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Looking for the 50 top New York City (NYC) influencers? We have gathered the quintessential top NYC influencers to follow in 2020 from variety of industries, including beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, tech and more.  These local content creators provide incredible opportunities for improving brand awareness and making your business boom!

Top NYC Influencers (and Leading NYC Bloggers)

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New York is well-known for top influencers, bloggers, and celebrities who call the city their home. Many global influencers also visit the city often as companies and popular events such as New York City Fashion Week, Comic Con, and NYC Food Expos attract fashion influencers, tech influencers, and food influencers respectively. Brands looking to work with influencers  and bloggers can take advantage of New York’s density and variety of digital story tellers – there is an influencer for every brand in almost every niche and in different size.  There are celebrity, macro, micro and consumer influencers who range from 10 million followers all the way down to 5,000 followers.

Additionally, the possibility of influencer marketing campaigns are endless. NYC bloggers and influencers don’t just work with brands on advertising, they also collaborate with them to create products, act as brand ambassadors, offer consulting services as creative directors, and provide photography services that are far more striking and engaging when compared to traditional content. The mastery of social media landscape along with the familiarity of the city audience makes influencers exceptional in increasing brand awareness, product popularity and finally sales.

Top NYC Influencers - Leandra Medine
Leandra Medine, one of our top NYC influencers

List of 50 Top NYC Influencers (NYC Bloggers in Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty and Food)


We composed a list of top 50 NYC influencers from different industries. Although, there are over 10,000 influencers living in the city, these 50 have made our cut as the top representatives in their niche:


1. Danielle Bernstein @weworewhat – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 2.4 – million followers


Danielle Bernstein is one of the top NYC influencers who is also the founder of the brand WeWoreWhat. She started her career as an influencer in 2010 and since then has amassed a whopping 2.4 million followers. As the face behind her brand, Danielle knows what to feed to her fashion-hungry audience with her rakish style!

Top NYC Influencer - Danielle Bernstein

2. Francisco Lachowski @chico_lachowski – NYC Blogger – 1.7 – million followers


Francisco Lachowski is a well-known male model and one of the top NYC Influencers. He has a follower base of over 1.7 million people for whom he posts some wholesome updates about his life! He has ranked consistently among the Top 50 Male Models in the world.

Top NYC Influencer - Francisco Lachowski

3. Blair Eadie @blaireadiebee  – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 1.6 – million followers


Blair Eadie is one of the top NYC Influencers focusing on fashion. She started her personal blog Atlantic-Pacific in 2010 and has become well known for her love of color and pattern.. She has worked with many well-known brands including CoverGirl, Gucci, Nordstrom, Target, Tory Burch, and Sephora.

Top NYC Influencer - Blair Eadie

4. Liz Eswein @newyorkcity – NYC Lifestyle Blog – 1.4 – million followers


Portraying the cultural capital through her atmospheric photographs, Liz Eswein is one of the top NYC Influencers who gained great popularity through her super well know account – NewYorkCity. Running her Instagram handle with 1.4 million followers, Liz depicts her love for the city through her motto and tagline: ‘New York or Nowhere’.

Top NYC Influencer - Blair Eadie

5. Leandra Medine Cohen @leandramcohen – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 989K followers


An author and a blogger, Leandra Medine is a top NYC Influencers focusing on style and fashion. She is the founder of the now infamous blog- Man Repeller, which she started in 2010. She has gained a massive popularity on social media for her high fashion aesthetics with a touch of comedic approach. The popularity of her blog earned her several accolades, including being named the Forbes’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2012.

Top NYC Influencer - Leandra Medine


6. Jessica Wang @jessicawang – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 803K followers


Jessica Wang is one of the top NYC Influencers who left behind a corporate 9 to 5 job to follow her dreams and started her own blog ‘Not Jess Fashion’ in 2014. She utilizes her unique styling aesthetics as a fashion statement to empower others to be daring and confident in pursuing a fulfilling and fashionable life.

Top NYC Influencer - Jessica Wang

7. Amra Beganovich @clubfashionista – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 765K followers


Amra is a top NYC Influencers with focus on fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She has worked with some of the most notable brands, including Bvlgari, Nestle, J&J, and more. Amra has appeared on Nasdaq and Forbes (5x times), as well as other top publications and is considered to be a leading social media marketing expert.

Top NYC Influencer - Amra Beganovich

8. Elma Beganovich @elmabeganovich – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 731K followers


The sister of Amra, Elma is one of the top NYC influencers who is also a successful Bosnian-American attorney and the co-founder of Amra & Elma, a digital marketing firm run by both sisters. Elma has 731K followers and an amazing Instagram profile!

Top NYC Influencer - Elma Beganovich

9. Bridget @bridget – NYC Lifestyle Blog – 684K followers


Another one from the top NYC influencers, Bridget is a fashion blogger.  Her outfit inspirations, Instagram profile theme, and style are the perfect bait for her followers to keep scrolling. She currently has 684K followers.

Top NYC Influencer - Bridget

10. Courtney Quinn – NYC Blogger – @colormecourtney 706K followers


Bringing a pop of color to the Instagram feed of her 706K followers, Color Queen Courtney is one of the top NYC Influencers with the focus on quirky and colorful styles.


Top NYC Influencer - Courtney Quinn


11. Natalie Lim Suarez – Fashion Bloggers NYC – @natalieoffduty 613K followers


Model and singer Natalie is one of the top NYC influencers who serves fiery fashion and photoshoots to her 613K followers!  Hailing from Chinese, Spanish, and Mexican ethnicity, this influencer is the perfect example of New York’s cultural diversity!


Top NYC Influencer - Natalie Lim Suarez

12. Katie Sturino – NYC Lifestye Blog – @katiesturino 552K followers


A fashion blogger with a message of body-positivity, Katie has bagged 552K followers on Instagram. Her style stands out from the rest and she is the perfect role model for plus-size women trying to keep it hip and stylish!

Top NYC Influencer - Katie Sturino

13. Eugene Zvendenyuk – NYC Blogger – @webix 515K followers


Spreading the word about diverse cultures through his smart travel blog, Eugene has a follower count of 515K followers on Instagram! His pictures would make you want to pack your bags and go around the world!

Top NYC Influencer - Eugene Zvedenyuk

14. Charlotte Groeneveld @thefashionguitar – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 503K followers


Charlotte is one of the top NYC Influencers with focus on fashion and lifestyle. She has worked with some of the most notable brands, including Dior, Chanel, and Chloe. This mother-of-two has a great sense of style and fashion.

Top NYC Influencer - Charlotte Groeneveld

15. Naomi Davis – NYC Blogger – @taza 461K followers


A mom blogger on duty, Naomi is one of the top NYC Influencers and a mother of 5 who appears to have conquered the world of parenting. With 461K followers, she is constantly trying to spread the good vibes!

Top NYC Influencer - Naomi Davis

16. Helena Glazer @BrooklynBlonde1 – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 503K followers


Helena Glazer is one of the top NYC influencers and stylists, who gained huge popularity for her personal style and family blog ‘Brooklyn Blonde’. Through her blog, she has collaborated with brands like David Yurman, Tiffany, Sephora, Nordstrom, Skinceuticals, Bobbi Brown and many more.

Top NYC Influencer - Helena Glazer

17. Christie Tyler @nycbambi  – Fashion Bloggers NYC – 455K followers


Blogger and photographer Christie Tyler, is one of the top NYC influencers, who shows off her unique sense of style through her fashion blog ‘NYC Bambi’. With 455K followers, she has a popular presence on Instagram. She loves to share adventures, advice, photography and fashion tips in her spare time.

Top NYC Influencer - Christie TylerTop NYC Influencer - Christie TylerTop NYC Influencer - Christie TylerTop NYC Influencer - Christie TylerTop NYC Influencer - Christie TylerTop NYC Influencer - Christie TylerTop NYC Influencer - Christie Tyler

18. Patrick Janelle – NYC Blogger – @aguynamedpatrick 421K followers


Lifestyle blogger and digital marketer, Patrick is one of the top NYC Influencers who has amassed 421K followers on Instagram. With a perfect balance of portraits, flat-lays, and white-themed photography, he knows how to deliver good content!

Top NYC Influencer - Patrick Janelle

19. Emily Luciano – Fashion Bloggers NYC –  @emily_luciano 404K followers


Another fashion and style inspiration from NYC, Emily gives some serious fashion inspiration to her 404k followers. She is a minimalist who knows how to picture it all well!

Top NYC Influencer - Emily Luciano

20. Rayna Greenberg – NYC Food Blogger – @rayna.greenberg 392K followers


After working with many years in the food industry, Rayna Greenberg founded her own food-based blog and gained popularity. She is one of the top NYC Influencers whose account is focused almost exclusively on food; she is the face behind ‘One Hungry Jew’. She has accumulated a huge fan following on Instagram by posting a plenty of mouth-watering NYC food spots.  


Top NYC Influencer - Rayna Greenberg

21. Caila Quinn – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @cailaquinn 379K followers


Caila is a fashion, travel, lifestyle, and beauty influencer who is also a quintessential New Yorker – her wedding photos highlight some of the most beautiful corners of Central Park.  

Top NYC Influencer - Caila Quinn




22. Jourdan Sloane – Fashion Bloggers NYC – @jourdansloane 375K followers


Another fashion influencer and minimalist, Jourdan knows how to play the Instagram game all too well! She has 375k followers and also runs her own clothing and jewelry line.

Top NYC Influencer - Jourdan Sloane

23. Jelena Cikoja – Fashion Bloggers NYC – @jelena.marija 356K followers


Beauty, lifestyle, fashion and minimalism – these are the elements you can find in the Instagram account of Jelena. She has a follower count of 356k and knows how to keep them all hooked with her photography skills!

Top NYC Influencer - Jelena Cikoja

24. Justin Livingston – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @justinliv 326K followers


A style, travel, and lifestyle blogger, Justin is all about living it to the fullest. His color-themed Instagram is full of his smiling face, style aesthetic, and curly hair! With 326K followers, Justin also runs a blog named Scout Sixteen.

Top NYC Influencer - Justin Livingston

25. Alexa Mathews – NYC Food Blog – @eatingnyc 322K followers


A dedicated foodie and content creator, Alexa has a follower count of 322K. With her chirpy vibes and delicious food shots, she serves some amazing content to her Instagram followers.

Top NYC Influencer - Alexa Matthews

26. Sai De Silva – NYC Fashion Blog – @scoutthecity 320K followers


Super-stylish mom-blogger, Sai De Silva runs a themed Instagram profile with 320k followers. She creates and shares content related to family life, beauty, style, and wellness. Her profile shows she has got some serious parenting tips for all moms out there!

Top NYC Influencer - Sai De Silva

27. Christine Tran Ferguson – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @tourdelust 309K followers


A proud citizen of the New York City, Chrisine shares her love of traveling and fashion through her Instagram profile. A minimalist by aesthetic and a matcha lover, Christine posts the content that her 310k followers must surely look forward to.  

Top NYC Influencer - Christine Tran Ferguson

28. Leckie Roberts – Fashion Bloggers NYC – @leckieroberts 292K followers


Another quirky fashion diva, Leckie will add colors to your Instagram feed. The lover of popping colors, Leckie goes by the motto of ‘serious style for UNSERIOUS people’ and her 292k followers seem to love her!

Top NYC Influencer - Leckie Roberts

29. Mustafa Kacar – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @mustafakacar 277K followers


Men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger, Mustafa presents a luxury lifestyle through his Instagram profile. He has 277k followers and serves great content for his audience to look forward to.

Top NYC Influencer - Mustafa Kacar

30. Lindsi Lane Watts – NYC Blogger – @lindsilanestyle 273K followers


Another stylish new-yorker, Lindsi is a mom to one. From street styles to runway fashion, she posts some great inspirations for her fashion-loving audience. Another mama that is making it big in the fashion industry, Lindsi has 273k followers and counting!

Top NYC Influencer - Lindsi Lane Watts

31. Andrea Pion – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @asliceopi 247K followers


Twin Mama Andrea Pion, also a lifestyle and style blogger, started her blog “a slice o’ pi” in 2013. She is capturing and sharing each slice of her life with more than 247K followers on Instagram.

Top NYC Influencer - Andrea Pion

32. Katie Manwaring Gomes – NYC Blogger – @katiesbliss 239K followers


Fashion expert, Katie Manwaring Gomes is a style, travel, and beauty blogger who’s famous for her website, Katie’s Bliss. Her blog is a perfect destination for affordable outfit ideas, travel inspiration, beauty tips and real world advice.

Top NYC Influencer - Katie Manwaring Gomes

33. Michelle Ressler – NYC Blogger – @cremedemichelle 210K followers


Famous blogging personality Michelle Ressler started her ‘Creme de Michelle’ blog in 2015.  She has gained a massive popularity on Instagram and bagged 210K followers by sharing great fashion skills, lifestyle, and travel posts.

Top NYC Influencer - Michelle Ressler

34. Brian Sacawa – NYC Blogger – @hespokestyle 208K followers


Brian Sacawa is one of the top NYC influencers who’s well-known for his fantastic photography and a great sense of style with unique outfits. Brian started men’s style blog ‘He Spoke Style’ in 2013 and he has amassed a huge fan following by posting stuff like men’s style, inspiration, fashion, tips and advice.

Top NYC Influencer - Brian Sacawa

35. Kelsey Adams – NYC Blogger – @koolkelsey 204K followers


Kelsey Adams is a professional model and blogger, working with a variety of swimwear and streetwear brands. She also runs her own fashion and lifestyle blog called Style Yuu. She has gained popularity on social media for her beauty, lifestyle, and fashion advice.

Top NYC Influencer - Kelsey Adams

36. Lainy Hedaya – NYC Fashion Blog –  @lainyhedaya 181K followers


Lainy is one of the original top nyc influencers who started her blog Haute Inhabit in 2011. She is a fashion influencer with a clean and classic style who has bagged 181K followers on Instagram. From style to interiors, she has a wide range of multifaceted skills which eventually lead her to self-proclaim the title of a creative director.

Top NYC Influencer - Lainy Hedaya

37. Brianne Manz – NYC Fashion Blog – @strollerinthecity 183K followers


Former fashion showroom owner Brianne Manz is best known for her blog Stroller in the City. She writes about fashion, travel and family oriented content while living a fast-paced NYC life as a wife and mom to three. Her blog has been featured in several press outlets and magazines including People Magazine, Inside Edition, and on the Today show.

Top NYC Influencer - Brianne Manz

38. Olivia Jeanette – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @oliviajeanette_ 175K followers


Olivia Jeanette is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who gained popularity by starting her blog ‘Corporate Catwalk’. To inspire the modern day corporate woman across the globe, she’s sharing creative ideas on work wear, daily lifestyle, beauty, travel, home décor and more.

Top NYC Influencer - Olivia Jeanette

39. Luda Weigand – NYC Fashion Blogs – @luda_ 173K followers


Luda Weigand is model and fashion blogger who’s emerging in the New York’s fashion industry as most demanding model and artist. Due to his style and fashion blend, he has a massive fan following on Instagram.

Top NYC Influencer - Luda Weigand

40. Alyssa Lenore – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @alyssa.lenore 170K followers


Alyssa Lenore is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who started her blog Styled & Smitten and stands among the top NYC influencers. She has amassed a huge fan following on social media for her fashion, food, travel, writing, and photography skills.

Top NYC Influencer - Alyssa Lenore

41. Erika Fox – NYC Fashion Blogs – @retroflame 156K followers


Erika Fox is well known as the creator of the fashion, lifestyle and inspiration blog Retro Flame. She was recently awarded as one of Irish Central’s ‘Top 40 Digital Influencers’ in the U.S and also as one of the ‘Top 20 New York Style Bloggers’. She has worked with a variety of big name brands, including Teen Vogue and The Sunday Times.

Top NYC Influencer - Erika Fox

42. Grace Atwood – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @graceatwood 148K followers


Grace Atwood is well-known as the creator of the fashion, lifestyle and travel blog “The Stripe”. She started this blog in 2010 with a mission to be a daily inspiration for the modern woman and she did it. She’s sharing stuff related to personal style, DIYs, beauty products reviews, books, travel guides, wellness and more.

Top NYC Influencer - Grace Atwood

43. Gabriella Zacche – NYC Blogger – @gabriellazacche 142K followers


Another one from the top NYC influencers list, Gabriella Zacche is a fashion and travel blogger.  Her outfit inspirations, fashion tips, and style are the perfect bait for her 142K followers to keep scrolling her Instagram page.

Top NYC Influencer - Gabriella Zacche

44. Alexandra Dieck – NYC Fashion Blog – @lexiconofstyle 120K followers


Alexandra Dieck is the founder, creative director, fashion designer, and stylist of the Lexicon of Style Brand. She’s inspiring 121K followers to live an exciting, creative, and extraordinary life. Her fashion, beauty, travel, and everyday life tips & tricks are making her well-known among the community.

Top NYC Influencer - Alexandra Dieck

45. Morgan Raum – NYC Blogger – @tooomuchfoood 117K followers


Morgan Raum is a food photographer, influencer, and marketing professional who’s working with big brands. This former food writer of People Magazine is sharing pleasant and flavorsome food posts with 117K Instagram followers.

Top NYC Influencer -Morgan Raum

46. Tiffany Jais – NYC Blogger – @flauntandcenter 108K followers


After working as hairstylist in the beauty industry for seven years, Tiffany Jais started her lifestyle blog and marketing company ‘Flaunt and Center’ and became a full-time fashion influencer. With 108K followers on Instagram, she’s sharing her amazing shots, products reviews, and much more.

Top NYC Influencer - Tiffany Jais


47. Samya Mohamed – NYC Lifestyle Blog – @samyatakesover 94K followers


Beauty & lifestyle influencer, Samya Mohamed is a top product reviewer and brand ambassador of various high-profile brands. With over 94K followers on Instagram, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned in the beauty industry.

Top NYC Influencer - Samya Mohamed

48. Esther Santer – NYC Fashion blogs – @esthersanter 88.2K followers


Esther Santer is a top NYC influencers with a focus on fashion. She is best known for her eponymous blog. She’s presenting a fashion focused life to her 88K Instagram followers.

Top NYC Influencer - Esther Santer

49. Denny Balmaceda – NYC Fashion Blogs – @denny623 73.2K followers


Denny Balmaceda is a fashion blogger and menswear stylist bombarding Instagram feed with stylish pictures of his daily outfits. He has gone on to model for Apple iWatch and appeared in publications like BuzzFeed and Rhapsody Magazine.

Top NYC Influencer - Denny Balmaceda


50. Sabrina @stylophyle – NYC Lifestyle Blog – 48.2K Followers

From sharing life in hospital scrubs to style in NYC streets, Sabrina demonstrates multitasking in an entirely unique way. She is a top NYC influencer that covers everything from lifestyle, wellness, & travel while keeping her audience grounded & educated with stories from a nurse’s perspective. Sabrina’s emphasis on honesty & integrity has made her a trusted resource to a wide range of readers & followers.

Top NYC Influencers


So, this is our list of the 50 top NYC Influencers! Which one did you like the best? Tell us your favorites and let us know if we missed any of the best ones? We truly appreciate all these influencers for putting in great efforts for their work and chasing a life they dream of.