. MANJU KUMAR @zerowastefarmer (20.6K)


Manju Kumar, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a well-respected zero-waste farmer who loves to grow her food in the backyard. She is the CEO of Brush with Bamboo, an eco-friendly company that sells the world’s first plant-based bamboo toothbrushes, travel cases, and other oral care products. Manju and her younger son founded Sarvodaya Institute, a Non-Profit corporation whose mission is to support people in remembering their role as caregivers and lovers of our collective EarthBody, through the practice of gardening and farming and provide food and create habitats for other species, like butterflies, bees, and other wildlife that might visit in the suburbs.




59. KATIE ROBERTS @sustainabilityinstyle (20.4K)


Katie Roberts an Australian Environmental scientist, yoga trainer, and a sustainability lifestyle blogger who created an online hub Sustainability in Style, which focuses on educating and inspiring others to embrace sustainability through ethical, slow fashion. Katie, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, believes that for a business to be truly sustainable it needs to have a balanced system of outputs and inputs meaning that time, money, and happiness need to be at equilibrium.




60. ADDIE FISHER  @oldworldnew (18.8K)


Addie Fisher is a sustainable living enthusiast and a professional content creator and writer in the sustainability niche for more than 9 years.  Her love for everything sustainable began when she was in college as an Architecture and Interior design student, where she first discovered and fell in love with the principles of sustainability.  She was drawn to sustainable building design and reuse and became interested in sustainable fashion until the concept of sustainability has infiltrated her entire life. Addie is on a mission to make sustainable lifestyle choices easy and accessible for everyone through her blog, Old World New, where she also shares thrifty and vintage fashion trends that are ethical and eco-friendly.




61. ABI STEPHENSON @theeecogoddess (18.8K)


London-based content creator Abi Stephenson, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, considers herself an imperfect environmentalist influencer. As an eco-influencer, Abi aims to educate, inspire and encourage people who want to embark on low waste or zero waste journey. She created her website to provide Informative tips on how to live more sustainably and to make informed sustainable choices.




62. MARISSA BURCH @worthnotwaste (18.2K)


Marissa Burch is a digital creator and sustainable lifestyle blogger from Illinois with a keen interest in thrifting, slow fashion, and climate action.  She created the website Worth Not Waste with a goal of “promoting low waste living and ethical fashion in a way that is attainable, intersectional, and based on science”. Aside from Instagram and her blog, Marissa, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, can also be found on TikTok with videos of her talking about environmental sustainability, greenwashing, social justice, climate crisis, and product reviews and endorsements. 




63. SARAH ROBERTSON BARNES @sarah.robertson.barnes (18.2K)


Sarah Robertson Barnes, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a zero-waste educator, speaker, content creator, technical writer, and small business consultant who offers a wide range of services tailored to suit the sustainability goals of her clients.  With her background in science education and expertise on zero waste and sustainable living education, she aims to bring a unique approach to environmental issues. Her blog Sustainable in the Suburbs is designed to make a low waste lifestyle easily accessible in the suburbs.




64. HOLLY NOAKES @sustainable_holly (18.1K)


Perth-based Kiwi content producer Holly Noakes has always dreamt of owning acreage and living a sustainable lifestyle, but according to her, she’s starting with what she has and learning as much as she can in between. With a keen interest in growing her own food and edible flowers, urban homesteading, and permaculture, she wants to share her knowledge with others, so she created her blog, Sustainable Holly, with a hope to inspire others to grow their own food and make sustainable changes to their lifestyle. Aside from her blog, she also has an up-and-coming YouTube channel where she shares garden-to-plate recipes, gardening tips, and just about anything to help others start living more sustainably.




65. NICOLE WYKES @ecowithnico (17.4K)


Being an environmental postgrad, eco-blogger Nicole Wykes wanted to have space where she can share the knowledge that she gained at the university as well as her sustainability journey, hoping to inspire people to live more holistically, so EcowithNico was born. As an eco-content creator, Nicole, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, has partnered with several brands such as Organic Basics, Vivo Barefoot, and Brita to name a few, and aims to help more environmentally-conscious brands to grow their platform through content curation, copywriting, and SEO.




66. SHAE BURNS @shaesburns (17.3K)


Shae Burns, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about living a more conscious life. Shae used to collaborate with leading fast fashion companies but was saddened over how “cheap” and “fast” clothes and trends were coming at the expense of others. She discovered that there are plenty of eco-conscious brands that do good, and so she became inspired to live a conscious lifestyle and created her lifestyle blog, Shae Necessities.  Shae hopes that, through her blog, she can empower women to be more conscious about their purchasing decisions without sacrificing beauty or being their best selves.




67. . DIANDRA MARIZET ESPARZA @diandramarizet (16.4K)


Houston-based Eco-activist and writer Diandra Marizet Esparza used to work as a stylist for a leading fashion brand before she realized her true passion as a sustainability influencer and conscious curator. She believes that environmentalism is intersectional and should be viewed through the lens of sustainability and social justice.  Diandra co-founded Intersectional Environmentalism and is currently the head of its Business and Resource Development.




68. LAURA @laurainwaterland (16.4K)

Laura, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a Belgian ocean advocate living in Indonesia, who has always been in love with the ocean since she was young. Being a scuba diver, she is drawn to the magnificence of the underwater world and the importance of protecting it. She took to social media her advocacy and started her website, Laura in Waterland, to document her sustainability journey and raise awareness about environmental issues and sustainability, with the hope of inspiring others to begin their journey.  Laura is currently an ambassador for the “5 Minute Beach Clean Up” foundation and has been featured in several online publications.




69.  MONIKA POPPY @sustainabilityiscool (15K)


Monika Poppy, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a well-known sustainability influencer, public speaker, and consultant who has been cited as one of the UK’s Leading Environmentalists by Forbes. She launched her website Sustainability is Cool in 2016 to help brands and businesses optimize their social media presence by creating engaging content for their sustainability campaigns. Her platform also provides honest reviews of sustainable products and services and tips that encourage people to live more sustainably and ethically.  Monika has worked with some of the biggest names in sustainable fashion and food brands.




70. KAREN HOUSEL @sustainabledaisy (14.8K)


Karen Housel is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle blogger, who believes that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising what you enjoy in life.  This is why she created Sustainable Daisy to be an accessible platform for every woman looking for a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe, beauty routine, and lifestyle. An avid thrifter that she is, she loves to rework existing materials from secondhand shops into fashionable outfits and DIYs. Through her blog, she hopes to inspire others to upcycle thrifted items, utilize ethically-made products, and ultimately, encourage a financially and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. 




71. MISTY FOSTER @greensuitcasetravel (14.7K)


Misty Foster, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, who is popularly known for her previous vlog, Misty the Travel Muse, has always been an avid traveler. When she decided to shift her focus to sustainable travel, she had in mind to “travel through cities and the world in a way that leaves a meaningful impact”. Consequently, she founded Green Suitcase Travel, a lifestyle platform that showcases responsible travel. While she still muses about traveling, she now covers restaurants, hotels, shops, major attractions, and more that promote a sustainable mission and leave the world a little greener.




72. VIVIEN AND AARON @thedharmatrails (14.2K)


Grenada-based couples Vivien and Aaron are often globetrotting with a deeper purpose of sharing a message about sustainable travel and low waste living.  Together, they set up an eco-travel and lifestyle blog, The Dharma Trails, where they document their traveling experiences and share knowledge about responsible tourism as well as helpful destination guides that cover the best things to do and places to stay and eat in different locations around the world.






Shannon Kenny, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a New York-based Sustainability Consultant, coach & educator with a mission to help eco-conscious businesses grow with integrity and become more sustainable without sacrificing profit. She founded Mama Eco to provide a legitimate source of information about sustainability topics such as the proper way of recycling, avoiding excess packaging and waste, and finding eco-friendly alternatives.




74. MEERA JAIN  @thegreenmum (13.9K)


Meera Jain is an educator, speaker, social media content creator, and an avid eco-warrior behind the blog and an Instagram account named The Green Mum. As a young mom of two little girls, Meera realized that there’s so much more that she can do than merely recycling or being eco-friendly than she already was. The more she learned, the more passionate she became about reducing plastic waste and the carbon footprint that she and her family created. Since then, she has been writing and sharing about the joys and challenges of living a green lifestyle.




75. STEPHANIE DAVIES @stephidavies (13.7K)


Stephanie Davies, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a London-based digital marketer who has a fascination for creating “out-of-the-box” vegan recipes which she showcases on her site, the Vegan Recipe Blog. Realizing how animals are murdered or mistreated at the expense of human consumption, Stephanie went strictly vegan in January 2017 and supported the use of plant-based products. She’s currently a marketing manager at Vive with the mission of helping vegan brands and products grow their social media presence.




76.  BESMA WHAYEB @besmacc (12.7K)


Besma Whayeb is a London-based ethical lifestyle blogger documenting modern conscious choices. While living in Paris, Besma witnessed the French way of doing things such as buying fresh food from the organic market, bringing their own bags to the shop, and buying investment pieces over fast-changing trends. This inspired her to start a blog in 2014 that she named Curiously Conscious, to document her experiences and progress toward sustainability. Her blog covers sustainable fashion, clean beauty, a low-impact lifestyle, and more. Besma, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is also the founder of  Ethical Influencers, an online platform that brings together fellow influencers and creatives to connect with them and support their content.




77. WENDY GRAHAM @moralfibresblog (12.5K)


From a young age, Wendy Graham has already shown a keen interest in sustainability, which is why she took up Environmental Geography in college and an MSc in Environmental Sustainability thereafter. In 2013, Wendy started her eco-blog, Moral Fibres, to cover all aspects of sustainable living – from ethical fashion to eating seasonally, saving energy, and everything in between. Eventually, her blog started to gain recognition as it was nominated for Sundried Blogger Award in 2019 and ranked number one in the top 10 green blogsWith a belief that sustainable living should be hip, not hippie, Wendy is on a mission to bust myths about sustainability and to make it simple, attainable, and affordable for everyone.




78. TIM SILVERWOOD @timsilverwood (11.5K)


Tim Silverwood is an environmental activist, plastic pollution spokesperson, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, and an avid surfer who champions the cause of protecting the ocean and the environment from human impacts. Tim has received a lot of recognition and awards, including the 2014 Green Globe ‘Sustainability Champion’, a guesting in the hugely popular ABC series ‘War on Waste’ and a starring role as an ‘Ocean Guardian’ in the 2017 feature documentary ‘Blue’. Tim is a co-founder @oceanimpactorg, an environmental conversation organization that provides a range of startup programs, mentoring, and support to help people to start, grow and invest in businesses that positively impact the ocean.




79. ABBY CANNON  @abbysfoodcourt (11.2 K)


When her highly stressful job as a law practitioner had taken a toll on her health, Abby Cannon decided to leave the legal profession to pursue a degree in Nutrition. Now, Abby is one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, enthusiastic about living a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthy life and is very eager to share her expertise on health, wellness and sustainability. She believes that nutrition and low waste living should go hand in hand, that’s why she created Abby’s Food Court to empower others and help them find joy in healthy and sustainable living.




80. ALLI CHERRY @allitav (10.5K)


Alli Cherry is a California-based content creator who has a keen interest in natural living, attainable sustainability, and personal style. She joined YouTube in 2013 and started posting videos about reducing waste, practicing minimalism at home, creating plant-based vegan recipes, doing DIY projects, and a lot more. Alli is also fond of thrifting fashion hauls, beach camping, and wanderlust activities with her husband, Nick.




81. APRIL JORDAN  @the.ethical.edit (10.5K)            


Canadian Ethical fashion and lifestyle blogger April Jordan, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, used to be a chronic over-consumer and shopaholic, but after realizing how her rapid consumption was damaging to the people, animals, and most importantly,  the planet, she changed her buying habits and embraced a more ethical and sustainable life. This also motivated her to start her blog in 2015, with a desire to be the change and empower others to do the same. Originally called the Honest Root, April later renamed her blog to The Ethical Edit where she and her sister work hand in hand to curate wearable, unique fashion for sustainability seekers.






Rachael Wagstaff is the woman behind the Instagram account Since the time she embarked on her sustainability, vegan, and plastic-free journey, Rachael has begun reusing, recycling, or up-cycling some of the household items. She has also started growing her food, using eco-friendly and ethical products, and creating her chemical-free cleansing products to lessen her carbon footprint and waste.




83. CHRISTINE LAN @eco.friendly.actress (10.1K)


Christine Lan, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is an actress and eco-entrepreneur behind the zero waste cosmetics called Eco-Amical. Christine has been making her skincare products for over 10 years and her own make-up for over 3 years. Her cosmetic beauty products are made from all-natural, simple ingredients that are both safe for the body and the planet. Aside from her Insagram page, Christine can also be found on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.




84. EMMA MAMISOA NOMENA @wisewithwaste (9,283)


Research scientist and Ph.D. scholar Emma Mamisoa Nomena is the brilliant founder of Wise with Waste, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental sustainability and social justice. During her Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam, Emma published 5 research articles and gave several presentations at international conferences. She also received several recognitions and awards for her academic excellence and research contribution. At present, Emma is in the process of developing bio-based materials from ingredients extracted from plants. 




85. STEPHANIE FORROW @stephywild (9,244)


UK-based Stephanie Forrow is a digital marketer with a passion for low waste and green living. Stephanie has also held a deep fascination with moon rituals and meditation. With her talent in crafting, she created her own brand of ethically sourced ritual candles, wax melts, and charging crystals that she sells online through her website, Lunar and Wild.




86. SOPHIE BENSON @sophiebenson (8,883)


Sophie Benson, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a freelance writer based in the UK, who has written for publications like The Guardian, Refinery29, Dazed, AnOther, and Metro, covering a wide variety of sustainability topics from garment workers’ rights and greenwashing to secondhand shopping and consumer behavior. Sophie is also a part-time fashion lecturer who believes that sustainable fashion is not restricted to clean lines, muted tones, and basic capsule wardrobes; rather, it should be as fun, creative, and vibrant as anyone would want it to be.




87. XI MARQUEZ @sustainablyxi (7,601)


Xi Marques is an Uruguayan content creator, environmental advocate, and dog mom living in Chicago. One thing has always been true to Xi’s core: less stuff & more adventures. Xi believes in finding adventure wherever you are and caring for the planet along the way.  Xi shares recommendations for Chicago trips, Midwest hikes, travel, & sustainable living through her Instagram and TikTok accounts.




88. CHELSEA WEBSTER @lowwaste.plantbased (7,342)


Vancouver- based Chelsea Webster, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a British environmental activist, lead organizer for the Greenpeace Vancouver Local Group, and a writer. In February 2021,  Chelsea launched Climate Census UK, a  grassroots campaign group that was formed in response to the difficulties in protesting during the Coronavirus pandemic and the opportunity presented by the Census to hold the British Government accountable for its inaction on the climate crisis. Chelsea is the woman behind the Instagram account @lowwaste.plantbased, and the website with the same name, where she mainly writes about climate change, social justice, ethical fashion, sustainable lifestyle, and wellness.




89.    KAT @sweet.sustainability (7,247)


Ontario-based student and eco-blogger Kat has grown passionate about saving the planet, (imperfect) low-waste, living, ethical fashion, flexitarianism, conscious consumerism, mindfulness, and intersectional environmentalism. But a few years ago, the unsustainable aspects of her lifestyle hit her hard, so she began her journey to a more intentional and sustainable lifestyle. Kat created Sweet Sustainability as a space to share her research, zero waste tips, and tricks she has learned along her journey of sustainable & conscious living.




90. ANN RYDNE @anna.rydne (6,382)


Anna Rydne, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a Swedish social media and content creator, author, and mother of 4 who has a special interest in urban gardening and a zero-waste lifestyle.   She had her first book, ‘Urban Eco’, on sustainable lifestyle for busy people published in 2019. As a sustainability influencer, Anna is committed to teaching mothers and other people to live more sustainably and feel happier, healthier, and more relaxed.




91.  MICAELA PRESTON @mindfulmomma (6,158)


 Micaela Preston is a published author, professional blogger, Sustainable Brand Champion, and Health & Wellness Expert based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Despite being a busy mom who juggles work and family life, Micaela tries to find ways to lead a flexible, eco-friendly, natural lifestyle without a ton of stress. As a result, she started the Mindful Momma blog with a mission to offer simple solutions and inspiration for healthy, natural living. Mindful Momma has been recommended by the New York Magazine as an expert in green cleaning productssustainable kitchen products, and natural baby products and has been featured in Rachael Ray MagazineParade.comThe Good Trade, and more.




92. MADELEINE (4,965)


Madeleine is a Swedish ethical blogger and influencer with two important interests at heart: fashion and sustainability. Her blog, Greenfashionista, covers both of these topics and much more. Madeleine shows us her inspiring outfits and favorite trends, as well as writing about how we as individuals can help our planet.




93.   KENDAL @sustainable.riley (6,358)


Kendal, one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a London-based Consumer Behaviour and Marketing graduate and a sustainability influencer behind the Instagram account @sustainable.riley. Kendal began her sustainability journey just recently, after watching the documentary “What the Health”. She took to Instagram her personal views about becoming sustainable, believing that no one is perfect at being completely sustainable ALL the time.  Through her Instagram account, she encourages others to just focus on what they can do today and what they have already achieved.




94. KARISHMA PORWAL @_makeearthgreatagain (4,818)


Climate activist and Business Administration graduate Karishma Porwal has always loved nature and the outdoors. She was deeply inspired by the climate movement in 2019 that she decided to take the leap and take her journey to low-impact living more seriously.  Karishma runs an Instagram page @_makeearthgreatagain, where she voices out her concerns about climate crises, plastic pollution, and other related environmental and social issues. She strongly believes that the earth is the one thing that we all have in common, and it’s in everyone’s best interests to protect it. 




95.  KALYN CALLAN @myjourneytosustainability (4,705)


Kalyn Callan is one of the rising sustainability influencers based in London who firmly supports minimalism, secondhand buys, and small eco businesses. She began her journey to sustainability only a year ago and observed how most zero-waste advocates rarely talk about the realities of the movement. According to her, not everyone can be zero waste because you have to be privileged for that. Through her Instagram, she aims to create a non-judgmental space based on her upbringing and experiences and to send a message that it is okay to be an imperfect environmentalist.




96. CELINE ORSATTI @lesswaste_birdie (4,580)


Environmental and social justice advocate Celine Orsatti, also one of the most famous environmental sustainability influencers in 2022, is a French girl with Italian origins. Since her early childhood, she has been taught to love nature and appreciate its beauty. She learned from her vegetarian father the importance of respecting mother earth. Through her account, Lesswaste_birdie, she aims to raise awareness on important environmental issues and to share her own experience of living a sustainable lifestyle.⠀




97.  DESTINY FRITH @destinyfrith  (4,431)


Destiny Firth is a digital creator and shopper based in Nashville, Tennessee with a passion for holistic wellness and sustainability. Destiny’s Instagram account is filled with beautifully curated photos showcasing her delectable plant-based recipes, shopping lists, monthly intentions, and ethical products that she uses. When it comes to the sustainability journey, Destiny chooses progress over perfection. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and empower others to make better choices for themselves and the planet, but with an open invitation to learn from other people’s journey as well.  




98. JESSICA PURCELL @thoughtfullysustainable (4,383)


Pennsylvania-based Jessica Purcell is a Chemistry teacher turned stay-at-home mom that educates learners of all ages about climate change and sustainability science. She started her blog, Thoughtfully Sustainable, with a mission to make the science behind sustainability and the wonders of the natural world accessible to everyone. On Instagram, she launched #sustainabilitysciencesunday, a weekly series that provides simple sustainability science experiments that can be done at home. 




99. VALERIE @sustainable_valerie (4,336)


Valerie is a Perth-based sustainability blogger with a passion for minimalism, low waste, and intentional living. Inspired by the small steps she’s taken toward sustainability, Valerie decided to create an Instagram account in December 2019, with the hope of showing to others that it doesn’t take a lot to make small changes to help reduce the impact on the environment. Being relatively new in the low-impact journey, she’s slowly changing her lifestyle to reduce her carbon footprint on the planet.




100. LOTTIE @lowwastelottie (3,904)


Sustainable lifestyle blogger Lottie learned about sustainability first from a friend who is deeply passionate about it. From learning about recycling and water waste to embracing veganism and creating plant-based recipes, Lottie began documenting her low waste journey through her blog, Low Waste Lottie, where she also offers simple tips and tricks to live more sustainably. She believes whole-heartedly in imperfect sustainability and encourages everyone to “do their best”, whatever that is.