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Looking for the list of 150 top beauty influencers in the U.S. to follow? We have got you covered! With influencer marketing reaching new heights every day, beauty influencers (both skincare and makeup influencers) no longer just serve as a reference point for the latest beauty finds in the market; they have also become beauty powerhouses with many launching their own namesake lines that sell out in hours. Below, we are highlighting 100 top beauty influencers (makeup and skincare influencers) to follow in 2024.

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The Impact of 150 Top Beauty Influencers – Instagram and YouTube Makeup and Skincare Influencers

In less than 12 hours,  Tati Westbrook, one of the top beauty influencers in the U.S., sold out of the eyeshadow palette she had just released. This wasn’t a small-scale launch; according to Westbrook’s October 2019 tweet (which included a screenshot of her Shopify report), she started the day with 100,000 palettes in stock. Before she went to sleep that night, all 100,000 palettes were sold (100,011, to be exact). While the quality of Westbrook’s Textured Neutrals Volume 1 palette might have been incredible, customers were buying into way more than a makeup product—they’re showing support for Westbrook as an individual. It’s no secret that top influencers (especially in the beauty industry) have totally transformed the media landscape and the way customers purchase products. After countless YouTube videos filmed in her home talking to fans and recommending products, it’s not surprising that her viewers would grow to trust her opinion.

Whether you are a social media agency, influencer marketing agency, a brand looking to work with social media influencers, or simply curious about the top beauty influencers, here at Amra & Elma we’ve compiled a list of 150 top beauty gurus on Instagram and Youtube that you should be following in 2024.

List of 150 Top Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2024


1. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni 29.4 – million followers

Chiara Ferragni, an esteemed Italian entrepreneur, fashion influencer, and designer, catapulted to fame through her fashion blog, The Blonde Salad, launched in 2009. Over the years, her blog has evolved into a global retail empire. With an impressive following of over 20 million on Instagram, Chiara Ferragni stands out as the foremost figure among the top beauty influencers to follow in 2020. In 2017, Forbes recognized her as the most powerful influencer globally, solidifying her status in the industry. Beyond her influential online presence, Chiara Ferragni has continually expanded her brand. Notably, she recently inked a significant deal leading to the debut of her eponymous company’s first fragrance line in 2023. Originally focusing on footwear when establishing her label in 2013, Ferragni’s company has diversified to include a wide array of products such as garments, accessories, and cosmetics. As of 2024, Chiara Ferragni boasts an impressive 29.4 million followers on Instagram and holds a substantial net worth of $12 million (£8.6 million). Keep an eye on this top beauty influencer, as she continues to shape the fashion and beauty landscape with her entrepreneurial prowess and creative ventures.

top beauty influencers - Chiara Ferragni

2. James Charles @jamescharles 18.1 – million followers

NY based famous beauty blogger and makeup influencer,  James Charles has 18.9 million subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the most subscribed Youtubers and top you tube beauty influencers. He bagged numerous awards and at the age of 17, he became the first male influencer ambassador for cosmetics brand CoverGirl.  Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s currently hosting Instant Influencer, a new original series of YouTube. James Charles is one of the most well-known YouTubers in today’s world of influencers and online celebrities. With millions of followers, several partnerships, and other accomplishments, he is undeniably one of today’s wealthiest social media stars. James Charles has become one of the world’s most well-known beauty influencers. Though he’s not immune to a few conflicts here and there, it only serves to raise awareness of his brand and gain him more followers. 

Top Beauty Influencer - James Charles

3. Becky G @iambeckyg 25 – million followers

The pop princess Becky G is a versatile entertainer, makeup influencer and one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, who sings, writes songs and has acting talent. She started rapping at the age of 11 and few years later, she was among the thousands performing covers on YouTube. Becky G is also one of the top makeup influencers, and she is the shining face for cosmetics brand CoverGirl. On March 7, 2022, Treslce Beauty by Becky G debuted on Ulta.com and in 351 Ulta Beauty locations, marking the brand’s first retail relationship. The brand was first introduced in June of 2021. Blue agave, originating from Jalisco, Mexico, where founder Becky G’s family has origins, is a significant component in all Treslce Beauty products. Ulta Beauty will have eight superstar items as well as three new ones.

Top Beauty Influencer - Becky G

4. Jeffrey Star @jeffreestar  16.1 – million followers

One of top subscribed YouTubers, makeup, and skincare influencer, Jeffrey Star started wearing makeup in high school. He used to take his mother’s makeup and experiment with different looks in the bathroom mirror. In 2018, he earned $18 million from his YouTube endeavors which made him the fifth-highest-paid YouTube star as of December 2018. He is also an avid car collector and known to be a car influencer due to his impressive collection of exotic vehicles. With his cult following and an impressive YouTube channel, Jeffrey, one of the most famous YouTube beauty influencers, is well deserving no 4 on our 100 top beauty influencers list. After a brief hiatus from make-up debuts, Jeffree Star, the controversial YouTube personality, launched a new line of cosmetic items in 2022. After years of planning, YouTube phenomenon Jeffree Star has unveiled his inaugural skincare collection, Jeffree Star Skin, which will launch in 2022 with seven core items and more on the way. A moisturizing moisturizer, a make-up removal balm, a cleanser, a facial toner, an eye cream, a lip mask, and a face mist (US$16-$32) are among the Skus.

Top Beauty Influencer - Jeffrey Star

5. Bretman Rock @bretmanrock 14.7 – million followers

Bretman Rock is famous for making insanely hilarious beauty videos, but he is so much more than just a beauty influencer. The YouTube star is also beloved for his sassy personality, quirky sense of humor, and confident style, and is now regarded as one of the top beauty Instagram influencers out there. He’s got millions of followers across his social media accounts, with over 14 million fans on Instagram alone. Bretman Rock, an American social media personality, makeup artist, YouTuber, and fantastic influencer, makes around $250,000 per year and is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million in 2022.

Top Beauty Influencer - Bretman Rock

6. Nikkie de Jager @nikkietutorials 14 – million followers

Nikkie de Jager – a 24 year Dutch makeup and skincare influencer with her own YouTube channel. By grossing over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, she is one of the most subscribed Youtubers and a top beauty influencers on the internet. Inspired by American TV shows, and by being one of the top YouTube beauty influencers, she starts uploading makeup tutorials to YouTube.

Top Beauty Influencer - Nikkie de Jager

7. Makeup By Mario @makeupbymario 7.6 – million followers

Mario Dedivanovic – a top beauty influencer in the makeup industry. He is known for “TheMasterClass” and “TheMasterClass” which inspire many makeup fans and enthusiasts. As one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, he is known for working with high-end celebrities, one of which is his muse – Kim Kardashian! In 2022, Mario, one of the most influential makeup artists in the world, predicted major beauty trends to arrive in the following months. Dedivanovic has always had his attention on the latest and newest beauty trends, both following and initiating them. The contouring guru has given an official forecast for a trend he believes will be huge in 2022: faster and more natural contouring. He’s collaborated with some of the world’s most well-known celebrities, and his Instagram account currently has over 10 million followers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Mario Dedivanovic

8. Naomi Giannopoulos @vegas_nay 6.7 – million followers

Instant beauty sensation, Naomi Giannopoulos, is popularly known as Vegas Nay commercially and she has over 6 million followers on Instagram. With over 20 years of experience, she is a well-known superstar, one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, and appreciated beauty makeup and skincare influencer.

Top Beauty Influencer - Naomi Giannopoulos

9. Jaclyn Hill @jaclynhill 6.3 – million followers

Jaclyn Hill one of the most successful beauty vloggers and a makeup influencer who taught millions how to apply the right makeup! She has 6.3 followers on Instagram and 5.84 million subscribers on YouTube. As per the report of Glamour, everything touched by Jaclyn Hill, one of the top YouTube beauty influencers, sells out quickly. In 2022, Jaclyn Hill revealed her newest makeup collection: the Jaclyn Cosmetics Luxe Legacy Collection. The Jaclyn Cosmetics Luxe Legacy Collection is unique since it is the result of a cooperation between Jaclyn Hill and her mother Robin to produce a Mother’s Day-themed collection. The Jaclyn Cosmetics Luxe Legacy Collection debuted on April 24th and has been available at ULTA since May 22nd.

Top Beauty Influencer - Jaclyn Hill

10. Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad 6.1 – million followers

A prominent television personality Lauren Conrad needs no introduction! She’s an entrepreneur, fashion designer, a makeup influencer, one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, and an author, who penned many bestselling books and launched her own brand. She is well known for featuring in the MTV reality series “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County” and the spin-off series “The Hills.”

Top Beauty Influencer - Lauren Conrad

11. Nikita Dragun @nikita_dragun 6.4 – million followers

Nikita Nguyen – one of most subscribed YouTubers and top YouTube beauty influencers, with a net worth of $400,000 makes her one of the top beauty influencers. Nikita has her own brand of makeup called Dragun Beauty. As stated in her YouTube channel, she is “The Mother of Draguns”.

Top Beauty Influencer - Nikita Dragun

12. Amra Olevic Reyes @amrezy 5.9 – million followers

Amra Olevic is a sensational makeup influencer and an Instagram super star who keeps running her blog on Instagram called ‘Amrezy.’ With impressive following on Instagram and strong collaborations, Amra Olevic is well deserving no 12 on our 100 top beauty influencers list, as she is one of the top beauty Instagram influencers. She started her career with Sephora and then later on hired by MAC Cosmetics. Due to her partnership with big brands and stunning makeup looks, she is one among the most famous makeup influencers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Amra Olevic Reyes

13. Aimee Song @aimeesong 5.5 – million followers

Aimee Song – one of the top beauty influencers in the clothing niche, Aimee has over 5.5 million followers on Instagram. She is known for her collection “Song of Style”. She is regarded as one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, and on her website, she has a shop of her preferred style.

Top Beauty Influencer - Aimee Song

14. Carli Bybel @carlibel 4.9 – million followers

This lady needs no introductions! With a massive following on Instagram and YouTube, Carli is a top makeup influencer who provides content like no other and is considered one of the top YouTube beauty influencers. Whether it is perfecting your date night look or getting to grips with the latest summer fashion trends, Carli is there to break it down for you.

Top Beauty Influencer - Carli Bybel

15. Patrick Starrr @patrickstarrr 4.6 – million followers

Everyone needs some Patrick Starr in their life. This makeup and skincare influencer knows how to bring glam and humor into your feed. With some impressive collaborations and a turban to match, Starr brings uniqueness to the beauty blogging world. In 2022, makeup artist Patrick Starrr collaborated with Lori Harvey, a model and skincare entrepreneur, for a beauty tutorial of her Oscars look. The two start the session with items from her SKN by LH cosmetics brand. Lori explained that the collection was influenced by her own skin difficulties, therefore it was critical for her to create items that would calm her sensitive skin.

Top Beauty Influencer - Patrick Starrr

16. Chantel Jeffries @chanteljeffries 4.7 – million followers

Chantel Jeffries is an internationally renowned model, makeup influencer, and social media queen with 4.7 million fans on Instagram and more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Being one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, she also gained fame as the rumored girlfriend of Justin Beiber.

Top Beauty Influencer - Chantel Jeffries

17. Manny Gutierrez @mannymua733 4.2 – million followers

Manny Gutierrez aka Manny MUA is one of the world’s foremost makeup influencer and beauty bloggers with over 4 million subscribers and followers on YouTube and Instagram. As one of the current top beauty influencers, he also became the first ever male star ambassador of Maybelline. Last year he launched Lunar Beauty, his own beauty brand. The digital celebrity who goes by MannyMUA online was exploring medical school until he started focusing his attention on social media. He is now one of a growing generation of top male cosmetics aficionados. He’s now an ambassador for Maybelline, among his numerous partnerships, with a total viewership of upwards of 7 million, and his projected net worth in 2022 is over $1.5 million dollars.

Top Beauty Influencer - Manny Gutierrez

18. Desi Perkins @desiperkins 4.1 – million followers

Desi is no stranger to the beauty blogger scene; she has been posting since 2013, and is now one of the top YouTube beauty influencers. Her make-up tutorials and lifestyle posts are not only informative but also stunning. Without any doubt she’s one of the top beauty advocates and she has amassed a huge following, a whopping 4 million followers on Instagram alone and counting!

Top Beauty Influencer - Desi Perkins

19. Rachel Levin @rclbeauty101 3.4 – million followers

Rachel Claire Levin is an American top subscribed YouTubers and makeup and skincare influencer, known for her YouTube channel RCLBeauty101. By making Rachel one of the top YouTube beauty influencers, RCLBeauty101 has been the fastest-growing YouTube channel in the world.

Top Beauty Influencer - Rachel Levin

20. Tati Westbrook @glamlifeguru 2.7 – million followers

Makeup obsessed Tati, aka GlamLifeGuru is famous for her unbiased product reviews, beauty tips, hauls and tutorial videos. She has 9.5 million subscribers on YouTube, which is making her one of the top YouTube beauty influencers and is also a top Instagram influencer.  Tati is one of the top beauty influencers worldwide, and her single JLO inspired YouTube makeup tutorial had an astonishing 10M+ view.

Top Beauty Influencer - Tati Westbrook

21. Shayla Mitchell @makeupbyshayla 2.7 – million

Shayla Mitchell, best known as Makeupshayla, is an Instagram and YouTube phenomenon and a top makeup influencer. She launched her YouTube channel in 2012 and gained 742K subscribers, making her one of the top YouTube beauty influencers out there. She has earned an extraordinary 2.7 million followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Shayla Mitchell

22. Amanda Steele @amandasteele 2.5 – million followers

Amanda Steele is an American beauty blogger, makeup influencer, and CEO-designer of the clothing brand Steele. She is known for her self-titled YouTube channel where she shares makeup, fashion, and other lifestyle-related vlogs. With over 5 million subscribers across her social media platforms, Amanda is considered as one of the most sought-after and one of the top beauty influencers and top YouTube influencers of her generation.

Top Beauty Influencer - Amanda Steele

23. Safiya Nygaard @safiyany 2.3 – million followers

Safiya is a beauty influencer based in the United States. She rose to fame for starring in BuzzFeed’s Ladylike series and later on became an individual icon that people love for her eccentric and engaging lifestyle vlogs. On Instagram and YouTube alone, Safiya has gained a massive following of over 10 million loyal subscribers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Safiya Nygaard

24. SimplyNailogical @simplynailogical 2.3 – million followers

When it comes to nail-related content, SimplyNailogical is your gal. Cristine Raquel Rotenberg is a Canadian beauty influencer known for her comedic nail art tutorials on YouTube. With over 7.5 million subscribers and collaborations with big brands like F.U.N. Lacquer, SimplyNailogical is no doubt one of the top beauty influencers of the nail care industry.

Top Beauty Influencer - SimplyNailogical

25. Kathleen Lights @kathleenlights 2.1 – million followers

Kathleen Lights is a Cuban-American beauty advocate based in Miami. Since she started her YouTube channel in 2013, she has grown over 4 million subscribers and 500 million views, making her one of the top YouTube beauty influencers. Considered the beauty guru and one of the top makeup influencers of her generation, Kathleen has collaborated with big makeup brands like ColourPop.

Top Beauty Influencer - Kathleen Lights

26. Summer McKeen @summermckeen 2 – million followers

Candid, relevant, and inspiring are three words that best describe this young YouTube royalty. She earned her social media influence by simply being herself—sharing realistic but ultimately empowering content. In 2018, Summer’s huge success, including her being one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, led her to land a role in the hit teen web series After-schooled.

Top Beauty Influencer -Summer McKeen

27. Huda Kattan @huda 2.1 – million followers

Huda Kattan is an Iraqi-American makeup influencer turned entrepreneur who founded one of this generation’s biggest beauty brands—Huda Beauty. In 2007, she created her YouTube channel with the same name, before she gave birth to a billion-dollar cosmetic giant in 2013. To date, Huda Kattan has gained over 50 million followers across her different social media platforms and is considered to be one of the biggest makeup influencers, and top beauty Instagram influencers, in the world. Huda Kattan, the creator of Huda Beauty, the Middle East’s most popular blog and one of the top 20 beauty blogs in the world, is expected to have a net worth of $490 million in 2022. She is a Hollywood-trained makeup artist and beauty expert who routinely uploads videos to her self-titled YouTube channel. She has a total of almost 25 million Instagram followers, 2.3 million YouTube subscribers, and 45,000 Twitter followers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Huda Kattan

28. Michelle Phan @michellephan 2 – million followers

Michelle Phan is considered the OG makeup and skincare influencer who started it all. As a pioneering YouTube personality with over a billion of lifetime views, she has come a long way from being one of the top beauty influencers to becoming a beauty entrepreneur—owning and running the famous cosmetic line called EM Cosmetics. Michelle Phan has been offering videos on contemporary, transformational, and easy makeup looks to her devoted YouTube audience since 2006, and she has seen health, beauty, and wellness grow over the years. The beauty business now looks substantially different than it did nearly 16 years ago, thanks to the addition of new physicians, aestheticians, biochemists, and other experts. Phan is a well-known figure in the community and the founder of EM Cosmetics, a relaunched cosmetics line. The brand recently released a limited-edition collection containing two dazzling tones of their best-selling Heaven’s Glow Radiant Veil Blush, Persimmon, and Cherub.

Top Beauty Influencer - Michelle Phan

29. Lustrelux @lustrelux 2 – million followers

Katy DeGroot, popularly known as Katy Lustrelux, is an American beauty blogger, makeup advocate, content creator, and of the top beauty Instagram influencers. She is known for her self-titled YouTube channel featuring all things beauty. Her original tutorials, honest reviews, and relatable content managed to grow her social media community to over 4 million followers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Katy Lustrelux

30. Emily DiDonato @emilydidinato 2.1 – million followers

American model and a makeup influencer Emily DiDonato is well known in the fashion industry; she has been working as a model for almost 10 years. Her gorgeous blue eyes and generous spirit propelled her to the top of the fashion world. Her charm made her a super star on social media and she has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, making her one of the top beauty Instagram influencers in the world.

Top Beauty Influencer - Emily DiDonato

31. Laura Lee @larlarlee 1.9 – million followers

Laura Lee is a makeup artist slash and beauty blogger slash businesswoman. She debuted on her self-titled YouTube channel in 2013, which has gained over 4 million loyal Larlees to date, making her one of the top YouTube beauty influencers of her generation. Her social media success led her to collaboration deals with big cosmetic brands like Too Faced, MAC Cosmetics, and Benefit Cosmetics. In 2017, the beauty guru and makeup influencer launched her own line called Laura Lee Los Angeles. Laura Lee, known for her engaging and educational makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skit videos, has a net worth of an estimated $1.2 million in 2022. Laura Lee makes money through a variety of sources, including Youtube videos, sponsorships, and sales of her cosmetics line Laura Lee Los Angeles.

Top Beauty Influencer - Laura Lee

32. Nicole Guerriero @nicoleguerriero 1.9 – million followers

Nicole Guerriero is an Argentinian makeup and skincare influencer based in the United States. To date, the beauty guru has grown a massive collective following of over 4 million followers across her channels. Her success as one of the top beauty influencers also paved the way for collaborations with big brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, where she created her own highlighter product called Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit.

Top Beauty Influencer - Nicole Guerriero

33. Kandee Johnson @kandeejohnson 1.8 – million followers

Kandee Johnson is one of the earliest YouTube makeup and skincare influencers who’s widely known for her incredible talent and charming personality. Her makeup transformations, beauty hacks, DIYs, and makeup tutorials contributed to making her one of the top beauty influencers in the world. She has 3.84 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Kandee Johnson

34. Jackie Aina @jackieaina 1.5 – million followers

Makeup and beauty artist Jackie Aina is well known for her blunt beauty commentary, great sense of humor and infectious personality. She has earned more than 3.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram and is considered one of the top beauty Instagram influencers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Jackie Aina

35. Christen Dominique @christendominique 1.5 – million followers

Christen Dominique is the phenomenal makeup influencer and one of the top YouTube beauty influencers. She has inspired millions of people to be creative and confident through her social media channels. To turn her childhood dream into a reality, she launched her own Cosmetics brand Dominique Cosmetics.

Top Beauty Influencer - Christen Dominique

36. Shaaanxo @shaaanxo 1.4 – million followers

Shannon Harris aka Shaaanxo is a makeup and skincare influencer and one of the top YouTube beauty influencers from New Zealand who’s inspiring a massive online community of more than 8 million fans across all platforms. She launched her own beauty brand called xoBeauty, where she sells Italian-made vegan cosmetic brushes, false lashes, beauty blenders, brush cleaner and cosmetics.

Top Beauty Influencer - Shaaanxo

37. Raye Boyce @itsmyrayeraye 1.5 – million followers

Raye Boyce is one of the most subscribed YouTubers and makeup and skincare influencers today. She’s behind the channel ItsMyRayeRaye and is known for her DIY and tutorial videos about hair and makeup. She gained her 1st 1 million subscribers last 2015 and is still gaining followers up until today.

Top Beauty Influencer - Raye Boyce

38. Sadia Slay @sadieslayy 1.5 – million followers

Last June 2013, Sadia uploaded her first Instagram post. Who would’ve thought that this beauty influencer will gain over 1.5 million followers on Instagram today? She’s known for her easy makeup tips and tutorials, which a lot of her followers really love.

Top Beauty Influencer - Sadia Slay

39. Amanda Ensing @amandaensing 1.4 – million followers

Her channel, TheBeautyBox1211, became known on YouTube not only because of her beauty reviews. She’s also famous because of her great insight on makeup. She’s one of the biggest beauty influencers today not only on YouTube but on Instagram too.

Top Beauty Influencer - Amanda Ensing

40. Ingrid Nilsen @ingridnilsen 1.2 – million followers

Ingrid Nilsen is the YouTube sensation who posts fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content to her self-titled channel, which was originally called MissGlamorazzi. Starting as a makeup artist in her younger years, she has pursued this field with seriousness and passion, and is recognized as one of the top beauty Instagram influencers out there. Today, she’s garnered over 3.6 million subscribers and is one of the most well-known makeup influencers who is flourishing in her career.

Top Beauty Influencer - Ingrid Nilsen

41. Lauren Curtis @lozcurtis 1.3 – million followers

An Australian top YouTuber and makeup and skincare influencer Lauren Curtis has earned a massive fan following on both Instagram and YouTube due to her amazing makeup and beauty tutorials. With being one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, this sensational social-media beauty is also a fashion guru and she’s providing tips and tricks to her 1.3 million fans.

Top Beauty Influencer - Lauren Curtis

42. Jade Marie @jadeywadey180 1.3 – million followers

One of the members of the 83 Squad, Jade Marie has gained popularity both on YouTube and Instagram. She’s both an Instagram model and a makeup influencer that has garnered a lot of fans on both platforms. Today, she’s making vlogs together with her 83 Squad members, sharing beauty and lifestyle tips enjoyed by their fans. In the 12 years that Jade Marie, aka @jadeywadey180, has been in the beauty industry, she’s changed her beauty practices 180 degrees, shifting her social media material from high-glamour cosmetics to holistic skincare and mindfulness. Marie began her career in the beauty industry as an esthetician, where she learned about Ayurvedic methods while working at a holistic spa in San Diego after receiving her license. Marie’s work is concentrated on her YouTube series “Complexions by Jade,” in which she discusses various skincare difficulties and offers advice on how to manage them using products, tools, and skincare habits. She also utilizes this series to discuss mental health and other themes related to wellbeing.

Top Beauty Influencer - Jade Marie

43. Chloe Morello @chloemorello 1.2 – million followers

Chloe Morello is an Australian beautician, makeup influencer, style guru, and one of the top YouTube beauty influencers. She’s uploading informative, educational, and fun tutorials along with reviews on beauty and skincare products, hair styling advice, and tips on personal style. She has more than 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. With over 2.66 million subscribers, Chloe Morello is one of the most well-known channels on YouTube that provides engaging makeup tutorials and other content. In 2022, Chloe Morello has an estimated net worth of about $100 thousand. However, considering all additional revenue sources besides her YouTube channel, Chloe Morello’s net worth may be higher than estimated, and closer to $250 thousand.

Top Beauty Influencer - Chloe Morello

44. Alissa Ashley @alissa.ashley 1.1 – million followers

Alissa Ashley is the leading makeup artist who’s popular in the community for assisting more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube with informative and unique beauty tips and tricks. She has a huge fan following on Instagram too, making her one of the top beauty Instagram influencers in the world.

Top Beauty Influencer - Alissa Ashley

45. Yasmin Maya @beautyybird 1.1 – million followers

Professional makeup artist and bilingual beauty vlogger Yasmin Maya is best known for her YouTube channels BeautyyBird and PajaritaBella on which she’s posting in English & Spanish language. This beauty bird has gained a massive fan following on social media platforms and is one of the top YouTube beauty influencers of her generation. Her two YouTube channels, BeautyyBird and PajaritaBella, have garnered her a lot of attention. With videos in English on her BeautyyBird channel and videos in Spanish on her PajaritaBella channel, she gained big popularity among beauty influencers, and her net worth or net income is expected to reach between $1 million and $5 million dollars in 2022.

Top Beauty Influencer - Yasmin Maya

46. Dulce Candy @dulcecandy 1.1 – million followers

Dulce Candy is one of the top beauty influencers and fashion vlogger who publishes fun makeup tutorials, fashion advice, and personal stories for her more than 2.9 million subscribers on YouTube, making her one of the top YouTube beauty influencers in the world. She’s partnered with big brands like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy, L’Oreal, Kohls, Walgreens, Cover Girl, & Virgin America.

Top Beauty Influencer - Dulce Candy

47. Meghan Rienks @meghanrienks 1 – million followers

Meghan Rienks – a YouTuber, makeup influencer, podcaster, and actress! From a small town to social media stardom, she gained popularity due to her amazing makeup tutorials. She started her YouTube channel in 2010 just out of the boredom and later on she becomes highly influential YouTuber.

Top Beauty Influencer - Meghan Rienks

48. Gabriel Zamora @gabrielzamora 936,000 followers

Gabriel Zamora is a YouTube star and social media influencer, recognized for makeup tips and tutorials, product reviews, challenges, vlogs and Spanish videos. He’s also known as the first male makeup artist and makeup influencer to sign with Michelle Phan’s beauty community called Ipsy.

Top Beauty Influencer - Gabriel Zamora

49. Haley Wight @cosmobyhaley 877,000 followers

YouTuber star Haley Wight, better known as Cosmobyhaley has a massive fan following on Instagram, making her one of the top beauty Instagram influencers. She uploaded her first video to her YouTube channel in June of 2015 and within few years she’s among the top beauty influencers for her unique makeup tutorials.

Top Beauty Influencer - Haley Wight

50. Tess Christine @tesschristinexo 750,000 followers

Makeup and shopping addicted Tess Christine is a beauty and fashion guru who started her YouTube channel in April of 2011. Being a pro at hair styles, she’s famous for recreating makeup look of celebrities and ‘Get the Look’ video.

Top Beauty Influencer - Tess Christine

51. Marlena Stell @marlenastell 718,000 followers

Marlena Stell is a popular makeup guru and businesswoman who gained a strong fan following on YouTube and other social media platforms. She started her YouTube channel in 2008 and years later she founded her own beauty brand Makeup Geek. By being of the top YouTube beauty influencers, she has a mission to empower women through beauty education.

Top Beauty Influencer - Marlena Stell

  52. Claire Marshall @heyclaire 683,000 followers

Claire Marshall is a makeup artist, beauty and lifestyle vlogger, fashion, music, and travel blogger. She is one of YouTube’s early adopters who has gained mega fans on Instagram and YouTube with her unique tutorials. She is now considered one of the top beauty Instagram influencers in the world.

Top Beauty Influencer - Claire Marshall

53. Kristin Johns @kristinjohns 644,000 followers

Kristin Johns is an American YouTuber popularly known for her beauty and lifestyle vlogs. She is married to Marcus Johns, who is a Viner. She acquired major fan following through vlogging, question and answer videos as well as makeup related videos.

Top Beauty Influencer - Kristin Johns

54. Lisette @lisette 554,000 followers

Lisette is famous for her hair and makeup related tutorials on YouTube. She posted her first YouTube video, “Keratin Hair Treatment Before and After” in 2012 and now she has 2.8 million subscribers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Lisette

55. Sophia Chang @sophiachang 539,000 followers

Korean-American makeup artist Sophia Chang started her YouTube channel in July of 2009. By being one of the top YouTube beauty influencers, she’s breaking down the beauty trends with perfect easy-to-follow makeup tutorials.

Top Beauty Influencer - Sophia Chang

56. Genelle Seldon @genelleseldon 473,000 followers

Genelle Seldon is a YouTube star, beauty influencer and singer. She has accumulated a huge fan following on Instagram and YouTube due to her beauty, lifestyle, and fashion tutorials and vlogging entries.

Top Beauty Influencer - Genelle Seldon

57. Stephanie Ledda @smlx0 472,000 followers

Stephanie Ledda launched her channel SMLx0 in in November 2009 and started posting makeup tutorials and other beauty and fashion related stuff. She has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and more than 460K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Stephanie Ledda

58. Nyma Tang @nymatang 474,000 followers

The rising makeup influencer, Nyma Tang has established herself on YouTube with her hit video series “The Darkest Shade”. She’s well known in the beauty industry for her extremely dark complexion. She’s uploading makeup products reviews and beauty tutorials on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Top Beauty Influencer - Nyma Tang

59. Katie Jane Hughes @katiejanehughes 498,000 followers

Katie Jane Hughes is a British makeup artist who’s becoming famous for redefining makeup and skin care. Her veritable treasure trove of beauty tips, tricks, and hacks on Instagram & YouTube are making her extraordinary in the industry. Being one of the top beauty Instagram influencers, she has worked as an ambassador for Butter London.

Top Beauty Influencer - Katie Jane Hughes

60. RawBeautyKristi @rawbeautykristi 432,000 followers

RawBeautyKristi is a self-taught makeup artist and beauty vlogger on YouTube. She launched her YouTube channel in 2013 and started uploading beauty products reviews, makeup tutorials, and vlogs about life, love, and more.

Top Beauty Influencer - RawBeautyKristi

61. Tailor Made Jane @tailormadejane 442,000 followers

Shaina Simmons is a makeup guru who’s running the popular channel Tailormadejane, where she shares a wide variety of beauty tutorials on YouTube & Instagram. She has gained over 1 million fans on social media platforms and is recognized as one of the top beauty Instagram influencers of her generation.

Top Beauty Influencer - Tailor Made Jane

62. Julie Sarinana @juliesarinana 404,000 followers

Julie Sarinana aka Sincerely Jules is a fashion and beauty blogger. She’s popular among the community for sharing her personal thoughts, fashion tips, and travel adventures.

Top Beauty Influencer - Julie Sarinana

63. Cohl @cohlsworld 374,000 followers

Cohl is a competitive cheerleader who became a state champion and 7-time national champion. He’s famous on social media for sharing unbiased product reviews and a variety of makeup skills & tutorials.

Top Beauty Influencer - Cohl

64. Cole Carrigan @colecarrigan 360,000 followers

Cole Carrigan is a self-taught makeup artist who is widely known for his elaborative designs for high fashion events and FX makeup. Apart from being an ambassador for several different makeup and beauty brands, he is also popular for having an association with Jeffree Star to design Halloween makeup.

Top Beauty Influencer - Cole Carrigan

64. Diana Saldana @dianachantel 390,000 followers

Diana Saldana is a popular beauty model and blogger who’s famous for her self-titled YouTube channel. She has accumulated over 750K subscribers on YouTube and 390K followers on Instagram, Before this fame, she won the 2011 Miss San Juan and Miss Dominican Republic USA beauty pageants and went on to be crowned 2013’s Miss Manhattan New York USA.

Top Beauty Influencer - Diana Saldana

66. SaraBeautyCorner @sarabeautycorner 352,000 followers

SaraBeautyCorner is the leading beauty influencer, specialized in nail art, DIY, fashion, and makeup. She launched her YouTube channel in October of 2012 and then there was no turning back! You can find the coolest and funniest beauty videos along with other awesome stuff on her channels.

Top Beauty Influencer - SaraBeautyCorner

67. Cydnee Black @cydbee 328,000 followers

Cydnee Black is a freelance makeup artist for MAC cosmetics who publishes makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, vlogs, beauty, style and advice videos on her self-titled channel. She has gained more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 328K Instagram followers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Cydnee Black

68. Roxette Arisa Howe @roxettearisa 326,000 followers

Beauty, health, and skincare enthusiast Roxette Arisa is well known for her eponymous YouTube channel. She has attained more than 1.19 million subscribers on YouTube and 326K followers on Instagram by creating makeup tutorials, product reviews, and haul videos.

Top Beauty Influencer - Roxette Arisa Howe

69. Madelynn De La Rosa @madewin 277,000 followers

Beauty influencer and compassionate YouTuber Madelynn De La Rosa is highly recognized for her classic fashion and vegan lifestyle. She has 957K subscribers on YouTube and 277K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Madelynn De La Rosa

70. Tatiana Ringsby @tringsby 313,000 followers

Model and social media star Tatiana Ringsby is well known for being a part of the collaborative channel The Rad and Reckless. She has her self-titled YouTube channel too with 425K active subscribers. She uploads vlogs on modeling journey, travels, health, beauty, makeup and is also one of the most well-known fitness influencers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Tatiana Ringsby

71. Thomas Halbert @thomashalbert 334,000 followers

Beauty influencer and makeup artist Thomas Halbert is familiar for his selfie-filled Instagram account with over 250K followers. He posts regular makeup tutorials, product reviews, and beauty vlogs on his self-titled YouTube channel.

Top Beauty Influencer - Thomas Halbert

72. Jkissa @jkissa 292,000 followers

Pro Oreo Eater and Puppy lover Jkissa is a LA based beauty guru and makeup artist who has over 292K followers on Instagram and 342K subscribers on YouTube. She uploads new videos to her JkissaMakeup Channel on YouTube from her Hollywood Studio every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Top Beauty Influencer - Jkissa

73. Penelope Gwen @pennold 303,000 followers

Penelope Gwen is a self-taught British makeup artist, model and social media influencer who shares creative endeavors and modeling content on Instagram for her 303K followers. She was featured as the cover of HUF Magazine and as a model and makeup artist for Bristol Life Magazine.

Top Beauty Influencer - Penelope Gwen

74. Melisssa Alatorre @melissaalatorre 283,000 followers

Melissa Alatorre is a Mexican-American pro makeup artist who has earned 653K subscribers on her YouTube channel and 283K followers on Instagram. She’s posting new stuff every week to inspire and teach the aspiring makeup artist and makeup addicts.

Top Beauty Influencer - Melisssa Alatorre

75. Nam Vo @namvo 320,000 followers

Makeup artist Nam Vo is widely known for her signature style called the Nam Vo Glow. Her work has been featured across magazines like Elle and British Vogue, and she’s worked with clients like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Ole Henriksen, Oribe and Bobbi Brown. More than 320K fans are following her on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Nam Vo

76. Emily Noel @emilynoel83 265,000 followers

An award-winning news anchor, beauty blogger, and YouTuber Emily Noel is known for her emilynoel83 channel and the blog Beauty Broadcast. Apart from being featured in Elle magazine and the New York Times, she has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 265K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Emily Noel

77. Deepica Mutyala @deepica 281,000 followers

Deepica Mutyala is the founder and CEO of Live Tinted, a multicultural community about beauty and culture. She is renowned for her eponymous channel where she shares beauty and makeup related tutorials, as well as her fashion advice vlogs. She has amassed more than 281K Instagram followers and 269K YouTube subscribers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Deepica Mutyala

78. Sona Gasparian @sonagasparian 251,000 followers

With 764K YouTube subscribers and 251K Instagram followers, Sona Gasparian is holding a position among top 100 beauty influencers in the US. She’s a professional makeup artist, blogger, and vlogger who posts stuff related to beauty, skincare, hair, fashion and lifestyle.

Top Beauty Influencer - Sona Gasparian

79. Rocio Cervantes @rocioceja_ 221,000 followers

Makeup fanatic Rocio Cervantes is familiar for her unique styles and techniques and she’s the ‘Queen of Blending’ as per her followers. She’s changing the game in YouTube makeup community and her makeup videos are absolutely entertaining to watch.

Top Beauty Influencer - Rocio Cervantes

80. Kianna Naomi @kiannanaomi 218,000 followers

Kianna Naomi is LA based film actress, YouTube vlogger and clothing enthusiast, who’s sharing fashion, styling and lifestyle videos. She has 912K subscribers on YouTube and 218K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Kianna Naomi

81. Leyla Rose @leyla 195,000 followers

Makeup artist Leyla Rose gained popularity for her self-titled YouTube channel and she has earned more than 1.1 followers on it by posting product reviews, clothing hauls, makeup tutorials and related stuff.

Top Beauty Influencer - Leyla Rose

82. Michelle Choi @michellechoii 223,000 followers

Michelle Choi is a beauty and lifestyle guru with an easygoing introductory style and a decent eye for an extraordinary look. She shares her personal insights and experiences to influence her 560K YouTube subscribers and 223K Instagram followers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Michelle Choi

83. Alexandra Beth @alexandrasgirlytalk 191,999 followers

Alexandra Beth is one of the top subscribed YouTubers today. She’s behind the channel AlexandrasGirlyTalk and is widely known for her DIY, hair and makeup tutorial videos. She has accumulated more than 3.5 million subscribers to her channel.

Top Beauty Influencer - Alexandra Beth

84. Eman @eman 170,000 followers

A pro makeup artist and beauty influencer Eman, is LA based, Egyptian-Canadian stunner, who has been active on YouTube since 2009. She has amassed more than 944K YouTube subscribers and 170K Instagram followers earning her a place in our top beauty influencers list. To pursue her passion as a makeup artist, she left behind a career in finance.

Top Beauty Influencer - Eman

85. Taylor Wynn @taylorwynn 168,000 followers

With 815K pals on YouTube subscribers and 168K fans on Instagram, Taylor Wynn is holding a position in our list of 100 top beauty influencers in the US. She’s known for her fashion and beauty-centric YouTube channel that features makeup tutorials and product reviews as well as lifestyle content and travel vlogs.

Top Beauty Influencer - Taylor Wynn

86. Briana Marie @bmarie___ 147,000 followers

21 year self-taught makeup pro and fashionista, Briana Marie began modeling at the age of five and featured in campaigns for Wamart, KFC, Old Navy, Walt Disney, FPL and other brands. She has 237K subscribers on YouTube and 147K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Briana Marie

87. Allison Ellis @makeupbyalli 139,000 followers

Makeup addicted Allison Ellis is a beauty vlogger whose makeup tutorials and routine videos have attained her 743K subscribers on YouTube. She’s best known for her dazzling beauty tips and makeup and hair tutorials.

Top Beauty Influencer - Allison Ellis

88. Strashme @strashme 558,000 followers

Strashme aka Ashley Strong is a beauty and cosmetics influencer from Alaska and has more than 558K followers on Instagram. She has won James Charles’ new reality show on YouTube, Instant Influencer.

Top Beauty Influencer - Strashme

89. Kayley Melissa @kayleymelissa 129,000 followers

Kayley Melissa is a hair braiding enthusiast and YouTube content creator who has attained more than 1.4 million subscribers through her creative and cozy hairstyles videos. She’s focusing on creating lifestyle tutorials, character recreations and quick hairstyles vlogs for everyone.

Top Beauty Influencer - Kayley Melissa

90. MakeupByJesi @makeupbyjesi 123,000 followers

Beauty influencer and compassionate makeup artist Jesi is best known for her eponymous YouTube channel. She has 181K subscribers on YouTube and 123K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - MakeupByJesi

91. Rosa @beautybyrosita 126,000 followers

Rosa is one of the top NYC influencers and a makeup artist who is becoming popular among community for her makeup tutorials, tips & tricks, hauls and more. She has gained 304K subscribers on YouTube and 126K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Rosa

92. Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth @honeynsilk 105,000 followers

Style blogger Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth is pursuing a spirited life of style and adventure through her blog, Honey & Silk. Due to her romantic lifestyle and unique taste on fashion, she has been able to make a successful place among the 100 top beauty influencers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth

93. Mirella Bernal @mirellabelle 54,900 followers

Beauty blogger Mirella Bernal started her YouTube channel in June of 2011 and her most popular video ‘how to get huge, long lashes’ has attained 2 million views. She’s uploading tutorials, vlogs, reviews and hauls every week for her 273K subscribers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Mirella Bernal

94. Amy Serrano @amyserrano 47,600 followers

Amy Serrano is a beauty junkie and die-hard fashion lover who’s widely known for her eponymous YouTube channel’s content. Her makeup, hair, and fashion tutorials are making her popular among millions of fans on social media.

Top Beauty Influencer - Amy Serrano

95. Darcei Amanda @missdarcei 67,800 followers

Beauty vlogger Darcei Amanda launched her YouTube channel MissDarcei in August 2010 and gained fame for beauty vlogging through Korean makeup tutorials, routines, and product reviews. She has amassed more than 730K YouTube subscribers and 67K Instagram followers.

Top Beauty Influencer - Darcei Amanda

96. Tamira Laboy @tamirajarrel 37,200 followers

Tamira Laboy started her YouTube channel in February 2013 and has amassed more than 56K subscribers. She has gained popularity on social media for her beauty, lifestyle, and fashion tutorials and advice vlogs.

Top Beauty Influencer - Tamira Laboy

97. Shannon Harris @shanmharris 31,800 followers

Born and raised in Barbados, Shannon Harris became Miss Universe Barbados in 2016. This model and beauty queen is gaining popularity day by day in influencers market and she has more than 31K followers on Instagram.

Top Beauty Influencer - Shannon Harris

98. Bri @blissfulbrii_27,000 followers

Self-taught makeup artist BRI is an American beauty YouTuber whose makeup tutorials, hauls, product reviews and clothing try-ons have earned her more than 135K subscribers so far.

Top Beauty Influencer - Bri

99. Joanna Spicer @joanna_spicer 24,800 followers

Joanna Spicer is the leading social media personality who rose to fame for her eponymous YouTube channel. She gained populaity for her random vlogs as well as her beauty and makeup tutorials.

Top Beauty Influencer - Joanna Spicer

100. KatesBeautyStation @katesbeautystation 19,900 followers

Beauty and lifestyle guru Kate started her YouTube channel KatesBeautyChannel in July 2013. She has gained more than 107K subscribers by posting vlogs, hauls, and makeup tutorials.

Top Beauty Influencer - KatesBeautyStation

ROI and other KPIs of 100 Top Beauty Influencers on Instagram and YouTube (Makeup and Skincare Influencers)

Westbrook and other top beauty influencers have an incredible impact on consumer behavior (see A&E case study detailing 400% increase in foot traffic as a result of influencer campaign). They serve as a reliable, friend-like resource for reviews and recommendations. According to a 2016 case study by TapInfluence, influencer marketing generates as much as 11 times banner ad ROI.

Westbrook is not alone in her sales success – Huda Kattan, another 100 top beauty influencers on Instagram on our list has earned a staggering net worth of $610 million USD since launching her beauty blog back in 2010 and her cosmetics line in 2013. Because of these staggering numbers, brands are dedicating more and more of their budgets to top beauty influencers over traditional advertisements (see some of A&E’s popular beauty influencer marketing campaigns). According to research by Harvard Business School MBA graduate Alessia Vettese, global spending of influencer marketing rose from $2 billion in 2017 to about $8 billion in 2019. Beauty brands in particular are responsible for this growth.

Beauty giant Estee Lauder is spending a whopping 75% of its marketing budget on digital marketing, particularly social media influencers. Here, we’ve outlined the 100 top beauty influencers that you should be following in 2020. Please note that while celebrities like the Kardashians and Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars fame have infiltrated beauty influencer marketing due to their built-in audience, we’ve decided to keep this list limited to beauty influencers who are almost exclusively dedicated to, for lack of a better word, influencing. These influencers use their platforms to inspire beauty looks, provide tips for healthy and glowing skin, and, of course, recommend products to their followers via brand partnerships.

The Future of Beauty Influencer Marketing within Industry

While the industry is subject to change, it doesn’t look like influencer marketing will be slowing down anytime soon. Vettese predicts that global spending will jump from $8 billion in 2019 all the way to $15 billion by 2022. Whether you are a PR agency or a brand looking to explore potential partnerships, we hope that that this list of 150 top beauty influencers in 2021 can help you expand your business horizons in the upcoming year.

Top Beauty Influencers – Micro Makeup Influencers

101. Savannah @beyond_beauty_savvy 18500 followers

This beauty influencer who lives in Chicago is also a fitness freak. She has gained 18.5k followers by giving product reviews and tutorials for her audience through her stories and posts.

102. Christina Yesayan @christinayesayan_hair    17400 followers

Christina is a hairstylist; being a prominent figure on Instagram, she has attracted around 17k followers. She runs her salon as well with the name ‘roil salon.’

103. Andrea Orpiss  @yourbeauty.ie   17300 followers

Andrea is fond of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and has been gaining the attention of thousands of Instagrammers by posting admirable content. She is a makeup influencer based in Dublin, Ireland but has been capturing fame from throughout the world.

104. Chrissy  @honeyanddewskin   17200 followers

Chrissy is famous in her community for promoting and selling clean beauty products on her Instagram blog, which has earned her around 17.2k followers. She seems to have considerable knowledge of medicines and health and beauty products, which she shares on her blog now and then.

105. Ambarina @beautypassionista   16800 followers

This influencer is a luxury beauty influencer who has gained around 16k followers by giving recommendations on maintaining healthy skin. She gets her followers’ various discounts on beauty products which helps her attain many followers every day.

106. Tabitha Warley @takeheartuk     16.5k followers

A 30-year-old beauty influencer based in New York is promoting body positivity through her Instagram. By posting reviews of different clothing brands, she has made her blog look glossy!

107. Lisa Scharff @lisa.scharff     15500 followers

Lisa is an organic makeup influencer and a beauty coach with around 15.5k followers on Instagram. She is the founder of natural beauty coaching and owns an organic beauty studio. Her popularity on YouTube is equally undeniable as she has attracted 2.11 million subscribers.

108. Aluve Nguza @aluvenguza     15400 followers

Aluve is a makeup influencer with around a 15k fan following on Instagram. She gives reviews of clothing brands and beauty products for her community on her blog. Her Instagram is so pleasantly organized that you may scroll for hours!

109. Erika @babeskills    15400 followers

This little mama to 2 little kids is a clean beauty influencer who guides her followers towards beauty and conscious living. She has attracted around 15k followers on Instagram. Additionally, she hosts a podcast with the name ‘babeskills.’ She can surely get you some fantastic clothing and beauty products on LTK with very reasonable discounts.

110. editional beauty @editionalbeauty    15200 followers

The beauty obsession is unquestionable for this makeup influencer as she is recommencing followers every day on her Instagram blog page. Her blog’s collection on her blog is alluring that you would ask her for photography tips!

111. Kate Clementine @kateclementine_beauty 15100 followers

Kate is a beauty influencer on Instagram who helps her followers get discounts on beauty products from different brands. She spends the most on Sephora, which makes her one of the influencers winning at attracting admiration.

112. Nneka Elliott @nnekaelliott 14,300 followers

This beauty influencer will provide you with simple beauty routines and skincare hacks. Nneka makes tutorials for makeup and is also a member of SVG CONSULATE and Carl-On non-profit organizations. Her beauty stocking stuffers are worth a search!

113. Anam @mydivine.journey    13,900 followers

A UAE-based top makeup influencer who creates content about lifestyle, beauty, and food: Anam also runs a YouTube channel and has earned 13.9k followers. She is popular for giving reviews on 200+ Zomato items, showing how much of a foodie she is!

114. Laura Pearson Smith @lpearsonsmith 13100 followers

This beauty influencer is busy posting about makeup, skincare, and luxury for her 13.1k followers on Instagram. She is also a contributor to the polo lifestyle magazine. A page by her ‘the life with frills’ is a must-go check.

115. Elizabeth @my.skinology 13100 followers

A photographer is always a good fit for starting a blog! Elizabeth is a beauty influencer and enthusiast who loves to capture followers by posting appealing photos of beauty products with genuine reviews.

116. Morgan Garrett @simplymorganblake 12900 followers

Being a dental hygienist hasn’t stopped Morgan from pursuing her dream of being a beauty influencer. She gives ideas on her blogs on how to style for an event or work. Her exotic taste in fashion has earned her 12.9k followers.

117. Liana Ratner @babyyyli 12900 followers

Liana is not only a beauty influencer but a TikTok as well, which gets her twice the fame. She supports the idea of body positivity and spreads it through her blog posts by trying diversified outfits for her audience.

118. Madison @naturally_madisen 12700 followers

The influencer is a makeup influencer who posts about clean beauty and natural wellness. She has earned herself 12.7k followers on Instagram by simply being a quibbler at fashion, trends, beauty, and everything related to it.

119. Grant @skin_t__ 12400 followers

Grant is a Scottish makeup influencer and beauty blogger who is breaking gender norms. The product reviews that he posts have earned him 12.4k followers, and the number is progressively increasing with every passing day.

120. Serena @itstheskinyourein   12100 followers

Your skin, your rules have been the mantra of Serene, giving her an edge over other influencers. This beauty blogger promotes the idea of skincare by sharing pragmatic posts of skincare products on her blog on Instagram.

121. Larakei  @larakei   11900 followers

A traveler and a beauty blogger is getting numerous followers on her blog. She is an African American living her best life in Utah. She has almost attracted 12k followers on her blog by sharing aesthetic photographs of herself dressed in complete glamour!

122. LadyB @gilaroby   11300 followers

Lady B is a freelance makeup artist based in Milan. The influencer is famous for doing various forms of art on her face. She gives every detail of her makeover in her captions, from the makeup palette to the lighting used to give her audience a complete experience of the post.

123. Amy Clark @theamyclark   11300 followers

Senior editor, beauty journalist, and podcast host is making her way in the community of beauty bloggers. She highly emphasizes normalizing heavyweight, making her a significant influencer in the Instagram community.

124. LAURA ALKSNE @alksne   11200 followers

Laura is a makeup artist with a fan base of 11.2k followers. She is a professional makeup artist and has her portfolio ready for work! Her shoots, recommendations, and best products are displayed on her blog for her audience to follow.

125. Clean Beauty Babe by Jenn  @CleanBeautyBabeByJenn   10500 followers

Jenn is a chartered accountant who has chosen a diversified field of her blog. This BII survivor is gathering the attention of Instagrammers by being a model of mindfulness.

126. JO MCINTYRE @jomcintyrehair   10200 followers

Jo is an organic haircutting specialist who is based in Indianapolis and sometimes Austin. He is good at natural texture, waves, curls, and whatnot. He has gained himself 10.2k followers on Instagram by simply being an all-rounder!

127. Feel More Gooder  @feelmoregooder   9892 followers

This blog is by Jessica Williams, whose primary focus is on fitness, nutrition, clean beauty, and self-peace. The blogger seems elfin with the charisma she puts in for her followers.

128. ERIN @glowwitherin   9574 followers

Erin is a beauty content writer who has 9574 followers on Instagram. She is based in Canada. Her affiliations are innumerable; dermalogica, necessaire, cook kind, L’Oreal Paris, kopari, etc.

129. SARA ROSE @sararosie   8778 followers

Sara Rose is a health and beauty blogger who has attracted 8778 followers on Instagram by advocating switching to clean beauty. Her mantra is rituals over routine making her an eccentric blogger.

130. Sarah Creal  @sarah.creal   8522 followers

Sarah is a beauty influencer with around 8k people following her. She is a blogger and a CEO and co-founder of Victoria Beckham beauty, Sarah is indubitably a versatile person.

131. Isabella Fernandes  @fauxnandes   7902 followers

Isabella Fernandez is a beauty blogger based in London. She has gained around 7k followers by posting reviews of various clothing brands. Search for @hookdmob, and she may reveal her artistic side by selling crochet clothing on the blog.

132. MAKEUP ARTIST @amazin_glam   6982 followers

The influencer is the top facial specialist based in Denver and advocates clean beauty and ethically driven products. She has not only gained popularity on Instagram but YouTube as well.

133. Zarrine @zarrine_beautyjunkie   6775 followers

Zarrine is an assorted blogger as she is a pharmacist and an influencer on Instagram at the same time. She has attracted 6775 followers on her page by giving reviews of variegated beauty products.

134. Hala  @beautybyhala_   6594 followers

 An artist from Dubai is reaping fame by displaying exceptional art on her eyelids. She has around 6k followers on her blog on Instagram. Be it wing it, the 80s, or chocolaty, she is winning at all.

135. Autumn Love @autumnmlove   6497 followers

The influencer has gained around 6k followers for product photography which helps her capture aesthetic photos of beauty products. Her bonafide skincare routine is what the followers seek.

136. CV Skinlabs  @cvskinlabs   5810 followers

This blog is based in Florida and is related to health and beauty. She advocates healthy and glowing skin, which has gained her around 5k followers on Instagram.

137. Tricia @nihaonewyork   4983 followers

Tricia engages her audience with conscious beauty and fashion. Her contribution to the community and an exotic sense of capturing natural beauty has helped her gain almost 5k followers on Instagram.

138.  Lumi_Lise  @lumi_lise   5415 followers

Elise is a beauty and fashion content creator based in the UK. She is a maestro at serums by selling a wide range of different skin types on her blog. This ultimately has helped her earn around 5k followers on Instagram.

139. Modern pharaoh @zay.ali   4243 followers

Zay Ali is an influencer breaking gender norms by being a drag queen on his blog, which has attracted 4243 followers on Instagram.

140.  Clara Wang @ItsClaraWang   4085 followers

Helping out followers to choose the suitable serum is what Clara Wang is using her blog for. The genuineness of every review has earned her around 4k followers on Instagram. The number is, however, progressing every hour.

141.  Robin Leigh @RobinLeighTC   3990 followers

Nail paints and accessories are Robin’s forte. Her blog is filled with striking colors on nails, making it attractive for Instagrammers. Her other interests include traveling and teaching.

142.  From Nature with Love @from.nature.with.love  3574 followers

The blog has its respective base by selling different ingredients for soap making, natural beauty, and aromatherapy in their online shop. The influencer for sure knows how to mold simple ingredients into appreciative photography.

143. Carron Coleman @carroncoleman   3337 followers

Carron has been featured on organics pmag magazine for clean beauty and wellness. This woman of God has not only gained fame on Instagram but is setting firm foot on YouTube as well, where she posts about health and care.

144. Bahynah @Ba.Hughes   3111 followers

An alumna of Cornell University posts about fashion and lifestyle and gain followers every day. She not only enjoys being a beauty blogger but has an eye for food as well. She has multiple affiliations with different beauty and clothing brands.

145. Francisca Carvalho @francisca.carvalhoo   3032 followers

A luxe cosmetic sales manager and a neutral enthusiast is running a beauty blog attracting 3k followers. Her brown-themed blog makes it look flashy and attractive!

146.  ASHLEE @ashleew_mua   2424 followers

Ashlee is an influencer based in New Zealand and has around 2424 followers on Instagram. Being a mobile makeup artist is keeping her jovial! Her bride-themed blog is something you need to check now!

147. Di-Baks Beauty @dibaks_beauty   2344 followers

The blog belongs to an influencer who is a certified pro artist from Accra. He has attracted around 2k followers on Instagram through his work about fashion, bridal and editorial.

148. Anna-Maria @DelilahsPhotos   2138 followers

Anna-Maria is a beauty influencer from Italy. She is a product photographer and a content creator. She uses her skills to post on her blog about clean beauty, makeup, and perfumes.

149.  Je’May @JeMayWard   1363 followers

Je may is an NC lifestyle blogger on Instagram advocating about clean and nontoxic makeup brands. She has been attracting followers by making them apprised of pure beauty and wellness.

150. La Vie Beaute/ 🇻🇳 @la.vie.beaute   1160 followers

The influencer is a beauty blogger who has earned 1158 followers on Instagram. Their 240 posts are all about reviews of beauty products for the blogging community they have. They are in for PR and collaborations!


Who are makeup influencers?

Since many of the influencers mentioned above first became well-known in the makeup industry, makeup influencers should also be mentioned when discussing beauty influencers and how crucial they are in the current, rapidly expanding beauty market. Simply said, top makeup influencers are people on social media who are highly renowned for their knowledge of beauty-related subjects including skincare (pre- and post-makeup), cosmetics tips, techniques, and makeup reviews, among other things. Top makeup influencers routinely publish their engaging makeup and beauty-related material on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. They share advice on how to achieve particular and imaginative looks with their intended audiences.

Top makeup influencers have begun to gain immense popularity on social media platforms in recent years. While many other types of influencers exist, such as lifestyle, food, and travel influencers, makeup influencers are unique in that they can have a direct and positive impact on the beauty and makeup industry. There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of top makeup influencers on social media. First, social media platforms are an ideal medium for makeup tutorials and product reviews. People can easily view and share videos and pictures of makeup looks, and they can quickly learn about new products and how to use them.

Additionally, the close relationship that exists between top makeup influencers and their followers often allows them to build strong community trust and more profound relationships with their audience. As a result, followers are more likely to trust the recommendations of makeup influencers than those of traditional celebrities or advertisements. This trust has resulted in a growing demand for makeup products that are endorsed by makeup influencers.

Overall, the influence of top makeup influencers is positive both for the beauty and makeup industry and for individual followers. Makeup influencers provide an accessible way for people to learn about new beauty products and techniques, which can lead to an increased interest in cosmetics and improved self-esteem among followers.

Additionally, top makeup influencers are important for the makeup industry as well, because they can help to popularize new products and trends. By sharing their makeup looks online, they can introduce new products to a wider audience and show people how to use them. They can also help to create demand for specific products or colors, which can then lead to increased sales. In addition, makeup influencers can provide helpful tips and advice on how to improve one’s makeup skills. This type of content is valuable for both beginners and experienced makeup users, and it can help people to learn about new products and techniques.

What do beauty and lifestyle influencers usually do?

Beauty and lifestyle influencers are individuals who have a large following on social media (usually on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok) and can promote products or services to their audience. Beauty and lifestyle influencers usually do this through sponsored posts, videos, and stories that feature the product or service being promoted. In addition to sponsored posts, beauty and lifestyle influencers often provide content about their day-to-day lives, share their style, offer beauty tips, share makeup tutorials, discuss the latest trends in fashion and beauty, and much more.

Furthermore, beauty and lifestyle influencers can be hired by brands for events such as press trips or product launches to increase the visibility of the brand’s product or service. Additionally, some beauty and lifestyle influencers may even go as far as creating whole campaigns around a specific product by developing ideas for content or offering advice on marketing strategy. Beauty and lifestyle influencers also take part in collaborations with other brands or with other influencers to create content that reaches a wider audience.

In addition to using social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to reach an audience of millions of people around the world and create relationships between brands and consumers, beauty and lifestyle influencers also use blogging platforms such as WordPress as well as podcasting apps such as Apple Podcasts to further increase their reachability.

How to become one of the top beauty and lifestyle influencers?

Becoming one of the top beauty and lifestyle influencers does not happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, creativity, and an understanding of how to leverage various social media platforms like beauty and lifestyle influencers do. While there is no single formula for becoming one of the top beauty and lifestyle influencers, there are a few important steps to consider when attempting to achieve this goal.

First and foremost, if you want to become of the best beauty and lifestyle influencers, you must truly be passionate about the topics you plan to discuss. Authenticity is key in joining the group of beauty and lifestyle influencers, so you should only focus on the topics that matter most to you and that you genuinely enjoy talking about. Along with passion comes knowledge; it’s beneficial to research existing trends and stay up-to-date on current happenings within the beauty and lifestyle industry to become one of the top beauty and lifestyle influencers.

It’s also important to develop a unique voice to stand out from the crowd if you want to join beauty and lifestyle influencers. Just like other beauty and lifestyle influencers, you should strive for consistency throughout all of your content while still being creative enough so as not to blend into existing stories already circulating online. Consider creating content just like beauty and lifestyle influencers- that offers valuable insight or advice rather than simply recounting experiences—because doing so will help differentiate your blog from others on the internet.

In addition, when becoming one of the top beauty and lifestyle influencers, you should take advantage of various social media platforms available today by actively engaging with followers. Doing so has proven effective because it allows individuals to feel more connected with their favorite influencers, which can lead to more loyal readership down the line, and could boost you significantly into becoming one of the top-rated beauty and lifestyle influencers.

What type of brands do the beauty influencers on Instagram work with?

Beauty influencers on Instagram typically work with a wide range of different brands. This type of work provided by the beauty influencers on Instagram includes large, well-known corporations such as L’Oreal, Maybelline, and CoverGirl; independent cosmetic lines like Fenty Beauty and Glossier; as well as small beauty businesses such as those owned by fellow influencers. These brands rely on the beauty influencers on Instagram to help drive their products’ success by providing an honest reviews, displaying looks using their products, and increasing the visibility of their brand.

The beauty industry is an ever-growing one in which many markets are reaching saturation, and the beauty influencers on Instagram are no exception. Beauty influencers on Instagram provide an opportunity for brands to reach new audiences that they may not have been able to reach before. By working with beauty influencers on Instagram who represent different aesthetic styles, skin tones, and ages, these companies can tap into a broader customer base than what they would have had access to otherwise. Additionally, beauty influencers on Instagram can use their platform to promote the company’s products in ways that traditional advertising cannot do: applying makeup tutorials or giving detailed reviews about a product’s performance or quality based on personal experience.

In addition to promoting their products, beauty brands often collaborate with other related industries and beauty influencers on Instagram to cross-promote other services or goods that could be beneficial for both parties involved. For example, a cosmetics company might team up with a hairstylist or one of the beauty influencers on Instagram, on this or another social media platform to share tips for styling hair at home using their products. By doing this, the beauty brand can extend its reach even further while also introducing new customers to the other person’s business.

What content do beauty influencers on Instagram usually make?

Beauty influencers on Instagram usually produce content that centers around beauty trends, products, tutorials, and tips. This content produced by beauty influencers on Instagram typically includes reviews and swatches of new makeup items, such as eyeshadows or lipsticks; techniques for applying makeup or using certain tools like a curling iron; showcasing their looks with before-and-after photos. Beauty influencers on Instagram also work on styling fashion pieces from their closets; advising their followers on how to maintain skin health and create hairstyles; creating demonstrations of the latest beauty trends. Beauty influencers on Instagram also usually collaborate with other beauty influencers on Instagram to post dual makeovers and looks; and discuss topics of self-care and confidence.

In addition to product reviews and tutorials, many beauty influencers on Instagram will also use this platform to share lifestyle posts about their day-to-day lives. This can include what the beauty influencers on Instagram are eating, where they are traveling, or even just pictures of themselves in everyday life. Beauty influencers on Instagram may also take the time to spread awareness about important causes they care deeply about or discuss social issues that affect people in the beauty industry.

Overall, beauty influencers on Instagram often use this platform as an opportunity to create an online community among like-minded individuals who have similar interests in beauty topics. Through this platform, beauty influencers on Instagram can offer helpful advice for viewers who may be looking for guidance on anything related to makeup, skincare routines, or hairstyling ideas. Viewers then get the chance to create a bond with beauty influencers on Instagram by engaging in conversations directly with one another through comments and direct messages.

In the realm of top beauty influencers, Kylie Jenner, renowned media personality and astute businesswoman, takes center stage as the most prominent figure on TikTok in 2023. With an impressive following exceeding 54.4 million and an astonishing 1.2 billion video likes, Jenner’s influence on the platform is unparalleled. Not only does she captivate audiences with her beauty insights, but her engaging content also translates into substantial earnings, estimated to be over $87,000 per video. As a trailblazer in the beauty industry, Kylie Jenner continues to set trends and redefine the standards of influence in the digital landscape.